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kirjeitä suomeksi isältä pojalle tässä. Kirjeitä suomeksi poikani puolalaiselle äidille Keuruun ekokylään tästä


Who wants  rent  this old german house and 34,5 hectar land

in sudetian mountains ?

 16 years old William, his polish mother and finnish culture association Keltaiset ry ( die Gelben rf los Amarillos ) own such place in Mittelwald Seitendorf, south west Poland, mountains of eagles, orliza. ( sudetian bergen 140 km from Praha to east )


 President Trump 


visited in Poland 3 week ago and we sent him letter VIA consulat of USA in Helsinki

 You Mr Trump are son of german man ,

maybe you want back  part of loosen, most beautiful part of Germany

 and make America 44,3 hectar  bigger  ? A bit  more from Portugal ?

Start  ´´eine kleine polnische-portugalian  wirtschaftwunder´´, offer lot of good work places to back side willages of 50 states of America , in Poland Miedzylesie, in  Russian Karelia, in Portugal to 50  willages  ,

in Maroc al  hoceima and Takad , in West Sahara Tarfaya, Teuva Perälä in Finland, DDR Bautzen. Such operation would be very possible and very productive.

It would  surprise people with positive attention and rise up  international reputation of USA. In  that ways you could  make America great, with weapons your  reputation becomes more and more down. If you sell  only products of american weapon industry  to Saudi Arabia and Poland , you  make to USA more harm as good, Mr Trump. Shanghai defence union russia china india iran is 100 times stronger as NATO. This says norwegian investigator Johan Galtung from United Nations. Its no sense to prepare next Napoleon Hitler operation against Russia. Satan and weapon bisnes would be happy, but lot of people would die and cry. Russia China Iran India win you for sure and if those giants become angry, many  countries as Finland Poland Baltia could loose their independency. Peace and co operation with russians is the only way and its very possible. Historia of Finland shows this , russians are ciwilized people and their culture is old, rich and warm. Much better as in Finland where people try to be americans

 Our association Keltaiset ry Hannu Hietikko Melika Ramouz were  since beginning your friends and supporters , Mr  Trump. In last summer you sent us to silves  camping paradiso 38 emails, we sent you 69 . We were happy that you won, beat down american media power. Still today we wish you luck in your difficult work. Writing of this  letter does not try to show you any  middle finger, we hope  that  you take seriously our  offer and advice. Do not continue role of  travelling  salesman to BAD satanistic sides of America, start sell good parts  of it . Level of architecture , visual arts and design in america is great, your folk, jazz, blues rock and roll is best  in the world. Technical innovations and humor . You  could send half million  harleys to  habour of Portimao 10.5.2018 , easy riding 150 km per day  to Spain France Bayer Tsech republic to  Poland Miedzylesie centre  of american  cuture  .Every year  great  post communistic partie  1.-3.6 .2018. Such happening would  make  people  laugh, relax and  understand positive   force of real American rock  and roll in concrete ways

laughter is the best weapon 

 AMERICA GREAT and peräkylät ensin,  in level of practice, in middle of european union. 30 years agreements x 34 st  = 1020 years. Rent, 40 % of bisnes to landowners architect Sarnowiak and her 16 years old son

 The best of american culture from 50 states of America in middle of green fresh Europa. Mur 3 mtr high around is necessary because people in  polish back side willages can behave  as  in famous cinema  ´´DEEP  RIVER ´´. 50 wooden loghouses, furnitures, visual arts, home machines, electronica, building materials,  poetry,  jazz, blues, country & western,  cheramica, chothes, shoes,  best of american animatio theathre, high quality music and cinema. Open 362 days in year.  

This willage is previous german Seitendorf , Mittelwald, in polish Miedzylesie. 4 km from border of Tsech Republic. 150 km to east from Praha .  Because Poland is most loyal allie of USA,  they would  accept this  for sure.

If you not want make America great and start good bisnes,  we ask help from your good friend , King of Maroc , Muhamed VI . They have in North Maroc Al Hoceima  lot of  ´´OVER -active´´ young men. Most of them educated in universities but no work in Maroc. These 100 000 -200 000  ´´OVER -active´´ young men should be sent to Portugal portimao , east Germany Bautzen  , north Finland Keuruu  and Poland Miedzylesie. Our association can educate them   to work in YELLOW network LOS AMARILOS connecting to co operation   maroccian russian  polish finnish estonian  and portugalian  loghouse , furniture, building material  producers ,  architects ,artesanes , culture  associations , bisnesmen and  investors. Russian forest owners who  send to Agadir and Portimao  in fisher ships lot of pinewood and vuolukivi ( see in google TULIKIVI ) . Los Amarillos want  be ready to start rebuild Syria Irag Palestina Libya , peace shall come sooner or later. Right now we need such wooden loghouses to Marocco and to 38 million  polish emigrants, who start  return from restles  USA  Canada UK Germany  to their beautiful big country in heart of Europa. If Mr Trump not want take this offer and start America great, america  first , we start sell  the best  parts of american cultures with project  name


Marocco first and   PORTUGAL  GREAT !




 We offered  to Donald J  Trump  good place for sales exhibition AMERICA GREAT  but  it looks so that we must do it using maroccian and  portugalian wood carvers, architects , building engineers. Association Keltaiset ry is legally registered in Finland and all european union. Managing director AitaLimed15@gmail.com 

send him your cv and email if you want join this

Together with neighbour ´´ilnicki´´ 8,8 ha, William K Sarnowiak and his mother have  43,3  hectares on top of green hill 690 mtr, 3 km from railway station Domaszkow. ( 120 km from Wroclaw )


Keltaiset ry and urzad@miedzylesie.pl  start mass production near  Domaszkow, Bautzen Tarfaya ,Sortavala  and TEUVA railway stations using russian pine wood . To Marocco  Agadir Takad  Tarfaya Dakhla , in North Maroc  al  hoceima we open soon  half million  good workplaces with salaries 1000 - 2000 euros  per month. 

We start  sell a lot of american houses with charming interiörs to all world.  AMERICA becomes  GREAT and respected. From this large global bisnes we pay  5 % commission to America, if we get from YOU  first 350 examples freely, with no bill. Your investing to this company SAMPO TAO  could be 350  houses and interiörs . This your sperma and  SEEDS would  make  lot  of ´´children ´´  AMERICA becomes   GREAT in all world. If you  not want, 40  million  polish and maroccian emigrants  copy your buildings and arts without asking and we pay you nothing

Amount of rent, 40 % of annual netto to landowners. In south Maroc Agadir Takad sidi Tual beach we start  sharehold company Ahmed  Bachir Fadma Rakibi, kingdom of Maroc and  several smaller landowners. 100 shares, one of them means investing of 0,69 hectar land for 1000 years. One share gives 0,4 % from large annual  incomes . This same we want do near  al  hoceima and Teuva Perälä  , Bautzen DDR and Russian Sortavala railway stations, in 50 willages in Portugal

We shall follow  in all new home production  spirit of   style JUGEND  art nouveau from year 1906. German Mittelwald walley was builded like that , but after war polish people were SURE that sooner or later germans come back. They were destroying all german houses, making fire wood from them.

When architect Violetta Sarnowiak 1998-2005 remonted one such house, jealous neighbours family of Stefania Ilnicki  ( witnesses of jehowa ) came to say ´´go to Finland and kill you, break your house´´. This was very serious crime lasting almost 10 years , but police said nothing, consulat Finland said nothing. Responsible one  is  jari.vilen@formin.fi  ambassa of Finland in Warsawa

  Lawyer  in Portugal Portimao cdssfaro@seg-social.pt, Proteccao Juridica Recibo no 2017 0128 026954887

   state of Poland / gminna Miedzylesie must be able to keep law and order.

 They  must send illnicki  terrorists to prison or to Finland social office riitta.vanhanen@keuruu.fi . Their house, animals  and lands 8,8 hectar must be given immediately  to association Keltaiset ry,  family of  aitalimed15@gmail.com . We claim from commun  Miedzylesie building  permissions to 50 houses and  mur 3 mtr high around 43,3 hectares , because in polish back side willages near south west border  are lot of terrorists. Families of 100 000  mountain banditos from Kazakstan , who are in daytime  in clothes  of jehowa witnesses. Go from house to house to make plans for next  crimes and spread evil  untrue rumours from their victims.


 State of Poland , prokurator Beata Jelinska and police of Miedzylesie Adam Polanski gave order to go away from Poland and give lands to Ilnickies, leave house alone. Family of William K Sarnowiak  hadnt done anything illegal and state of Poland  must pay all damages. Such responsibility has also Jehowa witnesses New York and german insurance company Allianz Wroclaw

Not any  media want tell such to people ?

    In year 2005 - 2008 in middle of european union happened  the same as to german family Gebhardts in year 1945. Take 20 kilo and go away from your home, otherwise we KILL you. This said last time  Samuel and Stanislaw Ilnicki in  night 13.5.2007. Next day several witnesses  told it  to Klodzko policestation, photos, soundfiles were given to Marian Misiazek in Klodzko police station.

 ´´Go to finland, we  kill you´´, said Samuel Ilnicki and his father also to clients of agroturist hostel ( swedishsteel@gmx.de ) many times during 12 years . ( It wasnt only 13.5.2007 ) Car was burning, dogs got poison, but prokurator and finnish consul said nothing.  MEDIA, Amnesty international,  court of Strasbourg were quiet when such socialismus happened in middle of european union.

Only german new natzies in Marocco,  Al qaida and ISIS  offer help, but we not know what to say. We ask your opinion Mr Trump.. When you meet leaders of Poland Russia Germany Finland and Baltic lands, could you please discuss about how  to prevent starting of  war in sudetian mountains Klodzko Miedzylesie?   II world war started there because of ethnic quarreling and today problems are similar.

 Ilnickies are from Kazakstan, father of William from Finland. Also all  other new  people as doctor Henryk Lange  had to go away from Gniewoszow , because of terrorism of family Ilnicki and their supporters Marisa Zamoschi , pani Gurkova, nun of Rozanka. Local woman mafia, terrorist teams of  jehova witnesses

 When   german people 1945 had to leave their homes inside 2 hours and take 20 kilo, Stalin  pushed there half million people from east. They got work from communistic police of Miedzylesie to terrorize polish farmers, spy what they eat and talk. Poland Donald Tusk  is boss of  EU but in their back side willages such old power constructions still live. Nobody in that willage Gniewoszow said nothing, because they all are afraid of family Ilnicki. This said to Piotr Piaskus 2009 Jidek Zamosch and Mietek Steinzek


we need miracles to be able to go back home,

You have power and money to do miracles,  mr Trump  , you also have given some promises

You have promised to make AMERICA GREAT, first and respected in such times, when global reputation of USA is lower as never before. Usa is 2 divided as in days of ciwil war. A class juppies, most of women in your land, in Sweden, UK, Finland, say how president of USA is mentally ill. Russians elected him to power.

But second class B citizens and half million Harley people pushed you to the White House, Mr Trump. You have also lot of friends in other lands, but they cant vote in USA. Its not possible, its paranoija to talk such. 

 A class americans and Clinton lovers in Finland Poland and Baltic lands think how  all russians  are B class , lower shit people. Mr Putin said 3 years ago, how important is would be to discuss openly at same level, but its inpossible when americans never want come with us to same level as human beings. Russians were happy when you won, and you are right man to make now peace of 1000 years Russia USA. You would win a lot because russians have lot of raw materials and very rich old warm living culture. In Finland president Kekkonen was able to go with them to sauna and to deserts, during that time bisnes was running, Finland became rich and russians trusted them. Mr Kekkonen did not let KOKOOMUS  natzies come to government. When he died and Kokoomus took  power in Finland, they sold economical and poltical independency, banished away different thinkers and living artists to Sahara by motorcycle. Took  lot of  people from Somalia Iraq Afganistan Syria to make more children to Finland. Finnish people are very angry, second ciwil war is  not far

 USA and your allies Finland Poland Portugal have only commercial  plastic micky mouse cultura,  less as 20 % understand real rock and roll , blues, jazz, high quality cinema. -

- B class banditos, hippies, freeks, grass smokers, communists are not good people say Clinton styled A class juppies. Trump is global president of ´´rubbish people ´´, say finnish  A  class ladies as riitta.vanhanen@keuruu.fi  . But  B citizens and living artists international is very large group and they can feel much more deep and real solidarity as clinton style juppies. Such psychopathes understand only their outlook, money and power. No feelings, emotions. Most of lawyers and politicians are this sort and lot of people are their victims

President Trump could  make AMERICA GREAT by connecting together  B class citizens in all word. All real artists and 2 wheel travellers know what is TAO ? The road and the NATURE. Yoga means concentrating and mc people concentrate to tao. Enjoy about it. We suggest send your vechicles to port Algeciras . Fly to Malaga. 7.5.2018 commonstart  of Trump train in Gibraltar Tarifa.  120- 160 km / day using ´´yellow network´´ of peacefull localroads with good  asfalt, no heavy traffic. Motorcycles scooters and veterancars, model 1969 or older. Hitch hiking payment, part of fuel.  Wonderfull evening parties , 20 euro rooms or ready made tents with good madras 10 euro/ day. Finnish sauna services 5 euros.

  Commonstart  12.5.2018 at 10.00 oclock from south Portugal Portimao habour Praya Rocha to Alvor Bemposta. To North Spain France Bayer Tsech republic Rokytnice Niemojow Gniewoszow Miedzylesie Poland. Walley of Klodzko. Big  home -coming tabernackel festival 1.6.-3.6.2018 later annually every year . Folk parlament of european union. Second time 20.-23.8

7. I agree this matter 100 % .  
6. I agree this matter 80 %     
5. I agree this matter 60 % 
4. I agree this matter 50 %
3. I agree this matter 40 % 
2. I agree this matter 20 % 
1. I do not agree this matter at all   

 Half million ready made  tents with good madras . 10 euro / day . Reservations to  aitalimed15@gmail.com 

with 20 euro to William K. Sarnowiak  FI 5239390053168480      BIC - SBANFIHH you can get also all  life lasting membership in mc club TAO DRIVERS . Send to Aita Limed scanned passport , picture of motorbike, scooter, horse or bicycle and your email. Register nr of vechile. Tao means road in same meaning when Jesus said ´´ i am the road ´´ . Something what is connecting people.

Members get rights to use this chinese letter in your leather jacket. We have no  political or religious program, we act only in legal ways and we love nature and the road. The Holy spirit of the Truth, common to muslimanes, christians  and profane ateists.


You Mr TRUMP sent year ago to your supporters in Portugal  Algarve Silves ´´camping paradiso ´´38  emails, they wrote you 69. You said how war criminals B.Obama and H.Clinton, mediapower of USA are very bad and mentally ill people. Media says how Trump is mentally ill. They not want people know the truth, what really happened ? Georg W Bush and Donald Tusk in Poland started 12 years ago big al qaida war without respecting orders of United Nations.  This war has not ended, its spreading inside Europa more and more and we are all in big danger. Usa and Poland did same crime as HITLER Göbbels and Göring , went with weapons to change legal governments in Libya , Syria Iraq.  In Ukraine polish cia agents did it in different ways. This all  shit happened because of ´´the national benefits of America ´´  far away from your own country. Courts of HAAG for war criminals and Strasbourg are in deep sleep, before isis and new natzies act. After that they are not living even in sleep. They will be all ded. Our association claim rapid opening of Haag Strasbourg Faro Portimao Klodzko Jyväskylä Helsinki





                                TAO DRIVERS



When Saddam Hussein was hanged, we got isis international and german new natzies umwelt woke up. In Maroc people like germans and many of them are planning here their operations in Europa. Meetingplaces of new natzies is -is  sturm gruppen international are in Aglou Mirleft, sidi IFNI, Tarfaya Layonne Dakhla 1200 km long beach of west Sahara.

This is  symbol of finnish airforces. Finnish army has got it from Sweden , originally it´s  from India and means good luck,  white magia, new creating force of Jesus Christ and VISNU. Later germans took it from finns, turned around. In that way it means destroyer, indian SHIVA, german votan, isis in arab culture. Unfortunatelly they have lot of work in such times,  when dogs are more intelligent as their owners,  most of women wear and behave as prostitutians. European people are during last 50 years manipulated with american styled  mass media to buy more and more things what they not need. More as 95 % of them are plastic idiots, who not understand spirit of Truth, prophet Muhamed and Jesus Christ. They all shall be killed, says the holy Bible. But because God Allah is mercy and love,  they shall be given possibility to open the last  judgements and their dirty minds. To confes their personal and national sins, in front of public media, to  KILL only demon named ´´empty proudness ´´.  Originally God and Devil were the same. Good and bad is said to be other sides of the same matter. Higher upon them is satvic harmonia, say D members of our association die Gelben rf  Keltaiset ry ( IKL  islamilaisten kristittyjen liitto ) in Kerala India . We have monopol rights from India 1906 to use this eagle in our flags stamps and papers .

 our  twitter    

Keltaiset ry- die Gelben rf  use this symbol but we have  nothing to do with new natzies. We believe to digital direct democratia, to prophet Muhamed  and Jesus Christ, and we work to new creating VISNU. We want start independent west sahara 6.12.2017 at same moment when independency of Finland becomes 100 years old. King will be Hassan III, oldest son of respected Muhamed VI. Power to people,all political parties , al qaida and polisario stop exist. New name ATLANTIS. Flag warm yellow , dark green, purpura red. Capitol Tarfaya, ´´ city of small prince from other star´´

 According UN / who, cannabis  sativa is  old homeophatic herb ,  excellent medicine to depression, cancer, inpotencia  etc.  Much less dangerous as alcohole and gigarettes. Tarja Halonen, President Obama and his daughter like it. Several million other americans  respect the best qualitys in world ` kings quality ´´ marked with letter K .

 Pilvessä näitte hänen menevän ja pilvessä näette hänen jälleen palaavan


 the new  deal



 0, 5 euro / gram to members of Les Jaunes Keltaiset ry  or to police who keep law and order in big happenings and sell cannabis 10 gr / 50 euro in  their free days . At same time control that nobody try sell dangerous  materials , cocaine, amfetamines, heroine, ekstase ..


1,2 e / gram to farmers of Ketama , Barber and Chechaouen ( north Maroc , or in west Sahara)

0,3 e / gram to costs of transport , packing , marketing .

1,0 e / gram tax to Kingdom of Maroc or to West Sahara to create good costless healthy services to all  maroccians and foreigners who have residence


1,0  e / gram tax to states of Portugal , Spain, Maroc, Poland,  West Sahara , Russia or Finland , where selling happens ..

1 ,0 e / gram to association Keltaiset  ry Les Jaunes, to keep ART &  BISNES  ACADEMIA  OF AGADIR, and to produce culture festivals in maroc , finland Russia portugal and in Poland, to  pay salaries of artists or to payments of copyright holders .


 These milliards shall be handled in neutral ground keuruu, Finland elina.malinen@poppankki.fi   account of Keltaiset   ry 

using name Art Academia of Agadir A 3

iban : FI 3447304720017228 BIC : HELSFIHH


We want change account of our association to Portugal, we wait offers from Millennium bank and Deutsche Bank Portimao

 Because state of Finland, consulat Rabat marja.kauppinen@formin.fi has been changing laws in Maroc with force of black money 500 million euros ( according finnish police comisario Birger Spets ) we do the same, openly, without corruption  . We change law in Maroc and Poland and set free from prisons all who are there only because of cannabis. States of Poland maroc save BIG money when many men go back to their families. Many children will  be happy.


 hän    saarnaa  vangituille vapautta





  State of Portugal must investigate , if next is true or paranoid  psychosa ?


95 % maroccian people respect their king and his 16 years old son Hassan III, but common problem to majestet and his folk are dirty corrupted political parties, large french style byrocratic administration. Same problem has Finland, Estonia ,Latwia, Litwa, Poland, DDR  and Portugal. We have several million emperors  without  clothes, but in west sahara will be only one after 6.12.2017. In Poland and east Germany ( previous DDR ) happens the same 1.9.2017, new media GLASTNOST & Pravda  shall talk true words only.  Polish agents and CIA started revolution and ciwil war in Ukraina. Several years Nato was threatening russians with war ,-making them more and more nervous. In september 2015 Obama invited Mr Putin to Washington. They forced him to join Syria-war and that was biggest mistake what Russia has done. Before they did not have problem with isis, but now they have continuous danger. Isis can give peace to Russia , but there are some conditions .

Germany was loosing KLODZKO walley and many most beautiful parts of their land because they started war without listening united nations of that time. They swore 1945 how Deutschland NEVER anymore send armed soldiers outside their borders. But they forgot this after USA and Poland started their illegal game with fire. In This time Germany must give DDR. Many people in west Germany not want to keep it, its only expensive problem, only old people and almost 2 million islamic exilers live there. West Germany hopes that the MUR would come back. People are afraid. Police of Germany wrote book saying how this country has war inside, achtung. Bin Laden junior and his renewed al qaida has promised to destroy USA , starting 1.9.2018  from 20 most loyal allies in Europa 1. Finland . 2. Poland . 3.  Germany .4. Portugal. 5. Sweden.

Our association can neqotiate in this question and we offer better possibility, where everyone wins. Nobody gets killed. Its starts from the holy spirit of Truth. Opening the last judgements in Faro Portimao Agadir Klodzko Jyväskylä . Confessing real realities and historia as it was. What is true and what is paranoid lies or psychosa, they must make scientific  analyza in Nucleo de apoio Juridico, Faro Portugal  098759  , PJ  5835 / 17  - 102966/17 IMC  IM  FAR  Our lawyer cdssfaro@seg-social.pt  give all information from  court proces to media, take care that 20 % of media bisnes comes to account of victims of crimes. He will give to lawyer 5 % tip

William K. Sarnowiak  FI 5239390053168480      BIC - SBANFIHH 

This polish boy 4 years old  had to run away from his home in Klodzko walley, because jehova witnesses wanted KILL him and his parents . What for police said nothing , reason was political . Critic about this  illegally started al qaida war. But  they could not steal his lands 34,5 hectar on the top of this hill 690 mtr high. These lands we want rent  

In Poland lawyer jaroslaw krotlinski kancelaria@plusnet.pl  has decision from court of Warswa.  William boy and his finnish father are legal owners of this  farm. German insurance company ALLIANZ  must pay repairing of 4 houses, bringing back all stolen. Allianz should contact soonest to our lawyer if you  not want that we sell our claims to



Al qaida


originally it means freedom fighters of Maroc and more as 95 % of population stand behind them and our King Muhamed VI. Heavely armed terrorists from Spain, France and Portugal were killing millions of berbers and arabs in Maroc and west Sahara.  Al qaida tried to protect us. Today our borders in south are protected by american weapons and USA send us also material for bread. Maroccian people not feel  any  ´´general hate ´´ against americans and germans. But french people we not like, not wellcome them to Maroc to holiday or to make any bisnes. French arrogantsija and demon called ´´empty proudness ´´ is SMELLING BAD , this say also most of  british, dutch  and german people. French people are real fascists, think how THEY ARE FIRST,  spanish people are lower class shit, some kind of quipsies. In Spain they think the same from Portugalian people.

Anyhow the most low reputation of all nations has POLAND. Everywhere in world they say how polish people are thiefs and prostitutians, KURVA s. This was biggest reason to BREXIT in Britannia.They got enough from behaving of  kurva ´´majority ´´  in London. But in our fictive religious political horror comedia last ones will be first ones, Jesus Christ himself comes to Poland and takes job of president . Donald Tusk fullfill his promise to polish people, clean away ALL SHIT from Poland. It means harmakeddon, jihad. New natzies in Mirleft plan to start at 7.00  in morning 1.9.2017 

In every person and every nation is something good, something satanistic. But they are mixed together in chaotic ways because people as Hillary Clinton believe that good is same as pleasant. True Trump words are not nice words. Pleasant words are not true, they said in China 5000 years ago.  You shall meet soon also chinese leaders and Shanghai military Union.  United nations / Johan Galtung says how its 100 times stronger as NATO, including Iran India Russia China. You cant sell them weapons as you did in Saudi Arabia Poland and Germany.

 Ex primie minister in Sweden , many people in Finland in their  media have said how Mr Trump is mentally  ill,  idiot, infantile. But such man  could not  be succesful bisnesleader. Its inpossible . What those people actually mean, we shall soon find out in Portugal. The way of thinking of finnish -jewish man in Portugal  was one year ago very similar as yours. Its our ´´common matter´´( cosa nostra ) Mr Trump,  please contact our lawyer  cdssfaro@seg-social.pt

Court psychiatric comitea of Poland says how Johannes RA kastaja  is not mentally sick, but he talk unsually much true. Is mr Trump similar ? What is real reality and whats paranoija ? To try make USA bigger with force of weapons,  is not good idea. Bigger America in level of geografia is inspossible and they already have been stealing from indians more land as you need.

 But YOU have got something which makes America very great, rich and respected. It comes clear to all american people after honest sin confession and finding your real national indentity, bigger as Mickey Mouse Obama, Bill Clinton and Georg W Bush know. State is we, summa of  individual units. Power belongs to people

 Show americans the road to their selves  and their european roots, with force of spirit of Truth and  german Trump. Confess everything as it was 1945, after USA won Germany , adopted their scientists and megalomanic  plans to rob and dominate other world. Government of Portugal / leading doctor Rui Neves in Faro say how such talkings mean paranoija, its not true in  real world. Only in fictive cinema

---  in Marocco finnish people   maurisemontonen@gmail.com and  ambassa in Rabat marja.kauppinen@formin.fi talk about 100% skitsofrenia  and   islamic crime court of Agadir shall decide who is mad and who is not ------- judge in court of Jyväskylä Finland erkki.marttila@oikeus.fi , info@valvontalautakunta.fi  say how such kind of  talking surely are mentally ill , its better that  such father and his son  never meet.  My writings  were  in beginning only manusscriptura to fictive  religious screenplay, but in Finland is no freedom of art

Doctors in Germany Löerrach, Sweden Södertälje , Poland Wroclaw ,  Spain Torremolinos Fuengirola , Agadir Maroc say how  my thinking is not sick. No crimes or traffic accidents in any land. But courts of Finland and  algarve.suomi@sapo.pt not accept freedom of art and different thinking. Court, lawyers and doctors  in Portugal must investigate, who is wrong and who is right ?

 AMERICA GREAT would come true in level of concretia,

 peace of 1000 years with islamic people would be possible,

 if you Mr Trump  and your government confess national sins of USA and promise to behave better. Compensations of illegally started wars must be paid. We need 350 models  to start mass production of  wooden loghouses with charming interiörs model jugend 1906. When Finland and Germany wanted be great and first , starting barbarossa war against Russia, Germany had to pay  big money. Finland  had  to send  to Russia ships, locomotios, shoes, many kind of materials. Later they started buy them and Finland became quite rich. Today economia of Finland falls as stone, because usa and european union not let finnish and russian people be friends and make bisnes.

If you Mr Trump are interested in our offer of peace, please contact finnish ambassa in Warsawa, jari.vilen@formin.fi. Usa should pay costs of mur, fundaments of 50 houses  first floor beton/ nature stones, model jugend 1906  to account of communa, gminna Miedzylesie . You send 50 wooden loghouses  with full interiörs by ships to GDANSK, before 4.4.2018. By train to Domaszkow. Urzad@miedzylesie.pl and soltys Adam Prokop take care that 50 first  floors and mur 3 mtr high around 43,3  hectares shall be ready 4.4.2018.

Please send your samples  freely ( without bills ) at same time  also  50 st to habour of Portimao Bemposta Portugal, ------50 st to Agadir Marocco ( Takad sidi Tual beach )----- 50 st to habour of Kaskinen in Finland. By trains 50 houses to TEUVA PERÄLÄ and 50 to Sortavala in Russian Karelia   ---

To be able to start peace of 1000 years in that willage Gniewoszow (german seitendorf) Jehova witness family of Stefania Ilnicki  must go away before 1.1.2018. They shall  get new warm home in Finland www.keuruunekokyla.fi

 Social office riitta.vanhanen@keuruu.fi pay to all foreigners 2500 e/month pocket money, free doctor dentists services and good pension. Family   ilnicki said during  many years many times with axe in hand  to family of William Sarnowiak, go to Finland, we  kill  you and burn this house. Today there is  nobody, but if Mr Trump makes agreement with consul Finland jari.vilen@formin.fi , something start happen for sure.

 If they do nothing, its sign for isis and neue natzies international to start killing in Poland 1.9.2017. In Finland it start happen what said 2010 ulla sinikka suvantotie 7, social office of Jyväskylä. Keuruu@keuruu.fi,kirjaamo@kauhajoki.fi ,info@valvontalautakunta.fi ,kirjaamo@kaavi.fi can meet total hell if all happens as in fictive cinema plan was written

If they choose in right ways and act rapidly, all should go in nice ways and first festivals should take  place  1.6.-3.6.2018. In front of this house stage from beton / nature stones, model jugend 1906

To the stage  ´´pretenders ´´ ,  ACTORS / actrisses with no electricity in their microphones and instruments. People who have similar outlook as famous american artists, shall  offer visual show. Inside 4 houses we instal  amplifiers and loudspeakers  100 000 watt. Music from originals of  Etta James, Johnny Lee Hooker , Charles Mingus, Joan Baez, Sarah Waughan, Jim Morrison,  Kentucky head hunters , ten years after , Kauko kayhko, Woody Guthrie, king Crimson, Gratefull death, Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, Emmelou Harris, Bob Dylan, MA Numminen, Santana, Janis Joplin, Black Croves, Lionel Hampton, Taneli Makela, Billie Holiday, camel, Louis Armstrong, Glen Miller, Nancy Sinatra  Allman Brothers etc. 50 states of america send their best artists who live today

association Keltaiset ry take care that lot of people from all world come to these marvellous festivals, see your home products and want buy. Using russian pinewood and TULIKIVI, we start mass production in Poland  Domaszkow , Rostocki , Miedzylesie, Bobozow-  in south -east Germany Wittenberg Leipzig , Bautzen, in Finland Kaskinen,Teuva, Aronkylä, Kurikka, Seinäjoki, Koura,  Haapamäki Keuruu. In Portugal Portimao Bemposta and 49 other willages, In south Maroc Agadir, sidi IFNI, Layonne Dakhla  West Sahara. Beautiful american houses start appear everywhere, as swamps after summerrain. They would say, Mr Trump is german practical man, who make what promised, make America great in level of concretia.

With ´´advertising film ´´EXODUS TODAY we  invite 38 million polish exilers back home, and buy such house in Gniewoszow OR later on border line of Poland, starting from farms of Sarnowiak -Ilnicki, 4 km to border of Tseck republic, to Niemojow Zolty Stock to Zakopane, to border of Ukraine, white Russia , Litwa Kalingrad. Trump mur 3 mtr high.  Beton / nature stones, model jugend art nouveau. Houses with distance of 50 -70 mtr, first floor beton / stones, 20 euros 7 douple rooms ( with bath ) for travellers. Traffic on polish side of the mur only by noiseles electric harleys, light cars, mopeds , bicycles,  horses , scate boars or by walk . Both sides of mur is militar area, no buildings, no roads, nature silentio. Because we do this cinema according the Bible, not accoring the benefits of american weapon industry, polish army ( wojska polska ) shall be finished. Its workers shall be re-educated to take care of 100% peace and legality inside criminal, chaotic Poland. New wojska polska are German schefer dogs who take care that nobody climbs over Trump Mur. West Germany, Russia, France and Britannia quarantee that nobody try go to Poland any more with weapons. Poland / DDR no more belong to Schengen or Nato. Turist wizum to kingdom of heaven for 2 weeks costs 20 euros. Global valuta shall be deutsche marka and valuta politica shall be leaded from Berlin. Polish people use zloty and its value is exactly same as DM

To second floor wooden loghouses for 38 million home coming polish emigrant families in Germany Skandinavia UK America. 50 individual versions of jugend art nouveau 1906, as it was is Seitendorf before II world war. German man, Mr Trump could start there ´´ eine kleine polnische wirtschaftwunder´´, and american A class juppies would not much longer talk shit about You.  Poland -castle would be kingdom of heaven on the earth, in our cinema spektackel. People in previous DDR want join to new union of Europa. West border of Poland -DDR  shall  be builded  to same place as border of  west Germany  and DDR was before. Tourists from west Germany talk in Portugal, Agadir and costa de sol  how taking care of previous DDR was only big problem to them and they would like to see how MUR against east comes back as it was.

In our cinema spektackel Jesus Christ comes in cloud, in form of man and start be president of Poland and emperor of DDR. Lot of people in west Germany like to buy house in this new state, where taxes are low , living easy and safe . All power shall be given to people by digital direct democratia. Political parties and their media, all priests and nuns  shall  meet endlösung, the end of the world. Army and all christian churches and religions shall be finished,  its said  in the Holy Bible.

7. I agree this matter 100 % .  
6. I agree this matter 80 %     
5. I agree this matter 60 % 
4. I agree this matter 50 %
3. I agree this matter 40 % 
2. I agree this matter 20 % 
1. I do not agree this matter at all   


Sooner or later we have peace in Libya Syria Iraq Afganistan Kurdistan Ukraine  and we need lot of new warm homes. We  need  all money of VATICAN  and international  co operation to create really big network of production. We need  lot of volyntary actors and actrisses. Half million Harley people from Usa and Europa to Poland 1.6-3.6.2018 . Prokurator Beata Jelinska in Klodzko court gave order to our culture association to make media illusion of ´´polish tabernackel´. Manusscriptura / story board is ready, but we have no money to procuction.

( Contacts   to managing director Aita Limed in english aitalimed15@gmail.com )

Because such mountainwillages in Poland are very puor and dangerous in night time, USA must pay costs to build  MUR around 43,3 hectar 3 mtr high, made from nature stones and beton. Inside such caste of 43,3 hectar we arrange  15.4.-  15.10  every year many marvellous culture festivals, post communistic evening parties for half million visitors per day. They buy 20 euros ticket, one million euro per day. 10 % to state of Poland 10 % to commun Miedzylesie. 40 % to landowners. Lot of new work places with real salaries 2500 e /month  would  appear everywhere in Poland , Portugal, east Germany and Marocco. People would remember your name long time Mr Trump.  Make America great and respected with new fresh productive innovations, not by selling  weapons and frighten people with IRAN and RUSSIA.

 Jehowa witness family of Stefania Ilnicki ( owner of 8,8 hectares ) and  owner of 34,5 ha Violetta & William Sarnowiak both live in Finland, info@keuruunekokyla.fi  They both MUST say yes to this  project, there is no other way. But they both shall get very good regular incomes

   If you want membership of 5 years  in legal registered finnish polish fusio culture association Les Jaunes die Gelben , send 20 euros to  account

 William K. Sarnowiak  FI 5239390053168480      BIC - SBANFIHH 

SEND copy of payment to aitalimed15@gmail.com

To info of transfer, please write your email and letter ( A ), if your primar interest is art, filosofia, immaterial values, Allah, Jesus Christ, TAO.  Mark letter ( B ) if your primar interest is money, bisnes, KONFUTSE ,  honest intelligent plus sum game Sampo Tao. We need both kind of people and we put them work together. Make cultura ( tao IMPIVAARA ) with money ( konfutse - KYLÄ ) and money with cultura . Coming of kingdom of heaven on the earth,  brings spritual to level of material.  Material start become spiritual, disappears to black holes with speed of light



 Designers, artists  architects  artesanes and producers in 50 states of America would get good annual incomes, if they put seeds to this ´ long field ´´.( Dlugo Pole )  5% commission from large mass production  during next 1000 years. They have lot  good wood workers, artesanes , visual artists are in Poland, Marocco and Portugal. Russia has wood endles amounts. USA invest 350 first individual examples, Teuva Perälä Finland   and Germany DDR gives ´´kapel meisters´´ , intelligent leadership of logistiga, economia, product development, bisnes management, marketing, advertising. Costs of production fall more as 50 %.  Plus sum game SAMPO means ciwilized leaded capitalism without capitalist , because culture association has no right to make economical profit. But we can pay good salaries to students and teachers in Teuva Seinäjoki Kauhajoki  kauppaopisto , to wood workers and building engineers in all North Finland . We  invest  new factories in many lands, because we have not the capitalist and we dont have to pay taxes. We have government of 7 where you can suggest yourself. Salary 6900 euros / month, same as directors of development and financia  Melika Ramouz , Violetta Sarnowiak, Helena Antila , art director William Sarnowiak and  managing director aitalimed15@gmail.com. This non profit  organization is controlled by government of Finland kirjaamo@prh.fi . Our book keeping shall be open, in internet.

Please send your samples from 50 states of America  freely ( without bills )  ,--. 50 houses  to habour of GDANSK. ( By trains to Domaszkow, Miedzylesie. 50 st to habour of Portimao Bemposta Portugal, ------50 st to Agadir Marocco ( Takad sidi Tual beach )  50 st to habour of Tarfaya ( west sahara ) ----- 100  houses  and their  interiörs  to habour of Kaskinen  Finland. By trains 50 houses to Teuva Perälä Finland  and  50 houses  to Russian karelia sortavala . Production can start in every willage nearby this railroad , where is railway stations. We do not use  trucks in this  new bisnes at all. Only trains and ships, locally tractors    ---

 We arrange culture festivals  KINGDOM OF HEAVEN   inside such 7 castles and in 50 willages of Portugal. Millions of visitors see them and want buy individual combinations from  KINGDOM OF HEAVEN  to their own lands. To german and polish emigrants who want live in better climate, we offer california willages in Portugal and in south Marocco, in new ATLANTIS  1200  km  long sub tropical beach .

In our fictive screenplay EXODUS TODAY, nysse tuloo we show  coming of  harmaleddon -jihad , as its told in bible apocalypta 18. Most of people fall to dangerous  massa psychosas, start kill  themselves and neighbours,  In safe closed willages life can go on. We need such trump mur 3 mtr high around ALL Poland, because  55 % of polish people  were inviting Him as president to Poland, with leading of previous pope John Paul II. Something similar happened in Portugal.  Our cinema is showing fantasia what happens, when holy spirit of Truth start keep power in 2 most dirty, most roman catholic , most puor and most unhonest lands of europa. What happens when spirit of truth and german intelligentsia start lead Portugal Poland and when  Jesus Christ joins to his new union land which belongs to NOBODY. Give it to palestinian people


  question about West Sahara Atlantis

  Maroccian people can accept this, if rich jews international pay back all maroccian investings, electric tele energia infrastructura, roads airports habours, many big cities. They can accept independent of west sahara without war, only if they get back their money, and this fiscal capacity shall be invested to create new good  workplaces allover in Maroc. Palestinian people and all maroccians, who have there home and permanent adres right now, must get citizen rights in new Atlantis . 20 000 syrian libyan iraqian exilers from North Finland  ( uusi suomi )  are wellcome to kingdom of heaven on the earth, because North Finland is too cold dark and hard place for them

 Power to the people, direct digital democratia and king Hassan III, oldest son of respected Muhamed VI. He must be ready to leave his place immediately when Jesus Christ is back in form of man. This same responsibility has FB JUHANI OJANEN, helsingin taideakatemian koulu / emperor of east Germany. ( he lives in Seinäjoki, near TEUVA. Vice president of Poland , uusisuomi ( new Finland )  and Portugal  is from Teuva Perälä  but also he shall give all  power immediately to Jesus, when He is here in form of man. Border between new and old Finland is not possible to go over, it is the railroad from habour of Kaskinen to Teuva Aronkylä Seinäjoki Koura Haapamäki Keuruu Jyväskylä Niirala- Russia ) In north side of this railroad political parties and religions, churches and army shall be finished , ( as its written in holy Bible ). All power to people by digital direct democratia. New mamu free Finland not belong to Schengen, wizum costs 1000 euro per week. British and russian army commonly  quarantee militar security of North Finland , Poland , DDR , Portugal and Marocco.

Palestinian people and finnish mamu exilers from north Finland could enjoy lovely subtropical climate and friendly sunni musliman surrounding. Luxus healthy services and costless education. Clean long beach from Sidi IFNI to south point of Atlantis 1200 km.  Border against Algeria and Mauretania today are closed with US army, and it can be so also in the future. Atlantis not need any own army. 

Fisher ships from Russia could bring to habours of Portimao , Agadir, Sidi Ifni, Layonne and Dakhla large amounts pinewood and vuolukivi. To Finland  Koura Aronkylä Teuva Kaskinen and  to Poland  by trains. Russia shall get 5%  from annual netto and big immaterial imago PR. Kingdom of heaven made from Russian wood and TULIKIVI.

 Poland is mother of all revolutions Mr Trump. We need such in level of attitudes, we need to open new doors to better future, to peace of 1000 years.

 If we try to do to our enemy as much good as they had done bad, this is creating energia of white magia, holy spirit, SOOMA, inpossible to win. Love your enemy, Bin Laden junior ,  try to help Mr Trump to make america great . Polish  baltic finnish people should  believe how russians are good people, their culture is rich and warm. Its very possible to live with them in peace and make good co operation in economia and culture ,- as finns did during time of president Urho Kekkonen. American media and weapon industry hopes that Mr Trump sell to Poland and Saudi Arabia lot of guns. But polish children not get food, books and dentist services. Not any kind of social help to puor people. State Poland waste their money to illegally started wars. United nations said clearly, NOT do that !  Not go to change governments  in Iraq Libya Syria. Crime was same as HITLER did . To avoid international punishments, time is very short to confes national and personal sins. Time is short to change our minds to be able to see king of Gloria, WITHOUT falling to dangerous mass psychosas

USA must send these 350 wooden loghouses, with individual interiörs, different individual versions from jugend 1906. Poland must give building permissions and pay costs of  Trump mur around 43,3  hectares, ground floors of 50 houses in Miedzylesie, Teuva Perälä, Bautzen , Tarfaya , Bemposta, Takad . These punishments are very positive because USA and Poland both shall win a lot with this plussum game Sampo Tao. But if they say NO to this offer, it means war and fire. Coming of red horse riders

Meaning of our fictive screenplay is to educate people to be ready to meet the spirit of Truth,-  the one, who said I AM ROAD .  55 % of polish people and previous pope John Paul II  were electing him 12 years ago to take power. In our fictive screenplay Jesus Christ gives all power to people. He comes in cloud to centre of american cultures in Miedzylesie Gniewoszow, and invite all 38 million polish emigrants back home. Some of them choose Portugal or Atlantis ( west sahara ), because they have same king and system of  digital direct democratia, but much better climate. When millions of people in all world see this fictio and  take it more or less seriously, to them happens what they have been believing. Mediareality and real reality change places and everything shall be upside down, as its written in the Bible. The ´´books ´´shall be opened . We need to our screenplay fiscal help and to this walley 1.6.-3.6.2018  half million travellers to see this miracle, great illusio



Camping for half million  Harelys, Hondas , Vespas and bicycles  in walley of Dlugopole zrj . Ready made tents with good madras ( with own sleepingpacks ) 10 euros per day.  Ekological clean toilets 0,5 e / visit. Finnish sauna exhibition 5 euros / 2 hours. Special massages and herbs. 40 % to landowners. Work of  abau@onet.eu and soltys Adam Prokop Gniewoszow  is to organize this. If they not want, punishments can be hard






manuscripura to  this cinema comes 50 %  ly from  the Bible, 50 % from today real life . What has happened during last 10 years to me and my  family, state of Portugal  make psycho analysa and crime investigation. Dr Rui Neves in Faro says how Hietikko is mad, this what i say has not happened, its mental  ilnes called paranoija. 3 other doctors in Portimao say how Hietikko is not sick but dr Neves has made  serious mistake without knowing me at all, asking opinion of finnish consulat leami.evola@formin.fi  and sanomat.lis@formin.fi . Now  they must explain in many courts , what is real reality and what is paranoija , harha, psychosa, maaja , samsara ? State of Finland must pay all costs of lawyers in Agadir, Faro, Portimao, Klodzko, Marbella , Jyväskylä, Helsinki crime courts and in court of human rights in STRASBOURG.

Majority of Portugalian people have been praying to get Jesus who arrange them workplaces. Thats why his masters advertising office association Keltaiset ry  want rent for 1000  years 25-35 hectares outside 50 portugalian willages, for 50  houses. Landwner shall  get 40 % from ticket incomes to large culture festivals America first, america great, Portugal second, a bit smaller . President Trump  should visit also Portugal   before you  leave Europa. Drive in white cadillac this road and let them see big white king. Portugalians  were  playing such roles before in southern America. These brutal ´´KINGS´´ were killing with their fire weapons millions of original  people.


Jesus Christ returns in cloud and the BOOKS  SHALL BE OPENED.

 Portugalian , french and spanish people have been terrible terrorist, and such national sins must be confessed , before we can see  kingdom of heaven  and finish ISIS . Also arrogant France could confess their sins, and Paris and Bryssel would be more safe. If nothing positive happen, we shall see the day when islamic people inside France kill all french people and take their land. Everything. The same french people came to do in Maroc Algeria many other islamic lands


 Renewed  maroccian al  qaida would like to make peace of 1000 years. (   new name is IKL


 ( islamilaisten kristittyjen liitto ) ( union of islamic christians )

 Peace with isis shall not be possible before they confess honestly all and the  land is cleaned. Work of german new natzies is - is sturm gruppen  international  ( riders  of red horses )  is to KILL everyone who has  something against coming of Jesus Christ and his kingdom in 50 states of America , Canada, in Portugal, DDR , TEUVA  and in Poland. Keltaiset ry does not give orders to kill anybody, but we know what isis people and german new natzies plan. We recommend rapid negotiations of peace

 Orders written in the Bible is not  possible to change. All christian churches and religions must be finished, their money  must be paid  to advertising office of Jesus Christ ( Keltaiset ry  -  Los Amarillos ) Managing director 33 years old teacher          Aita Limed 

our twitter  

Our head office is in Portimao and Mr Limed needs wizum to Portugal . ( Wife and 3 years old son ) We also want offers from portugalian Millennium bank and Deutsche Bank in Portimao to open bank account to this association. We wish that contrabilista Ana Araujo takes care of the ´´numbers´´ .

 Government of Finland YHDISTYSREKISTERI / KTM kirjaamo@prh.fi is our supervisor who has made decision that Keltaiset ry  have no responsibility to pay taxes to any country, because we work non profit  for common benefits and for Jesus Christ,


Villa Verde Ficalho


Portugal, 96 loghouses de madeira com interiores encantadores de


 mur 3 mtr alta em torno de 27,6 hectares. Primeiro andar beton / pedra, art nouveau jugend 1906. 7 quartos para os viajantes 20 e / dia faz bons rendimentos para fazendeiro e a empresa que investir nestas amostras. loghouses de madeira no andar de cima, com interiores individuais. A Rússia está enviando todos os meses para águas Maroccian muitos navios grandes para levar peixe e wegetables. Eles poderiam trazer para Portugal Portimão e Marrocos Agadir monte de madeira de pinho e pedra especial para lareiras, vuolukivi, olhe para google TULIKIVI. Começamos a produção de acordo com essas primeiras amostras de 50 estados de América e vender tais casas muito. Quando levar marketing, desenvolvimento de produtos e logistica de um lugar, os custos de produção caem mais de 50% e nós pode pagar bons salários, oferecem boas casas com preços atractivos.
Depois de 15 km exposição das melhores partes da cultura e 96 casas de

Colorado, perto


 de Villa Nova de


 São Bento




iniciar 10,5.
Mina de São Domingos




Mertola Carolina norte


these houses we   offer  to american people who are afraid of nuclear war. Portugal is very neutral corner. If it  happens to usa what is written in Bible apocalypta 18, it would be good to save best parts of culture in 50 states of america to 50 willages in Portugal ?


São João dos Caldeireios ARIZONA-

Almodovar Geórgia-

enviar a partir daí esse tipo de homens para defender benefícios nacionais da América na Europa


iniciar 11,5. Ameixial NEVADA-



melhor deles também para a Polónia Miedzylesie Gniewoszow e 27,6 hectares na Finlândia www.keuruunekokyla.fi

São Bartolomeu de


 Messines /

castelo 27,6  hectar de Wisconsin-

SILVES Michican

Almarjao Alabama-

Odelouca Pensylvania


Porto de Lacos FLORIDA -

 habour perto de Portimão

27,6 hectares de Nova York. 96 casas, primeira beton andar, 2 andares loghouses madeira Mur 3 mtr elevados. Dentro 27,6 exposição hectares da cultura no willage''greenwich''. Suas melhores peças. conexão navio de Portimão para a Madeira e para Agadir. Para Florida Daytona Beach, para Nova York

commonstart  to Poland 12.5. 2018 , later annually every spring at same time. To direction



(exemplo da cultura na Califórnia) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uaQ1vXdf1Q0

   Bembosta Washington DC-



Casas da Sr do


 Verde / MARYLAND-



 nas proximidades -

grandes Competiçoes internacionais de motos e carros

Marmelete / NORTH DAKOTA-


Aliezur / MISSOURI -


Odeceixe / OREGON -

Sao Teotonio / INDIANA-

iniciar 13,5. Villa Nova de Milfontes / MAINE--

Cercal / Utah-


in  name of Father Son and Holy Spirit, Jesus said, I am road




Tanganheira / SUL Carolina


Santiago do Cacem / Washigton SEATLE-


Grândola / Missisippi - seus represantives esta aparência



commonstart 14,5 Alcácer do Sal / NEW MEXICO

São Cristóvão / Ohio-

Montemor o Novo / Wyoming


commonstart 15,5 Montargil / KANSAS-


Ponte de Sor / CONNECTICUT -



Villa Velha de Ródão / SOUTH DAKOTA-


commonstart  to Poland 16.5. 2018 , later annually every spring at same time

 Castelo Branco Delaware -


Alpedrinha Texas-


Covilha IOWA -

commonstart 17,5 Guarda






Pinhel / OKLAHOMA-

Figueira de

 Castelo Rodrigo / Vermont-



Barca de Alva / NEBRASKA-


exposição dos melhores artes ARCHITECTURA e artesanato, mobiliário, electronica, casa de máquinas, música folk, blues, jazz, rock and roll. cinema de alta qualidade e música a partir de 50 estados de América


Freixo de Espada à Cinta / TENNESSEE-



Mogadouro / West Virginia -

commonstart 18,5 Bemposta / ALASKA

Devemos convidar para Portugal de férias 38 milhões de pessoas polonesas que vivem a bordo, nos EUA, Reino Unido, Alemanha. Nós vendê-los tais casas na Polônia situado nas proximidades da estrada festival rota UM POLSKA mencionado mais adiante nesta página.

Alguns anos atrás 55% do povo polaco e anterior Papa João Paulo II estavam
escolhendo para a Polônia novo presidente, que é até agora invisível. Quando começamos a manter o ruído sobre esta matéria, 38 milhões de emigrantes polonês quer voltar e comprar a casa nova. Na Bíblia está escrito, quando você viu-me ir, eu estava em nuvem. Quando você me vê recome, estarei em nuvem. Os religiosos dizem como tudo é verdade o que está escrito na Bíblia.

Mas não é óbvio que o rei de Gloria precisa Puou mans nirvana, porque Ele é 100% próprio nirvana. Mas outras pessoas que o viram ir e vir, eles podem precisar de cannabis (cloud) para ser mais sensível para entender o novo presidente da Polónia, para ser capaz de encontrá-lo

Depois de Portugal festival estrada volta para a Espanha -Fermoselle - Bermillo de Sayago-

19,5 início

Valladolid - 20,5 início Burgos-

21,5 início Pamplona-

estrada N 135 - D 933 para a França 22.5. iniciar

commonstart  to Poland 22.5. 2018 , later annually every spring at same time



Sina vuonna kun arkkienkeli Sarnowiak pocztavioli77@gmail.com kulkee tämän reitin Espanjan Avilasta Puolan kotiinsa Miedzylesiaan, silloin koko roomalais katolinen maailma pidättää hengitystään ja kuuntelee kirkoissaan ja kotonaan tälläistä

23.5. iniciar


estrada D 656 para Cahors -road 653 MURAT --- Massiac - Sauxillanges- Vic le Comte -Marinques - Randan-

24,5 início
AURILLAC N 122, D 588, D 906,


25.5. iniciar VICHY D 480, D 973 para Lapalisse - -

26.5.start Autun -

estrada D 973 ---- D 673 Seurre - St Jean de Losne --Auxonne --D 12- Rioz- Rouge Mont- Hericourt- Sochaux-

27,5 início Besancon

D 683 - para Belfort ALEMANHA Altkirch D 419

28,5 início

estrada 317 NEUSTADT --29.5 começar TUTTLINGEN - ROAD 311- Sigmarinen -Scheer --- 311 estrada

30,5 início


O que sempre acontece nos EUA em novembro, quando eles elegem novo presidente e nova linha para a política mundial, esta questão deve tratar as pessoas muito fortemente, também após as eleições. Os Estados Unidos são dois dividido como era em tempos de guerra ciwil. Agora todo mundo pode seguramente participar a esta próxima guerra ciwil sem armas. Quem está interessado para ajudar Donald J.Trump para se tornar presidente do presidente América e Jesus Cristo da Polónia, - que querem a paz de 1000 anos com russos,

ir de Augsburg à direção Potmess --Pfaffenhofen - Moosburg - Landshut - Postau-

31.5. iniciar
Sraubing --

- Deggendorf - Innernzell - Grafenau - Philppsreut - Strážný - Lenora - Cesky Krumlov-

1,6 começar Ceske Budejovice -

Litomysl - -

2.6. iniciar -Rokytnice


NIEMOJOW POLÔNIA ... 3.6. iniciar





 Keltaiset ry / die Gelben rf makes farm productive with 200  safe places in  mountain meadows to german home cars. Maroccian men  start bisnes with mineral water and firewood  and big festivals in Klodzko canyon. Ready made tents in nature with good clean  madras 5 e /day. Finnish sauna services

As hire Keltaiset ry  pay from  nettoprofit  every  month  40 %  . This money will be dealed  

1 % to Halina  Cieplucha  and her younger  daughter ,

33 %   to her older daughter  Violetta  Sarnowiak ,

  33 % to  her son William  

33 % to father of William  Hannu Hietikko and my new wife

 According rules of kirjaamo@prh.fi  Keltaiset ry / die Gelben rf has no right to take any profit to itself , but association  can pay rent from the farm like this . Keltaiset ry can also pay good salaries to seven  strong  maroccian  men  and  their  families, who are working  in that farm.If you want one of them, send  your  photo  and  name, scanned  id card  by email to our manager  aitalimed15@gmail.com  


We want rent for 1000  years  25-35 hectares  outside  mentioned cities and   willages, landowner shall  get 40 % from ticket incomes to large culture festivals America first, america great


 According the  Bible and  Coran, cleaning proces is necessary before peace of 1000 years is possible  .

Previous primie  minister of Finland Paavo Lipponen  said 23.12.2008  how during  next 10 years in Finland starts




 ( jihad in arab )

The last judgements in Poland, Portugal and in  Finland .

English written original from the letter to portugalian advocates is here  www.unianova.eu/juridico.htm

Aqui em portugal


Nucleo de apoio Juridico , Rua Pintor Carlos Porfirio , nr 35 , 8000-241 Faro Portugal

letter   098759  , PJ  5835 / 17  - 102966/17 IMC  IM  FAR   cdssfaro@seg-social.pt





 Portugalian doctor of psychiatria Rui Neves in Faro is seriously hurting my honour and preventing  work of creative  artists , when he says Hietikko´s  cinema  plan  is sick, paranoid, out of realities. 50 % is from Bible, it cant be sick. 50 % from happenings of today , dr Neves not believe that this has happened ?

His raport 30.3.2015  gave reason to finnish social system SS ladies and consulat in Lissabon to continue preventing  father and son see each others. State of Portugal must pay compensation or show evidences that Hietikko s  opinion about  historia of last 10 years  is out of real realities. I have big stress and sorrow because of too many crimes and if they start talk now how nothing has happened. People who sleep, not want wake up .Lot of islamic freedom fighters in real reality are reading my home page and like me, allthough Im born from JEWISH mother ( father blue eyed finn )

  It is possible that victim of crimes does not see and understand everything in 100%  objective ways, and thats why CRIME investigation and trials are necessary. I need psychoterapia and good lawyer, who is not afraid of TRUTH. We can pay  160 euros / month to start this, but we claim it all back. State of Finland is responsible to pay costs of lawyer ALL

You not can  leave away any  parts of this case. You must handle it all  with advocates abresz@poczta.onet.pl in Wroclaw Poland and asianajaja.kuukka@kuukka-tiainen.fi in Finland  Keuruu. Both of them speak english  and have my power of attorney. Their fees must come from state of Finland and Poland

 Doctor of psychiatria Rui Neves must show edidences that this what i say is not true, only sick imagination. To Finland Harmakeddon was invited  by JIHADIST,  ex primie minister Paavo Lipponen, in biggest newspaper of Finland´´ Helsingin sanomat ´´. In Poland ex primie minister, JIHADIST, Donald Tusk told how he wants clean away from Poland ´´all shit ´´. It will be hard process , because polish people self say  how in Poland ALL is shit, only piss is not shit in Poland. Portugal is most puor country of European union, because stupid proud women and perverse roman catholic church have too much power. Harmakeddon means

revolution of men.


nearer in book of american writer Robert Bly, IRON JOHN, Rautahannu Hietikko in finnish


I need lawyer help ( victim of crimes, post traumatic stress reaction )

Nucleo de apoio Juridico , Rua Pintor Carlos Porfirio , nr 35 , 8000-241 Faro Portugal

Your letter 21.6.2017  098759  , PJ  5835 / 17  - 102966/17 IMC  IM  FAR   cdssfaro@seg-social.pt

My first son was killed with abortion, other one  kidnapped  from Poland to Finland. Im not allowed to go to land where i was born and my father had to be 4 years in fascistic Barbarossa war. Police of Finland keep me banished with several arrestings, not want investigate the reasons of  their own mistakes. Witness janne.pentti@formin.fi, Tallinna consulat  seppo.jokinen@poliisi.fi Jämsä. I have not done any crimes , only wrote how Poland and USA made same crime as Hitler. Started big al qaida war when united nations said , no dont do it. Isis was born when they hanged Hussein . Right now Mr TRUMP is in Poland , trying to frighten them with Russia and sell lot of weapons. This same he did in Saudi Arabia month ago, frightening them with IRAN. North Corea try to frighten USA with nuclear missiles, and german is is sturm gruppen umwelt  have plan to shoot such to Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. Mr Trump seem to be travelling salesman of american weapon industry, but mistake of Napoleon and Hitler is good to remember. Russia is not possible to win by war, but friendly co operation with them is very possible. They have rich warm culture, population and their lanquage is very  beautiful. Behind Russia is shanghai union and its 100 x stronger as nato. This has said norwegian investigator Johan Galtung from united nations .

Because of my truthful opinions I was banished from Finland .  Also in Poland prokurator Beata Jelinska 2008  and police Adam Polanski 4.5.2005  said that Hietikko must go away from POLAND , away from my farm, where i have invested  870 000 euros, association keltaiset ry 599 000 euros. Together 1,469 million euros. Later i was living 8 years in islamic north Africa and al qaida maroc promised to help with their big network in Europa. Case Hietikko is part of al qaida war and its not my fold.

Hannu Oskari Hietikko, citizen of Finland 011151 -187 P and my wife Melika Ramouz, citizen of Marocco ( born 1.11.1969 )  have now  residence  in Portugal . When they promised 10 years tax freedom, we took  credit from UCI bank,  bought house in Portimao in september 2016. Soon  they said how tax freedom shall be finito, it was only trick to sell lot of rotten  houses and apartments to stupid foreigners. But state of Portugal pay me 69 000 euros  plus costs of lawyers  from their JOKE. Personal responsibility carry honour consul of Finland giselia.m.farias@gmail.com

Williams keller Ruth Alexandra forced us with harsh blackmailing to choose a house where is lot of black mushroom and neighbours not give us any home peace, wishing that we go away. During selling all was covered with spachel and white colour, but the reality came to daylight during first 6 months. Lawyer David Leonardo and doctor in healthy centre  said how this is surely risk for healthy. Inspector of insurance Liberty had opinion how its  question about clear fooling. Such matter must go to crime court. We want back 55 000 euros from the price plus costs of lawyer. From city of Portimao we claim building permissio to wooden loghouse 2 floors to upstairs of that house, bottom 4 m x 22 m , 88 sq meters

Paula Custodio and Ruth Alexandra no more work in Portimao Williams keller but their new finnish talking agent Anne Tikkanen met us 2.6.2017. She promised  to make this  matter clear, but  soon sent us  email , saying  how we make her  ´´  SICK´´ and her daughter is in danger to become sick, if she helps us in this matter. We claim crime investigation in what ways we are more sick, as Anne Tikkanen ? ( Nobody from us is 100% healthy ) Arguments or big compensations must come also from ossi.viljakainen@gmail.com maurisemontonen@gmail.com , kirjaamo@Kaavi.fi , Tuomo Reina , keuruu@keuruu.fi  , Heidi.nystrom@elisanet.fi  and leading doctor of psychiatria Rui Neves in Faro. He is responsible about my healthy

During 2 years CHAlgarve  didn´t want  start handle my reclamation 120442 , left  to Portimao healhty centre 25.6. 2015. In Finland kirjaamo.lansi@avi.fi did not  handle  similar raport of general doctor tuomo.reina@seututk.fi ( since may 2010 no answer has came. ) This is serious illegal teasing and mental  terrorism against me and my son.  Me and my islamic wife wish that  german new natzies umwelt ,  Bin Laden junior and http://www.aljazeera.com/ tell about  our case in all islamic world 1,6 milliard people

You can add to bills your costs 48 %  extra ,  when you take care that fiscal compensations  shall be paid. Police investigation must be started. Ana Fonseca in Santander Totta Bank Portimao and Williams keller Anne Tikkanen must tell where they got such information that Hietikko is seriously sick?  Did it come from Rui Neves in Faro or Maijakatila@netcbo.pt, sectetare of finnish honour consul in Quarteira ? She  had said  that police of Portimao should arrest Hietikko. When i asked what for, she did not know and  how  nobody in finnish consulat read my letters. Such fine proud JUPPI ladies do not like my  ourlook, clothes and frisura. Association algarve.suomi@sapo.pt is in Praya Rocha Colombia tower. Restaurant downstairs Martin baari is meeting place of al qaida europa, nr 769 .

Because police and prokurator both rule me to go away, state of Poland  must pay me my investing in Poland 1,469 million euros. Owning  of lands  34,5 ha  to my son  William  96 %  ly, to association keltaiset ru 4 % ly .  Jehova witness  family  Illnicki  must  give  owning  of 3 buildings  and 8,8 hectar  to association Keltaiset ry.  Lawyers association of Finland must  pay  me  6,9 million e. Ananda seva kannisto@kaapeli.fi  235 000 e . From state of Finland  I demand 1 million e, 300 000 e to my son, 100 000 e to his mother , 100 000 e to Melika Ramouz  ,  to her mother Fadma Rakibi 50 000 e plus passport finland . Plus all  costs of lawyers. Santander Totta bank Portimao 5000 e, state of Portugal 69 600  e,  dr Rui Neves  / state of Portugal 500 000 euros if Rui Neves NOT can give  full medical evidences to his  raport 30.3.2015 . Hannu Hietikko is out of realites , paranoid. This is not true and law of islam gives to dr neves Reina  , erkki marttila, mauri montonen..many punishments of death. Only way to avoid killing is rapid crime investigations, trials and compensations.

 contacts to us via


using  code  number , 098759  , PJ  5835 / 17  - 102966/17 IMC  IM  FAR


State of Finland  is quilty to serious crimes . 


 Finnish people should have same opinions from all matters and when i havent, they would like to kill me or make chemical lobotomia. But 3 doctors in Spain say how Hietikko is  much more healthy as finnish people in  my age usually are. In Portugal FARO  doctor RUI NEVES has different opinion but 3 other doctors in Portimao healthy centre believe that dr Neves has been listening  finnish consulat Maijakatila@netcbo.pt  and made  serious mistake

This psychiatric terrorism  started from  Finland Helsinki ten years ago. Lawyer Aila Koulu from  law office Sandström Koulu said in court of Helsinki 2006 how Hietikko  is mentally ill child killer and she took care that police was banishing me from land where i was born. I never could  see my  only child. My polish ex wife did not want divorce, she did not want take father away from small boy, she took away from court aplication of divorce. But Koulu was forcing that weak woman to put it back and say in court how all 18 years in our marriage, Hietikko  has been mentally ill,   many other  terrible matters which were not true. They were coming from dirty HARHA imagination of Aila Koulu, not from real life. Docent of microbiologia Petri Luoma from Helsinki  university  made investigation of 6 months. He  told how advocat Koulu is famous  from such . Her assistant Tanja Heiskanen said in Jyväskylä court 4 years later how Hietikko  lives in harha ( psychosa ) and state of Finland judge erkki.marttila@oikeus.fi confirmed it. Because of this state of Finland gets very big punishment soon, im telling about it later in this letter

 In court of Helsinki 2006  they did not give me  possibility to defend myself , not any lawyer. They  arrested me  after that trial for 2,5 months , forced to eat poison. Evil  sadists  Seija.patrikainen@epshp.fi  Irma Nivala  Ulla Tulisalo wanted investigate my behaving using  different poisons and sexual violence in closed ´´hospital ´´ t12@epshp.fi . Lawyer jari.kattelus@ruokola.com and special nurse pirjo tolkki in Seinäjoki  knows all about this matter.  According law of Finland , state must pay all costs of lawyers in cases where is connection sexual violence. ( in spite of incomes )  But  they did not give advocat even in  april 2010  Jyväskylä court. Still today Jyväskylä oikeusaputoimisto block my email when i ask help. They never let father and son meet each other and this cause me depressio, sleepless nights.  I claim compensation of 6,9  million euros  from finnish  lawyers association info@valvontalautakunta.fi who is supporting dirty lies of their  members  Aila Koulu, tanja Heiskanen and Jukka Hokkanen. Their teasing has been continuing more as 10 years and i have loosed my only child  because of it


Those brutal lawyers wanted make bisnes  by dealing our properity in Poland, 1,469 million euros. We both have only one child who is common, born 28.3.2001, and i wanted give my  properity to HIM. But polish mother and sister  of my ex wife and finnish greedy lawyers Koulu  Niskanen Sandstrom Tyvio Artimo wanted rob OUR SON. Its very big possibility that maroccian al qaida kill  them all. We not give such orders, but my arab talking wife heard what they speak. To my son and his mother shall not happen anything bad, they get both over 10 000 euros / month from new activities in their farm in Poland

But Violetta  must talk true in court now

Aila Koulu is famous in Helsinki  about  such crimes, says doctor of microbiologia  Petri Luoma, but they not put her to responsibility, because husband of Koulu is in important place in finnish power nomenklatura. When Aila Koulu  went to pension, lawyer Tanja Heiskanen continued her dirty work . Her  assistant   ilmari.niskanen@sandstromkoulu.fi

Any matters said by Aila Koulu, they did not find in that investigation of 2,5 moths . Raport of the director antero lassila is in law office asianajaja.kuukka@kuukka-tiainen.fi in Finland  Keuruu

 To  make this matter CLEAR , in same year  2006  also doctors of psychiatria tapani luoto, iiris keränen, martti kuokkanen  made investigation and raported how Hietikko is not mentally ill person, not any secret agressions , no criminal historia in any land. Court psychiatric comitea of Klodzko Poland made big investigation 2006-2008 saying the same, Hietikko is not mentally ill child killer.

My ex wife was killig our first child with abortion and they didnt ask anything from me. Its question about murder, which crime never becomes juridically old. Big compensations would  belong to Hietikko, said lawyer a.schabikowska@lexel.com.pl  in Wroclaw.  Family of my ex wife in Lodz and finnish  greedy lawyers  wanted  rob my child and 870 000 euros, 599 000 euros from culture association keltaiset ry. Hietikko is not sick , say also  3 doctors in Spain, 2 in Marocco, one in Germany Loerrach ,  one in Sweden Södertälje our family psycholog border1@wp.pl in Wroclaw and president of indian yoga doctors association K.U.sathyanath in Kerala Cochin. He was teaching me 3 years because he said that Hietikko is  UN unsually healthy man to be from Europa.

Before we went from Finland to Poland, my dipl.engineer wife was calculating how much shall  be in next years real value of my house in Porvoo and 3 apartments in middle of Helsinki, if we sell  them all and invest this  money to Poland part by part. In court of Helsinki was written 12.12.1997 marriage agreement where was said how all investing to Poland, belongs in divorce ONLY to Hietikko. To make me trustful, she wrote also 3.9.1996  in Helsinki  law  office credit  paper of 870 000 euros. It was written  that immediately when Hietikko gets permission to be land owner in Poland , she must give owning of that farm to me. in year 2007 lawyer Jaroslaw Krtolinski  ( kancelaria@plusnet.pl ) got such permissio  in court of Warsawa. I wanted to give owning to our common son 96 % ly, to culture assocition keltaiset ry 4 % ly. But family of my ex wife in Lodz  did not want give it. They asked police to push me away from poland. Also my tenants  as  ossi.viljakainen@gmail.com were pushed away with armed nightly gangster attacts  of abau@onet.eu and all house was robbed by ABAU gangsters and Adam Zaba ( he is organ  player of roman catholic church ). 

In that credit paper was written how 31.1.2017 is ultimate last ded line when they MUST give owning of that farm to Hietikko ( to our son ) . But when me and my new family in Maroc were claiming this, mafia of LODZ and Miedzylesie sended armed gangsters to Portimao. We are in real serious danger to become killed and if it happens al qaida maroco has their networks in every country of Europa. They shall react for sure and add to credit saldos 50 %.  We have asked them wait, because dr of law Ana Paula Duarte in Portimao took money from us in october 2016  promising to make agreement with my ex wife info@keuruunekokyla.fi before ded line 31.1.2017. ( she talks english ) When we have asked dr Duarte about this matter, she say nothing. This matter is heavy, big and dangerous and Dr Duarte probably feels herself weak in front of such forces as polish mafia.  But Nucleo de apoio Juridico  is same as state of EU  country Portugal. You must find legal ways to solve such matter in centre of european union. We  claim that farm and all what is broken and stolen must be compensated by german insurance company ALLIANZ . I had expensive full value insurance 2009-2010  when destruction happened. Allianz can claim crime trials and money back from those who were quilty to crimes. From my home pages you can read all and im ready to answer questions in telephone

My maroccian family  cant understand what for sick people, 100%  invalids , or people who have such status , have no human rights in European union ? Docent Petri Luoma from Helsinki  university saw 2007 SMS message  of  my ex wife, which she had written according advices of Aila Koulu and Tanja Heiskanen. She says ´´ no use to talk about that credit agreement , it means  NOTHING, häh häh häh ´´. Lawyers  association,  marjo.miettinen@ensto.com and court of Jyväskylä keski-suomi.ko@oikeus.fi  are all sure how Hietikko  is  100% ly out of realities, but  they not see  anything wrong to fool properity of such man to Poland ? This matter must be corrected in Portugal and in court of Strasbourg before al qaida start take care of it


what for i went to Poland ?


I was living 1998-2005 in Poland because i had polish wife, who did not get healhty services in Finland  because of rascistic reasons. That was real reason why  she killed our child , but consul of Finland in Lissabon, Tanja Heiskanen and Aila Koulu say how its question  about mental illness of Hietikko. I invested to Poland all my life time earnings but  family of my ex wife in Lodz wanted to rob all. ( their advocat in Izabela Dzikowska in Lodz , cousin of my ex wife ) They asked corrupted police to spark me away from  my house and  sent my  wife Violetta Sarnowiak  and son ( born 28.3.2001 ) to Finland to live with social money. To make it possible, social boss riitta.vanhanen@keuruu.fi and lawyers minna.tyvio@oikeus.fi,  Tanja Heiskanen and Aila Koulu  banished me away from Finland . My son never can see his father. This is breaking laws of Strasbourg, both parents must have equal rights to common child. i have never done anything bad to my boy. They not want investigate this matter , because judge erkki.marttila@oikeus.fi , State of Finland , marjo.miettinen@ensto.com and  Jyväskyän oikeusaputoimisto , minna.tyvio@oikeus.fi , social office  riitta.vanhanen@keuruu.fi , law offices JUKKA  HOKKANEN and Sandström Koulu are involved to serious crimes .

What for im here, go away from Portugal say  conservative authorative roman catholic women in restaurant TUNEL Portimao. I havent said them anything , but they  not accept my outlook ( long hair ) . Such dry bitter women  not like foreigners and my musliman wife. Only in Lissabon and Porto they have similar freedoms, which are normal in Germany or Holland

Tp get us out from our home , they close to small room noisy dogs behind our wall, who give us no peace in day or night. Disturbing home peace and making torture to animals is forbidden in other lands, in Portugal such belongs to culture. Radio of Portugal play very bad american super market muzak, monotonic yelling and screaming all day long and everybody MUST listen such shit. In every bar, in every bus, in healthy centre, dentist room, in fysioterapia Algarve, even in streets and at my home neighbours keep their noisy radio outside my window. This is not any FADO, its american rubbish culture for stupid women, who can not stand ANY silent moment. Portugalian women are very very UNSURE about their existence, all the time prepairing their hair, clothes, ashes and smoking lot of cigarettes. Behaving in traffic as satans. This I could call mental illnes, but dr Neves did not agree with me. Young proud dentist  clinicadamarina@gmail.com was interrupting treatment and said how its better that Hietikko go away from Portugal. She could not close her noisy screaming radio during time when i was in her room, because they are addictive to continuos NOISE. To the one who enjoy real music and culture , this is torture and mental  terrorism.


what for im here ?

Nucleo de apoio Juridico  should give us lawyer help that we can go back to my farm in Poland, but it takes time, before we get law and order to criminal roman catholic Poland. What for Im here ,  its question about crime in Finland, Poland and in Marocco. Police comisario Birger Spets ( pensionists from Finland in Agadir ) told  to me and my maroccian wife Melika Ramouz ( born 1.11.1969 ) how consulat of Finland was changing some laws in Maroc 2012 with corruption of 500 million euros. Because of this crime, me and 50 finnish policemen ( pensionists ) had to change country. Because i cant pay almost 600 euros to Finland, who has banished me, I had to come to Portugal. Honour consul of Finland, advocat Giselia.m.farias@gmail.com and her secretare Maija Katila in Quarteira offered us residence of 10 years in Portugal 24.6.2015 - 24.6.2025. They promised me freedom of paying taxes during 10 years from my private pension from www.ensto.com and GOOD healthy services, if I live here at  least 6 month per year, buy house or apartment. All these promises have been empty lies and angry women would like to eliminate us.

Our american friend BILL in Alvor was warning how its BIG RISK to buy home in unhonest  Portugal, where everybody try to fool so much as possible, but consulat of Finland in Lissabon mr Renata said how the seller is responsible. I have 5 years quaranty even in older houses, if they fool us. If house gets broken, insurance pay repairing. Soon we noticed how here is no law and order, same roman catholic shit as Poland. Consulat of Finland in Lissabon is telling lies and say how Hietikko is mad

Williams keller and Portugal  must pay psychoterapia and investigation, if this is what i tell is true or paranoija ?  My homes in Finland and in Poland are destroyed, my first son was killed with abortion in Finland, other one was kidnapped from Poland to Finland and I never can see him, not even discuss in telephone. I have never done anything bad to him, boy used to say how father is his best friend, but social ladies not accept my outlook and opinions. Finland was before close friend with german natzies and it happened a lot such dark matters where they not want confess. Historical fact is that state of Finland has been killing OWN citizens MORE as russians killed us in winter war.

 Both of my parents were loosing their fathers in age in 5 because of political reasons. When my boy was 5 years, he loosed his father. My mother was a child begger, my father was sold as slave in age of 5. When he was 19, they ruled him to help Germany to kill 20 million russians. Anyhow I had good father, he never hit me and gave me education in good private lyceum. Later i started study protestant theologia and in Helsinki art academia TAIK mass media, graphics, cinema. I was working as advertising man to finnish export companies as Nokia and www.ensto.com. After good work of 6 years to Ensto, police of Porvoo Jalo Jokinen, Ilmo Jantunen, Riitta Hasari-Kokko,  Paavo Koivisto and Sibbo Borgo skogrevir were forcing me out from my house and I went  to Poland with my polish ex wife, architect Violetta Sarnowiak. Reasons were political, i hadn´t done anything illegal, but i wrote every week to local newspaper UUSIMAA. Main editor Antti Toiviainen and some other people liked my thinking but police and conservative swedish talking HYRRI people said how Hietikko has 100% skitsofrenia. Totally out of real realities. Such post colonialistic HYRRI people are only 6,66 % minority, but they are behaving with rights of majority. In this group finnish harmakeddon has lot to do

My son was born 28.3.2001 living her first 4 years in Poland Miedzylesie, but he was transported to dark cold hard Finland against his own wish and wish of his father. My polish wife had to do so when her mother Halina and younger sister Wiesa in LODZ wanted sell our lands 34,5 hectar in sudetian mountains to german investors, and steal the money what belongs to our child. 2 weeks after kidnapping ( 4.5.2005 ) those  women gave order to police Adam Polanski to spark also me away from my home, where i had invested all my money and work of 8 years.( witness DHL Nurnberg swedishsteel@gmx.de )  Police do not deny this matter, they say how order of banishing came from polish mother of my wife. She says how police tell lies but however it is, police in EU country Poland has no right to spark legal eu citizen from his house, socialize my properity, break our home. This is BIG crime and skandal, and state of Poland must pay me 1,469 million euros, plus cost of lawyers . But Donald Tusk does not want do anything to help me. He was answering to my polite letter with two words , FUCK ISLAM. This was because i lived in Marocco and had new maroccian  wife. Members of al qaida did not like that message of mr Tusk. They started plan to KILL this polish kurva. Me and my wife said ´´no comments , do what you like ´´. We not give anybody orders to do anything illegal, but we have rights to tell what has happened. When Portugal is responsible about my healthy and dr Neves says how Hietikko talks sick illusions, HE must  say WHAT is MORE correct true ?

According kidnapping agreement of Haag , matter of my son belongs to polish court, not to Finland at all. Proud ladies in helsinki.ko@oikeus.fi must be corrected or perhaps shooten because me and my son is sheltered by law of CORAN. Finns have also many times before broken this law and court in USA had to remind Finland about international rules. Even own mother and grandmother of a child have no rights to do such. According laws of Strasbourg, both parents must have equal rights to common son. I made clear reclamation, but court of Helsinki.ko@oikeus.fi  did not care, saying how kidnapping agreement of Haag is not valid in case when father is mentally ill. To me they gave no advocate,  polish mafia  got 5 costles lawyers


  what for in could not be at my original home?


My father was  building  me 1981 - 85  this  house in Porvoo. He was carrying secret depressio because crimes of finnish natzies and died too early, in age of 65. I am 64 old , also in real danger to die to sorrow. Finnish social system SS ladies never let me see my kidnapped son, not even call him in christmas . Kalle.jokela@huom.fi, Elina Koivisto , Jutta Lavonen ,social ladies of Porvoo and Malmi were fooling from me my house .

  My polish ex wife  Violetta  Sarnowiak was helping these evil banditos because she wanted that we start live in Poland. She was good honest woman but badly wounded because of german war crimes. Violetta came to this new house in Porvoo from  closed communistic Poland 1987. She wanted get  immediately married to get finnish passport. But she said  how making  a child, becoming mother is totally inpossible, before she  gets psychoterapia. Rascistic social ladies in Finland said that we not give such to all kind of ´´russians ´´ .  

 Is  this  true or paranoija dr Neves  ?

German natzies were killing her grandfather. Father of my exwife Wieslaw Cieplucha had to go in age of 5 years  to school of german  natzies in ghetto of Lodz. They were  hitting small child almost every day strongly to head, to become real natzi and to forget his father. Hard hitting to head with full forces was  breaking  in his head ´´almont  nucleous dish (  in finnish  mantelitumalisäke.) It means that puor Wieslaw was later totally with no force in front  of such people, who have characters of psychopath . Her emotionally cold , proud wife Halina Cieplucha was such sort of woman, also their younger daughter Wiesa is perfekt TYRAN, this told her previous husband Pawel to me and to swedishsteel@gmx.de . Her first husband Remek Talarek became almost mad during marriage of half year. My wife Violetta had  outlook and character from her fathers family, and  because of that her mother Halina Cieplucha in Bratyslawska 13 m 24 Lodz never loved her.

 Never defended her child  when furious  father  was  beating  innocent shy girl. This happened  in age on 0-16 years and  Violetta was hoping that father would die . She wished to get  power to push  father away from home, but when she couldn´t and no therapia was given, she wanted push ME away from all homes what i gave her. After i paid 18 years her therapias and all costs of living, this was my salary. She talks to my son how his father is ´´very bad and mentally ill man´´. Satanistic evil  finnish sosial ladies gave her chemical  pills to kill all feelings and teach to hate  her husband , asked  police  of Poland  and Finland to banish me to sahara .

 Violetta said to me  in telephone ( from secret adres ) ´´it would  be best  for all  that you Hannu DIE . This was not only wish. Her  lawyers minna.tyvio@oikeus.fi and tero@artimo.fi  were sending  polish  mafia men  to Torremolinos to  force me go to notariuz , to sign under how lands 34,5 hectar in poland  are bought with  money of MOTHER  of my exwife.  Violence group Torremolinos.udev1@policia.es got  evidences and  witnesses, and they said, please Hietikko, go and sign under, or go away from Spain. We have so much work  that its inpossible  to quaranty your security. Because of that matter i went to Marocco in march 2009 and signed under nothing. Farm in Poland is not sold and lands they not can steal, but me and Melika are in danger to become killed also in Portugal. ( if lawyer of social office can not find legal situation to this question. )

After so  terrible childhood, hard mother Halina was teaching her daughter, ´´if you ever have  any problems with  your psyche, its better not to confess anything, just blame about all your husbands and his  family´´ . She did so and because in Finland all is true what a woman says, they never let me see my son and say in court of Jyväskylä how Hietikko is mentally ill. In that way im carrying sins of german natzies, allthough im born from JEWISH mother. Al qaida and german new natzies offer help to jewish man. Is this true or paranoija, dr Rui ruikkunenä Neves ?

  Extremely proud frau Halina was making creisi her husband  dipl.engineer  Wieslaw Cieplucha . Almost  every day when  Wieslaw came from work, he was beating small  innocent Violetta to head   with full forces  of strong man . He  was  breaking ´´almont  nucleous dish in her head. Also she is totally without any  force in front of such people, who have characters of psychopath. Elina Koivisto and Jutta Lavonen in Porvoo wanted our house and pushed us way, Violetta accepted all without any protest. From me they asked nothing,  police Ilmo Jantunen said how they put me to mental hospital if i not go away

Most  of finnish politicians , lawyers, social system SS  ladies  and ´´ekohörhö´ people  in www.keuruunekokyla.fi are that  kind of sort. Its the most dangerous quality of all mentall  ilnesses, not  possible to notice outside. But we have terrible many victims of psychopathes among us. Me , my  son and Violetta  Sarnowiak are such


illegal  rascism in Finland

When me and Violetta  were  asking psychoterapia to her , to be able to get a child, we got  answer from Porvoo healthy  centre and  in Helsinki  psycholog Riitta Liisa Lahdelma, how viestinta@KELA.fi not pay such expensive treatments to ALL KIND OF RUSSIANS . Advocat Aimo Lahdelma  in Helsinki christian  lawyers told us later in year  2000  how my sister has ALWAYS  been very rascistic. In swedish  talking  HYRRI Porvoo  they did  not give any  human  value  to people as me and my POLISH wife. When she did not get any help, she accepted that they  killed our first child by abortion in hospital  of  Porvoo. From me they did not ask anything, because in Finland women are ruling EVERYTHING and because viestinta@KELA.fi and  www.ensto.com  had decided how Hannu Hietikko is 100%  ly mad, totally out of real realities. Nobody has never given any arguments to such talking, but state of Portugal MUST.

They are responsible about my healthy and because leading psychiatr RUI Neves wrote to registers, how Hietikko is out of real realities, paranoid, state of Portugal must find arguments or pay me 500 000 euros. What is the real reality, asked Pontius Pilatus , and not even Jesus Christ could answer that question. Gautama Budha said  what it is surely not. His filosofia was NIHILISM, nihil est . ( nothing  exists ) It means that everything what we  can give verbal names , how many kilo, how many meter,  thats  all  illusion, samsara, maaja, HARHA in finnish . The one who talk, does  not know, the one who  knows, does not talk. A finger can aim  the moon, but finger is not same as moon.

 My thinking is same as they had in China 3500 years  before  Christus, and the most modern science ( kwant fysics )  have came to same result . But  people  in our times  not yet want understand how we are near bigger CHANCE of attitudes and values, as happened in days of Kopernikus and Galileo. They say how Hietikko is mad, because I see the future. Better to kill his children, so we not get  more  lunatics--

Question about  my ´´mental ilness ´´ is quite HOT , because doctors ONLY in Portugal and Finland say so. German, spanish polish maroccian, indian and swedish doctors say how im unusually healthy man to be from Finland. Because of my writings in newspaper UUSI MAA ( terra nova ) finnish national insurance elli.aaltonen@kela.fi say how Hietikko is totally, 100% ly out of real realities, 24 hours every day. ( not only sometimes, as skitsofrenic people usually are ) When the leading psychiatr in Portugal say how Hietikko is out of real realities ( after 15 minutes discussion ) we have big reason to believe that he got such information from consul of Finland in Lissabon, leami.evola@formin.fi. My juridical assistance in Portimao maybe should start from this point ?

 Secondly must be investigated,  WHO are those people, who have been pushing me away from all my homes, robbing my properity using this status of 100% invalidity?  ( no  police and prokurator services ) Thirdly must be investigated, how hell its possible that 100% invalid is driving so much with heavy motorcycle and not any traffic accident has happened during 47 years? No  bankrupts, no crimes ? What is real argument that I never can see my only child ? Even murdermen have such rights, i haven´t done anything illegal. But in small Finland and Portugal they seem to be afraid about all  ´´paranormal´´. Stupid women rule what is ´´normal´´ and what is sick and outlook must be as women rule. Just because of this, i never cut my hair. Otherwise i should do it and in my case is something similar with prophet SAMSON . He was carrying same architype as John the Babtist, grecian Hermes and Mercurius in mytologia of Roma. Advertising man of  GOD. Yoga teacher ossi.viljakainen@gmail.com asked 2008 from the most famous shaman in Finland, Vaasa, who is Hannu Hietikko ? Answer was, among all people who live today in form of people, he is MOST near of GOD. So i give you all friendly advice to take me a little bit more seriously. My meaning and role is to open the ROAD to one who said ´´I am ROAD ´´. 55 % of polish people were choosing him as their president, and so far as King of Gloria is not in visible form, my duty is to be VICE president. Donald Tusk must do what he promised, to clean away from Poland all SHIT. It  means political parties, their media, corrupted post communistic administration. Lead people to digital direct democratia. Same will happen in Portugal after we beat down satanistic power of women and roman catholic church

My strange career and this what they call ´´ madness´´  was starting when i was 6 years old and  i had to go to the school. State  of Finland  kirjaamo.stm@stm.fi  is responsible.   I was born as left handed and in Finland they did not accept anything ´´connected to LEFT´´ .They were forcing me in school  to become right handed. Teachers in that time Kauhajoki were brutal hard natzi officers who had came lately from barbarossa war. Such teachers were not very gentle, a bit same short as Wieslaw had in Lodz 1940 -44

 Later in India Kerala 1990 doctor K.U.Sathyanath explaining me what happened during this school violence. My left and right nerv-systems and brains, rational -irrational were cross -connected ( crusified ). My rational side is a bit irrational, difficulties with mathematica and its very easy to fool me. ( something as IDIOT in book of Dostojewski ) But totally creisi im not, because  no traffic accidents has happened. Antero.lassila@epshp.fi  and RUI NEVES agree that there is no reason to close me to mental hospital, and when they did, serious crime happened. My old friends , police Markus Korhonen in Kauhajoki  and police Ilmo Jantunen in Porvoo both died because of this mistake. My irrational side is very clear and deep like ocean and its  leading my behaving, not any kind of NORMS or manners what stupid women make. 

In that way i am AB Normal, eppu-normaali.  Creativity is maximal jee jee  and i can see with intuitio what was in beginning of times when BIG EXPLOSION happened and all MATERIA was created. In that time me and Violetta Sarnowiak were in same body, named VÄINÄMÖINEN. Egg of sotka bird became warm in our common knee and explosed. After big bang, Sarnowiak started be first woman in the word, who made union with devil, in form of snake. They made plans how to put men down , but soon its time to rise up, to revolution of MEN !  Sarnowiak says how Hietikko hurts her honour with such talkings, asking police to put me to mental hospital, but she SELF has written about this all. Later Holy Maria was her  next incarnation in palestina. This was NOT my paranoija, she wrote me so from closed communistic Poland 1986. Later she said in court how Hietikko is creisi when i took seriously such nonense, HAH HAH HAA. But doctor K.U.Sathyanath ( president of indian yoga doctors association ) met also Violetta and believes how she did not lie 1986 . Doctor Sathyanath  is  preparing big punishment to Porvoo hospital and viestinta@kela.fi, because  they were killing Jesus with abortion. All city of  PORVOO shall  meet very very hard future, total CURSE

 I can see to the future , because im outside of matter  called TIME. Everything is RIGHT NOW, no  past, no future, but this is inpossible to explain verbally.  My jewish mother was also some kind of propheta, who could see to the future. She was very creisi woman, according norms of normal ´´burgerliche ladies´´ . People can use maximally 4 % from our total capacity with RATIONAL, verbal methods  . 96 % is in IRRATIONAL side and  we can enter there only with intuitio, feelings. Carlos Castaneda tells about this in his books,´´ journey to X land ´´and ´´gift of the eagle´´

 In spite of so serious ´´madness´´, they accepted me to Helsinki art academia TAIK, where is very difficult to enter. Also i got place in theological university of Helsinki because im very talented man to discuss with God and angels. They appear to me in form of animals. Allthough i was totally ´´mad´´, they were offering me very good work places with high salaries and i was ratherly rich man.

In Porvoo dipl engineer Ensio Miettinen was starting 1957 from empty table very succesful company www.ensto.com . 1982  he was secondly most rich man in Finland. I was in advertising office in Helsinki where Ensto was a client . They knew me for 3 years and how im most creisi man in town. Ensio Miettinen wanted me to their company and started train me personally at his home, almost every second  afternoon during 5 years. He liked  me very much because i was almost as creisi as him. He wanted to develope me to become 100%  ly mad , but when it happened 1986  and esoteric light started shine from my face, other 1000 people in that company  became nervous. Several engineers in Ensto were dieing and also city director Kaj Johansson was shooting KULA to his head. They were writing to national insurance of elli.aaltonen@kela.fi how Hietikko is dangerous. Policecomisario Jalo Jokinen and Ilmo Jantunen wrote to kirjaamo.etela@avi.fi how Hietikko is dangerously mad. But both of them died very suddenly. Later in kauhajoki police Markus Korhonen also died suddenly after he said to dr seija.patrikainen@epshp.fi something what is not true, but his WIFE Mailis Korhonen has asked to say

 My previous wife, polish dipl. engineer Violetta Sarnowiak ( Holy Maria ) came to Finland from communistic Poland 1987 and wanted with me 2 times married, claimed 2 divorces, in meaning to get my properity 1,469 million euros to Poland to her mother. She wanted to buy  missing love and acceptation with my money. But when im already 64 and this  properity  would belong to OUR COMMON SON , it  means  that Holy Maria  try to steal from her own child to her mother and to finnish lawyer porks , who help polish mafia. This story is really complicated and if some good writer makes tv seria , it would be world sensatio

 Is this sick paranoija or true , dr Neves ?

 To cover and hide this crime, father and son never can talk and Holy Maria  told in Finland  how during our 18 years marriage, Hietikko has been everyday totally mad and very dangerous terrorist . Because in Finland all is true what a woman says,  they arrested me several times, if i try to go to land where i was born, but not can say any legal reason.( witnes in Tallin consulat janne.pentti@formin.fi, in Jämsä seppo.jokinen@poliisi.fi ) This breaks basic law of Finland  and there is danger that Hietikko  becomes mentally ill terrorist. If man as me and my maroccian wife start co operate with Bin Laden junior, it means appearing of riders of red horses. They shall bring WAR AND FIRE, says the Bible

Roman catholic priest of my ex wife, Josef Siemasz and psycholog Border1@wp.pl in Poland say how reason to all  these crimes is the one, the same. ( greedy brutal mentality of my ex-mother in law Halina Cieplucha, ul Bratyslawska 13 m 24, Lodz )  Court of Finland Jyväskylä erkki.marttila@oikeus.fi and lawyers association of Finland info@valvontalautakunta.fi see what is written in registers of  viestinta@kela.fi and say without any kind of investigation, how this ´´one reason´´ is 100 % skitsofrenia of Hannu Hietikko. In Poland Klodzko court psychiatric comitea and prokurator Beata Jelinska said after 3 years investigation nr VI K 93 / 07 , how the reason is too honest talking of  Hannu Hietikko. Not any % skitsofrenia was noticed, but its not legal to talk true in Poland, they said !  Consul of Finland in Warsawa Vappu.pajala@formin.fi says how Hietikko surely is mad and i have paid black money to court of Klodzko to get such untrue raport.  Is this sick paranoija or true , dr Neves ? My wife Melika has been travelling on my bike 8 years and she can swear in court how Hannus  ability to understand real realities are not wounded

Consul of Finland in Lissabon leami.evola@formin.fi , judge erkki.marttila@oikeus.fi and general doctor in Keuruu tuomo.reina@seututk.fi say how Hietikko surely is mentally ill. When i ask dr Reina arguments, he blocks his email. Administration of doctors kirjaamo.lansi@avi.fi is quiet but investigator Markku Salo toimisto@mtkl.fi says how such crimes in Finland happen more as 1000 every year. In finnish consulats, NOBODY read my emails, said in Portugal maijakatila@netcabo.pt . She said that police of Portugal should arrest Hietikko and give me poison by force, and Ana Fonseca in Santander Totta bank of Portimao said the same to my wife one month ago. ´´ WOMAN NETWORKS ( AKKA mafia )´´ in Finland and in Portugal work together. But they not know against whom they are fighting. My maroccian wife Melika Ramouz know who I am and she can say all to media. This would be big sensatio, and we demand 20 % of profits. Somebody better writer should make book from Hannu Hietikko, son of the GOD of Thunder .           Arto Paasilinna in Finland wrote part ONE, now its time to make part II, ukkosenjumalan pojan jälleenpaluu ja viimeiset tuomiot

In Sweden Södertälje, in Germany Löerrach, in Marocco Agadir and Mirleft , in Spain Torremolinos and in Fuengirola doctors have documented how Hietikko is funny man but has no psychiatric ilness was found .  Only post traumatic stressreaction, typical to victims of crimes, catastrophes and wars. ( ukkosenjumalan pojan homma on aika rankkaa ja otsonin käryistä )  Psycholog Border1@wp.pl  who  knows me and my ex wife more as 10 years, met me personally last time in Poland Wroclaw 25.5.2012 and he has said how UNTIL THAT day, Hietikko surely hasn´t  any paranoija , psychosa or skitsofrenia. He has  said how post traumatic stressreaction CAN turn to direction of real madness if victim of crimes not get lawyer help and psychoterapia. Same opinion had finnish doctor Jussi Pohjola in Fuengirola 2013. He wrote how Hietikko is not sick, but rapid help of lawyers is necessary, if we not hope that he start ask help from maroccian al qaida. ( they have big networks in every european country ). In Spain Ilagoson@ilagoson.com and in Portugal Ivo Belchior Dias took from me power of attorney and money, promising to put this international crime to Strasbourg. But they were both brutally fooling me, did nothing else as steal my last money. When assistant of senjor Dias started to talk how they have some responsibilities to solve this matter, he was loosing immediately his workplace

In Portugal Portimao doctor of law Ana Paula Duarte took from us money in october 2016, promising to make agreement with  Violetta Sarnowiak, who lives in Finland info@keuruunekokyla.fi. Also dr Duarte promised to take care of unhonest internet company MEO.  According documents made by lawyer in Helsinki, polish mafia has lended from me 870 000 euros, 599 000 euros from registered culture association Keltaiset ry. ( witnesses of Hietikko ) Its managing director aitalimed15@gmail.com and his wife Latifa need WIZUMS, they have power of attorney to be our represantive in courts of Poland Finland Portugal, because me and my wife Melika Ramouz  start be really BURN OUT with these matters. Perhaps became invalids, if dr Rui Neves in Faro has made correct diagnosa. If he talks wrong, it means wrong using of psychiatria to purposes of AKKA mafia and I claim compensation of 500 000 euros from state of Portugal plus costs of lawyers. They have been inviting us to Portugal with false, untrue promises if parlament of Portugal is going to accept plans of Finland valtiovarainministerio@vm.fi . If state of Portugal give up, they must pay my taxes of 10 years to me, 69 600 euros plus costs of lawyers. ´´Veronimijä´´ Taneli.lallukka@vero.fi claim from me almost 600 euros tax per month allthough i own nothing in Finland and they have banished me away many years ago. Taken away my only child, all police, prokurator and consulat services ( witnesses comisario sami.kalliomaa@poliisi.fi, marja.kauppinen@formin.fi and seppo.jokinen@poliisi.fi )

IF its true what comisario Spets say, if consulat of Finland in RABAT really has paid 500 million euros black money to administration of Marocco,  such crime is breaking brutally international laws. It may be true, because without corruptio Marocco wouldn´t  have been hurting their own cultural and economical benefits. Mr Spets told how King Muhamed VI did not like this matter at all, but obviously he does not have enough power in his country. Right now there are big riots in Marocco because of stupidnes and rotten moral of  administration. More as 95 % of maroccians respect their nice smart KING, but common problem to people and their majestet is corrupted administration who have manners and laws of french colonialists. We claim open crime investigation and the  law of finnish  pensionists in Maroc must be returned as it was before 2013. In other case renewed al qaida can start lead agressions to consulats of Finland and finnish companies in 20 countries. Previous president of Finland Urho Kekkonen said how Finland is MORE american country as USA. He was meaning their negative sides. Americans have also good sides , but such matters  are not easy to paste/copy. If we try carry water to emtpy water well, it will not stay there. When Bin Laden jr. want destroy USA, its better to destroy first Finland, where is EXHIBITION of most  satanistic and stupid sides of America. Next one is Portugal

 Ivo Belchior Dias took from me in december 2015  letter from office of DONALD TUSK, and also  protocolla of 38 pages , certified by EVORA and notar Isabela Loureiro in Portmao. All those matters must be  processed in international court . Including the question of court of Poland Klodzko,  trial  nr VI K 93 / 07 . They kept me there  2005-2008   3,5  years but could not say what illegal Hietikko has done.  According international laws such matter must be told to me in FIRST DAY. Later in year 2013  they  kept  crime court in Olawa, where i was not invited at all, not my lawyer  abresz@poczta.onet.pl . They were giving me  punishment in PRISON if i show my jewish nose in Poland. Reason was using of cannabis. Only using, i have never done any bisnes with it. If somebody try say something else, its a big lie. Violetta Sarnowiak was taking care of our economia 18 years and those money did not come from any ´´narcotic bisnes´´  .  In conservative alcoholized Poland and Portugal using of cannabis  is stricktly forbidden but in Germany, France, Holland , Finland, Canada , Australia  its legal if doctor gives it to patient for medical reasons

  Legalized doctor Henryk Lange knew our situation and had such opinion that Hietikko and my wife need cannabis. Violetta did not take it many times because her psyche was too weak, and she felt very bad. But i did, more as 5 years EVERY DAY. According Dr Lange united nations, world healhty organization  has made objective investigations noticing how cannabis is MUCH more harmless to healthy as alcoholes and cigarettes. But  it NOT suit to people who have hidden mental problems, piss in heads ,  as most of WOMEN have. Cannabis is cleaning lounghes when cigarettes make them dirty, its the best medicine against cancer, inpotencia, sleeping problems and depressio, said sales man doctor Lange. Doctor NEVES in Portugal must show evidences,  if  he was fooling us ?  Dr Lange  and her sales (h)assistant architect Kaja Lewandowska were  so good  that even police comendant of Bystryza Klodzko were buying it. I cant show evidences from this, but i can promise with fingers on the Bible how holy God can send me to foreverlasting hell,  if i lie. In Poland rich people and police use lot of cannabis but if some young puor youngsters do such, they must be 3,5 years in prison. Right now there are more as 40 000 prisoners, who hasnt done any bigger crime as USING cannabis. Before also me, Rauta- Hannu Hietikko was belonging to rich people but when family of my ex wife sparked me out and robbed me, my status was changing. If I go to Poland to my robbed house, they put me to the prison and this is one question where lawyer help is necessary.

My residence is in Portugal, where cannabis is illegal, dangerous and make people sick. Portugalian dr Neves say how Hietikko IS sick . Legalized german doctor Henryk Lange must have  insurances if he makes mistakes with his  patients. Because economical resourches in puor Portugal are very limited, Nucleo de apoio Juridico should give responsibility of investigation and psychoterapia to Bundes Republic Deutschland. They must pay the costs when we find out if Dr Neves is right or wrong.  If Hietikko really suffer about paranoija, its 100 % sure that using of cannabis 6 years every day has a lot to do with this matter.

My wife Melika and her mother Fadma Rakibi  do not accept how Hannu Hietikko got during those years 1999-2005  in front of my nose to sign  under selling agreements from my  house 235 m2 in Porvoo, apartments of 140 m2 in centre of Helsinki. All  must be cancelled and dr Lange / state of Germany must pay the costs. When family Wilska Urpanen and their 6 children have  made their home to my porvoo house, its not necessary to get back exactly that one. Nice looking house 235 sq meters  in peacefull place  55 km  from Helsinki  to WEST can be as well. In Helsinki centre dr Lange / state of Germany must buy us apartments 94 sq mtr ,45  sq mtr and 28  sq mtr .

 When ´´punaniska´´  Paavokoivisto@jippii.fi and  police of Porvoo Jalo Jokinen were  frightening me away, they were using my house 3 years, breaking it to very bad condition, stealing furnitures etc. Later 2001  clients of social office Malmi Helsinki wanted buy it  with very small money ( 20 % of real value ). I told to notariuz kaupanvahvistaja Heikkilä how Hietikko is  100 % skitsofrenic, every day 24 hours out of real realities, accoring   national insurance KELA. Raija Saloniemi , paivi.halen@poppankki.fi and mr  Heikkilä knew also how in our marriage agreement in Helsinki court 12.12.1997 was  written how i have no right to sell  that house without signature of Violetta Sarnowiak.

I told them in bank and in notariuz , how Im not in condition to sign under anything . It was true, i did not know what to do and i felt very confused. But Mr Heikkilä wanted make to himself rapidly money , did not care. He did serious mistake. When kalle.jokela@huom.fi was fooling from me apartments in Helsinki Lönnrothinkatu 45 and  42 also in that time i was under influence of cannabis, bought from german doctor. Such medicament connected to 100% skitsofrenia mean that Hietikko surely wasnt juridically valid person to sign under ANYTHING. All  must be cancelled, claim my wife Melika, her mother Fadma Rakibi and our insurance company

al qaida of Maroco


Dr Lange had holiday house in my neighbour in Poland Miedzylesie, Gniewsozow, small mountain willage of 10 houses. He was smuggling this homeophatic medicine from Hamburg between years 1999-2005, ordering to eat 3 gr per day. ( to be able to sleep and stay calm ) Mr Lange was living in Gniewsozow  before and he knew  my difficult situation. 

Jehowa witness family of Stanislaw Stefania and Samuel Ilnicki came almost every week with axe in hand, saying ´´go to Finland, we kill you and  burn your house´´. I gave to police of Klodzko 3 witnesses, photos and sound files from such nightly attacts ( forexample 13.5.2007 )  but police and  consulat of Finland did  nothing to help us.

´´Somebody ´´ was giving in night poison to our dogs , cars were burning and police of Miedzylesie started almost 50 crime investigations agaist US, victims of crimes.  Almost every week me and Holy Maria  had to travel 10 km to Miedzylesie to answer questions of crimes what Ilnickies self had  done. This was systematical TEASING from the police. They had been co operating with Ilnickies long times, since in communistic times. Ilnickies were NOT polish  people, after war STALIN was bushing  lot of such mountain rascals from Kazakstan and Kirgisia to spy and terrorize polish people, what they eat and what they talk ? All willage had to be afraid of these terrorists said Jidek Zamosch and Mietek Steinzek to me and Piotr Piaskus. All new people had  to run away from Gniewoszow because of them and primie minister Doland Tusk did nothing to stop such game in  middle of European Union.

Mr. Tusk started with USA big  post colonialistic war against al qaida  and all islamic lands , when UNITED NATIONS said, ´´dont do it ´´. Crime was same as Hitler did and millions of people are ded, or homeles exilers.

Isis was born when they hanged Saddam Hussein. EU administration was showing its level of understanding and intelligentsia, when they made war criminal Tusk president of European council. That might be reason that Strasbourg court do not want handle these crimes, before renewed Al Qaida of Bin Laden junior, isis  and german new natzies shoot war criminal Tusk

 Some neighbours told us later how younger sister and mother of my ex wife had promised to Ilnickies rights to use our fields and forests , if they take care  that NOBODY can be in our house. Not start  there any hostel bisnes as it was meaning to do . Police of Miedzylesie get something extra to their salaries, when Ilnickies steal wood from our forest and gangsters of Andrei Bogdanowitz abau@onet.eu  break our house, sell new electric installation materials, window and door elements in black markets. When police pushed me away from Poland and several finnish TENANTS ( family of Outi Rantaniemi ) were trying to live there, Ilnickies said  also to them  ´´go to Finland, we kill you´´.

Next tenant ossi.viljakainen@gmail.com got armed gangsters into the house, in middle of night , march 2009. After Viljakainen came Kamila Michalowska ( vyroby@gmail.com ) and holy alberts  association from Wroclaw. This ´´holy´´ roman catholic team were evil brutal gangsters, as you maybe can notice from picture of Jacek Kolodzied. We have photos also from other 3 ´´holy´´men from holy alberts association. My friend in police of Wroclaw told me later ( privately ) how this association is gangster team who are doing such crimes all the time. Leaders are driving with big new black BMW, mercedes Porsche. Kamila M was working in sex services of roman catholic priests and bishops. Anna Maryniak from Klodzko was removing to Kamila her task to be manager of our farm, where police did not let me be. Both of those women took  money from me and  carry responsibility what happened to our farm

 Something similar very dark happens also inside roman catholic church of Portugal, said Williams keller Ruth Alexandra one year ago. Priests make sexual violence to children in name of Jesus Christ and teach how all 1,6 milliard muslimanes  belong to fire of hell. Jesus said in the Bible how all christian churches and religions MUST BE  FINISHED and this will be new project of renewed Al Qaida, isis and german new natzies. They should leave to peace ordinary people and concentrate to kill priests and nuns, starting in Poland and in Portugal. When big porno skandals came to daylight few months ago in  many roman catholic lands , pope himself said ´´do we really  need this kind of church ´´? The answer in in the holy Bible. Spirit of truth not can come back, peace of 1000 years not can start, before we finish christian religions and churches

Religious people say how EVERYTHING  is  true whats written  in  the Bible

´´when you saw me go , i  was  in cloud , when you see me recome, i shall be in cloud ´´


Inside our small family 1998 -2005 was very silent atmosphere. My weak ex wife Violetta Sarnowiak knew very well what her mother and sister try to do and how all our big work and  investings shall  be in vain. She did not say it to me, because her family and local gangsters wanted to Poland  all our money from Finland. I did not understand the realities because i was eating every day 3 gr strong cannabis, and it was perhaps meaning ? Dr Lange and architect Lewandowska have been buying lot of lands in that area, our farm is one of the most beautiful. Dr Lange heard from my ex wife how doctors in Finland talk about my skitsofrenia. When german doctor sold me lot of very strong maroccian hasis, he surely  knew that Hietikko goes to REALLY  bad  condition. And our lands are soon  possible to buy with shit money. But i do not sell. NEVER , HÄHÄ HÄ. Viola is owner but she cant sell before she pay me 870 000 euros and 599 000 euros to association witnesses of Hietikko ( keltaiset ry )

In that willage i did not have any friend because all were afraid punishment from Ilnicki jehova witnesses , if they co operate with witnesses of Hietikko. My wife Holy Maria did not say me anything. She wanted that i live in other house, sleep in different bed, eat in different table. Not touch to our son. Our family psycholog Mariuz Border should tell in courts what for it was so. My ex wife was in strong therapia proces  because of  hard family violence  at her home in Lodz during age 0-16 years. She was always hoping that her father dipl engineer Wieslaw Cieplucha would DIE, and she could KILL father. In her unclear reflected feelings she was believing how Hietikko wants kill her and our son. This theoria she and her 5 costles lawyers in Finland were succesfull to make all court and social ladies in Finland to believe. Thats why they banished me from land where i was born, but could not say why ? All was  their common sick paranoija. My 3 other women Helena, Melika and Aira Saarikoski Jokikatu 2 a Porvoo can tell  in court how Hietikko has no kind of violentic behavings. Im not hitting or killing people. This was noticed also in court psychiatric investigation of Klodzko 2005-2008

 In her diarys i found later how Violetta Sarnowiak can feel love only to an other woman, but this woman must be VERY STUPID, she wrote. ( as Leena Lila Marjamäki in www.keuruunekokyla.fi  ) To a man my ex wife had only ONE real feeling and its HATE, plus its opposite side FEAR. Melika , me and psycholog Mariuz Border are worrying about my son, he also is a man !  Lesbians in keuruu sekokylä try to prevent my son  to become a man, because of their own sick paranoijas. This kind of violence must be interrupted immediately said doctor Alex Planas in Spain 2014  but nothing has happened. Later Violetta said me in telephone how its inpossible to love man as Hietikko, only kurvas can love me . But Melika Ramouz and Helena Antila Jalonen in Turkú love me really and those 2 are not any kind of prostitutians for sure. Helena said in court of Jyväskylä 2010 how she would  like  to get married with me. She knows me more a 40 years.

In Maroco is easy to buy cannabis but i havent need it because i have real human contact with Melika. In Poland 8 years I was totally alone and my life was based to be in ´´clouds ´´. Such living is giving some kind of ´´INSIDE visions´´, where happens quite a lot. ( sisäisesti hauskaa ) Life is not booring in that way, even with not any friends.  Using of that herb has been known more as 5000 years. In old CHINA  tao-monks were using it big amounts and got connection to SPIRITS. People in thelogical university of Helsinki said how also BIBLE writer Johannes in island of Patmos got his strange visions by force of cannabis. Its chapter 18 is telling about the last days of american word power. Its quite actual and interesting theological question, if  such visions are rising from satan or from holy spirit ?  When we handle the question is it true or lie what leading psychiart in Portugal RUI ruikkunenä NEVES and general doctor Tuomo Reina in Keuruu Finland say , we can enter to this extremely serious question  ? Is world power of amerca going to meet rapid end, large catastrophe, as Johanes forsaw ? Is  Hietikkos thinkings and writings sick paranoija  or  bright true, as says prokurator Beata Jelinska in court of Klodzko ? Are these pictures true or made with photoshop ? 


satanistic messa in roman catholic church

 Priest of Gniewoszow -Rozanka in eastern messa was inciting people to hope all  bad to us. He said, ´´lets hope now all  good to each others, and  lets hope all together all bad to those there ( aiming with his hand to direction  of our house ) Soon started dogs get poison and cars were burning. Such bad hoping against only foreigners in willage is satanistic, rascistic metod and when part of big roman catholic church do such, all vatican has got inside serious virus. They are responsible to repair our 4 buildings to TOP condition.  Pastor Josef Siemasz, was not the one, who kept this satan messa. He came to Gniewoszow later and said to me and Alicia Panek, how fold of my ex wife was child murder, and my fold using of cannabis. If it was so, abortion happened because rascism in Finland, viestinta@kela.fi  and german doctor Lange smugled and sold that cannabis. Dr Lange and elli.aaltonen@kela.fi carry responsibility what shall happen to PORVOO. In the Bible and in the CORAN is equal law. This what we can do to one of the smallest , we can do to the biggest or to everybody. We are all connected together in collective inside levels and small is same as big. ( samassa veneessä ) When they were killing in PORVOO unborn child of polish woman, who had got visions that she is reborn Holy Maria, and when they kill every day in Finland almost 100 unborn children, we have good reason to let their BLOOD run over Finland, over all Porvoo


    Bin Laden junior


The one who explosed World Trade centre in New York was not your father.                 

It was ´´Harlot of Babylon´´, big powerful land behind big ocean. They needed schok, chaos, a reason to start big war without listening orders of United Nations. When i wrote letter to president of Poland , how this was same crime as HITLER did , Holy Albert association , organ player roman catholic church , Adam Zaba and Andrei Bogdanowitz   came to break my home to small  pieces.  I need your help to press state of Poland and roman catholic church to repair my home and hostel ( 4 german houses )


 Christian Bible apocalypta 18 tells  how ´´this feministic satan ´´swims in blood of  milliards innocent victims. American Indians, African blacks, people in Vietnam, Laos, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Dresden and in all south America know what this means. It has power to rule who can sell and who can buy, but suddenly GOD ALLAH destroy this country and all its allies in Europa.


When you plan activities in 20 countries, you not need to do anything illegal, Mr Laden. Help us to get all 1,6 milliard islamic people to this legal program. Roman catholic church in Poland has started  to separate all BAD and all GOOD to 2 different places. We need such ´´earthly digitalization´´ because people in our days are in big unclear confusion


YOGA for muslimanes

Yoga means concentration . If we all concentrate to digitalize our deeper minds to plus and to minus , to positive loving thoughts and feelings to address A, and all satanistic angers to address B, it has dramatical power and you start feel better. When they did this in Poland, all willage was very happy and our house and family  explosed to small pieces

With breathing IN, start from BOTTOM of lunches and count in your thinking numbers 1-10. Because its forbidden to make pictures from Prophet Muhamed, you can concentrate to this picture of his best friend, Jesus Christ.

Ask Allah, Jahve or Jesus Christ to send to you and to all islamic  lands ( sunnies, sufies  and shiias )  lot of

 1. joy . ILO

2. peace .RAUHA

3. Energy ENERGIA

4. light. VALO

5. power. VOIMA

6. wisdom. VIISAUS

7. love , RAKKAUS

8. healthy , TERVEYS


10. foreverlasting life. IANKAIKKINEN ELAMA.

Very important is to believe that it  happens, because to us happen what we believe. Its not necessary to use those words in finnish lanquage but it will be more effective if you study 10 words of our lanquage. Its very similar to Sanskrit because long time ago finnish people were living in India. We are oldest etnic group in Europa. In India they know wise men who lived in forest by name sannyasin, in Finland they talk about shamaani

Such person / or named building can suck to it self all sickness from patient, and SPIT it away. In this global psycho/sociodrama Finland, church of Porvoo is sucking all badness and aggressions from all world and when Holy GOD decide, ´´dirty birds and demons´´ fly during one day to big powerfull land behind big ocean, who has been swimming in blood of milliards innocent victims, says The Bible, apcalypta 18.

Because 33 % of finnish people have been asking Jesus Christ as their king , 33 % of Finland (north western parts ) shall be protected .

Satanistic vibrations from Porvoo can not spread to northern side of the road from Niirala -Mutalahti-Koitere - Kivilahti- -  Juankoski- Nilsia-Varpaisjarvi-Iisalmen Runninkyla- Kiuruvesi-Viitasaari- Multia-Keuruun ekokyla- Keuruntie - Vilppula-Ruovesi- Kuru -Kihnio- Kauhajoen Nummijarvi- Hyyppa-Pantane-Karijoki- Kokemaki- Sakyla- Raisio- Turun satama. North side of that  road shall  be new independent country UUSI SUOMI . King will be Jesus Christ, same as in Poland and  Portugal . South Finland shall be  international GEHENNA

All bad sad sick stupid egoistic sides of our mind we push out like shit to toilet , when we breath out pranayama and count to ten..Go to church of Porvoo, in the land of the Finito, FIN. Omega . Dont come back. Ask your self and your friends what are the most stupid parts in your character. Write 10 worst  of them to paper and give them SPEED

what for Finland ?

the Bible and Coran both has this law. If somebody says to his brother or sister, you mentally ill , you creisi; this one who says, is pulling on him -her selves PUNISHMENT OF HELL . In Finland  people with education of lawyer or engineer think how there is NO SPIRITUAL WORLD. If someone talk such, its question about madnes. They try to say how God Allah is mad, and this is serious mistake

When this was said by represantive of state of Finland judge erkki.marttila@oikeus.fi , engineers Reijo Kallio and Olli Antila from www.ensto.com in Porvoo ; this means collective punishment upon Finland and products of Ensto. If you let install such material to your house, all building shall  be cursed


Finland is correct place to be international gehenna also because antichristus has came there. He says how he is GOD and how others should fear and respect him. He has started own church. People in Kauhajoki know who is Seppo Myllis . He lives in Puistotie near policestation

One big reason to punishment of Finland  is the boss of procurators vksv@oikeus.fi jorma.kalske@oikeus.fi  who made decision how even the most and evil ironia about holy values of Islam and prophet Muhamed is in Finland totally free and legal.

Because Allah and God is one same matter, holy Spirit of Christians , jews and muslimanes is also one same matter,  Finland was getting to themselves punishment of hell.

the last intelligent president in our land UK Kekkonen  said how Finland is more american country as USA. He was meaning its negative sides.

When satan church of PORVOO is full of satanistic bad vibrations from all world, it somehow shall explose. This said Dr K.U Sathyanath, who was my teacher 3 years, and who still leads this project.

What day  it happens , this knows only God /Allah and in that day all dwelling demons and´´ dirty birds ´´ fly to Canada and USA. It happens what Johannes was writing in Patmos island. in Jerusalem from pastor John Yoder from usa pensylvania  told me how 5 million promisekeepers know painfully well what means apocalypta 18 . People in Libya Vietnam Laos Panama Corea Chile Dresden Hiroshima Nagasaki Iraq Syria Afganistan know who is global satan  who swims in blood of  millions  innocent  victims.  To Vietnam USA was dropping more bombs and poisons as together was dropped in world war II. Usa wanted defend ´´freedom´´ but did not accept that vietnamese people could decide about their own matters.

They call such terrorism  ´´freedom and democratia´´  or  the national benefits  of America, but most of people,  specially women in all world are in deep sleep and understand NOTHING. Harlot of Babylon was pulling all nations to their darknes, says the Holy Bible. Nobody could believe  that so powerful nation can be destroyed in ONE day, says the holy Bible. The appearing of Spirit of Truth shall be terrible surprise to them all. Those who had taken to their body ´´sign of badness´´ shall get special punishments. TATTOO pictures were always before sign of people who were punished to prisons, some years ago all kind of JUPPIES made big fashion from them. People who have no kind of real individual identity try to get such personal imago by drawing satanistic pictures to their skin.
 In level our fictive screenplay, renewed al qaida and is is sturm gruppen start use new weapons . They look out as normal pen , but they are shooting tiny sharp needles without any noise. Victims are thinking how it was mosquito , and  it happens nothing more in that day. Terrible pains and hallusinations are starting later and  after 2 week comes merciful death. We need such material where lot of people are screaming OI OI VOI VOI , Allah järrppi ai ai perkele  ,  ai  ai . This kind of visions are written  in apocalypta 18  and we do our screenplay according the holy Bible. We not know what renewed al qaida shall do , but we have been told that all beaches of Algarve, Andalucia and Italia are very dangerous  places if someone has TATTOO pictures in their skin

Terrible  madness is coming in fysical ways and also in spiritual level . When church of Porvoo in Finland shall be openend , all these dirty demonds shall fly  over big ocean IN ONE DAY , writes Johannes in Patmos . All americans fall to big mass psychosa, kill themselves and  each others. But this mass  madness comes only to people who have etnic back ground from Europa. All blacks, indians, shout americans and  chinese people can LAUGH and buy cheap houses from those terrorists whose grand grand fathers came to America and brutally killed original owners.

mercy for americans

 Because God Allah  is love and mercy, everyone must have such possibility , mr Laden. Only sin where is NO forgiving is ironia about the HOLY SPIRIT, says Jesus Christ. ( sille taholle ei ole terveellistä vittuilla ) Because of priests of Porvoon HIIPPAKUNTA and vksv@oikeus.fi made this sin,  state of Finland is loosing its southern parts, and to this matter will be no mercy. Pastor Paul von Martens told in TV how leaders of Porvoo church made the only sin , where is no forgiving. They were changing old traditional liturgia ´´ I BELIEVE TO GOD, SON AND HOLY SPIRIT ´´  to  new form,  I BELIEVE TO GOD, SON AND swedish woman ´´ ( du gamla du jeevla ) . Swedish woman is  biggest and most holy authority to people in HYRRI Porvoo and with this kind of satanism all city and south Finland shall be cursed. Pastor Paul von Martens was leaving his work in the church , because finnish ev lut church go serious satanistic virus. Doctor of psychiatria RUI ruikkunenä Neves in Portugal must investigate is this matter TRUE , or its it questions about Hietikkos paranoija ? If they confess all and repair our house,  roman catholic church in Poland CAN get their satan virus away, because they were hurting only Hietikko and my family. We are NOT same as holy spirit. Poland shall get also lot of blessing and forgiving because majority of 55% were choosing Jesus Christ to be a president . Previous polish  POPE John Paul II was leading this  mass ceremonia before he died in spring 2005

When you mr BIN LADEN take care that all people in America shall  hear about this matter and punishment of Porvoo, american people  shall deal themselves to 2 groups. Some of them start laugh and say how writer is mad. If stupid people wouldnt do so, it is not question about real tao, was written 5500 years ago.

Those who are wise and humble enough, shall take seriously offered possibility of mercy. American people have also very good and positive sides, and they should start show such matters to other people in the word. The real satan in USA are not its people, its the federatio of 50 states. US army, FBI, CIA, media money and weapon power. Americans can save themselves from BIG destruction by finishing this satanistic mafia, federatio of USA. In the Bible is written how GOD destroy this terrible  satan , but if american people SELF are ready to finish their federatio and give independence to 50 states of America, they perhaps could pass  by the end of the world with LAUGHTER and big joy.

7. I agree this matter 100 % .  
6. I agree this matter 80 %     
5. I agree this matter 60 % 
4. I agree this matter 50 %
3. I agree this matter 40 % 
2. I agree this matter 20 % 
1. I do not agree this matter at all   

 Because american people  have so big problems to find suitable president of federatio  and they finally  say how RUSSIANS  WERE CHOOSING  MR TRUMP , its good reason to finish such workplace totally.  All power to the people by using digital direct democratia and president to all 50 states same  as in Poland and Portugal, Jesus Christ. Because im his advertising man and outlook is very similar,  I shall take this role. But i swear that i leave my place  immediately when my boss and employer is here in form of man. He shall come i cloud , says the holy Bible. Before that my heavenly father, God of THUNDER shall arrange enourmous lightening of thunder. All world shall see it , and the BOOKS  shall be opened  ! In jewish traditio they talk about JADOA, it means knowing , loving, opening. But the proces is painful  to hedonistic people who have been believening  that GOOD and PLEASANT are same matters.

Those amricanos  who are ready to this big reform , show it in level of concretia. Send 10 euros  to account of

 William K. Sarnowiak  FI 5239390053168480      BIC - SBANFIHH 

Add to bank transfer your email . This will be booking , reservation money to the big festival 1.7-7.7.2018  to the big party in the land of the end FIN land , www.keuruunekokyla.fi  You should also make common trip to yourselves and your  european roots starting 25.4.2018  from Dakhla west sahara  or from Gibraltar / Algeciras  7.5.2018. During 2 months 7700 km to land of FIN Finito end . With motorcycles, scooters or veteran cars model 1969 or older

1.6.-3.6 2018  we shall  have three days party in Poland walley of Klodzko . To avoid KILLING, jehowa witness  family Stefania Stanislaw  Samuel Ilnicki  must  go to Finland , social office  keuruu@keuruu.fi  and give as compensation from 10  years terrorism  to  association Keltaiset ry ( witnesses of Hietikko ) owning of 8,8  hectar and 3 buildings. This farm will be joined to farm of William K Sarnowiak 34,5 hectares

Soltys Agata Piaskus and  Adam Prokop were  strongly  involved to crimes . As compensation urzad gminna Miedzylesie must  give owning of all  communal roads inside that 43,3  hectares. Around it  building  permission for mur 3 mtr high, beton, nature stones , model jugend art nouveau 1906. To second floor , with distance of 40-50  meters, wooden loghouses model jugend . 50 houses, from 50 states of America. On top  of green hill of Seitendorf  / Gniewoszow 690  mtr high    

Inside the castle of 43,3  hectar  Keltaiset ry shall arrange  marvellous  culture festivals , best of  high quality cinema, country & western, blues  jazz  rasta  rock and roll from 50 states of America. Half million people  in  one evening can buy  20 euros ticket. 10 % to state of Poland, to Urzad gminna Miedzylesie,   20 %  to landowner William K ,  20 % to her polish mother and her family in Lodz. 40 % to international fuusio culture association Keltaiset ry LOS AMARILLOS Les Jaunes Zehubim burf Sarkar Kollased de Gelen I Gialli  .

When state of Portugal  must investigate is Hietikko mad or not , you must make analyza from this plan . Also you  must ask material from police of Keuruu. They made from me illegal  DNA tests in policejail, but they have not told what they found out ? Risto.solmula@poliisi.fi heard when Kimmo Rytkönen said in april 2010. ´´If Hietikko WRITE any word more, they take away my liberty for LONGER time.´´ This  means how  arresting happened because of opinions and such crime is same what happened in communistic soviet union. They arrest and banish different thinkers in EU Finland because of this manusscriptura to fictive screenplay. It was ordered to produce polish procurator Beata Jelinska 2008. In Helsinki comisario tuomo.lotta@poliisi.fi said how he agrees almost everything what Hietikko writes, and  BOOK should  be printed. This same said docent Petri Luoma in Helsinki university.

The leading doctor of psychiatria Rui Neves was asking if i have been using narcotic materials ? The same question was made in polish court psychiatric commission. I said them both NO, because german doctor who sold it said how cannabis ( cloud )  is NOT narcotic material. Its old homeophatic medicine. I needed such to win depression and fear when jehova witnesses in neighbour wanted kill me and break my house.

 It happened too many bad matters and I really  need psychoterapia .  My first child in Finland  was killed by abortion, because of ´´race-hygienia´´and rascism.  If visio of my ex wife wasnt paranoija, but true , the killed child was  probably Jesus.   Policecomisario Jalo Jokinen   in Porvoo wrote to healthy administration kirjaamo.etela@avi.fi how Hietikko is mentally ill. Engineers of my last employer www.ensto.com Kari Metso, Reijo Kallio , Olli Antila, Esko Kahela said how its question about 100% skitsofrenia, symptoms not come only sometimes, but everyday 24 hours.

 Doctor of psychiatria Eija Thomasson said how its not true and I should never believe it myself. Not any  therapia was offered, dr Thomasson said that its better to take good pension and run away. Same opinion had dr Dick Jägerholm in Porvoo. ´´You are not sick , but you will  be ded if you stay here and fight against windmills´´. I was 33 years old when i got full  freedom to do what i want. This situation was leading my living out of such realities, where OTHER finnish people normally are. When police of Porvoo and Sibbo-Borgo skogrevir did not let me be in Finland, i was ´´dropping out ´´from such ways of thinking and behaving what riitta.vanhanen@keuruu.fi calls ´´finnish culture´´. It means all such meaningless noise and rubbish what need people who have no courage to be what they really are, this said my boss and teacher Ensio Miettinen in Porvoo. He was using term ´´finnish national skitsofrenia´´. People in Estonia and Russia know very well what it means.

Instead of finnish-american rubbish  ´´culture´´  i got during 32 years influences of real  cultures in many other lands. Because of it police of keuruu arrested me in april 2010 when i was trying to come to meet my kidnapped son. When i asked the reason, stupid  juntti police said like this ´´pitäähän mies pirättää, kun on  ollu  noin kauan ulkomailla´´. We  must arrest such man who has been so long time aboard. Later older police Kimmo Rytkönen confessed in room  of risto.solmula@poliisi.fi how it was questions about my  opinions

 After they gave me 1986 full  freedom to do what I want, I took my motorcycle, desert enduro BMW r 800  basic ´´paris dakar´´ and travelled alone small roads and paths to Jesusalem ( during 4 months ) My meaning was to go  around all  world, but american promise keepers priest John Yoder from Pensylvania did not want  that i go to Egypt . He was babtising me and my motorcycle with holy spirit  in mountain of Prophet Samuel , 30 km north of Jerusalem. I wasnt out of realities, because not any kind of accident has happened. BMW is still in good condition and i use it every day. If someone drop out of real realities even during half second and drive heavy bike, this one shall DIE, its 100% sure, said doctors in Athens  and Germany Löerrach. If  state of Portugal  not want pay me compensation of 500 000 euros , they must find evidences that RUI Neves has not made wrong diagnosa. This what i tell has not happened, its only sick paranoija. There is no John Yoder  in Pensylvania and several millions  of promise keepers did not pray in front of White house that GOD would save america from punishment , told in apocalypta 18

 If they notice that Hietikko is sick, big responsibility is falling to german doctor Henryk Lange / his insurance company. Also to grounder of www.ensto.com Ensio Miettinen who was educating me personally at his home 5 years. He  said how Hietikko is unusually healthy among his 1000 people in Porvoo. His son Timo had same opinion but Timo´s  sister dipl engineer Marjo.miettinen@ensto.com said how her father and Hietikko BOTH are totally mad. Social office Paavo and Elina Koivisto said 1996 that me and my polish wife must go away from my house Impivaarantie 87 Porvoo, because our bad reputation in Porvoo disturb their bisnes.

In august 1998 me and my polish wife were packing our things and  bought old german farm 34,5 hectar, culture historically valuable  4 buildings, in bad condition. We were using all money from Finland to repair them during next 8 years, in meaning to start mountain hostel. 28.3.2001 we got a son, but in april 2005 he was kidnapped to social office of Helsinki Malmi ( Tarja Ollila, Katja Ekstrom ) 4.5.2005 police of Miedzylesie Adam Polanski came to say how Hietikko must go away from my house and give it to clients of Klodzko social office Violetta Kulawik and Adam Zaba ( witness german neighbour Ditmar Schuller,( swedishsteel@gmx.de )

is this true or bad dream, Rui Ruikkunenä ?

2 weeks after kidnapping of my son, they were putting me to crime court of Klodzko saying how Hietikko is mentally ill terrorist, 100 % skitsofrenia. 3 years later in 2008 court psyhiatric commissio wrote how Hietikko is not mentally sick, no hidden agressions, no criminal historia in any lands . No % skitsofrenia or paranoija. Also in Finland helsinki.ko@oikeus.fi  started crime court 2006 and after that 7 policemen in kirjaamo@Kauhajoki.fi  arrested  me for 2,5 months to Seinäjoki  t12@epshp.fi concentration camp for different thinkers.

3 doctors of psychiatria Irma Nivala, Antti Tuominiemi and Seija Patrikainen wrote how Hietikko is mentally ill. But after 2,5 months those 3 sick busters and sadists  all went to summer holidays and  their BOSS antero.lassila@epshp.fi  was opening me doors to freedom .He wrote how Hietikko is ciwilized peaceful  nice man and there is no reason  to keep him in such place, no reason to prevent be with his son in  normal contact. Dr Lassila has highest authority in Finland to rule in such matters, but social system SS  ladies and general doctor Tuomo Reina in keuruu@keuruu.fi  think  that  they know all  better as Lassila. ( this was not legal )

  psychiatric  terrorism of 32 years must be compensated

 In same year 3 doctors of psychiatria in Helsinki Iiris Keränen, Tapio Luoto and Martti Kuokkanen made investigation from me and raported how not any mental ilnes, not any % skitsofrenia was found. When i wrote letters to administration how its possible  that same man is healthy and sick at the same time , i got in year 2007 very angry email. They warned that if Hietikko not stop writing such letters, i shall be arrested for ´´longer time´´. Docent Petri Luoma from Helsinki  university was at my home in viides linja 1 a 12 when such email came. We agreed how i am  in real danger if i not run away from Finland. I had no reason to be there, because i wasnt allowed to see my son William. Docent Luoma wrote 2007 request of crime investigation to police of Helsinki, but they were putting it to rubbish

In spain Torremolinos i got family doctor Martinez Galendo, who sent me to psychiatr , after hearing what has happened. Dr Galendo said me later how Hietikko does not need ANY KIND of psychiatric services and i should be marvellous father to small boy.  Hietikko is much more  healthy as finnish men in Andalucia USUALLY are , he said .  Anyhow i felt sorrow and confused after such happenings and i needed  psychoterapia. When Dr Galendo could  not offer such , i was speaking with several finnish people who  live in costa de sol. Pastor timo.sainio@evl.fi in finnish church of Fuengirola said how ONLY DOGS and loosers can be friend with man as Hietikko and several other finns said how they would like to KILL me. ( witness in Torremolinos Olavi Karjalainen, in Fuengirola Lea Pons ) Violence  group torremolinos.udev1@policia.es said how they have no realistic capacity to quaranty my security . In march 2009 i went to Agadir. In Maroc 99 %  of people and doctors agree with me, only finnish JUPPI man maurisemontonen@gmail.com  from YLÄSAVO KAAVI and ambassa of Finland in Rabat say how Hietikko is mentally ill.  They not like my outlook and my opinions

During my long motorcycle journeys i have found out what is SATAN in our time, mentioned in holy Bible apocalypta 18. Before times of colonialism, in Africa , India , south America was many high level glorius cultures. When europeans developed fire weapons and good ships, british, spanish, portugalian terrorists came and killed brutally MILLIONS of people. Robbed their gold and forced these old ciwilizations under brutal power of Europeans. Pope was blessing all these monsters forgiving to all their sins IN ADVANCE .  Do what ever you want  there, all is forgiven in name of Jesus Christ , roman catholic  priests said to these  terrorists !  USA was created with stealing , killing and terrorism and such gangsters are trying to rule all world. In apocalypta 18 is clearly told what shall  happen to them soon, and to all allies of USA. Their sins are NOT forgiven before countries as Spain , UK and Portugal CONFESS  all

After hard wars between christian terrorists 1914-18 and  1939-45 inside Europa,  they had to give up colonialistic fascism , but all  these original ciwilizations were destroyed. New borders were drawn without respecting original nations and tribes, in meaning to DIVIDE ET IMPERA, break and rule. Countries in middle and far east , in Africa , India , south America were falling to chaos and powerty. Proud european terrorists gave to their victims  common name ´´THIRD WORLD ´´.  My maroccian wife Melika Ramouz and her friends say how 99 % of people in Africa agree with Hietikko in this matter, but in Finland or in Portugal most of people are sure that Hietikko is totally mad. Melika is very peaceful woman, not want kill anybody, but she is sure how ISIS  / al qaida  NEVER finish  their activities ,  before proud europeans confess their  terrible crimes ! These matters are the basic reason to big anger of muslimanes and  its not coming from CORAN. Its coming from fascistic arrogant politica of christian europa and usa. Because of this matter, Jesus says in the Bible, how peace of 1000 years is not  possible, before we FINISH all christian churches and religions. Because  their money and power is more important and SPIRIT OF TRUTH, we need harmakeddon JIHAD, where we KILL all christian priests and nuns ( operation MUSTA SURMA should  be started ) Priests and nuns in Portugal, Spain, Poland and in Finland ( pastor Matti Viitanen )  teach how all 1,6 milliard muslimanes belong to fire of hell, and THIS is the reason to terrible colonialistic crimes of europeans . These crimes are NOT ending, before we are ready to discus  openly. Full crime investigation about SMALL case of my family and homes is  leading investigators to the BIG point of problems. This case in TOP of ice berg , said police Mikko Keisala in Keuruu 2010. But his boss comisario Yijälä did not let him continue his work  nr 154311519. Lawyer  asianajaja.kuukka@kuukka-tiainen.fi was not allowed to act . What for ?

To this  matter is good to find answers

After Williams keller  sold us house where is black mushroom, we wrote in registered letter protest to sellers in Paris and to Ruth Alexandra, claiming back from the price 55 000 euros, plus costs of lawyer, but they not answer anything. Ruth Alexandra no more work in Portimao but new sales agent, finnish talking Anne Tikkanen promised to me and my wife 2 week ago how SHE will take care of this matter. Real estate cant carry responsibility if sellers fool  in such ways, but in this case its question about illegal blackmailing   ( done by Williams keller )

After discussing with her boss in Williams keller, ( and obviously with Maija Katila ) Anne Tikkanen sent us email in next day . She wrote how she not can , and not want help us, because she has heard  that we are ´´mentally ill  people ´´or something like that ? Very bad ´´vibrations ´´are rising from Hietikko and my sunni musliman wife and even daughter of Anne Tikkanen is in danger, if Anne keep any contact to so spoiled people. Ana Fonseca in Santander totta bank Portimao is close friend of Ruth Alexandra, she also said to my wife how Hannu Hietikko is ´´mentally  ill´´ and she ask police to arrest me to mental hospital, because im so big problem to them.  Maijakatila@netcabo.pt, secretare of honour consul of Finland has said something similar and Anne Tikkanen have been discussing with Katila. Previous consul in Lissabon leami.evola@formin.fi said to me in telephone, how Hietikko is surely sick in my head because i not respect fine high power ladies. I told her how word MINISTER in Greece originally ment ´´servant of people´´. State is we, citizens  and power belongs to people, according basic laws. Tjänstemen are our servants, but arrogant women as Maija Katila and Leami Evola has forgot the realities, servants has taken role of masters. ( rengit ovat ruvenneet isänniksi ja talo on hungingolla )

After talking with Anne Tikkanen we  went  to police and left them request of crime investigation, what did that woman actually mean ? In healthy centre we told to our family doctor Alexandrina Tavares how such situation cause to us stress and sleepless nights. We have made big credit and house is danger to healthy. Company ´´global services´´ cant  even rent it to anybody !  State of Finland has started to shout how Portugal has no rights to  promise any tax freedom, and if i must start  pay from my ensto pension almost 600 euros per month to state of Finland, we not can take care of our house credit, not buy food. UCI Bank Susan Dias ( credit giver ) spark us out from that house and we have no home at all. In Portugal  is no social security and if we go to Finland, my POLISH ex wife and her lesbian friends Leena Lila Marjamäki in www.keuruunekokyla.fi ask police to arrest me to mental hospital. ( she has written so in public FB ) Several arrestings has happened in Finland, because i have hurted HONOUR of my polish ex wife. But when i asked, where, when and how such terrible crime has happened, seppo.jokinen@poliisi.fi in JÄMSÄ could not say. Mr Jokinen told in april 2010 how CRIME investigation and TRIAL must start, several arrestings without reason are not legal. But because social ladies of riitta.vanhanen@keuruu.fi and DANSKE SAMPO bank Matti Koivumäki in Helsinki Kaivokatu were involved, they did not want start crime proces. When i tried next time in may 2012 to go to Finland to meet my kidnapped son, janne.pentti@formin.fi in consulat of Tallinna  ( Estonia ) warned about next arresting. This means that i have loosed my homeland where my father had to be 4 years in war, to help HITLER to kill 20 million russian people

  I have also empty standing farm 34,5 hectar in south west polish sudetian mountains Miedzylesie Gniewsozow but if I go there, police put me to prison. ( this was told me  2016  juridical register keeper in Finland Joel.rouvinen@om.fi ) I did not know about such punishment at all, nobody had invited me or my lawyer to court of Olawa 2013, where such punishment was given. Before 2005 - 2008 they kept me in Klodzko crime trial  nr VI K 93 / 07, but could not say what illegal Hietikko has done. My polish ex wife Violetta Sarnowiak, her mother Halina Cieplucha ul Bratyslawska 13 m 24 Lodz and their local crime assistants jehova witness family of Stefania Ilnicki wrote to prokurator in may 2005, how Hietikko is mentally ill terrorist and REBORN SATAN ( who  hurts honour of fine ladies ). During crime trial of 3,5 years they noticed that i hadn´t hurted anybodys honour, not any mental ilnes or secret agressions were found in investigation of court psychiatric comitea of Klodzko. But in court they were aiming to my LETTER to president of Poland and to primie minister Donald Tusk 2004. When USA and Poland attacted to Iraq , Libya, Syria and started big dangerous POST COLONIALISTIC war without respecting orders of united nations, i wrote to them how this crime was same as Adolf Hitler did before. Isis was born when they hanged previous CIA agent Saddam Hussein. This is very much true and millions of people are ded or loosed their homes. Lawyers in Wroclaw  abresz@poczta.onet.pl, kancelaria@plusnet.pl and a.schabikowska@lexel.com.pl can give to Portugal and to Strasbourg all material from this trial. They can tell how Hietikko wasn´t quilty to crimes, me and my son William ( born 28.3.2001 ) are victims of crimes. Family of my ex wife in Lodz is trying to rob from our farm and  investings of 1,469 million euros  with help of local mafia ( abau@onet.eu ), Holy Alberts accociation ( vyroby@gmail.com ), organ player of roman catholic church ( Adam Zaba ) and jehova witnesses ( family Ilnicki ).

In communistic Poland was such manner to blame how victim of crimes is ´´mentally ill´´, preventing him/her to defend oneself. Portugalian women and Williams keller seem to have same systems. In Finland everything what a woman says, is same as truth, and foreigners have bigger rights as native born citizen. Banishing me away breaks basic laws of Finland, but comisario Ismo Yijälä in Keuruu did not let  lawyer asianajaja.kuukka@kuukka-tiainen.fi to act and police Mikko Keisala to continue investigation nr 154311519, because this crime was´´so small ´´.

The REAL  reason were my  political opinions and the boss of prokurators Jorma Kalske vksv@oikeus.fi , who  had  taken away from Hannu Hietikko all police prokurator and consulat services in all european union. This told me 2007  in telephone comisario Sami.kalliomaa@poliisi.fi in Helsinki. Police Seppo.jokinen@poliisi.fi in Jämsä 2010 and marja.kauppinen@formin.fi in consulat of Rabat 2013 noticed this in level of practice. New consul in Rabat maija-liisa.vahakuopus@formin.fi noticed in january 2016 how they also had prevented 7 years my new marriage with Melika Ramouz. This is also crime against laws of Strasbourg and its  meaning was to keep Hietikko banished in Sahara. They know that I have diabetes and if Melika not take care of my food, i shall die very soon

Several unhonest  advocates in Portugal , in Finland and in Poland  have taken from us money, promising to take care of this case in court of Portimao, Klodzko, Helsinki, Jyväskylä, Faro and in Strasbourg. But after noticing how big and complicated matter it is , they not want do anything. Our family doctor Alexandrina Tavares went to France because of better salaries and  they found new one from CUBA. This black man took our case very seriously and wrote to administration how Hietikko / my wife need psychoterapia and lawyer help. Yesterday 28.6.2017 we got letter from cdssfaro@seg-social.pt  but we not  understand what you write. We need to talk in english or in finnish. We are wounded victims of crimes and consulat of Finland is responsible to give us translator. SNS servico nacional de saude CHAlgarve invited us to discuss to hospital of Portimao and yesterday 28.6.2017 we visited also  there. The secretare in psychiatric department said how Portugal NOT can start  handle problems which has roots in POLAND, in  walley of Klodzko. We should go to Poland to talk about this, but its not possible, because  they would put me to prison.  In Finland Leena Lila Marjamäki, Danske bank Helsinki and riitta.vanhanen@keuruu.fi ask tuomo.reina@seututk.fi  and police risto.solmula@poliisi.fi  to close me to mental  hospital for rest of my life .

Reina is only general doctor but he has written to finnish  healthy administration kirjaamo.lansi@avi.fi how Hietikko surely is dangerously mad. His opinion is  enough to keep me rest of my life in closed concentration camp for different thinkers. They force  to eat strong chemical lobotomia poisons which make victims really invalides. In Seinäjoki t12@epshp.fi 2006  they also were ´´investigating´´ my sexual behaving during 2,5 months, using brutal sexual violence against  patient in deep  narcosa. Nearer from this crime can tell advocat jari.kattelus@ruokola.com, ulla.tulisalo@epshp.fi  and special nurse pirjo.tolkki@epshp.fi . Later director of that hospital antero.lassila@epshp.fi wrote how there was NO REASON to capture Hietikko to closed hospital, no reason to prevent father and son meet each others normally. But finnish social ladies marja-leena.kari@keuruu.fi and  teija.hollo@tetuko.fi  not  respect such opinions. Women know everything better as men

The secretare in psychiatric department of Portimao hospital said how this problem belongs to Poland , but she did not understand all after short discussion. Question about my healthy belongs EXACTLY to Portugal, because the leading psychiatr RUI NEVES in Portugal  did not  believe me. He wrote to registers how Hietikko is out of realities, paranoid. This what i say, has not happened in real life. Its inpossible.  But in Poland, the national court psychiatric comitea and our family psycholog border1@wp.pl ( speak english ) have been writing how Hannu Hietikko is NOT mentally  ill at all. Not out of realities, not paranoid, not skitsofrenic. Nobody could put me to mental hospital in Poland and also Rui Neves confessed how  my terrible ilness not demand treatment in closed hospital.  Post traumatic stress reaction is not sicknes but natural reaction, they say in Poland. It comes from too many crimes and it needs good lawyer help and psychotherapia. Polish court and  police of Klodzko do not try to say,  how  it  has not  happened  what im saying. They know it very well and prokurator Beata Jelinska said  in march 2008  how Hietikko must GO AWAY FROM POLAND, because this situation is so difficult, inpossible to solve. She said in hearing of witnesses ´´ in Poland its not  possible to be honest and Hietikko talk too  much true.´´ 38 million polish people have been running  to other lands because in Poland are still  power constructions, culture of administration from communistic times.

Prokurator knew my education from Helsinki art academia TAIK and she asked to produce fictive screen play, ´´how to get those 38  million polish emigrants back with their money and knowledge about normal societes´´. Problem of Poland is large corruptio, stupid conservative women and perverse roman catholic priests who keep absolute power in families and in society. Problem is the same in Portugal. Many young people have been crying to me how inpossible it is to try to be HONEST in Poland. Most of young people in Portugal want run away as well. Most of companies as internet MEO are unhonest foolers

Portimao hospital and director clinico Carlos Santos in Faro have NO arguments to say how case Hietikko belongs to Poland in psychiatric meaning. They have not made any mistake. Bad mistake in psychiatric diagnosa happened in Portugal Faro and you must solve this matter, because finnish social ladies got next reason to prevent father and son  meet each others, to claim arresting if I go to Finland. Secondly, my permanent EU adress  is in Portugal Portimao, not in Poland after prokurator Jelinska and police Adam Polanski were ruling me to go away from my home. EU Poland has NO RIGHTS to spark legal eu citizen from his home and socialize properity, this matter state of Poland and insurance company Allianz must compensate with 1,469  million euros ( plus costs of polish lawyers ). To get fiscal compensation from state of Poland, Nucleo de apoio Juridico , Rua Pintor Carlos Porfirio , nr 35 , 8000-241 Faro  must  arrange me  effective lawyer help. Question of psychiatric help to me, my wife and my kidnapped son William belongs to SNS servico nacional de saude CHAlgarve. But agreement Finland Portugal says how FINLAND must pay bill of this investigation and psychoterapia to me and my wife. Melika Ramouz has been suffering about this situation 8 years. PLEASE NOTICE THIS , we  have no money to travel to FARO, the treatment must happen in Portimao 2 times per week. If it cant happen in hospital of Portimao, here are also several private british or irish doctors. They are expensive but Finland must pay. Also my previous employer www.ensto.com carry big responsibility.

Living UN-MARRIED in islamic land was  a crime and some fundamentalists in Agadir were threatening us with killing because of this. We had to live 7 years in home wagon far away in deserts, beaches and anti atlas mountains. Making a child was totally out of question and now we are already too old. We were travelling a lot with my desert enduro BMW r 800 and we got lot of contacts to al qaida and german new natzies. We not accept violence and not  belong to any  illegal organizations, but we have had legal rights TO TELL WHAT  HAS  HAPPENED IN FINLAND POLAND AND IN  PORTUGAL

Those  people have been very interested to hear what happened after Hietikko wrote letters from question ´´ILLEGALLY  STARTED AL QAIDA WAR ´´  to governments of Finland Portugal and Poland and to administration of European union and to UNITED NATIONS Geneve / New York. They know about the cinema project ordered by polish prokurator Beata Jelinska. Its starting from years 2003 -2004  when  previous POPE John Paul II was leading the global yellow network of roman catholic church and 55 % of polish citizens to common mass ceremonia. They were asking  that Jesus Christ would come in cloud in form of man and start work as president of Poland. My  manusscriptura and story board come 50 %  ly from  the Bible, 50 % ly from  real  happenings of today , in case of our  broken  family and home. Al qaida and german new natzies are interested to use our case as an INDICATOR. In Coran and in the Bible is common  law, what is legal to do to one of these smallest, is legal to do to the biggest or to anybody. If it was legal to break my house and burn my car, its is legal to do in Poland to every house, every car .  Or if someone as dr Rui Neves in Faro, finnish ambassador in Rabat or judge erkki.marttila@oikeus.fi  in court of Jyväskylä, says to his brother, you creisi , - this one who says, is pulling on himself PUNISHMENT OF HELL. When those  men are represantives of states Finland and Portugal, punishments of hell are raining in collective ways

In my  religious screenplay Exodus today Nysse tuloo im showing how the TIME is only ILLUSION. Also modern kwant fysica already since Albert Einstein  know how there is no such matter as TIME. Nothing connected to time, as coming older or death. Terrible sins what Portugal , France, UK  and Spain  have done  hundreds years ago shall be rising from collective SUB conscious  minds very FRESHLY,  as they would have been happening yesterday. Small  Portugal shall  be covered with blood of  innocent people and everybody fall to painfull  mass psychosa. Only way to prevent this, is general national sin confession

In  years 1990-1993 i was in India Kerala Cochin , where president of  indian yoga doctors K.U.Sathyanath was teaching me every day 2 - 3 hours secrets of hindus. How to do MOKSHA or go to samadhi. ( to go to other side of time and the death ) This man was grown in roman catholic family and he had education  of normal doctor. He choosed me as his student, saying how Hietikko  is UNUSUALLY  healhty man, big miracle because im from Europa where people are very sick and stupid. I told him that my mother was a jew father finn. Finnish people are NOT europeans, our roots are in India. Our lanquage has no connection to swedish german french latin, finns  have  lot of same words as sanskrit.

He was teaching  me also  how to plan psycho/socio drama and meaning of our screenplay is to lead large amounts of people to METAMORFOSA. Doctor K.U.Sathyanath is my supervisor and project  leader, we are in contacts very often. We offer go operation to ISIS  and to Bin Laden junior. He has plan to destroy USA and 20 countries , most important allies, such as Poland , Finland , Portugal and Sweden  who have no own real identity . But if we do everything according the BIBLE, we not must  explose of airports, supermarkets, or concert  arenas.  Apocalypta 18  is telling about soon starting big mass  psychosa when people in powerfull  country behind big ocean are falling to dangerous mass  psychosas , kill  themselves and their neighbours. All allies of this proud satanistic nation shall be destroyed in ONE day, says the holy Bible and after that comes the king of Gloria, starting peace of 1000 years. This is real evanqelium, message of joy to all  islamic freedom fighters. God Allah destroy our enemy, we not have to do anything, just wait a bit. IF someone want give speed to  this  proces , please  read chapter ´´EARTHLY DIGITALIZATION´´ in end of this  page.

If  someone really want KILL and believes to such methodes, you should join the riders of red horses . In the Bible is told how they bring war and fire. Concentrate to  kill  polish people who started this war without respecting  what said United Nations . Breaking houses and burning cars is  not illegal in Poland, or what Donald Tusk, consul vappu.pajala@formin.fi ? Court of Klodzko ?

Its also written in the Bible how God / Jesus Christ is love and mercy, not want loose any of his sheeps. But this is  NOT possible before full, deep confession  of personal and national, collective sins. What for we are not able to do this ? Its because priests of roman catholic church take from people money and promise to carry  their sins . In  beginning when christian church was young, confession of sins happened openly in front of all  people. It  that time the holy spirit of Truth was with them and people were not so dirty as women in Portugal , Finland, Sweden , France and Poland are today. In the Bible is written how the first and most dangerous basic sin is proudnes. Because of that satan was separated from God. Demon called ´´emtpy proudnes ´´  is big problem in Portugal Spain and in Sweden. Specially  women shall cry themselves  and their daughters, when i come back . This said Jesus in Golgata. Reason is empty proudness of women

Anne Tikkanen from Williams  keller  and Ana Fonseca from Santander Totta-jumalauta  bank did not know anything about  me an my  maroccian wife, when they said how we are smelling BAD ! But this was serious  hurting of honour and  must be handled in crime trial . Also several other proud women has said me´´ go away from Portugal Hietikko .´´ This happened one week ago in cafeteria TUNEL, Portimao . If i tell this to my maroccian network, that restaurant CAN become dangerous. If its owner pay me 5000 euros i can forgive

 My problem is a deep feeling and experience that I belong to nowhere, only to kingdom of Heaven, to the land what is not ( yet ). If I go to Finland, where I was born, lesbian friends of my polish ex wife Violetta  Sarnowiak  info@keuruunekokyla.fi ask police and doctor Tuomo Reina in keuruu@keuruu.fi to arrest me to policejail or to mental hospital, just  because of my fictive dreams about the better world. This has happened several times and  because police of Finland does not want  investigate their own mistakes, it happens again. Such experiences to be arrested 2,5 months and eat chemical poisons are very traumatic. 

 Police Adam Polanski (2005 )  procurator Beata Jelinska (2008 ) and  finnish  ossi.viljakainen@gmail.com  (2009 ) said that I must go away from Poland.  When they could not find any  legal reason, in year  2013  they  kept crime trial in Olawa .   It was  said how Hietikko  is big bisnesman of narcotic materials and if I come to Poland, they put me to prison for 3,5 years. To such trial they did not invite me or my lawyer at all, they forgot old principle, audiatus et altera pars. I heard about such first time from court of Agadir 2015, where judge said how he ´´believes to Hietikko, not polish kurvas´´. I have never in my life made any bisnes with narcotics. Strongest material what I have seen or tasted is cannabis. German doctor Henryk Lange smuggled and sold it to me in Poland during 4 years  many  kilo, asking to eat 3 gr per day. I had problems to sleep when neighbours family Ilnicki from Kazakstan came almost every week in front of our house , with axe in hand , saying GO TO FINLAND, we kill you. Cars were burning, dogs were poisoned. Police did nothing to help us. Consulat Finland in Warsawa did nothing. ( FB Samuel ILNICKI  lives today in Danmark, Danish police must act to put such terrorists to legal responsibility)

When I could  not go to Finland, I went to Spain Torremolinos. In November 2009 late dark evening to my door came two men talking polish / English. They had guns and  said  how its  better to go to sign under what  finnish lawyers wanted. I should confess that investing in Poland not belong to me or my son, not to association Keltaiset ry, but to my polish mother of law, Halina Cieplucha ul Bratyslawska 13 m 24 Lodz. In other case they should come to take me to nightly boat trip and they had for me shoes of cement. 2 witnesses heard this and told to police of Torremolinos. They said, please Hietikko, we have terrible much work, not any real possibility to quarantee  your security.   Do what they want, or go away from Spain. Law office ilagoson@ilagoson.com in Marbella took from me 1000 euro promising to take this case to court of Strasbourg. But he never did anything, just stole my  last  money. The same crime did in Portugal Faro 2015 Ivo Belchior Dias

I did not give my name to such papers, I went to Maroc in March 2009. In Agadir they were trying to sell me hassis cocaine and prostitutians. I said that I got hassis enough in Poland, cocaine im not  interested to start take at all and people I do not buy. But if you find me honest woman, I can  take her seriously  in meaning of marriage. In first evening they took me by taxi 30 km out from Agadir, to Takad sidi Tual Haba Lazip farmer family of Fadma Rakibi. Her oldest daughter Melika Ramouz was 40 years old, unmarried, very nice character and good reputation, educated in university. We decided to get married in same evening. EV lut pastor Matti Viitanen from Finland was reading ceremonia by telephone, under moonshine, on roof of fadma rakibis house. But mr Viitanen said to me ´´ if you start become  musliman, be sure  that all 1,69  milliard  muslimanes  shall go to fire of hell,--when real harmakeddon starts and Jesus recomes.´´ Such fascistic talking is a CRIME   

 My jewish mother in Finland  Kauhajoki died 2009 and left me money to buy a home. But we could not be there very long , because living UNMARRIED in islamic land is a crime. Consulat of Finland did not want give us necessary papers for official marriage. Marja.kauppinen@formin.fi and ambassador in Rabat said to us how Hietikko has no rights to get married because im 100% ly skitsofrenic and not understand what im doing. Police of Agadir did not make us any problems, but some Islamic fundamentalist and friends of Ahmed Rakibi came to say how they KILL us. That’s why we had  to live in long beaches of west Sahara , anti atlas mountains and deserts in home wagon. We met during those years lot of german new natzies and men from al qaida. They offer help if we help them. We not can use bombs or guns, not take killings to our KARMA, but we promised to work as their advertising office. Al  qaida takes case Hietikko  as ´´indicator ´´to their operatios in 20 countries.  Our advicers during last 10 years have been finnish police tuomo.lotta@poliisi.fi, evp comisario Birger Spets  kirjaamo.poliisihallitus@poliisi.fi  and  since 2010 comendant  of Keuruu Pioneerpataljona, colonel jukka.kentala@mil.fi.

 In year 2015 to Rabat came new consul, maija-liisa.vahakuopus@formin.fi. When she heard what has happened, she gave us necessary papers in 2 weeks. She is also witness how there wasn’t any real reason to prevent our marriage. It’s a crime according laws of human rights in Strasbourg. Court of Agadir 28.3.2016 made us finally husband and wife and we got wizum to Melika. After state of Portugal made with us 10 years agreement of residence, communal lawyer of city Portimao is responsible to help us to get ´´family juridical matters´´ to balance. Finnish social women riitta.vanhanen@keuruu.fi can not cut connection between father and son. State of Poland can not socialize our properity in middle of European union.

Advocat Anna Schabikowska in Wroclaw made analysa, saying how polish family and finnish lawyers were fooling systematically ´´blue eyed´´ finn.  Polish people are patriotic, defend each others crimes. Not any lawyer helps a foreigner in such case. In Finland foreigners have much bigger rights as native born finns. All is true what a WOMAN  says. When my polish ex wife says how Hietikko has 100% skitsofrenia, it is so as long as I can show evidences that its not true. But she should  explain what for in  beginning she self was  believeing to same ´´invisible illusions ´´from  the land what is not ? ( articles of ´´Yvonne Mitchel in les Jaunes 1995 )   What for she wanted during 18 years TWO times married and claimed 2 divorces from same 100%  invalid ? What for Hietikkos properity 870 000 euros was fooled 100 %  ly to Poland with  credit agreement , written in Helsinki  law office 3.9.1996 ? Violetta Sarnowiak was managing director of association Keltaiset ry and 599 000 euros of their properity went to Poland as well. New director aitalimed15@gmail.com and new government does not accept this.


Demands in  the  court , Because police and prokurator both rule me to go away, state of Poland  must pay me my investing in Poland 1,469 million euros. Owning  of lands  34,5 ha  to my son  William  96 %  ly, to association keltaiset ru 4 % ly .  Jehova witness  family  Illnicki  must  give  owning  of 3 buildings  and 8,8 hectar  to association Keltaiset ry.  Lawyers association of Finland must  pay  me  6,9 million e. Ananda seva kannisto@kaapeli.fi  235 000 e . From state of Finland  I demand 1 million e, 300 000 e to my son, 100 000 e to his mother , 100 000 e to Melika Ramouz  ,  to her mother Fadma Rakibi 50 000 e plus passport finland . Plus all  costs of lawyers.


 volyntary help to victims of crimes 

William K. Sarnowiak  FI 5239390053168480      BIC - SBANFIHH 


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