Our  logo does not mean german natzies. We are IKL, islamilaisten kristittyjen  liitto,  union of christian and islamic  motorcycletravellers,  we support people who create NEW,  Le Pen, Trump, Putin, King of Maroc and Boris Johnsson. We  accept members from all countries, but not from Sweden ( because they are not friends of mr Trump ) and also finns not like too  proud and stupid hyrri -people  . Ici en français

friday 24.2.2017       what is trumptrain ? Plan to conquer Europa ? here in english

here in  polish TUTAJ jest Droga------suomeksi  uuden euroopan uutisia täällä.                  Ilmainen www-laskuri

       Torremolinos et Marbella policestation atestado 15332/16.

   IKL want  finish all  violence in Europa, made by  maroccian al qaida. We need help from  crime court of Agadir,  mr Trump , mr Putin , madam Merkel , his majestet  Muhamed VI  and consulate of Finland in Rabat,Warsawa  and  in Germany sanomat.ber@formin.fi 

This is  symbol of finnish airforces, for concrete airplanes and spiritual yellow angels. Finnish army has got it from Sweden and it  means good luck,  white magia, new  creating force of Jesus Christ and VISNU. Later germans took it from  finns ,  turned around.  In  that way it means destroyer , indian SHIVA, german votan,  isis in arab culture.  Originally God and Devil were the same. Good and bad is said to be other sides of the same matter. Higher upon them is satvic harmonia, teach old hindus. This symbol  is from  them, not from  natzies and our association Keltaiset ry  ( ikl ) has rights to use it


Public letter to

 respected  majestet Muhamed VI  and his son. 

To independence movements of west sahara , polisario Al qaida.

 Art and bisnes academia of Agadir A 3  makes you this offer in role of advertising office. 100 % of people in north Maroc are ready to  make here same as in Syria, if west saharians want independence. 100 % of them want it. So  lets make agreement  that west sahara ( using new name ATLANTIS )  becomes independent at same day 6.12.2017 when Finland became independent 100 years ago. Russia was first  land who confessed it with no quarreling. Also  they had builded to Finland good  infrasructura, railroads, indusrty, small copy of st Petersburg ( Helsinki ). Mauretania  has signed  under how they  have no  needs, but algeria polisario has not such opinion. All  know  that there is more oil as in Kuwait and jemen together. Spain did not know it 1976. Only way to do this, is let russian norwegian british american oil companies  give offers , and neues Deutsche Bank Agadir and Tarfaya  deal   netto honestly 33 %   in equally  big parts to accounts  of all algerian citizens, who  live in algeria,  not in europa or usa. 33 %  to citizens of Atlantis ,  33 % to maroccians who live in maroc   . 1 % to association Les jaunes keltaiset ry

 1. I agree this matter 100 %
2. I agree this matter 80 %                                                   
3. I agree this matter 60 %                                              
4. I agree this matter 50 %                                       
5. I agree this matter 40 %                                
6. I agree this matter 20 %                         
7. I do not agree this matter at all         


 I have lived in Maroc 8 years and 100 %  of taxidrivers  say this. Maroc has best king in world and 98 % respect Him, but common  problem to our majestet and folk  is rotten  corrupted administration  and  political  parties , their  mediapower . IT should be  holy trinity  of ALLAH  King and his folk.   So  in new Atlantis we not accepet political parties  at all. We  give all  power to people who understand basic  lanquage arab  berber  english finnish  or  french    . Specialists as engineers and docors discuss with own  terminologia , but folk  is the boss. Power  belongs to people and state is we. Do  not kill,  not lie, not steal  or talk  at same time when you eat . This would  be basic law of atlantis

 Maroccian  people  are angry mostly -- because of large  investing to west sahara. But your majestet  surely know  exactly  how many  euros or dollars  it was . Atlantis  must pay all  back. Its normal, not reason to start  kill people.

I  have seen in maroc how important  it is to people  that  they can see their King so often  as possible. And nobody try shoot you. ( in some unversity campus you could be in  danger, they are angry when nobody get work after 5 years study ) To  problems of economia , turistbisnes  you Mr King are  not quilty  for sure,  its this 10 years lasting illegal al qaida war .Started by usa and poland , when UN said NO. STOP. Isis was burn when they hanged Hussein says mr Putin and also mr Trump  know it  . Also economia of Finland is victim of this crime ( same as hitler did ) but finns  not want confess  real  reality ( alkais  liikaa RA -a --vituttaa )

Also atlantis  must have KING, symbol  of nation, who has in voting same power as anyone  legal citizen. Because these feelings are hot and  nationalistic,  let them choose new king by  internet. Me, idea of this Atlantis ,  can be candidate nr 7  and  i promise to give my  place  immediately  to Jesus Christ, when he comes  in form of normal  man . This  he had promised to do. If  he NOT come  before  5 years  when im 69 years old , i shall give my  place to your  oldest son,  respected Muhamed VI . Now im already 64  , after 5 years your son is 19 old ? or 20 ?People  in west sahara would aceept this for sure.

In such situation   a NEUTRAL finn could suit to arab saharians  and berbers in north ? Maybe  they come and KILL me. Melika says that people in court of Agadir and our ciwilized humoristic  majestet accept free thinking,  they not are dangerous,  but some other berbers in north have been killing  people who talk about independent west sahara. I said that maybe im depressed because i never can see my son, and never go back to my home in Poland, not in Finland. maybe i want make suiside in Maroc  by  making hassis mafias and these patriots of north very angry. If they  kill me, then start media and police do something .Melika did not like such talking

However it is,   we must  also in this  land get  new cultura to  administration--and  be 100% fair and honest. West saharians choose king and voting ends  in  middnight 28.4.2017. To email  busra.biblia@gmail.com   skanned copy of id card or passport , your email  and  numbers  1  , 2,3,4,5,6 or 7 . Hannu Hietikko Koivumäki, hanuman  habdullah Elwafi , john the babtist rautahannu   im nr seven 7.  Who are those other 6 ? Those who FIRST react and send  their photo and tell  about yourself. I want be king or queen of Atlantis  until  day of Lord , when jesus christ is back  in form of normal  man

If  you want choose  7  ,  my  politica is this. In west Sahara is not  much people,  but wonderfull subtrobical beach  1001  km from Dakhla airport to habour of Sidi Ifni ( maroc) We  bring there half million  pensionist from Finland and give them tax freedom. They buy  nice wooden  loghouses and interiörs which we produce using russian pinewood and tulikivi ( see google ). model jugend art nouveau 1906  , home electronica, visual arts , from 50 states of America ( we pay  them later 5 % commission from  large  mass production  --and america comes very great  and glorius everywhere  beautiful  american  houses  hallelujaa..They will say, german eagle TRUMP did what promised ...without killing anybody  ) We start production of  sunpanels, noiseless el -cars and mopeds by www.ensto.com takad tarfaya dakhla agadir . Finnish  pensionist are mostly well educated doctors nurses  teachers engineers who can teach  saharians to rise level  of living, without trying to go to cold hard europa..

Also my  politica would  be  to offer citizenship of Atlantis to all  palestinian  people, because possibility of nuclear destruction  in their  land is unfortunatelly too  big . It would be better to come NOW , before storm rise...Such danger is also in Finland, thats why  their seniors earn to  be  evaquated   safe home in warm place, by ocean of  mercy . Fresh wegetables sea food lot of sunshine  help  them live 30  more as in dark depressed land of fin ( end ) ..From Finland we save  to Atlantis also all war exilers of syria  libya iraq ...who are  living today 22.2.2017  on  north or west side of   border ---festival road from  habour of turku  to säkylä  köyliö  karijoki  päntäne  hyyppä  nummijärvi  kihniö  kuru keuruu  kiuruvesi  runninkylä  varpaisjärvi  juankoski  kaavi  ahveninen  koitere mutalahti NIIRALA ---border of russia.

North Finland is second  new land 6.12.217, direct democratia. King before coming of Jesus shall  be Matti Koivumäki  , bankdirector from kerava. Björn wahroos was his boss before in sampo danske . New finland  use name SUUR KEURUU, it  not  belong to schengen freedom ( wizum 3  months 200 e )    flag is same white and blue as before, white cross  on blue bottom. In Atlantis it will  be  marocco dark  green , warm  yellow and marocco red ( purpura, same as soviet union )

using equally  much those 3  colours,  please design  flag  of atlantis. Send your proposition  before 22.4.2017 to busra.biblia@gmail.com   and follow twitter ´´ Birds of Maroc ´´

En utilisant à peu près autant de ces 3 couleurs, s'il vous plaît drapeau de conception atlantis. Envoyez votre proposition avant le 22.4.2017 à busra.biblia@gmail.com et suivez les oiseaux de Maroc'' Birds of Maroc''

 en nouvelle union de europa valuta commune est deutsche markka. Ils ne les ont pas brûlés comme l'a fait la Finlande hölmälänväki. Si madame merkel les donne à atlantis 50% et au nord finland 50%, nous pouvons convenir que valuta politica sera dirigé par le gouvernement de 7 frères,

in  new union of  europa  common  valuta is  deutsche  markka. They did not burn them as Finland hölmälänväki did. If madam merkel give them to atlantis 50 % and north finland 50 % , we can agree that valuta  politica shall  be leaded by government of 7 brothers  mentioned

 la banque de Deusche Fuengirola katrina.isabel@db.com

la banque de Deusche Bautzen  ( germany )

  la banque de Deusche Tarfaya ( atlantis )

la banque de Deusche Agadir  ( maroc )

  la banque de  Wladirmir Putin  ( moscow )

 la banque de  info@trumphotels.com ( new york )

  la banque de  Björn Wahlroos  and Matti Koivumäki  Danske Sampo in Habaranda Sweden, ten mtr from finnish west border in north .

National State bank  of new Finland , named   SUUR KEURUU  is elina.malinen@poppankki.fi . Keuruu  on  ymmärtänyt  mitkä  mahdollisuudet on tehdä  itsensä suureksi Trumpin  vanavedessä,  minustakin  tehdään tässä tohinassa vielä kuningas, ehkä Jeesuskin. Että osaa olla mielenkiintoista tämä aktiivisen eläkeläisen  taival.  kun ei jää  pimiään suomeen  happanemaan  ja kalijaa juomaan  --vaan mottooripyorä alle  ja matkaan ....

France belgium sweden nous ne prenons pas, ils peuvent continuer avec italia, l'espagne, l'ouest du portugal, le sud de la finlande la Grèce et la roumanie. Satu Hassi , Heidi Hautala Jyrki Katainen and Donald Tusk are 2    good symbols  to rotten sinking Titanic and its marellous eurovaluta, greece credits

If  west saharian people choose  me as king hanuman habdullah elwafi,  my  politica with  my cousin  matti Koivumäki  in Finland  is to  invite to new union other members . From Germany  previous DDR ( capitol Bautzen ) all POLAND and from Portugal eastern parts of kings road. Capitol Portimao Bemposta . Also we want 50 states of America and all Russian federatio, Holland, Danmark  norway UK and Irland. all Germany ( they all can  use national  rubel dollar  punta valutas  but value is exctly same as DM ( france belgium sweden  we not take

 they can continue with italia , spain , west portugal, south finland  Greece and romania

 USA  Russia and Britannia  take care of common militär defence. National armies concentrate to keep law and order inside own border.

22.2.2017 Hannu oskari Hietikko    sen kirjoitin  minkä  kirjoitin,  tässä  istun enkä  muuta  voi  kuin ittelleni  nauraa --jotta  leukaperät on vaarassa  nyrijähtää. Maasta karkoitettu moottoripyörä kulkuri  yrittää  tehdä ittestään  kuningasta  kun ei kelevannu  kaavin  matkailukoordinaattoriksi eikä  suur keuruun  kaupunginjohtajaksi ---Tulee vielä aika että joku  media tajuaa tämän  jutun myyntiarvon. 20 % netosta poikani tilille, copyright is yours


 Editors of this web bulletin Melika RA mouz and  Hannu Oskari Hietikko  in West Sahara telephone 00212 ( 0 )528 325 881 mobil 00212 ( 0 )659 694 961


to  prokurator in crime court of Agadir,Faro, Klodzko, to court of Strasbourg demands to Germany Poland Finland and USA


first  step to peace is to start  talk true  

 After hunnies, and finns , germans have been the most effective terrorists of world historia. Some  hundred years ago finnish hakkepelita  terrorists killed 75 % of population in Tsech Republic, in Poland and Germany almost half .  Finns are most effective  killers, also Russia knows this hard fact. But also germans were quite rapid in  your bliz krieg with force of amfetamine .. After all  beautiful Germany was ruined, you swore in Nurnberg 1945 that you NEVER any more send armed people outside borders of Germany. But when Poland and USA started world war III without listening STOP orders of united nations,  also your soldiers  wanted go with Spain France and UK to kill  bad muslimanes. But also lot of german new natzies went to help isis. Media not talk about them anymore at all, believing how 20 000 new natzies stop exist , but its not so easy. Many of them hide now in south Maroc, where people like germans much more as french colonialists. They have done in our land  so much bad that in Maroc more as 90 % population understand what for al qaida want kill people in France. We should  confess  all our sins in new international crimecourt of Agadir, and forgive to each others in name of soon coming Jesus Christ

 Only confessing our personal  and national sins, we start understand   realities, and enter to better politics, madam Merkel.   Your  land made serious mistakes, and now german police wrote how you have once again  war ( this time inside )  And  media makes people to believe how all  bad comes from Islam. All  jehowa witnesses and christian  priest in Poland , Portugal and in Finland pastor matti viitanen teach how all 1,6  milliard muslimanes belong to fire of hell...  Before martin Luther and Hitler said how all  jews and quipsies belong to fire. Now those holy christian lunatics   plan big nuclear war and all europa and russia will be in fire of real hell

..all this because of ISLAM ? but brexit Britannia got nervous breaking all europea union, when in London every second started speak polish . They are not islamic people, and all world knows how 38 million polish emigrants behave in other lands. My finnish husband Hannu was living in  polish sudetian mountains 10 years with his previous polish wife FB Viola Sarnowiak, small  boy William . But polish people got jealous because of remonting old german farm of  family Gebhardts . Neighbours  came  with axe in hand  to say, go to Finland , we kill  you. Gangster team abau@onet.eu,  Holy Albert association wroclaw vyroby@gmail.com , priest and organ  player of roman catholic church of Rozanka Gniewsozow broke and robbed their home. Gazeta BRAMA in Klodzko and Jehowa witness family Ilnicki with  their network in all Klodzko walley was playing big  role-- blackpainting reputation of  victims of crimes . Police and consulat Finland do nothing, when there is no law and order in Poland, not in Finland,  not in Portugal

 Europa union is rotten  and sick , as mythic oak of kalevala. But this brave german Trump wants fall  it down .   His  programs made  all America  2 divided BANG.

 But who was  leading war to Germany and Finland, its big question Frau Merkel . They all believe that Mr Trump shall lead  people to III war ,  but he came to this poker of life only half year ago.  Also  his happy fellow  Mr Putin was forced to join war  of Syria by OBAMA ( african apina )  in september 2015. Lot of shit  happened before 2015

 Finnish   people with force of german amfetamine  wanted be first and BIG suomi, trying to move their east border to URAL mountains and killed with germans 20 million russians...After those terrorists were pushed away,  finnish president Paasikivi ( basic stone ) said how a bit  more  healthy  politica starts by  understanding realities from  ourselves and our  surroundings. Gautama Buddha said the same, also Sokrates ,Jesus , also grounder of www.ensto.com and my father ( who  had to go to that barbarossa war in age of 19 )

We not  can  get peace of 1000 years , not even one week, dear madam Merkel , if we not want start confess realities. You CAN get punishment of death but  because more as 95 % of maroccians like you as very sympathic madam , also respect german people and your culture --we shall do our best to defend you. If you pay us lawyers in crime court of Agadir, Portimao, Klodzko, Helsinki , Haag, Strasbourg and Jyväskylä. Contact bitte in english to advocat in Helsinki markku.lindblad@lindblad.fi and finnish consul in Rabat  maija-liisa.vahakuopus@formin.fi

 in II world war ´´waffenbrudern´´finland and germany used lot of amfetamin. After war  sport bisnes in finland has  been totally based to narcotics. But Finland not want confess this fact. All country swim in big lies

My father was not typical finnish man, as person in next  photo. He did not hate russians and did not admire german natzies. But most of people did, and still today feeling is the same. Hitler is gone, but king of Finland is usa, same as in Poland. But now they have german boss who want break european  union, as polish  kurvas did to my home..

I  not  like  that  my son  must live in such country as Finland and never can see own father.- Men  as  in  photo , teach my son to ski and eat chemical narcotics, prepare him to join  army  of Finland. It has very terrible historia,  state of Finland has been  killing own citizens more  as russians killed us in winter war.

 If  you Frau Merkel help  me and my son to go back to our home in sudetian mountains ,  by giving us lawyers, compensations of war to Germany in islamic court shall  be only  usefull and productive-- economical and cultural co operation.

 Starting from  Art and bisnes academia of Agadir . We need  27 men from Germany, teachers of bisnes, management,  logistica, economia , with 5  years agreements. We can pay 3000 euro/month,  BRD should pay their healthy services and the rest of  salary,   the best ones surely want more.

We also want employ 69 men or women,  teachers of artesanworks,  architectura  woodcarwing , psychodramatheathre, cheramica, painting, graphics, jazz,blues, folk  music , speedway and motocorss from White Russia, Portugal, Poland , Russian Federatio  and from 50 states of America ,  Canada  and from north side of new finnish   K3 line Köyliö  Karijoki -Kauhajoki- Keuruu-Kaavi -Koitereen kivijärvi...


Teachers from USA Russia Poland Germany WANTED . Association Keltaset ry   offer   furnished apartment 2 km  from beach Agadir  and 2700 e / month  netto.  Costs of living half smaller as in Europa but  SUN shine 330  days in year. Pleasant winters, in summer fresh wind from Atlantis ocean keep air fresh, not too  hot. Same as Canaria islands 100 km to west

art & bisnes academia of Agadir 

finnish  name


We invite students and  professors from all world. Jet Sakan Argan has  960 empty  apartments with normal kitchen , wash machine , bath , 2 bedrooms . One room costs 20 e /day,  breakfast , lunch and supper 7 e / day. 810 e per month total plus your own costs of materials.

First work is to make plan of colours to that big house on beach rock 2 km from Atlantis ocean. Come to take photos and leave your application.  Student  production stay to this house, world centre of modern art, but you pay NOTHING   to 96 best teachers from  all world  -- 8 hours / day visual arts, folk music architectura ,filosofia, bisnesmanagement ,  woodworks,cinema, finnish baseball  model PIH kala ,  jazz  blues rock and roll ,  culture adventure turist bisnes, artesan works  logistica, economia konfutse tao impivaara, speedway , yoga zen/satori ,islam, motocross, religio/re-ligere metamorfosa, in  finnish-jewish kotiintulon tapernaakkeli ,itsensä löytäminen. Students can freely choose from  that palet of professors all , or concentrate only to few,  as  theathre, oilcolour painting  or woodwork

katoille  ravintoloita  ja iso ulkoilma elokuvateatteri, quality cinema from russia america poland marocco finland  pimeässä lämpimässä  Saharan yössä . Suomen elokuva arkiston ja SODANKYLÄN  ja Kaustisten  festarijärjestäjien  pitäisi tulla  tekemään  täällä itseään Trumppiakin   suuremmaksi , tuku  tuku  lampaitani,  Peter von Bagh, Otto Donner MA  Numminen.Toivomme että Keuruun  ,Seinäjoen tai Juankosken 
taideyhdistykset tekisivät moikuvan  värisuunnitelman tuosta  talosta. Tulkaa ottamaan valokuvia ja  jättäkää  tarjous . Voittaja saa palkaksi nimensä  maailmanhistoriaan ja yhden kaksion  omaksi forever. Talossa on 40 suljettua sisäpihaa  joissa nurmikko, ei autoja. Niihin teemme viihtyisiä  keskustelufoorumeita  ja lakto wegetaarisia/ myös  kalaravintoloita  144 000  ihmisen  tarpeisiin. Nuorille  yrittäjille suomesta hyvä tilaisuus.

960 apartments make all 40 e / day 1200 e in month.  25 %  300 euro /month , new DEUTSCHE BANK Agadir  pay to owner of apartment , who sell it to academia A3 and buy new one from neighbour house . To company jet sakan II argan 300 euro /month,  960 x almost 3 million dirham. To keep academia   in good clean  condition, paint it .

960 x400  e/ month 384 000 euros to association  keltaiset ry in new DEUTSCHE BANK Agadir  . We employ the 96 best  professors to teach 1920   students . 96 x 3000 e / month salary is 288 000 e. From  the  rest  96 000 euros, our bank pay 10 % tax to city Agadir, 10 % to his Majestet  Muhamed VI  , 50 % we use to  buy  artists to big culture happenings. 30 % to give places to students who cant find 810 e /  month self,  but are very talented

We can make on roof of academia  flag pilars 25 mtr  high and white screen  50  mtr broad. Field between these 2 houses is  emtpy. 50 hectar or more.  City of Agadir not build there anything,  only stone made confortable chairs for 144 000  people. City and kingdom Maroc  shall get 5 e  ticket incomes every evening 360 days per year from 144 000 Agadir quality cinema festival visitors per day 720 000 euros , in  month 22 million euros, 264 million  per year. We  buy copyrighs of the best high quality cinema production  in all world, but never show here pornografia, Renny Harlin , football  or icehockey

 To the roof of jet sakan II  we also make good large loudspeakers for concerts and  arena to theathre and speakers of folk parlament ( 5 minutes )  others vote how many % true. This they do also when Mr Trump Putin Le Pen merkel come to ask advice form  folk

 1. I agree this matter 100 %
2. I agree this matter 80 %                                                   
3. I agree this matter 60 %                                              
4. I agree this matter 50 %                                       
5. I agree this matter 40 %                                
6. I agree this matter 20 %                         
7. I do not agree this matter at all         

We give  these chairs in daytime to  144 000  members of world parlament WP, they  pay 10 e / day  , Agadir and King Muhamed VI  shall earn  per year 44  million euros and offer free luxus healthy services to all  berbers, arabs who live in Maroc and foreigners who  have residence in Maroc. Pensionists from Finland, Germany, USA, IRLAND , UK, White Russia Ukraine Estonia Poland Tsech rp  and all Russian Federatio  shall get nice house near beach 1200 km long Agadir -sidi Tual -Massa- Mirleft -sidi Ifni -Tarfaya- Layonne -Dakhla ---luxus services and tax % of zero. New world parlament WP start take care of seniors with money from all world , wellcome to pay 5 e and enjoy. Agadir is near Europa, in  midway of  China and USA. It is very safe town, half million  people, but we not take any risk. Around those 144 000 chairs and tables we make mur 3 mtr high. In entrance security check, same as in airport.


Beach of Agadir is from Academia and world parlament 2  km down from  rock of es SALAM. It means peace  pax mir shalom RA uha  in Finland.  Follow

Birds of Maroc


 to peace of 1000 years. Cities and willages of TRUMP TRAIN ( kings road )shoul link  theirselves, hotels, campings, restaurants, culture associations to world parlament and new union of Europa following Birds of Maroc ( supporters of ´´holy 7 ´´Prophet Muhamed , Jesus Christ ,Trump,Putin,LePen,Johnsson and King of Maroc )

 Cities and willages of TRUMP TRAIN , whose name is  mentioned , must link yourselves  to like this  unianova.eu/Potmess.htm,unianova.eu/Bautzen.htm, unianova.eu/Dresden.htm  We use all simply basic ´´monkey´´ english, mostly spoken lanquage in  the world. Google makes it to french quite ok, but to finnish no. Our lanquage belongs to family of sanskrit, we are not europeans at all. Hungaria, Estonia, Mari  and Karelia belong to Kalevala folk

 --Pfaffenhofen--Moosburg--Landshut--Postau-   unianova.eu/Sraubing.htm   

 ---Deggendorf--Innernzell--Grafenau--Philppsreut--Strazny--Lenora--Cesky Krumlov-20.5.     unianova.eu/Ceskebudejovice.htm  - Litomysl -  unianova.eu/Rokytnice    NIEMOJOW Gniewoszow

In France  CAHORs   - MURAT -- Massiac - unianova.eu/Sauxillanges.htm

follow Donald Trump, W Putin  Le Pen , B Johnson King of Maroc  and    --   who  like peace culture new economical  projects motorbike journeys, jazz  blues rock  and roll . Youngsters is Takad Sidi Bibi , please contact Fadwa and Busra Biblia in takad  Rakibi house .  We should  start organize  in  beach of sidi tual 1. 5 -- 3.5   annually at same three  days   biggest woodstock in world , FIM  rally  for enduros , scooters,  bicycles ,  walkers, harleys camel and horse  travellers from  usa europa maroc...We  are ready to make million  tents with good madras 5 e /day.  

Send  reservations to  busra.biblia@gmail.com  , we know how many we build.


Ticket to 3 days festival 20 euros you  must pay  in  advance. We get money to build good tents and employ good artists. Offer  your band  to  busra.biblia@gmail.com  . Finnish culture association Keltaiset ry is grounder of IKL and development association  of Takad-Toile. We  are controlled by finnish police and government kirjaamo@prh.fi. We not FOOL anybody

Exhibition of finnish sauna  industry 5 e / hour. Clean composting EKO toilets 20 cent/visit
24. 4 -- 27.4   annually at same three  days world champion  ship  of  motocross  and  speedway, paint ball war between supporters of Clinton and Trump,  olympics of SAUNA, who is last one who run out and jump to ocean
 28. 4 -- 30.4   annually at same three  days  meetings  of million members world parlament WP
 3. 5 -- 6.5   annually at same three  days two wheel  travelling witnesses of jehowa from 50 states of America
7. 5 -- 9.5   annually at same three  days Roman catholic church  from europa and  50 states of America
10. 5 -- 13 .5   annually at same three  days protestant churches  from europa and  50 states of America
etc. We offer such  ´´camp Davids to all associations, who  accept rules . No violence,  no chemical narcotics, rubbishing surround costs 50 e

After 3 days festival those groups drive brand new motorway 200 km  to high Atlantis Ini Tanount . There should be also million ready made tents with good madras 5 e /day.    Exhibition of finnish sauna  industry 5 e / hour. Clean composting EKO toilets 20 cent/visit. Trip  of  69  days from alfa Atlantis Agadir to omega land of FINN, kaavi keuruu  needs such camp  davids for million in 69  places.

All  them shall earn several  milliard euros every year--if we DO THIS

 We can save big suffering if stop stupid quarreling, who is first,  because  Jesus says how first  ones will be last ones. Unianova of christians and muslimanes 

 islamilaisten kristittyjen  liitto IKL

invite people from all world  to meetings where we try to make each others LAUGH. Listen the best blues jazz country rock and roll  from 50 states of America. Quality film from Russia Poland Finland Maroc Italy ..in  large screen outside in dark  evening of sahara.  Sub tropical sunny Agadir is more safe as any town in Europa.  Strong police santarm and ordinary citizens in Maroc  prevent terrorism effectively and  our King wants  10  million visitors per year. ( we work to  his majestet  king of Maroc in role of advertising office and  media  sociodrama planners )  Ready capacity ( mostly empty luxus hotels ) they have a lot  on beach of 1200  km from Agadir to west Sahara capitol Dakhla. Both cities have good habour and airport.

Art academia Agadir A 3 is also good architect / advertising office and  we  we serve good clients , who want make only honest  bisnes
 We  have also political targets, and  we support Putin Trump and King of Maroc. This is invitation  to those 3 kings and to all people in Europa, USA and Russia, who want  peace, real democratia and wellbeing . We should  open the folk parlament of renewed European union (FEU) in Agadir and other 68  willages nearby kings road  7777  km long, where travellers have evening  party , saunas and tents. Same prices, Motorcycle turist couple  pay 10 euros sleep  690 e , bensin 410 e 7777 km -1100 e 550 e per nose is not bad price from 2 month kings trip.  Well planned interesting programs by this route to inside europa , back side willages , most  beautiful  and peacefull places where not  many turists has been. You  not need  any  maps,  no  satellites , all cross roads are marked with  yellow arrow  and letter K. -it  means kings road

we must  get  law and order to Poland

usan ja puolan   kansallisten etujen vuoksi syntyivät  isis  ja  uusnatsit  kun  kuolemaan tuomittu Saddam hirtettiin joulukuun 30. päivänä vuonna 2006. (EPA / AOP)

 Kuolemaan tuomittu Saddam hirtettiin joulukuun 30. päivänä vuonna 2006.Isis was born when usa and poland went to hang leader of IRAQ and very good man colonel Gaddafi. IF  i  have got correct information, leaders of islamic  freedom fighters and german new natzies are  ready recommend their supporters   to finish  blind  mass  killing of  innocent  people ..concentrating  to new method SELECTIVE KILLING  , to clean away    only  real  busters , such as polish jehowa witnesses, finnish social system SS ladies ,  and members of finnish lawyers association  info@valvontalautakunta.fi, savolaiset  maaseutufasistit  kirjaamo@kaavi.fi  ,vksv@oikeus.fi,helsinki.ko@oikeus.fi,keski-suomi.ko@oikeus.fi etc. We  not yet know if  they accept our plan--to ask opinion from 3 places--who  must be killed ---1) islamic crime court of Agadir 2) President Trump  3) President Putin  . In such way we could make  german super markets  more safe ,  lead anger of ´´terroristas´´ ( shiva brothers ) in  correct ways --to clean away all shit ...like Donald Tusk has promised to do in Poland ..but  forgot all..sent us FB message FUCK ISLAM when i asked what for poland start  illegal wars and break houses  of foreigners in Miedzylesie ?

Maanantai 13.2.2017 klo 16.45 (päivitetty klo 17.11)

This picture and text is lent from finnish ILTASANOMAT jonka  mukaan Irakin  terroristijohtaja havaittiin matkustamassa Syyriasta Irakiin, kertoo Reuters.

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi Isisin julkaisemalla videolla. Arkistokuva.
Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi Isisin julkaisemalla videolla. Arkistokuva. (EPA / AOP)

To consulates of Finland in Rabat, Warsawa and in Lissabon Sanomat.var@formin.fi, jari.vilen@formin.fi   Sanomat.lis@formin.fi, Leami Holm and tuula.cowen@formin.fi ,  To avoid situation that I must accept offers of help from german is is gruppen to solve the problem of sudetian finns, I hope that we can do this without them

 According law of Finland state must pay all costs of lawyers, without looking at the incomes, if  the crime is connected sexual violence. This has happened, we have evidences in raports of hospital T12 at epshp.fi , lawyer  jari.kattelus at ruokola.com visited that place

From jehova witnes family Illnicki, who started against me crime court of 3,5 years, and who was terrorizing our life 10 years, I demand from  jehowa witnesses new york brooklyn  to myself 200 000 euros, to  my wife violetta 200 000 euros  to our son 200 000 euros ,  plus  costs of lawyers . Owning of  8 hectar land and all  buildings  to association Keltaiset ry.

Those illnickies are not polish people, after world war II Stalin was giving german houses to best killers from Kazakstan . They got work to help communistic police of Miedzylesie to spy polish farmers, what they talk,what they eat..When Poland joined EU, such old power constuctions still exist in small mountain willages as Gniewoszow-Seitendorf. All willage must still be afraid of terror of Illnickies. This said to my taperecorder Piotr Piaskus, Jidek Zamosz, doctor Lange and Mietek Steinzek. Those men must be ready to say this also to the prokurator, if not, they can get serious problems

Family illnicki has pushed away from that willage ALL new people. They were shouting too many times in front of our house, go to Finland, we kill you and burn your house. Now they can hear this same themselves very soon from german new natzies if I must accept their offer of help . Its not illegal in Poland,says police of Miedzylesie and consul of Finland in Warsawa. Best  to Poland  that willage is to all my son William ( 16 old ), her mother 52 and grandmother Fadma Rakibi 69 old to come back to our home . If its not possible bautzen  dresden sport clubs may cause danger to all houses , cars and people, perhaps  many people in Poland Portugal and Finland shall die soon

 According the existing agreements of marriage and credits, all investing in Poland 1,469  million euro  belongs to me 100 %, and my ex wife is responsible to give the farm  to me at least 31.1.2017. But because they have destroyed the quaranty of the credits, I demand  ALLIANZ wroclaw , state of poland and roman catholic church repair  it to top condition. All stolen  must be returned, and i give owning  of all to  our common son william 96 %  ly, 4 % to culture association keltaiset ry ( new owner of farm  ilnicki )They can go to Finland social office riitta.vanhanen@keuruu.fi,  as my  wife and child had to go --when ilnickies and other jehowas wanted kill  us. Miedzylesie gminna administration  Soltys adam  prokop  came order to his  brother Romek, to burn  our house

             HelsinkiACS@state.gov, CONSULATE OF USA IN HELL SINKI , please spread  this  invitation to american artists and to  Mr Trump  to  join  this kings road . Its meaning is  to re unite  separated europa. Actually  they NEVER  have been  united, always  continuous  wars ..Sometimes small  pauses as last 70 years  before usa and poland did not listen united nations, went to  change  legal  governments  in  iraq ukraine syria libya.


this  next finnish text and photo  is  lent  from 
Mr Trump want do whats necessary, finish europan union and choose new one from  healthy parts. ALL finnish REAL MEN in FB  say, its very good. Trump is  man of GOD there will be new union, more healthy and fresh. Leaded by digital direct democratia ( power to  the people ) 
Donald Trump povasi jopa koko EU:n kaatumista.

Donald Trump povasi  koko EU:n kaatumista. (EPA/AOP)

photo and finnish text lended from PETE ANIKARI & REETTA PAUNONEN
we wish to get answers  and advices from  Mr Trump Putin and other people   to twitter . If  you want join  us, 

follow voice of Africa and India, finnish shamans

State and EU is we, and power belongs to people. In such situation when  leaders  of Union are pushing us to destruction, economical catastroph and  nuclear war, we must trust to GOD and  mr TRUMP  who  helps us to take leadership to own hands. Most important is to start russian glastnost and jewish  jadoa, open the  curtains of lies and start  talko true, as Mr Trump do. USA and Poland  did not respect orders of united nations, when they started this dangerous war.  Germany swore 1945 how  they should never any more send armed groups outside their borders,  but  they forgot this . Madam Merkel self caused  catastroph to her country . She must send NOTICIFATION  NOOTTI to state of Poland , demand them  to repair this old german house in Seitendorf Mittelwald sudetian bergen. It was also victim of this al qaida war


Near this house  in Klodzko walley , owned by 16 years old son  and his  polich mother FB viola sarnowiak ,   is place enough for million people. Good acustica. In front of this house we want  build a stage  from  beton and nature stones. Large loudspeakers and technical staff inside to those 4 buildings.

we need  money to do it, madam Merkel. If you and Deutsche bank give it to association  die Gelben rf  keltaiset  ry, we make to this old german house centre of german culture . Technical innovations to make that stage in front of this house VERY interesting . Best possible loudspeakers for million  people in Klodzko walley.  3 days festivals in different times to friends of Brahms Beethoven  , or american jazz blues rockenroll, russian and irish folk  music etc

Because they  not  have anymore so  good artists, we  show there also the best parts of history of music culture in Germany  Russia Finland  Poland USA  using cd originals and the  PRETENDERS . Willage commission of Gniewoszow new soltys william.sarnowiak@gmail.com  and  Julia.Kwietniewska@gmail.com  want  find volyntary actors and actrisses who not  must be able to play or sing, but have sense of sweng and dramatica. They shall  offer VISUAL SHOW  with no electricity in  microphones and  instruments. This show we shall sell to tv companies in all world

 The  pretenders should  have  similar outlook as  VAN  Morrison , ETTA JAMES , Johnny lee Hooker, Beatles, Charles mingus, Alex Harvey, Joan Baez, Sarah Waughan , Steve Windwood, Jim Morrison, Kentucky head hunters,  CREAM, Ten years after , Kauko kayhko, Rolling stones, Woody Guthrie , King Crimson, Gratefull death , Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash , Emmelou Harris, Bob Dylan, M.A. Numminen, John mayal , WHO, KINKS, Santana, Janis Joplin, Black Croves, Lionel Hampton, Taneli Makela , Billie Holiday, CAMEL , Louis Armstrong , Glen Miller, Nancy Sinatra YES Allman Brothers etc. We pay honestly to holders of copyrights and sell a lot their original cd .

This was our  plan in summer 2016  to Donald J Trump, to bring kingdom  of heaven to Portugal Poland Finland Donald Trump povasi jopa koko EU:n kaatumista.and West Sahara--and to make America great without weapons    By talking only true and showing in  Europa good parts of  american culture , bringing finally  missing  law and order to Poland USA  Finland Portugal. If we not can make this true,  we wonder what for  not ?  Mr Trump  has big power in Poland , and he could start  this with 2 minutes telephone  discussion to president of Poland . Invite to Gniewoszow Dlugopole walley  million motorcycle scooter and horse traveller annually  every summer 1.6.-3.6 and 20.-23.8. Mr Trump  should  invite there  also HIMSELF  , Agneta Merkel, presidents Putin, Kaljuleidi and Niinistö, king of Maroc  1.5.2017  to talk to million

  mainly  we shall  listen  there   the best blues  , jazz , rock and roll,  ethno, country  rasta from Usa , Russia , Poland , England , Finland ... In meantimes we  give microphone to everybody , who is not drunken ..to talk 5 minutes . The others vote with telephones or flaptops how  many  %  is  true,  how many % shit.

Results of votings we spread with tv and internet to all world. We shall use common  lanquage, simply basic english,  but after 3.6. we can continue until  20.8  with national lanquages parlaments of Poland, Sweden , Spain, France, Germany ,USA, Canada, Greece, Irland , Finland, Portugal , Russia  etc. Folk  music festivals from  those  lands ..Central computer of  folk parlament of shall  NOT be situated in unhonest  kurva poland  but to  Finland  kirjaamo@kaavi.fi  , new capitol of European union. Cities  of administration and government of 69 are Terijoki Russia , Bauzen Germany  , Agadir es Salam and Portimao  Portugal.  All power shall  be given to Jesus Christ who not like power and gives it to people immediately

 1. I agree this matter 100 %
2. I agree this matter 80 %                                                   
3. I agree this matter 60 %                                              
4. I agree this matter 50 %                                       
5. I agree this matter 40 %                                
6. I agree this matter 20 %                         
7. I do not agree this matter at all         


Klodzko  walley  exists in  middle  of Europa, 150 km  to east from Praha. Train to Lichkow, Miedzylesie ( Mittelwald ) , to station Domaszkow .  From Wroclaw train to Miedzylesie, station Domaszkow.  We need lot of voluntairs  to help soltys Adam Prokop in Gniewoszow.  Tickets to this 3 days festival will  be 20 euros.  ready made nice tent and good madras, willage commissions of Gniewoszow Domaszkow Dlugopole grn prepare before 1.6 2017  and   hire such to you with 5 euros  per day. Take with you own sleeping backs . reservations , busra.biblia@gmail.com 

RULES:  All violence forbidden. Rubbishing surrounding is  forbidden,  mandate is 50 euros .  Rubbish  police,  local children under 15 years has a right to get it to themselves, and if someone not want pay, those children can paint you blue with spray . Chemical narcotics. vodka  and cocaine forbidden. Light wine and bier available, fresh clean maroccian cannabis from  local police 50 euros/10 gram.
If you  cant use 2 months to this,  you can travel with kavalkade  5  km  or 200  km to  next  festival and  feel  the  atmosphere when all  Europa and America are on  the  common  road to peace and well being. To  open  folk  parlament of  European Union in Poland .  Annually  every summer 1.6.-3.6 and 20.-23.8  
Gibraltar Algeciras and Tarifa  
At 9.00  oclock  start teams of racebicycles, Poland yellow, USA black, Russia indigo blue. Finland grey. Germany karmin red. Spain sienna brown, Portugal middle green,  Marocco dark green. Sweden middle blue, Britannia middle red. Irland orange. France  pink . White Russia white etc
7.5.2017 from port of Tarifa 20 km to Algeciras Parque del Saladillo -carretera a Cadiz -Avda Gesto pr la PAZ - 50  states of america  should  show  5-7.5.2017 the best sides of american culture , example this  one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DFZxBvUMlG0
 Square of Paco de LUCIA,  near  port , buss and trainstation of Algeciras - Start of bicycles in morning 7.5.2017 at 9´00 oclock to direction Avda Agustin Balsamo -Avda Aqua Marina- using small local roads to Gaucin --- motorcycles and veteran cars start  one hour later and take from Avda Aqua Marina direction autovia A 7 Malaga- Gaucin  Ronda, Alcodonales, Coripe
Arahal Start  8.5
 Carmona, Brenes, Villaverde del Río, Las Pajanosas, El Castillo de las Guardas, Higuera de la Sierra, Aracena, Galaroza,Cortegana  -commonstart 9.5 
Aroche , Rosal de la Frontera...These cities and willages  arrange every year many  kind of festivals  with  money of european union, but if we keep  them  according common synchronized  time tables,  traveller can see and feel all europa singing and celebrating. When all willages  make  advertising to USA and all  Europa , very big  road festival starts for sure . Lot of good work places appear to Spain and Portugal. Europa union should support  this
  In Spain  they  have own strong rich culture and spanish willages should show what it is. In Portugal they have adopted   most stupid parts of commercial american rubbish  and their tv /radio production makes all  idiots.  Thats why  50 states of America should  concentrate to show in Portugal  what is  valuable in America. Portugal is also most puor  land in Europa, they  need  lot of good workplaces 
   villa verde Ficalho Portugal , 96  wooden loghouses with charming interiors  from Kentucky. mur 3 mtr high around 27,6 hectar. First floor beton / stone, art nouveau jugend 1906. 7 rooms for travellers 20 e /day makes good incomes  to landowner and to company who invest these samples. Wooden loghouses upstairs with individual interiors
After 15 km  exhibition  of  best  parts of culture and 96 houses  from Colorado, near    Villa Nova de Sao Bento
 If your willage cant employ big artists , make amplifier 100 000 watt, large loudspeakers made from beton, frontpanel massive wood. To be able to show the best parts of american and british culture , willage commissions must find volyntary actors and actrisses who not  must be able to play or sing, but  have sense on sweng and  similar outlook as  famous artists Janis Joplin, canned heat , van Morrison, Rory Gallanger etc..  We pay honestly to holders of copyrights and sell a lot their original cd .

 After 3 days of jazz blues rock and roll from America and UK , we use these same arenas  and hotel capacity  to purposes of roman catholic church , protestants , jehova witnesses , mormones , orthodixes , muslimans , to friends of classical music etc. We  can  make  large  money with  this road ..

 96 houses with 7 douplerooms can offer 672 rooms inside closed castle of 27,6 hectares and we can keep there marvellous festivales. Outside of the castle big campings for tents and homewagons. In these new houses nearby the KINGS ROAD  we can also start  folk  parlament of renewed european union. Rights of voting shall get people who can proove  that  they are able to read simply questions and think with own head. People who  can  not  travel to Poland, can  take part to folk  parlament of renewed european  union  in  their own willages and cities nearby this  new festival route.
 We shall  use it annually every year
 1. I agree this matter 100 %
2. I agree this matter 80 %                                                   
3. I agree this matter 60 %                                              
4. I agree this matter 50 %                                       
5. I agree this matter 40 %                                
6. I agree this matter 20 %                         
7. I do not agree this matter at all         
  start 10.5. Mina de Sao Domingos  IDAHO– 
Sao Joao dos Caldeireios  ARIZONA–
 Almodovar  GEORGIA–
send from there such kind of men to defend national benefits of america in europa and to frighten conservative dry women in Portugal
start 11.5. Ameixial  NEVADA-

reetta.paunonen@iltalehti.fi  This dry woman Tytti Tuppurainen says how Trump  makes problems and real answer is her social democratia.Sosiaalidemokratia on vastaus aikamme haasteisiin. But we all know that her ideologia has destroyed Finland and Sweden both, Germany has inside war, because of such women. They are more dangerous as Trump Putin and KIM together. All world see how this system goes to fire of nuclear war and eko catastroph but such women keep 95 % power in Finland Estonia Portugal Poland, and not want anything to change. Most of men are under power of such satans , if they  not want loose their home, children and get  banished to Sahara( as did to me riitta.vanhanen@keuruu.fi ,teija.hollo@tetuko.fi and marja-leena.kari@keuruu.fi )
ALTE  MINNESOTA–96 houses,
  best of them also to Poland Miedzylesie Gniewoszow  and to  27,6  hectar  in Finland 50  ha of  www.keuruunekokyla.fi

Sao Bartolomeu de Messines / 27,6 hectar castle of WISCONSIN–
Tytti Tuppurainen.
Tytti Tuppurainen.picture lended from  iltalehti. sävy sävyyn  kuikelo on vaarallinen  akka, minua pelottaa tuollaiset. That woman is afraid of Trump but Im  afraid of her
In  last summer Mr Trump wrote us 38  mails to Portugal silves camping paradiso. Many people saw them and said , we like Trump. He want big change finally, at  last  moment . One of them  was owner of paradiso , older religious  lady , who  before was in canada 30 years. People who not want change, not loose their power, they are very afraid and talk about mental  illnes of Trump . When he try to save this world from womens madnes and too big power . We made in summer 2016 to Mr Trump  69  skeches of world peace and government of 144 000 , partly  lended material from you tube . Me and my wife belong to finnish indian maroccian polish portugalian jewish culture  association Les Jaunes Los Amarillos ( shortly L.A. and  we try with  methodes of  new adventure  turist bisnes , art  jazz blues rock and roll , mass media and  cinema ----to make true this next you tube video  in keuruunekokylä Finland and in  this walley sudetian  polish mountains, perhaps also Yläsavo Kaavi. First in mediareality, soon  later in real reality when millions of people start belive to common  illusion, and to them happen , what they have been believing


 To the court of Haag for war criminals

to court of Strasbourg

To consulat of Poland in Marocco


 Im citizen of Finland, born from jewish mother. I was married with polish architect Violetta Sarnowiak 18 years and we have common son William K. Sarnowiak

We lived in Poland 10 years and I visited international al qaida police in Poland Wroclaw Podwala street  in may 2009. I had small recorder in my pocket . Next day  advocates Jaroslaw Krotlinski  and Marek Rudnicki wanted that I give them this sd card .

It came out how airplane of polish president in Smolensk was dropped  by electronic weapons of al  qaida . They did it as a protest because Poland and usa started this big war without respecting orders of united nations. But  that  police said how it didnt go to media, because they wanted get reason to blame about such RUSSIANS

The crime was same as Hitler did and al qaida police in Wroclaw said to my recorder how WE KNOW THIS   ! Unfortunately its true and we have now big problem, he said, and I can swear this in court with fingers on the Bible,  -  if lawyers  Rudnicki  and Krtotlinski  not want find that SD. In that case they must pay me 100 000 e

 But they not want give me possibility to  talk in any court, not in any media. In last years in Poland are  rising to power very dark fascistic forces of roman catholic church and they like to help usa to start war against Russia and Ukraine, real motive is Caucasus oil recourches , like Hitler had  before.  IAN GOLDIN , previous vice manager of the world bank has said how usa is loosing its economical and miltar power and they try to make situation better  in all  possible ways .  Nobody gives up the power without fight and its easy to use   such  polish  people  and fascists of ukraina  to their dirty purposes . Poland  has national complex about days of Hitler when germans were beating down them too easily. They want be now powerful  natzies and go to kill  islamic people because roman catholic priests teach how they all  belong to fire of hell

 To  be  able to hide their fascistic criminal meanings , polish PEACE party  are screaming how Russians were killing polish president , but its propaganda and polish paranoija .  As finnish man I know Russians and I can assure that they  surely have not so big  reason to hate polish people. But  al qaida and german  new natzies have.

 After they got freedom to travel  1990 all world had seen how polish people are most dirty and unhonest  porks  what has been seen . Russians are like angels comparing to those polski-kurvas. I lived there 10 years and many young people told me how difficult it is to be HONEST in Poland. German new natzies not like Poland  at all .

 Finnish people 95 %  ly  agree with german natzies in this matter . Polish people self say how in Poland all is shit, only PISS is not shit even in Poland, they say. But its not true, there are lot of ciwilized intelligentsia,  but constructions of power are from communistic period, totally corrupted. The real shit in Poland is conservative roman catholic church and bitter old women who keep on dictator of MENTAL PROLETARIA in every family in Poland.

 This big shit  Donald Tusk promised to clean away from Poland , but  he wasn’t able to fulfill his promise to polish people. Now he is president of European council and he could do it. But he cant because he would risk his OWN high carier and large incomes. That’s why german sport clubs are ready to kill  him and all people in sanomat.ene@formin.fi  in Strasbourg. As well ladies in international crime court of HAAG who  not want open case against war criminals usa and Poland

 And when I write such, you must understand that  threatening with killing has been 15 years legal  against  me , my family and agroturist clients as swedishsteel@gmx.de .  It was originally question about manusscriptura of fictive screenplay , ordered to produce by procurator Beata Jelinska 2008  but when  procurator Jelinska and police Polanski banished me to Sahara and my  cinema plans went to hands of maroccian al qaida and german is is  gruppen .  Kiukkuiset fantasiat  olivat tarkoitetut eraanlaiseksi itse terapiaksi , mutta   alkoivat elaa omaa elamaansa

  I know many  of them after travelling everywhere with my desert endure bmw  paris dakar. Lot of german outlaws are hiding in sunny  peacefull south Maroc  and plan is is operations in all world

 . Their meaning is to take world power from usa to berlin with help of Islamic people 1,6 milliard , finnish IKL and French Le PEN. This is not any cinema fantasia, its real reality , Dr Neves.

 I got also possibility to give them my own suggestions to this new deal. 

 Because Germany and Finland had to give lot of land after starting illegal wars,  this must now Poland do . When usa and Poland started change governments in Iraq Syria Libya, this was causing lot of problems and death,   40 000  exilers to cold dark Finland, to  Sweden Norway Denmark Belgium NL  France  Germany   more as million.


twitter ´´Birds of Maroc´´ are motorcycleteam, students of visual arts, filosofia, woodworks,cinema, jazz  blues rock and roll in Art academia of Agadir A3. We are at same time concrete but spiritually in level birds.

 Feet on ground but head in coulds. And we study how to get  chinese konfutse, finnish  kylä  and tao impivaara totally 100 % RA RE united.

 In India they call this yoga,in Japan zen/satori, in Maroc islam, in Vatican, religio/re-ligere ra or metamorfosa, in  finnish, kotiintulon tapernaakkeli ,itsensä voittaminen ja  löytäminen,Christus in nobis, unohdettu  muinaisjumala ITTE, aton, atman  iishvara IISKA , juutalaisten Jahve Jehowa

we want start such academia also in Poland Gniewoszow

to this house of 16  old  william.sarnowiak@gmail.com and his mother polish architect Violetta Sarnowiak


This area was belonging before to Germany, very  long time ago to finn Ugrian nations after they were wandering from India to Europa.

 in Poland  it has been 15 years totally  legal to go to south to people, GO TO  FINLAND, WE KILL  YOU AND BURN YOUR HOUSE AND CAR . In coran and bible is equal law, this what is legal to do to one of these smallest Hietikko and my small family,  my small turist bisnes , its possible legally to do to the biggest Donald Tusk  or against ALL turist bisnes  in Algarve or in Klodzko walley .  IF  gminna  miedzylesie has something against our better  plans

These all houses in  koldzko walley  originally  belonged to germans, but they had to go away. They got 2 hours to pack 20 kg and march to railway station. To me this happened  in middle of European union. Police Adam Polanski and prokurator Beata Jelinska were ruling me away from Poland and they made it concrete with hard police violence 2012, breaking my house to small  pieces. It was beautifully  remonted by my architect wife , culture historically valuable object , house of german family Gebhardts  in Seitendorf Mittelwald. And when such is legal in EU Poland , it means that we are living in illegal anarchia.


We must finish /finlandiziert  them both

and start new international court in AGADIR  and middle of Europa ,-  Bayern , AUGSBURG

 29.4.2016  consulat of Finland in Lissabon  sanomat.lis@formin.fi  got the message in  telephone, danger  of war in Poland

 Lawyers   Ari Kuukka  in Keuruu Finland  , Jaroslaw Krotlinski in Wroclaw  kancelaria@plusnet.pl   and Marek Rudnicki  have important sd cards  and they  must give copy to police and to public media.

 Those lawyers  and GLOWNO police podwala street  has also heard c cassette  of ADAM  ZABA  2008  where he tells  names of most important gangster bosses in Miedzylesie . MR BORISKO  give money to police and they never investigate his crimes  , said Adam Zaba. That’s why  these  lawyers and corrupted GLOWNO police podwala street    not want  act, only rob my last money and put victim of crimes   to crime court as accused .  I can t go back to my home and some other people break it .

 That’s why  also other houses in Miedzylesie and Algarve.suomi@sapo.pt   in Portimao   shall be soon be  in  danger , if  honour consul  of Finland in Portugal  giselia.m.farias@gmail.com  cant find any  lawyer  to do what Donald TUSK in  his letter 1.12.2015 ask to do.

 Put these cases to courts of Poland Torremolinos Faro and Helsinki  highest 2015 /399  to court of Strasbourg immediately . In other case mr Tusk is in danger to become killed, and he knows this. Also people in Keuruu city house and info@valvontalautakunta.fi   , in Poland Klodzko  ul Jan pawla II and in ul Dabrowki 8  know that  their houses are in danger to blow up.  Ul Slonza 1 Dlugopole zrj  abau@onet.eu, house of Pawel Boycoff . In Lodz lanquage school perfekt okei.  It means all  who are involved to this crime but   wish of me and my wife  is to get rapidly legal solution.

 We  need also lawyer in Agadir because Melikas uncle  professor of Islamic theologia AHMED  RAKIBI  has asked santarm to arrest her , and because of violence in taxi 2 moths ago.  Preventing our marriage 7 years has happened  in Agadir mingr@menara.ma and  in finnish consulat in rabat.

 Its also a crime of state of Finland  to  pay 500 million euros from finnish taxpayers to administration of maroc , to CHANGE LAWS of taxfreedom of finnish  pensionists in Maroc. It was uckly international crime and  court of Agadir heard about it 31.1.2017 . State of Finland  must give me lawyer because Ahmed el Faquir started be afraid .

Consul of Finland in Maroc Rabat

1.5.2016  -

 You wanted  know plan of journey to Finland from my maroccian wife Sofia Hietikko, previous name Melika –Sofia Ramouz .

 Meaning of this journey to Finland is to be  my authorized represantive in court of Jyvaskyla. Power of attorney is written in English and apostilled by government of Portugal , Evora. Because to this crime is connected 2 illegal arresting in Finland and sexual violence, all costs of lawyer must come from state of Finland   

 Because I  have not got any truthfull answer if general doctor Tuomo reina in Keuruu still  write how Hietikko  is  mentally  ill  and if police still try arrest me, im not coming to Finland at all before these matters are processed in the court . We  need to know what days Melika should be in Jyvaskyla, she will not wait there 3 months in expensive hotel.

 My polish ex wife did not invite us to www.keuruunekokyla.fi , she not  want allow any connection between father and son during last 9 years  and  my boy  was manipulated with so terrible  lies that he not want see such father at all . You  have loosed your son Hietikko, said tampere social system SS  lady  teija.hollo@tetuko.fi   in august 2012 . She will  loose her head when german is is sturm gruppen come to tampere, so it was written in  my fictive horror comedia exodus today. But german criminals in south morocco took  my  plans very seriously.

 Only  way to cancel  such terrible scenario is to investigate this matter rapidly but deeply.

This is the POINT

 What for my polish ex wife Violetta Sarnowiak not want give to our common son owning of the farm 34,5 hectar in sudetian mountains Poland Miedzylesie, when this properity was 100% ly bought with money of  finnish Hannu Hietikko and all legal documents show this

What for she  block  melikas email   and  not answer  even  to consul Vahakuopus ?

Mistahan johtuu  ettei  Suomessa  asuva  puolalainen ex vaimoni  Violetta Sarnowiak halua antaa yhteiselle  pojallemme  omistusta 34,5  hehtaarin maatilaan lounais Puolassa, vaikka se on ostettu Williamin suomalaisen isan rahoin 100% sti. Ja miksei kukaan asianajaja uskalla auttaa nain luonnollisessa asiassa? Molemmat  vanhemmat ovat iakkaita, vain  yksi lapsi joka on  yhteinen . Miksei han voi saada isansa omaisuutta vaan pitaa elaa yksinhuoltaja aidin niukoilla tuloilla  kalliissa Suomessa  ?  Pelkka eu vuoristotuki siita olisi yli 20 000 e vuodessa, marokkolaisen uuden vaimoni perhe ovat maanviljelijoita, haluaisivat pitaa lehmia, tehda polttopuubisnesta siivoamalla Williamin  metsat .  Myoskin Puolan LAKI  panee  tahan maanomistaja Sarnowiakille  velvoitteen, mutta  mita  tehda kun  se maa  on  lapeensa rikollinen . Se ei ole meidan syymme, vaan Puolan roistovaltion syy

  Saksalaisten camping autojen paikoista saa 30 e vrk  ja niita voisi sinne ottaa monta sataa.  40 %  nettotuotosta Williamille  ja hanen aidilleen Keuruulle. Mutta  miksi  pocztavioli77@gmail.com ei tahan suostu ? Pelkaa  omaa  aitiaan  ja Lodzin mafiaa  ,  uskoo  kuten muutkin puolalaiset, etta parempi elama siina maassa on  mahdollista vasta kun  90 % vaestosta on ensin  tapettu. Eika ex vaimoni sellaiseen paikkaan poikaansa halua vieda edes kaymaan.

Minut rakkaan miehensakkin  pyysi hienovaraisesti toimittamaan ulkomaille turvaan, varmuuden vuoksi karkottamaan myos Keuruulta ja Torremolinoksesta Minna Tyvion ja Tero Artimon  avulla. Torremolinos.udev1@policia.es kehoitti pysymaan  poissa Espanjasta ennenko  tama  asia on ratkaistu. Nyt se olisi ratkaistava. Miksi ex vaimoni , jonka autoin uuteen talooni Porvooseen kommunistisesta Puolasta , kayttaytyy tuolla tapaa ?

 Suomen valtio kieltaytyi antamasta hanelle asiallista psykoterapiaa  vaikean isavammansa voittamiseksi. Siksi han kuvittelee etta Hannu tappaisi oman poikansa vaikka me olimme parhaat kaverit toisillemme 6 vuotta ennen Keuruulle piilottamistaan . Mutta  miksi moinen vainoharha menee lapi Suomen poliisi ja oikeusviranomaisten  poydilla, se osoittaa Suomen  hallinnon ja  oikeuslaitoksen  taydellisen konkurssitilan. Seka sen  miten suomalaiset valtarouvat vihaavat keski-ikaisia miehia eivatka halua myontaa minunlaisilleni  minkaanlaisia ihmisoikeuksia. Ei edes oikeutta avioliiton solmimiseen

 Marokkoon  emme voi jaada , Melikan vaikutusvaltainen eno , islamilaisen teologian professori Ahmed rakibi yrittaa saada Marokon santarmin  pidattamaan vaimoni  enka  halua elaa ilman hanta . Kun  maijakatila@netcabo.pt  Portugalin  kunniakonsulaatista uhkaa pidattamisella Portugalissa, eika sinne anneta viisumia vaimolleni, Suomen  reissun  jalkeen  meidan on  parasta  menna  Israeliin. Sielta 3 kuukaudeksi  Iraniin ..Kasmiriin  Srinagarin  laaksoon  jossa olin aiemmin  pitkaan . Jos poikani joskus aikuistuttuaan haluaa isansa loytaa, sieltapain on syyta etsia…Moottoripyorani   , kaksion , asuntovaunun  ja palan maata jatin hanelle Agadiriin  

 Niin  etta sellainen  on  matkasuunnitelma, rakastettava  konsuli Vahakuopus

 WE are victims  of polish  mafia and if police of Finland and Poland not want help,  help comes from  german  maroccian   sport  clubs , sturm gruppen  is is kissit  kaikkialla  achtung !

 What for not any lawyer can not help in so natural matter ? Both parents are old and have only one child , common. We didn’t have credits to anybody, what for my boy cant get my name and properity ?

 The reason is the same , what  my  boy cant see his father and what for  police Adam Polanski  and procurator Beata  Jelinska ordered that Hietikko must go away from Poland . When I tried to come back 2012 , to get a lawyer , they used hard police violence.  Fysioterapia Algarve in portimao tried to repair the wound , but this treatment was not enough. Some serious problems started 28.4.2016 in Maroc chechaouen . My wife  called to polish consulat in rabat . Discussion was recordered and melika shall bring all  in pen drive to consulat of Finland. There  are pictures videos and discussions with consulates, police and criminals in Portugal. This material not belong to private pensionist, consulat must give it to police and court of Faro Strasbourg Jyvaskyla. They must tell what day, what time  they want hear my maroccian wife. She knows a lot about these matters, because we have been travelling with endure 7 years in Islamic north Africa. But we have no  plans to kill or explose anybody,  only in level of culture we want clean away  this demon named GENERAL  WORLD LIE made by American jewish media , yleinen maailmanvalhe made in usa

 Sen  epajumalan  arvostelemisen  takia  jenkkipaskojen  alusmaissa Suomessa poliisi pidattaa useita kertoja  ja Puo Puolassa   poliisi Adam Polanski  ja syyttaja   Beata  Jelinska maarasivat 2008  etta  laillinen eu kansalainen Hannu Hietikko ei saa olla talossaan eika koko Puolassa. Ja kun yritin tulla takaisin  asianajajan saadakseni, he kayttivat brutaalia poliisivakivaltaa jota vammaa hoidetaan parhaillaan Marokossa.  Alkoi muodostua paan sisaisia verenpurkautumia  ja tulla huimauskohtauksia.  Melika voi esittaa tasta konsulaatissa kaydessaan laakaritodistukset . Pitkaan  jatkunut stressi ja kiduttaminen yhtyneena  fyysiseen vammaan  paassa  saavat aikaan nyt yllattavia reaktioita. Voi  olla etta laululintu Hietikko  vaikenee eika  mene israeliin . haudataan Saharan hiekkaanMutta syy  tahan  kaikkeen on selvitettava  ja pantava puolan ja suomen  valtiot korvaamaan rikoksensa

 The reason is the same , what for police of Finland arrested me 2 times without any legal reason and what for   marriage with my  maroccian home keeper was prevented 7 years ? What for state of Finland did not want give her turist wizum to be witness in court of JyvaSKYLA  2010 ?

 Syy  on sama kuin se miksi puolalainen ex vaimoni  on  useita  kertoja pyytanyt  Suomen poliisin  minut pidattaa jos yritan tulla tapaamaan Keuruun ekokylaan kidnapattua poikaani . Ja  miksi Suomen  konsulaatti Rabatissa on estanyt 7 vuoden ajan avioliittoani  marokkolaisen kodinhoitajani  kanssa. Kieltanyt antamasta   edes turistiviisumeita  etta  minut ja tilanteen tarkkaan tietava nainen olisi voinut tulla  todistajaksi Jyvaskylan karajaoikeuteen 2010 . Ehkapa te NYT  paastatte  hanet tulemaan  ja varaatte hotellin Jyvaskylasta valtion  laskuun . Se olisi vahinta  mita voitte  nyt tehda...

.Minut 40 vuotta tuntenut  poikani kummitati hantilajalonen@gmail.com oli siella jyvaskylan  karajaoikeudessa , muttei  hanelta kysytty mitaan muuta kuin  mita  mielta han on Hietikon poliittisista mielipiteista ? HELENA sanoi etta niihin Hannulla on luovan taiteilijan vapaus. Karajien jalkeen han ilmaisi kantansa Hietikosta sanoen etta olisipas mukavaa jos voisimme viela vanhoilla paivilla menna naimisiin. Vastasin siihen etta joo,  mennaan vaan, mutta miten me saadaan sinun  miehesi Juha Jalonen tahan suostumaan. Annettaisko me sille Melika vaihdossa ? Han on 25 vuotta nuorempi, valirahaa pitais saara .

...Kun  Suomen  kunniakonsulaatin sihteeri maijakatila@netcabo.pt  ja puolalaiset  , rehellisyydestaan kuuluisat naiset  vaittavat  minua  valehtelijaksi   , ja RUI NEVES  ihan mielisairaaksi , on syyta muistaa etta Helsingissa 2007 rikoskomisario tuomo.lotta@poliisi.fi seka helsingin yliopiston dosentti petri Luoma  kehoittivat  painamaan naista kauheista mielipiteista kirjan  ja etta Palestiinan armeijan kapteeni  on vaittanyt ettei kukaan toinen  ihminen maailmassa ole puhunut niin  paljon  totta kuin Hietikko. Ossi.viljakainen@gmail.com sanoi  kysyneensa Suomen kuuluisimmalta selvannakijalta Vaasasta , kuka on tama Hannu Hietikko ? Vastaus oli  ollut etta Hietikko  on  koko maailman elossa olevista ihmisista kaikkein  lahimpana Jumalaa. 

 Suomi algarve seuran  rahastonhoitaja Juhani   VANNE sanoi   kiirastorstaina Portimaossa etta  mina  olen Jumalan nakoinen , mutta ei vastannut kysymykseeni  onko  han joskus muka Jumalan nahnyt jumalauta ?hah ...Olen myos intian joogalaakareitten liiton presidentin K.U.Sathyanathin valitsema parkash yoga perinteen jatkaja, valkoisen veljeskunnan adepti . Etta  kannattaisi vahan katsoa keta rupeaa  mielisairaaksi herajaamaan erkki.marttila@oikeus.fi, info@valvontalautakunta.fi  Tasta jutusta olisi paras sopia ilman karajia ja maksaa vaatimani korvaukset minulle  ja pojalleni. Sallia  meidan olla kuukauden kesaloma yhdessa .Se tietysti on turhaa luuloa joten taidan  menna takaisin Jerusalemiin. Unohdin sinne suutariin pieksuni  viime reissulla

 The reason to all  these troubles  come from hard childhood violence against my polish ex wife , at her home, in ages of 0 – 16 . State of Finland refused  to give to my wounded  wife  psychoterapia  , because of rascistic reasons.( witness Aimo Lahdelma from Christian lawyers Helsinki ) That’s  why  she killed our  first son  with  abortion  and we  went to  live in Poland, where border1@wp.pl started psychoterapia. William was born 2001 but mother and sister of my ex wife wanted sell  our lands to german investors. They wanted send my wife and son to live with money of finnish taxpayers and asked corrupted police to spark Hietikko away from Poland. When I went to Finland police every time want arrest me but not say the reason

Poikani  kidnappaamiseen ja esikoiseni abortilla tappamiseen on  yksi ja sama syy  sanoo  ex vaimoni roomalaiskatolinen rippipappi Josef Siemasz ja  psykoterapeutti border1@wp.pl . Lapsuudessaan  pahasti vammautetulle  vaimoparalleni ei Suomessa annettu psykoterapiaa rasistisiin syihin  vedoten. Kun  menimme Puolaan asumaan sita saadaksemme , ex vaimoni raaka  perhe Lodzissa paikallisen mafian, Pyhan Albertin saation  ja lahjotun poliisin  avulla ryosti meidat

 They did not respect marriage agreements , not credit agreement of 870 000 e , they used force of gangster mafia of  Andrei Bogdanowitz  and Holy Albert association  vyroby@gmail.com  .They started strage crime trials against me without telling me anything. Punishing me to prison if I try to come to Poland. I not must come any more to so illegal country but State of Poland must pay back my investing 1,469 euros. As compensation of these terrible crimes to boy  who loosed  his father and childhood  home , owning of that farm must be given 96 %  to my son , 4 % to Keltaiset ry hantilajalonen@gmail.com

 If Violetta Sarnowiak is not ready to this, its showing her connection to polish mafia. And the reason what for it was necessary to take father away from small  boy. To  talk him how his father is  mentally  ill…

 Jos violetta S ei suostu siirtamaan pojalleen ko. Maatilan  omistusta, se osoittaa vaistamatta  hanen suhteensa puolalaiseen mafiaan. Taman asian paljastumista pelaten isa ja poika suhde piti  kokonaan  katkaista  ja  puhua pojalleni  miten isansa on mielisairas . Ja nyt sitten islamilainen totuuskomissio ict  antaa kuolemantuomioita  asiaan sekaantuneille. Ja kun  tahan  perattomaan  herjaamiseen Suomen ja Portugalin valtion edustajat   karajatuomari Marttila  ja RUI NEVES  farossa sekaantuvat  , helvetti tuomio tulee  kollektiivisena  etela Suomelle  ja   lansi Portugalille. Kun myos     3 asianajajaliiton jasenta , Tuomo Reina , Ossi Viljakainen ja heidi.nystrom@elisanet.fi  sekaantuivat tahan  , heidan  on  maksettava  vaatimani korvaukset tai osoitettava Jyvaskylan  rikosoikeudessa perusteet jotka kumoavat  puolan  oikeuspsykiatrisen komitean ja espanjalaisten laakarien kasityksen Hietikon  psyykkisesta terveydentilasta . Kyse ei ole laaketieteesta vaan  politiikasta ja teologiasta


Consulat of Poland  and Finland in Rabat Maroc

 When I sent question  to President of European council Donald Tusk  question what for usa and Poland started this big war , when united nations said no, don’t  do it , mr Tusk  sent me 2 years ago FB  mail, FUCK ISLAM .  When I told this to Islamic freedomfighters in my big network, they gave punishment of death to mr Tusk and all his office. I told this matter to them in registered land post letter , saying how I worry about this and I have been always SUPPORTER of Donald Tusk, I not like if they kill you..He sent letter 1.12.2016 to me to Portugal Faro  asking to put this case immediately to court of Strasbourg. Advocat ivo belchior DIAS in Faro took  1.12.2016 money and power of attorney promising to take care of Strasbourg and court of Faro . But 4 months later maijakatila@netcabo.pt , secretaria of honour consul Finland in Quarteira giselia.m.farias@gmail.com says how Mr Dias is  not going to do anything. She also said how police can arrest me if I come to Portugal. When I wrote at my  home page how Algarve is full of dangerous chemical  narcotics and police accept it  because of turist  bisnes incomes  are so important

 , they refused to give wizum to my legal wife using illegal shabotase ( ambassa of Portugal in Rabat )

 Advocat Jaroslaw Krotlinski  kancelaria@plusnet.pl  from Wroclaw  said 26.4.2016 in telephone  , how he  could be ready to help to solve  the  basic problem , to get the owning of farm 34,5 hectar in Miedzylesie to name of Hannus and Violas common son. He asked me call next day but blocked his telephone. Before Mr Krotlinski had told me how it was biggest mistake in  my  life to invest my  money and home to Poland. He did not want help me also now, because its inpossible. Also other lawyers in Poland Anna Schabikowska , Majiec Abresz and Marek Rudnicki did not have courage to solve this matter where mafia of Miedzylesia and Lodz are involved

 Because of  same  reality , my  polish ex wife  pocztavioli77@gmail .com  in keuruu ekowillage  not can  give this properity to our common son .  Permission from Warsawa court  Jaroslaw Krotlinski got already 2008 but mother of my ex wife and  her younger  daughter Wiesa in  lanquage school  perfekt okei LODZ   want sell our lands to germans and they have already taken money in advance   

 But  because procurator Jelinska and police Polanski  has no rights to banish legal eu citizen away from Poland and socialize my farm , they must pay me 1,469  million  euros and give owning of 32,6 hectar to my son. Because his mother not let him go away from Finland and his farm stand alone  , 1,8 hectar to family of my  new wife. They are farmers who want keep cows and  sheeps , make firewood bisnes,   place  for german camping cars and pay 40 % from  netto profit to my fatherless son in Finland

 What comes to message of president TUSK, fuck islam,  this matter is now very serious danger against ALL Poland if  we  not  handle this matter rapidly  and give everything openly to media.  When polish people 55 % majority were electing JESUS CHRIST as  their president , roman catholic priests had been teaching people how  this new  president   has  promised to put to for ever lasting  fire of Gehenna  all 1,6 milliard muslimanes. Also protestant priests in Finland  Matti Viitanen are  teaching similar fascistic theoria.

I have also studied theologia in university of  Helsinki and later in India kerala cochin and its question about  misunderstanding words of Jesus Christ. But because of such opinions roman catholic priests in Poland Gniewoszow was cruising our home and organ player Adam Zaba broke it to small  peaces. Holy  albert association vyroby@gmail.com stole my books , furnitures , art collections insurance value 599 000 e ..

 After noticing 30.4.2016  that   my  polish ex wife    not want  give   owning of these lands 34,5  ha  to our  common  son  William ,  and how   advocate Jaroslaw Krotlinski  was blockin his telephone, situation started be 1.5.2016 very dangerous

 I  had some e mail  and telephone discussions   to network Les jaunes  die Gelben  and  our demands of land to state of Poland were strongly   growing 1.5.2016  .

Please give  this  letter  to all polish maroccian finnish  swedish  French german and American media.

The council  of  Europa,  court of  Strasbourg. Very serious crimes of human rights in Finland Portugal Marocco and in Poland .I need urgent help from consulates of Finland in Lissabon and in Rabat.

 The highest court of Helsinki dr nr R2015  / 399  Their decision nr 1862   is made 7.10.2015 . In Portugal Faro 1.12.2015 lawyer Ivo Belchior Dias promised to give this case to court of Strasbourg and to the letter confirmed by evora to court of Faro.judicial@tribunais.org.pt 

He got also 1.12.2015  letter sent by Donald TUSK , where he RULE  to put this to court of Strasbourg immediately. He knows about the plans of german maroccian isis gruppen to kill  president Tusk  who was in power when poland and usa started big war without respecting orders of united nations..When i wrote words of critic, i had to go away from  my  home in sudetian  mountains. Workers of  local roman  catholic church Adam Zaba Jacek Kolodzied and holy alberts association vyroby@gmail.com Wroclaw  broke my  home and mountain hostel  to small  pieces. German  is is  men in Marocco offer  help. What i do consul maija-liisa.vahakuopus@formin.fi ? You  carry responsibility with jari.vilen@formin.fi in warsawa

3,5 months later IVO Belchior Dias  has answered to maijakatila@netcabo.pt  how he is not going to help Hietikko. The same said Ahmed el Faqir from Agadir.  Algarve.suomi@sapo.pt wrote how they finish my  membership nr 1001

 To avoid  attact  of german sport  clubs  , courts of FARO jyvaskyla  klodzko strasbourg should  process the crimes. All  necessary documents are in Finland asianajaja.kuukka@kuukka-tiainen.fi , in Poland abresz@poczta.onet.pl 


  Home  and family is basic cell of  society  and  this  what is  legal  to do to one  of  these smallest,  is  legal to do  to the biggest or to anybody. This law is  in 2  holy  books,  the Bible and the Coran.

They both also write,  if  someone  says  to  other  one,  you creisi,  you  mentally   ill,  this  one  who  says , is  pulling  on  him/herself  punishment  of HELL. When there is no medical evidences, this is also a CRIME. 

 In  swedish hell  means HEL-VETE, wholistic  knowing  about  ourselves  and  our  surroundings. This  is  painfull  to  hedonistic people, who  want  know  only  nice matters.  But  the good  and  the  pleasant are  not  the same  in  world  leaded  by  international media  power, mentioned  in  Bible  apocalypta 18. 


Me and my new maroccian  wife have been suggesting to german is is sturm gruppen  also starting of an other new country  . United nations and Sweden  want take west sahara  away  from Maroc who  has invested there nice cities and good infrastuctura.  Maroccian people are very  angry , ready to war ,  but if nobody try push away maroccian  people ,  they  could accept there  200 000  arab talking mamu people from Sweden and half million Palestinians. 

 We  must help Sweden because they take to HELL  SINGBORG  social offices all polish and kazakstanishe people from Klodzko walley mamuland, roman  catholic priests and nuns from  all Poland. They will  get new  warm  home, 2500 e / month pocket money, free doctor dentist services in safe Sweden, skoone ongelmajatelaitos.

 My  jewish grandmother has told how originally  west sahara and south maroc were belonging to jews and berbers,  they were same nation ATLANTIS  but when ice period in europa started melt , jews ran to Egypt and  Palestina , berbers climbed to mountains of  high atlantis. Because jews has stolen Palestina from original owners , we should start in west sahara kingdom of Palestina. Direct democratia and most modern society planned by Swedish specialist. King should be Hassan III, oldest son of respected majestet Muhamed VI.

 The golden coast is  over 1000 km  long and very beautiful . 700 000  new people should be  situated to BAND city , nearby  the ocean. Huge water tubes from high atlantis would make surrounding green , big trees.  Oil  ,  food production  and   new  culture adventure tourism would make PALESTINE  very rich country. No traffic noise, route of 1001 km  for light electric scooters and cars , bicycles , scateboards from habour  of  Sidi IFNI to  airport of  Dakhla.

 As punishment to USA  , who has started TOO  many  illegal wars , opus dei  les Jaunes die Gelben   have suggested to give independence to 50 states of America and finish fascistic  aggressive federatio cia, us army. If we do that, isis/ al qaida is ready to peace of 1000 years .

 To get peace in Syria we must deal it to 3 parts. To north kingdom of Kurdistan.   Syria of Assad  and  Syria ISIS where must come also part of Iraq.  They shall create clean Islamic nation with help of german intelligentsia and ISIS  sign  under  peace of 1000 years with its neighbours.  Isis must  get  rights to use name, papers , stamps and flags of previous , finished USA.  In  meaning of United states of Allah. People in Israel would feel very safe if they see behind their border such kind of flags, not black ones

This all was originally joking from my side, but serious german people not understand any jokes . They take all  very concrete . Real situation is this. If courts of Strasbourg Faro Klodzko Jyvaskyla not do what they must , its possible  that  german maroccian is is sturm gruppen shall  react  very soon  .-

 Those people in Syria – Iraq who had money to buy tickets to trains and boats, they went away. Puor  people who  cant buy the tickets, they must die there under massive bombing like before people in Vietnam Laos Kambodza. Cia who was using sarin gas also in Syria says Norwegian  investigator Johan Galtung from united nations. But from Saddam Hussein they didn’t find any gas



Next  letter is planned by my wife, stilized by me


 Consul of Finland in  Lissabon Leami Holm and in  Rabat Maija-Liisa Vahakuopus

 TO POLICE OF FINLAND , POLAND AND  PORTUGAL to johto-kunta of association Algarve.suomi@sapo.pt Pekka Lehtikari and maijakatila@netcabo.pt  Portimao praya rocha beach  COLUMBIA building apartamento 305  tel  00351 967 520 967

 Im Sofia Hietikko , wife of Hannu  Hietikko, member nr 1002 in Algarve.suomi@sapo.pt. Please give me soonest advices  by telephone  00212 615 700 148  in English or French to these family juridical questions .

 Violetta Sarnowiak , info@keuruunekokyla.fi  and  consulat of Finland in Rabat must be able to answer. Hannu wants talk with his son, call shortly to my phone, he calls back

Where, when and how long time Violetta Sarnowiak pocztavioli77@gmail.com is going to accept father and son be together in summer 2016

Is  she still  going to  demand that social office control these  meetings when Hannus boy used to say  how father is his  best friend and  several psychiatres in many lands  say the same as  antero.lassila@epshp.fi  in Seinajoki  teija.hollo@tetuko.fi  2012 in Tampere , border1@wp.pl in Poland.

 There is no mental illness, no agressio, no kind of real  reason  to isolate Hietikko  and his son from each others, to control  their communication. This what Finland has done is illegal violence against child, say in Spain doctor Alex Planas and dr Elatifi and my  mother Fadma Fakibi  in Maroc. That’s also reason what for my husband has been writing lot of angry letters

 Reasons are criminal when  Hannu was banished  with  several  arresting  from  the land where he was born , they did  not allow to visit or call  his son during 8 years in www.keuruunekokyla.fi . Still  they write how we are NOT welcome to this communistic EKO society in  middle of forest ,  who  has been kidnapping , hiding and manipulating Hannus   only son  8 years to hate his father, to  believe how my husband is  mentally  ill when he wrote how Poland and USA did big mistake when they started this war without respecting orders of UNITED NATIONS . State of Finland has taken away from different thinker all police prokurator and consulat services, his only son . Arrested  him  several times saying how Hietikko  hurts honour of polish women.

 I know personally  lassila.anna@luukku.com from info@Keuruuekokyla.fi who has told all to police of Keuruu, Mikko Keisala and also to some dangerous german men in Agadir. They are very interested in Hietikkos THEOLOGICAL opinions and experiences from fascistic Poland Portugal and Finland. 3 most stupid and loyal servants of satan usa, mentioned in the BIBLE apocalypta 18

  Before we can come to Finland, this  must be clear . Is Violetta  going to ask police to arrest us, like it has happened 3 times before ? When reasons were  economical , theological and political, police of Finland made big mistake. It was not  fold of  honest policeman Seppo.jokinen@poliisi.fi in Jamsa, but he knows what happened. How my  husband has no rights to police procurator and consulat services. Not rights to get married with me !!! Never meet his son  , never go back to his home in Porvoo or sudetian mountains !! What is this ?

In Helsinki court Aila Koulu and Violetta  has explained  all  saying how my  husband is mentally  ill child killer , and how police of Helsinki agree this. But  when he took a call to comisario tuomo.lotta@poliisi.fi , he  said how Hietikkos writings  are not mentally  ill at all, Mr Lotta agree almost everything. Recommend to print a book after small  editings ..But in forest -Finland keuruu  policecomisario Ismo Yijala ruled Kimmo Rytkonen ( in room of  risto.solmula@poliisi.fi ) shout to him  how they arrest   for longer time, if Hietikko  write any word more to his fictive cinema  manuscriptura  ordered by  polish procurator Beata Jelinska 2008. So  it  was  question about  political and theological  reasons

 Because of such reasons state of Finland have been killing own citizens MORE as Russians killed finns in winter war . My husband  has  heard this from radio YLE 1 /  editor Hannu Taanila . Is  it really  true or is Hietikko  lier,  as  honest  polish  women  and suomi  Algarve  association maijakatila@netcabo.pt  say ?

 When  they want finish membership of  my  husband in  that association,  they must explain the real  reasons . We demand crime investigation and compensation  of 50 000 e  plus costs of lawyer

 When state of Finland  has refused to give  me wizum to Finland 3 times, reasons are political, illegal. If I would have been in Finland with my  husband, it would have been more difficult and complicated to close us both to mental hospital  or policejail  of seppo.jokinen@poliisi.fi

 When state of Finland , consul in Rabat and her secretaria marja.kauppinen@formin.fi were preventing me and Hietikko  SEVEN YEARS  to make legal  marriage, this was serious crime. Its  meaning  was connected to other crime of state of Finland. Keep  valid decision to banish Hannu from the  land where he was born and  helped Violetta  from communistic closed Poland 1987

 Preventing marriage 7 years  caused lot of losses and problems. We could not get any  land where to evaquate Hannus things from farm in Poland where police and procurator did not let him be. State of Finland  must compensate these losses, 2 tractors, professional wood machines, art collection insurance value 599 000 euros etc..German insurance company Allianz in Wroclaw also carry  responsibility from  the losses when procurator Jelinska ruled Hietikko  away from Poland and holy albert association vyroby@gmail.com , abau@onet.eu destroyed and robbed all.Witness DHL  logistica planner Dietmar Schuller swedishsteel@gmx.de says  that similar cases in Poland has  happened more as 5000.

 New consul maija-liisa.vahakuopus@formin.fi is witness who  knows  that those marriage papers were possible to make in 2 weeks. Behind this crime were also Hietikkos  economical opinions , told to us by finnish police comisario Spets. Illegal corruption of 500 million euros to finish tax freedom of finnish  pensionists in Maroc

 When  they forced my husband to Portugal, they  did not want give wizum  to his legal wife who  take care of his diabetes, food, clothes, home. This was illegal shabotase, when somebody from finnish consulat in Portugal  adviced embassa of Portugal in Rabat  to send back to honour consulat of Finland in Quarteira  important notariuz document for my wizum.

 Now Maijakatila@netcabo.pt from honour consulat of Finland Quarteira Portugal says how POLICE can arrest my husband  if he come to Portugal.

 To be able to finish such illegal  arresting in Poland Portugal and in Finland , you must go to point of problem.  Mr Kuukka and Keuruu police must ask Violetta if  she now finally going to respect conditions of credit agreement 870 000 euros , pay to Hannus account this money OR  give to her son William 96 % owning of lands 32,7  hectar in Poland ? 4 % to association Keltaiset ry hantilajalonen@gmail.com who prevent selling

 . 1,8 ha we  change with my family, so they come and take care of empty standing farm. If they really NEVER want come to Poland ,William and Violetta have also 1,8  ha argan park in south Maroc near beach.

 Is this possible or does Violetta  still remember so badly wrong that those lands in Poland were bought with money of her mother Halina Cieplucha in Lodz ? Also commercial department of polish consulat in Casablanca and city government in Takad are waiting this answer . We could start  very productive bisnes in south Maroc and in Miedzylesie, if we start  respect laws and legal agreements of credits and marriage, registered in court of Helsinki 12.12.1997

 When she say how Hannu is  lier and  mentally  ill , could  SHE answer to police and court of Jyvaskyla, if its so,  - what for Violetta  has signed under such agreements ? Take all properity of so SICK 100%  invalid from safe Finland to dangerous illegal Poland ?

Violetta  must ask  her mother in Lodz and her  5 finnish lawyers Tanja Heiskanen, Jukka Hokkanen , Aila Koulu  , Erkki Marttila or Minna.Tyvio@oikeus.fi  finally  explain in courts of FARO Strasbourg Jyvaskyla and Klodzko  name of doctor who has given such diagnoza ?

 info@valvontalautakunta.fi  ,Halina Cieplucha or her 2 daughters have no  kind of  medical education, Tuomo Reina in Keuruu healthy centre is only general doctor .He must pay costs of lawyer Kuukka-Tiainen and  50 000 euros , or be able to prove how  spanish , maroccian  german  polish pshychiatres and border1@wp.pl in Wroclaw  are  all wrong when  they  not see such illness in  my  husband . From lawyers association our demand is 6,9 million euros.

 Because in Poland are rising to power conservative fascists  of roman catholic church ( using name PEACE party ), it  can be  that  Violetta  Sarnowiak is right when think  how there is no future in  that  land . Poland shall fall to big chaos when german new natzies and maroccian al qaida europa AQE start  make law and order to most dirty country of European union.

 It can  be  that we must wait more as 100 years to be able anything in such Poland , and we must go back to the roots of these happenings

  State of Finland must  compensate to hannu hietikko  all  his  properity what he had in Finland 1998  when  that  family went to Poland. When KELA did not want pay expensive therapias to all  kind of Russians, so they said to hannus wounded wife. She killed  their first son with abortion because of this rascistic discrimination. Thats why  they  had to go to dangerous illegal Poland. Use untruthfull mother as bulvan owner..

To  make  peace with us , valtiokonttori  must  pay the realistic  real  fiscal  values of house 235 sq meters in PORVOO, made by Hannus  father and 4 policemen in  their free days. Elina and paavokoivisto@jippii.fi were ruling my  husband and later also Viola  away from their  home 1996.

They  came  to cut down old forest around this house. Later malmi social office gave it to problematic family sere wilska, karin urpanen. They said in telephone to Poland how they break this house if Hietikko not come and sell it to them with low price, also quaranty their credit in paivi.halen@poppankki.fi

 When he came  there, and  hesitated to sell his home to such people,  Urpanen and Wilska from sky@sky.org  gave him strong cannabis when they went to sign under. Hannu has told to kaupanvahvistaja Heikkinen that he is in cloud and out of realities and how in KELA is written  how he is even 100% skitsofrenic. Not understand real  realities and how jorma.kalske@oikeus.fi has taken away all police procurator and consulat services because of this invaliditet of 100%. People in Hietikkos bank knew this very well. They made serious mistake.Also they were married and hannu was not able to sign under without Violetta.

 He  wasn’t  sick  ,  but we all know his character of dostojevski-idiot , very easy to fool . In Poland they were TRYING TO MAKE HIM CREISI. 

.  In years  1999-2005 in Poland small mountain willage he was totally alone and kazakstanishe satanische  jehova witnesses Illnicki from neighbour came every week with axe in hand to say how they kill them. Soltys Adam Prokop gave order to his brother Romek to burn their house  etc. To keep his husband calm Hannus wife and  her friend german doctor Lange gave him everyday 3 gr strong cannabis.

 During those years he sold   48 sq meters in Lonnrothinkatu 42 a   and  money was invested to Poland. Later in court  hannus wife said how Hietikko  has  been all  these 18 years totally  mad, out of realities. But we in Maroc cant  understand how  its possible to do such to 100% invalid ? He was not sick  but invalid OUTLAW with no  police procurator and consulat services. Because of his political and theological opinions

 Finally  her wife wanted hannu sell also well Viides linja 12 a  26 sq meters, in Lonnrothinkatu 45 b 69   94 sq meters. Art collection  home  interiors value 599 000 euros was transported to Poland when Violetta signed under in law office credit of 870 000 e.

 What  are  real  fiscal  values today , must come from valtionkonttori, because state  of Finland is  badly involved to  crime. This  money we deal 32 %  to Violetta Sarnowiak, because she was anyhow his wife 18 years .

 To hannu  32 % and to William 32 %   

To me as his new wife is 2 % enough  because I  not make bisnes with marriages.  1 % to hantilajalonen@gmail.com hannus wife before Violetta  came to Finland. 1 % to  Aira Saarikoski Jokikatu 2 Porvoo

 10.10.2015 Notariuz in Portimao and EVORA has apostilled  letter to court of Faro. Doctor RUI NEVES  in Faro must  pay 250 000 e plus costs of lawyer, if he cant show evidences that Spanish german polish maroccian doctors are wrong when say how Hietikko is NOT paranoid, skitsofrenic, not out of real  realities. Some political and theological  opinions are forbidden  in small stupid  lands as Finland and Portugal

 It would  be best to make peace with Portugal without  court . We need this 250 000 e from state of Portugal plus 50 000 e  from Algarve.suomi@sapo.pt  immediately  to be able to buy a house somewhere in  north east Portugal  small place , unknown address. But  we shall  pay  this 300 000 e back in  that day when states of Finland and Poland and info@valvontalautakunta.fi  pay  him a bit bigger  money.

  We can  live  somewhere in  north east Portugal  and take care of garden. Be quiet about international politics. To  that  house we make privat department to Violetta Sarnowiak and to William, because they can  be in  danger in Finland  after people  read  what  happened to Porvoo and www.ensto.com

 William  can make finnish lyceum by  internet. Because Violetta  not want see me and Hannu, we can  be 6 months in Agadir when Viola is in Portugal, when we are in Portugal, Viola  has furnished apartment in Agadir near  beach or she can fly to Poland to her mother. William  should  have  rights to decide where he want be.

 6,9 millon euros from lawyer association  must be  paid 50 % to William , 50 % to his father, because they were mostly suffering about this 10 years trial where  3 members of lawyer association  Finland tried to prove how Hietikko  is mentally  ill.

 If these ones not want pay, please  explain  to courts  of Jyvaskyla Faro Klodzko and Strasbourg , what is sick or untrue in    next  Hannus letter to King of Spain and King of Marocco  /yellow.revolution.htm

 If my ex wife try to say  how that amount is smaller as 1,469 million euros, that’s very strange ? In such case she is responsible from the rest ? She self has signed under in law office credit of 870 000 euros from Hietikko, she also has received   art collections ,library  of association Keltaiset ry De Gula rf Porvoo, insurance value of 599 000 e  . This all were transported 1998 to Poland Miedzylesie  and Helena Antila-Jalonen has seen this with own eyes. Book of accounts  Keltaiset ry has docent of neurobiologia Petri Luoma in university of Helsinki .

If Violetta Sarnowiak try to make compensation smaller, as she has signed under, police and courts of Klodzko , Keuruu and Helsinki  has big reason to start crime investigation.What for somebody is forcing her to do bad matters against her own family, home and association Keltaiset ry,  this is written in her own letters 53 pages.Lawyer Kuukka has it, as well our family psycholog border1 at wp.pl

Behind of this crime is hard family violence in Lodz, in ages of 0-16 years. This makes her weak in front of her mother, younger sister Wiesa and clever lawyer cousin Izabela Dzikowska. Those people shall meet russian komorniks, if they not allow Violetta to make peace now. The komorniks  shall not come to Violetta Sarnowiak, because she is victim of crimes and she got nothing from Poland

To this robbing  was joining  many people from Finland as Erkko Valimaki, Ossi Viljakainen, Kari Juhani Kekarainen, polish mafia-co-operation Lodz Miedzylesie and corrupted post communistic police. Andrei Bogdanowitz, network of jehowa witnesses, priest, nun and organplayer Adam Zaba from Roman catholic church Rozanka-Giewoszow.Association of Holy Albert from Wroclaw Jacek Kolodzied and ananda seva missio Helsinki  kannisto at kaapeli.fi

This happened in Poland who send 38 million emigrants to other lands. But the only  foreigners  in Miedzylesie  they spark out, saying, go to Finland,we kill you. In year 2005 police Polanski and family Illnicki  started in court of Klodzko crime process of 3 years against victim of crime. They were angry about my letter to president of Poland, where I warn polish administration.

 In year 2003 Poland and USA made themselves quilty to same crime as Hitler, without respecting orders of united nations they started big dangerous war. Because of the national benefits of America, they wanted change goverments in Iraq, Syria, Libya, Ukraina, and they prepare war against Russia, saying how Mr. Putin is new Hitler.

We have been  demanded that international court of HAAG for war criminals shall be opened.

As compensation to state of Poland we demand 96 building permissions to our farm in Gniesowsoz 34,5  hectar, and 8 hectares from Illnicki. Mur 3 mtr high around farm to get that place finally safe .  Gminna Miedzylesie has involved to crimes, as compensation they must give to Keltaiset ry owning of old small roads inside that farm. Nobody needs them, those roads exist only in old german maps

As compensation to state of Poland ,  they  must  start centre of polish culture 20 km from Agadir airport. Exhibition willage of 96 wooden loghouses and their interiors made by big network allover in Poland. Instead of big war against german new natzies, al qaida, Russia and Shanghai union, this would bring peace and well being .

Partly the resposibility belongs  to state of Finland, who took away all police-prokurator and consulat services from different thinker Hietikko, making possible to rob me without fear of any juridic resposibility. Because 4 buildings are badly damished by workers of roman catholic chruch, it  can be diffcult to get   1,17 million euro from them and 27,6 hectar.

The rest must come from state of Poland immediately. They can demand it back later in court of Klodzko from roman catholic church, allianz insurances, Andrei Bogdanowitz, kannisto at kaapeli.fi , association of Holy Albert and Kari Juhani Kekarainen, tief from Finland

Behind these crimes is this kind of historia

State of Finland  , police of  Porvoo banished me and my polish ex wife in year 1997 from the land where I was born . They did it by using several illegal arrestings and by cutting totally down  in middle of summer 1996 old forest around our house in Porvoo, willage of Haksi.

 Comisario Jalo Jokinen and  constapel Ilmo Jantunen were threatening me with arrestings and lobotomia in mental hospital because of my writings in local newspaper UUSIMAA. Those policemen wrote to higher administration etela-Suomen aluehallintavirasto, kirjaamo.etela at avi.fi and to boss of prokurators Jorma Kalske,  how  Hannu Hietikko  surely is mentally ill, 100% ly skitsofrenic, and how Hietikko self has confessed this. This is not true and not any real psychiatr has such opinion. Skitsofrenic man can not drive around the world with heavy enduro BMW R 800 paris-dakar. Being away from real realities even half second,  means death to the motorcyclist

 I have  said that surely my thinking is 180 grades opposite, as so called normal finns, who respect blindly the values of world power of USA, mentioned in the Bible apocalypta 18. But it comes time, when also other finns and polish people shall notice  how our world was leaded by international satan, harlot-kurva of Babylon, behind big ocean

 But because of law in Finland not confess existing of any spiritual matters, such talking is madness, serious illness to  such people as lawyers, policemen and their boss Jorma Kalske. Without knowing about me anything, he did decision how Hannu Hietikko shall have in European Union no kind of police-prokurator or consulat services

Witnesses from the existing of such decision are policemen in Keuruu Mikko Keisala, Seppo Jokinen in Jamsa, Sami Kalliomaa and Seppo Paldanius in Helsinki , honour consulat of Finland in  Agadir , ambassador Jari Vilen and consul of Finland Vappu Pajala in Varsova.

Anyhow I hadnt  been suffering about any psychiatric illnesses , and I have never confessed such, as comisario Jokinen wrote. Not any psychiatr in any lands has said such, only swedish talking engineers in www.ensto.com  in Porvoo , 3 finnish policemen , my polish ex mother in law Halina Cieplucha and her 2  proud daughters,  3 members of lawyers association in Finland, info at valvontalautakunta.fi, judge erkki.marttila at oikeus.fi in court of Jyvaskyla.

When I have been asking, where are scientific medical arguments to take away my only child and rights of citizen, nobody answer. When I was demanding answer from those 2 policemen in Porvoo, and constapel Markus Korhonen in Kauhajoki, who was also talking untrue shit about me, I got answer how all those 3 policemen suddenly died. And their deaths were not natural. To me this is clear sign how spiritual world is acting, wether we believe it or not. Also their letters to higher administration are existing and the crime investigation must be started

Because of my growing son William Sarnowiak its necessary to investigate what kind of illness they mean ? Not any criminal historia in any lands, no accidents with car or motorcycle during  42 years . Its question about my outlook, which my proud, american styled ex mother of law and her 2 daughters could not accept  any longer as they got all my money to Poland. In Finland it was question about my political opinions about usa and its allies in Europa who continuously start new wars, without respecting orders of united nations

In www.ensto.com it was question about swedish talking power elite of 6,66 % in Finland. Such hurri-people were originally in Sweden criminals,  lunatics and religious fanatics which Sweden was banishing to Finland. But in our land those badly regenerated people have still today many privilegios and the rights as  landowners. Every child in Finland MUST study the uckly meaningless swedish languaqe by force, to be able to be servants to this  small arrogant minority. 

The wife of Comisario Jokinen , Eeva Jokinen  was personal chef of www.ensto.com. This company was inviting,  buying me in year 1981, when I finished my studies in university of Helsinki and art academia TAIK. They needed my know how to be able to save big charhings of advertising offices of Helsinki. But when they got this consultation from me in 5 years, they wanted finish the argeement by using false psychiatria. This was a serious crime and to prevent me to get justice, it was necessary to write from Porvoo police station to kirjaamo.etela at avi.fi  and to boss of prokurators Mr Kalske to take away Hietikkos rights to get ANY shelter of law.

When polish mafias from Lodz and Miedzylesie found out this, it was very easy for them to do what they did. In beginning my ex wife Violetta did not want this, but she was too weak to fight against her family. Her mother was bulvan owner of our investings in Poland, because european union accepted rascistic laws . Foreign man could not own his farm and Halina Cieplucha was forcing my ex wife to do what she did. To lie in court of Finland minna.tyvio at oikeus.fi  how our lands 34,5 hectar belong to  her mother, not TO OUR COMMON SON.

 To be able to hide this crime, me and my son can not have any contact and Im all the time in danger to become killed by polish mafia. Police of Agadir and Torremolinos have witnesses and evidences. They can sink their victims to ocean with beton shoes, and nobody never find. But if im now owner of nothing and nobody needs my signature, there is no motivation to kill Hietikko, no reason to take risk to get russian and maroccian men to  their doors

 According the extrenal consults and owners of www.ensto.com I was very succesfull and effective in my work as art director, planner of the international media-operations. The grounder of Ensto, Ensio Miettinen liked me very much and he was giving me private education at his home during 5 years several times every week .

But when he started talk in meetings of government, how Hannu Hietikko is his best friend in spirit, it was too much. The others started be afraid that Miettinen makes this fucking Hietikko next director. It wasn’t so, I not like power and I  have not character of bisnes leader. Im just an advertising man, very good one. But they wanted to push me away in age of 33 years. When Mr Miettinen heard that, he was becoming very angry. Also his son Timo Miettinen said how he doesn’t understand what are talkings about my mentall illness, 100 % skitsofrenia ?

I was invited there and his father was educating me 5 years. If I really became there 100% invalid, Ensto would carry big responsibility. But it was not owner family Miettinen  who did this, it was group of engineers Esko Kahela,Kari Metso,Reijo  Kallio, Olli Antila,Rainer Liljestrand and Tom Korkalainen. Komisario Jalo Jokinen was very angry because my boss Ensio Miettinen took his wife Eeva Jokinen. When mr Jokinen could not go to spark biggest employer in Porvoo and secondly most rich man in Finland, he did it to me. Wrote a letter to higher administration kirjaamo.etela at avi.fi  how Hannu Hietikko is 100 % skitsofrenic, totally out of real realities

They were blackpainting my reputation in that small city, and it was difficult to continue life there. Because of rascistic reasons, they refused to give any healthy services to my wounded  polish wife Violetta, just killed our first son with abortion and destroyed old forest around our house

In the 1998 we went to south west Poland sudetian mountains,where my ex wife could get psychoterapia with own languaqe and moderate prices border1 at wp.pl. She promised to make us child there.

2.9.1996  my polish  wife was calculating how much we could get from 235 sq meters new house in Porvoo and 3 apartments in centre of Helsinki, and how their prices would develop in next years. What would be development in lands of sudetian mountains ,when Poland joins EU and german people get rights to buy back the most beautiful parts of loosen Germany ?

According these calculations and agreements I was investing to Miedzylesie and Wroclaw 1,469 miljon euros. In court of Helsinki was 12.12.1997 registered agreement of  marriage, in case of divorce, all investings in Poland belongs to Hietikko 100%. William was born 2001 and my wish was to give this all to him, and partly to 24 years old Lucas Wegrzyn, as my adopted son. He is good trustfull polish boy who did not have own father. But problem was neighbour family jehova witnesses lllnicki who had got promise from Halina Cieplucha to use freely our forest,if they take care that NOBODY can be in that house and Halina can sell our lands to germans.

Violetta got back polish citizenship in year 2002 but her mother and younger sister Wiesa refused to give their bulvan ownership to her. Not before she kidnap my son to Finland to secret adress, and lie in Finnish court how her parents has never done anything bad to her,all is fold of mentally ill Hietikko. And how our lands belong 100% to Halina Cieplucha. And when in finnish court all is true what a woman says, in this way they were helping polish mafia

15.4. 2005 my ex wife kidapped our son to Finland and 2 weeks later came police of Miedzylesie Adam Polanski to say how Hietikko cant be any more at my house where I had invested work of 8 years and 1,27 million euros. Also city administration of Miedzylesie / soltys Agata Piaskus was involved to this crime. She came to steal books and furnitures from my house and said to my tenant ossi.viljakainen at iki.fi how Hietikko is not allowed to come to Gniewoszow, not even sleep in tent in my forest

 Police of Miedzylesie  has said later to me and to Piotr Piaskus, how banishing Hietikko away surely was  wrong,  but they have got such order from Halina Cieplucha from Lodz.

But police in middle of European union has no rights to do such with order of anybody, if its not question about bankrupt. I did not have  credits to anybody. I had hire agreement of 30 years from bulvan owner Halina Cieplucha and in credit papers made by polish lawyer was written how the farm is quaranty of credit 870  000 euros. And how this polish family MUST give ownership to Hietikko at least 31.1.2017 or at the day, when Hietikko CAN be legal owner

In year 2008 lawyer Jaroslaw Krotlinski kancelaria at plusnet.pl   got in court of Warsawa rights to Hietikko to be an owner, but Halina Cieplucha, her daughter Wiesa and lawyer cousin Izabela Dzikowska did not want give it. Mr Krotlinski and hantilajalonen at gmail.com remember these discussions for sure, and those 3 women in Lodz are responsible with their own properity from all losses and damages.

How much the responsibility belongs to family Illnicki, to Andrei Bogdanowitz, to association of holy Albert, to gminna Miedzylesie, to ananda seva  kannisto at kaapeli.fi  and to state of Poland,  this must court of Klodzko decide.

They did not respect marriage and credit agreements knowing how Hietikko has no police-prokurator or consul services, and how not any lawyer in Poland has courage to help me. When I visited my farm shortly in may 2007, I noticed how Violetta Kulawik and organ player of roman catholic church Adam Zaba was breaking and robbing . 13.5.2007 in middle of the night came jehova witnesses Samuel and Stanislaw Illnicki to say how they kill Hietikko and burn this house, if mentally ill Hietikko not go away immediately. Next day 14.5. I gave 3 witnesses , sound files, photos from this attact to police of Klodzko, Marian Misiazek, but police did nothing to prevent such terrorism.

Later 2012 when I came to Wroclaw to get a lawyer, 7 policemen with kalasnikowes broke door of my hotel room, wounded badly my arms and neck. Evidences has doctor centre VITA in Wroclaw olawska street.

When i could not be in Poland and I rented in year 2008 that farm for 30 years to finnish american jooga school anada seva, ossi.viljakainen at iki.fi and kannisto at kaapeli.fi, they promised to pay 200 000 euros if they leave the farm before 30 years is gone.Witness of this agreement plus credit of 35 000 euros from my car and tractor is german neighbour swedishsteel at gmx.de.Russian komoriks shall come to kannisto at kaapeli.fi if she not want pay 235 000 e. Other possibility is to join these demands to polish court

 When I went back to Spain, those finnish people were frighted away in march 2009 with nightly attacts, with real guns and motorsaws. All valuables ,cameras, computers were robbed. When police of Miedzylesie and finnish consulate in Warsawa did not want do anything to such criminal situation, because of decision of Jorma Kalske, Viljakainen and Kannisto broke their agreement, saying how this illegal situation is fold of Hietikko.

When Dorota Vyroby took me in Wroclaw to association of holy Albert for homeless people, they promised to take care of the farm.Promising how al qaida can come to kill priest and nun if Jazek Kolodzied do the same as Viljakainen and Kannisto did, leave the house to vandals . But because of evil old women in Gniewoszow and gangster chef Andrei Bogdanowitz from Dlugopole Zrj ,Jazek Kolodzied left house to robbers of Bogdanowitz and to organ player of roman catholic church Adam Zaba. All remonted 4 german houses were broken, everything robbed. But in that year i had expensive full value insurance from Allianz Wroclaw ul Ruska 8. They refused to pay, saying how Hietikko is mentally ill. Police of keuruu has their sms. Psycholog Border1 at wp.pl  says how Hietikko is not ill and how insurance company Allianz has no rights to such talking. Its a crime

All these crimes were possible because of decision of Jorma Kalske, that’s why state of Finland carry responsibilities of my investings 1,27 million euros, if we cant get it from state of Poland

 State of Finland was breaking the international kidnapping agreement of Haag. When my son was living his first 4 years in Miedzylesie, court of Finland has no rights to start handle this case at all. It STILL  belongs to the court of Klodzko. They did so saying how Hietikko is so seriously mentally ill..But in court psychiatric commissio of Klodzko they noticed how Hietikko has no kind of mentall illness at all

When I was coming to finnish court, they did not give me any lawyer.  Aila Koulu was shouting 13.4.2006 six  hours in court of Helsinki, how Hietikko is very dangerous ,mentally ill child killer. After that 7 policemen arrested me to mental hospital t12 at epshp.fi and I had to be there 2,5 months, eating strong lobotomia chemia

During such narcosa ,perverse man nurses were leading to my room young furious woman patient and observed my sexual behaving. This was brutal sexual violence and accoring the law, state of Finland must pay ALL the costs of lawyers without looking at the level of incomes. This crime has spreaded to Finland, Poland and Spain , costs of Eduard Gonzales  ilagoson at ilagoson.com in Torremolinos and Strasbourg, Anna Schabikowska in Poland and Ari Kuukka/or Kari Toiviainen /or TommiKoivistoinen at jaakkotuutti.fi in Finland must come from state of Finland

In year  2005 4.5 when police of Poland gave order of banishing and when in Finland police arrested me illegally, I was putting my registered adress to Spain. From this matter I have documents and state of Finland helsinki.uo  at oikeus.fi has no kind of rights to demand from me taxes 597,27  euros per month.

I left that land already 1997 because of police of Porvoo and I could not even visit there because of two illegal arrestings. My son they not let me meet, allthough I have never done anything bad to him. He  said in age of 6, how father is his best friend and how he becomes sick if he cant live with father and come back to his childhood home in Miedzylesie.

Now he is 14 and he not want see me anymore after people in keuruu ekowillage and social office has been manipulating him to believe how his father is very bad and mentally ill man. Court commissio of Klodzko,our family psycholog in Wroclaw border1 at wp.pl ,as well spanish doctors Martinez Galendo and Alex Planas agree that Hietikko is not ill, and this what Finland do, is very serious mental VIOLENCE against a child

In july 2014 my residencia in Fuegirola calle Andalucia 15 was ended and in beginning of 2015 I made agreement of 10 years with republic of Portugal

As photos of autobahn can proof, I came to Portugal 26.3.2015 and according my new tax agreement im going to live in Portugal at least 184 days per year. In summertimes I want live with my new wife Sofia Hietikko/Melika Ramouz in Finland Keuruu, near my son, after this crime has been finally investigated

From costa de sol Espanja I had to go away already  2009 when some finnish people wanted kill me because of my political opinions, witness Olavi Karjalainen Torremolinos. Second reason was Jyvaskyla courthouse Minna.tyvio at oikeus.fi  and lawyer tero at artimo.fi  who were sending armed polish-english talking men  to my door in late evening of november. I was lucky because at my home was 2 finnish men, who told all in next day to violence group torremolinos.udev1 at policia.es. They asked me in friendly ways to be away from Spain, if im not going to notariuz to sign under what finnish lawyers and polish mafia want.

Because my ex wife and me have both only one child, who is common, I can never sign under that our properity in Poland belongs to my mother of law and to greedy finnish lawyers

 This crime is aimed mostly against  our son and to prevent William to know whats the name of this dirty came, father and son can not have any contact. Not even by telephone or letters. Not in christmas, not at his  birthdays. This is illegal and unhumanistic what they do in keuruu social office and ekowillage, info at keuruunekokyla.fi

They not respect human rights of Strasbourg, both parents must have equal rights to common child and its not allowed to socialize anybodys  properity like it happened in Poland

When some finnish men were frighteing me with killing and when police of Torremolinos did not want help me, in march  2009  I went to Marokko, Agadir. My mother in Finland was dieing and she left me some money , I could buy to myself new home in Agadir .

Since beginning melika.ramouz at hotmail.com born 1969 has been my trustfull home keeper. We would like to get married to get her wizum to be able to be in court of Finland where my son is kidapped. Illegal arrestings wouldn’t be so easy if I should have such wife. But during 5 years consulat of Finland in Rabat and court of Helsinki  has prevented this marriage . Not want give us in french paper where is written that Hietikko is bounded to be divorced 6.2.2006 . Violetta Sarnowiak was my wife 18 years, she did not want divorce, she took application away. But social ladies and their hard lawyer Aila Koulu were forcing to put it back and lie in the court, otherwise they wouldn’t give her small apartment.

And next state of Finland did not want that Hietikko had new wife, not give her turist wizum to make marriage in Finland. Honour consulate of Finland in Agadir mingr at menara.ma is witness about this crime. Preventing marriage is also against human rights of Strasbourg.

The reason what for we could not any longer live in Agadir was the same reason what for 40 finnish emeritus policemen had to go away. Comisario Birger Spets told us how he and other policemen from Finland has found out in their investigations how state of Finland/consulat in Rabat has done very serious crime . They had paid 500 million euros black corruptio money to administration of Maroc so that they change 1.1.2013 tax law of finnish people in Maroc

Similar law in Spain Finland was changing when they had to help Spain in their economical crises. That was probably legal, but this what Finland did in Marocco was breaking brutally international laws. That’s why we demand that illegally changed law must be returned as it was before 1.1.2013. Im going to keep big noise about this matter and in Marocco question about corruption is HOT. When several trustfull finnish policemen are witnesses, this can cause serious consequences.

But I can promise to keep my mouth shut about this matter if state of Finland help us finally. I demand back taxes from years 2013 and 2014, when I didn’t even visit Finland because of illegal arrestings

To make peace with info at keuruunekokyla.fi , we want from them for me and Melika small costless  apartment   annually  22.6.-18.9 . We can give for free to their people Agadir apartment 80 days per year. Finnish people are suffering about lack of sunshine and D vitamin.  Agadir is the most sunny place in the world, swimming possible in december .People in keuruunekokyla surely needs such place and Ryan Air fly from Tampere with 50 – 80 euros

To make me possible to come to land where im born, state of Finland must confess that court of Jyvaskyla and association of advocates  have no rights to talk about mentall illness of Hannu Hietikko and not threaten me with illegal arrestings.  In Portugal Faro psychiatric hospital   six doctors were investigating me  30.3.-31.3 ,noticing how there is NO reason to keep Hietikko in mental hospital. When this same has said before doctors in Loerrach Germany, polish court psychiatric comissio and 3 spanish doctors, its clear that Finland has made serious mistake.

 The highest court of Helsinki has really big reason to handle and investigate case of Hietikko, because similar crimes happen in Finland more as 1000 every year

This said in televisio YLE 1 investigator Markku Salo from mielenterveyden  keskusliitto. He said how this matter is national ashame of Finland

the  earhtly  digitalization

 The   Bible says  how  we  come to time when  we deal ALL  to plus and minus,  and big opening , jadoa, glastnost  is starting. ´´Books shall  be opened !´´ Everything  must   be  digitalized, all world.  We hope  to  get  help  from  all good honest  people  in  world,   we should start  concentrate to separate  from  our  MINDS,  homes , families, companies and  national  cultures   to  different  places  all  what is  good  and  what  is  bad and  satanistic. 

 Please  join    this legal  ciwilized  JIHAD, which  we start  from  ourselves  by  ´´ looking    inside´´ every  morning 5  minutes,  every  evening 5 minutes  . Sit down comfortable and breath  deeply  in and out,  in yoga  we call  this   pranayama.

Ask  help  from ALLAH , spirit  of  Prophet  Muhamed,  Jahve, Brahman  or  Jesus Christ to open  your minds and show  you,  what are  positive loving altruistic   thoughts and feelings  --  and what are  dirty  egoistic  proudness,   angers,  fears. Write  to  paper  10   worst  of  them

 When   you  breath  OUT  slowly, deeply   ,  starting  from   the  bottom   of  your  lunghes ,  close  your  eyes,  count  to TEN  and  concentrate  to send  those  10 dirty  demonds  and  angers to   the land of END  FINITO, FIN Land ,  to  church  of  PORVOO, its existing 50  km  to  east  of  Helsinki airport .

 That place  is  cruised  after  leaders  of protestant  church  Porvoo  hiippakunta  did  the only  sin  where  is no forgiving, never. Jesus Christ  said how such sin  is  IRONIA ABOUT  HOLY SPIRIT.

 Pastor Paul  von Martens  was warning  about  this  serious  mistake, they didnt believe him  and   church  of Porvoo  was  burning  .

 They re-builded it, and  now we should ´´fire´´  it  with  international  co  operation,  using  spiritual  forces and  make  Porvoo  international  meetingplace of satanists. They can go inside that church and feel  what is  common  badness of all world.

jos  Porvoon  hurreja  alkaa  moinen  pannia tai pelottaa , mekaas  kysymaan poliisilta  mikseivat he   halunneet  aloittaa  rikostutkintaa  kun  paasiaisen  2014 aikaan   lauma  hurreja pommittivat minua  omilla  negaatioillaan julkisesti  areenalla  Suomi  24  keskustelu / Porvoo. Ja  milla perustein Enston kusipaiset  insinoorit  Kari Metso, Reijo  Kallio  , Rainer  Liljestrand  ja  Isoonkyroon  paennut  Olli  Antila  ovat herjanneet  minua mielisairaaksi ? Todistaja  Juha  Jalonen, Vuorityomiehenkatu  9 b 9  Turku. hantilajalonen@gmail.com

 If somebody  in  Porvoo  becomes  angry,  go  to  tell  it  to  janne.kuusitunturi@evl.fi , to  www.ensto.com  to  Ensio  Miettinen  street ,  and to  roman  catholic  priests  and  nuns  in Poland  Miedzylesie.  Cruise  and  break  their  houses, as  they  did  to  only  foreinger  in willage.

  One  of  the  witnesses  of  Hietkko,  Dietmar  Schuller   Swedishsteel@gmx.de  wrote  me  later,  how  the  biggest reason to  this  was  Hietikkos  jewish origin. This  should  belong  to  court  of  Strasbourg. If  jewish man must  ask  help  from  german new natzies, it means  that this  world  has  became  TOTALLY  MAD

 Yoga  means  concentration .  If  several  milliards   people  concentrate to digitalize their  deeper minds to plus  and to  minus ,  to  positive loving  thoughts and feelings to address A, and  all  satanistic l mental shit  to  address B,   it has dramatical  power and you start feel  better.

 All  bad  sad  sick  stupid  egoistic   sides of  our  mind  we  push  out  like shit  to  toilet  ,  when  we  breath  out  pranayama   and  count  to ten..Go to  church  of  Porvoo, in  the   land  of the Finito, FIN. Omega  . Dont  come  back


 what for Finland ?

  the  Bible and  Coran  both  has  this  law.  If somebody  says to  his brother or  sister,  you  mentally  ill  ,  you creisi;  this  one  who says, is  pulling  on him  -her selves  PUNISHMENT  OF HELL .

  When  this  was said  by  represantive  of  state of Finland  judge erkki.marttila@oikeus.fi  and  engineers Reijo Kallio  and  Olli  Antila  from www.ensto.com  in Porvoo  ; this  means  collective  punishment  upon Finland  and  products  of Ensto

 Finland  is correct  place to  be international  gehenna  also  because  the boss  of procurators  vksv@oikeus.fi  made  decision  how  even the  most  and evil  ironia  about  holy  values  of Islam  and prophet Muhamed  is  in Finland totally free and legal.

 Because Allah and God is  one  same matter, holy Spirit  of Christians  , jews  and muslimanes  is also  one same matter. In  this way Finland  was  getting  to  themselves  punishment of hell. All   products made  in  Finland ,specially  in Porvoo   www.ENSTO.com  are  carrying  big  cruise. Better not buy  them  before  they  remove  production  to  POLAND  or to south Marocco and  pay  there  20 % tax  .

 Finland  is  better  to  leave  as  natural  park  for  wolfs  and  poros  and  to VERONIMIJAT  of  taneli.lallukka at  vero.fi  who can  try take  their  illegal   taxes  from  those  forest  animals  .

 When satan church  of  PORVOO    is full  of  satanistic  bad  vibrations  from all world, it  somehow shall explose,  as my home  in Poland, after roman catholic  priest  was  inciting  all people  to  hope  bad  to us..

 This  said Dr  K.U Sathyanath, president  of  yoga doctors  association  in  India Kerala, who was my teacher 3  years, and who still  leads this project. He  is  roman catholic man, who  know  secrets  of  hindus

 What day it happens , this knows only God  /Allah and in  that day all  dwelling  demons and´´ dirty birds ´´  fly  to Canada and USA.  It  happens what is written  in apocalypta 18.

 They shall fall   to big  mass psychosa , kill  themselves, each others. But this madness  comes only  to people who have etnic  back ground  from Europa. All  latinos, blacks, indians, chinese people can LAUGH  and buy  cheap  houses from  people whose   grand grand  fathers  came to America  and  brutally killed original owners.  

 BUT  because God is  mercy, who  always gives to  people  free wish,  those  americans  who  are wise and humble enough  to  take seriously  possibility  of mercy. They  demand   the  international  courts  and  president Obama  to  FINISH  federatio USA, FBI, US army   and start ISA, 50   independent  neutral states  of America.

  They shall  never  send  armed  people  outside  their  borders  but  take  care  of  their  OWN  terrorists and criminals.  With  saved  money, they  can offer  good  healthy  services  and  food  for schoolchildren    also to  puor  people  . 

 With  breathing  IN  ,  start  from BOTTOM  of  lunches  and  count  in your  thinking  numbers 1-10.  Because  its  forbidden  to  make  pictures  from  Prophet Muhamed, you  can concentrate  to  this  picture  of his  best friend.

 Ask  Allah  or Jahve or  Jesus  Christ  to  send  to  you  , to  that broken  house  in  Poland , and  to ALL  WORLD   lot  of

  1.  joy . ILO

2. peace .RAUHA 

  3.   Energy  ENERGIA

  4.   light. VALO

  5.    power.  VOIMA  

 6.  wisdom. VIISAUS 

7.    love , RAKKAUS  

 8.  healthy , TERVEYS 

 9. forgiving of sins  SYNTIEN  ANTEEKSISAAMINEN

  10.   foreverlasting life.  IANKAIKKINEN  ELAMA. 

 Very  important  is  to  believe  that  it also  happens,  because  this  happens  what  we  believe.  Its  not  necessary to  use those  words  in  finnish lanquage  but  it  will be  more  effective  if  you study  10 words of  our  lanquage. Its  very  similar  to Sanskrit  because  long   time  ago  finnish  people were living in India. We  are oldest etnic group  in Europa.   In India they  know  wise men  who lived  in forest  by  name sannyasin,  in Finland they talk about shamaani

  Such  person /  or  named  building can suck to it self  all sickness  from  patient, and  SPIT  it  away. In  this global psycho/sociodrama Finland, church  of Porvoo is  sucking  all badness  and  aggressions  from  all world and when Holy GOD  decide, ´´dirty birds and demons´´ fly  during one day  to  big  powerfull  land  behind  big  ocean, who  has  been swimming  in blood  of  milliards innocent  victims, says  The Bible, apcalypta 18.

 People  in Vietnam Laos Panama  Corea   Chile  Dresden Hiroshima  Nagasaki  Iraq Syria Afganistan  know  very  well  what this means .To Vietnam  USA  was dropping  more  bombs and poisons  as together  was dropped  in world war II. Usa  wanted  defend ´´freedom´´  but  did not  accept  that  vietnamese  people  could  decide  about  their own  matters.

 This  is  ´´freedom and  democratia  ´  program  of   their national  benefits , but most  of  people  in  world  are  in deep  sleep and understand NOTHING. Thats  why also  islamic  youngsters  start  be  such satanistic  idiots  as  I saw  in  Agadir  essalam.  The  appearing   of  Spirit  of  Truth   shall   be  terrible  surprise  to   them   who   not  take  this  warning  of  ´´yellow  danger ´´  seriously  and  start  ´´clean  their  lamps´´ .

 If  You  want  support this , please  spread this  message  forwards  in FB  and Twitter,  by emails.      Free copyrights to media


This  letter was sent by  emal  to leaders  of  VATICAN  and   in land post with several signatures

 to President of United States of America  Barack Obama

 we are  demanding  opening of court of Haag for war criminals.  We demand  that  you  Mr Obama take  the  road  of  MICHAEL  GORBATSOW and  start  perestoika   and  glastnost. Give freedom  to  50  states of  north America and  to  your  servants  in Europa as Poland and  Finland.

 Millions of people are ded and  without  homes ,  when Usa  and  Poland  wanted change   government  in  Iraq, Syria, Libya, Ukraina..Without  respecting  orders  of  United  Nations.  To  get  sympatia and  understanding   from   all  world  to  your  crime,  it  was  necessary to  kill  lot  of  people  in  New  York  World  Trade  centre. 

 But as we  know, at  the   day  of  destruction  ,there was  not  any jewish people, as  there  normally  always are.  And  when  i  write  so,  please  notice  that  im  jew  myself. But  we  all not  support  crimes  of  jews  who  live in Israel or  in USA. They  are   much  more  dangerous  as al qaida and  isis  together

 We  have serious  trutfull  american witnesses  of Hietikko,  who  says , how the  avion  security  in USA  is  SO  strict ,  that this  would  never  be  possible  without  acceptance of  CIA

 Next  CIA  was  explaining  to  stupid   people  in  the  world ,  how  attact  to IRAQ   was necessary  to find  chemical  weapons which  usa self  has sold to previous CIA  agent  Saddam Hussein. After Jimmy Carter was not  strong enough to beat down Ajatollah Khomeini  in Iran, Saddam Hussein was  killing people in Iran with that amercian gas more  as  german natzies killed jews. 

 But  they  did not have that gas  any  more  and next Usa  and Poland  were  hanging  their  old  friend  Saddam  Hussein. When they  were  laughing  and  sparking   his ded  body, Allah saw  everything  and  to  you  started  THE  FINAL COUNTDOWN…. 

 It can be that you are good man Mr Obama , but if you are also honest, you must confess that not ANY american president good or bad , stupid or not stupid, has no power to change long termed politica of your country, which is adopted from german natzies. To rob and dominate all word, which game you call ´´national benefits of america´´ .

 Happenings in Vietnam, Laos, Chile, Panama , Iraq, Libya, Egypt, Palestina, Syria, Ukraina are parts of this game and you know it. If you not know, please ask norwegian investigator Johan Galtung from UN to explain what he writes in respected quality media


 Investigator Johan Galtung  is 99,9 % ly  sure that sarin gas attact in Syria was work of united states but your  government  not accept investigation ?  Please remember what said black freedomfighter doctor Martin Luther King, ´´from that day when you hear the truth, and you refuse to do anything , from that day starts your DEATH´´ .

 American promisekeepers 4   million people say how  APOCALYPTA  18   Harlot  of  Babylon  cant mean any other as world power of Usa.  If you do that what we suggest, all  1,6 milliard muslimanes from Malesia to Marocco  promise you , there will be no Al Qaida and peace of 1000 years can start ! Its up to  you,  Mr Obama .  Russia is  peacefull ciwilized  nation  where is  rich  warm  culture, and it has no need to start wars, if  not any new Napoleon or Hitler try to go there.

 They  have  still  some traumatic memories  from  time when   Germany  and Finland  wanted make  their borders  few  thousand kilometers  eastwards  and killed together  more  as 20  million  russians. My  father  had to  go there  when he was 19  years old. He  has told  me all and one year  ago  28  professors  of  historia  raported  in  Helsingin  sanomat  how  my father  was not  talking shit.

Those  americans  who  want  make  them  clean  and  strong  to  stay  alive  through  harmakeddon,  they  should  join  14.4.  to ´´regatta  Daytona  Florida´´  Come  to  south  marocco and  make  common  trip  to angient  Atlantis, Spain, France, Germany, Poland , Baltia ,to  land  of  the end, Finland  Keuruu, where  happens big fight  between the  BLACKS ,  the  supporters  of  american  world  power , and  the  yellows , who  want  it  to new  union  of  Germany- Poland - Tsech  Rp.- Austria- Ukraine- Russia- France – Spain-Portugal–Marocco, Holland  and Irland.  Older  european  union  and  its  large  stupid  administration  we  leave  to Belgium  Britannia  Bulgaria Greece  Italia Finland  batic lands   and to  Romania. This  is  also  part of the  earthly digitalization.

Common  valuta  of  unianova.eu  shall  be  Deutsche  Mark ,  disipline  of  politica  of  economics  shall   be  leaded  from Berlin. Folk  parlament  of  new  european  union  shall  be  people  who  have homes  100 nearby  the  choosen  festivalroute  from Agadir  Alfa to  Omega  in  land  of  the end Finland,  Keuruu  , multiantie  7 .  Its  policestation  of  ismo.yijala  at  poliisi.fi  which  co  operates  with  polish  mafia

                  This  trip  would  show to  americans  your  roots,  your  original cultures  and  help you  to  become  away from  that plastic  , idiotic  Mickey  Mouse  shit  cultura.   23.8. at ten  oclock  from  Poland  Miedzylesie  Gniewoszow  starts  annually  every  summer common wandering  to Tsech  Republic  , Wienna,   commonstart  6.9  in  front  of  church  of  Holy  Peter  in Roma,... Brinsidi  -  Greece  Igumentsa Athens,  from  habour  of  Raffinia  ferries to  Haifa, Jerusalem  Golgata ,  Palestine , Betlehem GAZA.

 Muslimanes finish their  trip  to MECCA,  profane  ateistic  people  finish  their  self  knowing  trip  in Egypt  Gaza pyramides  .  To  notice  how the  universal   RA  , the  biggest  is  the  same  as  ATON,  the  smallest  inside  us,  is  leading  to   the same LIGHT , as  muslimanes  and  christians  can reach.  Nobody  has  any  private  rights  and  privilegio  to  the common  Allah


  Recpected   leaders of  Roman  Catholic  Church

 In  the  Bible is  clearly written how we  must finish all  christian  religions  and  churches  and  expose  SATAN  inside  us  and  in  our  surroundings.  But  this  finishing  maybe  COULD  mean  only  total  reform;  I  hope

  If we  do nothing  and   day of  the  Lord  comes,  it  means  katastrof. We   must start  reform    now  from  the  most  dirty  part of  your organization,  Poland Miedzylesie. Roman  catholic priests  keep satan  messas  in  church  inciting people  to  hope  all  bad  to  only  foreigners in  the  willage.

  The  honest  pastor  Josef  Siemasz   has  said ,   how only  sick people  need  church  and  religions.  And priests  want keep  people  sick, because of  power  and  money. They  make  sexual  violence  to  children  and  priest  offer  to children  cannabis to  be  able  to do such

 Renewed  roman  catholic  church  clean  your  organization  totally  if  you  not  want  that german  maroccian  is is  gruppen  do it, starting  kill  priests and  nuns  in Miedzylesie.  Renewed  roman  catholic  church  must start   teach people  to  believe  in  beautiful  MUSIC,  not  to  PIANO .

 You  also should   support  this  crime  investigation against  harlot  of  Babylon ,  mentioned  in apocalypta  18.  You shouldnt  be  at  the  side  of Harlot  Babylon, if   you  also  not  want  be  killed  by isis europa. 

 If  you  say  how  somebody  can  write  such  about  the  holy cardinales ,  please  notice. In   my  case  threatening  by killing,  was  legal  too  many  years. And  this  what can be  legally done to one of  the  smallest, is  legal against the  biggest  , or  to  anybody.  This  law is in  the  Bible  and  in  the  Coran  , both. 

 Please  read  this  letter  carefully  and  contact  my  lawyers. 

Roman catholic  church  is  responsible to  pay repairing  of  the  house  , which  your  priest  was  cruising  in eastern mess , in  Gniewoszow  church.  He  was  NOT  Josef Siemasz.  Organ player  Adam  Zaba, abau at  onet.eu   and  Jacek  Kolodzied  from  association  of  Holy  Albert  Wroclaw  robbed our  house.  

 Because  you  will hear nothing  from Hietikko after this  letter,  when cia  or  polish  gangsters    kill  me for  sure ,  your  answers please send to lawyers

  Ari Kuukka asianajaja.kuukka@kuukka-tiainen.fi, Multiantie 1 b 12 42700 Keuruu Finland .

 to Maciej Abresz , ul Lakowa 4/1 Wroclaw, Poland abresz@poczta.onet.pl and to  jari.vilen@formin.fi

  to court of Strasbourg case 55935 / 13  /   and  to  criminal  court  of  HAAG  via  Lawyer  Eduardo  Gonzales ilagoson@ilagoson.com Avda Playas Andaluzas 38 , 29600 Marbella Malaga Espanja

  THE  FOLK  PARLAMENT  OF  POLAND   people   who live  100  meters  nearby the  choosen pilgrim  route around  Poland  and  those  38  million  polish  emigrants  who   come  and  buy  there  new  wooden  loghouses from  out  network,  they shall create  the  folk  parlament  of  Poland  , by leading  of new  president  Jesus  Christ. Untill  the  day,when he  will be  visible, his  represantive  is  choosen  to  be  young  honest advocat  from Wroclaw  a.schabikowska@lexel.com. Her  secretaria kancelaria@plusnet.pl  and  vyroby@gmail.com

IRON  kanclerinna   will  have  same  rights  as  general  Jaruzelski  1981  , and  her  task  is  to  finish  all  political  parties,  and  to  lead  polish people to direct  democratia.

7. I agree this matter 100 % .  
6. I agree this matter 80 %     
5. I agree this matter 60 % 
4. I agree this matter 50 %
3. I agree this matter 40 % 
2. I agree this matter 20 % 
1. I do not agree this matter at all    .



 New Poland  also demand  from  NATO  that we  spark  out  criminal  USA  and  instead  of  them  take  Russia. That is  the  road  to  peace  of 1000 years  in Europa    

  If  the  VATICAN  or other  people  want  help  to  repair  that house  broken  by  roman catholic  church  of  Poland ,  please send  some  money  and  mark  to  transfer  HOUSE .  This  account  is not  private,  it  belongs  to  registered  association  Keltaiset ry.

 This  account  could  be  used  also  to  deal honestly  oil  incomes  of  west  Sahara  Libya Syria Iraq and  incomes of  large  cannabis  production  of  Marocco.

   iban : FI 3447304720017228      BIC :  HELSFIHH

 Police of Keuruu Mikko.Keisala, Kimmo.Rytkonen and elina.malinen@poppankki.fi    has rights to control  this account . Rules  of  this accociation are  accepted in  government  of registers  and  patents  of Finland  .

    because  I  made  large  network  in islamic  lands  and  also  among polish  emigrants ,  this  my  case  has  been  choosen  as  indicator. Prokurator  Jelinska  asked  me  produce  cinema  what  for  Hietikko  and  38  million too  honest  polish  people  cant  live  in Poland, and  what to  do  to  get  them  all  back.  I  did  this work  with  freedom  of  artist,  but  it  started  become  very  dangerous  plan of war  when  german is  is  gruppen in  south  Turkey  took  it  from  me. 




 How  to  save  Poland  from  terrible  catastrof, majority  of  polish emigrants in my  yellow  network  demands  changing of  government  and  President  in Poland and  opening  the  court  of  war  criminals  in Haag.  Until  day  when Jesus Christ  is  in  visible  form  and  take  this  place  ,  according  wish  of  John  Paul II  and  55%  of  polish  people, wice- president  shall  be  lawyer  from  Wroclaw   a.schabikowska@lexel.com.  She  must    create  new  government  who  finish  all  political  mafias  and  lead  Poland  to  direct  democratia.

7. I agree this matter 100 % .  
6. I agree this matter 80 %     
5. I agree this matter 60 % 
4. I agree this matter 50 %
3. I agree this matter 40 % 
2. I agree this matter 20 % 
1. I do not agree this matter at all    .

If Anna  Schabikowska  is  a  coward  and  not  want do this,  president  shall  come  from  groups  of  french  Le Pen,  who  co  operate  with  President Putin  and  german new  natzies

To  be  able  to  avoid  catastrof   , its  very  important  specially  to  lawyers  in  Wroclaw  and  Klodzko  to  start talk TRUE and  demand  court  of  Klodzko  and  Wroclaw  to  handle  the  crimes  in Miedzylesie  and  Wroclaw.  First  of  all   Anna  Schabikowska   must  explain  to   leser@welt.de  merja.yla-anttila@mtv.fi  and  to  polish   media uwaga@tv.pl    what she  actually  ment  in  year 2010  when  she  said  to me  this.  Its  100%  sure  that Hietikko  and  my  son  was  fooled   in  horrible  ways  by  unhonest  mafia  family  from  Lodz   by  old  clever  post  communistic  lawyer  Izabela  Dzikowska  and  her  cousin  esiacz@poczta.fm, and  we  should  get  big  compensations. But  she  could  not  help  me  and  my  kidnapped  son,  because  she  KNOWS  this  man Majiec Abresz;  ul  Lakowa 4 / 1   ,  50036  Wroclaw  abresz@poczta.onet.pl

  And  who   is  that  man ?  Mr  Abresz  was  MY  lawyer  in  that  crime  court  of  Klodzko  where  they  blamed  me  3,5  years  without  saying  what  for,  because  they  couldnt  confess  how  it  was  question  about  my  opinions  about  this  illegal  war .  Mr  Abresz took  from  me big  money  but  did  nothing  to  help  me,  because  he  said  how  he  knows  also  my  polish  ex  wife  Violetta  Sarnowiak  info@keuruunekokyla.fi. But i wonder if Mr  Abresz refuse help also her and my son ? If not, its sure that Mr  Abresz works to mafia and he must be shooten


 Because  this  problem  of  polish  mafia  was  spreading  also to Spain,   torremolinos.udev1@policia.es  must   do  their  work  and give  free  copyrights  to  media.  You  must  continue  crime  investigation  Atestado  nr 14.883, Instructor 77189   Secretario  100216.

To court  of Klodzko  Poland 

   karny@klodzko.sr.gov.pl  in  polish www.unianova.eu/polish.htm  To the  highest court of Helsinki  www.unianova.eu/vapaussota2.htm   suomeksi  Diaari R 15/24.   

    If  you  not  want  know  the  truth what happens  in EU countries  Poland and Finland and  NOT  put  this  to  process  , or  not accept demands,     please  send all material to asianajaja.kuukka@kuukka-tiainen.fi and ilagoson@ilagoson.com.

 Senior Gonzales  has  taken  from  me  money and  he   must put  this  case to the  international  court  of Strasbourg 55935 /13. States  of  Poland  and  Finland  must  pay  all  costs  of   lawyers  and witnesses of Hietikko because  both  of  them are  quilty  to  very  serious  crimes, and  we  have  evidences  and  witnesses  enough .

 I  know  that  such  threatening  with  killing  is  not  legal,   but  because  me   my  wife  , small  child  and  also  clients  of this agroturist  house as swedishsteel@gmx.de had  to  listen  such  many  years  and when   police  of  Miedzylesie  and  consulate of Finland vappu.pajala at  formin.fi  said  now  its  legal  totally,  it  must  be  legal  also  for  me   SO  LONG AS  THESE  CRIMES ARE INVESTIGATED  , Roman  catholic church and ORGANIZATION  OF  JEHOVA  WITNESSES REPAIR  THESE  4  BUILDINGS.

Their  network  in  Poland  family  of  Stefania  Illnicki  came  almost  every week  to  shout  with  axe  in  hand  in  front  of  this  house


 When  cars  started  burn  and  armed  gangsters   came  to  this  house   in  the  night in  march  2009 ,  nobody  had  courage  to  be  there.  Witnesses  ossi.viljakainen@iki.fi, matti.nuutinen@helsinki.fi,lassila.anna@luukku.com.

That  broken  house  is  culture historically  valuable old  german  farm, in  MITTELWALD  SEITENDORF  in  sudetian  mountains  where II world   war   started.  It  was  remonted  by  polish  architect Violetta  Sarnowiak with  lended  money 1,27  million  euros  to  be  centre of finn ugrian cultures ,Hungary, Estonia, Karelia ,Mari  and Finland.  Their  first  living area  was  in Miedzylesie  after  they  came  from India  very  long  time  ago


 To  court  of  Klodzko karny@klodzko.sr.gov.pl 

and  to Fińskiej Ambasady w Warszawie jari.vilen@formin.fi , ul  Chopina  2-4    Warsawa 

International  court  for  war  criminals

Court  of  Strasbourg

Justiceman  of  european  union

 You  should  understand  your  responsibilites .  USA  and Poland  started  this  14 years  ago  without  respecting  order  of   united  nations, when they  wanted  change  governments  in  Iraq  Syria  Libya Ukraina,  because  the  national  benefits  of  America,  as  they  say.  Its  not  question  about  freedom  or  human  rights,  only  oil  and minerals

 Those  2  countries  are  responsible  about  millions  of   deaths  and  homeless  exilers, and  if  you  not  act  very  rapidly,  al  qaida  and  german  is  is  gruppen  attact  to Poland and  to  their  leaders  in Vatican, Rome. Its  more  easy  for  them  as attacting usa. Inside  Schengen  europa  are  millions  of  islamic  people  who  want  join Jihad  and  with german  leading,  they  are  dangerous.  This  is very   sad  because  that  land  has  enough  of  wars  and  actually  they  were  badly  misleaded  by  usa, when  they  did  the  worst  mistake  in historia  of Poland

Because  polish  prokurator  Beata  Jelinska   in court  of  Klodzko kept  me  in  crime  court  3,5  years  without  being able  to  say  what  crime  I  have  done,  it  was  crime  of  state  of  Poland  because  of  my  political  opinions about  this  war. 

 She   said  to  me in  hearing  of  witnesses  in  march 2008   how  Hietikko  can not  be  in  Poland, where  I  invested  all  my  life  time  earnings  1,27  million euros, because  im too  honest  man 

  . But  because the  BLIND  court  of  Strasbourg  not  see  anything  illegal  if  TOO  HONEST people  are  banished from  their  homes,  this  should  belong  to  those,  who  have  a duty to  defend  the  SPIRIT  OF  TRUTH .

Respected   leaders of  Roman  Catholic  Church


 When  you ask,  where from this matter is coming ,this is my  answer to you ,   and to polish court in Klodzko, to media in Poland


to International  court  for  war  criminals in  Haag

to Court  of  Strasbourg

to Justiceman  of  european  union


This  was  beginning of  all.

 Previous POPE John Paul II    was leading before his death 55 procent of polish people to pray; please Jesus Christ ; come and start be president of our suffered land.

 At same time Poland and USA started big war against islamic lands; without respecting orders of United nations,  making  themselves  quilty to the  same crime  as  Hitler did. 

 When I was writing angry letter to president of Poland,   they started against me in  may  2005  crime court in Klodzko,  saying how im mentally ill terrorist who hurts honour of polish women.

 Court psychiatric commissio of Klodzko  made investigation 2005-2008, noticing how  I  m not ill, no criminal historia in any land,  not  any  agressions or  plans kill  anybody and  how  I  havent hurt anybodys honour . 

   But before   they said so in Poland,  this same  nonsense trial was going to court of  Helsinki  2006.  They  were again  very sure  that  Hietikko  is  mentally  ill  terrorist  and  took away  from  my kidnapped son  good father, allthough  this  matter did  not  belong to finnish  court at all, according the  international  kidnapping  agreement  of   Haag .

 Prokurator Beata Jelinska in court of Klodzko finished  that  nonsense  trial    in  march  2008;  where  nobody  told  me  what  illegal  I  have  done,  because  they could  not  confess  that  its  not  possible  to  critize  world power of USA. Mrs Jelinska had found  out    how  I have education from Helsinki art academia TAIK  and     she was ordering me to plan cinema; what it would happen ;  when spirit of Truth comes to Poland. And when  38  million  polish  emigrants also  come  with their  money   and  knowledge  about  normal  societes

 We professional advertising men know such secret ;- how its possible to show to people a fictio; and if investor has enough money;   it becomes true when millions of people believe it.  To you happens; what you have been believing; said this king of Gloria 2000 years ago

 Of course our massa media and any cinema cant rule the HOLY GOD; but this what we CAN do is to open the road to one who said ; im the road. Ja jestem Droga; he will say in our cinema in polish

 Meaning of this screenplay is to make polish people PREPARED ; because if the day of Lord starts before big reform happens in Poland; it means terrible katastrof. It happens what Johannes from Patmos is warning..killingly dangerous mass psychosas where all people behave like jehowa witnesses in Miedzylesia; kill their neighbours ; break their houses   and  blame  you  in  crime court  about  their  own  crimes  and  mentall  illnesses

 My manuscriptura is 50 procent from the Bible and 50 procent from today. And because this is very serious matter; i wish that you respected leaders check everything and correct. The role of advertising  ad John the Babtist Hietikko; shouting voice from desert of Sahara; is only  a  SKETCH MAKER.

But because in european union is no freedom of creative artist; they have arrested me in Finland 2 times and banished away from country where im born ; also from Poland and from Spain. Many people want >KILL me and Melika because of this work .

 But german is is men and maroccian al qaida like it very much. They shall use my skteches to their purposes and it would mean appearing of THE RIDERS OF RED HORSES ; motorharleys; who bring war and fire to Poland ; to Keuruu Kauhajoki Porvoo and to costa de sol

It would be very nice if you take this project to your hands-- hide us somewhere in Vatican  or to Rome.

 Small modest room is enough . Melika also can work in kitchen . She is suitable  contact person to islamic world

 the reason; what for we ask you this,   I not know the holy Bible as you do:

And also i havent money to production ; also polish church is puor

Because manuscriptura 50 procent is ZOOMING to happenings in Gniewoszow Finland and Spain costa de sol  ; its very important that the COURTS AND POLICE find out what has really happened.

 The story of wictim of crimes usually is not very objective:  But if these instances not want do their work;  only MY point of wiew shall be valid.

 Respected Cardinales; please pay the costs of international lawyerteam ilagoson@ilagoson.com,a.schabikowska@lexel.com,  kancelaria@plusnet.pl,abresz@poczta.onet.pl, asianajaja.kuukka@kuukka-tiainen.fi,

 also we hope that  you   use your authority to put speed to them 

Highest court of Helsinki

to courts of Porvoo Kauhajoki Jyvaskyla and Klodzko in Poland

International court for war criminals in Haag

 Court of Strasbourg

Justiceman of european union     

To honour consulate of Finland in Agadir, mingr@menara.ma

 Reasons  what  for  Finland,  Poland and  Spain  banished  me  to  North  Africa and  what   made me dangerous to  be in also  Marocco  are    connected  to wrong  opinions.  I did  not do  any  bisnes  there,  not  talk  with  people  because  I  cant  french  or arab. But  I  was  writing  matters  which    are  not   not allowed to say

 1.    Accoring  witnesses  finnish  emeritus  policecomisario  Birger  Spets  and   his friends, other  40  finnish  policemen, consulat of  Finland  in Rabat has  paid  500  million  euros  black  money  to  administraton  of  Marocco.  Finland   wanted  change  laws in Marocco  to  be  able to  get  big taxes from  these  people ,  who  not  live  in  Finland  anymore,  who  had  done heavy  dangerous policework  with  small salaries. But  this  was  big  accident ,  because  they  would  have  been  started  there   new  projects,  which  would  have  been  very  usefull to  all people  in  Maroc.  This  was  a  crime of  finnish and  maroccian administration   against  maroccian folk  and  international  laws.  We  demand  that  illegally  changed  law  shall  be  returned  as it  was  and  starting  of project   sampo  tao /  see  the  link  aga.htm in  the  end  of  this page

 2.     Second  reason  what for  some  people broke  my  homewagon  and    shouted  outside  my  window in Agadir  ,  how they  want  kill  Hietikko,  is connected to  my  opinions at  my  home  page ,  but  also  to  contract  fault  made  by  house  company  Jet  Sakan  II   in  Agadir  Essalam.   The  are  responsible  to  pay  me  55  000 euros or  i  sell this  credit  to  russian komorniks, who  add  to  the  bill  their  costs  44 %

 3.  Also  its  question about   my  opinions  about ISLAM.  I  have  been  talking  and  writing  them  how  this  new  culture  in Marocco  is  NOT  according  Prophet  Muhamed  at all,  its  from  american  shit  media,  harlot  of  Babylon  who swims  in  blood  of  milliards  innocent  people  and  misslead  to hell  all  world.

  Specially  young  people  have been  looking  at  tv  such  satanistic  education  all  their  lives. Older  men  in Marocco  agree  this,  but  they  are  quiet, because  not  want  problems

  Wrongly educated  younger  maroccians  try  to  be  like  americans,  all the  time  laughing  and smiling, allthough   they  have  big  problems  and they  are  not  happy  at  all.

 In  original  islam  pretending  is  same  as lieing .  They  shout  and  eat at  same  time  mouths  full  of  food,  as  americans  do  and  repeat  all  the  time  holy  name  of  Allah. When   they  play   their  stupid football,  all   the  time  they  shout  Allah  Allah

 They  not  mean anything  with  such  ,  they  not  want  know  Allah, but  only  his  enemy, american  plastic  culture. But  in the  Bible , probably  also  in holy  Coran  is  serious  warning  what happens  to  people  who  are  repeating  holy  name  of Allah  like  this.

 God shall never  leave  without  punishment  those  who repeat  His  Holy  name  without  any serious  meaning.   Making  such  noisy  theathre  is  brutal  ironia  against  the  common  Holy  Spirit  of  Truth  of  prophet  Muhamed   and  Jesus  Christ. Those  two  are same  matter ,because  in this  world  is  NOT  2  Allah.  Its only  God and  feministic   Satan behind  big  ocean, mentioned  in Bible  Apocalypta  18.

 if  somebody  not want  open  the  Bible,  also  american  poet Robert  Bly   in  his  book  IRON  John  talk  about  that  feministic  satan  in  USA ...This  book  is  telling also   about  ME,  who  carry  architype  of  Hermes, Mercurius,  prophet  Samson  and  JOHN  THE  BABTIST..

 Accoring  Jesus,  hurting  of  the  Holy  Sprit  is ONLY  sin in  the  world  where  is  never  any  forgiving. I  not  know  what  says  Coran, but  its  sure 100%  that ISIS  argee with  me

 I  have  not  hurted  Holy  Spirit  ,  but i  have  said  directly  what i  think  about religious  people  who  are  servants  of satan . Roman  catholic  priests  in Poland and  in Finland  ,for  example matti.viitanen@evl.fi   teach  how  all  muslimanes  belong  to foreverlasting fire  of  hell,  because  they  not BELIEVE  to Jesus.

 At  same  time i  hear my  islamic  friends  to  talk how  Allah  was  leading  millions  of  us  to  live  among  those  fucking  europeans  and  americans,  and  when  Allah  gives  a  sign,  bloody  halfmoon,  its  time  to  start  kill christian  porks  everywhere.

 In  Bible  apocalypta  this  means  coming  of  riders  of red  horses, who come  after  rider  of  the  white  BMW and  bring  the  war  and  fire.  After  them  come  grey  and  black  horses,  with  new  terrible  biologic  weapons , new  strange  illnesses and finally   nuclear war between  nato  and  russia. 

 But  because  Allah  and  his  prophet  Muhamed  loves  all  his  people, and  also  Jesus  was  saying  how  god  is  mercy  and  love,  who  always  has  given  to  people FREE   WISH,  this  sanctio  in  Apocalypta  is  NOT determined .

 We  can  cancell  it  ,  if   leaders  of Vatican , ALL  sunnies , shiias, sufies  and  christians  start  believe  to  witnesses  of Hietikko  , and   wake  up  to  notice  how  the WATCH  TOWER  IS  FALLING   

 To  avoid  terrible  catastrop, those  who  has  power,  must  act.  Respected  leaders  of Vatican,  his majestet  Muhamed  VI,  courts  of  Strasbourg  and  Haag.

  Such  fascistic  priest  who  teach  how  all  1,6  milliard  muslimanes  must  go  to  hell  forever,  must  be  punished  before  isis  europa  do it

 If  somebody  say  how  muslimanes  not  believe to  Jesus,  they  should  read what  holy  Coran  say  about  this  son  of  Allah.  My  arab  talking friend  Melika.ramouz@hotmail.com    heard  from islamic  priests  and from  radio  in  Marocco   how they  are  praying  and waiting  Jesus  to  come  back  VERY  SOON  and  start  peace  of  1000 years, as  He  has  promised.

 But  because in  the  Bible  is  also written  how  all  christian  churches  and  religions  must  be  FINISHED , before  peace  is    possible,   they  are  not  ready  to this.  So  THEY  not  believe  to  Jesus and  THEY  belong  to  foreverlasting HELL

 Islamic  people  believe  100%  to  such Jesus , but priests  in christian  churches love their  power  and  money  more  as  the Spirit  of  Truth. ISIS  europa start soon  KILL  them ,  if  the  leaders  of  Vatican not  take  this warning  of yellow  danger  seriously,  renew  themselves  and  their  people  in all  world. 

 But  if  islamic  people  think  how they  are  so  holy,  that not  any  renewing  is  needed,  they  are also  badly wrong. One  year ago  big  group  of  islamic scientists  made  serious  investigation, what are  the  real  islamic  values  according  Prophet  Muhamed  and  what  are  the  countries , which  make  them true  IN LEVEL  OF PRACTICE

The  results  were  very  surprising .  Most  islamic  land  in all  world  is  roman  catholic  IRLAND, next  Luxemburg, Norway...Best  of  these  lands  where  they  go  to Mosqeija  and  read  Coran  was  so  far  as  number  30.    MALESIA.   These  others  as  Egypt  Saudi Arabia  Marocco  were  noticed  to  be  very little  islamic.

  Old  men,  women  and  Majestet Muhamed VI try honestly  to  be  such, but his large meaningless  corrupted   administration , their  american  styled  shit  media   and  and 99  % of  younger  people  are  servants  of  satan.  Very  dangerous ,  strong  but  stupid  bulls  and   busters  when  maroccian  football  idiotism  is  preparing  them  to  war.  They  had  2  week ago  in Agadir  good  example,  hard  fights  against football idiots  from Casablanca  and  40  policemen  were  in hospital  after  that    

 4.    The fourth   reason  what for  I  cant  be  any  longer  in  Marocco, and  what  for  i  never  can  see  my  only  child  in  Finland , and what  for  our  home  in  Poland  was  destroyed,    it is    connected  to  my  terrible  political opinions. 

 I  have  been  living 6 years  in  islamic  lands, and  i  know  what  for  29  european  lands  are  more  islamic  in  level  of  practice.  And  what  for  swedish  danish irish  people  not  try  to  kill  each  others  in  traffic, as  they  do  all the  time  in Marocco, where  every  car  MUST  be  black.

  In  islamic  lands  some  people are  very  rich  but  90 %   puor  as  rats. No  food,  no  dentists, no  doctors.  And  this  is  the  reason  what  for we  have  isis-al qaida, and  what for  Allah  and  prophet  Muhamed  not  like  such  societies, where people  are islamic  only  in  level  of  social  theathre,  pretending

 In west Sahara, which  not   legally belong  to  Marocco , are large  oil-resourches.  But  if  Marocco try  start production, Algeria starts  war. France  is sending  continuosly  lot  of  heavy  weapons  and  sooner  or  later  they  try  to  take  it  by  force. And  this  would  lead  to  serious  attacts  of  ISIS- polisario  in  Casablanca  Agadir  Rabat. German  new  natzies  lead  them  now  and  they  are  very  talented in  such..

 ...but  this  is  NOT  necessary  at  all

 I have  been  writing  at  my  home  page,  what would  be  correct  solution to  this  problem . We  should  give this  work  to  russian  oil  companies,  who  do  it  with normal business  profit  of  15 %. The  neutral   objective  finnish maroccian  culture  association Keltaiset  ry  Keuruun  Ekokyla  Les  Jaunes  with  commissio  of  0,1 %  and  with  control  of   honest finnish  police shall  deal  the  rest of   incomes  in  equally big  parts ,-

  half  to all  citzens  of  Algeria,  who LIVE  in  Algeria,  or  come  back  from Europa.   Half  to all  citzens  of  Marocco ,  who LIVE  in  Maroc ,  or  come  back  from Europa.

 Everyone,  also  just  born  children  must  have  bank  account  where  father  CHRISTMAS  from  Finland  is  sending  equally  big  christmas  present  to  everybody.

 Rich  maroccians say  ,  bhyyyaah, its so  small  money,  but  to  puor  students ,beggers   and  farmers  it  would  quarantee  their life  all  next year. Those  rich  people have  money  enough  already  now

 With  this  same  method  we  could  finally  make  peace  to Libya, Syria,  Iraq.  But  in  these  countries  are  too  much  such  busters  and  gangsters,  who never accept  that  national resourches  would  belong  equally to all  citizens .  With  help  of  foreign  rascals, they   try to  steal  all to themselves.

 This  is  real  reasons to  these  terrible  wars, and if  the  international  courts  not stop  this  immediately,  german  is  is  sturm gruppen  shall    explose to  air  such  fu..king  court  houses  in Haag  and  Strasbourg, or  put there  killing  poison,  as  CIA did  in Syria. 

 5. The  fifth  reason  what  for  Hietikko  cant  be  in Marocco  and  what for  Melika  Ramouz  must  get  shelter  place  of  political  exiler  to  Finland,  It  has  always  been  so  that  telling  the TRUTH  is  most terrible  matter  to  people , and always  they  have  killed  such men  as me.

 Finland  is  using  to  this  mental  hospital  t12@epshp.fi    and  tax office of  taneli.lallukka  @vero.fi . Paakaupunkiseudun  verotoimisto Vantaa  Myyrmaki. Because  this  same  house  is  behind  the  crimes  of  corruption  in Marocco, and  because  99 %  of people  in  Finland   would  be  only  happy,  its  very  correct  place  to  international  attact of  isis  al qaida. They  need  lot  of  money  to  keep  90 %   ly  too  big  fat  harmfull  administration  and  to  preparing  of   next  war  against  russians

  Accoring  old  traditions  of  hindus,  Allah  God  Jahve  has  2  sides.  Vishnu is  creating  new,  Shiva  is  destroying  the  old  harmfull  constructions , as  it  happens  also  inside  our  body  during the  RAMADA. 

 In our  times  keltaiset ry  Les jaunes keuruun ekokyla  is  represantive  of  Visnu, ISIS  al  qaida is  doing  the  necessary  work  of Shiva. But  we  are  not  in  war between  each  others,  because  we  know  that  both  of  us  must be. Our  common enemy  is Satan,  mentioned  in  the  Bible apocalypta 18 and  its biggest  supporter  Finland, the  land  of the end, OMEGA.

 Their  time  will  be  short  now  ,  if  1,6  milliard  muslimanes  ,  700  million  russians  and all french –german freedom  fighters are  joining  this  common  exercise. Its  also  making  you  inside  clean  to  be  able  to  see  the  day  of  LORD,  without  falling  to  mass  psychosas



  our  familypsycholog  Mariusz  Border  ul  Legniczka 52  Wroclaw  border1@wp.pl  can   tell to  media and  to  court  how  we  have  both  only  one  child , which   is  common  William K.Sarnowiak  and  we  all  family  are  victims  of   mafias  of  Lodz and  Miedzylesie. What for  my  ex  wife  is  not  able  to  defends  her  SON,  she  is  kind  of  invalid  because  of  terrible  hard  family  violence during  years  0-16  in  Lodz.  His  father  Wieslaw  Cieplucha  has  confessed  all,  but  her  mother  and  sister esiacz@poczta.fm are  unhonest  emotionally  cold  kurvas, who  try  to  rob  us  and  send  my  son  and  ex  wife  to  live  with  money  of  finnish  taxpayers.  They  gave  order  to  police of  Miedzylesie  to  spark  me  out from Poland, Robert  Furtak  and 2 other  police  from Miedzylesie  told  this to  me  and  to Piotrek Piaskus 2009.

This  means  that Mr  Abresz  does  not  know  my  ex  wife,  as  Mariusz  Border  knows,  and  Abresz   not  want  defend  my  family,  but  criminal  mafia.  And  if Anna  Schabikowska   not  want  help  us  because  she  knows  Mr  Abresz,  it  means that  also  she  is mafia  lawyer. In  that  case  she  will  not  be  president  of Poland,  but  in  the  graveyard

Most  terrible  of  polish  lawyers, which  i  know,   is  Marek  Rudnicki  from Wroclaw, who  is  also friend of  Mr  Abresz .  That  man  took  from  me  money  in  summer 2010  to  put  unhonest  kurva-  cancelaria  ROMANOWSKA  to  pay  me  and  my  son  worth  of  our  Wroclaw  home  100 000 euros,  as  it  was  in  that  time. Plus  costs  of  lawyers  and russian  komorniks  44 %  if  they  not  pay  this  without  them.  I  explain  this  matter  in  my  page /polish.htm.  All  negotiations  from  this  matter  should  happen  via  lawyers ilagoson@ilagoson.com in  Andalucia  and  with asianajaja.kuukka@kuukka-tiainen.fi  in Finland.  Both  speak  good english,  but  they  have  no  rights  to  put  my  demands  smaller, without  asking  me  or  my  represantive Melika  Ramouz

Lawyer  Jaroslaw Krotlinski  kancelaria@onet.pl  knows  also  Mr  Rudnicki  who  changed  his  email  because  he  knows  himself  what  crime  he  did  to  help  his  friends in  cancelaria  ROMANOWSKA. I  wish  that  mr  Krotlinski  explain  to  them,  how  they  not  only  loose  their  international  reputation  and  all  clients  but  also  their  lives ,  if  they  try  to  run  from  their  responsibilites.  Rudnicki  was  promising  to  do  this ,  but  he  lied  to me  so  long  that  matter  became  old  in  juridic  meaning.  But  in  hands  of  german  is  is  and  russian  komorniks,  this  never  becomes  old, before  they  pay. 50 %  to me, 50 % to account  of  my son. We  not  can  use  that apartment  because  my  exwife  is  afraid to  come to  Poland  and  because  police  was sparking  me  out  using  hard  violence  28.5.2012. Evidences  in doctor centre VITA  ul  Olawska  Wroclaw

Jaroslaw Krotlinski is  honest  lawyer, also  his  father  was, so  much  as  its possible  in  country  as Poland. He  told  me  2012 how  it  was  big  mistake to  invest  to Poland. I  said  him  that  its  not so, you  are  wrong . We  have  here  serious  problems  because  of  power of  Russians and  later  kurva  USA.  Before  ex  pope John Paul II died , he  said this. We  brave  polish  people   started  to  fall  down  russian  communism,  we  cant  NEVER  accept  that  we  got  instead  of it  much  more  terrible  satan, american  rascal  capitalism. Must  be  the  third  way  between those two  systems, he  said and  in  my manusscriptura  of  screen  play exodus  today,  im  telling  what  it  could  be  /aga.htm . Its  only  sketch  of  advertising  man  of   new  president ,  and  it  should  be  developed

I  said  to  MR  Krotlinski, what hell  you  talk,  if  everybody  would  think   like  that,  this  country  has  no  future. I  told  this  also  to  Psycholog Border  and  he  said, Hannu  , I  agree  with  you 100%. We  should  be  patriotic  and  fight  using  legal  methods to  get  finally  freedom  to  this  suffered  country.

The  biggest problem  in Poland  is CONSERVATISM.  In  every  family  in this  country   old  grandmothers  as  Halina  Cieplucha  and  roman  catholic  priests  keep  absolute  power,  said  my  neighbour  Piotr Piaskus  in Gniewsozow Miedzylesie. When  people  has  not  own  strong  indentity and  they  mix  themselves  to  national  shit, what they call culture,   results  are  nothing  else as shit.  This  problem  they  have  also  in  other  countries.  I  explain  this  nearer  in  next  letter  to swedish  media.

Swedish   bishop  Lennart  K Koskinen  has  written  book  faith  to  the  future  and  to our  common  possibilites  to  make  it  with  honest  plus  sum  game  of  SAMPO briljant  as   kingdom  of  heaven  on  the  earth.  This  book  should  be soonest   translated to polish , because  he  explain  the  same  matter  as polish  ex  pope John Paul II  was  talking,  and  what I write  in  /aga.htm

  We  have  no  time  to  waste,  because we  live  very dangerous times  of  Harmakeddon -Jihad  , and  SATAN  must  be  exposed. Its  media  money  and  weapon  power of America,  harlot  of  Babylon,  mentioned  in  the  Bible.

The  book  of  revelation  chapter 18  is  clearly telling   what  shall  happen  soon  to  that  powerfull  country , behind  big  ocean  and  to  all  its  allies  as Poland  and Finland  as Alexander Stubb, merja.yla-anttila@mtv.fi   henrik.laine@mtv.fi  keijo.kuja-lipasti@kauhajoki.fi,antti.niemi-aro@kauhajoki.fi,  info@valvontalautakunta.fi ,  press@tpk.fi,pirjo.tolkki@epshp.fi, seija.partikainen@epshp.fi,ernopakarinen@hotmail.com,mailis.korhonen@kauhajoki.fi, 

Respected   leaders of  Roman  Catholic  Church

its  time  to  start  the  last  judgements, by investigating  the  case  of  one  of  the  smallest. You will   find  the  connection to  the  biggest.  What  is  difference  between  small and  big,  in this  letter to Sweden  is  a  kind  of  example


 Pernilla  and  Magnus  Jansson  Stockholm

 You  have  said  to our  common  friend  in  Agadir Melika  Ramouz  , how  between  Swedish  and  finnish  people  is  VERY  big difference. I  agree  this,  and  in  this  letter  to  you  and to  court  of Strasbourg im  telling  you  all  whats question  about and  what  for  from Finland comes  to  court  of  Strasbourg  much  more  requests  of help  as  from  any  other  land

Before  this  III  world  war , started  by  USA  and Poland  without  respecting order  of  united  nations ,  and  before  people in  LIBYA were  killing big  part   of  their  population, FINLAND  was  keeping  this  world  championship.

In Sweden  has  never  happened  anything  like  this, and  thats  biggest reason  dear Pernilla,  what for  swedish  people  are   not  so  sad  as  finns. Also  your  country  did  not  take  part to II world  war  at all,  only  making  good  bisnes  with weapons  from  Bofors

They  wanted  to  take  to Finland  King from Germany  and  with  their  help,  finnish  government  was  executing with   machine  guns lot  of  own  citizens, also  women  and  children   in  name  of FREEDOM.  Later those 2  countries   start together  make  russian people free,  by  killing  more  as  20  million  its  citizens.

 In year 1945  Germany  gave  holy promise,  how  they  never send  armed  groups  outside  their  borders, but  when Poland and USA started change  governments  in Irag Libya Syria  Ukraina, also Germany joined  this  international  crime. Lot  of  death  and  homeless  exilers, and  Poland  USA  Germany  must  carry  responsibility,  how  we  finish  this  . 

 Courts  of  humanrights in  Strasbourg  and  in  Haag  for  war criminals  must  act  . If  you  do  nothing  ,  itse better to  go  to Finland  before  isis  germany  and maroccian  al  qaida  in Europa  KILL YOU  .  We must  get  law  and  order to European  Union


One  big  difference  between Finland  and   Sweden , dear  Pernilla,  is  connected  to  this  matter, go  to Finland, we KILL  you. Before  wars  of  Napoleon, when  Russia  took  Finland from  Sweden, and  started  to  develope  our  industry,  building railroads and  beautiful Helsinki,   your  country  was  sending  to  Finland  all criminals,  lunatics  and  other  ones  who  were  harmfull  in Sweden.

They  got  best  parts  of  our  land  and  Sweden  made  such  laws  in  Finland  how those  mentally  ill  criminal  busters  get  very  big  rights  to  dominate finnish  people. Their  part  of  population is  today  exactly  6,  66 %   and  when those  people  have  been  thinking  how  they  are  so  much  better  as  finnish  people,  small population  has  been  making  marriages between  themselves,  badly  degenerated, piss  in  heads  a lot. But anyhow  they  have  privilegio  to  places  in  universities  and to  the    highest  places  in finnish society,because  these  laws  made  by Sweden.    Every  finnish  child  MUST study  meaningless  ugly swedish  language  by  force. This  crime  belongs  to court  of  Strasbourg. 

When   you dear  Pernilla  said  to  Melika,  how  lovely  people  are  in  Finland  and  how  in Poland people are  terrible,  you  not know  what you  talk. Firstly, majority of  finns    are  miserable  angry  drunken  people  who  hate  blindly  swedish  people .  They  are  not  your  friends, and  they  have  not  any  lovely  thinking  about  swedish colonialists and  their HURRI  KLAANI  in Finland, 6,66 %  of  population. Minority  who  behaves  as  land  owners  still  today.

 When  I  told  you one  year  ago  in Agadir  how  they  have  been  banishning  me  away  from  lands  where  im  born  and  builded  this  house  with  my  father  to Porvoo  forest, saying  how  Hietikko  is  100%  ly  skitsofrenic,  its  question  about  these   degenerated  but  terrible proud  and  powerfull  hurri  klan  people  in  Porvoo  and  in  the finnish  courts ,helsinki.ko at  oikeus.fi, their  swedishtalking boss  anna-maja.henriksson at  om.fi  and vksv  at oikeus.fi, who  made  decision  how hannu hietikko  has  no  police  prokurator  or  consulat  services  in all EU. Witness  comisario  sami.kalliomaa  at  poliisi.fi  who  told  me this  in telephone 2007.

Thats  why  also  polish  gangsters could  do  to  me  and  my  home  in Poland what  they  wanted,  without  any  risk  of  punishments.  But  court  of  Strasbourg  and  swedish media  should  discuss  is it  really legal   to do  such  if  somebody  is  100% invalid ,  out  of  realities,  skitsofrenic  as  they  self  say?

Is it  true  or  not  , its  an other  matter . I  have  now  very  sure  investigations  from  court  psychiatric  commissio  of  Klodzko  Poland,  border1  at  wp.pl   , also  from  Spain  Marocco and  Portugal  Faro  31.3.2015, who all  say how  Hietikko  has  no  skitsofrenia,  mania  or  any  other  mentall  illness.  No  reason  to  capture  me  to  mental hospital  to  eat  poison,  as  they  did  in Finland  during 2,5  months after  lawyer  Aila Koulu  was  defending  crimes  of  polish  mafia in  court  of Helsinki  13.4.2006.  My diagnosa  is  only  post  traumatic stress  reaction,  typical  to  victims  of  wars,  crimes  and  catastrophes. To  cure  it, needs lawyers,  not  mental  hospital  and  poisoning

When  i  didnt  want  to go from  house  builded  by  my  father,  they  came  in  middle of  summer  1996 and  cutted  totally  down  old  forest around  my  home. It was full  of  homes  of  animals,  lot  of  blood  and  death, because  of Hietikkos  opinions  about  swedish  colonialists. Thats  why  me  and  my  polish  ex  wife had  to  sell  this  house  with  very  small  price  to  social  office of  Malmi Helsinki, Heidi Hollman and  her  clients  Sere Wilska, Katrina Urpanen. But  i  want  it  back  in  repaired  condition  to  my  ex wife  and  my son, who  has  no  own  home  in Finland. In  other  case, social  office of  Porvoo  and Malmi shall  meet  german  is is  gruppen. Paavokoivisto at  jippii.fi  and  his wife Elina in Porvoo  Staffasroad   shall  be  fired alive  with  bensin...etc

What comes  to big  beautiful  Poland, dear  Pernilla, before  you  say  anything  from  them,  please  find  out  what  has  happened. Their original   culture  is  surely as good quality  as  France  Germany  Austria and  there  is  much  more  LIGHT as  in Skandinavia..But  historia  in  Poland  has  been terrible  and  all  nation is broken. After  world war  II  this  country  was  pushed  300  km from  east to  west, and  best german houses  in  such  Miedzylesie Gniewoszow  were  given  to  best killers  of red  army. 

Such  jehova  family  illnicki  and  many  other  gangsters  are NOT  polish  people, they  are mountain rascals  from Kazakstan . On the  right is  picture  of  their  boss Stanislaw  ILLNICKI.  Very  dangerous  man

 In  communistic  times they  were  working  to  communistic  police  of  Miedzylesie, to spy  and  terrorize  polish  people. This  has  told  witnesses  Jidek Zamosch  and  Mietek Stainzek  to Piotrek  Piaskus  and to  my  tape  recorder  2009.  But when Poland  joined european  union,  such  old  power  constructions  are  existing still  today  in small  back  side  mountain  willages  of Miedzylesie. This matter  belongs  surely  to  court  of  Strasbourg and  also  to OMBUDSMAN,  justice  man  / woman  ,  Mediateur europeen, 1  avenue du President Robert Schuman  CS  30403  F  67001  Strasbourg  Swedish  and  german  media shall get  from  me  FULL  rights  to  publish  everything what they do  or  not do. They  can also  publish  this  private  discussion  ,what  is difference  between finnish  polish  and  swedish  people ?

 We  are  really  very  different  in  level  of surface,  but  in  deeper level  we  all  are  the  same. And  its  very mportant  to be VERY  critical  to  all  whats  connected  to  our  national  identity  because  all of  them  seem  to  be  full  of shit  and  crimes.

Such  social identity and  national  feelings  prevents  us  to  find and  use   our  trancendental   personal  identity,  our  real  self, Christus  in Nobis.  Kingdom  of heaven  inside us. Thats  why  Jesus said,  leave  your  family and  follow  me. He  did  not  mean  that  we shouldnt  meet  our parents,  but  we must  press  DELETE only to this  fucking  cultura  what they  have  been  teaching us. We  should  understand  that  words  are  only  words. The  finger  can aim  to  the  moon,  but  finger is  not  moon

  1,6  milliards  islamic  people   call  this  trancendental  identity  ALLAH, jews  use name JAHVE , but  Christian  priests  teach  how  they all  must  go  to  hell, because  they  not  believe to Jesus.

This missunderstanding   is  real reason to  anti-Semitism  and  to  continous  wars  against  Islamic lands. And  its  a big  lie,  because  in Koran is  written  a  lot  about  son  of  Maria in Palestina, who  was  born  without  a  man. Other  people wanted KILL this  Maria, but  just  born  child Joshua   were  frightening  them  away with  spiritual forces and  shouting, IM SON  OF  ALLAH. Later  they  gave  this  boy  name  JESUS, according Grecian  tradition of  ZEUS,  the GOD

 In Holy  Koran is  written  how  this son  of Allah  did  not die  in tortura  33  years  later. He  is  sleeping  and  comes  back  from the land  between  ded  and  living  people . In  Tibet  they  call  such  place  BARDO, in finnish  Kalevala  its  TUONELA, in  german  tradition LETHE. 

 Prophet  Muhamed  has finished  his work  and  He  is ded,   in  garden  of  Allah  and never comes  back. But this  jewish  king  shall  do  it  and  peace  of  1000 years starts.  So  who  says  that  muslimanes  not believe  to Jesus ? This  matter   jews  and    muslimans  never  believe  that Jesus  forgives  all  sins .  Polish  people  in  Miedzylesie are  not  free   from   their  crimes , even  they  tell   all  to  roman catholic  priest...They  must  tell   all  to  prokurators  Beata Jelinska and   Jan Salacki

 Law  of Karma  works  for  sure.  If  it  wouldn’t  be so,  what  for Jesus  was  warning,  if  you  not  undress and FINISH   all  Christian  religions  and  churches,  of  you not  clean your  lamps, before  I come,  I shall  not  bring  you  peace,  I shall  bring  you  war and  fire,  riders  of  red  horses. This  is  from the  BIBLE . Not  from Coran

 In  all lands,  cultures  and  specially  in  Christian  religions , we  must  eat lot  of shit ,  if  we  adopt  all  stupidness  what the  national  identity  is  including.

  In  Finland  its  ice  hockey  and  fascism, blind  hate  against  Islam . They  were  best  friends  of  Adolf Hitler  and  together  killed  more  as  20  million Russian people. And  most  of  finnish  people would  like to  do  it  again,  because  people  learn  nothing  and  history  returns. Mr Putin  and  Russian  people  know  this,  and we  shouldn’t  be  surprised  if  they  are  a  bit  nervous 

 And  when I  have been writing  such ,  finnish  social system SS  ladies  riitta.vanhanen  at  keuruu.fi  say  how Hietikko  not  respect  finnish  culture and  I never can  see  my son. He  was  stolen    to  Finland  2005  from Poland ,   against kidnapping  agreement  of Haag .

 There  are   some  cases  when  finnish  woman  kidnapped 2  sons  from USA  to Finland, and finnish  court  started  to  handle this  matter.  But  American father  of  those  2  boys  was  demanding  that trial  must  happen  in USA, because  international agreement  of HAAG says  so .  And so  they did.  

 Finland got  punishment  and  had  to send  2  boys  back  to USA  . Not  even  own  mother  can  kidnap  children  to other  land,specially  when  behind  this  crime  is  mafia  of LODZ  and  finnish  lawyers  who  want  their  part  of  the  farm of our  common  son  William  K Sarnowiak.  Info at  keuruunekokyla.fi

 Agreement  of  human  rights  in Strasbourg says  how  BOTH  parents  must  have  equal  rights to  common  child. In  cases  when  somebody  is  sexually perverse  or  dangerous  criminal,  its  not so,  but  I  have  never  done  anything bad  to  my son. He  used to  say  how  father  is  his  best friend, and  he  becomes sick  if  he  cant  go  back  to  his  childhood  home  in polish  sudetian  mountains . What  for  we  couldn’t  be  there, its  question  of  terror  of  local  jehova  witnesses  family   Illnicki  and  corrupted  police Adam Polanski, who  were working  together  with  mafia  of Lodz,  Halina  Cieplucha  ul  Bratyslawska  13 m 24   90900 Lodz, her  younger  daughter Wiesa  esiacz@poczta.fm and  clever ,  post  communistic   lawyer cousin  Izabela  Dzikowska 

 They  wanted  rob  our  farm  in Miedzylesie  Gniewoszow  and  sended  my ex  wife  and  son  to live  in  Finland  with  money  of  taxpayers. Because  I  have  good  pension of 2500 euros,  social  help  was  not  possible before  they  spark  me out  from Finland. But  this  was  crime  against basic  laws  .  My  father  had  to  be  4  years  in  fascistic  war, and  this is  not OK

 Social  system SS  ladies  in Finland not  want  respect  kidnapping  agreement  of HAAG,     saying  how  they  have  so much  better  culture  as  in Poland,  but  its  not so.  In  Poland  is much  more  sun shine  and  school  children  are  much  more  happy  as  in Finland.

 Poland   and  Portugal  are    only  countries   in EU where  economia  is  rising,  in Finland  it  falls  as  stone. Problem  in  Poland  was  only jehova  witnesses  , corrupted  police  and  greedy  family  of my  ex  wife  esiacz@poczta.fm

 And if  the  court  of  Klodzko  not  put  them  to  responsibility,  german  is is  gruppen  go  to Miedzylesie  Mittelwald and  Lodz,  kill  those  busters all  and  break  their  houses

  And  whats that  marvelous  finnish  culture where  my  son  must  study meaningless and  uckly  swedish  language  by  force ,  pakkoruotsi   ?

 In  Finland  they  call  culture  all kind  of   noise  and  rubbish  what need  people  when  they  have  not  courage  to  be  what  they  really  are. This  said  my  last employer  in Finland, Ensio  Miettinen, grounder  of  big  concern  www.ensto.com.  That electric engineer   was  genius  as  Leonardo Vinci, secondly  most  rich  man in Finland who  started  this  company  from  empty  table , and  now ensto   works  in all  world,  also  in Sweden and  in Poland.

 I  was  his  advertising  man,  art director six  years.  I did  my  work  very  well  and  Mr  Miettinen  liked  me  more  as  his own  son , because  I understood  what he  said.

But  it  was  very  dangerous,  because   people  in  Porvoo, small conservative  Swedish  talking  city   were  very  angry.  And  when they  couldn’t  come  to spark  biggest  employer  in Porvoo,  they did  it  to  me

They  banished  me  away from  land where  im  born and  if  I try  to  go  to  meet  my  kidnapped  son, every  time police  arrest  me to  jail  or  to  mental  hospital , large  concentration  camp  of different  thinkers  t12 at epshp.fi   in Seinahullujoki. Because  in Finland all  is  true  what a  woman  says...How  Hietikko  is  mad  terrorist  who  self  broke  his  house,  burned  his  car,  poisined his  dogs  etc

.  there  is  no  mafia  in Poland ...

  But  I  have  no criminal  historia in  any  land and  doctors  in Poland Germany Spain Marocco  and  31.3.2015 also  in Portugal  Faro say how Hietikko  is not  suffering about  psychiatric  illnesses.  We  have  clear evidences from 5  countries how Finland  breaks  seriously  laws of  human rights and  steal  children  from  other  lands  to  get  people  to  that stupid dark  place

 I  have  hoped  that  you  Pernilla  and  Magnus  could  help  me  and  my  kidnapped son, and  open  discussion  in Swedish  media ,  how  Finland  is  not  respecting  international laws,   using false  psychiatria  to  close  mouths  of  different  thinkers,  as  it  was  in communistic   Russia .

 You  Pernilla  said  that  such  investigation in Sweden  would  cost  me  a  lot…But   now  I  have  evidences  also  from  6  psychiatres  from  Portugal  Faro . Dr  Elsa  Santos said  how    they  make  big  risk  to  my  SON  become  sick  and adviced  me  to  take  lawyer  and  put  state  of  Finland  to  the  court.

 This  I  could  do, and  I  have  there  lawyer  asianajaja.kuukka  at  kuukka-tiainen.fi  , but because  he  is  very  afraid ,  it  would  be great   if  Swedish  media  keep  a  bit  noise. One  doctor  in  Sodertalje  told  me  2010  how  they  know  in Sweden  how  in Finland  happens  something  very  dark  in  these  matters,but  its  difficult  to  put  nose  to  matters  of  the neighbours… 

But  finnish  investigator  Markku Salo  from  MTKL  ,  mielenterveyden  keskusliitto  said  in TV  how such  cases  as  me  are  more  as thousand every   year  in Finland. Soon  he  loosed  his job

 Melika can  assure  you, this  help  from  Sweden  would  be  specially  important  for   my  son.  His   picture  you  can  see  at  my  home  page  /friend.htm

 Maybe  you  look  at  it  and  think  once  again  if you  or  your friends  can  do  something.  Magnus  is headmaster  in school   in  Stockholm  and  your  pupils  also  could  be  interested  in  that   page /friend.htm  Its  question about  folk  parlament  of  European youngsters  14 – 24    and  big  rock nd   roll  parties in  this walley  where  my son  owns farm  of  34  hectar 

7. I agree this matter 100 % .  
6. I agree this matter 80 %     
5. I agree this matter 60 % 
4. I agree this matter 50 %
3. I agree this matter 40 % 
2. I agree this matter 20 % 
1. I do not agree this matter at all    .


Because  im  not  typical  finn , not  connected  to  its plastic cultura, copied  from USA,  and  they  have sparked  me    out  from that   land  where  im  born , saying  how  I  m  mentally  ill,  im 100%  ly  out  from   finnish realities  and  culture ,  im very  correct  person  to  discuss  about  subject  what  is  difference  between  Finland  Sweden,  exept Botnic  gulf

 When  I  was  17  old  in  lyceum,  I  already  that  time  got  very  unusual  ideas.  Me  and  my  friend Pentti Pere  went  to  ask  from  headmaster, can  we  be  ONE  year  away  from school  and  go  to Sweden  to work  in  factory .  He  was  laughing and said  GO,  it  can be good  idea. Come  back  in  next  September  to  finish  lyceum

 We were  that year in Sodertalje  essem  veda  aluminum  factory  and it  was  most  terribe  year   in  my  all  life. If  you  ask Pentti Pere  in  facebook, probably  Pentti  has  quite  same  opinion.   I  did  not   like  at all  Swedish  people,  hard and  proud   as  stone,  but  when  I  say  so, we  must  understand  how  generalizing  is  wrong.  All Swedish people  surely  are  not such. Specially  families    as  you, because    Magnus  is from JAPAN.  And  when  you Pernilla  love  so  much  my  maroccian womanfriend,  it  shows  that you are  not  emotionally  cold  person at  all. Now  you want  start  to  be  muslimanes, and  it  shows how your  family  are  not  prisoners  of  Swedish  culture. Congratulations

  I  can say you  Pernilla  that  its  was  very  intelligent  to  take  such  man, who is  not  very  deeply   poisoned  with  Swedish culture. That’s  reason  what for I  can  write  to  you what  I  do.  If  you  get  angry,  it means  that  you  anyhow  respect  more  Swedish  shit  as  your real  existence. I  want  seriously  warn  you and  your  children  about  this

 In  year 1997  july I  got  very  good  example  about  Swedish  people  generally.  Suomen  Elamatapaliitto ry   and  some  Swedish  talking  hurri  people  paavokoivisto  at  jippii.fi  in Porvoo  were sparking  me    out  first  time  already  1997.

 I  packed  my  BMW motorcycle  and  went  from  Turku to Stockholm.  It was  warm  evening  20.00  and  I  did  not  want  try find  hotel  in Stockholm ,  but  decide  to  drive  that  booring  highway  e  4   in  the  night.

 But  I  got  problems  because  in  big  forest  area before Norrkoping  was  not  bensin  stations  open  and  my  BMW  was stopping  in that  highway 22.00 .

 I  was  trying  to  hitch  hike  to  cars,   showing  with  finger  to  fuel  tank,  lot  of  cars  were  passing  by,  nobody  stopped

 I  had  leather  clothes and  helmet  in  head  and  I  laid  down  by  the  highway  e 4 , started  to SLEEP.   Before that  I  was  putting  my  bike upside  down   so  that  it  was  looking  as  serious  accident

And  what  happened. Thousands  and  thousands  of  fine  Volvos  saabs  and  proud  Swedish  people   saw  this  all,  nowbody  stopped

 In  morning  came  police  car aiming  me  with  big  gun. I  said  them,  put  that  gun  away  and  help  me  to  bensinstation. They  did  ,  but  still  during  all  journey  that  idiot  was  aiming  me  with  his  gun.  I  could  understand  this  if  I would  have  Harley  and  stamps  of  hells  angles,  but  I  was  45 years  old  peacefull   man  from Finland  with white  BMW  in finnish register .

 In  bensin  station  I took  taxi  and  went  back  to  my  bike. Next  day  I arrived  to Kopenhagen  to   house  of  Marianne  Larsen  where  I  usually sleep  if  visit  that  city. When  I told this  to her  and  her  friends,  they  were  horrified.  This  could NEVER  happen  in Danmark  , they  said.   Danish  people know  this  problem  very  well , how Swedish  people  have  not  heart  at all .  When I  have  told this  later   to  some  Norwegians,  they  have  same  opinion. Swedish  people  have  no  heart,  proud  hard machines,  worse as  germans,  they  say

 Later  I  went  to Odense  and to vor  pommern Bayern  italia Brindisi  by  ferry  to Grecia  Igumetzina  Atena  naxos  Turkey  kusadasi  to  Kurdistan  mountains  ,to Syria  And  jerico , Jerusalem  Betlehem palestinian gaza.  In  that time  was  not  this war  yet  and  it  was  possible.  

 In  Athens  visited  doctor  asking  could  it  be  true  what some  finnish  women  and  family  of  my  polish  wife  esiacz@poczta.fm say,  how  im  totally  mad ?  mentally  ill ?   That Grecian  doctor said  that  mentally  ill  people  can not  come  here  alone  with  motorcycle , they  kill  themselves in  first  100  km…Magnus  surely   know what I  mean, because he  also  rides  a  big bike

 That doctor in Athens  said to me  how  im  unusually wise  and  healthy    man  when  decided  to  run away from  such  dark strange   Finland. And Sweden  is  not  much  better  he  said. Level  of  real culture  and  life starts from  level  of Kopenhagen  Hamburg Gdansk.

 I  agree  this , in  north  is   mostly  brutal  beasts , in Sweden  and  Finland  those  vargar  and  poros   are  a  bit  different. 

 I can  tell  this to  your  family, because your japanise   husband  Magnus  KNOW  this  and  try  to  lead  you all  away  from  there  to Agadir, and  you  bought  new  home  there. So should  do    also  many  others. Fresh wegetables  sunshine  and  D  vitamin  are  very  important.

 Andalucia  is  also  OK,  but  people  there  drink  too  much  cheap  alcohols, specially  finnish  people behave  there  as  total  idiots.  Its  possible  to  notice  from  50  meters far  who are  from Finland. They  behave  sometimes  as  owners  of  Europa,  sometimes  asking, sorry  that  im existing.

 Swedish  people  is easy  to  notice  because their  noses  are  all the time  aiming  more  high  as  other  people. British dutch   and  irish  people  have  real culture and  they are  nice and  relax. Generally. Germans  are also  ciwilized, but  booring. The  most thin  book  in  the  world  is  GERMAN JOKES  

 On that  my  drive  through Germany  from Lybeck Brandenburg Leipzig  Dresden Poland  Italy  Greece  I  was stopping  very often  and  collected  names , e  mails  from  people whom  I met. If  you  look at my  homepage  you  understand  what for. I  was  creating  the  road  parlament  of  Danmark Germany Poland  Italia  Grecia   of   people who  has  home 100  meters  nearby that choosen  route. 

 This journey  from Turku to Betlehem Palestina four  months  I  went  with  my  endure  using  smaller  local  roads  

 Im  educated  by  the  president  of Indian  yoga  doctors association dr.  K.U.Sathyanath who  was  grown  in roman  catholic  family  in Kerala Cochin,  but  he  studied  all  his  life  old  traditions  of  hindus.  That’s  why  I   know  spiritual world, that’s  why some  people  think  how  im  mad.

Every time when  some  holy  place  or church  ,  I stopped  and  touched  them  with  my  healing  hands  and  took  their  spiritual  vibrations  to  my  body

 In  Jerusalem  I  took  that message  to  7  holy  places, latest  of  them  Golgata. When  I  did THAT  last  touch,it   happened  something  very  strange  what I  tell  in  my  homepage.  I  got  message  from Jesus  Christ  himself. Because  im  not skitsofrenic,  I  not  hear any VOICES,  such  message  came  to  my mind  by INTUITIO. Very  brightly.  It  was  in finnish  language, 

 sina  minun uskollinen  palvelijani  Johannes RA  kastaja olet  ottanut  suojakseni  korkeimman  ja  olet  aivan oikein ymmartanyt  mita mina  aiemmin sanoin  ja  tarkoitin  silla,etta mina  olen TIE. Ja  mina  annan  enkeleilleni  kaskyn  suojella  sinua  niin ettet  tule  jalkaasi  kiveen  loukkaamaan, kun  minun  vereni  kohta  alkaa  virrata  heidan  ja lastensa  ylle

 It  means  ,  you  my  faithfull  servant  John the Babtist  have  taken  the  highest as  your  shelter  and  I shall  give order to  my  angels  to  protect  you  so  that  your  feet  you  will not  hurt  to stone, and  nothing bad  can  happen to  you  when  my BLOOD  soon  start run  on the  people. You also  have correctly  understand  what I said  to  people 2000  years ago. Im  the road,  and  those who  want  follow  me  to Golgata  and  confess  your  sins  deeply,  these  people  shall  be  in  my  kingdom  of  heaven  on the  earth

 Also  this  invisible  King  of  Gloria  was  confirming  this  new  folk parlament  of  European  union,  new union,  unianova. In  Bible  is  written  how  I  come  in CLOUD, pilvi,    as  thief  in  the  night  and  make   with   people new  union,www. UNIANOVA.EU.   

   Later  this  all  became  very  actual, when  previous  polish  Pope John  Paul II  was  leading  55 %  of  polish  citizens  plus the  yellow  network of  biggest christian  church in  the  world  to  elect  to  Poland  invisible  president.  Later  the  network  of  38  million  polish  emigrants  decided  to  choose  as  his   represantive  lawyer  Anna  Schabikowska,-  to  open  the  road   umpolska.htm to   one   who  said , I  AM  THE  ROAD. Ja  jestem Droga . 

 Starting Harmakeddon- JIHAD   means  terrible  chaos  if  we  are  not   able  to separate   totally   what is  our  real  self  and  what  is  that  shit, what  they call  culture. In  Poland this  is  heritage  from  communistic  systems  and  polish   people  self  say   how  in  Poland  all  is shit. Only  piss   is  not  shit  in  Poland.  But  i  was  living  there  more as  10  years  and  i  can  assure  that  its  not so. There are  much  more  ciwilized  good  people  as  in Sweden  and  Finland  together. But  majority  is  leading  and  its  poisoned  by  amercian mediapower

 Rascal  states  of  America won german   natzies  and  adopted  their  megalomania  to rob and  dominate all other  lands .   Usa   have  their  national  benefits  in  all  world and  they want  make  same  mistake  as   Napoleon and  Hitler. They  want make  battle field  to Finland  Baltia Poland Ukraina. Also  Sweden  shall  get  serious  problems  because  they  surely  shall  use  nuclear  weapons

  Poland and USA   wanted  start  III  world  war 14  years  ago and  change  governments  in Iraq  Libya Syria Ukraina, when  united  nations  said NO,  don’t do  it. This  crime was  same  as Hitler did, and  American  world media with  stupid  king  of  Britannia  scream  how  Putin  is  new Hitler. Mr Putin  has  said,  isis and  new  natzies were born  when  they  killed  Saddam Hussein  , and  its  100% true

 This is one  matter  where  I  need  support  from Swedish media. I  have  written  to court  of  HAAG  for  war criminals  how  they  MUST   punish  USA and Poland.  Finish  this  illegal  war immediately, before its  too  late

 Germany  gave holy promise  in Nurnberg court 1945 , how  they never  again  send  armed  men  or  women  outside   their  borders. But  they  forgot  this  promise.  Demand  of  punishment  to Germany  is  to  take  leadership  in  project /aga.htm

To  respected  ambassador of ISRAEL  in Portugal   and  in  Finland

From citizen  of Finland  ,  Hannu  Oskari Hietikko.

I  have been  living  last 10  years as travelling foto  journalist in  islamic  north Africa, near  east , Turkey,  Arab Emeritas , Kashmir . I  have    network  also in Israel and Palestina .  I  should   like  to  fly 15.8.2015   from  Lissabon  to  Ben Gurion  Jerusalem  and with  finnish  passport  its  no  problem. Im  born from  jewish  mother,  and   its  possible  to  see  from  my  hair,  nose  and ears,  nobody  check  my   luggage. Also  people  in Palestinia  Gaza  trust  me, and  i  should  like  to  go  there  with  my   homekeeper  Melika  Ramouz  from  Agadir.

 She  talk  good  french  ,arab  and berber. Honour  consul  of  Finland  in  Agadir  knows her  family  how  they  are  farmers  in   south  side  of  Agadir,  legal ,  peacefull  people  ,  no  connection  to  religious    fanatics. 

 Unfortunately our  news  to jewish and  palestinian  people  are  not  very  nice, but  we  also  can  show  a  way  out  from  this  ,  if  we  can  start   real   open  honest  discussion about  the ROOTS  of  the  problems, ready  to  do  something  CONCRETE.  Its   last   moment  to  do  it.  We  have  sure  information  how  german isis    and  al qaida  are  planning  to  send  nuclear  missile  to Israel and  its not  coming  from Iran. Also  they  plan  to  destroy  turist bisnes  in Agadir  and  Fuengirola,  this  was  said  in  tv  official  chanals.  Turistibisnes  of Tunisia  is  ded  for  next  10  years  and  who  is  next .

 During  winter 2014.. 15   i  have  been  in  Agadir  and  seen    lot  of  german men  who  employ  people  to isis  europa.  Their  meaning  is  to  take  world  power  from USA  to Germany, to  finish  federatio  usa  fbi  us army  cia  and  their NATIONAL  BENEFITS in all  world ,   to start  ISA, independent  states of America  who   never   send  armed  people  outside their  borders but  takes  good  care of security and  healthy services  inside  their  own  lands  . Russian people  in  Agadir  seem  to  agree this  100%

 Al qaida  / isis  are  ready  to  finish  war  if  court  of  Haag decide  to  finish   terrorist   organization  USA.  Poland  started  this  war  with  usa,  they  must  give land  to start    republic  of  Palestina,   in   middle  or  Europa , 140  km  from  Praha  to  east  . 

 Usa  has  been  killing    innocent  people  in  world  more  as  Hitler  and  Stalin  together  did.  To  small  Vietnam  was  dropped  more  bombs and  poisons as  all  together  was dropped   in  II  world  war. Usa  wanted defend  freedom  but  did  not  accpet  that vietnamese or  laos  people decide  about  their  own  matters. Crimes of  USA  must be  stopped and  punished , many  people  from  many   lands agree  this .  This crime  is  same  as  Hitler did and  almost  million  has  died,   lot  of  exilers

 Economia of Finland  is  going  to  die  because  of  this  war, say  finnish  travellers  in Agadir.  People  in  Syria Libya Iraq  and  Ukraina  suffer    and  also  situation  in  Israel was  not  so  dangerous  before.  This  illegal  war  woke  up new  natzies who  hate  jews more  as  arabs  and  who have  technical  and  fiscal  capacity to  nuclear  missiles.

  In  Agadir and  in  Tavira  Portugal  visit  lot  of   people  from   all  world  and  our  gallup  questions  are  showing  how  90  %   of  them  are  sure  how  world  would  be  much  better  to all   , if  it would  be  leaded   by  german culture  and intelligentsija. But  because  some  parts  of  this  fine  cultura teach    how  the  earth  must   be  cleaned   from  wrong  kind of people, first  of all  we must  ask , what  are arguments  to  collective  punishments  of death ? Who  has  no  right  to  live.

 Germans  were  choosing  Hitler  to  power  with  democratic  election  after  reading  his  book,  where  he  tells  openly  what  he  plan  to do  to jewish  and   polish people . Later  germans  said, sorry,  we didnt  know. In year 1945 Germany swore, we never  send  armed  men  outside  our  borders. But  they  not  keep  that  promise  because  soldiers get  frustrated  if  they  never  get  possibility  to  use  their  nice  toys.  Germans  are  germans ,  even  if  you  fry  one  in butter,  used  to say  my  jewish mother.  They  are   extremely  effective  and  talented  in  GOOD  and  in  BAD.

  When matter of  natzies  is  fresh  again,  we must remember,  what  kind  of  people  were  %  lly   mostly  members  of that partie. They  were  doctors,  lawyers,  engineers,  priests .  Ideologia of  race  hygienia  was  made in  Sweden  and  in USA  by  Rockefeller  foundation. Hate  against   jewish   people  was  coming from  Martin  Luther.  I have  studied  theologia  in  university of  Helsinki  and  i  know  what  i talk

 When  they  talk about  so  serious  matter  as  nuclear   missile  in Israel , its  really  high  time  and  last  moment  to  STOP  and  THINK  .  Reason  to   antisemitistism   is  coming  from ev  luteric church  where swedish german  and  finnish   children   are  babtized . 

 Its  question about  the  missunderstanding  of  words  of  Jesus  Nazaretian.  Christian  priests   teach  to  people  how  they  can  get  forgiving  from  all  their  sins,  whatever  they  are,   if  they  tell  them  to  the  priest and  believe  how  Jesus  shall finally  carry  results  of  all  our  bad sinful  life.  But  if  this  would  be  so  easy,  what for  Jesus  warns,  when  i  come  back,  do  not  believe  that i  bring  you  peace,  i  shall  bring  war  and  fire.  Take  your cross  and  follow  me,  he  said.  Christus in  Nobis is inside  us, in  old  Atlantis  and  Egypt it  was ATON ,  in  India  Atman.  But  before  we  reach  that  light ,and our  real home  and  origin,   all  sins must be  confessed. All devils must  be  met  by eye  to  eye

 This  jihad,  harmakeddon  means  LOOKING  AT  THE  MIRROR .  Its  necessary  when  force  of  the  Spirit  of  Truth  is  suddenly  fastly  growing. In jewish   traditio  we  know  what  is  JADOA,   opening,  knowing  , loving.  Holy  war  means  actually  this  kind  of cleaning lamps  but  if  people  are  not  ready  to  do  it  INSIDE,  the destruction  happens in  concrete  outside  level.

 Hindus,  jews and  muslimanes  are all  wellcoming  such  Messiah  of Israel  and president  of  Poland  who brings  peace  of  1000 years,  but  they  NOT believe   that  people wouldnt  carry  responsibility  of their  black  karma  ,  just  believing  to Jesus. This is  a  big   lie  of Satan  who took  power  in  christian  church   at  that day   when   they  FINISHED  open  public  sin  confession  and  gave   this  work  to  priests .  They got  lot  of  power  and  money  to  Vatican and  to  protestant  churches,  but  they  keep  inside  quite a  lot  of  mental shit. 

Christian europeans  who  never  do  any real sin confession, not  even  ramada, believing  how  Jesus  take  care  of  all  ,  they  are like  a  man  who  never go  to shower  to wash,  very  dirty  dangerous terrorists. 

 Because   Jesus  saw everything  in  advance, she  says  in  Bible,  how  all christian  churches  and    religions  must  be  finished ,  before  he  can recome   and  start peace  of 1000  years   . Isis  europa  would  be  very ready to this,  to  go to  south  west Poland  Miedzylesie  and  say  to  people ,  as  they  said  to  my  family,  GO  TO  FINLAND,  WE  KILL  YOU    . its not  illegal said  consul vappu.pajala  at  formin.fi 

 Roman  catholic  priests  in  Poland  and  ev  lut  priests  in  Finland  as  matti.viitanen  at  evl.fi   teach   how  all   1,6   milliard  muslimanes  belongs  to  everlasting  HELL,  because   they not  believe  to  Jesus.  Its  not  true,  they  write  in  Koran lot  about    boy of virgin  Maria who  said,  Im  son  of Allah .  Because of  this  same  principle, christians   teach   how  also   all  jewish  people  belong  to  foreverlasting  HELL.  Luther  was  writing  ,  when  ever  you  meet  a jewish  man  ,  its  better  to  hang  him  immediately

 Psychiart Alice  Miller  has  told    in  her  book  black  education  how  fathers  of  Hitler  and  Luther  were  almost  killing  their  sons with  hard  familyviolence, and  they later  needed   someone  to  be  hated.   I  know  this mechanism  very  well  because  father  of  my  polish ex  wife was  educated by  natzies  and  he  did  such  to  my ex wife  in her   childhood.  And  finnish  court  says   how it  s   my  fold and  banish me  from  land  where  im  born. I never  can  see  my  only child, not  even call  in his birthday. 

 This  world  is  MAD  ,   going  to  destruction,  because  we  are leaded  by  satan,  international  money   weapon  media power  of  USA , where  few jewish  people  have  important  role.  But  those  are  maybe  less  as one  %  from  us .  99  %   of  jewish people have nothing to  do with that ,  but   we  are hated because  of  our  few  distant  relatives in  USA

 John  Yoder, pastor  of  promisekeepers USA was babtizing  me  with  Holy  Spirit  on  mountain  of  prophet Samuel  ,  north  of  Jerusalem . He  told  me  how people  in USA  know very  well  what   means  in Bible  apocalypta  18.  It  is  united  states of America and  their  world  power .  God  shall  destroy  it  totally  IN  ONE  DAY,  writes  the  Bible.

But  because  God  is  mercy,  they  can  avoid  bloody  destruction  by   finishing  only  criminal  federatio USA  and  making FULL   humble  national  sin  confession during  common  trip  to  Jerusalem, told  in /umwelt.htm. 


 In   my  fictive  cinema , ordered  to  produce  by  prokurator Beata  Jelinska in  court  of  Klodzko,   I  have  written   how  isis  europa start  kill  roman catholic  priests  and   nuns  in  Poland,   if  they   not  do  what  is  written  in Bible.  Finish   themselves   and  invest  their  money   to  make  kingdom  of  heaven  on  the  earth. 


what  hell   is  this ?

 I have  made  this  manusscriptura to  fictive religious  political screen play  EXODUS TODAY, with  freedom  of  creative   artist.  But  before this cinema  is  produced,  lot  of  german  men  in Turkey   and in Agadir has said  how  my  plans  are  wonderfull.  Better  as  mein  kampf.  Exactly   this  we  do


 If  situation  in Israel  becomes still  more  dangerous  and  german  isis   does not  give up  their  nuclear project ,  polish  army  Vojska  Polska  should  be  prepared  to  move  away     jewish  people.  They  have  2  possibilities.  Lovely  beach   from   sidi  IFNI  to Dakhla 1000   km   long.  If  we  start  project  /aga.htm ,  there  will come  lot  of  nice  wooden  loghouses  jugend  1906   made  by  russian wood  in  habour  of  Sidi  Ifni. 

Road  1001   km  only  for  noiseless electric  vechicles,scateboards   and  bicycles. Water  tubes  from high Atlas keep  surrounding  green.  Army  and  laws  of  France  and  Maroc  quarantee  security 100 %. This region  in  south  marocco  was  original  home  of jews  and  berbers before  Atlantis  was  covered  by  water

 Those   jewish  people  who  NOT  want  start  live  near islamic  people,  they  have possibility  to  go  to FINLAND. They  have same  colours of  flag  as Israel and connections  are  friendly.  Best  what  could  happen  to  drying  Finland,  is  to  get  there  several million  jewish  people  with  their  money  and  intelligentsija.  In Finland  are  lot  of  jews  who  not  talk  about  their  backgound,  because before  it  was  very  dangerous .

 I  hope  that  i  can come  to  Israel with Melika  Ramouz  .  I  have been  in  Gaza  and  they  know me. 

 When  I was  in Gaza    with my white BMW,  palestinian soldiers arrested me and took to their captain. They wanted to know what hell this man with jewish nose and finnish passport do there ? Captain was asking me lot of questions and after one hour he came to kiss me.

 He said that during his life he has never anybody to say so much clear truth inside one hour. You shall always be friend of Palestina, go where ever in our area , my soldiers not do anything harm  to you, he said.

But   when  judge erkki.marttila@oikeus.fi and  3   lawyers   of   info at  valvontalautakunta.fi   say in  finnish  court   how  Hietikko   is  totally  out  of  realities ,  they  must explain to court  of  Jyvaskyla  before  14.4.2015   and  to  court  of  Klodzko   before  1.5.2015   WHAT  IS  REAL  REALITY  ,  which   they   know so much  better  as  Hietikko ?    How its possible that engineers  of www.ensto.com  and  lawyers in Finland   give  to  different thinkers diagnozas as skitsofrenia and how its possible that  such  a man can drive  with   heavy motorcycle from Finland to Jerusalem without hurting himself ? To  be  out  of  real  realities   half  second  means  death  to  motorcyclist

 In  courts  of  Klodzko and  Strasbourg    should   be  investigated  IF    there is   two kind of  reality  ?    Did  Jesus  mean  this  matter  when    he said ´´   my  kingdom  is  not  from  this  world  , but  my  kingdom  shall  COME !

 The  realities  of   american styled  men  as  finnish  lawyers, primieminister    Alexander Stubb , Sauli Niinistö ,  swedishtalking  hurripeople in   Porvoo and   mother  of  my  polish ex  wife     seems to be very  much  different as realities of Hannu  Hietikko,  son  of  modest  labour  family from  north  Finland .

 Its  question  about  different  values  of  artists  and  juppies,  between  money and  spirit ,   between rich   people .  More  and    more  people  in this  world become  more  and more puor, fewer  and fewer  own  more  and more, and  this  is  work  satan  .  John Locke  made   bisnes  with  black  slaves and    wrote  basic  laws  of  USA  .  Majority   of  population   in  this  world  live  in  terrible  poverty  and  less  as 5   %  is  using  90 %  of  capacity.   THIS   is   real  reason  to  al qaida / isis  war .  . We   need  new  rules, we need  new  union,  unianova 

 To  continue  this  slavery  and  robbery ,  they  must  keep  people  very  stupid with  their  mediapower. They  give  to  people   lot  of  information but  about  real  facts  media   say  nothing. But  when  I have  been written about this problem, saying how USA and it´s allies shall LOOSE their war, Finland and Poland both give me and to my child hard punishments. Also  in Germany 1943-1944  it  was very  dangerous  to talk  that natzies would be loosing. Finland is  more´´american´´ country  as USA, this said the last intelligent president in Finland, Urho Kekkonen.

 My son is  not allowed to see his father, I cant even call him in  christmas or his birthday. I have never  done anything  bad  to  him, but ladies in finnish court don´t not  like my outlook  and political opinions. My  boy said  how  father  is his best friend, but finnish social and courtladies think  that it´s better not have  such father at all

 If I try to go to  Finland, where Im born, to meet my  illegally kidnapped child, they want  close  me to police jail of keuruu   or mental  hospital t12@epshp.fi  to give me  chemical  lobotomia poisons by force, allthoug psychiatres in Poland Marocco and Spain has said  equally how I  have no psychiatric illness, no criminal  historia in any land. 

Investigator markku.salo@mtkl.fi has said in TV how  they  do in  Finland  such crimes of humanrights more as 1000 every year, and its natiónal  ashame of Finland.  They use  false  psychiatria as power of weapon, as they did in  previous soviet union.

 Police  in Israel   knows me because  they  broke  sidebacks  of  my   white  enduro parked  near Davids gate  and  government of Israel paid  bill of BMW Jerusalem. It  was exactly   666  shequels .  Katri  Sidenberg was  finnish  consul  in TEL AVIV,  remembers this  strange  matter for  sure.  I  wrote  Strasbourg  court FIRST  time   from  Israel  but  they  have  not answered .

 Friends of  my   polish ex  wife  Riitta Kokko,   Paavo  and  Elina   Koivisto  in  Porvoo were  causing   my  drive  alone   with   motorcycle  from  Vahermajarvi  Finland to Kurdistan mountains and  later  to   Jerusalem  .  My  ex  wife  had  strong  hate  against  a  man   and   she  wanted  to  push me  away from  ALL   homes  which  i  gave her. They  could  not  give her  psychoterapia,  only chemical pills to  kill  all  feelings  . Thats why  i  have  been  travelling  so much  and  made network  told  in   www.     umwelt.htm  

 In next  spring  we  went from Israel  to  POLAND  with  Violetta  Sarnowiak, who  came  to  Jerusalem  by  flight  from Helsinki.  We bought  a  german  farm 34, 5  hectares,  but  8  years  later  polish  mafia  and  police  together  kidnapped  my  child  and  banished  me  from Finland  Poland  and  from Fuengirola  to   north  Sahara.  This  matter  goes  now  to  court  of  Poland  Finland  and  also Strasbourg  must  handle  it  finally. 

 Finnish court  says  how nothing  illegal   has  happened , its  only   question  about  mentall  illness of  Hannu  Hietikko,  but  asianajaja,  lawyer   Ari  KUUKKA   has  documents from  3  doctors of  psychiatria  in  Helsinki   how  Hietikko   has  no  such  illness. Doctors  Tapani Luoto,  Iiris  Keranen  and Martti  Kuokkanen can not find  psychiatric  illenss from  me,  but  lawyers  and  engineers can.   Mr  Kuukka  must  before  1.5.2015  show medical scientific  arguments to  court  of  Klodzko.

 17.3.2015  in  Agadir  Maroc 

Hannu Oskari  Hietikko



The  Council  of  Europeenne                             case    55935  /  13 

Strasbourg  France

Do  Sad Rejonowy  ,  court  of  Klodzko  SSR  Macieja Szota

Pok 310  ul  Bohaterow  Getta  15 ,  57300  Klodzko  Poland


Do Pani  Prokurator  Beata  Jelinska

Ul  Semploskiego 4       57500  Bystryza  Klodzko


Do Ambassador  of  Finland  Jari  Vilen  Warsawa

Hannu  Hietikko   and  Melika  Ramouz   discussed 7.3.2015  in Agadir  with   advocat,  who made short analyza and  gave  some advices.

 Facts.   Finnish  American ananda  seva  , ossi.viljakainen@iki.fi ,  Police  and  commun  office  zoltys Agata in Miedzylesie   did not  accept  2007 ..2009   2010 that Hietikko live in  our  farm where  i  had invested  all  my  money and  life  time  work. This  was  illegal robbing   where  state  and  commun  carry responsibility. Ananda  seva  leader ,  kannisto@kaapeli.fi   must  pay me  235 000  euros plus costs  of  lawyers  and  witnesses of  Hietikko

In Wroclaw august  2009  association   of   holy Albert  for  homeless  people  promised to  take  good care of  farm  Gniewoszow  6   Miedzylesie until  son of  owner  is  21 years old.

In Wroclaw august  2009  german  insurance  company ALLIANZ  sold  expensive  full  value  insurance  upon  that   farm  ,  when  Hietikko  was frightened  away  from  Poland  with  violence. My  son was  kidnapped to  Finland  to  secret  adres

If they  not  keep  their  promise, al  qaida can come  and  kill  them  all  , as  well priest  and nun  of  Rozanka,   said Jacek  Kolodzied.

 Witness  of  this promise,  Dietmar  Schuller  from  DHL   swedishsteel   at   gmx.de   ,who saw   that  2009 house  was  OK.

He    came  back  to  that  house one year  later  with  Pawel and  Ludmila  Boycoff,  noticing  how  everything   was  destroyed  and  stolen.  They took   photos  what  were  sent  to  court  of  Klodzko  and  to  consulates of  24 countries in  Rabat    

 My   demands to association   of   holy Albert  for  homeless  people  is  500  000  euros  plus  costs  of  lawyers and witnesses.  Prokurator   of  crime  court  must demand  to  them  other  kind  of punishments, because  its obviously question about  gangsters.  They  gave  to  us  Jacek  Kolodzied ,   but  after  agreements with  him  were  done  ,  and  Hietikko  gone, they called  and  warned  how Jacek  is not  honest.

Lawyer  in  Agadir  has  got  information from berber  network  in  Poland, how  they are  using   this  same  method many times, to clean their  own responsibility  to  crimes like  you see  in  those photos  from  Gniewoszow.

This  lawyer  also  found out  how members  of  Holy Albert  all are driving  bradnew  big  black mercedes porsche or bmw. Their  outlook  you  can see  from those photos is  cd  Jacek  Kolodzied.   

 Lawyer  in  Agadir noticed  how   witnesses  Pawel  and  Ludmila  Boycoff, Adam Zaba , Kulawik  , Ela  Kaplita and  family  of  Halina  Cieplucha  in  Lodz  are  in  big  danger   because  they  must  talk  about  crimes  of  polish  mafia or  be  ready to  meet german isis


Robert Furtak  and  2  other policemen  from  Miedzylesie said  to  me and Piotr Piaskus  2009  how  Hietikko   was  pushed  away  from   my  house 4.5. 2005  and  everything  was  robbed,   because  Halina  Cieplucha  has  sent  them  letter, ordering  to  do  so.  But  when  Piaskus  asked  police  to  give  xero  of  her letter,   they did  not  have  such.  Whatever is  true in  this  matter ,  police  has  no   right  to  spark  out  legal  eu  citizen from  his home  and  accept  how  their  assistants  Zaba, Kulawik,  illnicki  ,Bogdanowitz , Holy Alberts  association  and  some  finnish  rascals  as Kari Juhani  Kekarainen, Ossi Viljakainen and  ananda  seva  people  from Frantsilan  yrttitila  rob  everything.

Some   witnesses of  Hietikko   has  said   that police  gets some  %  when witnesses   of  Jehova   and  Rafu  Zamosz  steal  our  forest  and  Bogdanowitz   break  4  remonted  buildings. Parts  of  them  have been  sold  openly  in  local  shop of  Rozanka, this i  saw myself  in  short  visit  there 2010.  Nobody  has courage to talk  about  crimes  of  mafiosos Borisko,  Zaba  and  corrupted  police.  This  socialismus  in  middle  of  europa union   happened  because  of  my jewish  origin  said  in hearing  of  several witnesses 2010 Dietmar  Schuller ,  german  neighbour  logistica  planner of  DHL. 


Translator  Pan Kamil  of  my  letter  to  court  of  Klodzko  was  making  some mistakes  what   he  must  correct  to  you . 

He  will self  contact  you  soon.  He  writes about  PAN  Cieplucha  in  such ways which is  not  true.  It  was  question  about   PANI    Cieplucha.  Wieslaw Cieplucha has  been  since  beginning  1986  as  my father, when we  meet   he  kiss  me  and  says how he  loves  me.  But  men  in  polish  families  has no  power.

 Court of  Klodzko  must  invite Pan  Wieslaw Cieplucha ul  Bratyslawska 13  m 24  LODZ  to  tell himself  what happened  in  ghetto of Lodz  when  his  father  was  killed  and  he  had to  go in age  of 5  years to  german school.  They educated  polish children  with  daily  hard hitting  to  become  natzies. When  dipl   engineer  Wieslaw Cieplucha  later almost  daily  after work  was  quarreling  with  her  proud wife,  grandmother  Marianna  Wasiliewska  was  protecting  her  daughter Halina  against   furious Wieslaw,  and  he  hitted with  full  forces of  sportsman   hardly  to  head  shy  puor  girl  Violetta  Sarnowiak.  In  their  kitchen when  Violetta  was  in  age  of  0  ....16...

 Wieslaw  self  has confessed  this  all  asking  forgiving.  I  have not  blamed  him  , and  we  are  friends ,  but   because  Im   not  GOD,   he  must be  ready  to  tell everything  in  court  of  Klodzko  with  fingers on the  Bible  to  get  freedom  from  this crime

 Violetta  has  self  told  to  me  and  probably  also  to Mr  Border,  how  her  emotionally  cold  mother  was  MORE  quilty to  this familyviolence , she  NEVER  defended  her  child  against  brutal  tortura ,  never  took  crying  child to  her  arms,  Halina  was  looking  proudly to  different  direction.  She  was  thinking  like  father  of  Adolf  Hitler,  how its  only good  to  a  child to  take  away  with  daily  hitting  bad  character  of  Wieslaws  family.  Sister  of  Wieslaw,  who  was  mother  of  lawyer Iza Dzikowska,   has  told  me  how she  has NEVER  seen  so  terrible  badly  misstreated  childhood  as  Violetta  Sarnowiak.  But  in court  of  Finland  they  are  sure  that  its  fold  of  mentally ill  Hietikko  and  they  never  let see  my  son

In   that  way  they  blame  me  about  war  crimes of  german  natzies  and  if  courts  of Klodzko  Jyvaskyla and Strasbourg  not  feel  their  responsibilities  and  I really  must  ask  help  from  new  natzies,   results  can  be  serious.   My  father  was  5  years  when  finnish   natzies  kill  his  father,  also  my  mother  was  5  when  her  father was  killed. They  killed  all  who  was  supposed  to  be  a communist.  My father  and   mother  were  SOLD  as  child  slaves , later Father  had  to  go  to barbarossa  war in  age  of 19 .

 But  i  had good  nice  father, he  never  hitted me  and  nobody  in this world  can proof  that  Hietikko  has  been  hitting.  My  first  wife  Aira  Saarikoski  Jokikatu  2 A  PORVOO   and  Helena  Antila  Jalonen  has  known  me  35 years. Melika.Ramouz at hotmail.com     you  should   invite   to  courts  of  Jyvaskyla  and  Klodzko, she  knows  me  6  years. 

With  Violetta I  had  problems when  she  came from  psychoterapia  of  Mariuz  Border.  She was  pretending  to  give  me  kiss  ,  but bited to  my  lips  as  mad  dog. Blood running.  In such  situation i  slammed  lightly to  ear,  and she  can   talk how  Hietikko  hits his wife.

Also  in some controlled   psychodramas  of  marek  Wilkirski    came  out strong  angers from  HER ,  but  anyhow  fysical violence  in  our  18  years  marriage  was  not  the  problem and  point. She is  181 cm  tall  strong  sport woman  who surely  can defend herself.

 Point   of  problem    was  violence  of germans  against  innocent  children  Wieslaw Cieplucha  and  his  oldest  daughter  when  she  was  very small  and  weak.

Now  you maybe  understand  that  Germany  owns to    me and  my  son   quite  a  lot. They  were  swearing  1945  how Germany  never  shall send  armed  men  outside  their  borders,  but  when  Poland  and  USA  started  this  world war III,  germany  forgot  their  promise.  Once  again,    even  wounds   of previous  mistake  are not corrected.

 DEMAND  OF  PUNISHMENT . Germany   must   take  leading  role  in  association  die  Gelben  rf    from  hantilajalonen  at  gmail.com    to  german  universities  institutes  and  companies. They  could  get enourmous  bisnes possibilities  plus   7 %  bonus from big  annual  nettoprofit   of  international  yellow   network Marocco  Poland  Russia China.  Duty  of  german  kapell   meisters is  to    make them   plans   of  economia advertising  logistica    marketing   and  product  development .  The  rational  side   of   this  project

The  irrational ,creative   side   of  this  project  shall   be  leaded  by   academias  and  institutes  of  arts ,  architectura  ,wood works,  artesan,  media, cinema radio works,  jazz   and  folk  music  in  Poland  Marocco  and  Russian  Federatio.  7  %  of   annual    netto  profit shall be   paid    to them .    

 6.2.2015  Melika Ramouz   introduced to  12  members of    city  government  of  Agadir /  Takkad  plan Marocco  Poland   /aga.htm

  Plan   was  accepted  100 %  ly  and  if  city  of  Miedzylesie  agree , we   can  solve  all  problems in   very  positive  ways

One of     many  meaninging      of  this project is to offer  good houses according original  style jugend 1906  in Klodzko  walley  and  Dolno  Slansk  to  several  million  of polish  emigrants  and  to   jewish people . Before times of Auswitz  millions  of  them  had  their  homes in  that  region  . 

After   world  war  II  europeans solved   this  terrible crime   by  giving  to  jews the  lands of  palestinians.  Thats why world  war  II  has  never ended. Thats  why  we  have   al    qaida   isis   and  new natzies.  After  living  6  years in islamic  lands between  Kasmir  Arab Emeritas  Palestina Marocco   I  have  big  network and  hear  a lot.

 When  Mr  Netanjehu  worry  about  nuclear  missile  from Iran, he  is  right  HALFLY.  Such   danger  exists,  its  not  paranoija. But  Iran  is  not  going to  do it, because they  know  what  would do  israel and USA  immediately.  

 After   german  new  natzies  started  close co operation  with isis   al Qaida,  THEY  have  technical and  fiscal   abilities  to send   big  missile  to  destroy  ALL Israel,  half  Jordania. German  new  natzies  have  natural  need  to burn  jews,  because  Martin Luther was  teaching   them  such   fascism. We  should  remember  what kind of  people  were mostly %  lly  belonging to  Hitlers  parti ?   They were   lawyers doctors and engineers  who  wanted  to   clean  the  land  . This  dream   and purpose  has also  primieminister  Tusk and   ISIS  alqaida

 Court  of  Strasbourg  is  in  deep  sleep,  when  they  not  react   at  all  when   jewish   people   in   middle   of  european union  must  run   away from  home. Nobody  in  large  administration  of  eu  take  care  any other  matter  as  their  own  benefits .  Emperor has no clothes, ship  is  without  captain   and  because  of  the  national  benefits  of America,  also europa   want  start   III  world  war  against islamic  people  and  russians.  Norwegian  investigator  Johan  Galtung  from  united  nations is  warning  how new  union  of  Warsawa,  unianova of Shanghai  is  100 times stronger  as  NATO.  Russia China  India Iran ...

When  I have warned  about such in  my writings  ,  finnish social  ladies  and  lawyers ,  in Poland  Halina  Cieplucha  and  her  friends in  Gniewoszow Marisa  Zamoschi  Stefania  Illnicki   were  sure  about  mentall  illness of  Hietikko  and  asked  police  of  Finland  to arrest and  court  of  Klodzko  to  give me  punishment. Before  that  police  Adam Polanski  already  sparked  me  away  from my  house  and  kidnapped   my  only  child  William 

 Empoyer  of the  police /State of  Poland  carry  full  responsibility,  police Miezzallo   knew  very  well  how  my 4  years  old  son was  fighting  and  protesting  against  kidnapping . They  knew  about  existing  of  hire  agreement  of 30  years , credit  870 000  plus  400 000 euros  and  marriage  agreements.  Farm  belongs  100 %  to  Hietikko and  to  my   son William  K.  Sarnowiak

I  want  nothing  to  myself, only 10 %  to Melikas  family  to  prevent selling farm and  to  get  to  William  5,3  hectar beach and  argan forest in  south Maroc.  When  this  is  not  possible,  its  question about   robbing   properity of my  son and  his mother. What for  Violetta   not  demand  crime investigation  or  compensations from  Allianz,   this  matter  Mr Border  and  pastor  Siemasz  must tell  to  the  courts of  Jyvaskyla  and  Klodzko. They normally   have no right to  talk about   psychoterapia  and  sin  confession, but  when  COURT  ask  them  to do  it,  THEY  MUST  say  all  what they  know  about  this  case. 

 My  own  sin confession  in finnish  lanquage,  my  own  part  to  problems in  Gniewoszow  i  have  done  to  leading  ev  lut  priest Ossi.Poikonen  at   evl.fi    and  its  also recordered  on  your cd . Responsibility  of  consulat Finland  is  make to  court of  Klodzko  official translation  .  What  are my  weak parts in  psyche ,  this can  tell  to  court  psycholog  Mariuz  Border  much  better   and  objective ways  as  me  myself.  There  are  lot  of incorrect  says Mr  Border, but  NOTHING   what we  can call  mentall  illness   . No  agressions or  madness   has  been found says  antero  lassila, highest  authority  in  Finland / in  psychiatric   matters

 I  have  told    to Halina  Cieplucha in  telephone  2012  what  those  policemen  talk,  asking  her  to demand starting  of  court  process in  Klodzko because  of  lies  of  police,   if  she  has  nothing  to  hide.  Angry   letters from  Hietikko  to  Halina  and  lawyer cousin Dzikowska  are  all   caused   because  of  this  what  police  has  said and  what has  said  Violetta  Sarnowiak  when  she  came  to Finland  1987.  She  said  how reason  of  escape  was not  communistic  administration  but  her own violentic  family.  If   court      not  want handle  this  crime  and only   german  isis  and  islamic  fighters  start  act,  Halina  and  her  family  can  be  brutally killed. 

 The  lawyer  in  Agadir  gave me this  advice. Because I  met  in  last  visit  in  Poland  28.5.2012 POLICEVIOLENCE,  ordered by  Andrei  Bogdanowitz    in  Dlugopole  Zrj  Miedzylesie,  and  because   not  any  consulate ,  advocat  or  police   want  investigate  these  crimes,  its  ABSOLUTELY  too big   risk for  64  years old  Hietikko to  go  to  Poland  now. Court   psychiatric  commissio  of  Klodzko, also  dr of  psychiatria   Marchena Dolna ,   psycholog  Border  and  international  al   qaida police  in  Wroclaw  Podwala  street  know  about   Hietikko more   as  myself. Not  check  my  bag   on the  door of  al  qaida  police, saying   how  they TRUST  me. 

So   if  these  people   know  about  me  more  as  myself ,   where  you  need  me .  Ask  them  what  they  know.  I  can   answer   your  questions  by   video telephone,  im going  soon to Spain later  to  south  America  but my  telephone number  and  bank account   in  Fuengirola  Deutsche  Bank   you  can get  from consulat  Finland  in  Warsava, Ul  Chopina  2 /4 sanomat.var  at  formin.fi     Their   responsibility   is  to  assist  in  family  juridical  matters  jari.vilen   at   formin.fi   must  find me  lawyer   or  take  care   himself  of  such  duties  in  court  of  Klodzko

Because in  Finland all  is  true  what  a  woman says,  police  think  as  Halina Cieplucha,  Marisa Zamosch  and Malinowska ,  Stefania  Illnicki  how  Hietikko  is mentally  ill  terrorist,   arrest me  every time if  i  go  there  to  meet   my  kidnapped  son  William  Sarnowiak. Thats why  all  this  problem  belongs  to  court  of Klodzko  to  finish  in honorable ways. 

If  somebody  wants  new  psychiatric  investigation  from  me,  it  must  be  done  in safe,   neutral  ground,  Spain, Portugal  or Sweden  before  28.5.2015. You  can use  in  that analyza  our  plan  to  co  operation marocco  poland  and  my  religious   opinions  on  my   web sides   witnesses   of  Hietikko  . wake  up,  watchtower  is  falling. The  last  judgements start  in  Strasbourg  Haag Klodzko  and  Jyvaskyla

   State  of Finland  must  pay  the  investigation   because   they  not  believe to Hietikko ,  not  even     what  polish finnish and  spanish psychiatres   has  written.  Lawyer  Kuukka  has documents  from   Helsinki    3  doctors  of   psychiatria who  has  written   how  Hietikko  HAS  NO  MENTAL  ILLNES.

 Only lawyers    of  info    at valvontalautakunta.fi  , Keuruu  ekowillage   and  social  system  SS  ladies  are  talking  like  that. But  leading  priest ossi  Poikonen  says how he  is  my  brother  in Spirit  of  Truth.  Similar  as  me. Also  creisi  because  believe  to  invisible  as  Allah  or  Jesus ?

 This  is  illegal violence against a  child, says doctor Alex  Planas in  Spain  Grand canaria.  Violence  can spread  as fire  in dry  heins if  the  police  and  courts not  start wake  up  to  notice  how    the  oak of KALEVALA  is  falling   and   how the  fundaments  are  shaking 

 Because  of  manuscriptura  to  religions  screen  play ordered  by polish prokurator, the   social   boss  Riitta.Vanhanen  at   keuruu.fi  was  asking  police  to  arrest  me  and  do  dna tests,  and later  ordered  me  to  go away  from  land  where  im  born,  Vanhanen  said  how this  all was  done  because  of  telephone  discussion  with director  of  DANSKE BANK  in  Helsinki, Matti Koivumaki.  He  is  my cousin  but  Vanhanen  did  not  know  it. She  did  not know  that  we  are  in good contacts  and  Matti  could  never  give such order. So finnish  social  system  ladies  steal  children  from  Poland,  take  good  father away from  small   boy and  LIE  how  this  happens  because  of  director  of  Danske bank. 

   I  tell   you this  all,  because I  want  court  of  Klodzko   to  understand   how big  international  crises   started  when  you  did  not  handle  my  case in  may 2005  in   honorable  ways.   If YOU  and  court  of  Jyvaskyla not  correct  their  mistakes, you  carry  responsibility  of  isis hit  to  keuruu  social office  and Danske bank  both.  Starting  of war in  sudetian mountains

 Psycholog  Border   has  met  me  last  time in  may  2012 and  he  says how  until that  day they havent noticed  any  mental  illness  in  Hietikko.   He  knows me  15  years  or more  because  he  kept  long  therapia  to  my wounded  wife.  But  in year  2010  in Finland  Tuomo Reina, Ossi  Viljakainen, Heidi  Nystrom ,Finnish  judge  erkki.marttila  at  oikeus.fi and 3  lawyers of  association  info  at   valvontalautakunta.fi has  been  talking in court  and  in  public  media about  mentall  illness  of  Williams  father.

This   means,  Mr  Border  can  proof  to  court  how all they  were  liers  who   wanted  help   polish  mafia ,  banish to Sahara   different  thinkers and  take  to  Finland  most  rich  people of  Somalia

If  my  post   traumatic  stress  reaction  and  manuscriptura to  cinema  project  of  prokurator   Jelinska has  got  figures  of  mentall illness DURING   LAST  3   YEARS,  this   is   caused by  this  world  which   becomes  more  and  more  creisi.  Also  by  lawyers  Majiec  Abresz  and  Marek Rudnicki   in  Wroclaw,   Ari  Kuukka and  police  of  Keuruu  who  all   refused to  do  their work .  If  somebody   demands  any   new   investigation  about  mental  healthy  of  Hannu  Hietikko,  first  finnish  lawyers  and  state of  Finland  must  proof  to  court of Klodzko   that their  psychiatric  commissio,  3  psychiatres in Helsinki  Kuokkanen, Keranen Luoto   and  Mariuz  Border  in Wroclaw   have  been  wrong  or corrupted. Also  Dr  Martinez Galendo  in Torremolinos corrupted when  he said 2010  how  Hietikko  need  NO  kind  of  psychiatric  services  and  I surely would  be a good  father  to small  boy.  William  SELF  said  2006  how  he  becomes  SICK  if  he  cant  live  with  his  father. In  Finland  schoolchildren   are   generally   very   sick   and  depressed,   not   much   light   and  love.


I demand  that  Violetta  Sarnowiak   shall   be  invited  to court  of  Klodzko  in beginning  of  may  2015  and  she  must  explain  what  for  she killed   my  first   son, what for   try  to steal  from  her  own  son rights   to  have   love  of  father ,   and   childhood  home .

What  for she  was  liening  to  kancelaria  Romanowska  in  december 2001  how  Hietikko   surely  understand  what is  written   in  agreement  when  I  bought  apartment  Traugutta  811  .  I  bought  it  to  myself  100% with  my  own  money  ,  because  Illnickies  in  Gniewoszow  wanted  kill  me.  Later when  she  was  in  Finland  in  secret  adres,  she  told  me in  telephone   how 50 % of  that apartment  is  hers

Lawyer  Marek  Rudnicki  in  Wroclaw in summer  2011  took  from  me money  and  promised  to  handle  this problem  with  kancelaria  Romanowska  before this  case  becomes  old   in  november 2011  .  Worth  of  that  apartment  was  2011  euros 100 000 and  kancelaria  Romanowska  has  insurance  who pay  it  when  they  have  made  such mistake  where   kancelaria  carry  responsibility.  But  when  gangsters of  Bogdanowitz   were  frightening  me  away from  Poland,  Mr  Rudnicki  did  not  what he  promised.  In  this  situation  he   must  pay  himself  me  100 000  euros  or  talk  with  his friends  in  kancelaria  Romanowska  to  take  that money  from  insurance. If  they  not  do this,  Marek  Rudnicki  , kancelaria  Romanowska  and  their  CLIENTS  are in  big  danger.

 My  bank  account  number   you  get  from  consulat. Please  pay  100 000 e soonest  without  trial or fight.  My  ex  wife  info  at  keuruunekokyla.fi  sign under  and  give you  keys  to  apartment  Traugutta  18  16.      50 000  e  I promise  to   pay at  same  day  to  account  of  William 

 Mr  Rudnicki  has  also  sd  card  from  discussions  with  al qaida police  and  Hietikko  where  they  confess  how  starting  of this III world  war was  serious mistake. Also  they  said  how  Hietikko  has  correct  information  when  i said  how  al  qaida  was  dropping  down with  electronic weapons  airplane  of  polish  president  in april 2010. But  they didnt  want tell  this  to  media. 

 When  i  was  in  Finland  keuruu  police  station  2012 ,  i  was  asking  Violetta  that  because  nobody  can  be  in  Wroclaw  ,  i  want  sell  it  and  buy  with 100 000  e  home  in  Keuruu  centrum . In  that  way  boy could  meet  also his father  and  i  could  get back  in  Finland  my  citizen  rights  and  healthy  services.  But  Violetta  was  saying NO. You  cant  sell  it because she  is  50 %  owner  and  she  not  want  see  Hietikko  in  Finland.

 What  for  its   not  good  to  her, she  try to  talk  how  Hietikko  is  psychopatic  killer.  In  level  of  facts ,  I have  quite  big pension  from  works of  art  director  to  Nokia  and  Ensto  and  if  i  would  live in Keuruu  and  take  care  needs of  my  son,  Violetta  could  not get  money  of  finnish tax  payers

 In  such  way  behaves  a polish  woman ,    whom  i  helped  from  communistic  Poland  to  my  new  house  in  Finland   , i  paid  all  her  costs  of  living  and  expensive therapias 18  years.  And  later  pastor  Siemasz  say how  Hietikko didnt  give any  love  and  money  to  his puor  wife.  Its  not  true, we  never  had  any quarreling  of  money, she  had my  visa  classic  card  and  new Peugeot  607.  She was  very  careful  with  money, better as me. Until  her mother  and  sister  wanted to  rob  us

Also love  i tried to  give  her, but  its very  difficult  if  other  one  feels   only hate  against a  man , generally  ,  because  of  her  terrible childhood

  If  we  read  letter  of  Violetta  Sarnowiak  53  pages  in  polish,  we  know  what    Halina Cieplucha  and  his husband done to  their oldest  daughter. Psycholog   Border  and  advokat  Kuukka  in Finland  both  have copy   of  that letter. She  also  blames her  sister  Wiesa  Cjajzinska  how  she  is defending blindly crimes of  their  parents.  Wiesa   was  sending  sms  messages  to  many   people  as  swedishsteel  at   gmx.de  DONT  give that  farm  to Hietikko,  he  is  SICK.

When  court  psychiatric  commissio   and  psycholog  Border  have different  opinion,  Wiesa  Cjajzinska  must  answer  to  court  of  Klodzko   what she  actually ment ,  if  somebody  is  sick,  is it really  reason to  rob  his properity .  Wiesa  should  pay  100 000  euros  compensation  to  account  of  my  son  from  such talking    which  cause  risk  of  healthy  to him.  Her  parts  in this  crime  must be  investigated  by criminal  police. Her  previous  husband Pawel  Cjajzinski confessed   to  me  and  to  Dietmar  Schuller in  christmas  time 2004  how  he  belongs to  mafia  of  lodz

 Lawyer  Anna  Schabikowska  in  Wroclaw 2011  saw   clearly  how   family  of  Halina  Cieplucha  and   lawyer  cousin  Izabela  Dzikowska  in  Lodz  has   systematically   planned  everything . But  Mrs Schabikowska  can not  help  because this  is  question  about mafia of Lodz and  her  friend lawyer Abresz  not  want  that  anybody  help Hietikko.  3  people  was killed in Gniewosow  who did  this mistake. Police  of  Miedzylesie  Mr  Zombie was saying  how it  was  an accident. He was also warning  Janusz Rajchel  with  hard  problems  if  he  help Hietikko.  If  Janusz not  want  remember  this,  it  means  that he  want  help  criminals  and  he  will  get  problems  from  german  ISIS .

 Also  Janusz  Rajchel and Piort  Piaskus must  remember  how  2 police  Furtak  and Miezzallo  were  2008  both  drinking  half  ltr  vodka in  bar  of  Piaskus  and  went  to  work  with  policecar. How Doctor  Lange    and   architect  Lewandowska ,   were  selling maroccian  hasis   and  local   marihuana  ,this  must  Januz   remember or  meet ISIS 

 Piaskus  said  how  somebody  who  start talk  true  ,  can not  live  in  Poland. But  now  its  different  time,  everybody  who  is  not  ready to  talk  true  to  prokurator  about  this  case,  this  one  shall be  killed  by  german  isis.  And  when  i  write  so,  please  remember  that  threatening  with  killing   was  totally  legal  against me  and  my  family  TOO MANY  YEARS  . I  have  done  such   in  level  of  my   fantasia  cinema,  ordered by  prokurator  Jelinska. 

 But  it started  become  dangerous  when  too  german  russian  and  finnish  men  started  become  witnesses  of  Hietikko  and   like  my homepages  and FB too  much.  I   refuse  to  ask  help  from  them  if  court  react  before  28.5.2015

 They were   sending  Violetta  to  rich Finland  from  communistic  Poland 1987   by   newspaper  advertising   and  later   wanted as    salary all  my properity , life  time  work.  2  marriages  and  2 divorces   from  same  man  and  after  18  years  Violetta  Sarnowiak  says  in  court  of  Finland  how  all   these    years  Hietikko   has been   mentally ill  man who hurts  her  honour  so  badly  that  finnish police  arrest   me  and  take  dna  tests, never  let  me  see  my  son.  

 When  Violetta  was  at  same  time  fooling 1,27   million euros  from  such   invalid ,  it should  be  big  crime .  But  because  she  did not  want  it  to  herself, not  even  our child, this proofs  that somebody  was  ruling  and  forcing  her to  bad  crimes.  Who  was  this one, minna.tyvio   at  oikeus.fi   has  important  document.  Please  notice  that also  nonsense trial  in  Klodzko   2005..2008  was  kept  because of  honour  hurting  of  polish  women,  but  not  in  Poland,  not  in  Finland   nobody  has  found  any   evidences  from  such  crime.

 Violetta has  been  using   rights  of  a  child  to  have contact  to  own father  as  a  WEAPON  OF  BLACKMAILING and  thats  why   courts  of  Jyvaskyla  and  Klodzko   must  give  100 %  rights  to William  Sarnowiak to  his  father  and  my  trustfull   home  keeper   melika.ramouz  at   hotmail.com   .  We  have  money  to  take  good  care  of  William without   social  help  of  finnish taxpayers.  We  can  also give  to  him  LOVE,  in  Violas  own  hand  written  letters  she  confess  how  she  has  only one  real  feeling  to  a  man,  its  hate and  fear.  Psycholog  Border  has  these  letters  and  he  worry  about  William  because  HE  also  is  a  man.  He  is  in  age  of pubertet  14  and  its  much  better  for  him  to  live  with  his  father  as  strange  eko  sekta lesbians  in  middle  of  forest.  In sad house  what  was  before  a PRISON  .  They  were  illegally  hiding  this  adress  3  years  and  manipulated  my  son  to hate  his father.    Keuruu  social  office  and  info  at   keuruunekokyla.fi   must  answer  about  this crime  in  court  of  Jyvaskyla  and  Klodzko and pay  costs  of family  therapia  in  Sweden   or in Spain. To  Finland   i  cant   come  because  they  can arrest me  III  time  ,  force  to  eat poison  


 Kidnapping and  blackmailing  money  to  mafia  of  Lodz  is  a  crime  where USA  used  to    give   punishments  of death  but  police  of  keuruu  ismo.yijala  at   poliisi.fi   not  want  investigate  because  the  crime  is  so  small

 If  my  son self  want continue  living  in  keuruu ekowillage, they  must  accpet  that  me  and  Melika  Ramouz   start  live  there  with  William. Or  we buy  house  with  compensations  from  polish court.   If  the  boy   want  live  with  us  in  Portugal  Spain or  Marocco,  we  do  like  he  says.  In  Fuengirola is  finnish  basic  school  and  also  its  possible  to  finish  basic  school  of  Finland  with  flaptop. Melika  and  me   both  have  education  from  university  and I  have   work  experience   of  one  year  as teacher  in  finnish  school. Violetta  Sarnowiak can  be  with  us  so  much  as  she  wants,  we  not  steal  common  child  as she  does.  We not  blame  her  about anything,  we  give her  own house  and  argan  garden  near lands  of  her  son.

I demand  that  Violetta  Sarnowiak start  immediately  make    own   passport  to  our son,  so that  he  is  free  to  travel  with his father  and Melika  4.6.2015  when school  is finito  in Finland.  Viola  can  come  to   us  in Extremadura after  Klodzko  court  is  finito

 If  we not  can get  William,  it  means  that  Hietikko and  Ramouz  disappear  to  south  America  and   not  come  back. If  Violetta  not accept  now   peace,  she  get  more hard  punishments  from  courts.  Maybe  prison

 We  have  witness  to  whom  Violetta  has  said  in  e mail  2012  how meetings  of  father  and  son are  not  possible  so long  as Hietikko  confess  how owner  of  farm  is  Halina  Cieplucha. Pastor  Josef   Siemasz  can   tell  to  the  court  how this reason  of  behaving  of  Violetta  Sarnowiak  is  the  same  reason what for  she  killed  our  first  child. Me  and  my   new  family  in Agadir  demand  that  in  beginning  of  may 2015  court  of  Klodzko  demand  psychiatric  investigation  from VIOLETTA  SARNOWIAK  . What  for  she  steal  from  her  son  LIFE  and  good  father  and  own home  from  other  one .  If  she  talk  true, nobody   can demand  her  any  punishment,  its   my  opinion.  But  she  must  start   talk  true  now

   Violetta  was  trying  to  lie  to  court   to  minna.tyvio  at   oikeus.fi   2011  how   its  necessary  to  sell  rapidly   farm  in  Gniewoszow  because  lands  34,5  hectar  are bought  with  money  of  her  mother Halina Cieplucha. When  I  tried    to  be  at  my  city  home in  Wroclaw  ,    many     rascals from  abau  at  onet.eu  Andrei Bogdanowitz    came   to  frighten  me  away.  Adam  Zaba told  to  me,  to  Vojtek  Kubiza  and to  my  taperecorder  2008  who  is  boss  of  Miedzylesie  mafia,  who  co operated  with  Lodz . 

 This  c  casette  i  have left  to  head police  of  Wroclaw  Podvala  street  . Name  of  that man  is  BORISKO,  says  Adam  Zaba,  police  of  Miedzylesie  never  investigate  his  crimes, says Zaba  in  this  c  casette.  When  Jazek Pelzak  in  Gniewoszow was   talking  about  Mr Borisko  and  his  crimes in  our  house,  Mr  Borisko  was  hitting  Jacek  very  hard. This  told  Adam  Zaba  in  his  c  casette. Pawel  and  Ludmila  Boycoff  in  Dlugopole  has  told  to  several witnesses  how  gangster  chef  Andrei  Bogdanowitz  was  transporting  lot  of  material  from our  house.  Also  they  talk  how  there  is  something  open  in   salaries   what  architect  Sarnowiak  had  agreed   in her  farm.  Such  matters  belong  to  her,  she  is  owner  and  credit  taker , she  must  come  to  Poland  and  make  all  clear  .  Me  and   Melika  take  care  of  our  son.  If  this  is  not  possible, you not see  us  any  more  but  after  me  shall come  war and  fire.  Riders of red  harley horses  from  Germany 

   Violetta  Sarnowiak  has  been talking in keuruu to many  people  as  lassila.anna  at  luukku.com   how  Hietikko  has  character  of  psychopath, emotionally cold  man  who  can  kill  own  children  and  she  has  been  trying  to HELP  Hietikko  18 years.  Prokurator  must  ask  her  is  it  really  so  that  they  kill  children  in Finland  by order of a MAN.  Its  surely  not  true,  they  asked  me nothing, in Finland  women  decide  about  EVERYTHING.   Violetta  must  explain  in  court  what  for  this  helping  was  ending  exactly  same  time  when  last  part  of  Hietikkos  properity  1,27  million  euros  was  in Poland  and  police  was  ruling  me  to  go away .


 We  have  met  lot  of german  people  in Agadir  who  not  see  any  preventing  matter  to  start  this  useful  project. Bisnes  academia of Agadir  has  same opinion, but  in  court  of   Finland  they  say  how  Hietikko  is  totally mad  ,  out  of  realities.  The  responsibility of  panstwo  Finlandia.malaga  at   gmail.com  is  to  analyze  and explain  to  court  of  Klodzko  before  4.5.2015   what  is  out  of  realities    or  mentally ill  in  plan  of  Hietikko ? If   they  not  can,  lawyers association Finland  pay  6,9  million euro, state of  Finland one    million,  kauhajoki  and  keuruu  both  half  million  euro. Plus  costs  of lawyers  and  witnesses   of  Hietikko   .  Insurance   Allianz  Wroclaw must pay  costs of  repairing  and  stolen things 

  Compensations to  Deutsche bank Fuengirola Spain / Hannu  Hietikko

 When  respected   court  of  KLODZKO     think   these  demands, please understand  this. 50  % of  all  compensations  I shall  invest to  Miedzylesie near  Domaszkow  railway  station .  New work places  with salaries 2000 e  per  month  to  good stolarski. New school   to  Gniewoszow  to  lead  international  network  die   Gelben   angels. Zolty  ZEHUBIM. Los  Amarillos,  Kollased.  Keltaiset  ry.  Registered  in  Finland

 When  Poland  and  USA  started this  world  war III  ,   state of  Finland  Patria  made  the  biggest  deal   in  its historia. But  Patria fooled Poland using  III  class rubbish  metal  to  war cars  PASI.  Many  polish men  died because of  this crime  of  Jorma Wiitakorpi.He  was  talking  to  some  men   like  this //  that cheap quality is  enough to  such  fuc ing  polacs  ha  ha  hah  kjiaah. In  Finland  many people think   how they  are  much better  as polish , russians  or  estonians . They  need  punishment  to  understand   what  goes  up  must  come  down .    We   not  can  get  them  to  court  of  Klodzko  , but   you have  authority  and  power  demand  state of  Finland  to  pay to   Hietikko what i  demand.  Half  of  that  will  stay to  Poland, this is OPEN  deal,  in  front  of  people  and  GOD.  Not  under  table

Half   of  compensations   ordered  to  me   i  shall  invest  to  centre  of   polish  culture  in  south Marocco.  Exhibition  of  96  wooden loghouses   and  their individual  interior   made  by  big  network allover in  Poland.

 With this  project  our   team  want  give  good  work and  salaries to  all Poland  and  to all  Marocco,  also  a possibility  to  primieminister   Tusk   to  fullfill  his promises to  polish   people, to  show  them a  miracle  with  force of  the  SUN,  to  clean  away  from  Poland  all  shit. 

 This  he  said  in TV   before   people  gave  him  power. Before  John Paul II  died , 55 % of  polish people  choosed invisible   president  Jesus  Christ  and  his spirit  of Truth   is  exactly  same  matter  as   Holy spirit  of  prophet  Muhamed. Such  matters  cant  be  TWO  in this  world.

 Tat  twam  asi

Etta silleen sano  11.3.2015  

 Hannu  Hietikko 

PS.   Melika Ramouz   want add to  courts   this.  If there  is  very   different  kind  of stories   about  Hietikkos  behaving  in  Poland  1999/ 2005, im  sure   that   they  lie, or  partly  it can  be  caused by    3 gr daily  eating  of  cannabis, sold by  german doctor  and  polish  architect. In Maroc   he  didn  do it, but  if  anyone  do,   surely  its  easy  to  fool  such   man.  But   what is  responsibility  of  german legalized  doctor .  

 When  they  at  those years  took  his  signatures  selling  house  in  Porvoo,  apartments  in Helsinki,   all   those  agreements are  IN  VALID,   must  be  cancelled  ,  kalle.jokela  at   huom.fi   and  doctor Henryk  Lange  must   pay  the  costs    .  This  belongs   to  our   letter   to   court   of   Jyvaskyla   and  Klodzko,   in   polish   www.unianova.eu/Polska.htm

www.unianova.eu/polish.htm  letters   in  finnish  to  the  POLICE  of  Finland   and  Poland



 Suomalaisille voin   paljastaa   etta  tuo  4  vuoden   pilvikuuri  Puolassa   johtui   ennenmuuta  yksinaisyydesta.  Ei  ollut  kavereita  ja  oma  vaimo  oli hyvin   vahasanainen   ja  poissaoleva. Ko  aineesta  irtaantuminen  ei    nayta  aikaansaavan   minkaanlaisia   vieroitusoireita


German  insurance  company  ALLIANZ  in Poland   Wroclaw  ul  Ruska  refused  their  responsibility  to  repair  my  broken  house  2009-2010  ,when  there  was full  value  insurance  ,--  Allianz  said  that  they  not  pay , because  Hietikko  is  ´´mentally   ill ´´  said pani Anja. Police of Finland  has her sms 2010.

 I wonder  is  that  really  valid  reason to a client  and  if    doctor Hanuz  and psycholog Border  not  find    mentall   illness  in spring 2015,  what  will  say  Allianz  in  that  case  to  court of Klodzko ?

 When  police Polanski was ruling  me  away from  my  farm,  he  said ´´go  and  solve  these  problems in Finland´´.  He  asked  me to solve problem  caused  by  poverty and stupidness in countryside willages  as Miedzylesie,  but this  matter belongs to court of Klodzko. Here 10  years later  is  my  proposition  to police Adam Polanski  and to government  of Poland



After crime  trial  against  me  was cancelled, Prokurator Beata Jelinska said to  me in  march 2008  in  hearing  of witnesses , after  reading raport  of court psychiatric comissio of Klodzko , how Hietikko  is victims  of  terrible crimes, too  honest, goodhearted and blue eyed man to  be able  to live  in Poland, must go away  and  plan a cinema what should  happen that Hietikko  and 38 million polish emigrants could come  back to Poland with  their  money  and experieneces  of many so called ´´normal´´ societes ? Their good and bad sides.

My  plan  is now ready, and  I  demand that  state of Poland commun Miedzylesie start develope this sketch   together with Marocco , commun Sidi Bibi.  Its  exactly right  time  to do  it because the governments of Poland and Marocco has made in january 2015  agreement  of   co  operation  in  culture and economia

Commun  Sidi Bibi  and  family  of Fadma Rakibi/landowners  are   ready . We  have  27,6  hectar in Gniewoszow  and  in Agadir to  make exhibition  of  polish culture to Agadir to 96 wooden  loghouses  durnitures carpets homemachines , clothes, shoes made in Poland , jugend art  nouveau interiörs,visual arts, high quality  music and  cinema from Poland  from   large screen  outside. King  of Marocco has  plan  take  to south Marocco  10 million  visitors  per  year, and network in ALL Poland would  get  continuous  work  with salaries 2000-3000 e / month.

 In  this place 12  km  from Agadir  airport , near  long sand  beaches  of sidi Tual we could  show to all  world the  best  parts  of  polish  culture and  rise  up  their international  reputation. Its  not  the  best  possible ,  because  life of 38 million emigrants  has  not  been  too easy. Many  of them  want  come  to Agadir  to holiday and  hire room from  those  polish  houses 20 e / day 

Reputation  of berber people is low  as well,  because some   of 40 million  emigrants  are  not  behaving  correctly, but we  make  this  ´´public  imago ´´better  in  middle  of Europa .

Poland shall  get this 27,6  hectares if gminna Miedzylesie  and  panstwo Poland / court  of Klodzko accept  to   farm  of   my  ex  wife  and  our son  William  Sarnowiak  building  permissions to 96 wooden  loghouses , first  floor  beton,  mur  between  houses 3  mtr  high.

 In  closed area 27,6  hectares we open  exhibition  of ber ber and  jewish   ATLANTIS culture. Long time ago  these 2  nations were the same in  south Marocco, and  there is  original  golden Jerusalem. In cinema story of prokurator Jelinska we show to the world such  miracles and  lot of jewish and polish  people  want come to Agadir or Miedzylesie Gniewozow.

  If respected court of Klodzko  accept  my  demands  to state of Poland and  gminna Miedzylesie and  if they  join  this  usefull  project, if our home  shall  be repaired, stolen things  returned , I  have no  other  demands  to you, exept  the  costs  of lawyers.

I met in  Wroclaw july 2011 lawyer Anna Schabikowska and she heard what has  happend. Hannu Hietikko  and  my son William Sarnowiak  have been victims of  serious crimes in Poland  and we should  have rights to  big  compensations. She said this but did not want take  us as client,  because she knows Mr Abresz. This  man was  my  lawyer before and i  have given  him  big  money  to take  care of ME. But he not do  his work and  also  his friend  is not  allowed to help in  this  matter.

What for , reasons behind are such  kind  of  material what for  38  million   polish  emigrants  are not  interested  to come  back  Poland. Old unhonest  power constructions are still existing . Many years ago   primie  minister Tusk   ´´promised to show  people  a  miracle, to clean  away  from Poland  all shit !´´But its  inpossible, when not any  lawyer  can  take Hietikko  as  client. Not even  lawyers  of Helsinki comissio in Warsawa.

In bigger cities situation  may  be  better, but in  back  side willages they have still  have  same systems  and same  people as  it was  in  communistic time

. Police and mafia  in  Miedzylesie  is  the  same  matter. Neighbours Jidek Zamosch, Mietek Steinzek told 2009 to Piotr Piaskus about role  of kazakstanishe  family  Illnicki to be local agent to  police of Miedzylesie in communistic time and all willage  must  be  afraid  of their  terror. Polanski  gets  some % when  Illnickies  steal  our  forest , when Holy Albert association, finnish eko  people ossi.viljakainen@iki.fi,  Andrei Bogdanowitz  and Adam Zaba break  our  house. 

This  all  is deeply criminal  and full  investigation  must be started immediately  ,  public  media should show  the  trials  in Klodzko to  make  all  clear  that  new  times  has  came to Poland

 Such  information  would  make  clear  to german activists how  they have  no reason to come to help  to  get  human  rights to sudetian  finns.  They would be  happy  to attact to Poland sudetian mountains to fight, because  its  more  near as Syria . Small week ´´end wars´´  are  possible .

 But  because I  love Poland and there is  my  home, I hope  that  marek.rudnicki@gmx.net  polish  police  and court understand  their  responsibility to act  rapidly

According kidnapping agreement of Haag matter of my son belongs to court of Klodzko. We have cases when  own mother kidnapped common child to Finland from USA and  court  in Finland was  breaking  this  law,  got  punishment  and 2  boys  was  sended  to  their  father in usa. In  my  case  they  tried to explain  how Finland  is  so  much better  land to a child  as  Poland, but  its not so.

 Economia  in Finland  is  falling as  stone, in Poland  its  rising. In dark Finland schoolchildren  are  much  more  unhappy  and  alcoholized as  they  are  in Poland. They  have  more light and  love , middle european culture.In Finland  they call  ´´culture´´ all such meaningless expensive noise and rubbish  , what need  people who  has no courage to be  what they  really  are. This said in Finland my  last employer Ensio Miettinen, grouder of www.ensto.com Man in photo  is  not  him

But when  i  wrote such matters,  court  of  Finland  is  very  angry because  of my  opinions, not  let  me  see  my illegally  kidnapped son  at all,  not even  call in christmas. They frighten  my  son  how  his father is  mentally  ill. This  makes  wounds  to  me  and my  child, we  need  help  from court of Klodzko. This matter belongs to you also because state of Finland , court of Jyväskylä blame  YOU  from corruption.

Finnish consul said how courtpsychiatric commissio of Klodzko has taken  money from Hietikko when  they wrote 2008  how I m not suffering any  mental  illness and  they  cant  use such  argument to  refuse respecting the  kidnapping  agreement of Haag . Besides doctors in Spain Marocco Germany Sweden  agree  with  Poland. Its  not  possible  that  they  all  are corrupted. Finland  is quilty to similar crimes against  human rights  as happened  before in communistic Russia. More as 1000 cases wrongusing of psyhiatria in Finland  every  year says  investigator Markku Salo from mielenterveyden  keskusliitto toimisto@mtkl.fi


Because of kidnapping agreement of Haag,  court  of Finland has no rights to  handle matter  of  my  kidnapped  son and  all  these years  i have  been  reminding. It must be returned to court of Klodzko , where they already have perfect investigation from my mental healthy.

My demand is one million  euro, 300 000 e to my son, 100 000 to  his  mother , 100 000 e  plus  finnish  passport to Melika Ramouz from Agadir, plus costs of  the  lawyers and doctors

read  next  letter to strasbourg court in english


Saksalainen  naapuri Ditmar Schuller   swedishsteel@gmx.de sekä vyroby@gmail.com Kamila Michalowitz  kävivät 1.8.2011 rikotussa  talossa  todeten  ettei  kyseessä  ole vain  varastelu  hyötymismielessä  vaan  silmitön  viha Hietikkoa  kohtaan. Schuller  sanoi tietävänsä sen  johtuvan Hietikon juutalaisesta alkuperästä. Todistaja Pawel Boycoff  ja vaimonsa Ludmila ovat  sanoneet Schullerille miten  taloa ryöstävä  on Andrei Bogdanowitz Dlugopolesta, mutta poliisi  ei tee  mitään  koska poliisi saa  osinkoja talomme ja  metsämme  ryöstämisestä

 Ditmar Schullerin  kuullen joulun aikaan 2008  Suomen  kansalaiset  Ossi Viljakainen ja Erkko Välimäki määräsivät Hannu Hietikon  poistumaan  maatilaltaan Puolassa Miedzylesie Gniewoszow 6  syystä  että pelättiin Hietikkoon kohdistuneen  vihan suuntautuvan  myös heihin. Ananda seva jooga järjestö lupasi  pitää maatilasta huolen seuraavat 30 vuotta,  muussa tapauksessa  korvata kaikki  vahingot  plus 200 000 euroa  sopimusrikkosakkoa , 35 000  jäi  velkaa  ostetusta traktorista ja autosta. Sopimusdokumentit lakimiehillä marek.rudnicki@gmx.net sekä Majiec Abresz Wroclaw. Jos ne on  hävitetty  herra Schuller  muistaa  kyllä  asian.  Aiemmin  syksyllä  2008 Viljakainen  kirjoitti näin

Tässä kirjelmässä on laadittu yhteenveto kaikista  Hannu Oskari  Hietikkoon Suomessa kohdistuneista rikoksista. Ne  ovat vaikuttaneet Hietikon  juridistyyppiseen  ilmaisukyyn  heikentävästi, eikä hän ole kyennyt selkeästi hahmottamaan asiakokonaisuuteen liittyviä tekijöitä ja  yksilöimään niitä oikeusjärjestelmän edellyttämällä tavalla. Vapaamuotoisesti sitäkin paremmin

 Asiantilasta johtuen Allekirjoittanut on  avustanut Hietikkoa haastattelemalla sekä kirjaamalla hänen kuvaamansa rikokset ja niihin  johtaneet tapahtumat tiivistetysti ja mahdollisuuksien mukaan kronologisessa järjestyksessä. Tässä kirjeessä yksilöidään tapahtuneet rikokset ja ilmaistaan asianomistajan vaatimukset.

 – Sopimuksenvastainen lapsen kaappaaminen

 – Perätön mielisairaaksi tuomitseminen 

– Hietikkoon kohdistuva syyttäjäviranomaisen tekemä rajoittamispäätös

 Tapahtumien taustaa lyhyesti:

 1. Puolasta 7.3.1987 muuttanut Violetta Izabela Sarnowiak  tuli Suomeen isänsä ja enonsa lehti-ilmoituksen perusteella Hietikon vaimoksi ja halusi päästä heti naimisiin hänen kanssaan saadakseen Suomen passin. Saapuessaan Sarnowiak oli erittäin aneemisessa ja  huonossa kunnossa. Lukuisissa yhteyksissä Sarnowiak sanoi parantuneensa anemiastaan  Hietikon laittaman mainion kasvisruuan avulla. Porvoon osuuspankin  varatuomari Mikko Vartiainen  teki 1987 avioehtosopimuksen  jonka mukaan avioerossa  perheen kaikki  omaisuus kuuluisi yksinomaan Hietikolle

 2. Pian Sarnowiak tuli raskaaksi, mutta halusi abortoida esikoisen todeten hänen  lapsuustaustansa olleen niin väkivaltainen ja hirvittävä, että hän joutuisi psykoosiin mikäli saisi lapsen. Sarnowiak kertoi olleensa ennen Suomeen tuloa kokonaisen vuoden  hoitolaitoksessa näiden syiden takia.

 3. Sarnowiak on kertonut omissa käsin kirjoitetuissa, Hietikolle, Hietikon sukulaisille ja tämän  monille ystäville osoitetuissa kirjeissä, että nämä psyykkiset ongelmat eivät ole lainkaan Hannun  syytä, vaan päin vastoin Hannu on yrittänyt kovasti niissä Violaa auttaa ja Hannu on  joutunut hirveästi kärsimään johtuen näistä Sarnowiakin psyykkisistä ongelmista. Nämä kirjeet on toimitettu Helsingin Hovioikeuteen.

 4. Hakiessaan apua ongelmiinsa, Sarnowiakia kieltäydyttiin auttamasta Porvoon  terveyskeskuksessa rasistisista syistä, ja ei suostuttu antamaan tälle terapiaa.

 5. Haettaessa Sarnowiakille apua Lääkäriasema Diacorista Helsingistä, sielläkin hoito evättiin  psykologi Riitta-Liisa Lahdelman sanoin: ”ei me täällä kaikenlaisia venäläisiä auteta”,  vaikka Sarnowiakilla oli silloin jo Suomen kansalaisuus.

 6. Sarnowiakin rippipappi Josef Siemasz ja perheen psykoterapeutti Mariusz Border ovat  yksimielisesti todenneet, että esikoisen tappamiseen ja toisen lapsen kidnappaamiseen on  yksi ja sama syy: Sarnowiakin lapsuudessaan kokema jatkuva perheväkivalta, joka ei  millään tavoin voi olla Hietikon syytä. Lapsuusaikaisen päähänhakkaamisen  avulla Violetan äiti,sisar ja lakimiesserkku  määräävät heikkotahtoista Violettaa rikoksiin  omaa perhettään ja kotiaan vastaan. Kyseessä on rankka perheväkivalta, jota Suomen sosiaali ja oikeustoimi edesauttavat, syystä ettei Hietikon mielipitestä pidetä 

 7. Vuonna 2007 Sarnowiak väitti Helsingin kärjäoikeudessa, että Hietikko ei osaa lainkaan  laittaa ruokaa, ei edes paistaa kananmunaa, vaikka Sarnowiak oli itse kertonut parantuneensa anemiastaan ja heikosta kunnostaan Hietikon laittamalla mainiolla kasvisruoalla saavuttuaan Suomeen ensimmäistä kertaa vuonna 1985.

 8. Myöhemmin Puolassa tapahtuneiden rikosten selvittämisen yhteydessä on alkanut paljastua Sarnowiakin juonittelevan äidin, eli Hietikon anopin Halina Ciepluchan kierot pyrkimykset varastaa Hietikon suuri omaisuus lahjomalla puolalaisia post-kommunistisen hallinnon korruptoituneita viranomaisia jättämään tutkimatta Hietikkoon kohdistuvat rikokset ja yllyttämällä Hietikon puolalaista naapuria, Illnickin perhettä terrorisoimaan Hietikkoa sekä levittelemällä Hietikon kotipaikkakunnalla Gniewosowissa   perättömiä juoruja väittämällä  Hietikkoa mielisairaaksi sekä yllyttämällä lukuisia ihmisiä rikoksiin, joiden avulla Cieplucha on pyrkinyt tekemään Hietikon elämän Puolassa sietämättömäksi ja pyrkinyt  ajamaan tämän pois tilaltaan. On selvää että Cieplucha ja Sarnowiak tarvitsivat Helsingin  käräjäoikeuden huoltajaoikeudenkäynnissä sellaista todistustaineistoa, että Hietikon pojan kotikylä Puolassa on lapsen kannalta mahdoton ja hirvittävän vaarallinen paikka elää.

Todellisuudessa Wroclaw, jossa perheen kaupunkiasunto sijaitsee, on Helsinkiä turvallisempi paikka elää. Gniewosowin   kylä on suomalaista kirkonkylää paljon turvallisempi. Hietikon mukaan Cieplucha on mitä ilmeisimmin tehnyt kaiken tämän saadakseen  myydä  Hietikon arvokkaan Sudeettien vuoristossa sijaitsevan kartanotilan saksalaisille investoijille . Tästä on olemassa lukuisia kirjallisia todisteita ja henkilö todistajia.  Tähän samaan juoneen on liittynyt Hietikon leimaaminen mielisairaaksi myös Suomessa.

 Seuraavat rikokset ovat tapahtuneet:

 1. On mahdollista että Hietikkoon kohdistunut rikosvyyhti ja erityisesti Hietikon  Kauhajoella tapahtunut vapaudenriisto ja vuonna 2005 tapahtunut laiton pakkohoito Seinäjoen mielisairaalassa pohjautuu vuonna 1985 Porvoossa pitkään jatkuneen työpaikkakiusaamisen ja sen  yhteydessä annetusta erikoislääkäri Eija Thomassonin laatimasta lääkärin lausunnosta, jossa Thomasson väittää Hietikon kärsivän skitsofreniasta. Hietikolle  Thomasson kertoi kirjoittavansa lausuntonsa lääkärin etiikkansa velvoittamana pelastaakseen Hietikon hengen ja saadakseen tämän eläkkeelle työpaikalta, jonka ilmapiirissä Hietikon mielenterveys lääkärin arvion mukaan olisi voinut järkkyä.

 2. Kyseisen työpaikkakiusaamisen järjestänyt Ensto-yhtiöiden kehitysjohtaja Kari Metso oli  passittanut Hietikon työterveyslääkäri Udo Prezlerin vastaanotolle, joka puolestaan oli väittänyt Hietikkoa hulluksi ja vaatinut tätä käyttämään vahvaa lääkitystä väittäen että  muuten Hietikko ei koskaan parantuisi. Hietikko kävi   myös terveyskeskuslääkäri Dick Jägerholmin vastaanotolla, jossa Jägerholm totesi Hietikolle, että ”kyllä siellä Enstolla varmasti joku hullu on, olen siitä ennenkin kuullut, mutta et se kyllä sinä ole”.

3. Seuraavaksi Hietikko meni psykiatrian erikoislääkäri Eija Thomassonin vastaanotolle.  Tavattuaan Thomassonia 2-3 kertaa ja kerrottuaan Thomassonille mitä työpaikalla oli  tapahtunut, Thomasson totesi, että Hietikko ei ole mielisairas. Kuitenkin saatuaan selville pitkään jatkuneen vakavan työpaikkakiusaamisen Thomasson totesi, että Hietikon on lähdettävä pois työpaikalta. Thomasson oli sanonut Hietikolle, että ”vaikka et olekaan  mielisairas, minun on nyt jotain sellaista kirjoitettava, koska systeemi toimii niin. Teen sen lääkärinetiikkani takia, mutta älä vain itse koskaan usko sitä mitä nyt kirjoitan”.

 4. Kun myöhemmin Enston henkilöstöpäällikkö yritti houkutella Hietikkoa takaisin sanoen että ”Tulehan nyt, me tiedämme ettei sinua mikään vaivaa” ja että ”Ensio on hirveän vihainen” viitaten yhtiön pääjohtajaan Ensio Miettiseen. Hietikko olisi palannut, koska hän piti  henkilökohtaisesti Ensio ja Timo Miettisestä, mutta erikoislääkäri Thomasson kielsi palaamasta.

 5. Tämä lääkärinlausunto on tehtailtu yhteistyössä Ensto-yhtiöiden silloisen johdon kanssa,  koska Hietikon kanssa oli laadittu aikaisemmin eläkeikään asti ulottuva työsopimus, joka nyt haluttiin purkaa, mutta Ensto-yhtiön silloinen johto ei halunnut maksaa Hietikolle  sovittua sopimuksen purkamisesta annettavaa kultaista kädenpuristusta, vaan halusivat vierittää kulut eläkevakuutusyhtiön maksettavaksi, ja siten sopivat lääkärin kanssa edellä mainitun lausunnon kirjoittamisesta. Kultaisen kädenpuristuksen maksaminen ei olisi tuottanut Hietikolle näitä moninaisia vaikeuksia ja kerrannaisvaikutuksia, kuin mitä tästä  lääkärinlausunnosta hänen elämäänsä on koitunut. Lähtiessään Enstolta yhtiön omistajaperheen Timo Miettinen sanoi Hietikolle, että ”Minä en hetkeäkään usko, että sinä olisit mielenvikainen, mutta tämä järjestelmä tekee sellaisia päätöksiä, joille en minä eikä isänikään (Ensio Miettinen) voi mitään”.Rikos: Lääkärin yllyttäminen rikokseen yhtiön toimivan johdon toimesta.

 6. Myöhemmin vuonna 1986 Hietikko soitti Kelan lääkärille ja kertoi että tässä on kyseessä  väärinkäsitys, ja että Ensto-yhtiöiden omistajat Ensio ja Timo Miettinen haluaisivat Hietikon takaisin yhtiöön töihin. Kelan lääkäri sanoi, että tällaisia asioita eivät päätä taiteilijat eikä diplomi-insinöörit, vaan me lääkärit. Lääkäri jatkoi, että ”sairastunut ei itse ymmärrä sairastuneensa”. Tämän jälkeen Hietikko ei ole yrittänyt kumota lääkärinlausuntoa, koska vaikutti siltä, että tätä jo tehtyä hulluksi leimaamista ei millään konstilla pysty papereista poistamaan, ja se näyttää olevan ikuinen.

 7. Seuraavana vuonna, 7.3.1987 Violetta Sarnowiak muutti Suomeen tullakseen Hietikon vaimoksi.

 8. Tasan 20 vuotta myöhemmin 7.3.2007 Aila Koulun pakotettua heikossa kunnossa olevan  asiakkaansa avioeroon ja valehtelemaan, Sarnowiak väitti Helsingin Käräjäoikeudessa, että hänen vanhempansa eivät ole koskaan hänelle mitään pahaa tehneet, vaan että kaikki on Hietikon syytä. Käräjäoikeudessa hän väitti olleensa ennen Suomeen tuloa hoitolaitoksessa vain kolme kuukautta, ja väitti hoitolaitoksen olleen kylpylä. Rikos: Rikokseen yllyttäminen, valehtelu oikeuden edessä ja väärä vala.

 9. Lääkäriasema Diacorissa Helsingissä psykologi Riitta-Liisa Lahdelma syyllistyi rasistiseen  rikokseen eikä suostunut antamaan Sarnowiakille terapiaa, koska Lahdelman mukaan Kela ei hyväksy kalliita terapiota ''kaikenmaailman venäläisille”. Hietikko katsoo, että tämä rikos on aiheuttanut sekä Hietikolle että hänen kahdelle lapselleen sietämättömiä kärsimyksiä.

Rikos: hoidon evääminen Suomen kansalaiselta, heitteille jättö, rasistinen loukkaus.

 10. Kun Hietikko Suomeen tultuaan pidätettiin johtuen Sarnowiakin levittämistä perättömistä huhuista ja suljettiin 2,5 kuukaudeksi mielisairaalaan pakkohoitoon, on selvää että rikos on tapahtunut. Rikos: Vakava vapauden riisto, hoitolaitoksessa tapahtunut seksuaalinen väkivalta, leikkausoperaatiolla uhkaaminen ja pelottelu, väkisin huumaaminen huumaavilla ja riippuvuutta aiheuttavilla lääkeaineilla, ihmisarvoon kohdistuvat loukkaukset, kotiuttaminen sairaalasta niin pahasti huumatussa tilassa, että Hietikon kaikki arvokkaat matkatavarat, mukaanlukien arvokas Asahi Pentax -ammattikamera varastettiin tämän kotimatkalla.

 11. Seuraavana talvena Hietikon tiedusteltua Seinäjoen psykiatrian yksikön ylilääkäri Lassilalta syytä näin pitkään pakkohoitoon  sähköpostitse , Lassila suuttui ja kirjoitti uhkaavaan sävyyn siten että ellei Hietikko lakkaa kirjoittelemasta ja ajamasta oikeuksiaan oli viestistä tulkittavissa että hänet voidaan pidätetään uudelleen ja sulkea pakkohoitoon. Rikos: Uhkaus vapaudenriistolla joka velvoitti Hietikon lähtemään maanpakoon. Tohtori Petri Luoma oli  Hietikon asunnolla kuin  tuollaisia sähköposteja Lassilalta saapui

 12. Violetta Sarnowiak oli yrittänyt taivutella lapsen kummia ja Hannun pitkäaikaista ystävää  Helena Antila-Jalosta puolelleen sanoen tälle, ettei Antila-Jalonen ole lainkaan realistinen Hietikon mielisairauden suhteen, josta Sarnowiak sanoo olevansa aivan varma. Pitkään perheen tilannetta seuranneena ja Hietikon ystävänä Antila-Jalonen tiesi, että Hietikko ei ole Sarnowiakin väitteiden mukaisesti mielisairas, vaan että Sarnowiakilla itsellään on vakavia psykologisia ongelmia. Saman käsityksen on perheen psykoterapeutti Marius Border valmis todistamaan oikeuden edessä. Border on sanonut Hietikolle, ja on valmis sanomaan sen oikeudessa, '' sinun vaimollasi on sinnikäs tarve todistaa sinua mielisairaaksi, vaikkei se ole totta. Samaan päätelmään on myös päätynyt Puolan virallinen oikeuspsykiatrinen komitea,jonka loppuraportista päätelmä on luettavissa

 13. Malmin Sosiaalitoimiston juristi Aila Koulu sanoi käräjäoikeudessa olevansa aivan varma, että Hietikko on vakavasti mielisairas ja valmis tappamaan oman lapsensa. Hietikon mielestä on erittäin törkeää että juristin koulutuksen saanut henkilö voi estää täysin isää tapaamasta omaa rakasta lastansa. Juristin rooliin eikä ammattitaitoon kuulu langettavien tuomioiden antaminen ihmisen mielenterveydestä.

 . 14. Kun Hietikko oli yrittänyt tätä asiaa ja ihmisoikeuksiaan selvittää kirjoittamalla eri viranomaisille, Etelä-Suomen lääninhallituksesta ilmoitettiin, että Porvoolainen komisario Jalo Jokinen oli kirjoittanut seuraavasti: ”Hietikko on hullu, ja hän on sen itsekin myöntänyt”. Komisario Jalo Jokisen väite ei ole totta, eikä Hietikko koskaan sellaista ole koskaan kellekään sanonut. Jokinen  oli  vihainen  koska Hietikon  esimies Enston  omistaja Ensio Miettinen  oli  houkutellut  itselleen Jokisen  vaimon

 15. Lapsen pelottelu ja kiduttaminen väittämällä että hänen isänsä on paha, joka tappaa oman poikansa. Tämä vahingoittaa isäänsä ihailevan pojan psyykkistä kehitystä. Se on perusteetonta, koska jopa mielisairaalan johtava lääkäri Antero Lassila toteaa, että Hietikko opittiin tuntemaan kohteliaana ja huomaavaisena miehenä, jolla ei ole aggressioita ja joka ei kertaakaan pakkohoidon aikana menettänyt malttiaan. Ei ole mitään syytä estää häntä olemasta normaalissa vuorovaikutussuhteessa poikansa kanssa, Lassila raportoi. Tämä raportti on aikaisemmin toimitettu oikeuden nähtäväksi. Tämä kauan jatkunut ajojahti ja lukuisat Hietikkoon ja tämän omaisuuteen kohdistuneet rikokset ovat ajaneet hänet surumieliseen tilaan , jossa hän etsii varsin erikoisia ratkaisuja


 1. Hietikko vaatii itseensä kohdistuvan, Helsingin syyttäjäviranomaisen, Kauhajoen syyttäjän  ja apulaisvaltakunnansyyttäjän Jorma Kalskeen tekemän, virheellisin perustein määrätyn rajoittamispäätöksen purkamista vedoten Puolan valtakunnallisen oikeuspsykiatrisen tutkimuskomission lausuntoon, sekä Helsinkiläisten psykiatrien Tapani Luodon  ja  Iiris Keräsen kliinisiin  tutkimuksiin  jotka ovat  asianajaja Ari Kuukalla , Puolalaisen Wroclawin kaupungissa toimivien psykologi Mariusz Borderin ja psykiatri Marchena Dolnan, sekä Hampurissa toimivan erikoislääkäri Henryk Langen ja helsinkiläisen neurobiologian tohtori Petri Luoman lausuntoihin, jotka kaikki todistavat, että Hietikko ei ole mielisairas.

 2. Hietikko vaatii vahingonkorvausta Helsingin Lääkäriasema Diacorin psykologilta Riitta-Liisa Lahdelmalta vaimonsa hoidon eväämisestä rasistisin perustein, syystä että siitä on tullut Hietikolle ja hänen lapselleen raskaita seuraamuksia .

 3. Hietikko vaatii rangaistusta Aila Koululle Sarnowiakin pakottamisesta avioeroon, perheen rikkomisesta, vääriin valoihin ja pakottamisesta valehteluun oikeuden edessä sekä kunnianloukkauksesta ja korvausta vastauskuluista sekä aiheutetusta henkisestä kärsimyksestä, yhteensä 6,9  milj. euroa (4 tuntia / sivu, lakimiehen tuntipalkalla 220 €/ tunti, yhteensä 7810  sivua, yht.6,9 .milj euroa).Hietikko lisää  tähän 23.3.2013 siten  että tuo  iso  korvaus tulee Strasbourgin  / Jyväskylän ja Klodzkon  oikeuden  päätösten  mukaan  jakaa  kolmen asianajajan  Aila Koulun , Tanja Heiskasen  ,  Jukka Hokkasen  , käräjätuomari erkki.marttila@oikeus.fi sekä  Keuruun   terveyskeskuksen  johtajan Tuomo Reinan  kesken 

 4. Hietikko vaatii Helsingin käräjäoikeudessa vahvistetun lapsen tapaamisoikeuden välitöntä täytäntöönpanoa ja lapsen piilottelun välitöntä lopettamista.

 5. Hietikko vaatii Haagin kansainväliseen kidnappaussopimukseen ja poikansa William Sarnowiakin henkilökohtaiseen lausuntoon jossa hän selkeästi ilmaisee halunsa palata takaisin kotiinsa ja kokee sairastuvansa ellei hän saa elää isänsä kanssa eikä saa palata takaisin kotitilallensa Sileesiaan isänsä luokse.

 6. Hietikko vaatii  vahingonkorvausta Jalo Jokiselta kunnianloukkaasta ja perättömästä väitteestä 2000 euroa.

 7. Mikäli oikeus päättää pitäytyä väitteessä että Hietikko on mielisairas, häntä ei voida panna  juridis-taloudelliseen vastuuseen oikeuskuluista. Jos taas oikeus katsoo, että tapahtunut diagnoosi on ollut perusteeton ja väärä, sekä pidättäminen, pakkohoito ja maineen mustamaalaaminen on ollut virhe, vaatii Hietikko lapsen pois riistämisestä, perusteettomasta pidättämisestä, pakkomyrkyttämisestä, kunnianloukkauksesta, vapaudenriistosta ja maineensa mustamaalaamisesta korvausta Suomen valtiolta 1 milj. euroa, sekä Kauhajoen Kaupungilta aiheettomasta pidättämisestä, joukkorasismin sallimisesta, maineen mustamaalaamisesta korvausta 500.000 euroa.( viimeksimainitun  tapauksessa vaihtoehtoisesti kaupunginjohtajan virka )

 8. Hietikko vaatii oikeuden sopimaksi katsoman korvauksen Ensto-yhtiöiden vuonna 1985 toimineelta kehitysjohtaja Kari Metsolta sekä yhtiön työterveyslääkäri Udo Prezleriltä korvausta perättömästä mielisairaaksi leimaamisesta ja siitä koituneesta perheen hajoamisesta ja ihmisarvon ja henkilökohtaisen elämän tuhoamisesta.

 Hietikon kertoman mukaan asiat kirjanneena, oikeudellinen avustaja    ossi.viljakainen@iki.fi

NAISNÄKÖKULMA , todistajalausunto asiaa 30 vuotta seuranneen naisen silmin ja korvin . Mistä kaikki alkoi ?   Lausunto oikeuskanslerille Lansi Suomen laaninhallitukselle Poliisille ja Jyväskylän Käräjäoikeudelle   koskien Hannu Hietikkoa, Violetta ja William Sarnowiakia

Minä tekstiilisuunnittelija Helena Antila Jalonen Vuorityömiehenkatu 9 b 9   Turku   vakuutan kunnian ja omantunnon kautta seuraavaa . Olen kyseisen lapsen kummitäti , olen tutustunut Hannu Hietikkoon vuonna 1979, jolloin molemmat opiskelimme Helsingin taideteollisessa korkeakoulussa


Olimme parisuhteessa asuen vuoroin minun kotonani Oulunkylässä, vuoroin Hietikon kotona Pietarinkadulla . Hietikolla oli jo opiskeluaikana omistusasunto Eirassa, hän oli hyvin pärjäävä mies ja opintojen ohella toimi Pellervo- seuran mainostoimistossa art directorina. Aiemmin hän teki töitä NOKIA yhtiön kansainvälistämisessä

Vuonna 1981, jolloin Hietikko valmistui taideteollisesta, eräs hänen asiakkaansa, porvoolainen Ensto konserni pyysi hänet huomattavan suurella palkalla kokonaan itselleen.

Hietikko rakensi Porvooseen erittäin kauniin ison omakotitalon, jossa työssä minäkin olin usein auttamassa, samoin Hietikon isä ja äiti sekä useita porvoolaisia poliiseja, syystä että Hietikolla oli poliisiasemalla hyviä ystäviä


Hietikon talossa oli iso kaunis keittiö, ja hän oli hyvä ruuanlaittaja, kaikki huoneet sekä puutarha olivat aina siistissä kunnossa. Tapasin myös kerran Enston pääjohtajan Ensio Miettisen hänen kotonaan ja sain sellaisen kuvan, että Miettinen oli erittäin viisas ja sivistynyt mies ja että hän piti Hietikkoa suuressa arvossa, vaikkei tämä ollut ulkonaisesti sen paremmissa vaatteissa kuin nykyäänkään, vaan vaikutti enemmänkin boheemilta taiteilijalta.
Matkustelimme Hietikon kanssa noina vuosina moottoripyörillä  Puolassa, Unkarissa, Sveitsissä, Espanjassa, Englannissa, Norjassa ja Suomessa . Osallistuimme moottoripyöräilijöiden kokoontumisjuhliin monissa maissa, mutta en koskaan ole nähnyt että Hietikko olisi jonkun kanssa tapellut, riidellyt , käyttäytynyt sopimattomasti . Sellaisiakin henkilöitä näissä piireissä kyllä liikkui, eikä tappelukavereitten löytämisessä olisi ongelmia ollut.

Itse en ole 28 vuotta Hietikon tunnettuani voinut kuvitellakaan että tätä miestä pitäisi jonkun PELÄTÄ tai että hän voisi tappaa oman lapsensa ? Hänen isänsä oli mukava, väkivallaton mies , ja sitä on myös Hannu . Kun jotkut väittävät että Hietikko olisi mielisairas, ihmettelen tätä , koska en 28 vuoden aikana ole hänessä mitään sellaisia oireita havainnut. Epäilen, että kyse on tietynlaisesta taiteilijoille ominaisesta epäsovinnaisuudesta, mutta oman käsitykseni mukaan sivistyneiden ihmisten tulisi sallia se etteivät kaikki ole samanlaisia.

Violetta Sarnowiakiin tutustuin vuonna 1987, jolloin hän muutti Puolasta Porvooseen Hietikon valmiiseen taloon ja ryhtyi Hannun vaimoksi. Violetta Sarnowiakista saamani käsitys on se, että hän on erittäin mukava, kiltti, hyväkäytöksinen, nainen mutta muistan kyllä kuulleeni, että Violetalla oli Puolassa oleviin vanhempiinsa jollakin tapaa ongelmalliset välit. Hän kertoi mm. joutuneensa vanhempiensa pakottamana koviin urheilutreeneihin, vaikka oli heikko ja aneeminen, eikä lainkaan urheilusta kiinnostunut.

Muistan Violan kertoneen, että tultuaan Suomeen hän parani anemiastaan Hietikon ruokavalion avulla. En tiedä onko tämä totta, mutta jos nyt väitetään että Hietikko ei osaa paistaa lapselleen edes kananmunaa , tai että Violetan vanhemmat eivät ole mitään pahaa tehneet , vaan että Hietikko on koko ajan suunnannut vaimoonsa jo Suomessa 12 vuotta asuessaan henkistä ja fyysistä väkivaltaa, ja saattaisi lapsensakkin tappaa, epäilen että joku nyt valehtelee.

Ihmettelen myös sitä miksei Sarnowiak muuttanut muualle, jos kerran tällaisiä ongelmia oli . Miksei hän niistä kellekkään silloin puhunut, vaikka poliisi Ilmo Jantunen vieraili heidän kodissaan hyvin usein Hannun vanhana ystävänä?  Mitään merkkiä henkisestä tai fyysisestä väkivallasta en havainnut sinä aikana, kun he 12 vuotta Suomessa asuivat , vaikka vierailin heidän Porvoon talossaan usein .Päinvastoin, minä sekä myös Hietikon sisar saivat käsityksen että Viola ja Hannu olivat erittäin sopuisa pari . Vielä aivan äskettäin Viola sanoi minulle puhelimessa , että kyllä minä sitä Hannua vieläkin rakastan , mutta ongelma on se kun hän on niin hullu ja hengenvaarallinen. Samaa Sarnowiak oli sanonut äskettäin Hannun sisarelle

Noina vuosina olin heidän mukanaan myös Puolassa, jossa tapasin Violetan perheen. Näytti siltä että hänen isänsä ja tätinsä Bolesa pitivät Hietikosta kovasti , ja minulla on valokuvia miten he halailevat toisiaan. Sen sijaan taisi olla niin, että Violetan äiti ei Hietikosta pitänyt lainkaan
Kun Viola ei nyt suostu siirtämään Puolassa äitinsä nimissä olevaa omaisuutta lapselleen, eikä myöskään itselleen , ymmärrän Hietikon huolen siitä että Violetan omaiset, etenkin äiti ja lakimiesserkku ovat tämän kuvion etukäteen suunnitelleet. Violaa pidän rehellisenä ihmisenä, samaten Hietikkoa mutta pidän mahdollisena että Hietikon väite voi olla totta ; Heikossa kunnossa olevaa Violaa ohjaillaan äitinsä, Aila Koulun ja Malmin sosiaalivirkailijoiden toimesta. Jos on totta että sosiaaliviranomaiset yllyttävät varakkaita ulkomaalaisia rikoksiin , ihmettelen tohtori Luoman tavoin kenet siitä aiotaan panna syytteeseen ? Varmaankin Hietikko ?
Paheksun tapaa miten Aila Koulu sanoi 13.4.2006 pidetyssä oikeusistunnossa puhelinlausuntoni jälkeen, ’’miten kukaan joka harrastaa matkamoottoripyöräilyä, voi muka olla sivistynyt rauhanihminen’’.Se loukkasi myös minun kunniaani. Olen ollut Gniewosowissa montakin kertaa , enka ymmarra miten suomalaisessa oikeudessa voidaan ottaa niin vakavasti Violetta Sarnowiakin sukulaisten liikkellepanemat vaitteet

Paheksun tapaa jolla Hietikkoa väitettiin yhä 7.3.2007 pidetyssä istunnossa mielisairaaksi, eikä todelliset lääkärilausunnot saanut käräjätuomari keskeyttänyt moista herjaamista, kuten varmaan olisi tapahtunut jos Hannu olisi alkanut väittää Sarnowiakia, Aila Koulua tai käräjätuomari Sormusta mielenvikaiseksi .

Paheksun tapaa jolla kummipoikani William estetään olemasta isänsä kanssa, koska tiedän että Hietikko on mainio isä ja tiedän että poika rakastaa ja kaipaa isäänsä. Pidän 3 vuotta jatkunutta käytäntöä isän ja lapsen kiduttamisena, enkä Hietikon tuntien näe tähän mitään järkevää syytä.

Olen vieraillut Puolassa heidän Sleesian maatilallaan ja olen todennut itsekin pienen pojan kasvattaneena, että tuo ympäristö on lapsen kasvun kannalta aivan ihanteellinen, etenkin kun Violetta Sarnowiakin äiti lakkaa yrittämästä saada sitä itselleen .

Olen asiaan perehtyneen tohtori Luoman kanssa samaa mieltä siitä että pojan pitäisi päästä kotiinsa , jonne hän kaipaa, mutta ellei tämä ole mahdollista, toiseksi paras vaihtoehto on Hietikon talo Kauhajoella. Tällöin Williamilla olisi kunnollinen oma koti ja mahdollisuus olla isänsä sukulaisverkoston kanssa. En ymmärrä miksei tämä sovi Violetalle, koska se olisi nimenomaan lapsen edun mukaista . Hietikko toivoo että Violetta ottaisi ilmaiseksi tuon kauniin talon ja antaisi Williamille mahdollisuuden kunnolliseen kotiin ja turvalliseen ympäristöön . ( Sarnowiak ei tähän suostunut ja Hietikko möi 30.7.2008 Kauhajoen talonsa pois, koska hän itse ei voi sinne mennä mielisairaalauhan takia )

Olen itsekin asunut yli kymmenen vuotta Pohjois Helsingissä, ja pidän sitä ympäristöä lapsen kannalta huonona vaihtoehtona. Se että Viola itse on suurkaupungin tyttö, ei voi olla asian peruste, vaan vaadin että kummilapseni etua ajatellaan ja että hänelle kuuluvan omaisuuden ryöstäminen tulee voida estää. Jos tämä kauhunäytelmä saa pahimman mahdollisen lopun , pidän mahdollisena että Hietikko voisi ajautua epätoivoisiin tekoihin, tai että hänen terveytensä romahtaa. Näin sanovat myös saksalaiset ja puolalaiset lääkärit , mutta Suomen naispäättäjät sulkevat silmänsä ja korvansa , he tietävät kaiken paremmin ja ovat päätöksensä etukäteen tehneet

Minäkin olen pyrkinyt tämän asian tiimoilta ymmärtämään sitä naisena toista naista puolustaen , mutta asian saamien lisäkäänteiden vuoksi, en rehellisyyden nimissä voi läheskään kaikkea enää ymmärtää enkä hyväksyä. Mielestäni jokaisen pitäisi asua omassa kodissaan ja varsinkin kun tiedän Hietikon tarjonneen Sarnowiakille montakin kaunista kotia ja aivan riittävän toimeentulon, en ymmärrä miksi tälläistä pitää tehdä ? Pidän jo kyseenalaisena sitäkin, ovatko tällaiset elämänarvot oikeita siirrettäväksi kasvavalle pojalle ?

Olen alkanut nähdä ystävässäni Sarnowiakissa yhä enemmän outoja piirteitä. Kun hän kirjoitti minulle 15.4.2007 SMS viestin, että älä missään tapauksessa kerro Hietikolle että työvoimaviranomaiset ovat hänen perässään ja että Helsingin TURVAKOTI on kieltänyt sitä Hietikolle sanomasta, en voi välttyä vaikutelmalta että Viola pelkää että Hietikko kertoisi sen oikeudessa

Hänen kannanottonsa viittaa siihen, mitä Hietikko on jo pitkään väittänyt, että sosiaaliviranomaiset neuvovat ja auttavat häntä huijaamisessa ja rikosten peittelyssä . Ilmeisestikkään Hietikko ei ole ollut tietoinen niistä järjestelyistä joita hänen selkänsä takana on tehty, etenkin kun kaikki tämä on johdonmukaisesti tähdännyt hänen ja poikansa etujen loukkaamiseen. Pidän myös mahdollisena ettei Violakaan ole ollut ainakaan täysin selvillä siitä mitä hänen äitinsä ja lakimiesserkkunsa ovat suunnitelleet .Uutistietojen mukaan puolalaiset perheet hyvin usein lähettävät ’’pieniä lapsiaan ’’ varkaisiin varakkaampaan länsieurooppaan ja Skandinaviaan . Perheet ajavat autoillaan etelä Ruotsin markettien parkkipaikoille ja pikkulapset lähetetään varastamaan, koska heitä ei osata eikä kehdata epäillä .

Oman käsitykseni mukaan Suomen ja Puolan oikeudessa tulee tuoda esiin kaikki asiaan kuuluvat seikat , eikä vain sinnikkäästi väittää yhtä osapuolta mielisairaaksi ja neurobiologi Luoman havaintoja epäkuranteiksi syystä että hän on tuntenut Hietikon vasta puoli vuotta. Minä olen tuntenut hänet 28 vuotta, joten toivottavasti minun lausuntoani ei mitätöidä.

Olen samaa mieltä Luoman kanssa myös siitä, että tässä asiassa on koko ajan valehdeltu tavalla, joka loukkaa pahasti Hietikon, hänen äitinsä ja Williamin oikeuksia ja ihmisarvoa ja että takana piilee Violetan sukulaisten halu saada perheen omaisuus itselleen . Viime päivien sms lähetysten mukaan Viola ei salli sitäkään että Hietikko palaisi kotiinsa Sleesiaan maatilayrityksensä asioita järjestelemään. Koska se talo on 100% Hietikon varoin ostettu ja kunnostettu ja koska avioehdon mukaan se on HÄNEN talonsa, en ymmärrä miten ihmeessä Hietikon paluuta kotiinsa aiotaan estää ?

Turussa                                         Helena Antila- Jalonen

 Post  scriptum  Se estettiin ASEVOIMIN, OIKEIN  PYSSYIN, AUTOT PALOI, IKKUNAT  KIVITETTIIN  KOKO  ISO  HIENO TALO  SÄRJETTIIN  PALASIKSI  JA  kun tämä  kaikki  alistetaan  islamilaisen  neuvoston  käsittelyyn   SEURAA KORAANIN  MUKAINEN sarja  rangaistuksia. Meistä kukaan ei  ole päätöksiä  tekemässä  emmekä  osallistu aselliseen toimintaan

Kun  tein  valituksen  syistä miksi  Käräjäoikeuden  käsittelyä  pitää  odottaa  kaksi vuotta  ja  kun se vihdoin  pidetään,  asianajaja ei ota esiin  olemassaolevia  lääkäritodistuksia  eikä  käräjien  päätöstä  perusteluja  ja valitusmahdollisuutta lainkaan  annettu  minulle tiedoksi. Postilokero osoite Agadirissa oli  varmasti  tiedossa  ja sinne  tuli  kesäkuulla 2010  muuta postia  . Tällähaavaa  se osoite  EI ENÄÄ  ole voimassa,  alamme asua Espanjan  puolella  kun  kodinhoitajani  Melika Ramouz  saa viisumin  

Asianajajaliiton III osasto päätti ettei  tässä mitenkään  ole rikottu liiton  ohjeita . Myos  heidan mukaansa asianajaja Aila Koululla on taysi oikeus vaittaa oikeuden edessa mielisairaaksi lapsentappajaksi  miesta jolla ei  ole mitään rikollista historiaa missaan maassa ja joka Saksassa Ruotsissa Puolassa ja Espanjassa on todettu  psyykkisesti terveeksi.  Oikeuskanslerilla olisi mahdollisuus korjata asianajajaliiton  ilmiselvä  väärä päätös  , mutta  kuten tunnettua ei Suomen oikeuskansleri oikeasti mihinkään puutu. Yksi tuhannesta valituksesta  johtaa tutkintaan  ja  kanslerin nuhteisiin, joilla nuhtelun  kohde pyyhkii  nauraen pöytäänsä   

 Porvoolainen Ensto , Timo MIETTINEN  voisi halutessaan kertoa mistä ne syyt oikeastaan tulivat, joiden takia Hietikolta poistettiin  kaikki poliisi- syyttäjä ja konsulaattipalvelut ensin Suomessa, sitten myös Puolassa ja miten puolalaiset  ja suomalaiset rikolliset   käyttivät tilaisuutta hyväkseen.  Millä perusteella Keuruun poliisi voi väittää että kaksi aiheetonta pidätystä Suomessa olivat  laillisia , eikä  mitään  rikostutkimusta haluta aloittaa ?

 Kun  ajoin  kesäkuun  2011  alussa  Marokosta Puolaan  neuvottelemaan miten alkamassa oleva al qaida  hyokkays Suomeen ja Puolaan  olisi peruttavissa,  minut kutsuttiin viipymättä   Wroclawin kansainvälisen salaisen poliisin  tarkoin  vartioituun  päämajaan Podwala kadulla . Kun  menin sinne , ovella ei tarkastettu edes  olkalaukkuani  jossa olisi VOINUT  olla räjähteitä . Kun  kysyin  heiltä  siella talossa miten te voitte olla noin varomattomia, Suomeen mennessäni  minut HETI  vangitaan mitään kysymättä, ystävällinen  poliisiupseeri sanoi  minulle että me tiedämme Hannu Hietikko sinusta ihan kaiken . Tiedämme ettet  sinä  ole vaarallinen edes hiirille ja että tämä uhkaava tilanne ei ole sinun syytäsi . He sanoivat  lukeneensa  6  sivuisen  oikeuspsykiatrisen toimikunnan  raportin  jossa  puhuttiin  Hietikosta erittain  positiiviseen  sävyyn .   Espanjan poliisi torremolinos.udev1@policia.es eivät hekään  näe mitään  syytä  pidattaa  minua  mutta  he ovat  pyytäneet  pysymään  poissa  espanjasta niin  pitkään  kunnes  suomalaiset  lakimiehet  minna.tyvio@oikeus.fi ja tero@artimo.fi  eivät  enää  vaadi Hietikkoa myymään  Puolassa  olevaa  maatilaa   ja  lähettele perääni  tappajia. Espanjan  poliisilla ei  ole  valmiuksia taata turvallisuuttani,  he  sanoivat.  Kun  kysyin heilta, otatteko  TE tämän vakavasti  vai  uskotteko  kuten suomen poliisi, että Hietikko  on hullu  paskanpuhuja, he sanoivat , ´´ me emme pida sinua Hietikko mitenkaan hulluna, uskomme että tilanne on erittain vaarallinen´´On sikamaisen väärin  kidnapata lapsi, kiristaa silla rahaa  ja että kun Suomen VALTIO   tälläiseen sekaantuu , heitä  olisi aihetta epäillä  mielenvikaisuudesta. 


Ari Kuukka Keuruu  Finland  Meillä  on toimeksianto isä-poikasuhteen laittomasta katkaisusta ja maineeni  mustamaalaamisesta. Keuruun  ekokylä ovat  syyllistyneet  näiden  molempien  aihepiirien rikoksiin  tai  rikkomuksiin

Ne molemmat  alunperin  johtuvat samasta syystä jonka vuoksi  esikoisemme tapettiin  abortilla ,  tietää Jyväskylän oikeudelle raportoida perheterapeuttimme Wroclawissa border1@wp.pl . Puolassa  ja islamilaisessa maailmassa abortti on murha ja siitä tulee  kova tuomio.  Kun  olen  vaatinut ettei  Violettaa rangaistaisi , syystä  että hän  on vanhempiensa lapsuusaikaisen väkivallan uhri, hän vaatii  rikoskäräjiä  kunniansa loukkaamisesta ja turvallisuutensa  uhkaamisesta. Voidaan havaita  ettei  hän  kykene tekemään  eroa itsensä , äitinsä ja sisarensa kesken. Myös  alaikäinen  lapsi on  hänen oman  psykodraamansa  apuhenkilö. Kun  Violetalla  on  kova viha  omaa  isäänsä  kohtaan, hän  pakottaa, opettaa, manipuloi  poikaani  vihaamaan  isäänsä . En  ole koskaan  tehnyt mitään  pahaa  hänelle,  oma isäni  ei koskaan  lyönyt minua. William  sanoi  ennen miten ´´  isi  on  hänen  paras kaverinsa ´´ 


Gangster team abau@onet.eu Dlugopole zrj , Holy Albert  association wroclaw vyroby@gmail.com  and romancatholic church of Rozanka Gniewoszow Miedzylesie  broke their home to small  pieces. According law of coran, stealing son and breaking home  must be punished by death. Crime is specially  hard and POLITICALstate of Poland --police Adam Polanski and prokurator Beata Jelinska  sparked legal eu citizen  out from Poland and from his house in Miedzylesie, kept in crime court of Klodzko 3,5 years . Because of his warning  letter to president 2003.  Poland and usa did not respect orders of united  nations, when  they wanted change legal governments with weapon force in Iraq and Libya.

 In Syria and Ukraine they used social  media and methods of cia. Isis and german new natzies were born because of this crime  of Poland and USA. Marocco turist bisnes and finnish economia died because of it ..It was same crime as german natzies did. The last judgements  must be started and responsible leaders hanged .We should start in Poland Miedzylesie Klodzko Wroclaw and Lodz. But  first crime court of Agadir must hear what our advocates in Poland Anna Schabikowska and Jaroslaw Krotlinski  find out ? Are they ready to compensate ?

Kuolemaan tuomittu Saddam hirtettiin joulukuun 30. päivänä vuonna 2006.

 Because 55 % of polish people have been elected Jesus to  their president, they shall  get  mercy,  by  confessing realities , how terrible  terrorists live in polish countryside willages. But  they will not get KILLED  if gminna  Miedzylesie demand immediately crime trials in those cities and give to farm  of my son 34 ,5 ha  and neighbour  8  ha  Keltaiset ry ( previous Ilnicki  killers )  96  building permissions to wooden loghouses  model jugend art nouveau 1906  from 50 states of America and 49  from finland poland portugal maroc estonia  , from all  parts of Russian FEDERATIO. They send by fisher ships pine wood and tulikivi  ( stone for fireplaces ) to agadir dakhla portimao. By  trains to poland estonia  north  finland and east germany  DDR. We start mass production and pay to america 5 % commission. 5 % we use to buy wood and stone from Russia

usan ja puolan   kansallisten etujen vuoksi syntyivät  isis  ja  uusnatsit  kun  kuolemaan tuomittu Saddam hirtettiin joulukuun 30. päivänä vuonna 2006. (EPA / AOP)


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