Sunday 19.3.2017   Responsible editors Hannu Hietikko  citizen of Finland, Melika Ramouz  from Maroc and  polish architect  FB Viola Sarnowiak shall all   finish  their work demanding punishments to states of Finland Poland and Portugal in court of Strasbourg , in english here .   E mail to  secretaria of new headeditor  is  0618030819 in arab. In french  0615700148   in english  00212 ( 0)659 694 961  Write to us  your opinions in english french arab  or finnish.  

                                             En français ici  french  here  Tutaj po polsku  ja jestem  Droga- minä olen tie, kiinaksi taoIlmainen www-laskuri                                                                                                                     suomeksi  uuden euroopan uutisia täällä. 

Annual meeting 28.2.2017 of international culture association Los Amarillos- Keltaiset ry -die Gelben-  Les Jaunes-  was choosing to role of main editor of  NEUES EUROPA  bulletin  and internet  radio  24  years old  investigator  of  geografical  politica , from Agadir Latifa Hamin. Fotographer Fafwa Blilia.  Art director in matters of visual outlook Hannu Hietikko  0659 694 961 is looking for  ad assistant,  who speak  basic english   or finnish


 Secretaria of edition in Agadir  tel/fax 00 212 528325881   mobile 0618030819 

after 1.5.2017  in Portugal Portimao 00351 9200 992 70  

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24  years old teacher Abdullah Ait Ali  using role name Yrjö Miettinen was choosen to be manager of fusio culture association Los Amarillos Keltaiset ry . His brother Muhamed Ait Ali, 38 years old teacher ( in  photo ) ID :JY 104 598  using role name Ensio Miettinen, was choosen to be director of Juha Tuotanto oy Enstoivo .

Muhamed Ait Ali , his wife Latifa and his brother Abdullah have authorization of Hannu Hietikko / Koivumäki and Melika Ramouz to RE establise share hold company Juha Tuotanto Oy Enstoivo from Finland and  join  it to their own  maroccian company

They also can be my represantives in courts, sign under my  name after i give permission via video phone in court

Home adress, office land post adres shall be  Enstoivo los Amarillos   apartado 174 , ec teixeira gomes 8500-999 Portimao Portugal.


 official opinion of international  culture association Les Jaunes - Keltaiset ry, in english, french and arab you find in   New editors  are not responsible about other material in this page , they are creative sketches . 


 Official protocolla from annual  meeting of  association Keltaiset ry  new government must correct it and certificate in court of Agadir.


 Luova ideointipalsta ja vuosikokouspöytäkirja, säännöt suomeksi Suomea koskeva vallankumoussuunnitelma suomeksi .  


paragraafi nr 33.


 Keltaiset ry  deciced join  international  education  project with  

art & bisnes academia of Agadir finnish  name



To Agadir we can take 1920 students and 96  professors   from all world.


Jet Sakan Argan has  960 empty  apartments with normal kitchen , wash machine , bath , 2 bedrooms . One room costs 20 e /day,  breakfast , lunch and supper 7 e / day. 810 e per month total plus your own costs of materials.


  Student  production stay to this house, world centre of modern art, but you pay NOTHING   to 96 best teachers from  all world  -- 8 hours / day visual arts, folk music architectura ,filosofia, bisnesmanagement ,  woodworks,cinema, finnish baseball  model PIH kala ,  jazz  blues rock and roll ,  culture adventure turist bisnes, artesan works  logistica, economia konfutse tao impivaara, speedway , yoga zen/satori ,islam, motocross, religio/re-ligere metamorfosa, in  finnish-jewish kotiintulon tapernaakkeli ,itsensä löytäminen. Students can freely choose from  that palet of professors all , or concentrate only to few,  as  theathre, oilcolour painting  or woodwork

If you want  join    us,  please FOLLOW send  your  email  to our twitter    


First work is to make plan of colours to that big house on beach rock 2 km from Atlantis ocean. Come to take photos and leave your application. The best one gets her/his name to historia and owning of one such apartment with 2 bedrooms .

katoille  ravintoloita  ja iso ulkoilma elokuvateatteri, quality cinema from russia america poland marocco finland  pimeässä lämpimässä  Saharan yössä . Suomen elokuva arkiston ja SODANKYLÄN  ja Kaustisten  festarijärjestäjien  pitäisi tulla  tekemään  täällä itseään Trumppiakin   suuremmaksi , tuku  tuku  lampaitani,  Peter von Bagh, Otto Donner MA  Numminen.


Toivomme että Keuruun  ,Seinäjoen tai Juankosken 

taideyhdistykset tekisivät moikuvan  värisuunnitelman tuosta  talosta. Tulkaa ottamaan valokuvia ja  jättäkää  tarjous . Voittaja saa palkaksi nimensä  maailmanhistoriaan ja yhden kaksion  omaksi forever. Talossa on 40 suljettua sisäpihaa  joissa nurmikko, ei autoja. Niihin teemme viihtyisiä  keskustelufoorumeita  ja lakto wegetaarisia/ myös  kalaravintoloita  144 000  ihmisen  tarpeisiin. Nuorille  yrittäjille suomesta hyvä tilaisuus.

960 apartments make all 40 e / day 1200 e in month. 960 x  1´ 152 000  euros  in  month.   25 %  300 euro /month  288 000  euros , new DEUTSCHE BANK Agadir  pay to owner of apartment , who sell it to academia A3 ( keltaiset ry Les Jaunes jeunes ) and buy new one from neighbour house .( most of them are empty, owners  live in France or Holland )

 To company Enstoivo 300 euro /month, 960 x  288 000  euros. Enstoivo oy  pay to  jet sakan II argan quardians,  gardenworkers and  cleaners 2 times  better   salary  as they  get today,  -to keep academia  100 % safe,  in good clean  condition, paint it .


960 x600  e/ day  , per month   172 800 000 euros  in month  to association  keltaiset ry in new DEUTSCHE BANK Agadir  . We employ the 96 best  professors to teach 1920   students . 96 x 3000 e / month salary is 288  000   euros. After  paying all other costs of water , energia etc ,  from  the  rest netto, our bank pay 10 % tax to city Agadir, 10 % to his Majestet  Muhamed VI .   50 % we use to  buy  artists to big culture happenings.


30 % to give places to students who cant find 810 e /  month self,  but are very talented

. Association Keltaset ry   offer to teachers from USA Russia Poland Germany Finland Estonia Britannia Irland Holland   furnished apartments with 2  bedroom,  bath and kitchen  2 km  from beach Agadir  and 2700 e / month  netto.  Costs of living half smaller as in Europa but  SUN shine 330  days in year.


Pleasant winters, in summer fresh wind from Atlantis ocean keep air fresh, not too  hot. Same as Canaria islands , 100 km from agadir to west. 7  km  long luxus beach of Agadir starts  2  km down from  rock of es SALAM and Art Academia Agadir .


In Folk  parlament of Finland , we talk everything  openly ...Suomeen harmakeddon jihadin tilasi savolainen hapannaama Paavo Lipponen jouluna 2008 Hesarin kokosivun mittaisessa vihapuheessaan. Hän  ja vaimonsa Päivi saavat tulla selittämään  mitä  he sillä tarkoittivat ?


 paragraafi nr 34.


Les Jaunes  and company Enstoivo   want  change land 27,6  hectares  with  city of Agadir / Kingdom of Maroc .  You will  get 27,6  hectares in  middle of green Europa , 150 km to east  from Praque ( Praha ) Sudetian  mountains to  make on top  of green hill 700 mtr high exhibition willage of berber culture. 96  houses

 MUR 3,3 mtr high  around.  50 wooden loghouses with charming interiörs, textils, artesane works , visual arts , solar technologia,  el- cars and mopeds ,cheramica, clothes, made in Maroc according models from 50 states of America and 49 federations  of Russia . Lot of european american and russian people see  them and want buy. Network  in all Maroc and in all Russia  gets orders by  internet inside one hour


 paragraafi nr 35.

If his Majestet and respected city administration accept this initiative of Les Jaunes die Gelben BURFE --You make lot of new work with good salaries to all Marocco. Law of Finland says how  culture association is not allowed to make economical profit, but we can start schools , theathres,   hospitals and pay good salaries to our workers, to give stipends. We also can recieve testaments and Hannu Hietikko Melika Ramouz  give  in my  family  testament  all our properity to Les Jaunes 4 %  ly.  96 %  to my children who have equal rights to use this properity, to get  incomes , but nobody can never sell any part or put it as quaranty of credits. This properity shall  not  explose in divorces and small boys not loose  father because of such criminal madness any  more in this family. Les Jaunes is stabil  bank ( controlled by police of Finland )  and it can offer   SAFE owning  also to other people. Nobody else has no right to come to your house,  but you sleep good knowing  that nobody wait  your death and starting of big family war. Our world today needs security safety law and order, clear rules and  simply human kindness..real  cultura , no  more plastic disneylands . South Portugal  is full  of  such , all similar, not many clients


We want  make on roof of that  house in Agadir essalam rock   flag pilars 45 mtr  high and white screen  50  -70 mtr mtr broad. Field between that house in  left side and Jet sakan argana II  is  emtpy  rubbish  place. 50 hectar or more.  


City of Agadir has on  that area  lot of OTHER  empty  lands for new   houses ,  if you  change that 27,6  hectar  to Poland,  you shall  get lot of money and 10 million  visitors per year come to Agadir . You can sell in Poland lot of wooden  loghouses and furnitures made in maroc using russian pine wood


This  is   sampo plus sum game, bisnes with no  loosers


 Our  27,6  hectar must be in  optimally  good place between these houses   for 144 000  people to see  the cinema  on  roof  of  left  house  , or theathre , concerts in right side , front of Jet sakane argane II. Beton stage 4 mtr high  over the street for sinfonia orchestra of Budabest  St Petersburg or Berlin. Eurovision competitions of folk songs etc

If you want  join    us,  please FOLLOW send  your  email  to our twitter    


When you  let  us do this, Enstoivo  shall get 5 e  ticket incomes every evening 360 days per year from 144 000 Agadir quality cinema festival visitors--- per day 720 000 euros , in  month 22 million euros, 264 million  per year. From netto we pay 10 % to his Majestet, 10 % to city of Agadir. Other money we use to salaries and to make el road 12,6  mtr broad from this parlament house to Agadir beach and 7 km to Talborj  turist centre . 3,3  mtr  high from earth, for noiseless  scooters  bicycles or light automat steered cars max 800 kg    75  km / h --only for foreigners who has  bought ticket to essalam theathre , came through security check as in airport.


Culture association Les Jaunes Keltaiset ry   buy copyrighs of the best high quality cinema production  in all world, but never show here pornografia, Renny Harlin , football  or icehockey.Otherwise we have free hands.Maroc is much more liberal country as Poland and Finland where almost everything is forbidden

Nous invitons tout le monde à la musique de haute qualité et des festivals de cinéma, chaque année 362 jours en sécurité ensoleillée Agadir. .


our own cinema productio shall  show to people big miracle  and  they all want come to Agadir to look what it is ?


 Folk parlament of european union , FEU  with  new members and combinaton  , 50  states of america , Maroc and West Sahara ( new name ATLANTIS ), previous DDR , all  Poland,  north Finland ( suur keuruu ) , Estonia, North Corea, Tsech republic  ,Latvia , Liettua , White Russia  , Ukraina , east Portugal,  south east corner of France Le Pen , all Irland, all UK, all  Holland, all Danmark, all israel , all  palestina  and all republics of Russian Federation, including KRIM.


Valuta politica of new union shall be leaded by the best german american british and russian specialists from BAUTZEN Germany. New capitol of economia. Common  valuta is deutsche mark, but we agree  that  value of 1 DM  is  always exactly same as one pound , one dollar, one rubel  , dirham  or finnish  markka  ( model from  year 1969 )


New capitols  of administration  are 3, Terijoki in Russia , 50 km to west from st Petersburg . 2. Portugal Portimao . 3 Betlehem Palestina. United militär forces of usa russia Britannia take care about  peace  in  new union against  outside attacts. National armies  shall  be finished and re educated to take care of 100% legality and safety inside their own lands. In this way we  shall enter to peace of 1000  years and kingdom  of heaven  on  the earth. When we do all

ready, HE shall come  as  he promised. But if people are not  prepared, coming of Jesus  means  death to  99 %  of people,  terrible  mass  psychosas specially  in in usa, writes  the holy Bible  apocalypta 18


 to become  trained  to  see  the  new  kingdom  without falling  mass psyhosa,  ( jewish JADOA  )  we invite all world to  high quality music and cinema festivals, every year   362  days in sunny  safe Agadir. Dark soft sahara night make great  magic atmosphere


 paragraafi nr 36.


 To the roof of jet sakan II  we also make good large loudspeakers for concerts and  arena to theathre and speakers of folk parlament ( 5 minutes )  others vote how many % true. This they do also when Mr Trump Putin Le Pen merkel come to ask advice form  folk


 1. I agree this matter 100 %
2. I agree this matter 80 %                                                   
3. I agree this matter 60 %                                              
4. I agree this matter 50 %                                       
5. I agree this matter 40 %                                
6. I agree this matter 20 %                         
7. I do not agree this matter at all         


We give  these chairs in daytime to  144 000  members of world parlament WP, they  pay 10 e / day  , Agadir and King Muhamed VI  shall earn  both  10 %  from  netto , per year more as   million euros both


Half of this large money goes to company Enstoivo , half to association Les Jaunes. We  use big  part of it  to be able to  offer free luxus healthy services to all  berbers, arabs who live in Maroc and foreigners who  have residence in Maroc. Pensionists from Finland, Germany, USA, IRLAND , UK, White Russia Ukraine Estonia Poland Tsech rp  and all Russian Federatio  must get back  taxfreedom,  because that law was changed 2013 with corruption of 500 million  black euros  from finnish consulat, says policecomisario Birger Spets



50 000  finnish  pensionists come to Maroc to live without high taxes of Finland .  Enstoivo  shall sell  them  with attractive prices   nice house near beach 1200 km long Agadir -sidi Tual -Massa- Mirleft -sidi Ifni -Tarfaya- Layonne -Dakhla ---luxus services and wonderfull climate . With large money from  New world parlament association Les Jaunes  start take care of seniors from all world , wellcome and enjoy. Agadir is near Europa, in  midway of  China and USA. It is very safe town, half million  people, but we not take any risk. Around that 27,6  hectar , 144 000 chairs and tables we make mur 3 mtr high. In entrance security check, same as in airport.


 paragraafi nr 37.

 Keltaiset ry  and company ENSTOIVO decided to create new culture adventure tourist bisnes. We started  28.2.2017 in Agadir  meeting    international  motorcycle   club

  Harley, URAL, Vespa Honda Yamaha  BMW  TAO & TRUMP drivers 

We  reserve that  name and  logo to   Keltaiset ry   but we  offer  membership with 5 euro forever  to all European Maroccian Russian and American people who find yourselves in  that video

or who could be one of them.


If you want  join    us,  please FOLLOW send  your  email  to our twitter    


Join  us and make  your dreams true. Come to meet  your sisters and brothers  in Maroc Spain Portugal France Bayern Tsech rp. Poland Baltia Finland and in Russia. We can  make something great together in next spring to prevent world war III in Europa, instead of such, America great, Europa united and  warm open contacts to russian people in level  of grass ground and our common hobby.


KINGS road of 7777 km 69 days 120 km -150 km per day 1.5. 2017 - 7.7.2017 florida daytona to dakhla west sahara agadir maroc spain portugal france bayer tsech rp. poland baltia tallin  Helsinki kaivopuisto 24.6. Turku Säkylä Kihniö Kuru Keuruu.


Meaning  of our associatin is to link together cities and willages of TRUMP TRAIN ( kings road  their, hotels, campings,restaurants,  to start world parlament and   great  festivales  in all willages nearby festival route 7777 km  long  from west sahara to Finland . When half million  americans drive with europeans 2  months  120 -140 km  per day  with bikes scooters veterancars model 69  or older ...7777  km from ATLANTIS to land of FIN OMEGA --They learn  know each others with no fear.


Some americans who came by car or bike 7777 km from Atlantis Dakhla  Agadir to Finland , want sell their bikes and cars saying it was lovely, but enough. Our association in keuruu pioneer pataljoona MOPO  markets can   hire  them to people who want go 7777 km to alfa point. You will get 50 % from income when we hire them to go this route 100 times to both direction. You can continue by romantic museum  trains from NIIRALA Finland to St Petersburg  Moscow Baikal sea China Shanghai, by ship or  air  back to usa.


 paragraafi nr 38.  


  is suggestion,  initiative to  his Majestet Muhamed VI from culture association Keltaiset ry Les Jaunes .  How to  get every year  in  end of april half million american TRUMP supporters ( b  class citizens )  send their  Harleys, scooters  and veteran cars 1969 or  older by ships to Dakhla  Agadir , Algeciras Spain or Gibraltar UK )  We show them their  european roots 7777  km  long, the best of american high quality cinema , best of blues  jazz  country rock and roll  in  the world, 500 000  individual harleys and most  beautifull wooden  loghouses from 50 states of America. Also we offer  them  the best cannabis in the world 5 e / gr


 Milliards of people , as mr Obama, D.Tusk respect the best qualities of cannabis in the world, its maroccian.But transport is problem to custom of Spain Italia Portugal Holland. So  please come to destroy annual  production here in Maroc legally and BY THIS FESTIVAL ROUTE  7777 km  long. Buy it  from the police. We take billions of euros from private mafias to make best healthy services in world to Marocco, costless to all who  live here, or visit as turist. After  i leave this to court of Agadir, we  must go to Europa. We are in danger to become  killed. Melika Ramouz  says that people in agadir court shall  like us and also majestet, police and santarm  shall smile for sure. But cannabis mafia and  fat administration shall  not like this idea at all. Thats why we must go to road again, Melika and Ait Ali  family start  live in Portugal  ( where  adres  is secret ) . I continue with  by motorbike to south east Germany Bautzen, near border of Poland where is my home, farm 34,5 hectar Miedzylesie. Police adam polanski and mafia ruled me and my small  boy to road of different directions..

mutta  kuten  sanassa  sanotaan Pilvessa naitte hanen menevan ja pilvessa naette hanen jalleen palaavan

 new  deal of  Donald J Trump

 0, 5 euro / gram to members of Les Jaunes in Spain Algarve , France Germany Russia or to police who keep law and order in these happenings and sell cannabis 10 gr / 50 euro. Police get to him / herself 50 cent per gram. If you join to team C 3 ( legal sellers ) you will get also 0,50 e / gram.


1,2 e / gram to farmers of Ketama , Barber and Chechaouen ( north Maroc )

0,5 e / gram to costs of transport , packing , marketing .

1,0 e / gram tax to Kingdom of Maroc

0,8 e / gram tax to states of Portugal Spain Poland Russia or Finland , where selling happens ..

1 e / gram to association Keltaisetry Les Jaunes, to produce culture festivals in maroc , finland Russia portugal and in Poland, who pay salaries of artists or to payments of copyright holders .


 These milliards shall be handled in neutral ground keuruu, Finland   account of Keltaiset   ry using name Art Academia of Agadir A 3

iban : FI 3447304720017228 BIC : HELSFIHH

 Because state of Finland, consulat Rabat has been changing laws in Maroc with force of black money 500 million euros ( according finnish police comisario Birger Spets ) we do the same with force  of  white, honest legal money . We change law in Maroc and Poland and set free from prisons all who are there only because of cannabis. States of Poland maroc save BIG money when many men go back to their families. Many children will  be happy.

katso, hänsaarnaa  vangituille vapautta

 According UN / who, this old homeophatic herb is excellent medicine to depression, cancer, inpotencia  etc, much less dangerous as alcohole and gigarettes. Tarja Halonen, President Obama and his daughter like it, also several million other americans.   They respect the best qualitys in world ` kings quality ´´ marked with letter K .


how  many  support  this  plan ,  please  follow  twitter

Birds of Maroc


in the Bible is written that you saw him to go in cloud and  you see him re come  in could . It does  not mean that King of Gloria needs ´´puor mans nirvana´´, those people who saw him go, they surely took cannabis. Its a kind of  transcendental  statement  between dream and awake


 paragraafi nr 39.


Annual  meeting of  association Keltaiset ry  was ended 


28.2.2017 Agadir Uniprix    


New managing director of  culture  association los Amarillos and NEUES EUROPA  , apartado 174 , ec teixeira gomes 8500-999 Portimao Portugal.

meeting of shareholders in company Juha Tuotanto oy ENSTOIVO      ( registered in Finland and all EU by Hannu Koivumäki, Antti Virolainen, Helena Antila  and Jaana Heinonen ) The owner of all 100 shares is Hannu Hietikko 011151 187 P, who  lives in Agadir. Company  has no credits or unpaid taxes.


    Muhamed  Ait Ali  is a  teacher  who  keep  private internet  company and  shop in Agadir essalam . He will join  his company to Enstoivo but carry  personally  responsibility of its  previous credits and agreements. New company continue  hire agreement from Ait Alis internetcaferia 3000 dirham / month  next 99 years


Annual  meeting  shareholders   decided to divide one of  their 100  K  shares  ENSTOIVO    K  share  9   to 10 parts,  and law office prepare immediately agreement about  our meanings . Shareholders 9  open in Agadir  near  university ait ali shop shop of   cheap second  hand  portugalian shoes , clothes, computers, cameras ,bicycles, furnitures, visual arts, 4 places for internet clients. There will be also  small architect  and advertising  office A 3


10 % of nettoincome  share 9,1   to  father and  mother  of Muhamed  and Abdullah Ait Ali  


10 % of nettoincome  share 9,2  to  pay rent from garage in essalam 3000 dir / month and develope it


   10 % of nettoincome  share 9,3    to Fadma Rakibi , common mother of Melika Ramouz and Hannu  Hietikko


10 % of nettoincome  share 9,4    dealed  to shop  assistants in Agadir


10 % of nettoincome  share 9,5    to  who  lends his mercedes and yellow caravan to transport between Agadir and  Portugal shops. Company takes care of traffic insurance and services of the car, costs of fuel etc


10 % of nettoincome  shares 9,6  to   grounder of ENSTOIVO company Hannu Hietikko


10 % of nettoincome  shares 9,7  dealed to 6 children of mr ALI in Tata and his wife


10 % of nettoincome    shares 9,8  to Melika Ramouz in Portugal who buy  material to Agadir shop


10 % of nettoincome  shares 9,9  to    assistants  of  Melika Ramouz in Portugal ( busra and  fadwa Blilia )


ENSTOIVO    K  share  93   annual  meeting  decided  to  divide to   500 000 Takad  shares .


Because european turists and their  children have in Takad area  continuously  big risks of accidents, with  normal  traffic,-   Los Amarillos Keltaiset ry, department 93  takad  sidi tuale development  association want build  safe bana of 28 km  long  7  meter  broad between Takad  Lazip sidi Tual.

European  motocros horse  camel  and 4 wheel tourists can enjoy  this arena, swim and surf in  long beach of sidi Tual . Enjoy relaxing of massage and herb treatments ,  products of russian estonian and  finnish  sauna industry, 5 e / hour


Every  month several times we start   arrange  international competitions of  speedway and motocrosbikes,  horses,  maraton runners, bicycles, dogs , old citroen 2 cv   cars  etc  etc.

with   national colours, usa black, russia indigo blue,  germany  dark red, britannia middle red, Poland yellow, Finland grey  , Maroc dark green, Portugal middle green, Spain sienna brown etc


Show bisnes  is the best bisnes in the world, and we can get to Takad every year 10 million foreigners who  pay  20 e . 20 euros  more to owners who rent nice chairs  on roofs  of their  houses  to look this  furious international  happening from safe  place . Takad  ladies get nice incomes when  offer  coffee  food to  clients on  their  roof . After  sunrise we keep bana silent , only for  walkers horses bicycles. Noisy Prrrr  prrrr  starts in  morning 10.00  , before  that must be silentio. It disturbs for sure,  but if all people in Takad Sidi Bibi Lazip  become free  from economical  problems , maybe we do this ?



We  need  first of all ´´green  light´´ from his Majestet Muhamed VI and respected administrations  of Sidi Bibi Ait Baha Takad Lazip . From large ticket incomes 10 % come to kingdom of Maroc, 10 % to Takad -sidi Bibi. And this money will  be LARGE. 


We give 200 000  Enstoivo  93  Takad shares to  landowners who invest  one sq meter  land to this  company.


 We need  land 2 hectares in start area in Takad   near house of  Ahmed  Bachir and Fadma Rakibi,  and  2  hectares to  ending  point, in Takad,  near  football field .


to make  bana 28  km  long  7  mtr  broad we need land  196  hectares , 196 000 sq meters. Owners of these 200 000 Takad  A  shares shall  get  from  large  ticket incomes 20 % , automatically to their bank accounts from  new  Deutsche Bank Agadir. Activity of association Les Jaunes Jeunes  and company enstoivo oy are  controlled by finnish  police and  government . Nobody gets fooled. Hannu Hietikko and Melika Ramouz 0615 700 148  are authorized  to  choose the bana


To make  arena  28  km  long  7  mtr  broad, and to  keep it  in  condition,   we need   strong  hands of 200 000  people .


Because  our ´´non  profit ´´culture association has right to get EU money , we ask budjet  from EU ( or his Majestet ) to pay salary DURING 2 YEARS  300 euros in  month to 200 000  young strong  paperless  men from Africa, or to exilers of Iraq Syria Libya. We  have such sort of people in Agadir  area  much  more  as 200 000 , with  no  home, no  incomes, begging in streets. European union  must help  our  association also to  make  legal documents  to these 200 000  young men and their children, wifes. They have no right  to go to Europa but in Maroc they will  have good future when  Enstoivo oy and  association Les Jaunes  team 77 Takad teach   them to take  care of these competitions . Woodstock  of 500 000  americans  in sidi tual every year  1.-3-5   needs  lot  of  workers .


 To start  this , Enstoivo is ready to give  for   free 200 000 Takad  B  shares to these  african paperless  people and  they  shall  get from ticket incomes 20 % , same as  landowners. Inside one year we shall  put this all run, if  administration  not make  any problems



2000 Takad  Shares C  shall  be given for free to  leading  team 77.  They  get from  ticket  incomes all equally big  money  . Comendante Abdullah Azlag gets the same as other 76 members of team 77. These  people are  leading works of 200 000 africans and must get  during  next 2 years  5000 dirham in  month from government  of Maroc  or from EU .  Boss of Abdullah Azlag  is Muhamed ait Ali      ( EnsioMiettinen )


2000 Takad  Shares C  and equal parts of ticket  incomes shall  be given to people  in Takad  Klea Azrou sidi Bibi , who want come to make true takad  bana . We  hope that eu  pay  also to them 3000 dirham  in  month  first 2 years, later you will  get all  back in form  of taxes, lot of people want come to Agadir and  hotels are no  more emtpy.


We offer these shares to  all other companies in Agadir Takad Sidi Bibi who keep this bisnes to hire bikes or 4 wheelers to europeans. We join forces and start common marketing, common happenings


96 000 Takad  Shares  D shall  not  get  any part of ticket incomes  in Maroc , because we  sell  them all  to foreigners . To  speedway and  motocross  clubs in Poland UK  Finland Germany  ..everywhere


We  want make global  network and organize international competitions in Maroc Takad and in Poland Miedzylesie in this walley. Our association have there lot of land


We offer to  foreign  motorbike  people  with 120 e / year  safe small  garages to keep own bike in Maroc . Takad is small safe city and in Rakibi house  is  finnish master Husband of  Fadma Rakibis daughter Zahra Blilia .  Insurance of motocross  bike  in Finland is 27 000 e  / year . In maroc 100 e . You also can bring from Spain  new bike to Maroc taxfree . Fight tickets to Agadir are less as 100 e , costs of living 50 % cheaper as in Europa. Sun shine 330 days every year and swimming surfing is possible even in  january . We  have nice tents in  beach sidi tual and in takad with  good madras 5 e / day. We sell new sleepingbacks


Director of team 77 in Takad is Abdullah Azlag, role name  Ernesto Che Chevara )

his adjutant  he choose  self,  by suggestion was Omar Azrou, secretarias Asam Houane Klea ,

but  who want  become elected  must first go to meet Fadwa Rakibi Takad.



 ENSTOIVO    K  share  95   we divide with  7 million  and sell with one euro 7  million E  shares  to many lands in  meaning to create global  network of 2 wheel  or horse travellers, we also sell new  warm wooden  loghouses and beautiful  interiörs  made from russian pinewood according  models  from 50 states of America. Safe willages  of   96  houses  in 27 - 37   hectar , TRUMP mur 3 mtr high  around.


K  shares 61 -64  are owned by  registered fusio culture association Los Amarillos Keltaiset ry. Les Jaunes Jeunes  , keltaiset  kakarat. We offer them to 4 cities  where we act, Portimao ( Portugal ) , Agadir ( Maroc ) , Miedzylesie  ( Poland )  Bautzen ( east Germany )

Our  program  is sampo tao








Annual meeting of international fusio-culture association Keltaiset ry Les Jaunes,  Burfe, Zehubim, Sarkar, Kollased, die Gelben, Los Amarillos  ( short name L.A. )

Rules of ( L.A. )  keltaiset ry are made in india 1906 by association of yoga doctors SjS , Accepted  and developed. 1981-86  by Ensio Miettinen  in Porvoo , Sharehold company juha tuotanto oy enstoivo was registered  in Helsinki 1994 government of patents                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Place : Uniprix square Agadir Maroc  28.2.2017   12.00- 14.30  o´clock


paragraafi nr 1.  


Hannu Koivumäki - Hietikko ( arab  name ) Hanuman Habdullah Elwafi ,citizen of Finland ( in  next  photo ) opened meeting  ---authorized by dr K.U.Sathyanath India and previous chairman of the board Helena Antila-Jalonen Turku Finland. Annual meeting choosed Hietikko to be chairman of the board .


paragraafi nr 2.


Counters of voting and controllers of  protocolla were choosen to be Busra   and Fadwa  Blilia. Rights  of account  using has Melika Ramouz in Maroc Poland and in Portugal ,  in Finland  William  Kasper Sarnowiak ( under control of  Helena Antila Jalonen )


paragraafi nr 3


 Economical declaration by exel does 2 new managing directors 1 )  association Keltaiset Los Amarillos  2. ) sharehold company Enstoivo - together with    tecnicos  oficiais de contas   in Portimao Ana Luisa de Araujo in Portugal. Government Finland, police of Maroc and in Finland and have rights to  look after bookkeeping . We act only in legal ways and demand advices of police if something is going in wrong ways


paragraafi nr 4.


 Members of looshe A  were 25  , looshe B 21   ,  looshe C   12 ones . Meeting was legally  invited 2 week before . 7 members D took part by  net


 paragraafi nr 5.


 Managing director and economia  responsible during 18  years , polish architect  Violetta Isabela Rebela Cieplucha , in ( FB Viola Sarnowiak ) wants go to pension. She will  get 1200 e / month, after telling honestly to our  lawyer and in court who was robbing properity of association  in Finland and in Poland 599 000 euros ? It was not   her fold and she has no reason to hide crimes of other  people.


paragraafi nr 6.


 Annual meeting  gives to Sarnowiak responsibility from  past , if she talk  only true what happened  to club house of Keltaiset ry  first in Finland later in Poland in  this  beautiful  walley. We  still  own  there 34,5  hectar because stealing land is difficult even to  polish  people. This  big  house  had  full  value insurance in german ALLIANZ  2009-2010   and they  are responsible to repair these  4 old   german  houses to TOP condition


paragraafi nr 7


Because Violetta  not WANT continue , to her place meeting choosed  24  years old  years  teacher and student of juridica Abdullah Ait Ali Muhamed from south Maroc Tata. He is brother of  ID :JY 104 598 Mohamed Ait Ali , teacher from Tata.



paragraafi nr 8.


Muhamed Ait Ali  was choosen in this  annual  meeting to be managing director of share hold company Juha Tuotanto Oy ENSTOIVO, registered in ( eu ) Finland with 100 base shares K, owned 100 % ly Hannu Hietikko.


 Muhamed Ait Ali ID :JY 104 598    (  in  next  photo )  has authorization of annual  meeting 2017  to demand from state of Finland  rights to take  Juha  tuotanto oy from  ´´naftalin´´  , to JOIN  it to his own   personal company in Maroc ....... reg  nr............  -----      and  start lead  that company ENSTOIVO  in PORTUGAL  Bautzen  Miedzylesie in  all EU Russia and Maroc. It has no credits, no  bankrupts , no crimes.


This company has same program as Keltaiset ry and operate using methods of legal bisnes.  Culture  association Keltaiset Los Amarillos use methods what law accept to a company. Because the purpose is the same, we have same government.


Home adress of company and  association will be Los Amarillos , apartado 174 , ec teixeira gomes 8500-999 Portimao Portugal.

 We need wisums to our 7 people , director Ait Ali, his wife Latifa , son 3 years old , brother Abdullah, Fadma Rakibi , Busra Blilia and Fadwa Blilia. They are living and opening office in house owned by Melika Ramouz and Hietikko. Association quarantee  their economical needs in Portugal

Our advertising archituctre and travel office shall sell the capacity of emtpy hotels of Praya Rocha- Alvor during low season 15.9- 1.6 and we wish to get all support from state of Portugal, please give wizums before 15.4.2017


paragraafi nr 9.  


Muhamed Ait Ali, Melika Ramouz and Hannu Hietikko were choosen to be first  government


paragraafi nr 10.


 Annual meeting decided change rules--- in  a,  b  , c and  d governments,  WE     can  7  persons, chairman on  the board and 6 others. If voting goes 50 % 50 % , opinion  of chairman is valid. We decided to invite to this government five more. Melika Ramouz  ( in  photo ) want take role of government  secretare and  give her place  . nr 1 )  to  represantive of his Majestet King of Maroc -.  nr 2.)  Muhamed Ait Ali.  3.  ) Represantive of President Putin -  4 ) Represantive of president TRUMP -  5 . ) Represantive of his Majestet King William united kingdom - 6.   Represantive of his Majestet King of  Arab Emeritas  . 7. ) Chairman of the board nr  7  Hannu Hietikko ( Hanuman Habdullah Elwafi )  after he is  69 years old ,  Hannus son William K gets chair nr 7 as heritage, his oldest son next  one, after father is 69  old


 paragraafi nr 11.


  Discussions and votings  happen every week via videophone. 28.2. every year is personal  meeting in middle of Europa BAUTZEN ( south east Germany )  .Our lawyer and  secretaria have rights to be in  meetings and hear all. In some cases also media with tv cameras.


1. I agree this matter 100 %
2. I agree this matter 80 %                                                   
3. I agree this matter 60 %                                              
4. I agree this matter 50 %                                       
5. I agree this matter 40 %                                
6. I agree this matter 20 %                         
7. I do not agree this matter at all         



 paragraafi nr 12.  

central computer and operators shall be situated to Germany BAUTZEN, but we are  open to offers  from  Görliz or other city / willage  near border of Poland ( in south ). In  old city , silent place by small street  top floor 50 -80   sq mtr  meeting room of ´´world government ´´ . 20 sq mtr Kitchen, 5  mtr bathroom ,   7  sleeprooms


 1 )  20 sq mtr  for  internet technologia  speacialist of die Gelben Les Jaunes  choosen  by  Melika Ramouz and Muhamed Ait  Ali - Hamil  or  JAMAL


 2 )  20 sq Sleeproom for his assistant from Finland  William K. Sarnowiak ,born 28.3.2001 .  Only child of Hannu Hietikko ( in  photo age of 12 , now he is 16 )


3 )  20 sq Sleeproom for young  AD  assistant from Maroc choosen  by  Melika Ramouz and Muhamed Ait  Ali


 4.)   20   sq mtr for children  playroom


6 )    20 sq Sleeproom  of Hietikkos  new  wife, consult nr  00212 ( 0 ) 615700148  .( speak french  arab  or english  )


7 )     20 sq  Sleeproom for Hietikko


Also we need room  50-  70    sq mtr for central computers and  head office die Gelben international .  Alltogether  275  - 300  sq  meters .


  Annual  meeting decided to take fiscal responsibility and ask to  get wizums to Germany     for   3   people. To Hietikkos  new  maroccian  wife  and internet specialists Hamil Ait Ali from Maroc. We other  have finnish passports. Melika has 5 years schengen wizum


Association die Gelben and  companly Enstoivo  open there  also architecture advertising and artesan studio

 It could be in old house,  peaceful  narrow street  ,  parking places not needed. Only for bikes. Rooms high jugend style  in top floor, or in 3 floors 3 x 100 sq mtr. We wait  offers of Bautzen, but also Görliz would be interested.

Also we  could buy such big house and few hectar  land outside city in  beautiful  place, 2 - 5  km  outside Bautzen..


  paragraafi nr 13.


Keltaiset ry die Gelben Los Amarillos deciced not to HIRE  anything   but to ask credit from ( deutsche bank fuengirola ) where they have full trusting to Hannu Hietikko and know what i own. ( 34,5  hectar in Poland near Bautzen and house in Portugal, lands and  houses in Maroc. That would be enough as quaranty, if also government of Les Jaunes sign  under. That properity as all what i own belongs 4 % to association and their government rule what we shall do with this capacity. Also its possible  that we  buy  from Germany  that house in  old city  / or  farm in  countryside  with K shares of  company Enstoivo ? We  not  use  money at all    if germany  change land with us  7  hectar  near  lovely  subtropical  beach  of sidi Tual ?  28  km from  Agadir airport ?


 paragraafi nr 14.


  Annual  meeting decided to take fiscal responsibility and ask to  get wizums to Portugal  for   7   people.    Latifa Ait Ali .  ....  id .....  born  where ... to  her husband Muhamed Ait Ali ......  id  ...  and son 3 years  old. Also we ask such for     Busra Blilia id ,,  place of birth . and Fadwa Blilia. id ,,  place of birth and to Melikas mother Fadma Rakibi   .... id ........   place of birth . to manager of  association Keltaiset ry Les Jaunes ......    muhamed brother  teacher who study ...  place of birth . Fadma Rakibi   is  herb specialists andbest  nature doctor in south  Maroc . She is specialized to help children 


  paragraafi nr 15.


    Annual  meeting decided to ask building  permissio  to make 4 floors more to our house on rock 2  km  near  beach  praya rocha portimao . Also that house will  be owned 4 % ly  by  association Los Amarillos forever



 paragraafi nr 16.      Annual  meeting decided  28.2.1017  that RE  starting  Juha Tuotanto yo Enstoivo  joins   together with Muhamed Ait Ali personal company in Agadir. Both sides take care of their credits and taxes  before 28.2.2017. Enstoivo start from balance, no money no credits, no  unpaid taxes. Owner of 100 k shares is Hannu Hietikko 100 % ly but i will deal them. Salary  of Muhamed Ait Ali  regulate government  according  his  results, not more as 6900 e / month


 paragraafi nr 17.   


 My son William 96 % ly  and  Keltaiset ry  owns 4 % ly  lands in Poland 32,7 ha   plus 8,8  hectar  and  hire  them to company Enstoivo   for 1000  years . They start there bisnes with firewood, christal clean mountainwater and 200 safe places to german home cars ( 20 e ) day -4000 e / day ) Tax to State Poland from nettoprofit  10%, to gminna Miedzylesie 10% . 40 % dealed to landowners William 33 % Violetta  33 % , Hannu   33 % , to our trustfull  lawyer in Poland  1 %


 paragraafi nr 18.  



40 % from  netto income from Poland  farm we deal to TEN  equal parts 


 1.- to  Manager of farm in Poland  and association LA  Abdullah Ait Ali

2.-  to head editor of  NEUES EUROPA   international Latifa Ait Ali

 3.-   Young  wife of big Joe  make food to workers and  keep house clean) She has 2 children )

4. Lassi Blilia ( english  talking building engineer ) He probably  not want, ASMA  0627748804 can suggest better one )

5. His Brother Muhamed Blilia

6. Good wood worker to make furnitures etc ( we want find good one )

7. Big Joe, farmer 2 mtr high

8. Abdullah Azlag  ( brother of Melika Ramouz )


places  9  and 10 we offer to men who can use and repair machines, make agri cultural and forest work , furnitures,  building works,  call to Melika 0615700148


   paragraafi nr 19.


  Annual  meeting decided to take fiscal responsibility and ask to  get wizums and work  permissions to Poland   for these   people  and  for 2  children, alltogether 20  st. Starting 1.5.2017 . Law of  Poland says that owners  must take care farm of William Sarnowiak forests and fields . Keltaiset ry owns from  that farm  4 % , William Sarnowiak  32,7  ha.  His  maroccian  grandmother   Fadma Rakibi  gives to William in  Maroc near  beach   1,8  ha  and Fadma Rakibi owns in Poland 1,8  ha  from Williams farm. Fadma and her 7 children need also wizums to Poland,   alltogether 20  st. .



 paragraafi nr 20.

 Annual  meetings  was  choosing to role of   main editor  of our  newspaper  NEUES EUROPA  magister  political of geografia  Latifa Ait Ali .  She will be the  coordinator of  new culture  adventure tourism co-operation  between Agadir Florida Daytona , Andalucia ,  Portugal , France  Poland Finland  Russia.  Office and  home   in Portugal Bemposta , in  house of William k Sarnowiak , his father  and Melika Ramouz. Second office of this newspaper  and place of printing is in Poland , at farm of association Les jaunes

 paragraafi nr 21

 at farm in Poland , Portugal and in Finland  has happened bad crimes and we should get 1,469 million euro compensation.  Juridical advicers   in  these questions   are, Multiantie 1 b 12 42700 Keuruu Finland . In Poland   ambassador , consul and  lawyer  Maciej Abresz , ul Lakowa 4/1 Wroclaw, In Spain and  in  court of Strasbourg Mr Gonzales Avda Playas Andaluzas 38 , 29600 Marbella Malaga Espanja . In Portugal consul of Finland





 paragraafi nr 21.


 Work  of  Latifa Ait Ali   is to keep interested  this  bulletin, and she decide what will  be  published.  But  visual  outlook  of  Neues Europa  and all  such  matters in association and company  belong 100%  monopol to art director Hannu Hietikko


   paragraafi nr 22.


      Work  of  Latifa Ait Ali   is to start    keep  active contacts in  Spain Tarifa- Algeciras –road A 405 to Gaucin – Ronda – A 374- Alcodonales -  Coripe-Moron de la Frontera- Arahal-Carmona-A 462- Brenes-Villaverde del Rio-  Las Pajanosas- El Castillo de las Guardas-Higuera de la Sierra-Aracena-Galaroza-Cortegana- Aroche-Rosal de la Frontera-Portugal. .Villa Verde de Ficalho – 2. Villa Nova de Sao Bento – 3. Serpa –  4. Mina de Sao Domingos – 5.  Mertola-   6. Sao Joao dos Caldeireios – 7. Almodovar – 8. Ameixial  -  9. Barranco Velho –  10. Loule  -   11. Ferreiras – 12. Lagoa – 13. Portimao – 14. Lagos – 15. Alfambra – 16. Aliezur – 17. Odeceixe – 18. Sao Teotonio – 19.Villa Nova de Milfontes – 20. Cercal – 21. Tanganheira – 22. Santiago do Cacem – 23.Grandola – 24. Alcacer do Sal – 25. Sao Cristovao – 26. Montemor o Novo – 27. Mora -  28. Montargil – 29.Ponte de Sor – 30. Arez  -31.Nisa-  32. Villa Velha de Rodao – 33.Castelo Branco -34. Alpedrinha – 35. Covilha – 36. Guarda  - 37.Freixedas – 38. Pinhel.- 39. Figueira de Castelo Rodrigo – 40. Barca de Alva – 41. Freixo de Espada a Cinta- . 42. Lagoaca – 43. Mogadouro – 44.Bemposta

and also to White Russia  Karelia Russian Federatio

start 13.6. PRUZANY

start 14.6. Mou cadz

start 15.6. Hlybokaje,

start 16.6. Asvieja

start 17.6 Krasnaje

 start 18.6  Pytalovo 

 start 19.6  Pskov 

 start 20.6  Gdov

 start 21.6  Koskolovo

start 22.6  Terijoki government 

 start 23 .6  Käkisalmi

 start 24 .6  Sortavalastart 27 .6  Kaavi


 paragraafi nr 23.


Cities and willages of TRUMP TRAIN , whose name is  mentioned , must link yourselves  to like this,,  We use all simply basic ´´monkey´´ english, mostly spoken lanquage in  the world. Google makes it to french quite ok, but to finnish no. Our lanquage belongs to family of sanskrit, we are not europeans at all. Hungaria, Estonia, Mari  and Karelia belong to Kalevala folk  --Pfaffenhofen--Moosburg--Landshut--Postau-   

 ---Deggendorf--Innernzell--Grafenau--Philppsreut--Strazny--Lenora--Cesky Krumlov-20.5.  - Litomysl -    NIEMOJOW Gniewoszow---In France  CAHORs   - MURAT -- Massiac - -  Vic le Comte -Marinques -  Randan-  VICHY     Lapalisse - - Autun - Nolay road D 973--Beaune --D 973--   Seurre   - St jean de Losne --Auxonne --D 12-  Rioz- Rouge Mont- Hericourt- Sochaux- D 463- to GERMANY Mullheim--Sconau--  NEUSTADT   other names are mentioned in our web site /journey.htm


 paragraafi nr 24.


Association  decicied to ask building permission to make 5 floors to our  house in Portugal Portimao Bemposta  in  meaning  to start there school, smaller  versio  from  art and bisnes academia agadir , and practical university of Miedzylesie PUM


 paragraafi nr 25.

account of Keltaiset   ry using name Art Academia of Agadir A 3 is in Finland

iban : FI 3447304720017228 BIC : HELSFIHH


  paragraafi nr 26.


Annual meeting  wanted change it to  Deutsche bank Fuengirola if they are ready to support us to buy  head office from Germany near Bautzen


 paragraafi nr 27.


   If  they  are not interested , our new manager should start discuss in  Portugal Portimao  with  Miquel Noriega , bank UCI


 paragraafi nr 28.  

 Our  accounter  (  tecnicos  oficiais de contas ) is  in Portimao Ana Luisa de Araujo --R dos Bombeiros  voluntarios de portimao  , loja D  LT   5   ,  8500 649 Portimao Portugal.


 paragraafi nr 29.  

As it has been before,  tilintarkastajat edelleen samat

  2 honest policemen from  Finland,  and Melika Ramouz

were choosen to look after this accounts of  association and  company enstoivo

 paragraafi nr 30.


Economical situation of association 28.2.2017  is in perfekt balance, no money, no credits, no unpaid taxes. Before we were rich   but  polish people and finnish  lawyers  robbed all..


 The claims  of association  Keltaiset  ry to state  of Finland is 599 000 euros ,  loosen properity in Poland when consulate refused do their work, nootti.. 1 million euro to Hannu, 300 000 e to his son, 100 000 e to Violetta , 100 000 e to melika ramouz  . 10 000 e to melikas  mother. 10 000 e to Busra Blilia  10 000 e to her sister .Plus costs of lawyer.   Finnish  passport  to melika Ramouz, to her  mother  fadma.rakibi and to Busra Blilia  born 17.1.1999. to her sister Fadwa Blilia  22 old- All this   family  has been suffering because of  our un-  married status durig SEVEN YEARs. To  live with  European  man  without  marriage is  a crime in Maroc and people talk bad.  In  Agadir  someone  said how they shall KILL  Hannu   because  of this . We  have NOW  finally  legal  marriage  papers,  thanks  consul, but too  old to start sexual life and make children.


 paragraafi nr 31.


 Our claim to communistic society of is to pay  all  costs of lawyers and give NORMAL LEGAL  owning of THEIR house,  land under 1000 sq mtr , rights to use  lands 50 hectar  to William Sarnowiak and his  mother .   ALSO  Keltaiset ry demand  NORMAL LEGAL  owning of  other house with 5 sleep rooms kithcen bath to father of William, his grandmother and to melika, hannu , Busra and Fadwa  . Breaking families and taking father away from small boy is big crime, islam law gives punishment of death,  but we hope we can agree like this . 20 people from keuruu ekowillage are involved to destruction  in Williams farm in Poland, BUT  these people of,   are free from  claims, if they together demand crime trial against state of poland. Police and consul  made it  inpossible  place to start yoga school..Ossi said how it  happened  because   of Hietikko,  but i was in Spain 2009 and i  had no  motivation to push Ossi away from  that  place . This crime needs to be investigated, ossi and Ananada seva Mission usa/finland owns us 235 000 euros. But we CAN let them continue ossis project, when we get law and order to fascistic poland. If someone STILL says  as police K Miezallo  and Polanski  , how its Hietikkos  matter to start  new police in Poland,  i  have no  other way as to go to east Germany to ask help


 paragraafi nr 32.


annual yearmeeting agreed that situation  cant  continue any  more like this. We have rights to BIG compensations  says in Wroclaw lawyer

 We shall  soon have lot of  money ,   land properity and houses in Poland Portugal Marocco we  already  have. Work of new manager and government  is to make it productive. Work of polish  police and nato  is to  clean away terrorists from post communistic Poland. To  us it  cant belong as comisario Miezzallo said 2008.


Most  of all  polish  youngsters need education





annual   meeting of keltaiset ry  Les jaunes  (  EXTRA   protocolla )

 paragraafi nr 40.


Annual meeting of Keltaiset ry die Gelben rf decided 28.2.2017 start use in  our stamps, cars , flags  and clothes original  logo  of SjS  . We  have got monopol rights  to use it  in   year 1906  in India Kerala Cochin.     Keltaiset ry has got also  right    to  name  IKL  islamilaisten kristittyjen liitto.  It means union of  muslimanes and christians. UNIANOVA.EU  This eagle and swastika  is also  symbol of finnish airforces, for concrete airplanes and spiritual yellow angels , but  it  has  nothing to do with germans , its originally  from India.


 Swastika in this  way   means good luck,  white magia, new  creating force of Jesus Christ and VISNU. Later germans took it from  finns ,  turned around.  In  that way it means destroyer , indian SHIVA, german votan,  isis in arab culture. 

 Originally God and Devil were the same. Good and bad is said to be other sides of the same matter. Higher upon them is satvic harmonia, teach old hindus. This symbol  is from  them, not from german natzies and it belongs to us.


 SjS Keltaiset ry was in india 1906 when we got monopol rights to this eagle. But  one swedish man take it without asking anybody to Sweden. He gave it it army of Finland to be used in airplanes and weapons.

 We  use it in  stamps flags and cars in original way, symbolizing  new  creating Visnu and Jesus Christ. Nobody has right to copy or use  trade mark  of keltaiset ry  without permission  of  our government  . We  not put  anybody to court but punishments come from esoteric spiritual  level



 paragraafi nr 41.  (  EXTRA   protocolla )


Annual meeting of keltaiset ry in all  word  were 100 %  ly supporting this  public letter to respected  majestet Muhamed VI  and his son. 


To independence movements of west sahara , polisario Al qaida.


 Art and bisnes academia of Agadir A 3  makes you this offer in role of advertising office. 100 % of people in north Maroc are ready to  make here same as in Syria, if west saharians want independence. 100 % of them want it. So  lets make agreement  that west sahara ( using new name ATLANTIS )  becomes independent at same day 6.12.2017 when Finland became independent 100 years ago. Russia was first  land who confessed it with no quarreling. Also  they had builded to Finland good  infrasructura, railroads, indusrty, small copy of st Petersburg ( Helsinki ). Mauretania  has signed  under how they  have no  needs, but algeria polisario has not such opinion. All  know  that there is more oil as in Kuwait and jemen together. Spain did not know it 1976. Only way to do this, is let russian norwegian british american oil companies  give offers , and neues Deutsche Bank Agadir and Tarfaya  deal   netto honestly 33 %   in equally  big parts to accounts  of all algerian citizens, who  live in algeria,  not in europa or usa. 33 %  to citizens of Atlantis ,  33 % to maroccians who live in maroc   . 1 % to association Les jaunes keltaiset ry


 1. I agree this matter 100 %
2. I agree this matter 80 %                                                   
3. I agree this matter 60 %                                              
4. I agree this matter 50 %                                       
5. I agree this matter 40 %                                
6. I agree this matter 20 %                         
7. I do not agree this matter at all         


 I have lived in Maroc 8 years and 100 %  of taxidrivers  say this. Maroc has best king in world and 98 % respect Him, but common  problem to our majestet and folk  is rotten  corrupted administration  and  political  parties , their  mediapower . IT should be  holy trinity  of ALLAH  King and his folk.   So  in new Atlantis we not accepet political parties  at all. We  give all  power to people who understand basic  lanquage arab  berber  english finnish  or  french    . Specialists as engineers and docors discuss with own  terminologia , but folk  is the boss. Power  belongs to people and state is we. Do  not kill,  not lie, not steal  or talk  at same time when you eat . This would  be basic law of atlantis


 Maroccian  people  are angry mostly -- because of large  investing to west sahara. But your majestet  surely know  exactly  how many  euros or dollars  it was . Atlantis  must pay all  back. Its normal, not reason to start  kill people.


I  have seen in maroc how important  it is to people  that  they can see their King so often  as possible. And nobody try shoot you. ( in some unversity campus you could be in  danger, they are angry when nobody get work after 5 years study ) To  problems of economia , turistbisnes  you Mr King are  not quilty  for sure,  its this 10 years lasting illegal al qaida war .Started by usa and poland , when UN said NO. STOP. Isis was burn when they hanged Hussein says mr Putin and also mr Trump  know it  . Also economia of Finland is victim of this crime ( same as hitler did ) but finns  not want confess  real  reality ( alkais  liikaa RA -a --vituttaa )


Also atlantis  must have KING, symbol  of nation, who has in voting same power as anyone  legal citizen.


 Because these feelings are hot and  nationalistic,  let them choose new king by  internet. Me, idea of this Atlantis ,  can be candidate nr 7  and  i promise to give my  place  immediately  to Jesus Christ, when he comes  in form of normal  man . This  he had promised to do. If  he NOT come  before  5 years  when im 69 years old , i shall give my  place to your  oldest son,  respected Muhamed VI . Now im already 64  , after 5 years your son is 19 old ? or 20 ?People  in west sahara would aceept this for sure.


 In such situation   a NEUTRAL finn could suit to arab saharians  and berbers in north ? Maybe  they come and KILL me. Melika says that people in court of Agadir and our ciwilized humoristic  majestet accept free thinking,  they not are dangerous,  but some other berbers in north have been killing  people who talk about independent west sahara. Im not afraid of anything ,  because i never can see my son, and never go back to my home in Poland, not in Finland. If maroccian  patriots   kill me,  media and police start do something .Melika did not like such talking, she want go to our  house in Portugal . I not want be there because Portimao is full  of finnish angry alcoholists. I have seen that sort of people too  much in  my  life 


What ever  they do to me,  I  have  right to  my  opinion.  West saharians choose king and voting ends  in  middnight 28.4.2017. To email   skanned copy of id card or passport , your email  and  numbers  1  , 2,3,4,5,6 or 7 . Hannu Hietikko Koivumäki, hanuman  habdullah Elwafi ,    im nr seven 7.  Who are those other 6 ? Those who FIRST react and send  their photo and tell  about yourself. I want be king or queen of Atlantis  until  day of Lord , when jesus christ is back  in form of normal  man


If  you want choose  7  ,  my  politica is this. In west Sahara is not  much people,  but wonderfull subtrobical beach  1001  km from Dakhla airport to habour of Sidi Ifni ( maroc) We  bring there half million  pensionist from Finland and give them BACK tax freedom. They buy  nice wooden  loghouses and interiörs which we produce using russian pinewood and tulikivi ( see google ). model jugend art nouveau 1906  , home electronica, visual arts , from 50 states of America ( we pay  them later 5 % commission from  large  mass production  -


america comes very great  and glorius everywhere when we do such , Mr Trump. At same time we make good bisnes and people  will say, german eagle TRUMP did what promised ...without killing anybody  ) We start production of  sunpanels, noiseless el -cars and mopeds by takad tarfaya dakhla agadir Portugal  portimao


. Finnish  pensionist are mostly well educated doctors nurses  teachers engineers who can teach  saharians to rise level  of living, without trying to go to cold hard europa..

Also my  politica would  be  to offer citizenship of Atlantis to all  palestinian  people, because possibility of nuclear destruction  in their  land is unfortunatelly too  big .


 It would be better to come NOW , before storm rise...Such danger is also in Finland, thats why  their seniors earn to  be  evaquated   safe home in warm place, by ocean of  mercy . Fresh wegetables sea food lot of sunshine  help  them live 30  more as in dark depressed land of fin ( end ) ..From Finland we save  to Atlantis also all war exilers of syria  libya iraq ...who are  living today 28.2.2017  on  north or west side of   border ---festival road from  habour of turku  to säkylä  köyliö  karijoki  päntäne  hyyppä  nummijärvi  kihniö  kuru keuruu  kiuruvesi  runninkylä  varpaisjärvi  juankoski  kaavi  ahveninen  koitere mutalahti NIIRALA ---border of russia.


North Finland want get area only for finnish people and its possible to arrange so that everybody is happy . In south Maroc live friendly sunni  muslimanes and they not hate war exilers from Syria Iraq Libya , but Finland must  help economically to get  them  new homes and way to earn livings in this new  turist system


 paragraafi nr 42.


 Annual  meeting  of Los Amarillos  agreed how  share hold company Juha Tuotanto Oy Enstoivo  must  immediately be taken from finnish  register  for using and Muhamed Ait Ali  has rights  to act i this  matter  as  authorized ,  by governments  ENSTOIVO  and Keltaiset ry both


Power and incomes  from  100  K-shares shall  be dealed like this. Plan is not fixed to stone  yet, we must discuss  what is correct . Tell your opinion to me Hannu Hietikko  ( ) 0615 700 148  


income and  power  of shares  1 - 6  to  Muhamed Ait Ali and his sisters / brothers , who work 8 hours / day to this project


share 7   to Hannu Oskari Hietikko


share 8      to  his wife  who  make a  child      


share 9   shall  be dealed to 10  parts.


share 10      dealed to Hietikkos  new children  


  share 11     to  Melika Ramouz 


 share 12   to  William Sarnowiak , son of  Hannu Oskari Hietikko


income  from shares 13 - 19  to 7  men in common government of Los Amarillos association and company Enstoivo (  so long as he has  this job ) ( these shares are not possible to sell, only to association Keltaiset ry with price of 100 e )


income  from share  20  to managing director of Enstoivo , so long as he / she has  this job


income  from share  21  to lawyer of Los Amarillos association and company Enstoivo  so long as he / she has  this job


22. To managing director  of association Keltaiset ry ,Les Jaunes so long as he / she has  this job. 


 shares 23- 30   go  to  city of Agadir / Kingdom of Maroc if they  change  owning  of 27,6  hectar  with family Hietikko  Sarnowiak   in Essalam near  jet sakane II argana  to 27,6  hectar  in sudetian mountains south west Poland. Both of  them will  be surrounded by mur 3,3 mtr high, beton, nature stones, model jugend art nouveau 1906. To second floor 50 wooden loghouses with charming interiors. Furnitures, artesan works ,carpets, clothes, visual arts , home electronica, building materials made in Poland. Ten million  people from  many  lands see these products every year and  want buy to own  lands , when  they  sleep in those 50  houses.  All of them have 7 douple rooms 20 e / day. 7000 e / day. Plus ticket incomes from 144 000  people in  theathre 5 e / st


incomes  and  power from shares 31- 48  go to  landowners  Violetta and William  Sarnowiak, to Hannu Hietikko   and to children whose biological father is Hannu Hietikko  or his son William. They all deal equally  incomes,-  owning only   96 %  ly,  4 % ly to association Les jaunes . They rent for 1000 years from  their farm in sudetian mountains  27,6  hectar  to  make  centre of ber ber culture in  middle of Europa . Because we want show to world that berbers  can do what they want, these 50 wooden loghouses in II floor  3,5 mtr  from ground shall  be  50  examples from 50 states of America...made in Maroc according  50 models from 50 states of America. Later we start mass  production  using russian pinewood and special stone for fireplaces ( tulikivi, see google ) We sell such  american most beautiful houses all  over the world and help Mr Trump to reputation  of usa better  as it is today. We  pay 5 % commissio  of  our netto to america to designers and architects , engineers who  planned first  samples.  Send them by ships to  habours of Gdansk ( Poland )  Portimao ( Portugal ) , Kaskinen ( Finland ), Agadir  ( Maroc ) and Dakhla ( West Sahara )


 share 49    we  offer to automat steered light  electric car  factories ,  


share 50   to her brother   . He is also wellcome to government of 7. We know each others 6 years, when i was advertising  man of their  family company in Finland


 51    K  shares  -   K 60    we shall   divide to  144 000   D ( dakhla ) shares  and sell  with  one euro   144 000  landowners   , who can  invest 200 sq meters  in suitable  places   14, 61  mtr x  13,69  mtr . See pictures dakhla.jpg and   dakhla2.jpg .


 paragraafi nr 43.




Ground floor shall  be 3,5  high, beton, nature stones ,  model jugend 1906 art nouveau. Every of 144 000  houses of 200  m sq meter shall have nice room with douple bed,  bathroom and internet to members of world parlament. They shall come from Agadir or Dakhla airports with bicycles, electric cars ( max weight 800 kg ) max speed 75 km / h ) , noiseless el scooters, scate boards  or by walk. 3,5 mtr high from ground are safe banas 6 mtr broad to both direction, in III floor  banas for bicycles, walkers , scateboards.


 in IV  floor beautiful  jugend art nouveau wooden loghouses -- with  30 mtr distance to next one.  To  el  road of 1969 km  we can get such  3938  st.  We sell  them to skandinavian german british pensionists or make 7 rooms for travellers who  pay 20 e / 140 e / day. 4200 e per month makes 16,  5 million euro  per month. Inside this building groundfloor we have huge water tube from High Atlantis mountains and we can  make 10  km -30 km broadly  this golden coast  to grow trees, grass, wegetables.  In Kamerum would be  enough water to make green ALL Sahara, and in some day  we shall do it. Only way to stop invasio of africans to europa and usa is to develope  living conditions  in  their own lands


Landowner shall  get  20 %,  kingdom of Maroc 10 % , local commun 10 % , 50 % to salaries in company Enstoivo, to start  new  factories  and  to continue the el road to airport of Dakhla.  5 % we pay to USA  about rights to make copies from  their  products , beautiful american houses rise up everywhere in the world when Trump  makes USA  great and respected. With 5 % we buy from Russia pine wood and special stone for fireplaces ( see in google TULIKIVI )


K  shares 61 -64  are owned by  association Los Amarillos Keltaiset ry.


 K  shares 65  -68  we  offer for investors from Russia USA Arab Emeritas. You all  have  your  represantives in government and state of Finland is controlling this  game. You  can get large incomes by  investing to this


Share 69 K  belongs to father  of this idea , advertising planner Hannu Hietikko


 EL road should start from Agadir Massira Airport to KLEA Sidi Bibi Takad Sidi Tual Tifnife - Mirleft -Tarfaya -DakhIa . From Agadir airport el road to MECCA 7000 km to direction  of most south east point of Egypt. Other  side of Mecca. Agadir  airport- Argantial- irhil - in- lsemsiden-( 10  km to north from IGHERM  ) Over  holy  mountain  of 1960  mtr  high )


 Shares K  70  -80 we shall   divide to  144 000  M  ( MECCA ) shares  and sell  with  one euro   144 000  landowners   , who can  invest 200 sq meters  in direct linja    14, 61  mtr x  13,69  mtr  broad. From Mecca directly to Arab Emeritas. There are millions of older people who want go 75  km / h  to Mecca in automat steered climatized wagon, where  they can sleep or look at wiews. Inside this building we have hube water tube from High Atlantis mountains and we can  make 10  km both sides of this sahara  line to grow trees, grass, wegetables. This we do also in coast line from Agadir to Dakhla 1260 km  long. In Kamerum is enough water to make green ALL Sahara


Ground floor shall  be 3,5  high, beton, nature stones ,  model jugend 1906 art nouveau. Every of 144 000  houses of 200  m sq meter shall have nice room with douple bed,  bathroom and internet to members of ICT  ( islamic comissio of Truth ). They shall come from Agadir or Dakhla airports with bicycles, electric cars ( max weight 800 kg ) max speed 75 km / h ) , noiseless el scooters, scate boards  or by walk. 3,5 mtr high from ground are safe banas 6 mtr broad to both direction, in III floor  banas for bicycles, walkers , scateboards.  in IV  floor beautiful  jugend art nouveau wooden loghouses -- with  30 mtr distance to next one.  To  el  road of 144 000  km from Agadir airport to ARAB  emeritas Airport  we can get such  wooden  climatized  loghouses  2, 88  million  st.   We sell  them to wealthy  arab families  or make 7 rooms for travellers who  pay 20 e / 140 e / day. 4200 e per month  x  2,88  million houses makes  12096   million euro  per month.


Landowner shall  get  20 %, states  Maroc, Algeria Libya  10 % , local commun 10 % , 50 % to salaries in company Enstoivo, to start  new  factories  and  to continue the el road from  airport of Dakhla to Agadir Airport and to holy  mountain 1969  mtr high,  near Igherm . From there directly to MECCA 7000 km  -directly to airport of Arab Emeritas 7400 km . We can think about americans what ever,  but one matter is sure. In matters of design architectura technical innovations they are very good. So we pay them   5 % about rights to make copies from  their  products . Very  beautiful american houses rise up everywhere in the world when Trump  makes USA  great and respected.


paragraafi nr 44.


 K  shares 80-90  we  divide to  million  W  shares

and deal to million  landowners  in  Klodzko walley who can invest land 5 mtr x 5  mtr  ,  build there  tent with good clean madras.  Clients shall  come with motorbikes  bicycles scooters  or  horses --with own sleeping backs and pay 5 e / day. Clean toilet  20 cent / visit. Finnish sauna 5 e .  we start  organize there every year  1.6. -3.6 

woodstock  69  20.-23.8. every year  festivals of classical music and opera

 stage upon this  large walley in Poland, possible for 5 million.--Region  Architect shall prepare so many tents, as she gets reservations in advance. To Maroc sidi tual. reservations to 


Ticket to 3 days festival 20 euros. In advance only 10 e.  Finnish polish maroccian Les Jaunes  Keltaiset ry are controlled by finnish police and we not FOOL anybody


Our association own lot of  land this walley and Poland respect usa  very high. They shall give 96 building permissions to make examples from wooden loghouses from 50 states of America, 49  from  other countries , also from Russia. With charming interiörs, model jugend art nouveau 1906. First floor beton, nature stones, second and III wood. Mur 50 mtr 3 mtr high  between 50 houses leaving inside safe closed area 42 hectares. United states in middle of Europa, mountains of eagles , made by german eagle DJ Trump .We  keep  there  nice  parties who  like  this kind of  music and  freedom


paragraafi nr 45.

 K  share  91   we divide  with 70000  and  offer 70000 D shares to   investors from Germany who want see rebuilded Mittelwald original style jugend 1906  and legal Poland ( finally )


K  share  92   we offer to President Trump , price they decide


K  share  93   we dealed  divided   to  500 000  takad  -shares .  


K  share  94   we offer investors as Bill Gates


K  share  95   we divide with  7 million  and sell with one euro 7  million E  shares  to many lands in  meaning to create  network


K  share  96   belongs   to Hannu Hietikko


K  share  97   we offer to professor of Islamic theologia , price is 2 hectar in Takad


K  share  98   to his brother , sea captain Bachir Rakibi, price is 2 hectar in Takad


K  share  99   we offer to President Putin, price one hectar  land  in  Käkisalmi  Sortavala , by  beach of Ladoka lake  or in Terijoki


K  share  100   we offer to his Majestet Muhamed VI, with  no price , if he can accept such  plans .( after possible corrections, this is not fixed to stone, this  is  sketch of art director  Hietikko )


paragraafi nr 46.

I shall give my car Mercedes to my son

I give my car mercedes 300 TD automat touring WDB124 1931F236018 EU register DW 767 NV and its  yellow  caravane  28.3.2017 to my son William K.  Sarnowiak  96 %  ly as birthday present  and i pay its traffic insurance.  William  has no right to sell  the car . Keltaiset ry owns 4 % of it . But if he wants other kind of car  when he is 18  old,  i  buy with same value as this  mercedes .


Annan   omistamani auton  mercedes 300 TD automat touring  WDB124 1931F236018 EU register DW 767 NV  28.3.2017 omistuksen  pojalleni William Sarnowiakille  synt. 28.3. 2001 . Hän saa sen  itselleen  silloin  kun haluaa tulla tapaamaan isäänsä ja saa avaimet sekä rekisteriotteen. Suomessa sitä saa käyttää  vain 6 kk  vuodessa, silloin  pitää  käydä Ruotsissa eestissä tai Puolassa päivän visiitillä, tai pitää auto liiterissä  poissa käytöstä 6 kk / vuosi. Mersun  aluperäinen  kotipaikka on Williamin  omistama 34,5  hehtaarin  maatila Puolassa Miedzylesiassa  josta poliisi  Adam Polanski  syyttäjä Beata Jelinska ,  soltys  Agata Piaskus  ja rikolliset,  yhdessä  ajoivat minut  maanpakoon Saharaan. En saa  pitää siellä EU  rekisterissä olevaa  autoa enkä edes tarvitse,  koska käytän  moottoripyörää. Autossa  ei ole ruostetta, luxus malli, ollut aiemmin vain  yhdessä yksityisperheessä rikkaan rouvan ostoskärrynä etelä saksassa Regensburgissa jossa teitä ei  suolata


Before  28.3.2019 when he is 18  years I give him as present driving licence , made in Poland or Portugal. In Finland all  is 2 times more expensive  . During 2 years William can make money with  that car,  its never ending. No corrosio,  full  motor remont in maroc costs only 1500 e and next  million  kilometers  are open


paragraafi nr 47.  

starting  of


  American people who find yourselves in  that video

or who could be one of them, you have your sisters and brothers a lot in Maroc Spain Portugal France Bayern Tsech rp. Poland Baltia Finland and in Russia. We can  make something great together in next spring to prevent world war III in Europa, instead of such, America great, Europa united and  warm open contacts to russian people in level  of grass ground and our common hobby.

KINGS road of 7777 km 69 days 120 km -150 km per day 1.5. 2017 - 7.7.2017 florida daytona to dakhla west sahara agadir maroc spain portugal france bayer tsech rp. poland baltia tallin  Helsinki kaivopuisto 24.6. Turku Säkylä Kihniö Kuru Keuruu...

paragraafi nr 48


this  next finnish text and photo  is  lent  from
Mr Trump want do whats necessary, finish europan union and choose new one from  healthy parts. ALL finnish REAL MEN in FB  say, its very good. Trump is  man of GOD there will be new union, more healthy and fresh. Leaded by digital direct democratia ( power to  the people ) 
Donald Trump povasi jopa koko EU:n kaatumista.

Donald Trump povasi  koko EU:n kaatumista. (EPA/AOP)


sketches  of advertising office A3  Tarfaya Maroc

to Mr Trump and his Majestet Muhamed VI


  proposition to start art and  bisnes academia  of agadir, world  parlament WP, new turist and hotel bisnes using  choosen ´´kings route ´´ annually  every  year at  same  days , following time table of common  starts . 100-150  km  per day , via network of most  beautiful  country roads in Spain Portugal France Bayer Tsech Republic Poland west Russia to Finland. 



When 500 000  motorbikes go  this  road peacefully  with no competetion  ,  with  many  kind of flags , atmosphere shall  be great  ( as we have seen in Daytona  FIM , harley  and bmw meetings ). All Europa shall  say how Trump do what he promised when they see 500 000  harleys ducatis  bmw   hondas and   vespa scooters  travel trough  europa from West Sahara Dakhla Agadir Marrakech Andalucia Portugal to France bayer to west Russia and  omega point  Finland Keuruu






Mogadouro /  WEST VIRGINIA –


commonstart 18.5  Bemposta / ALASKA 

 Kun TRUMP ilmoitti ettei hanen johtamansa usa aio investoida  sotilaallista  kapasiteettia st Petersburgin  lahialueille  eli  Suomeen ja Viroon , Suomi  ja  brexit  Englanti tekivat  sopimuksen  yhteisesta puolustuksesta  . Ministeri Niinistö sanoo, että yhteistoimintaan kuuluvat muun muassa koulutus- ja harjoitustoiminta, kriisinhallintaoperaatiot sekä kemiallisten ja biologisten aseiden torjunta. Lisäksi yhteistyötä tehdään puolustuspolitiikassa ja jopa sotilasoppien eli doktriinien kehittämisessä. Mutta  han  unohti mika on maailman  paras ase,  nimittain  nauru

After Portugal festival  road comes  back  to  Spain -Fermoselle – Bermillo de Sayago- 

19.5 start   Zamora-


Valladolid –  19.5 start  Burgos-

24   )  Great  evening  festivals  LOS  AMARILLOS and commonstart in Spain Burgos   next  morning 19.5 

25 )  Pamplona 20.5   -----


paragraafi nr 49.  


Torremolinos et Marbella policestation atestado 15332/16.

   IKL want  finish all  violence in Europa, made by  maroccian al qaida. We need help from  crime court of Agadir,  mr Trump , mr Putin , madam Merkel , his majestet  Muhamed VI  and consulate of Finland in Rabat,Warsawa  and  in Germany 

this  was  ´´dream  ´´  of  Hannu  Hietikko,  idea of  creative artists,  but states  of Poland Portugal  ja Finland were  punishing  Hietikko  and  his  son  brecause of  opinion


North Finland is second  new land 6.12.217, direct democratia. King before coming of Jesus shall  be Matti Koivumäki  , bankdirector from kerava. Björn wahroos was his boss before in sampo danske . New finland  use name SUUR KEURUU, it  not  belong to schengen freedom ( wizum 3  months 200 e )    flag is same white and blue as before, white cross  on blue bottom. In Atlantis it will  be  marocco dark  green , warm  yellow and marocco red ( purpura, same as soviet union )

using equally  much those 3  colours,  please design  flag  of atlantis. Send your proposition  before 22.4.2017 to   and follow twitter ´´ Birds of Maroc ´´

En utilisant à peu près autant de ces 3 couleurs, s'il vous plaît drapeau de conception atlantis. Envoyez votre proposition avant le 22.4.2017 à et suivez les oiseaux de Maroc'' Birds of Maroc''

 en nouvelle union de europa valuta commune est deutsche markka. Ils ne les ont pas brûlés comme l'a fait la Finlande hölmälänväki. Si madame merkel les donne à atlantis 50% et au nord finland 50%, nous pouvons convenir que valuta politica sera dirigé par le gouvernement de 7 frères,

in  new union of  europa  common  valuta is  deutsche  markka. They did not burn them as Finland hölmälänväki did. If madam merkel give them to atlantis 50 % and north finland 50 % , we can agree that valuta  politica shall  be leaded by government of 7 brothers  mentioned


 la banque de Deusche Fuengirola

la banque de Deusche Bautzen  ( germany )

  la banque de Deusche Tarfaya ( atlantis )

la banque de Deusche Agadir  ( maroc )

  la banque de  Wladirmir Putin  ( moscow )

 la banque de ( new york )

  la banque de  Björn Wahlroos  and Matti Koivumäki  Danske Sampo in Habaranda Sweden, ten mtr from finnish west border in north .


National State bank  of new Finland , named   SUUR KEURUU  is . Or  Deutsche bank --  jos Keuruu  ei  ala   ymmärtää  mitkä  mahdollisuudet on tehdä  itsensä suureksi Trumpin  vanavedessä,  minustakin  tehdään tässä tohinassa vielä kuningas, ehkä Jeesuskin. Että osaa olla mielenkiintoista tämä aktiivisen eläkeläisen  taival.  kun ei jää  pimiään suomeen  happanemaan  ja kalijaa juomaan  --vaan mottooripyorä alle  ja matkaan ....

France belgium sweden nous ne prenons pas, ils peuvent continuer avec italia, l'espagne, l'ouest du portugal, le sud de la finlande la Grèce et la roumanie. Satu Hassi , Heidi Hautala Jyrki Katainen and Donald Tusk are 2    good symbols  to rotten sinking Titanic and its marellous eurovaluta, greece credits

If  west saharian people choose  me as king hanuman habdullah elwafi,  my  politica with  my cousin  matti Koivumäki  in Finland  is to  invite to new union West  Sahara  Maroc and  many other members, as i told before  .  North France Paris  belgium sweden  we not take

 they can continue with italia , spain , west portugal, south finland  Greece and romania


 USA  Russia and Britannia  take care of common militär defence. National armies concentrate to keep law and order inside own border.


22.2.2017 Hannu oskari Hietikko    sen kirjoitin  minkä  kirjoitin,  tässä  istun enkä  muuta  voi  kuin ittelleni  nauraa --jotta  leukaperät on vaarassa  nyrijähtää. Maasta karkoitettu moottoripyörä kulkuri  yrittää  tehdä ittestään  kuningasta  kun ei kelevannu  kaavin  matkailukoordinaattoriksi eikä  suur keuruun  kaupunginjohtajaksi ---Tulee vielä aika että joku  media tajuaa tämän  jutun myyntiarvon. 20 % netosta poikani tilille, copyright is yours


 Editors of this web bulletin Melika RA mouz and  Hannu Oskari Hietikko  in West Sahara 

telephone 00212 ( 0 )528 325 881 mobil 00212 ( 0 )659 694 961

paragraafi nr 50.  


to  prokurator in crime court of Agadir,Faro, Klodzko, to court of Strasbourg demands to Germany Poland Finland and USA


first  step to peace is to start  talk true  

 After hunnies, and finns , germans have been the most effective terrorists of world historia. Some  hundred years ago finnish hakkepelita  terrorists killed 75 % of population in Tsech Republic, in Poland and Germany almost half .  Finns are most effective  killers, also Russia knows this hard fact. But also germans were quite rapid in  your bliz krieg with force of amfetamine .. After all  beautiful Germany was ruined, you swore in Nurnberg 1945 that you NEVER any more send armed people outside borders of Germany. But when Poland and USA started world war III without listening STOP orders of united nations,  also your soldiers  wanted go with Spain France and UK to kill  bad muslimanes. But also lot of german new natzies went to help isis. Media not talk about them anymore at all, believing how 20 000 new natzies stop exist , but its not so easy. Many of them hide now in south Maroc, where people like germans much more as french colonialists. They have done in our land  so much bad that in Maroc more as 90 % population understand what for al qaida want kill people in France. We should  confess  all our sins in new international crimecourt of Agadir, and forgive to each others in name of soon coming Jesus Christ

 Only confessing our personal  and national sins, we start understand   realities, and enter to better politics, madam Merkel.   Your  land made serious mistakes, and now german police wrote how you have once again  war ( this time inside )  And  media makes people to believe how all  bad comes from Islam. All  jehowa witnesses and christian  priest in Poland , Portugal and in Finland pastor matti viitanen teach how all 1,6  milliard muslimanes belong to fire of hell...  Before martin Luther and Hitler said how all  jews and quipsies belong to fire. Now those holy christian lunatics   plan big nuclear war and all europa and russia will be in fire of real hell

..all this because of ISLAM ? but brexit Britannia got nervous breaking all europea union, when in London every second started speak polish . They are not islamic people, and all world knows how 38 million polish emigrants behave in other lands. My finnish husband Hannu was living in  polish sudetian mountains 10 years with his previous polish wife FB Viola Sarnowiak, small  boy William . But polish people got jealous because of remonting old german farm of  family Gebhardts . Neighbours  came  with axe in hand  to say, go to Finland , we kill  you. Gangster team,  Holy Albert association wroclaw , priest and organ  player of roman catholic church of Rozanka Gniewsozow broke and robbed their home. Gazeta BRAMA in Klodzko and Jehowa witness family Ilnicki with  their network in all Klodzko walley was playing big  role-- blackpainting reputation of  victims of crimes . Police and consulat Finland do nothing, when there is no law and order in Poland, not in Finland,  not in Portugal

 Europa union is rotten  and sick , as mythic oak of kalevala. But this brave german Trump wants fall  it down .   His  programs made  all America  2 divided BANG.

 But who was  leading war to Germany and Finland, its big question Frau Merkel . They all believe that Mr Trump shall lead  people to III war ,  but he came to this poker of life only half year ago.  Also  his happy fellow  Mr Putin was forced to join war  of Syria by OBAMA ( african apina )  in september 2015. Lot of shit  happened before 2015

 Finnish   people with force of german amfetamine  wanted be first and BIG suomi, trying to move their east border to URAL mountains and killed with germans 20 million russians...After those terrorists were pushed away,  finnish president Paasikivi ( basic stone ) said how a bit  more  healthy  politica starts by  understanding realities from  ourselves and our  surroundings. Gautama Buddha said the same, also Sokrates ,Jesus , also grounder of and my father ( who  had to go to that barbarossa war in age of 19 )

We not  can  get peace of 1000 years , not even one week, dear madam Merkel , if we not want start confess realities. You CAN get punishment of death but  because more as 95 % of maroccians like you as very sympathic madam , also respect german people and your culture --we shall do our best to defend you. If you pay us lawyers in crime court of Agadir, Portimao, Klodzko, Helsinki , Haag, Strasbourg and Jyväskylä. Contact bitte in english to advocat in Helsinki and finnish consul in Rabat

 in II world war ´´waffenbrudern´´finland and germany used lot of amfetamin. After war  sport bisnes in finland has  been totally based to narcotics. But Finland not want confess this fact. All country swim in big lies

My father was not typical finnish man, as person in next  photo. He did not hate russians and did not admire german natzies. But most of people did, and still today feeling is the same. Hitler is gone, but king of Finland is usa, same as in Poland. But now they have german boss who want break european  union, as polish  kurvas did to my home..

I  not  like  that  my son  must live in such country as Finland and never can see own father.- Men  as  in  photo , teach my son to ski and eat chemical narcotics, prepare him to join  army  of Finland. It has very terrible historia,  state of Finland has been  killing own citizens more  as russians killed us in winter war.

 If  you Frau Merkel help  me and my son to go back to our home in sudetian mountains ,  by giving us lawyers, compensations of war to Germany in islamic court shall  be only  usefull and productive-- economical and cultural co operation.

 Starting from  Art and bisnes academia of Agadir . We need  27 men from Germany, teachers of bisnes, management,  logistica, economia , with 5  years agreements. We can pay 3000 euro/month,  BRD should pay their healthy services and the rest of  salary,   the best ones surely want more.

We also want employ 69 men or women,  teachers of artesanworks,  architectura  woodcarwing , psychodramatheathre, cheramica, painting, graphics, jazz,blues, folk  music , speedway and motocorss from White Russia, Portugal, Poland , Russian Federatio  and from 50 states of America ,  Canada  and from north side of new finnish   K3 line Köyliö  Karijoki -Kauhajoki- Keuruu-Kaavi -Koitereen kivijärvi...


20.5 start Pamplona-   road   N 135  -  D 933  to  France 21.5. start ORTHEZ 

 Sinä vuonna kun arkkienkeli Sarnowiak  kulkee tämän reitin Espanjan Avilasta Puolan kotiinsa Miedzylesiaan , silloin koko roomalais katolinen maailma pidättää hengitystään ja kuuntelee kirkoissaan ja kotonaan tälläistä

26 )    21.5.  St Sever  in France    -----  

27 ) MURAT  22.5   -----  

 -----  AGEN  road D 656 to CAHORs -road 653 

  --- Massiac - Sauxillanges-

 start  28 ) Vic de Comte 23.5 

 -Marinques - Randan-

 AURILLAC N 122 , D 588  , D 906 ,

29 ) Vichy 24.5   -----  

30 ) Autun  25.5   -----  

24.5. start VICHY D 480  , D 973  to Lapalisse - -

25.5.start  Autun -

 road D 973----D 673  Seurre - St jean de Losne --Auxonne --D 12- Rioz- Rouge Mont- Hericourt- Sochaux-

25.5  start Besancon

D 683 - to Belfort  GERMANY Altkirch  D 419 


31 ) German  start  LOERRACH  26.5  DIE GELBEN  -----  

32 )     ---

 27.5 start  Augsburg

   Potmess --Pfaffenhofen--Moosburg--Landshut--Postau-


33 ) start Sraubing 28.5   -----  

road 317   NEUSTADT   --28.5 start TUTTLINGEN - ROAD 311-   Sigmarinen  -Scheer---311  road 

---Deggendorf--Innernzell--Grafenau--Philppsreut--Strazny--Lenora--Cesky Krumlov- 


34 )  South Tsech Republic Ceske Budejovice

 start 29.5

35 )  -  30.5. Litomysl


36 ) -North  Tsech Republic Rokytnice 


 keep good  evening parties 30.5    to president Trump  and  his supporters .


Myöskin Suomen helluntaisten  nauruherätysliikkeen  kansainvälinen kokoontuminen  joka vuosi Rokytnicen  valaistusvuorella. Jeesusta  odotetaan laskeutuvaksi  sinne  helluntaina lukuisten ihmisten joukkorukouksin . Pyytäkää  kirkkokansaa liittymään   siihen ja tulkaa  joukolla Tsekinmaalle ensi helluntaiksi . Jehovien maanpäällistä paratiisia 8  hehtaaria  tehdään käytännön tasolla  30 km Rokytnicesta pohjoiseen

  in Rokytnice  next  morning commonstart  31.5   road to  border river of Poland Niemojow    30  km .


       25  km  to Gniewoszow,


german  name Seitendorf




Folk  parlament  of european union FEU  around this  house of annually  every summer 3  last days of  may ,-also 20.-23.7 and   20.-23.8

 ... 1.6. in  morning

10  oclock  in  front  of church

start Gniewoszow


to direction Dlugopole grn Sienna Black mountain Zolty Stok  Prudnik  Wisla Zakopane.  160 - 200   km  per day  - UM Polska. 19 days. or 30 days to Russia Finland  . Owner of this  house in Poland lives in Finland keuruu, because neighbours became jealous from remont of Williams  mother  architect Sarnowiak. Local jehova witnes  family  of Stefania Ilnicki   came to say with  axe in hand, go to finland, we  kill  you and burn this house. Organiztion  of jehova witnesses in USA  is  responsible to pay  damages and  repair all to top condition

We can do big matters with repeating and concentrating , mr Trump

.... lot of  money with  one choosen road and repeating time tables of common  starts. If someone want spend only 5 days in French culture  , they can make trip from  st Sever to border of Germany  Neustadt . 

  We  wish  that president Putin Niinistö Kaljulaid and  Trump  can  come to talk to  half million  people  in  Gniewoszow  31.5.2017 in this arena  on sudetian mountains.   34 , 5  hectar  farm of  Violetta Sarnowiak  and  her son William K. Sarnowiak .

We can  use  to this project also  8  hectares of  keltaiset ry , compensation  from jehova witness  international  and  50 hectar owned by doctor Henryk Lange ( Hamburg ) Dlugopole Zrj  .  in  the walley ALL  landowners shall  get big money from  campings


( There is place  enough  for  several million  people. ) Train station  Domaszkow , 120  km  to south west from Wroclaw. We want  build to Klodzko  walley lot of wooden loghouses according models from Canada and 50 states of America. Start mass production using russian pinewood and tulikivi.


We  need  soon  a lot of such houses in all poland  because

55 % of polish  citizens and ex pope John Paul  II  elected to Poland  ( so  far  invisible )  president Jesus Christ  and  in  near  future 38  million polish  people from USA Germany UK  Holland Skandinavia and Canada  are  our  potential  clients  mr Trump !

  you should order your secretaria to investigate  all 69  attachments   very  carefully  and  join this trump train  yourself. At  least send your son Eric in white cadillac 1969 or Harley


 3.6. at  9 .00 o´clock in  gniewoszow  nearby statue of king jan sobieski start  teams of race bicycles from  different lands with different  colours . One day  later at  10.00  oclock  start two wheelers  and  veterancars

   38 )  PRUDNIK  2.6.    -----  

39   )  Wisla  3.6.    -----  

40 )  Zakopane   4.6.    -----  

41 ) Krynica  5.6.    ----- 

  you  can  make  millions  every summer  in  these willages


42 )  Ustryki Dln  6.6

43 ) Przemysl   7.6.    -----   LOS  AMARILLOS

44 ) Tomaszow Lub   8.6.    -----  

45) HRUbieszow   9.6.    -----  

46 ) Wlodava  10.6.    -----  

47 ) Terespol  11.6.    -----  

Adam Prokop knows this house and he make in front of it stage, beton, nature stones 40 mtr x 12 , 69 mtr. (  designed  by  architect Sarnowiak 


To this stage we invite  president of all B citizens in the world. Come to talk 1.6  -  3.6 .2017  with madam Merkele , presidents Putin, Niinistö and Estonian Kaljuleidi to half million trump supporters and your European friends. People vote with  messengers  how many % true ?

 Russia can  make Russia great and respected and  send 1000 balalaikas and the best of quipsy music to festival of b citizens 
and berber blues brothers


( Mr Trump show    the best of culture  in MISSISIPPI – .

spirit of California ) 


take with you own sleeping backs , or buy such in Gniewoszow.


from ticket incomes  40 % to landowners of Dlugopole Gniewsozow , 10 % tax Miedzylesie.10 % to state panstwo Polska ... 40 % to payments of best artists in the world. If someone offer specially nice and beautiful tent, kings standard K , accepted by Los Amarillos and price is 10 euro per day.If some  come with own tent, they pay 2 e /day. This same will be in beach of sidi Tual and in Finland

48 ) in  east  border of Poland Hajnowka  start 12.6.    -----  

 Racebicycles , veteran cars and street  bikes are not recommended  go to white Russia and Karelia , before repairing  asphalt . Better  road  to omega  point in  KEURUU   from Hajnowka Poland go  to Senjy Riga Tallin Helsinki kauniainen Fiskars Turku Raisio Säkylä Kokemäki Karijoki Päntäne Möykkykylä Hyyppä Nummijärvi Kihnio seitsemisen kansallispuisto kuru  Ruovesi vilppula  KEURUU


Eastern line 1250  km  to Finland is  possible  for endurobikes  .  If  our proposition is accepted by President of White Russia , Putin and Trump , with rapid  international co  operation we could repair 1250  - 1290 km  km  asphalt  before 14.6 .


 through  most beautiful  willages and meadows . Strong enough   for vechicles max 5000  kg,  3 – 4  mtr broad is enough  if you  decide   use it  only  to one direction during this  happening ?  (  from south to north ) during 1.5. -25.6 

Suomen neidon ja  jellonan, eli  jalopeuran  napanuoran ja  hengitysreijän kulkusuunta muuttuu  juhannuksen jälkeen

 Such  road  would connect   Finland to Europa and it  would be marvellous  common birthday present from all  countries in  the world.

  trumptrain toisi  suomeen freshia happea. Nykyään siellä  on tunnelma kuin sukellusveneessä,  yhteiset pierut haisevat kaameasti ja keuruulla  pannaan  ajattelemisen  takia  putkaan, karkoitetaan saharaan suomessa syntynyt  mies


TRUMP TRAIN   would bring good incomes to white Russia and to Federatio if you arrange this annual happening . After festival  in keuruu  forest 7.7.  during next 2 week half million  people drive  back this road to Poland Bayer France Portugal Fuengirola Agadir Florida Daytona beach.   15.9-20.9  shall go homecars from Finland back to Andalucia and Portugal. In augusti Russian people could arrange to this  bana 4 mtr broad 1269 km  long hot  international competitions of motorbikes , 60 ccm   125  ccm  250 ccm  500 ccm 800 ccm 1000 ccm  1200 ccm 1500  ccm , cars Formula xero , 2  ltr  3 ltr  4 ltr  6 ltr  8 ltr  made from veteran  cars 69 or older standard models Opel Peugeot jaguar Volvo Buick ..etc. Such happenings 1.8  -31.8  would bring to Russia and White RUS  lot of  people,  money and fun


this  would  aim  attention  to something better activity  as  preparing of WAR  between Russia  and nato  .  Make a common road , easy for race bicycles and Mr Trump  to  go in  his white Cadillac  model  69   in next summer 2018  to meet  his friends Le Putin. B Johnsson and Mr Putin in  forest Travellers  on  eastern line should  get wizum  in  border of White  Russia  for 2 weeks with 20 euro.  No  weapons, no cocaine  or chemical narcoticas. cannabis bought from police legal. Evening festival 14.6  in Pruzany. ( outside city, peacefull willage must be choosen )  In  morning 10 . 00  o´clock  commonstart near  Pruzany 15.6. ( outside city , peacefull willage must be choosen )


49 )  11.6.    -----   start Pruzany.  

50 )   12.6.    -----   outside Pskov, peacefull willage must be choosen )

51 )    start GDOV 13.6. by  the lake Peipsi , we hope help from  our friend W.Putin to arrange to gdov  big exhibition of lovely russian folk music . 1000 balalaikas. every summer 10.6. 12.6. When you sell half million tickets  with 20 euros , it makes 10 million e/ year. These 69 willages by  the kings road can do this


design  office   art  academia  Agadir A 3  can make you  individual plans of festivals . We  have also skillfull  architects with moderate prices


52 )   14.6 Start TERIJOKI ( small city 60  km to west from st Petersburg )Terijoen Hallitustalon  edestä, otto ville  kuusisen patsaan luota. 


Great culture festivals in st Petersburg 21 -28.  6. Every summer.  Enjoy  one week  wonderful Petersburg and travel 70  km  to west  Terijoki  start  18.6   in  morning 10.00   


they go  to Finland with big international cavalcade of peace and culture named AUNUS TRIP


53 )   15.6   Start  Priozersk  ( Käkisalmi west side of  lake Ladoka)

54 )   16.6  Start  Sortavala (  west side of  lake Ladoka)

55 )  17.6  Start  Suistamo Lake of Rabbits

56  )     18.6  start WÄRTSILÄ

Juhannuksen alla  joka vuosi   syttyy  itärajalla  Niiralassa  kesäsota  vessipyssyillä  clintonin  ja trumpin  kannattajien  kesken

Because usa is badly  2 divided, we  need this annually  repeating ´´ new  traditio´´, sociodrama age of ATLANTIS - AQUARIUS with weapons of water, culture and laughter


supporters of Donald Trump   start    22.6  ten oclock in  morning from   WÄRTSILÄ in Russia and go to border of Finland. Its open for americans , eu citizens and citizens of Israel . Others need wizums ( on  border , 20 euros for 2 week as it should be in Russia )


 Supporters of Hillary Clinton    from usa, kauhajoen tappajat  ,  ISOO  and from  Turku Karijoki  Sakylä Ruovesi Keuruu Viitasaari Ilomantsi are coming  to  Niirala  midsummer border ( raja ) festivals 19.6-24.6.


 After summer war with water guns , winners  and loosers  ( with  less  borders as before  ) shall be all rewarded and  they continue together to Mutalahti Koitere Jankoski  Kiuruvesi Multia  to Keuruu forest to find final light of unitio and holy pih  pieru from ´´misun puo´´. End of dualistic thinking,   no ´´two´´,  no hate , no anger. No good or bad smell, no two america. Only  one


57  )   start Niirala 19.6   in east border of middle  Finland.


Trainconnection  to Niiralan kiirastuli, summerwar--  from Helsinki Petersburg  Moscow and China Shanghai.

Kavalkade NYSSE  goes from Niirala to north

58  )  20.6  start  ÖLLÖLÄ


59 ) 21.6  start Koitere Narva - Kivilahti   in east  Finland


60  ) start 22.6   Ahveninen ,  by  lake Pielinen 



61.  23.6  start   Nilsiä     . Road goes to KAAVI . Those who  believe to Jesus, better not stop  there, continue to juankoski. In Kaavi is 5 days  perkele TEUFEL festen,  kaviojalkaisten  perkeleitten ja kauhajoen tappajien  vuositapaaminen at  farm of  21.-26.6  every year, satanists international in church of Kaavi


62 )  24.6  Start Don Juankoski  . Nysse  comes to home farm  of Juice leskinen in evening 23.6 . In  his lands ready made tents for half million , who come to listen music of Juice Leskinen , in youtube ´´musta aurinko nousee´´. it  means SUN ( Ra )   IS  RISING  FROM ME .  Ra  ( Allah ) is same as aton ( JUICE ) . Micro cosmos and macrocosmos are identic and  meet  each others in Juankoski  midsommar  ( juhannus )  festivals,  ´´juankoski here I come ´´ every summer 20-23.6.  Juice meidän joka olet  taivainen,   kynsin ja hampain  käyt kiinni Jumalan karitsaan juhannuksena juankoskella  joka vuosi  


63  )  25.6  start  Varpaisjärvi



64 )  26.6  Start iisalmi Runninkylä,  nearby house of general Mannerheim (  20- 26.6 vuosittaiset LOS  AMARILLOS juhannusjuhlat miehelle joka  sanoi  ettei  pane  miekkaansa tuppeen ennenkö karjala on vapaa )


65  )  27.6  start  Kiuruvesi

66  )  28.6  start Keitele


67 )   29.6   start Viitasaari

68  ) -- 30.6. start MULTIA


69 )  --1.7.-  7.7  annual  international   meeting  of kings and kurvas in  forest of 50  hectares. Surrounded by  mur 3,3 mtr high.  is safe for presidents and turists , because security check  on gates , same as in agadir  world parlament 144 000

   minulle on  julistettu lähestymiskielto tuohon  entiseen keuruun  varavankilaan  kun olen näin  roiston  näköinen. Samalla  monet luulevat minua Jeesukseksi  varsinkin  kun  juttuni  ovat  näin  perin kummallisia






 Our claims to state  of Finland is 1 million euro to Hannu, 300 000 e to his son, 100 000 e to Violetta , 100 000 e to me . 10 000 e to my mother. 10 000 e to Busra Blilia .Plus costs of lawyer.   Finnish  passport  to me,  my  mother fadma.rakibi and to Busra Blilia  born 17.1.1999.  My  family  has been suffering because of  our un-  married status durig SEVEN YEARs. To  live with  European  man  without  marriage is  a crime in Maroc and people talk bad.  In  Agadir  someone  said how they shall KILL  Hannu   because  of this .  we  have NOW  finally  legal  marriage  papers,  thanks  consul Our claim to communistic society of is to pay  all  costs of lawyers and give owning of THEIR house,  land under 1000 sq mtr , rights to use  lands 50 hectar  to William Sarnowiak and his  mother , ALSO  other house with 4 sleep rooms kithcen bath to father of William, his grandmother and to me, hannus new wife , Busra 18 old . Breaking families and taking father away from small boy is big crime, islam law gives punishment of death,  but we hope we can agree like this, CONSULATE OF USA IN HELL SINKI , please take care that Mr Trump shall hear about  this 

 finnish text and photo  is  lent  from


Donald Trump povasi jopa koko EU:n kaatumista.
Donald Trump povasi  koko EU:n kaatumista. (EPA/AOP)


  • Pope Franciscus in Vatican wants believe to beautiful music, not to piano.

    He is shocked after hearing how roman catholic priests are so  many  sexually  perverse. Also he knows what said in  holy Bible. We  must finish all  christian churches and religions , if we want that King of Gloria comes in form of normal man ---from  heaven suddenly. He can do it, but Vatican not want give their power and money. Anyhow in level of our fictive screenplay,  mur to border of Mexico shall  be builded  with money of Vatican, 50  first samples of wooden houses from 50  states of america  as well. Also vatican pay starting of mass production in Maroc,east Portugal, Poland, Karelia , White Russia , West Sahara and in north Finland. Association Los amarillos has same flag as Vatican, and we shall  take these money as credit. Interest 0 %. This bisnes will  be  super productive, and we pay all back to vatican. It  must be finished, bt its economical  capacity has only soon coming Jesus Christ himself to use. Nobody else, we are his masters advertising office, and our salaries vatican should pay. Trump Mur in mexico border shall create large incomes and vatican gets all back . 


Paavi Franciscus arvostelee tuoreessa saarnassaan joitakin katolilaisia kovin sanoin tekopyhyydestä.
Paavi Franciscus arvostelee tuoreessa saarnassaan joitakin katolilaisia kovin sanoin tekopyhyydestä. (ALL OVER PRESS)

 paavi Franciscus on useaan otteeseen vaatinut niin katolilaisia pappeja kuin tavallisia jäseniäkin harjoittamaan sitä, mitä heidän uskonsa opettaa.Lähteet: CNN ja Reuters

Some americans who came by car or bike 7777 km from Atlantis Dakhla  Agadir to Finland , want sell their bikes and cars saying it was lovely, but enough. They want do UM WELT  trip  go by train from NIIRALA TERIJOKI to  Moskowa and to  beautiful baikal sea, China from Shanghai, ship near San Diego where Mexico mur starts. Mur shall  be very beautiful nature stones / beton, model jugend 1906 . 12  meter broad and 3 mtr high  3800  km  long. In groundfloor lot of good homes and rooms for travellers  20 e /day. Half of them have doors and windows to direction Mexico , half to usa. Possible to cross trump mur only from controlled gates . To second floor 12 mtr broad banas for noiseless light electric cars , mopeds, scateboards , bicycles. To III floor with 50 mtr ---70 mtr -distances wooden loghouses model jugend 1906 . Similar as we make to Poland Portugal Karelia White Russia and to SYRIA LIBYA . We sell  them to people who enjoy  noiseless traffic , sunshine, and lot of international  influences...when millions of people want every year travel around world. Mur ends in east and umwelt trip continue by ships or by air to AGADIR or DAKHLA ..

. When we keep prices moderate, lot of people shall do this aunus trip around world. Find themselves and live in peace.  I recommend it to my own son and his friends, when this system is done.We  offer partnership in russia and China to   landowners  of  27  -30   hectar, near railway  stations from st Petersburg to Moscow China Shanghai. distance 200-220  km of   willages  of 96 wooden  loghouses, with 7  douple rooms, beton mur 3 mtr high around area of marvellous evening festivals.
. Samara- Arlak- Baikal - Alma aty-Urumchi-Yumen-XI´AN -Sanghai. Prices of such journeys shall be very moderate, traintickets cheap. With this program we shall educate our youngsters to become cosmo-political ciwilized citizens.


THIS next man is old ERKKI from Finland. He was before foreign minister , who said how  international bombing to Libya is necessary  PICTURE is from leading  media in Finland,

Erkki Tuomioja on seurannut huolestuneena Donald Trumpin presidenttikauden alkua.

 Now he is afraid of Mr Trump.  Finnish  people are all afraid of themselves , but they say  how its question about Trumps  madness.

  President Putin  

  we should    make new  asfalt  to this  festival  route  300  km  in Russia.  Make it  narrow, with many kurves  that big  cars not use it. Only  bicycles  motorcycles scooters  ´homecars and   veteran  car  exhibition 

You  should  sell   trans wizums of  10  days   in border , 20  euros  to  half  million every year  makes  big  money  and  create  atmosphere  of  peace 

Suomen  Eduskunnan valta Varsinais ja Pohjoissuomen uudessa valtiossa  lopetetaan kokonaan uuden  presidentin Matti Koivuniemen  ja Björn Wehlroosin johdolla. Valta  annetaan sinne mihin se perustuslain  mukaan kuuluu, eli  kansalle K . Luku ja ymmärryskykyisille yli 18 vuotiaille,   yksi  aani   kullekkin. Nuorisolle   neuvoa antava alahuone, les jaunes jeunes KELTAISET KAKARAT  joka kehoittaa  pysähtyneistön  mummuja ja  vaareja  ottamaan vaarin nuoruuden tuore näkemys ilman  vanhaa pierua ja hapatusta

7. samaa  mielta  100 % .  
6.  melkein samaa mielta
80 %     
samaa mielta 60 % 
samaa mielta 50 %
samaa mieltaI 40 % 
samaa mieltaIvain 20 % 
1. haistakaa  puo, taytta potaskaa     .

 Tarvittavat  hallintopalvelut  ostetaan  Ruotsista  90  % sti  kevennettyina  ja  veroaste  putoaa dramaattisesti  kun  Suomen  kansa  eli  K  antaa  potkut  kaikille  hallintoeliittiin   ja  poliittisiin  puolueisiin  kuuluneille  ensin  varsinais ja  pohjois Suomessa,  myöhemmin  koko  maassa of course. Suomen jako on tilapäistä tietysti , pakotie ulos  eurosta  Kreikan  lainoista  Scgenistä  mamuista . Hallintoeliitin   tuhansiin   palatseihin  jarjestetaan tuotannollista  toimintaa  ja kulttuuritapahtumia

  JALMAR UNION , in  beginning  is association  Keltaiset ry, Vuorityomiehenkatu  9  b  6  Turku Finland. Chairman of board in government of holy  7  shall choose before 28.2.2017 (   yhdistysrekisteri Finland ) Previous president and also managing director FB viola sarnowiak both want go to pension, and association  must pay them both 1200 e / month. If you want these jobs, tell  it soonest in english or finnish to those  2 ladies and also to kancelaria  of academia

 25.6.2017 ( later every year ) at  9.00 oclock  near habour of TURKU Finland  start teams  of  race  bibycles from many   countries  with  different  colours. At  10.00 start mobile homes and wagons , after  them   samba and salsa dancers , arts & puos on the road  .  (  motorvechicles have no right to overtake the racebicycles , if they go too slowly, you must stop often and enjoy the local happenings and exhibitions. ---

26.6.2017..- 500 000  bmw honda vespa or harley from USA and europa with  cars model  1969  or older

27.6.2017..- all bikes and cars model  1979  or older

28.6.2017..- all bikes and cars model  1989  or older

29.6.2017..- travelling  jehova witnesses from usa and europa

30.6.2017..- travelling protestant church  from usa and europa

in  69  willages  we offer  this TRUMP HOTEL  tent capacity  of half million  to all groups, who accept the rules, no violence between travellers , no rubbishing surround, no vodka, cocaine, no chemical narcotics, clean maroccian cannabis allowed, 50 e 10 gr from police, who  take care of law and order in  these mega happenings.

 K line of Jalmari Jalonen , Jaska Jokunen and Ile Kanerva  in Turku  is dramatic

KOLMEN  KOPLA  salaliitto  on siis ollut olemassa , mutta salat  paljastuu aina pih  pih  ja hih hei

-because  its also border  between new and old Finland. It starts from habour of Turku where come ferries from Sweden and Tallin. It goes to  Åbo Akademi - Aninkaistenkatu - Hämeenkatu-Itäinen Rantakatu- Martin Silta- Aurajokipuisto- Linnankatu- Pakkarinkatu-Hansakatu- Vaihdekatu- Pansiontie- Huolintakatu-Hiekkasortamankatu-Tuontikatu- PANSIONTIE- PAAKARLANTIE-Make home page from  your willage in english and link it to

  Jalmarin  Unioni  tarkoittaa Puolan Suomen  ja  Ruotsin  keskeista sopimusta hallintopalvelujen  tuottamisesta

 Uusi  kansanparlamentti  teemalla  MINA OLEN TIE  lahtee  vuosittain koko kesä  heinä ja elokuun ajan Turun satamasta  Auranjokivarren vartta seuraillen  piispa  Henrikin  tieta Sakylan  Pyhajarvelle, Karijoen Pyhavuorelle  ja Seitsemisen  kansallispuistoon, Ruovedelle ,Keuruulle, Multialle, Kiuruvedelle,  Marsalkka  MANNERHEIMIN  kesamokille  Iisalmen  Runninkylaan, Juankoskelle , KAAVIIN  Koitereen  Kivilahdelle  Mutalahdelle Niiralaan  Janisjarven  Suistamoon  Sortavalaan Terijoen  hallitustalon edesta Valko  Venajalle  Puolaan  josta yhteislahto  joka  vuosi 23.8  Jerusalemiin  Mekkaan  tai  ateistien  tapauksessa  Egyptin GAZAn  pyramideille

Ne  joiden koti  on  100 mtr  lahella  tata vaylaa, saavat  kansanedustajan  oikeudet,  mikali  osoittavat  kykya lukea ja  ymmartaa  omalla  paallaan..Laivateollisuudenkatu- Päästäisenpolku- Ahjokatu-Metallikatu- Riilahdentie- Ankkurikylänkatu- Telakkakatu - TEMPPELIVUORI  - RAISIONLAHDENTIE- YLTÄMÄENTIE- KATTELUKSENTIE- ORKOLANTIE- NAANTALIN VANHA KESKUSTA- KALELA- KARINKYLÄ-TIE 1893- MÄKSMÄKI- ALISKULMA- NUMMI- NOUSIAISTEN KYLÄN LÄVITSE - ALAKYLÄ- TIE 201 - LEINAINEN-VAHTO- tie 201- SIKILÄ- LEIRAKKALA- HOLY Henrik road   222 - AURA- Aurasta YHDYSTIE vasempaan- vanhaa tietä Pöytyälle: MÄKIÄINEN- RIIHIKOSKI- PÖYTYÄ-HAVERI- PALTANKULMA -ORIPÄÄ-LATVA- MAKKARKOSKI-KEIHÄSKOSKI-TOURULA-RANNANKULMA -PYHÄJOEN KYLÄKAUPPA.. In this willage you can start to study the incantations of Kalevala in a leading of Johannes  Setala  and  Erkki  Pirtola


  Uuden  valtakunnanrajan puuttuvat  osat on Keltaiset ry n  hallituksen puheenjohtajalla Turussa , myös   Uukuniemen  kunnanjohtajalla  Satu  Prokope,  toimittaja  Kauko  Kankaalla  Ilomatsissa,  Turun  verotoimistossa  Liisa  Hannisellä.  800  toimikunnan jäsentä sopi  silloin 28.2.1998  järjestön  vuosikokouksessa Turussa  että   .... MAX  100 metrin molemmin  puolin  asuvia  ihmisia  ja  firmoja  ruvetaan pitämään  senaattorien arvossa . Ja nyt kun hanke vihdoin Trumpin  voimalla  starttaa,  heitä  kaikkia kehoitetaan lahettamaan  e  mailinsa uuden Suomen   presidentille  Matti  Koivumäelle Pohjois Karjalan ENOON , kanslia,  , kauhajoen IKL sekä  uusvanhan pääkaupungin Turun  suur- pormestarille

 Make home page from  your willage in english and link it to




  EXODUS TODAY          

  We invite  38  million   polish  emigrants  from  USA  , west  Europa  and  Skandinavia to join  this road  festival  and  choose  to  yourselves  new  wooden  loghouse  by  this  route.  All  of  them  have  also 7  rooms  for travellers, 20 e / day   and  you  can  earn  50 000 euros  per  year. 


 When  times  come  more  and  more  restless  everywhere,  you  will  need  safe  place  for  your family


We  need a lot of voluntaire actors  and we seek connection  to all motorcycle, scooter , bicycle travellers, to all clubs in EU  who have a common hobby  to keep in condition old veterancars or travel with bikes .

We invite you all to common big adventure around  around  Poland 19 days ,  or around Silesia 7 days . Please come and enjoy many nice music parties , help us to create a cinema illusion  that all those million people decided to go to the same road  at the same time  and the local people in the willages

follow the kavalkade to next willage as the samba carnavale ,  competitions  of running ,  bicycles,   ursus tractors . We start  organize  eurovision competition of folk songs

 in  those willages  by the festivalroute UM POLSKA  and  we  show it  in TV.

 Six starts every summer 23. 4 .   23.5.  23.6.  23.7.  23.8.  23.9.  from  Miedzylesie Gniewoszow 

This  area  is  between Poland  and  Tsek Republic ,  since 1945 on that border was closed .  1.1.2008  those lands joined  the Schengen  agreement and  they builded a bridge  to Niemojow.

We    need  contact persons and more pictures from  willages like Poinikva , Gniewoszow ,  Dlugopole  grn  - Wytski-  Bystrzyca Klodzka  ul Krakowska - Nadbzezna- Plac szpitalny - Plawnica  (  our  association  Les  jaunes   offer  marketing   service  to AGROTURIST HOUSES, campings ,  SHOPS, RESTAURANTS, to firmas who hire or sell  scooters, camping equipments  by this choosen yellow route  ,  around Poland, around Silesia .  If  you  want  earn  lot  of  money 6   times every  year,  send  your  e  mail, photos,  videos  to Art Academia  of Wroclaw ,  Bembosta Portugal and Agadir   Make home page from  your willage in english and link it to


In   our  fictive  cinema  Klodzko walley   will    be   landing  place   King  of  Gloria. New President of Poland.



Gibraltar Algeciras and Tarifa  
At 9.00  oclock  start teams of racebicycles, Poland yellow, USA black, Russia indigo blue. Finland grey. Germany karmin red. Spain sienna brown, Portugal middle green,  Marocco dark green. Sweden middle blue, Britannia middle red. Irland orange. France  pink . White Russia white etc
7.5.2017 from port of Tarifa 20 km to Algeciras Parque del Saladillo -carretera a Cadiz -Avda Gesto pr la PAZ - 50  states of america  should  show  5-7.5.2017 the best sides of american culture , example this  one
 Square of Paco de LUCIA,  near  port , buss and trainstation of Algeciras - Start of bicycles in morning 7.5.2017 at 9´00 oclock to direction Avda Agustin Balsamo -Avda Aqua Marina- using small local roads to Gaucin --- motorcycles and veteran cars start  one hour later and take from Avda Aqua Marina direction autovia A 7 Malaga- Gaucin  Ronda, Alcodonales, Coripe
Arahal Start  8.5
 Carmona, Brenes, Villaverde del Río, Las Pajanosas, El Castillo de las Guardas, Higuera de la Sierra, Aracena, Galaroza,Cortegana  -commonstart 9.5 
Aroche , Rosal de la Frontera...These cities and willages  arrange every year many  kind of festivals  with  money of european union, but if we keep  them  according common synchronized  time tables,  traveller can see and feel all europa singing and celebrating. When all willages  make  advertising to USA and all  Europa , very big  road festival starts for sure . Lot of good work places appear to Spain and Portugal. Europa union should support  this
  In Spain  they  have own strong rich culture and spanish willages should show what it is. In Portugal they have adopted   most stupid parts of commercial american rubbish  and their tv /radio production makes all  idiots.  Thats why  50 states of America should  concentrate to show in Portugal  what is  valuable in America. Portugal is also most puor  land in Europa, they  need  lot of good workplaces 
   villa verde Ficalho Portugal , 96  wooden loghouses with charming interiors  from Kentucky. mur 3 mtr high around  20- 30  hectarFirst floor beton / stone, art nouveau jugend 1906. 7 rooms for travellers 20 e /day makes good incomes  to landowner and to company who invest these samples. Wooden loghouses upstairs with individual interiors. Lot of rich people in usa smell danger of nuclear war and buy houses  from new  zealand. But Portugal is not so far from everything , Portugal also is very far from hot areas, puor small beautiful  land with nice climate and nice people. They are used to international contacts during historia, owned Brasilia 900 years , parts of India, China. Make to small silent  back side willages in east Portugal   mur 3 mtr high around 20- 30  hectar   50  examples  from  best parts of culture in 50 states of america. If  no war come in usa, anyway you can earn 5000 euros / month with such invest. And help  your president to make america great, respected .
After 15 km  exhibition  of  best  parts of culture and 96 houses  from Colorado, near    Villa Nova de Sao Bento
 If your willage cant employ big artists , make amplifier 100 000 watt, large loudspeakers made from beton, frontpanel massive wood. To be able to show the best parts of american and british culture , willage commissions must find volyntary actors and actrisses who not  must be able to play or sing, but  have sense on sweng and  similar outlook as  famous artists Janis Joplin, canned heat , Bruce Springsteen Bob Dylan Joan baez  King crimson  grateful death , kentacky  head hunters  alvin lee Wes Montgomery  John Lee hooker  muddy waters  etc..  We pay honestly to holders of copyrights and sell a lot their original cd .

 After 3 days of jazz blues rock and roll from America and UK , we use these same arenas  and hotel capacity  to purposes of roman catholic church , protestants , jehova witnesses , mormones , orthodixes , muslimans , to friends of classical music etc. We  can  make  large  money with  this road ..

 96 houses with 7 douplerooms can offer 672 rooms inside closed castle of 27,6 hectares and we can keep there marvellous festivales. As well  folk  parlament of renewed european union. Rights of voting shall get people who can proove  that  they are able to read simply questions and think with own head.
 1. I agree this matter 100 %
2. I agree this matter 80 %                                                   
3. I agree this matter 60 %                                              
4. I agree this matter 50 %                                       
5. I agree this matter 40 %                                
6. I agree this matter 20 %                         
7. I do not agree this matter at all         
  start 10.5. Mina de Sao Domingos  IDAHO– 
Sao Joao dos Caldeireios  ARIZONA–
 Almodovar  GEORGIA–
send from there such kind of men to defend national benefits of america in europa and to frighten conservative  women in Portugal
start 11.5. Ameixial  NEVADA-

ALTE  MINNESOTA–96 houses,
  best of them also to Poland Miedzylesie Gniewoszow  and to  27,6  hectar  in Finland 50  ha of

Sao Bartolomeu de Messines / 27,6 hectar castle of WISCONSIN–  This dry woman Tytti Tuppurainen says how Trump  makes problems and real answer is her social democratia.Sosiaalidemokratia on vastaus aikamme haasteisiin. But we all know that her ideologia has destroyed Finland and Sweden both, Germany has inside war, because of such women. They are more dangerous as Trump Putin and KIM together. All world see how this system goes to fire of nuclear war and eko catastroph but such women keep 95 % power in Finland Estonia Portugal Poland, and not want anything to change. Most of men are under power of such satans , if they  not want loose their home, children and get  banished to Sahara( as did to me , and )
Tytti Tuppurainen.
Tytti Tuppurainen.picture lended from  iltalehti. sävy sävyyn  kuikelo on vaarallinen  akka, minua pelottaa tuollaiset. That woman is afraid of Trump but Im  afraid of her




. The willages and cities should write to art academia agadir   about their  happenings ,    local historia, food , hand work tradition ,come out, show your   products in soon coming     Trump train

 world expo UM Polska

teams with different colours, between the countries , Middle  blue  Franceindigo  blue  RUSSIANS, BLACK america, yellow  Poland ,   YELLOW POLAND,  grey Finland  , orange  Irland ,   Green  Marocco , karmin red  Germany, sienna  brown  Spain  etc

  this  deal   we use  also  in  III  world war  with  colour  weapons in  Niemojow  annually  10-20.6

we should organize festivals     to every willage by the route 


with  no  pum

   start  ORGANIZE SAMBA CARNAVALS ,singing and running competitions  FROM WILLAGE TO THE NEXT WILLAGE !

from Plawnica the festival route goes  to  - Sienna – Stronie Slaskie  - ul  Nadprezna – ul Hutnicza – ul. Kosciuszki.... Later to Prudnik, Wisla, Zakopane, Przemysl , Karwia, back to Dlugopole grn 44 .

.19 days UM POLSKA ,

  7 days around  Silesia

a nice holiday with the GLAD BROTHERS OF  Sherwood

Come  together  to  airport  of  Praha ,  140   km  to east  in  sudetia  mountains start big  parties .  By train Lichkow  Miedzylesie  Domaszkow.  3  km  walk   up  to   mountain  of Gniewoszow. Trains  from  Wroclaw  120  km  

after  meetings   3.6.  are  over  ,  people  go  to  road

Z Gniewoszowa do  Poremba  - Dlugopole Zdroj - Wytski-  Bystrzyca Klodzka  ul Krakowska - Nadbzezna- Plac szpitalny - Plawnica  (  – Black mountain - Sienna – Stronie Slaskie  - ul  Nadprezna – ul Hutnicza – ul. Kosciuszki-  

if you not have time 19  days  to do all polska um ,  please drive with us one kilometer or one  day, because we need material to cinema that million motorcycles and scooters are going around Poland . Maybe you could   drive a couple kilometer after the kavalkade  with tractors, maybe you also could organize running competition to next willage , samba carnaval etc. Later you  could  find self in a famous cinema driving an old ursus or combainer !

 Stojkow- Ladek Drj-  ul Kosciuszki- Slodowa – rynek-   to Zolty stok –kamienica - Paczków/

Unikowice - Ujezdziec  ...ratnowice.. kalkow- laka- Kijow- Biskupow- Głucholazy -Pokrzymna- Moszczanka - prudnicka  ...   PRUDNIK ...

jeśli masz plan wystartować z restauracją, hotelem, lub innym bisnesem to proszę o kontakt  agadir  możemy zrobią wspólny plan marketingowy.

We  ask help from motorcycle club BMW international, these members who use old classical boxer r 800  paris dakar basic ...We make   PR film to BMW,'' these machines live forever. ''As a visual effect to our cinema these strange looking motors  are funny when there are 20 000 of such ...or more If  you  want  earn  lot  of  money 6   times every  year,  send  your  e  mail, photos,  videos  to Art Academia  of agadir

Prudnik    miejski festiwal i world expo


 one or several  days and nights  ending in the morning 9.00  o'clock

to the big concert and commonstart in market place of   Prudnik    24.4.  24.5.    24.6     24.7     24.8.    24.9

trzy dni i nocy, każdego roku, koniec wielkiego koncertu obok marketu w PRUDNIKU   24.4  24. 5  24.6  24.7  24.8  24.9

9.00 start drużyn rowerowych,  10.00  start motorów, skuterów i weteranów, po nich traktory, piesi, tancerki samby, klauni....Mam nadzieję że dużo ludzi będzie chciało przejść te kilka kilometrów, CAŁA POLSKA NA DRODZE, nawet klauni.

  at 9.00 o 'clock start the teams of racebicycles.  At 10.00 start all the motorcycles, scooters and the veterancars, after them  tractors,  walkers, samba dancers  ..   ARTS AND PUOS ON THE ROAD. We hope that so many as possible would take part to this few kilometers , so it looks that ''all Poland is on the road'' !   offer good houses

and work for several people in Miedzylesie , Prudnik , Zakopane , Wlodava , Gdansk


next evening festiwal and big commonstart in the morning   25.4.    25.5.    25.6.     25.7.    25.8.    25.9

Zakopane   guality film and music  festiwal kończy się  

   26.4.    26.5.    26.6.   26.7.    26.8.    26.9 

 city of Zakopane try to arrange very interesting festivals 

six times every summer , and make own effective marketing to them.

plan ,um Polska, zakłada trzy dni festiwalu w interesującym mieście  ZAKOPANE  sześć razy każdego lata, zrobimy dobrą reklamę dla miasta.

Jeżeli festiwal w Zakopane zakończy się z pozytywnym skutkiem, oznacza to, że coraz więcej ludzi pójdzie drogą UM  POLSKA.


                 Uscie Gorlicke 

 festiwal kończy się rano   27.4    27.5   27.6   27.7    27.8    27.9 

BIESZCZADY  tarnica mountain   festiwal kończy się rano 28.4.   28.5.   28.6.   28.7.   28.8.   28.9  

    Przemysl   festiwal kończy się rano  29.4.          29.5.          29.6.          29.7.          29.8.          29.9   

          TOMASZOW LUB  

festiwal kończy się rano   30.4.      30.5.      30.6.      30.7.      30.8.      30.9     

 Wlodawa three days  quality music & film

 festiwal kończy się rano  1.5.    31.5     1.7    31.7    31.8    1.10

   TARNOPOL  festiwal kończy się rano 2.5.     1.6 .    2.7.    1.8.     1.9.     2.10    

Romincka park DUBIENINKI  festiwal kończy się rano  3.5.  2.6.   3.7.    2.8.   2.9.   3.10

   TOLKMICKO krajobrazowy wysoczyzny Elblaskiej   

festiwal kończy się rano   4.5.    3.6.   4.7.   3.8.   3.9.   4.10

 KARWIA  festiwal kończy się rano 5.5.    4.6.   5.7.    4.8.   4.9.   5.10  

Ustka   festiwal kończy się rano    6.5.   5.6.   6.7.    4.8.   4.9.   5.10

   KOLOBRZEG     festiwal kończy się rano   7.5.   6.6.   7.7.   5.8.   5.9.   6.10

  SZCZECIN  festiwal kończy się rano     8.5.   7.6.   8.7.   6.8.   6.9.   7.10 

 POLECKO Krzesinski park krajobrazowy   

festiwal kończy się rano   9.5.  8.6.  9.7.   7.8.  7.9.  8.10

 Karkonoski park Szklarska poreba       festiwal kończy się rano   10.5.   9.6.    10.7.   8.8.   8.9.   9.10 

 GLUSZYCA GRN park sudetow walbrzyskich  

festiwal kończy się rano  11.5.  10.6.  11.7.  9.8.    9.9.   10.10


Tam będzie duża impreza, która będzie trwała przez trzy dni i trzy noce..

the  festivals of  jan III sobieski  in Gniewoszow   sześć razy każdego lata        

 20.4 -23.4     ,  20.5 -23.5  ,  20.6 -23.6  ,  20.7 -23.7.  ,  20.8 -23.8  ,  20.9 -23.9 

we shall hear   in Gniewoszow    for example  SYMPHONY ORCESTER AND CHOIR OF BUDABEST , Verdi's Requieem,  Buena Vista Social Club, Michel Jarre,  Scorpions, Genesis , Beatles, The Who, Doors , Billie Holiday , Janis Joplin, Grateful Death , Niemen , Kinks , Led Zeppelin , Aretha Franklin, HIM, Jimi Hendrix , Rolling Stones etc..  Also many new interesting bands from Poland , Tsek Rp ,Germany ,  Baltia and Finland 

 Najlepszy festiwal filmowy, wspaniałe koncerty w wielkim kanionie dla 20 miliona ludzi zasadniczo   sześć razy każdego lata      

third world war with race bicycles 

see the start of  great bicycle competition  between the teams of  Germany, Russia , Poland , Holland , Irland ...start 9.00 o'clock in the morning from the stone of king Sobieski ,  To miejsce jest dobrym punktem, aby pokazać ludziom, że istnieje taka piękna wieś jak Gniewoszów w gminie Międzylesie.  Z tego miejsca  Jan III Sobieski i 10 000 żołnierzy wyruszyli na wojnę z Turkami przeciwko im religii. Tym razem my nie będziemy szli na wojnę, tylko chcemy otworzyć drogę dla kultury   pokoju używając dobrej muzyki, kina, teatru. 


19 days  around Poland   UM POLSKA    


 sześć razy każdego lata ,  at 9.00 o\clock  everysummer   , six times ///   23.4     ,  23.5  ,   23.6  ,  23.7.  ,  23.8  , 23.9

  from  Cniewoszow  to  Poremba - Dlugopole zdruij  ,  Wyzki  -  Bystrzyca Klodzka   -  Stronie Slaskie  -

Trasa powinna przebiegać przez takie miejsca jak.... Prudnik - Biala- Slokow- Klisino- Pomorzowice- Kwiatoniov- Gadzowice- Wlodzienin- Cerekwia- RACIBORZ

Nieboczowy - Lubomia- Belsznica - Gorzyczki- Godow - Golkowice- JASTRZEBIE ZDROJ -

 ...Ruptava- Konczyce ML - Cieszyn- Goleszow- Ustron- Wisla-

Malinka- Szczyrk- Godziszka- Lipowa- Zywiec- Rychwald- Gilowice- Slemien-Kocon- Kukow - Stryszawa.

-  Zawoja- Przel Krowiarki- Zubrzyca DLN - Jablonka- Czarny Dunajoec- Koniowka- Witow- Zakopane ..

Apeluje do 40 milionów Polaków mieszkających w innych krajach, aby przyjechali i zobaczyli Polskę teraz, i jakie domy mogą kupić po festiwalu. Jeżeli nie chcecie mieszkać tu przez cały rok to możecie zarobić duże pieniądze na wynajmie tego domu turystom.

Dostaniesz 20 % rabatu jeżeli przyłączysz się do naszej drużyny.

wyślij swoje dane,  e  mail, photos,  videos  to Art Academia  of agadir

 Bukowina  - Czarna Gora - Trybsz - Nizne- Kroscienko n Dunajcem - Gorzany -  Lacko- Road 969 to Jazowsko -

 Stary Sacz - Lazy Biegonickie - Jamnica- Ptaszkowa - Grybow- Kaclowa- Brunary - Czarna- Uscie Gorlicke 

Kwiaton- Gladyszow- Malastow- Mala

  - Mecina- Bednarka- Pielgrzymka- str.  zmigrod- Dukla - Trzciana-  road 897-Daliowa- Wola Nizna- ROMANCZA - Wola Michowa - Kalnica- Wetlina- Ustryki grn- Smolnik- Lutowiska- Czarna grn- Rabe- Ustryki dln- Liskowate --road 890--

 Hitch hicking during this annual happening is cheap, safe , marvellous possibility to the youngsters to see all Poland , all Silesia, all Miedzylesie . Own small tent and sleepingbag , flutes, guitars, banjos, balalaikas. All motorcycle clubs have agreed to  quarantee the safety of children if they hitch hike to the kavalkade

Przyłączenie się do naszego hepeningu jest tanie, bezpieczne i dobre dla młodych ludzi, aby poznali Europę. Trzeba mieć własny sprzęt do noclegu, wszystkie kluby motorowe zgodziły sie zagwarantować bezpieczeństwo dzieciom, które przyłącz a się do kawalkady.


 from Liskowate the road  goes to Jureczkowa - Wojtkowka- Graziovo -Posada- Makowa- Gruszova- Aksmanice- Grochowice-

city   festivals of  Przemysl
 annually    28-   29.4.   28- 29.5.     28- 29.6.    28-  29.7.      28-    29.8.       28-  29.9   

symphony orchestra and choir of Budabest

with VERDI's requiem ,

Zion Train, Scorpions, Black Crowes , Bruce Springsteen 

Michael Jarre and W. Carlos and his Beethoven production.

jeżeli to będzie niemożliwe, to pierwszy raz wielki tetebim i muzyka

 if that's not possible,we  do it first time  using cd plates and big PA loudspeakers


from   Przemysl

the kings road goes to EAST

z Przemyśla królewską drogą na Wschód

 Torki- naklo- Hruszowice-Kalnikow- Budzyn-ruska /PINK FLOYD , KING CRIMSON  - Wielkie Oczy-Kormagi-  Lubaczow-Ruda-Horyniec Zdroj-werchata- Narol - 

 form  NAROL  the road UM POLSKA  goes to Paary- Losiniec- Rabinowka- -



 .The soltys  of your willage  ought  to contact soonest to  European Union to get money to the culture festivals, new hostels, the new asfalt

Następnego lata twoją wieś odwiedzi dużo ludzi, którzy będą przechodzić tą drogą sześć razy każdego lata. Twój sołtys powinien zorganizować pieniądze z UE na festiwal, schroniska i nowy asfalt.

and  these signs   UM polska >  

You should organize big concerts form CD's  like John Lee Hooker , Van Morrison, Genesis, Cream , Willie Nelson,  KENTACKY HEAD HUNTERS , Buena Vista Social Club in the park of your willage , 20.00-24.00 , at the moolight.

Powinieneś zorganizować wielki koncert CD jak JOHN LEE HOOKER,  VAN MORRISON,  GENESIS,  CREAM,  WILLIE NELSON,  KENTACKY  HEAD HUNTERS,  taki klub w twojej wsi  20.00 do 24.00 pod księżycem

 You should organize to these days samba carnavals, exhibitions of veterancars model 1996 or older ,  commondrives of motorcycles , scooters, mopeds ...walking festivals ..

 after ROKITNO- TELATYN-  Nowosiolki- Witkow- Mircze- Hrubiesow- dziekanow- Kopylow-road 816 -Skryhiczyn- Dupienka-turka -   Okopy- 816-rudka- stulno-   Wlodawa

wake up Wlodawa,watchtower is falling

obudż się Włodawa ,  the  watch  tower  is  falling

In Miedzylesie 4.5.2005   police Adam  Polanski  banished  me away  from  my house  and  said  how  Hietikko   must go to  Finland  to  plan how  to  solve  problems  in  polish  back  side  willages,  and  prokurator  Beata  Jelinska  ordered  me  to  plan  cinema  to  win  prolems  of  mental  and  fiscal poverty in Gniewoszow  , how to  get  38  million  polish   emigrants  back    home  with   their  money  and  knowledge  from  normal  societies.  This  plan  is  on this  page,  and  court  of  Klodzko  must carefully  investigate  it. Also i demand  salary from this production


Contact to   lawyer  is  and


 To   court  of Klodzko  Poland

To lawyer  Anna  Schabikowska  in  Wroclaw,,,,,,


     sketches of  manusscriptura to political  religious screenplay Exodus Today  is   ordered  to produce by  procurator  Beata Jelinska in   crime court of Klodzko VI K 93 /07, march 2008,  in  hearing  of witnesses .



After procurator, police Adam  Polanski , jehova witnesses  Illnicki  pushed me  away from  my  house, and  everything  was  robbed,    they kept victim of  crime   3,4  years  in  crime  court  of Klodzko   without  being  able to  say, what illegal  I  had  done and  what crime  has  happened against  THEM. When  this finally  came  clear,  they  continued  the  same  subject  in  court of Finland.  How Hietikko  is mentally ill  satan,  most evil  of  all evils ,  who  hurt  honour  of polish  women. 


 In my  manusscriptura,    I m  explaining  to court of Klodzko  principle  of plus  sum  game SAMPO from  finnish  KALEVALA. Because  in  all  cultures and  every  persons  is  something good, something shit, we   should   select  to  new Poland   and  to  new  Marocco  only  positive  sides



   We  should  make  to  our farm  in Miedzylesie  exhibition  of 50  wooden  loghouses  and  their  individual  interiors  from 50  states of america ,  best of  their  music cinema   food clothes etc. When  we  produce   international  cinema from this all,  lot  of thse 38  million exilers   will  come  to Poland  and  buy  such  house   aroud  ringroad UM POLSKA alles um


When  we  turn  alles um  and  learn  to  know our  good  and  bad  sides,   and connect  from every  unit only  good  parts  to  to  big wheel  of  sampo  of Miedzylesie  and  in Agadir Takkad , it  gets  big  speed  and  deal  material  and spiritual  well  being  to all,  more  as  they  have  even  asked . Badness  disappears  by  itself.   THE  WATCH TOWER,  the oak  of Kalevala  shall  fall , when  tiny small  man with  sharp  axe  rises  up  from  the  water and people see  big light, as  mental  nuclear  bomb. 


 This  is  written  3500  years  ago before  Christ   by  the  yellow  emperor in  China  and finnish  Kalevala, and  with  our  internets  we have  enourmous  possibilities to  make Poland White Russia east Portugal  the  most modern  rich and safe  societies  in all world.  We  have  specially  big reason  to start  this NOW, pani  procurator,  because  55 %  of polish citizens  outside and  inside with  leading of POPE John Paul  2004  were choosing  new  president to Poland , Jesus Christ.  In  bulletins  of Jehovas  was  written,  if  HE  not start come,  we  must DO such Jesus. And because he said how he is road, i made this plan as you see

To  get speed to conservative Poland  I  have  asked help  from   Hells  Angels and wolfs  of Night  to  help  polish and  finnish  people  to  get power  where  it  belongs, to  the people.

 Hannu  Oskari Hietikko

The  rider  of  white horse  BMW Paris Dakar. I  shall  play  the  role of John the Babtist  who  opens  the  road  to  one,  who  said im a ROAD,  jestem droga. In  old  China  such  road  means TAO.  That’s why  we  call  this  yellow  revolution,  also  because  its  colour  of  Vatican  and  the LIGHT, prakash

………………………………………………………………………………………………….. Contacts   in this matter  to  ambassador of Finland  jari.vilen at  and  lawyer Ari Kuukka in  Finland,   in  court  of  Strasbourg


Iisalmi  Runni Mannerheimin  maja      willage  festivals  every  year ending  in  morning    18.5.    17.6     18.7   17.8    17.9

to Kiuruvesi -Rytky- Pielavesi -Viitasaari    willage  festivals  every  year ending  in  morning    19.5.    18.6     19.7   18.8    18.9

Multia     willage  festivals  every  year ending  in  morning    20.5.    19.6     20.7   19.8    19.9


Keuruu ekowillage  Kivijärventie 300

 this logo does not mean german natzies. We are IKL, islamilaisten kristittyjen  liitto,  union of christian and islamic  motorcycletravellers, who respect common holy spirit of  Jesus Christ , Prophet Muhamed and chinese TAO . From political leaders we support people who create NEW,  Le Pen, Trump, Putin, King of Maroc and Boris Johnsson. We  accept members from all countries, but not from Sweden . This decision  is from D Trump and all finnish people 99 % Courts of Strasbourg and Haag are not able to their works, do not want notice how Poland and USA are quilty to same crime as Hitler. Started big war when united nations said NO, stop it --we need to open new international courts  of AUGSBURG Bayern and Agadir Maroc

 Ruovesi  festivals for   yellows ,  ending  in  morning    28.5.    27.6     28.7   27.8    27.9

 festivals for  blacks  ,  ending  in  morning. They  go to  keuruu  to  discuss  with  people who  not like world  power  of  usa    20.5.    19.6     20.7   19.8    19.9

Kuru  festivals for   yellows every  year ending  in  morning    29.5.    28.6     29.7   28.8    28.9

 festivals for  whites ,  ending  in  morning  19.5.    18.6     19.7   18.8    18.9


Kyröskoski festivals for   yellows  every  year ending  in  morning    30.5.    29.6     30.7   29.8    29.9

 festivals for  whites ,  ending  in  morning  18.5.    17.6     18.7   17.8    17.9   

Vammala - Huittinen -  Oripää  Masku

 Raisio  festivals for  whites ,  ending  in  morning  17.5.    16.6     17.7   16.8    16.9. They  go  to  direction


start Sejny 11.6. at 9.00 and 10.00  o'clock ...Zegary-Dusznica-border of Lithuania..  (  these countries belong now to schengen agreement  ) TE KRAJE SĄ ZOBOWIĄZANE UMOWĄ SCHENGEN

um polska    TO  NORTHERN AND WESTERN BORDERS  goes like this

SENJY - Bubele- widugiery-punsk-szoltany-sjobodka-wizajny-zytkiemy-dupieniki- 651 road-

 Goldap  quality cinema festivals .   Kosmidry- Skocze - juhnacie- jany- rogole- banie mazurskie-Dabrowka Polska- Popioly- Wegorzewo- Stawki- Lesniewo- Strokowo- Barciany- Korsze- Glowbity- Studzieniec- Sepopol- langanki-  Domarady- Judyty - Bezledy- Gorowo ilaweckie- paustry- kandaty- Kwiatkowo- Lelkowo- Krzekoty- Lutkowo- zelazna gora-  Krzewno- Lipowina- BRANIEWO - Frombork -Pogrodzie- Tolkmicko- Suchacz- Nowakowo - Marzecino- Nw Dwor Gdanski- Tujsk- Stegna- road 501-  Sobieszewo- Wislinka- 

  Gdansk  BRZEZNOjelitkowo-  Sopot - Orlowo- Kamienna Gora- GDYNIA - Obluze- Pogorze- Kosakowo- Debogorze- Ciechocino- rekowo dolne- Polczyno- Mincowice- Krokowa- Wierzchucino- Choczewo- Maszewko-  road 213-  Rumsko-  Łękwica- Siemianice  - road 210  to Grabno-  USTKA - DUNINOWO- Postomino- Ronino-Karsino-Darlowo


Dabki- Bielkowo- Wierciszewo-Skibno-Sianow- Koszalin -Str Bielice-Gniazdowo-Dobre-Mielenko-Chlopy-Sarbinowo-Kladno-Ustronie Morskie -Kolobrzeg - Dzwirzyno-Rogowo-TRZEBIATOW- road 202 to Rogozina- Sliwin- Lukecin- DZIWNOW-


Zastan- Chynowo-Unin- Wolin- Laka- Zarnowo- Milowo- Stepnica- Katy - Goleniow- Helenow- Bolechowo - Stawno- Przemocze- Wielkowo- Dabie-Szczecinkski Park Krajobrazowy Puszcza Bukowa  BINOWO


   COME TO DISCUSS  with the people from Gdansk about the political situation in Poland

PRZYJDZ NA DYSKUSJĘ z ludzmi z Gdańska na temat sytuacji politycznej w Polsce

Przyjedz do Gniewoszowa na wielki miting, przyjdz na wielki wspólny start ze Szczecina

 Come to big meeting in Cniewoszow ,  come to the big commonstart in front of the radhouse of SzcZECIN  9.00 o.clock start the racebiclycles ...10.00  the others .

culture,  peace  and motorcycles  lovers , good jazz blues rock and roll , rasta , folk music friends in all Europe , come together

kultura, pokój, miłośnicy motocykli, dobry  jazz  blues  i  rock and roll , muzyka  folkowa dla wszystkich z  Europy

come over  the border in SzcZECIN ,

  start  SZCZECIN    8.5.   7.6.   8.7.   6.8.   6.9.   7.10 

 the big commonstart in front of the radhouse of SzcZECIN .

wielki wspólny start ze SZCZECINA.

 from SzcZECIN  we go with international company TO Szczecinkski Park Krajobrazowy  Puszcza Bukowa  willage of  BINOWO - Zelislawiec - Sobieradz- Chwarstnica-Borzym- Dolgie- Sosnowo- Banie-

Baniewice- Zarczyn- Klodowo- Krzywin- Ognica-- Krajnik- Piasek- Bielinek- road 125 to CEDYNIA -road 124 to Osinow dln -  (  border of Germany. Visitors from Berlin, join this place to Um Polska  )-  Str Rudnica-  Siekierki- Gozdowice- Czelin- Kurzycko- Klosow- Boleszkowice-Reczyce- KOSTRZYN  n ODRA -

Gorzyca- Owczry- Plawidlo- Biale- Slubice- Swiecko- Rybocice- Srodborze- Nw Mlyn- Radzikow- Sadow- Cybinka- Bieganow - Klopot- Rapice- Bytomiec - Milow- Maszewo- road 138 - Walowice-

Gubin- Sekowice -  markosice- Mielno-

Zasieki -  BRODY - GREZAWA -

Tuplice- Trzebiel- Jasionow- Niwica- Czaple- road 350  to Potok - Przewwoz- Lipna- GOZDNICA - Ruszow- Jagodzin - road 351- Piensk - to ZGORZELEC- TYLICE- -Kunow- Sulikow- radzimow - Platerowka- zalipie ...Lesna-  road 358 to  Swiecie-leczyna.. Krobica- swieradow  zdorj  ... Szklarska Poreba

- Piechowice- road 366 to Podgorzyn- Kowary - road 367 to  Ogorzelec- KAMIENNA GORA -Czarny Bor- Grzedy- Kochanow- Mieroszow- Unislaw Slaski - Rybnica lesna- Gluszyca - Gluszyca grn- bartnica- Swierki- Ludwikowice Klodzkie- Wlodowice- RADKOW -

Kudowa Droj- Danczow- Sloszow- Dusznki Zdroj- Zieleniec- Lasowka- Mostowice- Spalona - Poreba- Dlugopole  Zdroj-  Dlugopole  grn 44, 


Miej najlepsze wakacje w swoim życiu, przyjedż do Gniewoszowa, gmina Międzylesie, która położona jest w środku lasu.

Miedzylesie  means Mittelwald , in the middle of forest .

Gniewoszow quality film and music festivals . 3 days and 3 nights ,  six times every summer

exhibition and bazaar of motorcycles, scooters, bicycles and horses

  20.4 -23.4,  20.5 -23.5,  20.6 -23.6,  20.7 -23.7,  20.8 -23.8,  20.9 -23.9   Najlepszy festiwal filmowy, wspaniałe koncerty w wielkim kanionie dla 2 miliona ludzi zasadniczo   sześć razy każdego lata      

 six big commonstarts   

                                  UM POLSKA  

23.4  dookoła Polski w 19 dni    23.5.  następny start  dookoła Polski w 19 dni  ---    23.6.  następny  19dni dookoła Polski   23.7.  nasępny.         23.8.   dookoła Polski, można by było połączyć z drogami wschodu,  Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey , Syria, Israel , Mecca, Gaza Pyramides    

 23.9.  jesienna jazda enduro dookoła Polski w 19 dni.

 9.00 przygotowanie motorów.   10.00 wyjazd wszystkich motorów, skuterów i weteranów z  Dlugopole grn do Gniewoszowa do kamienia  Jan III Sobieski .

Wycieczki rowerowe i piesze są bardzo popularne i przdewszystkim zdrowe. Tutaj mamy bardzo dobre tereny i warunki do uprawiania tego rodzaju sportu. zaczniemy organizować lokalne festiwale filmowe, różnego rodzaju koncerty,  Fellini, Tarkowski, Bertolucci, Renoir, Kaurismaki , Jarmusch.

We invite all finnish, swedish , dutch and danish people to the big post communistic party

 come to help   to create  new Poland   and  new  European  Union , neues  Europa


E  share  nr 1.  we  offer  to  landowners of 27,6  hectar  in  EL BIUTZ north  maroc border of  spanish CEUTA .- 

 They shall  get  40 %  of netto  incomes from rooms and tickets to  festivales.  20 % come  to association Keltaiset  los Amarillos who take care of rich  programs,  40 %  come  to companies artists and  artesanes  who produce   96  wooden  loghouses  with  7  rooms   for  travellers.  Best of  spanish  theathre, dance  , music  and  cinema.

Because we start  seria-mass  production  in habour  of Sidi Ifni  and Tifnite using russian wood, we  need  big markets.  Other  spanish  willages  with  96  houses  shall come  to   Poland  Tomaszow LUB and  to  east   Finland  Don JUANKOSKI , for wealthy russian clients.  One of 96  houses  shall come  to   world  expo  of  19  nations  ,  ´´ nitton  kronor ´´ in  Sweden Seskarö  near  Habaranda , one to  in  Poland  Miedzylesia ,  one to   Finland Ylivieska .

After travellers  had nice  evening  parties in  spanish  style,  they  travel  next  morning  150 km to  south, to feel  what  is  japanese  culture


E  share  nr 2.  we  offer  to  landowners of 27,6  hectar  near  city  of  Asilah,  by  the beach  of Atlantis  ocean. 30  km  to  south  from  Tanger

centre  of  japanise  culture, 96  houses  furnitures  made  in  Sidi  Ifni  from russian wood,   art   interiörs,   electronica   made  in  Japan. Exhibition  of  ZEN   and  art  of  concentration. Best of cinema  production  in  Japan  outside  from   large  screen.   96   japan  houses  come to    east Poland  TARNOPOL, after we  finf  landowner  of 27,6 hectar. Your  propositions  in  english  or french to sidi Bibi comissio . Melika.Ramouz  at ,   Post adress  Fadma Rakibi,  president  of association Keltaiset ry ,  Les Jaunes PR Sidi Bibi Agadir

 Because  meaning  of  this  swedish-chinese  project  is  to  make  peace  of 1000  years with  russians,  we help  them  to  get  well  being , new workplaces  with good salaries,  lot  of  travellers  every  summer. 96  japanise  houses  shall  be  situated to  White Russia   PRUZANY.  

These  willages  27,6  hectar  must  be  surrounded   by  beton  mur  3  mtr  high.  Safe  evening  festivals  and  parkings  for  vechicles   in  Poland  and  Russia  are  not  possible  without  mur.  Also other  lands  in Europa start  be very restless

One  of  96  different  japanise   art houses  shall come  to   world  expo  of  19  nations  ,  ´´ nitton  kronor ´´ in  Sweden Seskarö  near  Habaranda , in  Poland  Miedzylesia and  one  in  Finland Ylivieska .


E  share  nr 3.  we  offer  to  landowners of 27,6  hectar  near  city  of  Moulay Bouselham .  Centre  of ITALIAN culture ,   by  the beach  of Atlantis  ocean.  140  km   to  south  from  japanise Asilah. Exhibition  of  best  italian  music  cinema   food  and  dance

in  south  Poland   similar  italia willage with  96  wooden  loghouses  in   Uście Gorlicke after we  find  landowner  of 27,6 hectar.

third  italian  willage come    Koskolovo,-  in   Russia  near   st   Petersburg ,  by   finnish  bay, after we  find  landowner  of 27,6 hectar.

One  of  96  different  italian reneccaince    art houses  shall come  to   world  expo  of  19  nations  ,  ´´ nitton  kronor ´´ in  Sweden Seskarö  near  Habaranda , in  Poland  Miedzylesia ,  in  Marocco near  Marrakech  and  one  in  Finland Ylivieska .

....................... ...........................

E  share  nr 4.  we  offer  to  landowners of 27,6  hectar  in    Mansouria, 30 km north  of  Casablanca, by  the beach  of Atlantis  ocean.

Centre   of  north  American  cultures of 44 independent states of America  and   Canada .  96  wooden  loghouses  and  furnitures made  in  Canada. Homemachines,art ,artesan works   , electronica  from ISA.  Best  of  jazz blues rock  and  roll  in   the  world ,

Similar   in east   Poland  near  Wlodawa,

in  east Finland  Mutalahti after we  find  landowner  of 27,6 hectar.

One  of  96  different  america   rock and  roll   houses  shall come  to   world  expo  of  19  nations  ,  ´´ nitton  kronor ´´ in  Sweden Seskarö  near  Habaranda , in  Poland  Miedzylesia   and  one  in  Finland Ylivieska .


.................................................. ......
E  share  nr 5.  we  offer  to  landowners of 27,6  hectar  in  Skhour Rehamna. Centre  of   turkish  culture   

  96  wooden  loghouses and  jugend  furnitures   made in Turkey.  Art  , artesan works  from  Turkey

in  east  Poland  similar    one   near Hajnowka

in  west  Russia near   PSKOV

One  of  96  different  turkish    houses  shall come  to   world  expo  of  19  nations  ,  ´´ nitton  kronor ´´ in  Sweden Seskarö  near  Habaranda , in  Poland  Miedzylesia   and  one  in  Finland Ylivieska .

E  share  nr 6.  we  offer  to  landowners of 27,6  hectar  near   Imi- n-Tanoute   in   high  Atlantis   mountains  centre   of  danish  culture  , 96 houses  accoring  danish jugend  1906 ,   made in sidi Ifni from russian pine.  Artwork,  artists from   Danmark. 

copy from  glad   kopenhagen   danish  culture centre   goes   to  Russian Karelia  Käkisalmi,  by  the  lake   of   Ladoka.  after we  find   landowner  of 27,6 hectar.

To  Poland   Romincka park  DUBIENINKI

One  of  96  different  danish     houses  shall come  to   world  expo  of  19  nations  ,  ´´ nitton  kronor ´´ in  Sweden Seskarö  near  Habaranda , in  Poland  Miedzylesia and  one  in  Finland Ylivieska .


E  share  nr 7. 

27,6 hectar  of  centre of  polish culture  in Sidi bibi Takkad   96   wooden  loghouses . To  Polald   similar  centre  of  polish culture  comes to   Tolkmicko Krajobrazowy wysoczyzny Elblaskiej after we  find  landowner  of 27,6 hectar. Your  propositions  in  english   to art academia agadir A 3 .



E  share  nr 8 .  we  offer  to  landowners of 27,6  hectar  in   Mirleft Elwafi  beach

 96  wooden  loghouses  with   interiörs  made   in  Russia.  Exhibitions  of  warm  rich  russian  culture, theathre, folk  music,  cinema, visual  arts 

in  south  east  Poland  similar  to 
---  Przemysl.

-- To  Finland   centre  of  russian  culture  96  houses  to   Iisalmi,    Runninkylä, near  house  of  russian   general  CG Mannerheim


E  share  nr 8 .  we  offer  to  landowners of 27,6  hectar  in   Mirleft Elwafi  beach

 96  wooden  loghouses  with   interiörs  made   in  Russia.  Exhibitions  of  warm  rich  russian  culture, theathre, folk  music,  cinema, visual  arts 

in  south  east  Poland  similar  to 
---  Przemysl.

-- To  Finland   centre  of  russian  culture  96  houses  to   Iisalmi,    Runninkylä, near  house  of  russian   general  CG Mannerheim

One  of  96  different  russia    houses  shall come  to   world  expo  of  19  nations  ,  ´´ nitton  kronor ´´ in  Sweden Seskarö  near  Habaranda , in  Poland  Miedzylesia   and  one  in  Finland Ylivieska .

.................................................. .....................................
E  share  nr 9 .  we  offer  to  landowners of 27,6  hectar  in  Sidi Ifni, -

centre  of  Swedish  culture 

  96  houses  jugend  1906   in  swedish  way.  Exhibition  of  humanism  and  sense. How  organize  big  home  production  near   habour  of  sidi  Ifni   and  operation ´´sahara  green´´ .  How to create this noiseless tourist route from Sidi Ifni 1000  km to south to Dakhla. Lot  of  houses  could  be situated to  that  beautiful , empty  beach.

In  high  atlas  and  Kamerum is  enough  water  to  do  it,  but  europa  and usa use  capacity  to illegal  wars  without  listening  united  nations when they wanted change governments in Iraq Syria Libya Ukraine.. Starting  world war III ...  More  as  2 milliard   people  in  north  Africa   are  in  acute  dancer to  die  because  of  lack of   food and  water  and  we  do  nothing   to   help   them.  

In  Poland   centre  of  swedish  culture could  be   in  beach  of  baltic  sea  near  Kołobrzeg

in  White  Russia  near  Krasnaje

One  of  96  different  sweden     houses  shall come  to   world  expo  of  19  nations  ,  ´´ nitton  kronor ´´ in  Sweden Seskarö  near  Habaranda , in  Poland  Miedzylesia  and  one  in  Finland Ylivieska .

.................................................. .................................................

E  share  nr 10    .  we  offer  to  landowners of 27,6  hectar  in  ICHT  , -

Exhibition    of  french   culture  , cinema, visual  arts, music.  96 houses  and furnitures  made  in  Sidi  ifni  from  russian wood.  Art  work  from  France  and  lands  in  south  America  and  Africa  where  France  kept  colonialistic  power.

-In  south Poland   similar  near   Prudnik

 -Pytalovo   in  Russia   

One  of  96  different  french      houses  shall come  to   world  expo  of  19  nations  ,  ´´ nitton  kronor ´´ in  Sweden Seskarö  near  Habaranda , in  Poland  Miedzylesia ,and  one  in  Finland Ylivieska .

E  share  nr 11    we  offer  to  landowners of 27,6  hectar  near   Tata

centre  of  german  culture .  Music, cinema,  filosofia technologia.  Sahara  green  project  with  France  , Britannia   and  Sweden

-   in   Poland ,  centre  of  german culture   near    Zakopane.

-  In middle of Finland   MULTIA

One  of  96  different  german     houses  shall come  to   world  expo  of  19  nations  ,  ´´ nitton  kronor ´´ in  Sweden Seskarö  near  Habaranda , in  Poland  Miedzylesia and  one  in  Finland Ylivieska .


E  share  nr 12    we  offer  to  landowners of 27,6  hectar  near   Foum Zquid -

centre  of  british  culture .  Music, cinema,  poetry,  rock  and  roll,  blues  ,  folk.-  Sahara  green  project  with  France  , Germany    and  Sweden

-   in   Poland ,  centre  of  culture  in  british  imperium  China India  Australia   near    Zakopane.

-  In middle of Finland   Koitere Kivilahti

One  of  96  different  british     houses  shall come  to   world  expo  of  19  nations  ,  ´´ nitton  kronor ´´ in  Sweden Seskarö  near  Habaranda , in  Poland  Miedzylesia  and  one  in  Finland Ylivieska .

.................................................. .....................

E  share  nr 13    we  offer  to  landowners of 27,6  hectar 

Agora  Zagora     centre   of   grecian  cultures  ,  psychodrama ,   filosofia  and  1000  buzukies  -    keskus kreikkalainen kulttuuri.  Original  model of  democratia

- in Poland  by baltic  sea    Ustka

in  Russian  karelia   -TERIJOEN  HALLITUS-    to west   from   St Petersburg

One  of  96  different  GREECE     houses  shall come  to   world  expo  of  19  nations  ,  ´´ nitton  kronor ´´ in  Sweden Seskarö  near  Habaranda , in  Poland  Miedzylesia   and  one  in  Finland Ylivieska .


E  share  nr 14    we  offer  to  landowners of 27,6  hectar 

in Alnif      culture   centre  of  Irland - 96   irish    houses  and   furnitures  made  in  Sidi   ifni  with  russian  wood 

eurovisio competitions  of  folk songs every  month    

- the  same  in  Poland  beach   of  Baltic  sea    Karwia

- 96   irish    houses    27,6 ha ´ in  Russian Karelia   beach  of    Ladoka Sortavala

One  of  96  different  irish    houses  shall come  to   world  expo  of  19  nations  ,  ´´ nitton  kronor ´´ in  Sweden Seskarö  near  Habaranda , in  Poland  Miedzylesia  and  one  in  Finland Ylivieska .


E  share  nr 15    we  offer  to  landowners of 27,6  hectar 

in Rissani   .  Centre  of  cultures  in   arab  nations  from   Arab Emeritas  to  Marocco   - 96    houses  and   furnitures  made  in   arabic  tradition in   Sidi   ifni  with  russian  wood 

  arabic  classical   and  modern   music  folk  every  evening      

- the  same  in  south   Poland  Wisla  

-   in  White Russia   Asvieja

One  of  96  different  arab    houses  shall come  to   world  expo  of  19  nations  ,  ´´ nitton  kronor ´´ in  Sweden Seskarö  near  Habaranda , in  Poland  Miedzylesia  one  in  Finland Ylivieska .


E  share  nr 16    we  offer  to  landowners of 27,6  hectar    north  of  Errachidia mountain  lakes  of   Addakhil

.  Centre  of  cultures  in  finn   ugrian    nations    - 96    houses  and   furnitures  made  in  their   tradition  made  in   Mari   Karelia  Inkerimaa Hungaria  Estonia Finlandia  and    in  Sidi   ifni  with  russian  wood . Suomalaisia  tuskin   kiinnosta  mikään   jossa vaaditaan   yhteistyöhalua   ja  kykyä  mutta  passiivisena  maanomistajanakin  oikeassa  paikassa voi  saada hyvät  tulot  tekemättä  mitään

second   similar   caste  of   96   houses   in  Hungaria  near  BATTONYA

to   south   east  Poland   Tarnica  mountain  in  Biezzady   mountains   

One  of  96  different  hungarian     houses  shall come  to   world  expo  of  19  nations  ,  ´´ nitton  kronor ´´ in  Sweden Seskarö  near  Habaranda , in  Poland  Miedzylesia   and  one  in  Finland Ylivieska .


E  share  nr 17    we  offer  to  landowners of 27,6  hectar   in  ait  HANI

  Centre  of  jewish  culture    in  high Atlantis

Golden Jerusalem  - 96    houses  and   furnitures  made  according    their   traditions    in  Sidi   ifni  with  russian  wood .

- also  to  west   Poland    POLECKO Krzesinski puisto Krajobrazowy

and  to  west  Russia  near  Gdov

One  of  96  different  jewish     houses  shall come  to   world  expo  of  19  nations  ,  ´´ nitton  kronor ´´ in  Sweden Seskarö  near  Habaranda , in  Poland  Miedzylesia ,  and  one  in  Finland Ylivieska .


E  share  nr 18    we  offer  to  landowners of 27,6  hectar   in   Quarzazate,  centre   of  dutch   culture,  New Holland, -  - 96    houses  and   furnitures  made  according    style  Amsterdam ,     in  Sidi   ifni  with  russian  wood .

In  Poland  Gluszyca GRN puisto sudetow walbrzyskich

In White   russia near   Hlybokaje

One  of  96  different  dutch     houses  shall come  to   world  expo  of  19  nations  ,  ´´ nitton  kronor ´´ in  Sweden Seskarö  near  Habaranda , in  Poland  Miedzylesia  and  one  in  Finland Ylivieska .

E  share  nr 19     we  offer  to  landowners of 27,6  hectar  10  km  from     Marrakech  to  direction    Quarzazate,  centre   of  Atlantis    culture -  - 96    houses  and   furnitures  made  according    style  of  19   nations 

In  Poland  Gluszyca GRN puisto sudetow walbrzyskich

In White   russia near   Hlybokaje

One  of  96  different  dutch     houses  shall come  to   world  expo  of  19  nations  ,  ´´ nitton  kronor ´´ in  Sweden Seskarö  near  Habaranda , in  Poland  Miedzylesia   and  one  in  Finland Ylivieska .


Drive  around  Marocco  19  days   shall continue to  Spain France Germany Tsek Rp  Poland  Russia  and  Finland  .  We  need  network  by  this road to  create road commissio  of european  union and  exhibition  of  best  parts  of 12  nations


Old  chinese  book  ´´  king  of  the  road´´  written   by  ´´yellow  emperor´´  3500 years  before  Christ:  In  every  matter,  person,  every  nation is something  good ,  uniting  plus what suits to TAO,   and  something  bad  separating  minus what NOT suits to TAO.  If we  take from each unit their best sides and join  them to  intelligent  plus sum game SAMPO, it  makes gold and diamonds to everybody more as  they  had asked, in spiritual and material  meaning.

Badness  from the world disappears, if we all learn to know our dark sides, not try find  ´´terrorists´´ outside our homes. American soldiers after Vietmam war  noticed how ´´the enemy  is  ´´inside´´

In  our time  this  theologia is written  by  swedish bishop Lennart K Koskinen in his book ´´faith to the  future and to  our common  possibilities to start it with  honest co operation, K  line. Suomennettu, usko tulevaisuuteen .Kauneus kulttuuri kollektiivisuus kommunikaatio koti ja Kristus- eli K voima.

Such gold age of Atlantis was  before in south Marocco, and also in India, China and forests of Finland Ylivieska. To  be  able to reconstruct such Sampo to south Marocco to Poland and to Finland, we need help from 12  lands, their companies, engineers, artists and artesanes

E  share  nr 20     we  offer  to  landowners of 27,6  hectar   in  south  Spain ,   near   RONDA .

e   21  to Lora del RIO .              - e   22 E to Llerena ,-      e  23    to Herre RA       ,- e   24     near Talavera ,       e   25   near Avila ,-      e    26   near Aranda de Duero --e    27   Mansilla -     E 28  near Pamplona -

 we repeat same timetables of common starts for different type of groups  annually , every  year.  30 times per month from april to october. UM Maroc is possible 12 months of year.


E share nr 29 we offer to France  Saint Sever ,-       E 30  to   landowners near CAHORs ,    - E 31   near  MURAT --      E 32 VICHY --     E 33 Seurre ,-     E  34 we offer to GERMANY , landowner near NEUSTADT --

 E  35   Sigmarinen ,        E  36  Augsburg ,-      E    37   Sraubing ,-    E  38 we offer to Tsek republic investor of 27,6 hectar near Ceske Budejovice

E-share nr 39   to  landowners  in  Rokytnice  in  north  of Tsek. Border  of  Poland. After we  find  landowner  of 27,6 hectar. Your  propositions  in  english  or french to sidi Bibi comissio 

E-share nr 40   goes to Poland Miedzylesie Gniewoszow , to investors of 27,6 hectar. Its me , Hannu Hietikko, my polish ex wife Violetta Sarnowiak and our common son 14 years old William.

We have possibility to get with 20 e wizums for 12 days in border of White Russia,- without waiting , if the travellers use ONLY choosen K-route to NIIRALA, east border of EU schengen Finland.

E-share nr 41 sampo tao offers to landowners of 27,6 hectar in Poland , near Prudnik ,- E 42 Wisla, -      E 43 Zakopane ,-    E 44 Uscie Gorlicke ,-E 45 BIESZCZADY tarnica mountain ,-E 46 Przemysl .-E 47 TOMASZOW LUB , E 48 Wlodawa , E 49 TARNOPOL, E 50   Hajnowka ,- E 51 TOLKMICKO,- E 52 Romincka park DUBIENINKI ,-

E 53 KARWIA,- E 54 Utska,- - E 55  KOLOBRZEG ,- E 56 to landowner of 27,6 hectar near SZCZECIN ,-,E 57 POLECKO Krzesinski park krajobrazowy , E 58 GLUSZYCA GRN park sudetow walbrzyskich .......................

E 59 we offer to landowners of 27,6 hectar in White Russia near PRUZANY ,- E 60 to Mou cadz White Rus,- E 61 to Hlybokaje,-White Rus ,- E 62 to Asvieja White Rus ,- E 63 to Krasnaje ,- E 64  to Pytalovo ,- E 65 to Pskov ,- E 66 to Gdov ,- E 67  near St Petersburg Koskolovo ,- E 68 Terijoki ,- E 69 Käkisalmi ,- E 70 Sortavala-     E 71  in east Finland Mutalahti /  usa ,-  e  72  Kivilahti  Koitere /  britannia   ,  E 73 Juankoski  /Spain ,- E 74 Iisalmi Runninkylä  /  Russia  ,- E 75 Viitasaari   Hungary´´- E 76 Multia /  Germany ,- E 77 Keuruu / Poland



Share  - E 79  we  offer  to  landowner  of  27,6  hectar in  Russia , from  st . Petersburg   200-220  km  to  direction Moscowa, near railway  station.  To build  willage  of 96 wooden  loghouses, with 7  douple rooms, for  672  couples  or  singles who travel  by  train  200-220  km per  day .  For  evening  festivals and  sleeping   37  new  jugend  art  nouveau willages by the  railroad  of   8000  km   before  border of  China .  Made  by network in 19 different  lands. Samara- Arlak- Baikal - Alma aty-Urumchi-Yumen-XI´AN -Sanghai.

Shares  - E 79  -  E   115  we   offer  to  37   places  in  Russia,  8000 km  / 37 .  Distance  ungefär  210 km.  

Shares  - E 116  -  E   141  we   offer  40 %   in  China  ,  who  arrange for   this  international   purpose  27,6  hectar    near  26   railway stations,   from  Russia  to  Shanghai  .   5000 km , distance  between willages ungefär  200 km. 

Our  company  sampo tao  want  create   new  type  of  individual culture  adventure  tourism  and  also  large  homeproduction  because  so  many  people  have  loosed  their  homes   in  last  times, there  is  natural demand.  Also  lot  of  people  have  no work. 

The  journey  from  Shanghai  continues by  ships  and air to   directly  to  wild  east , to  USA   San Diego.  -  24  shares  - E 142   -  E   166  we   offer to  landowners with  distance  180 -220 km  from  each  others  ,-   by  the  road  of  4800  km   San Diego  to  el  Paso- San Antonio  - New  Orleans -  Florida  Daytona  Beach  ,- by ships  and  air directly  to  east  ,  Agadir.  Alfa. Atlantis.  Your  propositions  in  english  to evangelista Joshua  Mills  USA and  to vyroby  at 

Shares  - E 167   -  E   178    we   offer   to  12  landowners,  distance  140-170  km    by   road 1900   km   from  Sparta Greece  to  makedonia  Slovakia  Hungary south  east  Poland ,share nr  E 45 BIESZCZADY tarnica mountain ,  centre  of  finn  ugrian nations  . 

After  hard  problems  in  these  countries  and  III  world  war   has  been  ending,  we  hope  to  see  the  day  when  we  can offer   shares  - E 179   -  E   234   to  55  landowners,  distance  200-230   km    by   road 11 000   km   from  Agadir to  south  Tunisia Algeria Libya Egypt  Gaza  Pyramides - Palestina  Gaza- Betlehem  - Jerusalem - Jerico - Syria- Turkey- Iraq - Iran  and  to Arab  Emirates.

Shares  - E 235    -  E   269     we   want  offer  34   landowners  who  want  situate  one  willage  of  96  wooden  loghouses  between  road  of 7000 km from  Karachi  - Kanpur - Varanasi- Kunming- Changsha- Nanchang -Shanghai. Daily  drive  200 km  ,  ungefär   .

We shall make journey around world ecomically possible also to puor people. Yellow network around world   offer  nice  art   nouveau  rooms   20 e / person. Good madras, shelter of rain and mosquitos with own sleeping packs 4 e .Common  big sauna

When  lot  of youngsters shall get  possibility  to travel around world safely  with  moderate costs, their   understanding culture of human population  is growing more as in any university

To get speed to  this, association  Les  jaunes    is  asking  support  from 12  nations  to start  these  new schools in Poland and in Marocco , and  to  produce     screen  play ´´ exodus  today´´ . When we show to  mass  media something what is  not yet true, but investor wants become true, it  happens to  them what  lot of people believe. If  they  believe to  Hietikko,  they  get  place  in  heaven. 

 Such cinema ´´exodus today ´´  would    make    38  million  polish and 40 million  maroccian  emigrants    interested  to  come  back 

people  who  want real  changing  to  this  rotten  world , please  vote  with  your  feet

join  this  road  festival



all   questions  connected  to police  and   courts  in  Finland,  please  contact  Ari Kuukka, Multiantie 1 b 12 42700 Keuruu Finland .

 In Poland  consulat  of Finland  ambassador  Jari  Vilen and  lawyer  Maciej Abresz , ul Lakowa 4/1 Wroclaw, Poland

 In Spain and  in  court of Strasbourg case 55935 / 13  / Mr Gonzales Avda Playas Andaluzas 38 , 29600 Marbella Malaga Espanja . 

 We  demand  that  Helsinki  highest  court  

Helsingin  korkein  oikeus  Diaari R 15/24. and  court  of  Klodzko  shall send  their  decisions  and  all   material  from  us  to Ari  Kuukka  and to  Mr Gonzales. He  has  taken  money and  has  power  of  attorney Jyvaskylan  oikeusaputoimiston / Suomen  valtion on  kustannettava lakimies Eduard Gonzalesin kulut , joka  panee  asian  viipymatta Strasbourgiin,  jos korkein  oikeus ei  anna   valituslupaa,  tai  hylkaa   korvausvaateitamme. Sovitteluvastuussa  olevat  viranomaiset,

the  mainpage   continue    in english here

in finnish suomeksi täällä

these people have been informed about situation during 5 years, but  they do nothing,  not hear anything

Annual meeting 28.2.2017 of international culture association Los Amarillos Keltaiset ry vuosikokouspöytäkirja


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