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 Wenesday 18.1.2017   editor Rutja von Donnerwetter ,  citizen of Finland in Tarfaya West Sahara

nomen est omen. Finland is the land of the end, FINITO  Keuruun ja Kauhajoen väki kieltäytyivät 24.12.2016  heille tarjotuista mahtavista lahjapaketeista, haukkuen ´´joulupukkia ´´hulluksi , siitä ilmoitettiin Intian Jooga lääkäreitten  liiton presidentille Keralaan. Ja kun Keruulla  ja  pääministeri blokkasivat  e -mailinsa apua pyytävältä kansalaiselta, opettajani  Intiassa  laukaisi matkaan ohjuksia kohti Porvoota ja Jyväskylän oikeuspalatsia, suunnitelman mukaan jonka oli 6 vuotta aiemmin tehnyt Jyväskylän sosiaalitoimistossa työskentelevä ULLA SINIKKA. ellet osaa englantia, lue tämä aurinkoinen  sunnuntaikirje keuruulaisille ja multialaisille

what happens in jerusalem september 2017--according international plan, suggested to DJ Trump --

 peace to jerusalem , Damaskos , Aleppo, Bagdad---olemme  suunnittelemassa elokuvaa uskonnollis poliittista kauhukomediaa NYSSE TULOO - in Jyväskylä, Doctor Rui Neves in Portugal and lawyers association must put this  plan

to analyze this sample very carefully and proof  their talkings in court , how  writer  is creisi , if cant, must  pay 6,9 million euros  Portugal 0,5  million e

if  you want  know about holy harmakeddon jihad war in jerusalem,please listen these 3 music at same time
when you  look at this sales promotion  film  


Exodus Today  nysse tuloo, TRUMP  train tuloo ... commondrive of half million harleys   7777  km  long   69 days --120 km per day easy riding , ready made tents with good madras  5 e  saunaservices 5 e   for half million  pilgrims to european roots of americans, to themselves, and peace of 1000 years

atmosphere in jerusalem will  be something as in those 3 music together  ---when they come to Jerusalem in october 2017----and last  battle beween  satanistic and white forces start  ( in  level  of spirit )  violence is forbidden in this happening, as well rubbishing surrounding. Its written in bible,  how when all nations come to jerusalem, comes also  NYSSE, Jesus Christ ,  KING  of all KINGs ,   in cloud ????

...and start  peace of 1000 years             so please spread this e mail    invitation to all world

 ...let it  spread  widely to america russia and to islamic world

lot of people agree this plan trump train

so we demand that

us army, mossad and also Russia should make analyza in advance

what kind of hit we plan

- to JERUSALEM last week of september until 14.10 tabernackel

will be last big battle

hard fight between 3 forces --





you learn more about plan of  this holy jihad war if you listen those 3 music at same

when you read this web bulletin NEUES EUROPA

( develpment plan of keuruu and multia )


this is lesson from our yoga school art academia of agadir A 3

KOAN  means  something  very irrational, as those 3 music together ..its  necessary  to find satori ZEN, our selves, joy, Christus in  nobis get that level, we must learn   understand paradoxal lociga -

-how serious and not serious are different sides of same matter

as good and bad and how we can very well

love our enemy thats white magia prakash yoga

--turn everything up side down  also in these places

 council of Europe Strasbourg  nr. 55935 / 13

To Court of Klodzko , ul Bhogatta Ghetta  POLAND   Helsingin  korkein  oikeus  Diaari R 15/24.  RIKOSTUKINTAPYYNTÖ    <     


picture of Hitler is here to remind how weak is united nations again, as it was 1938 . USA Poland and Germany started 12 years ago III world war in Iraq syria libya ukraine , when UN said, don´t do it perkeleen  hullut. Madam Merkele is new Hitler who was leading once again Germany to war. She must be hanged !

 Minister achtung !Finnish power ladies  are not very intelligent. To make their  international  ´´public imago ´´ good , they told to all word how Finland gives free money and good home to everybody who want live in  most cold, expensive and dark corner of Europa.  And when 40 000  islamic exilers ( most  of them islamic freedom fighters ) came  to such land of ´´father christmas ´´ Boss of courts and prokurators, ,  in HELLsinki  Albert  street 25 made decision  how even the  most harsh and brutal  

ironia against holy values of ISLAM is free and legal in Finland. 

They were publishing  pictures about sexual life of prophet  Muhamed , uckly  man, who is  fucking with donkey with Coran  in his hand . I hope that people in all world  go to tell  their opinion  to all  finnish  consulates  in all  world . I wish that IS IS  al qaida  stop  kill with truck  or kalasnikoves innocent people -- ( Allah not like such ! )  --new comendant of german maroccian is is sturm gruppen doctor K.U.Sathyanath in India  ask us to concentrate to kill only PORKS ..If you  not want  take  weapon to your  hand, you can join this holy harmakeddon jihad war by STOPPING   buy ANY  products  made in south Finland (nearer as 200  km from Porvoo ). Also  you can start  this  legal  pranayama  program  at  your home.  5  min morning  , 5 min evening after your ordinary praying. If  many of us do this,  we build ´´spiritual fusio bomb ´´.   Most powerfull weapon in the world . With international co operation we shall close to this house in Finland Porvoo all negative satanistic bad feelings and angers from the world. You also must write such material and send to highest priest in Finland  He has said how God has given him permissio to take all sins of all  people ..But Mr Poikonen made serious mistake. There is ONE sin where nobody has permissio to  recieve and delete. Jesus says that its ironia about HOLY SPIRIT of Truth. And because its ecaxtly same matter as HOLY SPIRIT of Truth  in ISLAM ..common responsibility of christians and muslimanes  is to punish hard PORVOO where this crime has  happened . ( witnes, pastor Paul von Martens and YLE 1 Finland )

The last  big battle and

the earhtly digitalization is is starting

in land of END ( FIN )


second  meaning of this operation  is to undress ourselves from  shit, angers, bad feelings

World in our time is in big chaos , lot of anger
and stress  everywhere. They not know where to push all this mental shit    because  people not regoqnize their feelings, think how all bad comes from neighbour or from Russia or from islamic countries. Mr Trump said directly how ISIS was created by america. Mr Putin has same opinion, isis was born when usa and Poland did not respect orders of united nations and attacted to hang Saddam Hussein , kill good man colonel Gaddafi

The Bible says how we come to time when we MUST look at the mirror, to deal ALL to plus and minus, and big opening , jadoa, glastnost is starting. ´´Books shall be opened !´´ Everything must be digitalized, all world. If you want save your self alive to new world  , you should start concentrate to separate from your MINDS, homes , families, companies and national cultures to different places all what is good and what is bad and satanistic. Also open sin confession  is now very important
, do it  in FB Ikaalisten Myllis-seura

Islamic groups should stop killing innocent ordinary people and express your angers in ciwilized ways. Join this legal JIHAD without killing anybody else, only our bad satanistic sides. We can do it by ´´ looking inside´´ every morning 5 minutes, every evening 5 minutes at  your homes. Sit down comfortable and breath deeply, peacefully in and out, starting them from the bottom of lunghes.

In yoga we call this pranayama.

Ask help from your best friends and ALLAH , Jesus Christ to open your mind and show you, what are positive sides of your character , most loving altruistic thoughts and feelings

What are your negative sides, egoistic proudness, angers, fears. Write  10 worst of them and publish in arena of world parlament keuruu wpk

 press blue button ALOITA UUSI KESKUSTELU


OTSIKKO ´means title    - write,  confession of sins

 SISÄLTÖ means  inhalt 

NIMIMERKKI  your nick name

To leading ev lutheric priest in Finland, Keuruun kirkkoherra Ossi Poikonen.

 I have been told that you can recieve and handle sins of all people in all world  and how your way of thinking is same as Hietikko ?

When christian church was young, confession of sins happened in front of all people. And they had holy spirit of Truth among them. But when priests started take sins and money , keep power, satan started lead christian church. Because IKL ( islamilaiset kristityt ) want  win satan, we go back to that original traditio of confession. All  my angry emotions i send to satan church of Porvoo, and to anti kristus seppo myllis,  in FB Ikaalisten Myllis-seura

but to you Mr Poikonen , i send them with so clear emotion free  text as i can...In english or finnish . People in keuruu can laugh and throw stones, recommend their chemical pills  ..

When you breath OUT slowly, deeply, starting from the bottom of your lunghes , close your eyes, count to TEN and concentrate to send those 10 dirty demonds and angers to the land of END FINITO, FIN Land , to church of PORVOO, its existing 50 km to east of HELL - sinki airport .

That place is cursed after leaders of protestant church Porvoo hiippakunta did the only sin where is no forgiving, never. Jesus Christ said how such sin is IRONIA ABOUT HOLY SPIRIT. Its the same matter as Holy Spirit of Islam and this matter belongs now also to 1,69 milliard muslimanes..Pastor Paul von Martens was warning about this serious mistake, they didnt believe him and church of Porvoo was burning .They re-builded it, and now we should ´´fire´´ it with international co operation, using spiritual forces and make Porvoo international meetingplace of satanists. They can go inside that church and feel what is common badness of all world. If someone NOT  believe to existing of spiritual world, please go  inside to church of Porvoo  to listen or Jari Sarasvuo

This works for sure , leader of the project in president of indian yoga doctors association and they have powerfull network in all world. I was his student 3 years in kerala cochin and during all  last 15  years we are in contact.

in year 1998   when my polish ex wife wanted to take me to live in Poland and invest there all my properity from Finland, I had to hear see and feel what was all common badness of small mountain willage in south west Poland sudetian mountains. Me and my friends   in  Keuruu  hope   that finnish and german men go there to play finnish base ball and break all houses, burn cars, its not illegal says finnish ambassa
discuss about this in do it  in FB Ikaalisten Myllis-seura

i live in africa and i like trump, im ashamed because that obama man from kenia...if its necessary to shoot someone, do it to him, not to Mr Trump
J’aimeRépondre112 min
OBAMA CLINTON Merkel are all war criminals , should be hanged
J’aimeRépondre19 min
President of european council and court of strasbourg, polish kurva mafioso Donald TUSK was in power in Poland 12 years ago when POLAND did not respect orders of united nations... Tusk must be hanged.
 germany swore in nurnberg 1945 how they never send armed people outside their borders... Madam Merkel forgot this, and german police says how this land has war inside. Who was leading once again war to germany , Madam merkel must be hanged

Ken Rothenberg Oh, Mr. President Trump, please make this happen!
Jimmie Killen Yes i would

Poland is most roman catholic country in the  world, but also most unhonest, dirty kurvaland . Deeply ciwilized russians are  as angels comparing to these banditos and terrorists

The roman catholic priest in Gniewoszow Rozanka was jealous about our remonting. He was leading people in church to hope to each others all good and all bad to those there, aiming with his hand to direction of our house. Soon started dogs get poison, car burned, family Ilnicki ,organ player Adam Zaba and Andrei Bogdanowitz broke our home and consul of Finland said how its my private problem  in FB samuel ilnicki  maybe can answer about this to police of kopenhagen, because he ran away there after his  crime 13.5.2007

But in Coran and Bible is equal law, this what was legal to do to one of the smallest, is legal to do to the biggest , or to anybody, for example consulat of Finland in warsawa , Paris, Moscow , Madrid. To house of Andrei Bogdanowitz ul Slonza 1 , dlugopole zrj Miedzylesie

One of the witnesses Dietmar Schuller from DHL Nurnberg wrote me later, how the biggest reason to this was Hietikkos jewish origin. This should belong to court of Strasbourg. But and Donald Tusk are not ready to handle it, because  , honour consul says NO.

Primie minister of Finland  was  in Poland ( official visit ) in january 2017. We sent  him many  mails, please do  not come back to Finland, before you and ambassador  demand polish administration  to investigate and compensate this crime

Mr Sipilä and advocat Ari Kuukka  blocked their emails. This was raported to india syria irag germany....Finland and Poland not want peace,  they want war



if you want avoid big punishent , find qwickly good lawyer to hietikko and confess your sins   in FB Ikaalisten Myllis-seura



YOGA for profane ateists and muslimanes

Yoga means concentration . If several milliards people concentrate to digitalize their deeper minds to plus and to minus , to positive loving thoughts and feelings to address A, and all satanistic l mental shit to address B, it has dramatical power and you start feel better

 after breathing out all shit to land of FIN Porvoo satan church

With breathing IN , start from BOTTOM of lunches and count in your thinking numbers 1-10. Because its forbidden to make pictures from Prophet Muhamed, you can concentrate to this picture of his best friend, Jesus Christ.

Ask Allah or Jahve or Jesus Christ to send to you  and to that broken home in  middle Europa   lot of

1. joy . ILO

2. peace .RAUHA

3. Energy ENERGIA

4. light. VALO

5. power. VOIMA

6. wisdom. VIISAUS

7. love , RAKKAUS

8. healthy , TERVEYS


10. foreverlasting life. IANKAIKKINEN ELAMA.

Very important is to believe that it also happens, because this happens what we believe. Its not necessary to use those words in finnish lanquage but it will be more effective if you study 10 words of our lanquage. Its very similar to Sanskrit because long time ago finnish people were living in India. We are oldest etnic group in Europa. In India they know wise men who lived in forest by name sannyasin, in Finland they talk about shamaani

Such person / or named building can suck to it self all sickness from patient, and SPIT it away. In this global psycho/sociodrama Finland, church of Porvoo is sucking all badness and aggressions from all world and when Holy GOD decide, ´´dirty birds and demons´´ fly during one day to big powerfull land behind big ocean, who has been swimming in blood of milliards innocent victims, says The Bible, apcalypta 18.

Because 33 % of finnish people have been asking Jesus Christ as their king , 33 % of Finland (north western parts ) shall be protected .


Satanistic vibrations from Porvoo can not spread to northern side of the road from Niirala -Mutalahti-Koitere - Kivilahti-KAAVI  -  Juankoski- Nilsia-Varpaisjarvi-Iisalmen Runninkyla- Kiuruvesi-Viitasaari- Multia-Keuruun ekokyla- Vilppula-Ruovesi- Kuru -Kihnio- Kauhajoen Nummijarvi- Hyyppa-Pantane-Karijoki- Kokemaki- Sakyla- Raisio- Turun satama. North side of that festival road shall  be new independent country SUUR  KEURUU. SK. King will be Jesus Christ , same as in Poland and east Portugal, but so far as king of gloria is not in form of man, association keltaiset  ry  arrance elections

in Poland start yellow revolution in  night 24.12.2016 , suffered people finally get freedom, wolnosz. Liberty. They will get same direct democratia system as in Finland Keuruu, in east germany Bauzen

in France Lyon ( in google new sun king of france, lyonin teurastaja  vesa-matti loiri , naurava kulkuri--


please listen it at same time when you read this letter. You will understand it better

New yellow  emperor of   germany come  from POHJAMMAAN JYTÄOPISTO ( kauhajoen yhteislyseo )  In FB Juhani Ojanen Seinajoki ( helsingin taideakatemian koulu )

All bad sad sick stupid egoistic sides of our mind we push out like shit to toilet , when we breath out pranayama and count to ten..Go to church of Porvoo, in the land of the Finito, FIN. Omega . Dont come back

what for Finland ?

the Bible and Coran both has this law. If somebody says to his brother or sister, you mentally ill , you creisi; this one who says, is pulling on him -her selves PUNISHMENT OF HELL . In Finland not any doctor of psychiatria agree this, but people with education of lawyer think how there is NO SPIRITUAL WORLD. If someone talk such, its question about madnes. They try to say how God Allah is mad, and this is serious mistake

When this was said by represantive of state of Finland judge , engineers Reijo Kallio and Olli Antila from in Porvoo ; this means collective punishment upon Finland and products of Ensto.  In facebook Marjo Miettinen  knows what for company Ensto shall  be destroyed. But they can qwickly move all machines from Porvoo to Keuruu or west sahara, and win a lot of money . If they believe to hietikko in this matter . I was 6 years their art director and privately student of their father , ensio  miettinen, grounder of Ensto concern .He had this  kind of opinions from swedish talking people in Porvoo and in finland , he did not like men, and mentality of that next photo. People in porvoo were talking   how miettinen is mad . Now they talk how Mr Trump also is mad. Its time to look at the mirror elina koivisto os paasio   in FB 

confess your sins in

Finland is correct place to be international gehenna also because antichristus has came there. He  says how he is GOD and how others should fear and respect him .He has started own church. Everybody in small Kauhajoki know who is seppo korpi-filppula but they are so afraid their frightening satan.Ten years discussion  in suomi 24 paikkakunnat kauhajoki, who is myllis .  Thats why kauhajoki all  get total punishment, when hyrri people in Porvoo become angry from this shit throwing game, vihapuhe, perkele

main  reason to such decision  in India surely  was

the boss of procurators ( small uckly man who look a bit same as that one in photo  ) who  made decision how even the most and evil ironia about holy values of Islam and prophet Muhamed is in Finland totally free and legal. In  our fictive cinema, it happens that finnish people self  burn Raija Toiviainen, Jorma Kalske , Aila Koulu, Erkki Marttila,  Tero Artimo , Minna Tyvio, Jukka Hokkanen, Ari Kuukka, Onerva Uuttera, Jaakko Tuutti, Kari Toiviainen  with bensin in front of Albertinkatu 25 HELL sinki

the last intelligent president in our land UK Kekkonen

said how Finland is more american country as USA.

He was meaning its negative sides

Because Allah and God is one same matter, holy Spirit of Christians , jews and muslimanes is also one same matter,  Finland was getting to themselves punishment of hell.

When satan church of PORVOO is full of satanistic bad vibrations from all world, it somehow shall explose, as my home in Poland, after roman catholic priest was inciting all people to hope bad to us..

This said Dr K.U Sathyanath, who was my teacher 3 years, and who still leads this project. ONLY he has power to press the button, start operation against porvoo. When he heard 24.12.2016  answers  of Aller  media  and people in Keuruu Porvoo, Dr S said , it starts in christmas night confess all  your sins qwickly to Priest Ossi Poikonen  in  keuruu forum

What day  Porvoo church is too full  of satanistic forces and explose  , what day  it happens , this knows only God /Allah and in that day all dwelling demons and´´ dirty birds ´´ fly to Canada and USA. It happens what is written in apocalypta 18. If someone says how this is only mad fantasia of Hietikko,  my teacher is roman catholic doctor. Later in Jerusalem from pastor John Yoder from usa pensylvania  told me how 5 million promisekeepers know painfully well what means apocalypta 18 . But because GOD is mercy , americans could save the best parts of their culture in 50 states to 50 willages of Portugal , to polish sudetian mountains Miedzylesie Gniewoszow and to Finland 50 hectares farm of

When satan church of Porvoo in Finland shall be openend , americans fall to big mass psychosa , kill themselves, each others. But this madness comes only to people who have etnic back ground from Europa. All latinos, blacks, indians, chinese people can LAUGH and buy cheap houses from those terrorists whose grand grand fathers came to America and brutally killed original owners.


talk about this to seppo myllis,  in FB Ikaalisten Myllis-seura

If roman catholic church of Poland and association of Holy Albert Wroclaw want avoid bloody destruction from finnish and german SPORT CLUBS hakkapelitas you should qwickly start repair childhood home of William K in Miedzylesie Seitendorf Gniewoszow

mercy for americans

After Donald J Trump take care that people in America HEAR about the earthly digitalization, people shall deal themselves to 2 groups. Some of them start laugh and say like finnish judge how writer is mad. If stupid people wouldnt do so, it is not question about real tao, was written 5500 years ago.

Those americans who are wise and humble enough , shall take seriously what is written in Bible apocalypta 18 and what is offered possibility of mercy. Make common trip to their selves and their european roots starting 1.5. from Dakhla west sahara , new country ATLANTIS or from Gibraltar 7.5.2017. Alternative americanos should join this road festival , the best parts of american culture from 50 states of America. First in Portugal in 50 willages and in Poland in farm of William  K  Sarnowiak  34,5  hectares , in Finland 50 hectares .


We start mass production accoring these first models and pay 5 % commission to america . With 5 %  we buy pine wood and vuolukivi from Russia ...Wooden loghouses furnitures home machines electronics clothes building materials art and artesan works from 50 states of america. In this way Mr Trump makes america great , with no weapons

To avoid big punishment , usa should promise how they shall never send armed people outside their borders but take care of their OWN terrorists and criminals. With saved money, they can offer good healthy services and food for schoolchildren also to puor people .

open honest discussion   in


If somebody in Helsinki Tampere Jyvaskyla Porvoo becomes angry, go to tell it to roman catholic priests and nuns in Poland
Miedzylesie. Cruise and break their houses, as they did to only foreinger in willage. We were trying to open mountain hostel , but we did not know that in Poland , in middle of european union is no law and order

achtung german waffenbrudern, sport klubben operatio Mittelwald starts in Poland. Go to polish agroturisthouses and break them to small pieces as they did in Miedzylesie . Its not illegal

we can plan this in

come from Holland Sweden Danmark to help finnish hakkapelitas to make law and order to kurva Poland who started this III world war with usa without respecting orders of united nations

...but not take any exilers , perkeleen kurvat

breaking houses and burning cars in Poland is not illegal says consulat of Finland in Warsawa , and Donald TUSK, president of european council.

Also its legal to threaten polish people with killing , so did jehovawitnesses of Miedzylesie many years , go to Finland , we kill you and burn your houses. Chef of willage Gniewoszow ADAM PROKOP , who belongs to administration of MIEDZYLESIE gave order to his brother ROMAN to burn our house

totuuden henki johda sina meita,etsiessamme valkeuden teita

social role of people is something else as their real self , when world is leaded by satan. American styled shit media teach people to pretend and lie as Hillary Clinton.

But if they  find their real SELF,  indian atman, aton in old egypt or muslimanes Allah , Jahve , christus in nobis , inside trancendental self , they become independence and free .  ...LOVE and confessing the real reality, the holy spirit of Truth its all what we need

 So  lets start , Mr Trump. Confess  the  realities and  force americans to wake up from  their  plastic dreams ..Usa won  german natzies  , adopted their  scientists and  megalomanic  plans to dominate and rob all  other world . 

 You want change criminal politics of usa and you confess how Poland  , Hilary Clinton , Obama , cia, fbi are quilty to same crime as Hitler . Starting big war without respecting orders of united nations . All  european  union  is  collapsing because of this crime, also madam Merkel  start  confess this  reality  in

When  you  Donald J Trump say undirectly how Hillary Clinton is satan , in USA is very ciwilized intelligent man Robert BLY who explain this in his marvellous book IRON JOHN. In  polish zelasny Jan ,  in finnish  Rautahannu Hietikko . 

Its telling about John the Babtist and re coming of the SPIRIT OF THE TRUTH . In bible apocalypta 18 they say how satan shall be explosed and it is big powerful country behind big water , who has been swimming in blood of milliards innocent victims

People in Libya Vietnam Laos Panama Corea Chile Dresden Hiroshima Nagasaki Iraq Syria Afganistan know very well what this means .To Vietnam USA was dropping more bombs and poisons as together was dropped in world war II. Usa wanted defend ´´freedom´´ but did not accept that vietnamese people could decide about their own matters.

This is ´´freedom and democratia ´ program of their national benefits , but most of people ,  specially  women in all  world are in deep sleep and understand NOTHING. The appearing of Spirit of Truth shall be terrible surprise to them who not take this warning of ´´yellow danger ´´ seriously and start ´´clean their lamps´´ .



Islamic people in all  world.

  Please  help  me. Deal  this this  message effectively  .

i just wonder, what for people are so mad that they destroy all world. And they say in usa and europa that all this shit happens because of islam ! Its fucking big lie, behind this all is christian fascism. Their priests teach how all 1,6 milliard muslimans belong to the hell . And their oil and minerals belong to americans and europeans. Th ey say how muslimans must die , because they not believe to Jesus. This is not true, islamic priests in Maroc teach in radio people to pray, please ALLAH, send your son Jesus qwickly back to start promised peace of 1000 years. But christian priests and gangsters in vatican not want such . Why ? in the Bible is written how all christian churches and religions shall be finished , also the armies. Vatican not want loose their money and power .American jewish weapon industry does not accept peace and finishing armies, because they would loose big MONEY. If this is not work of devil, tell me what it is ?

  war  in Syria  becomes  more and more furious and 2 days ago  finnish newspaper iltalehti wrote  how isis , maroccian al qaida and german new natzies attact soon to andalusia portugal germany poland finland, their meaning is to start operatio musta surma. To kill all fascitic priests and nuns . They surely  visit also in Helsinki  Albert s street 25, that  office  made decision  how even the   most brutal and harsh ironia  against  holy  values of ISLAM  in totally  free and legal in Finland. They publish pictures about sexual life of prophet  Muhamed who is  fucking with donkey . I hope that Islamic freedom fighters go to tell  their opinion  to all  finnish  consulates  in all  world .  Do  not  buy ANY  products  made in Finland . If you  not want  take  weapon to your  hand,  you can start  this  legal  program  at  your home    


Demands in  the  court , Because police and prokurator both rule me to go away, state of Poland  must pay me my investing in Poland 1,469 million euros. Owning  of lands  34,5 ha  to my son  William .  Jehova witness  family  Illnicki  must  give  owning  of 3 buildings  and 8 hectar  to association Keltaiset ry.  Lawyers association of Finland must  pay  me  6,9 million e. Ananda seva  235 000 e . From state of Finland  I demand 1 million e, 300 000 e to my son, 100 000 e to his mother , 100 000 e plus passport finland to my  new wife. Plus all  costs of lawyers.

doctor of law Ana Paula Duarte in Portugal has promised to  take care about discussion  with FB  viola sarnowiak

. after american  people  have confessec their sins to pastor Poikonen  in this arena and travelled 7700 km from alfa to omega  they have strong identity to see the Day of Lord  ---with no mass psychosa. But because many people get really greisi soon , its  not bad idea to buy those new amercian houses in west sahara poland north finland... 

make offers  in   keuruu arena

 done this   pilgrim trip to roots  of american  cultures ,  they  can safely return to usa. Nobody can hurt you.

Association of indian yoga doctors and finnish kalevala team keltaiset ry  Los Amarillos trust to Mr Trump and Putin  and we hope that all people stop be pessimistic , believe to better future leaded by two white kings Putin TRUMP and their supporters in all world who hate satan ..Come all to sunny safe AGADIR 1.5- 3.5.2017 to discuss , 1.-7.7.2017 meeting continue in middle of Finland, in forest of

 Lets open discussion in this FB Melika Ramouz ..What we do to that big anger against americans ! its the reason of terrorism, their mass media during last 40 years has made all world mad...But this man won satan, media power of rich american A class juppies and their fucking war industry ..Read what says the holy Bible apocalypta 18 , punishment to america if they not do what MR TRUMP says now. Text in Bible is very difficult to understand , Johannes in Patmos island wrote it after Jesus has disappeared... he says what is harlot of babylon ? Satan ? trump said that its power of such women as H Clinton. ROBERT BLY ( one of most ciwilized man in usa ) in his book IRON JOHN ( zelasny jan ) rautahannu hietikko, says the same as trump.  in this page , I try to explain this with my broken english 


We discuss here about the world revolution in finnish lanquage and this belong VERY much to 1,69 milliard islamic people. Its pity that you cant understand what we do. But we are friends of SUNNI shiia sufi muslimanes , and want make holy triangle from us. Melika and hannu are muslimanes but also christians, my mother is jew, and best teacher president of indian yoga doctors association in kerala ernakulam karikkamuri cross road, DR of prakash yoga K.U. Sathyanath ( roman catholich hindu )

muslimanes and jews can trust us and we are in close connection to Mr Trtump and Putin as well. Trump want un dress from nuclear competition and start economical contacts with RUSSIA. Mr Trump is MUCH better man as american media of A class juppies was trying to make us believe. War criminal H.Clinton should be hanged as Saddam Hussein, we much bigger reason to do it to her. Also madam merkel forgot what germany promised in nurnberg 1945--germany never any more send armed people outside their borders. They joined crime of Poland and usa, and got almost million exilers. We demand hanging od madam merkel, who was bringing again war to germany , as hitler before

. Its very difficult and google come creisi if try translate. Finn ugrian people came long time ago from india and finnish lanquage of five million talkers is quite same as sanskrit. Finn ugrian lands are also Estonia -Russian Inkerinmaa , MARI and Karelia, also HUNGARIA . We came first to middle europa MITTELWALD impivaara ( klodzko walley in Poland ) and after living there more as 3000 years --german brutal teutons broke our land. Part of us went to south eaast , started Hungaria, some of us went to north west , and started Finland Estonia and Russian Federatio.

Because jews came to palestina much more later as finn ugrians to russia and europa, and jews say how palestina belongs to them--we have biggetr reason to say that all europa and all russia belong to 5 million finns. And thats why we and finnish minister anu vehviläinen started in christmas 2017 yellow revolution . oUR WEAPONS are spirit of TRUTH , laughter and culture. Our meaning is to create new union, unianova, Finland Poland Portugal Marocco West Sahara Germany Britannia Holland and all russia . Also we take 50 independent states of america, if trump what promised, finish criminal federatio usa, cia, fbi...this is so dangerous operation that we use only finnish when we plan it. Trump has translators in their HELSINKI consulat Here is in english some back ground of this

i wish that media people call me
i have time to discuss Hannu Koivumaki ( hietikko ) 16.1.2017

in this page later  you find names who belong international NET government of of 69

and to world parlament of 144 000

and who is IRON canclerinna of Poland

 ..Come all to sunny safe AGADIR 1.5- 3.5.2017 to discuss. Motorcycle and scooter travelling clubs start 3.5.2017 at 10 .00 oclock  in Agadir Takad beach of sidi Tual FIM - drive of 7770 km to Portugal France Bayer Tsech rp Poland ...With harleys and street bikes to Tallin Helsinki Turku Säkylä Nummijärvi Kihniö Kuru Ruovesi Vilppula to www.Keuruunekokylä.fi  (  in picture above ) ready made tents with good clean madras for half million,  5 e /day , exhibition of finnish sauna industry, 5 e / visit , kompost toilets 20 cents / visit. Rubbishing surround shall be punished with 50 e mandat

-Group B with travelling enduros go from Poland Hajnowka to White Russia Gdov- Terijoki- Sortavala -Wärtsilä Niirala Mutalahti Koitere Kaavi Kiuruvesi Keitele Viitasaari Multia to www.Keuruunekokylä.fi  BIG MEETINGS  1.-7.7.2017

americans should know that all islamic folk are not mad terrorists


we have here also IKL ( islamilaisten kristittyjen liitto ) new union between 3 sort of islamic and 144 000 sort of christian people.


we suggest co operation to mr Trump , with vihtori kosola and IKL start make tests, which of half million christian churches are the best 144 000 ones

most near spirit of Truth and TRUMP

-New respected boss of USA shall choose

make earthly digitalization among christian churches


deal them to trump believers ( tolkku plus

and to clinton believers ( mulkku miinus


- who create world government nearby kings route ( trump train ) 7777 km long...( in europa )


from alfa atlantis to omega Keuruun varavankila, farm of 50 ha, tents for half million ,sauna expo

69 days , roundabout 120 km per day. Peacefully smaller local roads where is no heavy traffic...marked with yellow arrows
we go it with fun and enjoy rich culture programs , with synczronized time tables of common starts

all willages and cities shall be singing and celebrating when MR TRUMP comes in his white Cadillad model 1969

NOBODY try shoot him as kennedy

because now in america is real man, not plastic monkey

,willages and cities must build new hotels for half million
because this trump train is going to repeat every year

same times same routes---to make all russian s and europeans understand , who was a man who promised make americA great WITH best of blues country jazz rock and roll music in the world...and half million harleys...all very individual...


ready made tents with good madras for 500 000 .. 5 e / day, finnish sauna industry world expo , 5 e / visit
Our King Muhamed SIX is intelligent humoristic man as you and Mr Putin ...come together 1.5.2017 to west sahara dakhla .
Melika RA



---- islamic emigrants have gone everywhere, in europa they are much more as in usa. Because in their own societes have been last 500 years war ...who is owner of oil and minerals in near and middle east, in north africa. But if usa promise same as germany 1945---never send armed outside their borders .... to kill good men as colonel gaddafi---- not try rob oil and start doll -governments , in such case those all islamic lands become very rich and safe.... lot of people want leave chaotic dangerous usa....


you have also some other problems there ---not only muslimanes
biggest problem is that also many americans self are near of full mass psychosa...after looking at dangerous tv violence 50 years...
stanley kubric for saw the future of america in his film clockwork orange


you cant blame islamic people about this
only your stupid laws ,- allow such mass media as usa do...and sell shit to all world as Renny Harlin...
.....what is waiting for americans , if you not
give all power for 8 years to your great D J ( trump )
after him , eric trump

as it goes in north corea and in maroc
we have no war in maroc, because more as 96 % think that house must have master

Carolyn Reeves in usa agree
Trump will help us to take back our country.Obama was evil, selling our country to the terrorists Muslims.He is a traitor to our country,a terroist to our country,bringing in thousands of terroist muslim.Their plan was to destroy our country.God has given us Trump.Pray that these terroists will be deported,and our borders secured...please look at this video about half million angels of great D J

our correspondence from 6 month ( before his won ) are all here

plan what we do to Finland

---- could we use that material in sales promotion of trump train ?

maybe MICK Jagger think twice , if he want help mr TRUMP

letter  to president of Finland

 avoin julkinen kirje presidentti Niinistölle aiheena Suomen konsulaattien laittomat toimet rabatissa varsovassa lissabonissa madririssa. rikoksista tuleva RANGAISTUS

Herra Presidentti Sauli Niinistö ,

joka olette suurlahetystojen esimies ja paljon muutakin.

Puolan Rabatin Portugalin ja espanjan konsulaatit ovat toimineet törkeän laittomasti ja tästä tietää nyt isot joukot usa ssa , trumpin tukiryhmät . Samaten brexit puolue englannissa seka islamilaiset vapaustaistelijat . Suomi on saamassa hirveän rangaistuksen ellette TE herra presidentti heti pakota suurlähettiläs Jari Vilenia Warsovassa , Lissabonin uutta konsulia ja keuruulaista asianajajaa Ari Kuukkaa selvittämään juttu .......

Jos suomalaiset haluavat pelastaa maansa etelaosat , teidan pitaisi yhdessa saksalaisten aseveljien kanssa tehda puolalaisille pesapallomailojen avulla selvaksi etta kansainvalisen helvetin ensimmainen esikartano on Miedzylesie Klodzko Lodz ja Olawa Puolassa . . Tappamisella uhkaaminen talojen hajottaminen ja autojen poltto on minun tapauksessani ollut Puolassa laillista, muu omalla vastuulla

Jos suomalaiset nyt ryhtyvät aktiiviseen mielenosoitukseen puolaa vastaan , joka aloitti tämän laittoman sodan YK n kielloille viisveisaten , jonka seuraamuksena Suomeen tuli yli 40 000 muslumaania elätettäviksi --- ON VIELA MAHDOLLISUUS EHDOTTA TRI K.U. Sathyanathille keralaan etta vaihdetaan tuoksi saatana kaatopaikaksi Ruotsin HELL SINGBORG. Mutta tama edellyttaisi pikaista sovinnontekoa Hietikon, Ensto yhtioiden ja Suomen valtion suhteissa. Suomen uudella konsulilla Portugalissa seka keuruulaisella asianajajalla Ari Kuukalla on tassa ratkaisuvalta.

jos Porvoon hurreja alkaa moinen pannia tai pelottaa , mekaas kysymaan poliisilta mikseivat he halunneet aloittaa rikostutkintaa kun paasiaisen 2014 aikaan lauma hurreja pommittivat minua omilla negaatioillaan julkisesti areenalla Suomi 24 keskustelu / Porvoo. Ja milla perustein Enston kusipaiset insinoorit Kari Metso, Reijo Kallio , Rainer Liljestrand ja Isoonkyroon paennut Olli Antila ovat herjanneet minua mielisairaaksi ? Todistaja Juha Jalonen, Vuorityomiehenkatu 9 b 9 Turku. Olli Antila asuu Isossakyrössä hevonkoskella , Aune Antilan ylireipas poika joka ei älyä katsoa peiliin moisia juttuja levitellessään


tunnusta syntisi mulkku

Olli Antilan sisaren miehen Juha Jalosen lahettamat e mailit ovat Keuruun poliisiasemalla ja lakimies Ari Kuukalla. Mitka ovat laaketieteelliset perusteet kun Puolassa Saksassa Marokossa eika Espanjassa laakarit eivat sellaisia havaitse ? Amerikkalaisen maailmanvallan kritisointia ei ole virallisesti luokiteltu sairaudeksi. Tahan ensto- paskaan , ensio miettisen ja Pentti malaskan LIUKUMIINAAN karajatuomari Erkki Marttila kaatui ja tuhosi koko etelaisen Suomen . Eika mennyt kauaakaan kun jenkeista tuli oma suorasuu TRUMP joka puhuu samoista asioista kuin mina jo 10 vuotta aiemmin

koska Suomen uskovaisista 33 % olivat pyytaneet Jeesusta kuninkaaksi , hanen valtakuntaansa mainitun tiereitin pohjoispuolelle eivat saatanistiset voimat Porvoosta paase leviamaan. Ne ovat silmin nakymattomia mutta ydinsaastetta vaarallisempaa. Aiheeseen liittyvat emailit ovat Keuruun poliisiasemalla ja lakimies Ari Kuukalla

koska Suomen uskovaisista 33 % olivat pyytaneet Jeesusta kuninkaaksi , hanen valtakuntaansa mainitun tiereitin pohjoispuolelle eivat saatanistiset voimat Porvoosta paase leviamaan. Ne ovat silmin nakymattomia mutta ydinsaastetta vaarallisempaa. Aiheeseen liittyvat emailit ovat Keuruun poliisiasemalla ja lakimies Ari Kuukalla

Vaikkakin  on todistettu useassa maassa etten  karsi psyykkisista sairauksista, sinisilmainen holmo kylla taidan olla.  Menin kaksi kertaa naimisiin saman puolalaisen naisen kanssa joka  vaati  kaksi avioeroa, etta olisi saatu koko omaisuuteni ja elamantyoni 1,46  milj euroa Puolaan .Joka jalkeen eu maa Puolan poliisi karkoitti minut maasta.

Meilla on yhteinen lapsi William joka on nyt 15 vuotias. Hanen ei lainkaan sallita tavata isaansa, ja jos tulen synnyinmaahani Suomeen, poliisi joka kerta pidattaa epailtyna taman ex vaimoni kunnian loukkaamisesta,voimatta eritella koska,missa ja kuinka nain kammottava rikos on tapahtunut.

kerro se täällä viola


Poliisien kesken tassa asiassa on kahdenlaista mielipidetta, jotkut sanovat ettei sellaista voi loukata, mita ei ole olemassakaan, kuten puolalaisten naisten kunnia. Mutta en mina ole hanen kunniaansa loukannut  ja  yha  pidan  hanta jonkinsortin  pyhimyksena .  Jota  vaan on lapsena hakattu ja saatu alistumaan  ahneen aitinsa  sisarensa  ja katalan  lakimies serkkunsa  valtaan.  rakas ex  vaimon Violetta  on HEIKKO, EI  PAHA,  samaistaa itsensa kurvamaiseen aitiinsa ja nuorempaan sisareensa, jotka yrittavat ryostaa mafian ja lahjotun poliisin voimin pojallemme Williamille kuuluvaa isansa perintoa.Mutta nuo kurvat eivat edes Suomessa asu. Poliisi on tehnyt pahan virheen ja tama asia ON MENTAVA RIKOSOIKEUSPROSESSIIN, sanoi jamsalainen komisario Keuruulla on ollut tasta toista mielta, mista johtuen olen tivannut vastauksia aluehallintavirastosta ja poliisihallitukselta.

Ellei keuruun tutkinnanjohtaja ja ryhdy toimenpiteisiin, vaadin etta heidat pannaan rikossyytteeseen ja tutkinnan ajaksi putkaan epailtyna suomalaisen miehen kunnian loukkaamisesta. Siita on varmaa nayttoa, myos yleislaakari Tuomo Reinan, karajatuomari Erkki Marttilan seka kolmen asianajajaliiton jasenen kohdalta. Se etta porvoolaisessa enstossa kaytettiin 80 luvulla insinoorien tekaisemaa psykiatriaa henkilostopolitiikan keinona, ei ole todiste sairaudesta, se todistaa vain vakavan ihmisoikeusrikoksen tapahtuneen.

Tama asia on monessa maassa todistettu. Mutta puolalaisen mafian oli helppo ko. asialla mellastaa ja saada ihmiset uskomaan Hannu Hietikosta ihan mita tahansa. Koska myos oma kidnapattu poikani on tallaisilla jutuilla myrkytetty, asian PIKAINEN selvittaminen on hanen suojelemisekseen ehdottoman valttamatonta, sanovat laakarit Espajassa Portugalissa ja Puolassa  Han puhuu englantia ja tietaa kuka perheessamme on sairas ja kuka ei ole.Myos asianajaja Kuukalla olevista Violetan omakatisista kirjeista tama tulee esiin

jOS  haluatte  perua etela Suomea  ja ensto yhtioita koskevan  kirouksen,  antakaa perkeleen  akkia  takaisin  poliisi syyttaja  ja  konsulaatti palvelut  seka  menettamani   omaisuus

- uusi 235 nelion omakotitalo Porvoossa

-28 nelion yksio Helsingin Karhupuistossa

-48 nelion kaksio Helsingin Lonnrothinkadulla
-94 nelion kolmio Helsingin Lonnrothinkadulla

Puolaan meni myos ison omakotitalon irtaimisto , kodinkoneet, aidot silkkimatot, Enston paajohtajan Ensio Miettisen lahjoittama kirjasto ja taidekokoelmat joiden vakuutusarvoksi oli hyvaksytty Suomessa yhteensa 599 000 euroa

 lakitoimiston tekemassa dokumentissa on maininta etta viimeistaan 31.1.2017 on maksettava takaisin, tai annettava ko. omaisuus Hietikolle. Siina on myos maininta etta Hietikon on esitettava tasta VAATIMUS

Esitin taman vaatimuksen  12.7.2015 Violetta Sarnowiakille , Portugalin konsulaatille, perheoikeudellisten asioiden valittamisesta vastuulliselle Tuula Cowenille, lapsemme kummille Helena Antila-Jaloselle , Keuruun poliisin tutkinnanjohtajalle, Helsingin korkeimmalle oikeudelle, asianajaja Ari Kuukalle, ja muille mainituille. Mutta  he lahettavat kimppuuni  tappajia jotka uhkaavat ties milla ellen suostu allekirjoittmaan etta pojallemme kuuluva omaisuus kuuluu puolalaiselle ex anopille. Tallaista tapahtui  viimeksi Portugalissa Tavirassa  kesakuussa 2016  jonka takia mina ja uusi vaimoni Sofia Hietikko jouduimme pakenemaan Espanjaan

Ex vaimoni sisaren mies Pawel on itse todistajien kuullen myontanyt kuuluvansa Lodzin mafiaan ja heilla on keinot eliminoida uhrinsa niin ettei hiuskarvaakaan jaa jaljelle. Torremolinoksen poliisi tietaa mista on kyse ja he pyysivat minua pysymaan poissa Espanjasta ennenko tama juttu on ratkaistu.Minut karkoitettiin Puolasta poliisivakivaltaa kayttaen. Tasta on todisteet laakariasemalla Vita, ul Olawska Wroclaw, vammat naki kesalla 2012 myos Suomen Tallinnan konsulaatissa janne.pentti seka keuruulainen poliisi Kimmo Rytkonen .




Melika  Ramouz ( sofia hietikko )  ja aitinsa  Fadma  Rakibi Marokon  kansalaiset, jotka ovat tarkasti  perehtyneet   ko. asiaan kuuden vuoden  ajan, allekirjoittavat  Suomen Agadirin kunniakonsulaatissa 5.5.2015  taman todistajalausuntonsa Jyvaskylan  ja  Puolan Klodzkon poliisille,  karajaoikeudelle   seka  Helsingin   Korkeimmalle oikeudelle  Diaari R 2015 /399  sanatarkasti  kaantanyt  Hannu  Hietikko, netissa  olevaa  versiota  olen  editoinut itse myohemmin

Diplomi  insinoori Wieslaw Cieplucha  ul Bratyslawska 13 m 24  90900 Lodz Puola  joutui sodan  aikaan 5  vuotiaana  Lodzin  ghetossa  saksalaiseen  kouluun.  Siella  hanta  hakattiin lahes paivittain   raakasti  paahan, syysta  etta  isansa  oli  tunnettu  vastarintajohtaja

Myohemmin  Wieslaw Cieplucha  teki taman saman   vanhimmalle   tyttarelleen Violetta  Sarnowiakille   0 - 16  vuoden  iassa,  joka   myohemmin  1986  ,  lahetettiin 24  vuotiaana  kommunistisesta  Puolasta  Suomeen Hietikon  vaimoksi tahan  taloon jonka  Hietikko oli isansa ja  vapaa ajalla  olevien  poliisen  kanssa Porvoon maalaiskuntaan rakentanut. Sen valmistuttua  ylikonstaapeli  Ilmo Jantunen   oli  sanonut,  tama  onnistui  hienosti,  mutta  varo  nyt  sitten Hannu  KATEELLISIA  IHMISIA.

Puolalaisilla  korkeakoulutetuilla  insinooreilla  lakimiehilla  arkkitehdeilla  oli  tuhatkertainen  palkkaero Suomeen    nahden ja    he  pyrkivat  Suomeen kaikin  mahdollisin  tavoin mm  avioliittotoimistojen    agenttien  avulla,  kuten Hietikon  tapauksessa tapahtui. He  olivat  saaneet  nimensa kun  han   matkusteli  kesalomilla Puolassa moottoripyoralla Helena Antila Jalosen kanssa. hantilajalonen  at

 Hannu  Karpon  4  minuutin reportaasi  vuodelta 1986 vodka  turistit    tulevat kertoo  tuon  ajan  tilanteesta.  

26  vuotias Violetta Sarnowiak  ei ollut  kateellinen, ei  kaupannut viinaa, eika  sita  koskaan  juonutkaan.  Eika  han  ollut  nimeaan vaimotoimistolle  antanut,  vaan   hanen  perheensa Lodzissa.  Kuulemamme mukaan Violetta   oli  niin  ihastuttava  ihminen, etta Helenakaan  ei  fiksuna  naisena  alannut  tappelemaan , vaan  he ystavystyivat.  Mutta  vaikka  hanella   oli jo vuonna 1989 Suomen passi,  Violetalle   kieltaydyttiin  antamasta   asiallista  psykoterapiaa,  rasistisiin  syihin  vedoten.  Psykologi Riitta  Liisa  Lahdelma sanoi  ettei KELA  hyvaksy   kalliita  terapioita  kaikenmaailman   venalaisille. Tasta  syysta  Violetta  tappoi  abortilla  esikoisensa   ja halusi Puolaan   jossa han   saisi  terapiaa   omalla   kielellaan  kohtuuhintaan,  border1  at

Vaadimme rikosoikeudenkayntia  psykologi  Riitta Liisa  Lahdelmasta, seka 500 000 e  plus  lakimiehen  kulut. Hanen oma  veljensa varatuomari Aimo Lahdelma helsingin  kristilliset  lakimiehet oy  sanoi asiasta  kuultuaan vuonna  2000  Hietikon todistajien kuullen nain,  olen  aina  tiennyt  etta  sisareni  on taysverinen  rasisti

Koska  asiallista  hoitoa ei  annettu,  vain  lapsen  tappamista, ennen Puolaan  muuttoa   Violetta  ajautui  Porvoossa ja  Helsingissa   Elamantapaliitto  ry n  epamaaraisten   new  age   puoskareitten  revittavaksi,  jotka   lopulta 10.7. 1997  vakivalloin   ajoivat  Hietikon Porvoon  talostaan  pitkalle moottoripyoramatkalle   Puolaan ,  Kreikkaan Kurdistaniin  ja   sielta  Israeliin. Tana  aikana   han  loi  ison  kansainvalisen  verkoston  Suomessa  aloittamansa  tiekomission   jatkoksi , mutta omaisuus Suomessa  anastettiin.  Todistaja hantilajalonen at, musiikinopettaja Tuula Katka  seka  Teijo Turja Helsingista. Asiasta   vastuussa  Paavo Koivisto,  Kalle Jokela ,  Riitta  Kokko  ja  Riitta Pakaslahti  .  Se  ei  ole  voinut  vanheta,  koska  Hietikko  on  asian selvittamisen   valttamattomyydesta  saannollisesti  muistuttanut. Ryhma  sosiodraamaa  johtaneen Riitta Kokon  aiti oli  2  paivaa aiemmin  kuollut   ja  han  oli  purkanut ison  viha agression  ryhman  ainoaan mieheen, Hietikkoon.  Hanen  vaimoltaan  Kokko  kaivoi   esiin  piilevan miesvihan,  halun  tappaa  isa  ja  karkoittaa  hanet  ryhmasta.  He  yhteisvoimin  ajoivat  ulos  illalla 22.00  Vahermanjarven korpeen  ukkossateeseen  transsitilaan  noituneensa  asiakkaan,  joka  silta seisomalta  pakkasi  moottoripyoransa  ja  lahti Jerusalemiin. Todistaja Tel Avivin silloinen  konsuli Katri  Sidenberg. 

Kokko  on  jalkeenpain   itse  myontanyt  tehneensa  pahan  virheen   ja  etta  hanella   on  sellaisia  varten  vakuutus.  Ellei  sita  vakuutusta  nyt  kayteta,  Elamantapaliiton  toimipisteeseen  tulevat   Yon  Sudet tai islamilaiset  karhuajat   jotka  ulosmittaavat 500 000  euroa  Hietikon  pojan ja  uuden  vaimon tilille  ja omat  kulunsa  44 %  paalle.  Sellaisia vieraita  voi  kayda  myos  lahdelma  consulting oy ssa  kaisaniemenkadulla. neuvotteluyhteys  Keuruulla   asianajaja  Ari Kuukka

Hannu  on  meille  kertonut  mitenka  tuollaisessa transsitilassa  sosiodraama tilanteessa   vastuussa  oleva  ohjaaja  AINA  purkaa  tilanteen ennen  homman  loppua. Mutta  kun  se nain   tehtiin  ja  han  oli  kokenut  naiden kymmenen  hysteerisen  helsinkilaisakan ja  oman  vaimonsa  edustavan  koko  suomalaista  yhteiskuntaa, hanen sosiaalinen  identtinsa   Suomen  suhteen  lakkasi  kokonaan  olemasta. Mutta  tuossa  yhteydessa  han  kertoo  myos  vapautuneensa kaikesta  siita  ,  mita  kutsutaan suomalaiseksi  perustyperyydeksi, eli   parantunut kansallisesta   hulluudesta.  Ja  tatahan  eivat sitten  muut  suomalaiset  hyvaksyneet  vaan  rankaisivat ottamalla  pois  pienelta  pojalta  hyvan  isan ja yrittamalla tuhota  hanta  perusteettomin   pidatyksin  ja  veromatkyin 

Olen   itse  kuvannut asian  nain,  iltapimealla  Vahermajarven  metsassa  ukkosateessa sosiaalinen  identiteettini,  jota jo  aiemmin  oma  perheeni  ja  Enston  insinoorit  olivat  vakavasti  vahingoittaneet,    kuoli  TYYSTIN  KOKONAAN     ja  ihmismuotoni  haltijaksi  tuli  se mita  teologian  tohtorit  Lindqwist ja Lennart K  Koskinen  Ruotsissa  sanovat  K  tasoksi   tai  transendentaaliseksi  identiteetiksi.  Sen keski-ajalla loytanyt mestari  Ekhardt  kaytti  pienista  pienimmasta  Sinuhe  egyptilaisen atonista  nimea Christus  in  nobis. Kreikassa tama Intian  atman  oli  atom. Hebrealaisilla  Jahve. Sana Jeesus  tulee  Kreikan Zeuksesta,  jonka   tajusin  Naxos  saarella  ajellessani. Mutta  koska tarkoitukseni  on  nousta best  seller  kirjailijaksi, ja  koska nuo jeesus-jutut on  kaikki  niin  loppuunsa  kaluttuja , suurelle  yleisolle  esiinnyn tassa vaiheessa  joko Johannes Kastajana  tai   ukkosenjumalan  poikana Rutja von Donnerwetter.

Arto Paasilinnalla  on  tekijanoikeus  vanhempaan  testamenttiinsa,  MTV  lle  olen  tarjonnut  uudempaa  testamenttia  ukkosenjumalan  pojan  mukaan.  Teen  nain  ennenmuuta  syysta  etta Puolan  kansan  valitseman  presidentin  roolin  ottaminen olisi  kovin  ylimielista ja  koska  kauhajokinen  Yrjo  Hahto on Antikristuksen, eli  saatanan roolin  itselleen  jo  varannut  nick  nimella  seppo myllis.   Han  vaittaa   olevansa Jumala  ja  vaatii  muita  kauhajokisia  palvomaan  itseaan,  tulemaan  hanen  perustamaansa  kirkkoon  juopottelemaan  ja homoilemaan.  Hanen  juttujaan  voitte  lukea  täällä

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road to salvation


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