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I¨m born in Finland, educated in art academia of Helsinki TAIK. I was married 18 years with polish architect Violetta Sarnowiak. We made big remont in this old german farm of 34,5  hectares in walley in polish sudetian mountains Miedzylesie, 4 km from border of Tsech republic. In year 2001 our son William was born , also in 2001 Poland and USA started  big war against al qaida without respecting orders of united nations. Isis was born when they went to hang Saddam Hussein. This crime was same as Hitler did and the war has not finished, real harmakeddon Jihad is starting soon inside Europa said finnish ex primie minister Paavo MOSES Lipponen in front page of the biggest newspaper in Finland ( Helsingin Sanomat ) .  Police in Germany says how they have war inside and in Poland are terrorizing  roman catholic gangsters using name law and order. 250 000  people were on streets of Warsawa claiming REVOLUTION.

 In year 2003 polish ex pope John Paul II was leading network of vatican and 55 % of polish people to common pray, please Jesus Christus, come and start be president of Poland. Something similar happened in Portugal. These 2 are the most puor countries in European union and many people say how their life is very difficult. All educated honest people want go away from Poland and Portugal.

With mass media and advertising its possible to lead happenings in real reality, because to people happen what they have been believing. Thats why  prokurator Beata Jelinska in court of Klodzko was asking me to produce fictive screenplay mixing together 50 % happenings of real reality and 50 % stories in the Bible. What shall happen in two most problematic country of European Union when Spirit of Truth appears there suddenly ? This you will see from next video   We invite to Gniewoszow Miedzylesie half million  people 1.6.-3.6 2018  and 20.8-23.8.2018  to help to make this  screenplay. To Portugal Portimao between Praya do VAU and Bemposta 9.5.-12.5 every year

Culture association Keltaiset ry Los Amarillos shall prepare to these 2 areas  tents with good madras so many  as we get reservations in advance to email 10 euros / day . ( with own sleepingpacks )We invite companies of finnish sauna industry to make exhibition from their products and egological kompost toilets. We want organize this festival of 3 days in Poland every summer 1.6.-3.6 2018  and 20.8-23.8.2018. In Portugal between Praya do VAU and Bemposta 9.5.-12.5 every year

 I am road

with common  marketing and advertising we could arrange every year at same days kavalcade of motorcycles scooters  bicycles and old veterancars ..commonstart from Bemposta to Casas da Sr do Verde -   AUTODROMO - Marmelete- Aliezur - Odeceixe /  Sao Teotonio ready  made  tents, wonderfull  culture  festivals  and commonstart  13.5. Villa Nova de Milfontes / Cercal / Tanganheira / Santiago do Cacem / Grândola  commonstart 14.5 Alcácer do Sal / São Cristóvão /  Montemor o Novo - Mora /  commonstart 15.5 Montargil / Ponte de Sor / Arez / Nisa / Villa Velha de Ródão / commonstart  to Poland 16.5. 2018 , later annually every spring at same time --Castelo Branco -Alpedrinha -Covilha  - commonstart 17.5 Guarda- Freixedas - Pinhel / Figueira de- Castelo Rodrigo / Barca de Alva / exposição dos melhores artes ARCHITECTURA e artesanato, mobiliário, electronica, casa de máquinas, música folk, blues, jazz, rock and roll. cinema de alta qualidade e música a partir de 50 estados de América --Freixo de Espada à Cinta /--Lagoaça / Mogadouro /
commonstart 18.5--
Depois de Portugal festival estrada volta para a Espanha -Fermoselle - Bermillo de Sayago-19,5 início Zamora-Valladolid - 20.5 início Burgos-21,5 início Pamplona- estrada N 135 - D 933 para a França 22.5. iniciar--commonstart  to Poland 22.5. 2018 , later annually every spring at same time  ORTHEZ--23.5. iniciar AGEN --estrada D 656 para Cahors -road 653 MURAT --- Massiac - Sauxillanges- Vic le Comte -Marinques - Randan-24,5 início AURILLAC N 122, D 588, D 906, 25.5. iniciar VICHY D 480, D 973 para Lapalisse - - 26.5.start Autun -estrada D 973 ---- D 673 Seurre - St Jean de Losne --Auxonne --D 12- Rioz- Rouge Mont- Hericourt- Sochaux-27,5 início Besancon--D 683 - para Belfort ALEMANHA Altkirch D 419--28,5 início LOERRACH--estrada 317 NEUSTADT --29.5 começar TUTTLINGEN - ROAD 311- Sigmarinen -Scheer --- 311 estrada--30,5 início Augsburg confissões-- Potmess --Pfaffenhofen - Moosburg - Landshut - Postau-31.5. iniciar Sraubing -- - Deggendorf - Innernzell - Grafenau - Philppsreut - Strážný - Lenora - Cesky Krumlov-  1,6 começar Ceske Budejovice - Litomysl - -2.6. iniciar -Rokytnice-NIEMOJOW POLÔNIA ... 3.6. commonstart Poland  Gniewoszow

 we want make screenplay from this road

From its willages cities, historia, today . Because our association has not economical resourches to produce cinema ( only manusscriptura and story board ) we have been  asking help from Vatican , from ev.lut church of Finland, from Jehova witnesses and mormones. But not any of them are interested to help the King of Gloria, to open the door for him . Their power and money are more important as spirit of truth. They want that people believe to PIANO , when they should believe to beautiful music.

In the Bible is written how re-coming of Jesus Christ means FINISHING of all christian churches and religions. And how the last ones will be the first ones . Because  religious Jesus believers do not want him back, we invite to these  festivals such people who not like roman catholic church, not protestants, not jehovas or mormones, who would like to FINISH them all. Peace of 1000 years is not possible before we do that. Christian churches and religions are reason to very many wars. Portugal has been killing in name of Jesus millions of people in south America and in Africa and still today its very  fasistic country.


In roman catholic Poland and Portugal religious people are very agressive because of my  opinions. They say how Hietikko is mentally  ill and I   must go away from my home . Very  many times i had to hear how someone want KILL me  and my  musliman wife Melika has pains in her heart


Portimao social security office 

Núcleo de apoio Jurídico

Proteccao Juridica promised to give me lawyer , because this what happened is not legal. Recibo no 2017 0128 026954887

referencia PJ 5835/17 - 102966/17 IMC IM FAR

Im citizen of Finland 011151 187 P, residence in Portugal  Nr E 1507795  

ORDEM dos AVOGADOS Faro gave us doctor of law  Rua do Barranco 43, 1 andar  8400 -508  Carvoeiro -LGA Portugal. Tel  00351- 282 356 218, mobile tel 966 157 199, FAX 00351 282 354 015.

Also my home insurances PZU and ALLIANZ in Poland and in Portugal  LIBERTY seguros apolice 47/572455 are responsible to help us. Their office Portimao Praya Rocha said very clearly how our home insurance  is including jurist , without any limits of the costs, no limits how many cases.

 7.7.2017  in late evening 2 polish gangsters came to door of our home in Portimao. Message was short , ´´ you know what we wait from you  Hietikko and your friends  told where you bought this house.  They said this to my maroccian wife Melika Ramouz  22.05  and I  heard it clearly  from open window to my room. Our adres they got  from Williams keller real estate, only they knew it . Ruth Alexandra and Anne Tikkanen were first brutally fooling us and later promised to arrange us problems

 Buying a house in Portugal is  very  dangerous  says our american friend Bill. Also in Poland law and order is totally  missing. 38 million polish people are living as emigrants in UK, canada, usa, germany, skandinavia. If they try to come back to Poland, they meet  terrible problems


what for i came to Poland ?   

My polish ex wife, architect Violetta Sarnowiak did not get in Finland healthy services because of rascistic reasons. She  lended from me all my properity in Finland 870 000 euros , 599 000 euros from association Keltaiset ry  ( together 1,469 million euros. )  She bought land 34,5 hectar in south west Poland sudetian mountains and remonted 1998 -2005  those culture historically valuable 4 german houses with hard work of 8 years. Meaning was to start mountain hostel  and our home.  Son was born 28.3.2001. (  We  hade all home and traffic insurances in PZU. After august 2009 in Alliaz Wroclaw )

Our neighbours jehowa witness  family of Stefania , Samuel , Sara and Stanislaw ilnicki became jealous and made almost every week to police of Miedzylesie requests of crime investigations. More as 50 times we had to travel to Miedzylesie and every time police could not find anything illegal in our remonting. Next  the ilnicki family  started to come in front of our house with axe in hand , shouting  ´´go to Finland , we kill you and burn this house ´´. This  they said also to our clients as german Dietmar Schuller, logistiga planner from DHL Nurnberg ( email ). The last attact happened in night 13.5.2007,  3 witnesses told this to police of Klodzko ( Marian Misiazek ), sound files, photos were left to policestation, but during 10 years  they have not started crime proces. Thats why attacts  came more and more hard and finally , organ player of roman catholic church Adam Zaba , JEHOWA WITNESSES , HOLY ALBERT  ASSOCIATION and ANDREI BOGDANOWITZ  broke all house to small  pieces, robbed everything

When me,  my ex wife, our son and also finnish  tenants  or family  outi rantaniemi  from Haukiputaa  were not allowed to be in  that house, in  august 2009  I  had to give it to association of homeless people holy Albert in Wroclaw . All  agreements were made by  lawyer Marek Rudnicki in Wroclaw and he is  responsible that they are correct  and saved to his office. I did not know polish lanquage , i had to trust to lawyer Rudnicki and  M . Abresz.  Because  i did not  know those people, i paid a lot of money to insurance Allianz in august 2009 and went back to Maroc .

Men from  that holy Albert association /  Jacek Kolodzied said how they surely take care of this beautiful house so long as our son is adult and decide how to continue. If  they not take responsibility, al qaida can come to kill him,  and also all  NUN s  and priests of Rozanka- Domaszkow ,  said Mr Jazek . Al gaida europa and german new natzies is going to do it, if we cant get any  legal solution to these  crimes

 Because police Adam Polanski  in Miedzylesie and  prokurator Beata Jelinska in Klodzko  said that Hietikko  cant be in Poland at all , and Andrei Bogdanowitz took my Wroclaw home and promise to pay 1400 zl / month to holy albert Jazek in Gniewoszow for electric bills, food ,telephone , fire wood , etc. This money in Poland is good salary but Andrei did not pay it. He wanted Jacek out, to be able to rob the house. There was 2 tractors, professional wood machines, dry pine wood of 50 000 euros, big libary , art collections , insurance value in Finland 599 000 euros. Our claims to Andrei Bogdanowitz  are 400 000 euros plus 40 % to lawyers .  50 % more to russians  if 4 lawyers are not succesful to get that money

They destoyed that house totally during winter 2009 -2010 , when allianz insurance was valid. But when i heard about destruction and informed Allianz,  they were answering by sms, dont disturb us, you creisi man, go to psychiatr. Police in Finland Keuruu Kimmo Rytkonen has copy of this sms. They got such  information from consulat of Finland in Warsawa . Also  jehova witnesses in Miedzylesie,  family of Stefania Illnicki  were spreading such rumours  all over in Silesia jehowa witnesses  network. Anna Maryniak / newspaper gazeta Brama took  part to this rascistic black painting. Our claims to  international jehowa witnesses in new york is to pay all costs of production to cinema exodus today, ordered to plan by polish prokurator Beata Jelinska 2008. Its telling about re coming of Jesus Christ. King of Gloria start be president of Portugal and Poland as 55 % of population was praying 2004  together with John Paul II ( polish ex pope ).

Psycholog Mariuz Border Wroclaw,  ul Legnizcka 52  said that Hietikko  is not sick and how insurance  company ALLIANZ  has no rights to make such diagnosas or refuse  their  responsibilities by saying how client is sick after too many crimes and hard torture. Threatening with killing , burning my car, poisoning my dogs

 When Donald  Tusk  was primie minister in Poland , he wrote me how  these  people  are responsible to solve  these matters  Ministerstwa Spraw Wewnetrznych i Administracji ul Batorego 5 , 02 514 Warsawa,  but  they did  nothing.....When I wrote to president of european council  Donald Tusk  how im going to sell  my  credits ( claims )  to maroccian russian  collectors , 1.12.2015  he wrote me again to Portugal Faro , saying  how these  matters MUST go to court of Strasbourg .

 At same day 1.12.2015  lawyer Ivo Belchior Dias in Faro took  from me that letter,  money and power of attorney , promising to take care of court of FARO and Strasbourg. But after he discussed with lawyer, who  is  honour consul  of Finland,  they decided to do nothing.

Planning  of this Jesus cinema started already in Finland  !  

I was working as art director in advertising offices of Helsinki and  my clients were for example NOKIA , volvo auto and .  1981 ENSTO was inviting me directly to their  company ,after knowing  my ways  of thinking and working  more  as 3 years . They got my services  with cheaper price like that .  I did my work  well  and  bisnes turn over was rising.   6 years  I was in private education of chairman of the board  Ensio Miettinen  . He was secondly most rich man in Finland who started ensto company from emtpy table 1958. Mr Miettinen was genius as Leonardo da Vinci, but suffering about serious manic depression problems. ( His mother died in same day when Ensio was born ) . Usually he was very intelligent and creative, but in some days I saw my boss white foam in his mouth shouting ´´I have gun and im going to shoot myself´´. He didn´t do it but went to treatment in psychiatric hospital of Sanerva Helsinki for 2 weeks. People in conservative swedish talking Porvoo knew that and they were talking about madness of Miettinen  with evil ironia. They were jealous to biggest employer in Porvoo , whose family was from Viipuri , west Russia. He did not get  such sick periods   more as 3 or 4  during  6 years, but stupid  people were talking how he is ALL  the time very sick. Most of time he was great filosof who knew all world litteratura , arts and psychologia. Most intellegent and creative man what i have seen in Finland.  Miettinen was a kind of shaman and mystician , in same ways as epileptic people during their ´´fallings ´´ can  see something very  strange.

 Ensio Miettinen saw how we are very near  of BIG CHANGE.  He was not religious in  ordinary  ways  but he was sure that Jesus is here very soon and all  shall  go upside down . He was teaching me 6 years saying how all  these 1000 engineers here in ensto  are more or less mad, nobody is healthy. They use only small part of their total capacity and waste too much energia to competition against each others  inside own company ,- when they should  fight in global markets outside own house. But he had plan to make Hannu Hietikko 100 %  healthy with his OWN intensive treatment . He said how I should wake up and teach other people to do the same.

 Managing director Esko Kahela was warning me many times, not to go to his house, because Ensio is mad and soon is also advertising man Hietikko mad, if we are together so often. I said to Mr Kahela, what you self say, when your boss ( owner of company ) ask you to come, do you say ´´sorry I cant, because I could loose my healthy with you ?´´ Mr Kahela said nothing and my education was continuing until company doctor Udo Prezler said that Hietikko has fallen to deep skitsofrenia. Doctor of psychiatria Eija Thomasson reported diagnosa 100% skitsofrenia to the national insurance

I was only 33  years old when  they were ´´executing ´´ my  social identity and reputation . In small  town Porvoo people started spit on me in streets and came to cut down old forest around my house . This what Miettinen  told me  about coming of new system was so strong , so  ´´mad ´´  and  strange  that  those 1000  engineers and  their doctors could not  give any  other  name  to such thinking . 100% skitsofrenia, totally  out of real realities, but anyhow i drove around world with big motorbike , with no accidents.

No kind of therapia they did not even try to start, and I bought good motorcycle BMW r 800 . I  drove everywhere in Europa Irland Britannia Turkey , near east , north Africa , India, -  lot of kilometers, more as 2 times  around the world. Finally i started live in Poland but jehowa witnesses said how they  kill  me if i not go away

next 8  years i was living in islamic north Africa and got new wife there

 2015  i came to Portugal  when they  were offering  10 years  taxfreedom and good healthy services to foreign pensionists. It was also brutal fooling as everthing in Portugal  seems to be. Tax freedom is ending and healthy services  are same as zero. When i told  them what had happened to me,  doctor of psychiatria Rui Neves wrote 31.3.2015 after discussion of 15 minutes, how Hietikko is paranoid, out of realities.  Finland has so extraordinary reputation and they surely not do so brutal mistakes ! But Portugal is responsible about my healthy and they  must offer me and my new wife psychoterapia to find out what are these real realities what i not understand ? What  is mentally  ill in visions  of my previous boss Ensio Miettinen ? According agreements state of Finland must pay back to Portugal all costs of my treatment.  takes from my pension every month to this purpose quite a lot. Portugal cant say that we have no money to offer psychoterapia to anybody. If they try talk like that, it means that they not WANT to know what is behind this matter. For example very dirty crimes of roman catholic church, jehova witnesses  and association of Holy Albert association Wroclaw ( )

When I have been trying to say how im not sick, to be able to see my son, they say how  man who has 100% skitsofrenia, not understand it self. But actually I do … After 1986 when I did not have to think at all where I get money and what people think about me, I started practice intensive christian meditation with YOGA sutras of master Patanzali, 2 hours every day. Because this world had banished me out from its systems, I had need to find a kind of OTHER reality, values of the kingdom of heaven inside me, Christus in nobis, atman aton iishvara. Electric engineer  Ensio Miettinen  was showing me this way and i not can  come back from that direction , because i know  that  its ´´the way to home ´´

 Our inside transcendental self and our social role are totally opposite, as oil and water they run away eachothers. You cant serve two lords, you must choose between this social world or ME, said Jesus Christ. In the Bible is also written how in last days GOD is sending a mad man, who is pulling all intelligent engineers, consuls and advocates to big ashame. They will see how this what was mad in front of their satan system, it was biggest wisdom in front of Allah. Robert Bly in USA has written a book about such man, named IRON JOHN. Zelasny Jan in polish, in finnish RAUTAHANNU HIETIKKO .

Most famous shaman in Finland Vaasa has said to yogateacher how Hannu Hietikko is most near of GOD among ALL people who live in form of fysical body in our time. President of indian yoga doctors association dr K.U.Sathyanath in Kerala Cochin was teaching me 1990-1993 and still he leads my operations. He had been growing in roman catholic family and believes that Hannu Hietikko is John the Babtist, who is  opening the road to one who said ´´a am road ´´. Finnish shaman in Fuengirola says that this what Hietikko is doing, NOBODY can prevent.

 But ´´normal ´´finnish people in Andalusia would like to kill me ( witnes Lea Pons Fuengirola, Olavi Karjalainen Torremolinos ) Also in Portimao i must be very careful with ´´normal finns´´. do not accpet me to association of finnish people in Portugal. Pastor in Fuengirola said how only dogs and banditos can be Hietikkos friends. In Finland Jämsänkoski police Arto Koivumäki is son of my older brother. He has said that NOBODY in our family is allowed to keep any contacts to Hannu Hietikko. Our parents did not agree this, but they are both ded. When social boss was afraid of her own crimes and asked police to arrest me 2010, she told how this order was coming from my cousin Matti Koivumäki in Helsinki Kaivokatu, director of sampo danske bank. If this is true, such bank can be very dangerous place in future when real harmakeddon jihad starts. This needs police investigation. All what Vanhanen said are saved in digital recorder, sd card are in law office Kuukka Tiainen Keuruu. Vanhanen said 12.5.2010 how Hietikko must go back where i came from. During my way back to sahara i met member of parlament Kirsti Elomaa. He said that banishing finnish citizen to sahara breaks badly basic laws of Finland. My father had to be 4 years in war to defend that country

When´´normal ´´ finnish people are so sure about 100%  madness of Hietikko and teach my only child to hate his father, I have found my friends from deserts, mountains and beaches of north Sahara. They are usually wild dogs or members of Al qaida. They were choosing to me 2009 new wife Melika Ramouz. She has taken care of me 8 years because I do not understand ANYTHING about the realities of this world. Melika can swear in court how its VERY easy to fool Hietikko, I can put my name to what ever paper. But because I have according official documents  100% skitsofrenia, my signatures are worth of NOTHING. When lawyer of wanted 1987 my signature to quarantee, that Hietikko never start crime process against them, KNEW that something illegal really happened. But when they self say how Hietikko is 100% skitsofrenic, my signatures and promises mean nothing.

Crimes in Ensto belong to general procurator and family of my maroccian WIFE want ensto to legal responsibility.  Morocco is standing behind her claims and they have big network also in Finland and in Portugal. They have given me name ELWAFI, man of truth , but ´´normal ´´ finnish people say how Hietikko talks 100% ly shit. I really live in different world, in land what is not. But which soon comes. My older sister in Finland has said how already in childhood years hannu´s world was at least 10 years forwards from today. ( kello kävi 10 vuotta edellä ) My jewish mother was similar, she could see the future. In advertising bisnes such abilities were very useful. I didn´t follow any ´´trends´´ , i was creating such ! But this what i see today is ´´bloody destruction because of one man ´´. Because God is mercy and love, there is also very good and positive possibility. If people could change their minds and attitudes, we could enter to peace of 1000 years. But if women and priests are ruling everything as they do in Portugal and Poland, total hell is only possibity. In USA congres of conservative red necks not let Mr Trump open friendly useful contacts to Russia. Weapon industry of america want war, because it´s so good bisnes. They say that Mr Trump is  mentally ill ´´ child ´´, because he think in his own ways

My polish ex wife Violetta Sarnowiak ( ) has said  that all 18 years  Hietikko was as a helpless child, out of real realities, concentrating ONLY to my ´´inside world ´´. She was living 18 years with my ensto pension, in that way I took  care of my family.  Violetta took care of everything else. She knew how anybody could fool me, come to my house in Porvoo as Elina and Paavo Koivisto and say how Hietikko must go away and give my house to them. Violetta Sarnowiak wanted 3.9.1996 my name to credit paper of 870 000 euros . She wanted to lend that money to her polish mother Halina Cieplucha , ul Bratyslawska 13 m 24  LODZ , after we sell new house in Porvoo 235 sq meters, ( in photo )  in Helsinki centre apartments 94 sq mtr, 48  sq mtr  and 28 sq mtr.

 All of them were MY PRIVAT  PROPERITY in time when we were NOT married . She wanted this properity to Poland and came back to Finland with kidnapped child and started live with  social money of finnish tax payers. Asked police of Poland and police of Finland to banish Hietikko to sahara.

 But  making requests of crime investigations  with unreal  false reasons  is crime  in Finland  and in Poland , which shall  be punished  with 2 years in prison. Jehova witnesses  ilnicki  in Poland  made such more as 50  , in Finland Violetta  and women in made such 4 st.

In year 1986 in communistic Poland were 500  beautiful well educated women who wanted come to rich Finland and be my wife. I choosed Violetta because she told to 100%  invalid very strange story. Angels had appeared to her room in Lodz 1986 , saying how she is reborn Holy Maria of Nazareth. Because its possible to fool me in every matter, I took this seriously and still today I believe that she did not lie. I believe that satanistic finnish social  system SS  women of  have been forcing to eat chemia to forget her own visions and blame Hietikko how I hurt her honour with so mad  stories. But lawyer Ari Kuukka in Keuruu has Violas  own hand written  letter 53 pages where she talk all honestly

In July 1997 holy Violetta Sarnowiak and her ´´new age friends ´´  were frightening me away from Finland . I drove alone with motorcycle to Israel.  polish mafia was   fooling my properity  to Poland,  but all such agreements must be all cancelled. In summer 1997 I was not married with Violetta Sarnowiak and after violence of ELO and Riitta Kokko, doctor of psyhiatria Arto Lauerma in Helsinki Kallio reported how Hietikko  is in psychosa. My polish ex wife and her mother Halina  have same opinion.  Anyhow Violetta wanted get married with me  SECOND TIME  in autumn 1997 and transported my properity to Poland.  She did this to 100 % invalid and KNEW what she did. It was a crime and polish police / court know it

Me and  my Islamic wife not agree that Im in psychosa, people who are out of real realities can not drive heavy motorbike from Finland to Jerusalem  without accidents. I still use that BMW .  Its question about differences in values and thinking, said  Ensio Miettinen. But my ex wife and dr Lauerma say how sick man not understand it  my self . In Porvoo people say how also Ensio Miettinen is mad  and most of finns think that all islamic people are sick in their heads. Anyhow this discussion of 30 years of my mental healhty and specially violence of ELO 1997 have been wounding me . Im afraid of so called ´´ normal people ´´ and  they can force me to put my name to what ever paper. Violetta Sarnowiak and Melika Ramouz have many examples of such 

  I have problems to sleep here in Bemposta, in this street Rua Pedro Alvares Cabral are 50 dogs who make noise in night. ( its against laws of Portugal ) I wake up many times every night and horrify how  killers are coming. We must go away from  here so soon as possible, because police or finnish  consulat do nothing to help us. My claims from state of Finland valtiokonttori / or is 870 000 euros plus cost of lawyers. Association keltaiset ry was loosing 599 000 euros, because of this crime. New managing director claim  that money back .




Donald Trump ja Donald Tusk keskustelemassa Italian Taorminassa G7-kokouksessa.Poland is big beautiful country in middle of Europa, but they are not satisfied, not can take care of their matters. Poland has started MORE wars and revolutions as ANY other nation  and unhonest characters of polish  KURVA people are well known in all world . Very big reason to BREXIT of Britannia were millions of polish kurvas in England. According the last news, european union starts notice this. They not want pay to Poland because they behave as gangsters, ( using name ´´law and order ´´ )

Also this newest war against ´´al qaida´´ was started by Poland, together with americans. United  nations said ´´dont do it, its not allowed ´´, but they did not respect oders of UN. Crime was same as Hitler did, isis was born when they hanged Saddam Hussein and german new natzies woke up everywhere. Syria Libya Iraq broken, large exiler problem, millions are ded.  But what for court of Haag for war criminals not put  starters of illegal war to responsibility ? Is it because polish Donald Tusk self was primieminister and now he is boss of all European council  and international courts ?

Puola on iso  kaunis maa keskellä  vehreää Eurooppaa, mutta he eivät osaa  hoitaa  asioitaan. Puola on aloittanut sotia ja vallankumouksia enemmän kuin  yksikään muu kansakunta ja kaikkialla  maailmassa heidät tunnetaan hyvin epärehellisinä.  Myös tämän uusimman al qaida sodan Puola aloitti amerikkalaisten tukemana. Rikos oli sama kuin mihin Hitler syyllistyi, koska YK sanoi selvästi ettei Puolalla ja usalla  ole lupaa tälläiseen. ISIS syntyi kun he hirttivät Saddam Husseinin , saksalaiset uusnatsit heräsivät. Mutta koska puolalainen , hassista poltteleva  kurttunaama Donald Tusk on Unionin johtaja, Haagin sotarikosoikeutta ei haluta avata. ( tiedot hänen cannabiksen käytöstään perustuvat omaan lausumaansa  Puolan televisiossa 2007. Tilanne on naurettava koska Puolassa yhä on  laki  jonka mukaan cannabiksen käytöstä tulee vankeustuomio ).

( picture lended from finnish iltalehti EPA / AOP)

Now  they write in news how European Union start be nervous to Poland. They do not want pay them any more big money, not want  that MAD  Poland has  so much power in voting inside union. Poland waste all its  money to corruption of old rotten power -nomenklatura,  buy more and more weapons from USA  and start  illegal wars. But Poland can not give to schoolchildren books, dentists and food. General salaries are smaller as 500 e / month. Similar problems they have in Portugal where perverse roman catholic priests and old conservative women  rule  inside families and all society. Its good relevant question what for 2 most roman catholic lands in the world ( Portugal and Poland ) are also 2 most puor, unsafe, unhonest and stupid  lands in all Europa. In the Bible Jesus Christ says how his kingdom on earth is NOT  possible  before all christian churches, religions, priests and  nuns are FINISHED ( endlösung ) ( Kötkährys-tuomio in eteläpohojammaa ) . Renewed al qaida of Bin Laden junior start operate in 20 lands and their meaning is stop terrorism against ordinary people. Concentrate to kill only priests and nuns . Name  of operatio is MUSTA  SURMA

Aikamme suurin kriisi on johtajuuden puute,  Amerikassa puolet väestä väittävät että Mr Trump on mielisairas ja EU n johtoon otetaan Jyrki Kataisen ja Tuskin kaltaisia valehtelevia idiootteja. ( Ps . allekirjoittanut eikä edustamani järjestö emme yhdy väitteisiin herra Trumpin mielisairaudesta, amfetamiinia popsiva Hillary Clinton on sitä paljon enemmän ) . Ongelma on se ettei yksikään yhdysvaltain  presidentti  omaa  sellaista valtaa, että voisi MUUTTAA  maansa pitkän tähtäimen politiikkaa, jota ase ja mediateollisuus sekä, suurpääoman haltijat (  juutalaiset ) tarkkaan  vaalivat . Usa voitti saksan natsit, adoptoivat heidän tiedemiehensä sekä megalomanian  RYÖSTÄÄ JA DOMINOIDA koko muuta maailmaa.  Trumppi veti miehekkäästi  mediavaltaa kuonoon, mutta samantien ryhtyi aseteollisuuden kauppamatkustajaksi. Hän totesi että yhdysvaltain presidentin homma on hyvin VAIKEA pesti miehelle  joka pyrkii  rehellisyyteen. John F Kennedy tapettiin tämän takia ja jopa Ruotsin pääministeri Olof Palme kuoli  samasta  syystä. Libyan hyvä johtaja M. Gaddafi piti saada hengiltä ja syöstä  koko  maa sekasortoon, koska Libyalla on koko Afrikan isoimmat  öljyvarannot. Papit perustelevat tätä kaikkea Raamatulla, 1,6 miljardia islamilaista kuuluvat  helvetin tuleen, he väittävät JEESUKSEN sanoneen. Mutta se ei ole onneksi totta

 In all polish and portugalian families women and perverse dirty priests  keep power and in willages as Miedzylesie / Gniewoszow such women rule who can stay at his home.  Without any court they decide who  must GO AWAY  and  give his house, properity  and lands 34,5 hectar to willage mafia of Stefania Ilnicki, Marisa Zamosch , Agata Piaskus, Ela Kaplita, Anita Kubitza,  Halina Cieplucha, Pani Gurkova, Marisa Malinowska. But I have legal documents written in  law office how this  investing of 1,469 million euros belong to me , citizen of Finland. Me and my  polish ex wife Violetta Sarnowiak ( )  has only  one child , who is COMMON. Born 28.3.2001 . We  must be able  to give our  properity to him 96 %  ly,  4 % ly to culture  association Keltaiset ry ( manager )  Because we are not able to be in criminal  mad  Poland,  we make the next question 


Who wants  rent  this old german house and 34,5 hectar land

in sudetian mountains ?

 16 years old William, his polish mother and finnish culture association Keltaiset ry ( die Gelben rf los Amarillos ) own such place in Mittelwald Seitendorf, south west Poland, mountains of eagles, orliza. ( sudetian bergen 140 km from Praha to east ) . All  of them had  to go away when police Adam Polanski ( 2005 )  from Miedzylesie and  ( 2008 ) and  prokurator Beata Jelinska from Klodzko gave such order. ( witness from DHL Nurnberg )

The one who  hire this  farm,  must make it  productive and pay from  nettoprofit  and EU supports  every  month  40 %  to account of association Keltaiset ry . They  will  deal this  money   

1 % to association Keltaiset ry ,

33 %   to owner, architect  Violetta  Sarnowiak ,

  33 % to  her son William  

33 % to investor ,  credit giver, father of William  Hannu Hietikko


Police do not deny the illegal  banishing , they say how Halina Cieplucha ul Bratyslawska 13 m 24  Lodz and her daughter Wiesa  Cjajzinski has given to police order to do so. If its true, those 2 women  must compensate  all  losses.

If police lie, if they not have  any letter from Halina Cieplucha, state of Poland,  and insurance ALLIANZ  must compensate all

President Trump 

visited in Poland in july 2017  and we sent him letter VIA consulat of USA in Helsinki.You  wanted go FIRST  to Poland because they are the  most important allies  of USA in Europa. But  there is also VERY strong oppositio aganst USA and roman catholic mafia called ´´law and order´´.

You Mr Trump are son of german man , maybe you want back  part of loosen, most beautiful part of Germany  and make America 44,3 hectar  bigger  ? A bit  more from Portugal ?

Rent these  lands for 1000 years  and start  ´´eine kleine polnische-portugalian  wirtschaftwunder´´, offer lot of good work places to 50 states of America  and to  back side willages as  Miedzylesie  Poland ,  in Portugal to 50  willages   mentioned in this page. 

In Maroc al  hoceima and Takad   needs  acute help and King of Maroc is your friend , Mr Trump.

Such operation would be very possible and very productive.  It  would  surprise people with positive attention and rise up  international reputation of USA and  America would become great.  If you sell  only products of american weapon industry  to Saudi Arabia and Poland , you  make to USA more harm as good, Mr Trump. Shanghai defence union russia china india iran is 100 times stronger as NATO. This says norwegian investigator Johan Galtung from United Nations. Its no sense to prepare next Napoleon Hitler operation against Russia. Lot of people would die and cry. Russia China Iran India win you for sure and if those giants become angry, many  countries as Finland Poland Baltia could loose their independency. Peace and co operation with russians is the only way and its very possible. Historia of Finland shows this , russians are ciwilized people and their culture is old, rich and warm. Much better as in Finland where people try to be americans

 Our association Keltaiset ry Hannu Hietikko Melika Ramouz were  since beginning your friends and supporters , Mr  Trump. In last summer you sent us to silves  camping paradiso 38 emails, we sent you 69 . We were happy that you won, beat down american media power. Still today we wish you luck in your difficult work. Writing of this  letter does not try to show you any  middle finger, we hope  that  you take seriously our  offer and advice. Do not continue role of  travelling  salesman to BAD satanistic sides of America, start sell good parts  of it .

 Level of architecture , visual arts and design in america is great, your folk, jazz, blues rock and roll is best  in the world. Technical innovations and humor . You  could send half million  harleys to  habour of Portimao 10.5.2018 , easy riding 150 km per day  to Spain France Bayer Tsech republic to  Poland Miedzylesie centre  of american  cuture  .Every year  great  post communistic partie  1.-3.6 .2018. Such happening would  make  people  laugh, relax and  understand positive   force of real American rock  and roll in concrete ways

laughter is the best weapon 

 AMERICA GREAT and peräkylät ensin,  in level of practice, in middle of european union. 30 years agreements x 34 st  = 1020 years. Rent, 40 % of bisnes to landowners architect Sarnowiak and her 16 years old son

 The best of american culture from 50 states of America in middle of green fresh Europa. Mur 3 mtr high around is necessary because people in  polish back side willages can behave  as  in famous cinema  ´´DEEP  RIVER ´´. 50 wooden loghouses, furnitures, visual arts, home machines, electronica, building materials,  poetry,  jazz, blues, country & western,  cheramica, chothes, shoes,  best of american animatio theathre, high quality music and cinema. Open 362 days in year.  

This willage is previous german Seitendorf , Mittelwald, in polish Miedzylesie. 4 km from border of Tsech Republic. 150 km to east from Praha .  Because Poland is most loyal allie of USA,  they would  accept this  for sure.

We ask help from your good friend , King of Maroc , Muhamed VI . They have in North Maroc Al Hoceima  lot of  ´´OVER -active´´ young men. Most of them educated in universities but no work in Maroc. These young men should be sent to Portugal portimao , east Germany Bautzen  , north Finland Keuruu  and Poland Miedzylesie. Our association can educate them   to work in YELLOW network LOS AMARILOS connecting to co operation   maroccian russian  polish finnish estonian  and portugalian  loghouse , furniture, building material  producers ,  architects ,artesanes , culture  associations , bisnesmen and  investors. Russian forest owners who  send to Agadir and Portimao  in fisher ships lot of pinewood and vuolukivi ( see in google TULIKIVI ) . We want  be ready to start rebuild Syria Irag Palestina Libya , peace shall come sooner or later. Right now we need such wooden loghouses to Marocco and to 38 million  polish emigrants, who start  return from restles  USA  Canada UK Germany  to their beautiful big country in heart of Europa. If Mr Trump not want take this offer and start America great, america  first , we start sell  the best  parts of american cultures with project  name

Marocco first and   PORTUGAL  GREAT !

We offered  to Donald J  Trump  good place for sales exhibition AMERICA GREAT  but  it looks so that we must do it using maroccian and  portugalian wood carvers, architects , building engineers. Association Keltaiset ry is legally registered in Finland and all european union. Managing director 

send him your cv and email if you want join this

Together with neighbour ´´ilnicki´´ 8,8 ha, William K Sarnowiak and his mother have  43,3  hectares on top of green hill 690 mtr, 3 km from railway station Domaszkow. ( 120 km from Wroclaw )


Keltaiset ry and  start mass production near  Domaszkow, Bautzen Tarfaya ,Sortavala  and TEUVA railway stations using russian pine wood . To Marocco  Agadir Takad  Tarfaya Dakhla , in North Maroc  al  hoceima we open soon  half million  good workplaces with salaries 1000 - 2000 euros  per month. 

We start  sell a lot of american houses with charming interiörs to all world.  AMERICA becomes  GREAT and respected. From this large global bisnes we pay  5 % commission to America, if we get from YOU  first 350 examples freely, with no bill. Your investing to this company SAMPO TAO  could be 350  houses and interiörs . This your sperma and  SEEDS would  make  lot  of ´´children ´´  AMERICA becomes   GREAT in all world. If you  not want, 40  million  polish and maroccian emigrants  copy your buildings and arts without asking and we pay you nothing

Amount of rent, 40 % of annual netto to landowners. In south Maroc Agadir Takad sidi Tual beach we start  sharehold company Ahmed  Bachir Fadma Rakibi, kingdom of Maroc and  several smaller landowners. 100 shares, one of them means investing of 0,69 hectar land for 1000 years. One share gives 0,4 % from large annual  incomes . This same we want do near  al  hoceima and Teuva Perälä  , Bautzen DDR and Russian Sortavala railway stations, in 50 willages in Portugal

We shall follow  in all new home production  spirit of   style JUGEND  art nouveau from year 1906. German Mittelwald walley was builded like that , but after war polish people were SURE that sooner or later germans come back. They were destroying all german houses, making fire wood from them.

When architect Violetta Sarnowiak 1998-2005 remonted one such house, jealous neighbours family of Stefania Ilnicki  ( witnesses of jehowa ) came to say ´´go to Finland and kill you, break your house´´. This was very serious crime lasting almost 10 years , but police said nothing, consulat Finland said nothing. Responsible one  is  ambassa of Finland in Warsawa

  Lawyer  in Portugal Portimao, Proteccao Juridica Recibo no 2017 0128 026954887

   state of Poland / gminna Miedzylesie must be able to keep law and order.

 They  must send illnicki  terrorists to prison or to Finland social office . Their house, animals  and lands 8,8 hectar must be given immediately  to association Keltaiset ry,  family of . We claim from commun  Miedzylesie building  permissions to 50 houses and  mur 3 mtr high around 43,3 hectares , because in polish back side willages near south west border  are lot of terrorists. Families of 100 000  mountain banditos from Kazakstan , who are in daytime  in clothes  of jehowa witnesses. Go from house to house to make plans for next  crimes and spread evil  untrue rumours from their victims.


 State of Poland , prokurator Beata Jelinska and police of Miedzylesie Adam Polanski gave order to go away from Poland and give lands to Ilnickies, leave house alone. Family of William K Sarnowiak  hadnt done anything illegal and state of Poland  must pay all damages. Such responsibility has also Jehowa witnesses New York and german insurance company Allianz Wroclaw

Not any  media want tell such to people ?

    In year 2005 - 2008 in middle of european union happened  the same as to german family Gebhardts in year 1945. Take 20 kilo and go away from your home, otherwise we KILL you. This said last time  Samuel and Stanislaw Ilnicki in  night 13.5.2007. Next day several witnesses  told it  to Klodzko policestation, photos, soundfiles were given to Marian Misiazek in Klodzko police station.

 ´´Go to finland, we  kill you´´, said Samuel Ilnicki and his father also to clients of agroturist hostel ( ) many times during 12 years . ( It wasnt only 13.5.2007 ) Car was burning, dogs got poison, but prokurator and finnish consul said nothing.  MEDIA, Amnesty international,  court of Strasbourg were quiet when such socialismus happened in middle of european union.

Only german new natzies in Marocco,  Al qaida and ISIS  offer help, but we not know what to say. We ask your opinion Mr Trump.. When you meet leaders of Poland Russia Germany Finland and Baltic lands, could you please discuss about how  to prevent starting of  war in sudetian mountains Klodzko Miedzylesie?   II world war started there because of ethnic quarreling and today problems are similar.

 Ilnickies are from Kazakstan, father of William from Finland. Also all  other new  people as doctor Henryk Lange  had to go away from Gniewoszow , because of terrorism of family Ilnicki and their supporters Marisa Zamoschi , pani Gurkova, nun of Rozanka. Local woman mafia, terrorist teams of  jehova witnesses

 When   german people 1945 had to leave their homes inside 2 hours and take 20 kilo, Stalin  pushed there half million people from east. They got work from communistic police of Miedzylesie to terrorize polish farmers, spy what they eat and talk. Poland Donald Tusk  is boss of  EU but in their back side willages such old power constructions still live. Nobody in that willage Gniewoszow said nothing, because they all are afraid of family Ilnicki. This said to Piotr Piaskus 2009 Jidek Zamosch and Mietek Steinzek


we need miracles to be able to go back home,

You have power and money to do miracles,  mr Trump  , you also have given some promises

You have promised to make AMERICA GREAT, first and respected in such times, when global reputation of USA is lower as never before. Usa is 2 divided as in days of ciwil war. A class juppies, most of women in your land, in Sweden, UK, Finland, say how president of USA is mentally ill. Russians elected him to power.

But second class B citizens and half million Harley people pushed you to the White House, Mr Trump. You have also lot of friends in other lands, but they cant vote in USA. Its not possible, its paranoija to talk such. 

 A class americans and Clinton lovers in Finland Poland and Baltic lands think how  all russians  are B class , lower shit people. Mr Putin said 3 years ago, how important is would be to discuss openly at same level, but its inpossible when americans never want come with us to same level as human beings. Russians were happy when you won, and you are right man to make now peace of 1000 years Russia USA. You would win a lot because russians have lot of raw materials and very rich old warm living culture. In Finland president Kekkonen was able to go with them to sauna and to deserts, during that time bisnes was running, Finland became rich and russians trusted them. Mr Kekkonen did not let KOKOOMUS  natzies come to government. When he died and Kokoomus took  power in Finland, they sold economical and poltical independency, banished away different thinkers and living artists to Sahara by motorcycle. Took  lot of  people from Somalia Iraq Afganistan Syria to make more children to Finland. Finnish people are very angry, second ciwil war is  not far

 USA and your allies Finland Poland Portugal have only commercial  plastic micky mouse cultura,  less as 20 % understand real rock and roll , blues, jazz, high quality cinema. -

- B class banditos, hippies, freeks, grass smokers, communists are not good people say Clinton styled A class juppies. Trump is global president of ´´rubbish people ´´, say finnish  A  class ladies as  . But  B citizens and living artists international is very large group and they can feel much more deep and real solidarity as clinton style juppies. Such psychopathes understand only their outlook, money and power. No feelings, emotions. Most of lawyers and politicians are this sort and lot of people are their victims

President Trump could  make AMERICA GREAT by connecting together  B class citizens in all word. All real artists and 2 wheel travellers know what is TAO ? The road and the NATURE. Yoga means concentrating and mc people concentrate to tao. Enjoy about it. We suggest send your vechicles to port Algeciras . Fly to Malaga. 7.5.2018 commonstart  of Trump train in Gibraltar Tarifa.  120- 160 km / day using ´´yellow network´´ of peacefull localroads with good  asfalt, no heavy traffic. Motorcycles scooters and veterancars, model 1969 or older. Hitch hiking payment, part of fuel.  Wonderfull evening parties , 20 euro rooms or ready made tents with good madras 10 euro/ day. Finnish sauna services 5 euros.

  Commonstart  12.5.2018 at 10.00 oclock from south Portugal Portimao habour Praya Rocha to Alvor Bemposta. To North Spain France Bayer Tsech republic Rokytnice Niemojow Gniewoszow Miedzylesie Poland. Walley of Klodzko. Big  home -coming tabernackel festival 1.6.-3.6.2018 later annually every year . Folk parlament of european union. Second time 20.-23.8

7. I agree this matter 100 % .  
6. I agree this matter 80 %     
5. I agree this matter 60 % 
4. I agree this matter 50 %
3. I agree this matter 40 % 
2. I agree this matter 20 % 
1. I do not agree this matter at all   

 Half million ready made  tents with good madras . 10 euro / day . Reservations to 

with 20 euro to William K. Sarnowiak  FI 5239390053168480      BIC - SBANFIHH you can get also all  life lasting membership in mc club TAO DRIVERS . Send to Aita Limed scanned passport , picture of motorbike, scooter, horse or bicycle and your email. Register nr of vechile. Tao means road in same meaning when Jesus said ´´ i am the road ´´ . Something what is connecting people.

Members get rights to use this chinese letter in your leather jacket. We have no  political or religious program, we act only in legal ways and we love nature and the road. The Holy spirit of the Truth, common to muslimanes, christians  and profane ateists.


You Mr TRUMP sent year ago to your supporters in Portugal  Algarve Silves ´´camping paradiso ´´38  emails, they wrote you 69. You said how war criminals B.Obama and H.Clinton, mediapower of USA are very bad and mentally ill people. Media says how Trump is mentally ill. They not want people know the truth, what really happened ? Georg W Bush and Donald Tusk in Poland started 12 years ago big al qaida war without respecting orders of United Nations.  This war has not ended, its spreading inside Europa more and more and we are all in big danger. Usa and Poland did same crime as HITLER Göbbels and Göring , went with weapons to change legal governments in Libya , Syria Iraq.  In Ukraine polish cia agents did it in different ways. This all  shit happened because of ´´the national benefits of America ´´  far away from your own country. Courts of HAAG for war criminals and Strasbourg are in deep sleep, before isis and new natzies act. After that they are not living even in sleep. They will be all ded. Our association claim rapid opening of Haag Strasbourg Faro Portimao Klodzko Jyväskylä Helsinki

When Saddam Hussein was hanged, we got isis international and german new natzies umwelt woke up. In Maroc people like germans and many of them are planning here their operations in Europa. Meetingplaces of new natzies is -is  sturm gruppen international are in Aglou Mirleft, sidi IFNI, Tarfaya Layonne Dakhla 1200 km long beach of west Sahara.


satanistic messa in roman catholic church

 Priest of Gniewoszow -Rozanka in eastern messa was inciting people to hope all  bad to us. He said, ´´lets hope now all  good to each others, and  lets hope all together all bad to those there ( aiming with his hand to direction  of our house ) Soon started dogs get poison and cars were burning. Such bad hoping against only foreigners in willage is satanistic, rascistic metod and when part of big roman catholic church do such, all vatican has got inside serious virus. They are responsible to repair our 4 buildings to TOP condition.  Pastor Josef Siemasz, was not the one, who kept this satan messa. He came to Gniewoszow later and said to me and Alicia Panek, how fold of my ex wife was child murder, and my fold using of cannabis. If it was so, abortion happened because rascism in Finland,  and german doctor Lange smugled and sold that cannabis. Dr Lange and carry responsibility what shall happen to PORVOO. In the Bible and in the CORAN is equal law. This what we can do to one of the smallest , we can do to the biggest or to everybody. We are all connected together in collective inside levels and small is same as big. ( samassa veneessä ) When they were killing in PORVOO unborn child of polish woman, who had got visions that she is reborn Holy Maria, and when they kill every day in Finland almost 100 unborn children, we have good reason to let their BLOOD run over Finland, over all Porvoo


  Soltys Agata Piaskus and  Adam Prokop were  strongly  involved to crimes . As compensation urzad gminna Miedzylesie must  give owning of all  communal roads inside that 43,3  hectares. Around it  building  permission for mur 3 mtr high, beton, nature stones , model jugend art nouveau 1906. To second floor , with distance of 40-50  meters, wooden loghouses model jugend . 50 houses, from 50 states of America. On top  of green hill of Seitendorf  / Gniewoszow 690  mtr high    

Inside the castle of 43,3  hectar  Keltaiset ry shall arrange  marvellous  culture festivals , best of  high quality cinema, country & western, blues  jazz  rasta  rock and roll from 50 states of America. Half million people  in  one evening can buy  20 euros ticket. 10 % to state of Poland, to Urzad gminna Miedzylesie,   20 %  to landowner William K ,  20 % to her polish mother and her family in Lodz. 40 % to international fuusio culture association Keltaiset ry LOS AMARILLOS Les Jaunes Zehubim burf Sarkar Kollased de Gelen I Gialli  .


RE joining of sunni- shiia and sufi muslimanes

European and american colonialists want oil and minerals from islamic lands and they use old roman systems ´´divide et impera ´´          ( break and rule  )  Real differences between sunnis and shias are only  pronauncing of common  texts and geografical , cultural differences.  If islamic people are going to win their enemy, they must RE-JOIN, become RE  united

Allah , Jesus Christ and holy spirit is only  one, and  those 3 mean same matter .  Chinese Tao means 2 matters , the road and nature . In same meaning when Jesus said, i am road. Yoga means  also  2 matters , concentration and RE-joining .  In old atlantis of berbers  in south Marocco and  in etruskia  it was RE  ligere. When it came to latin Roma, it was re-ligio. It has  nothing to do with BELIEVING  to some  theorias  or heroes. Islam is not religion, its collection of practical life orders and  advices  how to LIVE , eat and behave  to  be able to understand wish of Allah. Christian priests teach  how all  1,6 milliard muslimanes  belong autmatically  to fire of hell , but all  who believes Jesus , mecanically repeat his name, shall automatically get place in his kingdom of heaven. Fortunatelly this is not true , but european  terrorists have been using such satanistic theoria killing millions of islamic people and robbing their  properity. Now its time TO HIT BACK ,  but its not good idea to kill ordinary innocent people . We should start  practice islamic yoga

 Yoga means concentration . If we all concentrate to digitalize our deeper minds to plus and to minus , to positive loving thoughts and feelings to address A, and all satanistic angers to address B, it has dramatical power and you start feel better.

With breathing IN, start from BOTTOM of lunches and count in your thinking numbers 1-10. Because its forbidden to make pictures from Prophet Muhamed, you can concentrate to this picture of his best friend, Jesus Christ.

Ask Allah, Jahve or Jesus Christ to send to you and to all islamic  lands ( sunnies, sufies  and shiias )  lot of

 1. joy . ILO

2. peace .RAUHA

3. Energy ENERGIA

4. light. VALO

5. power. VOIMA

6. wisdom. VIISAUS

7. love , RAKKAUS

8. healthy , TERVEYS


10. foreverlasting life. IANKAIKKINEN ELAMA.

Very important is to believe that it  happens, because to us happen what we believe. Its not necessary to use those words in finnish lanquage but it will be more effective if you study 10 words of our lanquage. Its very similar to Sanskrit because long time ago finnish people were living in India. We are oldest etnic group in Europa. In India they know wise men who lived in forest by name sannyasin, in Finland they talk about shamaani

Such person / or named building can suck to it self all sickness from patient, and SPIT it away. In this global psycho/sociodrama Finland, church of Porvoo is sucking all badness and aggressions from all world and when Holy GOD decide, ´´dirty birds and demons´´ fly during one day to big powerfull land behind big ocean, who has been swimming in blood of milliards innocent victims, says The Bible, apcalypta 18.

Because 33 % of finnish people have been asking Jesus Christ as their king , 33 % of Finland (north western parts ) shall be protected .

Satanistic vibrations from Porvoo can not spread to northern side of the road from Niirala -Mutalahti-Koitere - Kivilahti- -  Juankoski- Nilsia-Varpaisjarvi-Iisalmen Runninkyla- Kiuruvesi-Viitasaari- Multia-Keuruun ekokyla- Keuruntie - Vilppula-Ruovesi- Kuru -Kihnio- Kauhajoen Nummijarvi- Hyyppa-Pantane-Karijoki- Kokemaki- Sakyla- Raisio- Turun satama. North side of that  road shall  be new independent country UUSI SUOMI . King will be Jesus Christ, same as in Poland and  Portugal . South Finland shall be  international GEHENNA

All bad sad sick stupid egoistic sides of our mind we push out like shit to toilet , when we breath out pranayama and count to ten..Go to church of Porvoo, in the land of the Finito, FIN. Omega . Dont come back. Ask your self and your friends what are the most stupid parts in your character. Write 10 worst  of them to paper and give them SPEED

what for Finland ?

the Bible and Coran both has this law. If somebody says to his brother or sister, you mentally ill , you creisi; this one who says, is pulling on him -her selves PUNISHMENT OF HELL . In Finland  people with education of lawyer or engineer think how there is NO SPIRITUAL WORLD. If someone talk such, its question about madnes. They try to say how God Allah is mad, and this is serious mistake

When this was said by represantive of state of Finland judge , engineers Reijo Kallio and Olli Antila from in Porvoo ; this means collective punishment upon Finland and products of Ensto. If you let install such material to your house, all building shall  be cursed

Finland is correct place to be international gehenna also because antichristus has came there. He says how he is GOD and how others should fear and respect him. He has started own church. People in Kauhajoki know who is Seppo Myllis . He lives in Puistotie near policestation

One big reason to punishment of Finland  is the boss of procurators  who made decision how even the most and evil ironia about holy values of Islam and prophet Muhamed is in Finland totally free and legal.

Because Allah and God is one same matter, holy Spirit of Christians , jews and muslimanes is also one same matter,  Finland was getting to themselves punishment of hell.

the last intelligent president in our land UK Kekkonen  said how Finland is more american country as USA. He was meaning its negative sides. When Bin Laden junior wants destroy usa, its more easy to do it first to MINI america Finland, but only southern parts of it

When satan church of PORVOO is full of satanistic bad vibrations from all world, it somehow shall explose. This said Dr K.U Sathyanath, who was my teacher 3 years, and who still leads this project.

What day  it happens , this knows only God /Allah and in that day all dwelling demons and´´ dirty birds ´´ fly to Canada and USA. It happens what Johannes was writing in Patmos island. in Jerusalem from pastor John Yoder from usa pensylvania  told me how 5 million promisekeepers know painfully well what means apocalypta 18 . People in Libya Vietnam Laos Panama Corea Chile Dresden Hiroshima Nagasaki Iraq Syria Afganistan know who is global satan  who swims in blood of  millions  innocent  victims.  To Vietnam USA was dropping more bombs and poisons as together was dropped in world war II. Usa wanted defend ´´freedom´´ but did not accept that vietnamese people could decide about their own matters.

They call such terrorism  ´´freedom and democratia´´  or  the national benefits  of America, but most of people,  specially women in all world are in deep sleep and understand NOTHING. Harlot of Babylon was pulling all nations to their darknes, says the Holy Bible. Nobody could believe  that so powerful nation can be destroyed in ONE day, says the holy Bible. The appearing of Spirit of Truth shall be terrible surprise to them all. Those who had taken to their body ´´sign of badness´´ shall get special punishments. TATTOO pictures were always before sign of people who were punished to prisons, some years ago all kind of JUPPIES made big fashion from them. People who have no kind of real individual identity try to get such personal imago by drawing satanistic pictures to their skin.  In level our fictive screenplay, renewed al qaida and is is sturm gruppen start use new weapons . They look out as normal pen , but they are shooting tiny sharp needles without any noise. Victims are thinking how it was mosquito , and  it happens nothing more in that day. Terrible pains and hallusinations are starting later and  after 2 week comes merciful death. We need such material where lot of people are screaming OI OI VOI VOI , Allah järrppi ai ai perkele  ,  ai  ai . This kind of visions are written  in apocalypta 18  and we do our screenplay according the holy Bible. We not know what renewed al qaida shall do , but we have been told that all beaches of Algarve, Andalucia and Italia are very dangerous  places if someone has TATTOO pictures in their skin

Terrible  madness is coming in fysical ways and also in spiritual level . When church of Porvoo in Finland shall be openend , all these dirty demonds shall fly  over big ocean IN ONE DAY , writes Johannes in Patmos . All americans fall to big mass psychosa, kill themselves and  each others. But this mass  madness comes only to people who have etnic back ground from Europa. All blacks, indians, shout americans and  chinese people can LAUGH and buy cheap houses from those terrorists whose grand grand fathers came to America and brutally killed original owners.

mercy for americans

 Because God Allah  is love and mercy, everyone must have such possibility , mr Laden. Only sin where is NO forgiving is ironia about the HOLY SPIRIT, says Jesus Christ. ( sille taholle ei ole terveellistä vittuilla ) Because of priests of Porvoon HIIPPAKUNTA and made this sin,  state of Finland is loosing its southern parts, and to this matter will be no mercy. Pastor Paul von Martens told in TV how leaders of Porvoo church made the only sin , where is no forgiving. They were changing old traditional liturgia ´´ I BELIEVE TO GOD, SON AND HOLY SPIRIT ´´  to  new form,  I BELIEVE TO GOD, SON AND swedish woman ´´ ( du gamla du jeevla ) . Swedish woman is  biggest and most holy authority to people in HYRRI Porvoo and with this kind of satanism all city and south Finland shall be cursed. Pastor Paul von Martens was leaving his work in the church , because finnish ev lut church go serious satanistic virus. Doctor of psychiatria RUI ruikkunenä Neves in Portugal must investigate is this matter TRUE , or its it questions about Hietikkos paranoija ? If they confess all and repair our house,  roman catholic church in Poland CAN get their satan virus away, because they were hurting only Hietikko and my family. We are NOT same as holy spirit. Poland shall get also lot of blessing and forgiving because majority of 55% were choosing Jesus Christ to be a president . Previous polish  POPE John Paul II was leading this  mass ceremonia before he died in spring 2005

When  all people in America shall  hear about this matter and punishment of Porvoo, american people  shall deal themselves to 2 groups. Some of them start laugh and say how writer is mad. If stupid people wouldnt do so, it is not question about real tao, was written 5500 years ago.

Those who are wise and humble enough, shall take seriously offered possibility of mercy. American people have also very good and positive sides, and they should start show such matters to other people in the word. The real satan in USA are not its people, its the federatio of 50 states. US army, FBI, CIA, media money and weapon power. Americans can save themselves from BIG destruction by finishing this satanistic mafia, federatio of USA. In the Bible is written how GOD destroy this terrible  satan , but if american people SELF are ready to finish their federatio and give independence to 50 states of America, they perhaps could pass  by the end of the world with LAUGHTER and big joy. Meaning of the international yellow revolution in Poland America Finland Portugal is to finish all  political parties and their medias. To give power to people by using digital direct democratia. Administration can be ultra light, 90 % smaller as what we have now

7. I agree this matter 100 % .  
6. I agree this matter 80 %     
5. I agree this matter 60 % 
4. I agree this matter 50 %
3. I agree this matter 40 % 
2. I agree this matter 20 % 
1. I do not agree this matter at all   

 Because american people  have so big problems to find suitable president of federatio  and they finally  say how RUSSIANS  WERE CHOOSING  MR TRUMP , its good reason to finish such workplace totally.  All power to the people by using digital direct democratia and president to all 50 states same  as in Poland and Portugal, Jesus Christ. Because im his advertising man and outlook is very similar,  I shall take this role. But i swear that i leave my place  immediately when my boss and employer is here in form of man. He shall come i cloud , says the holy Bible. Before that my heavenly father, God of THUNDER shall arrange enourmous lightening of thunder. All world shall see it , and the BOOKS  shall be opened  ! In jewish traditio they talk about JADOA, it means knowing , loving, opening. But the proces is painful  to hedonistic people who have been believing  that GOOD and PLEASANT are same matters.

When state of Portugal must investigate is Hietikko mad or not, you must make analyza from this plan . I asked our family psychology  M Border if its question about mental illness when I have such plans to become president of America and Portugal ? He said no, we CAN have all  kind of dreams. In many old books its said how GOD never gives us any  dream without  giving power to make it true.

Also you  must ask material from police of Keuruu. They made from me illegal  DNA tests in policejail, but they have not told what they found out ? heard when Kimmo Rytkönen said in april 2010. ´´If Hietikko WRITE any word more, they take away my liberty for LONGER time.´´ This  means how  arresting happened because of opinions and such crime is same what happened in communistic soviet union. They arrest and banish different thinkers in EU Finland because of this manusscriptura to fictive screenplay. It was ordered to produce polish procurator Beata Jelinska 2008. In Helsinki comisario said how he agrees almost everything what Hietikko writes, and  BOOK should  be printed. This same said docent Petri Luoma in Helsinki university.


 Poland is mother of all revolutions Mr Trump. We need such in level of attitudes, we need to open new doors to better future, to peace of 1000 years.

 If we try to do to our enemy as much good as they had done bad, this is creating energia of white magia, holy spirit, SOOMA, inpossible to win. Love your enemy, Bin Laden junior ,  try to help Mr Trump to make america great . Polish  baltic finnish people should  believe how russians are good people, their culture is rich and warm. Its very possible to live with them in peace and make good co operation in economia and culture ,- as finns did during time of president Urho Kekkonen. American media and weapon industry hopes that Mr Trump sell to Poland and Saudi Arabia lot of guns. But polish children not get food, books and dentist services. Not any kind of social help to puor people. State Poland waste their money to illegally started wars. United nations said clearly, NOT do that !  Not go to change governments  in Iraq Libya Syria. Crime was same as HITLER did . To avoid international punishments, time is very short to confes national and personal sins. Time is short to change our minds to be able to see king of Gloria, WITHOUT falling to dangerous mass psychosas

USA must send these 350 wooden loghouses, with individual interiörs, different individual versions from jugend 1906. Poland must give building permissions and pay costs of  Trump mur around 43,3  hectares, ground floors of 50 houses in Miedzylesie, Teuva Perälä, Bautzen , Tarfaya , Bemposta, Takad . These punishments are very positive because USA and Poland both shall win a lot with this plussum game Sampo Tao. But if they say NO to this offer, it means war and fire. Coming of red horse riders

Villa Verde Ficalho

Portugal, 96 loghouses de madeira com interiores encantadores de


 mur 3 mtr alta em torno de 27,6 hectares. Primeiro andar beton / pedra, art nouveau jugend 1906. 7 quartos para os viajantes 20 e / dia faz bons rendimentos para fazendeiro e a empresa que investir nestas amostras. loghouses de madeira no andar de cima, com interiores individuais. A Rússia está enviando todos os meses para águas Maroccian muitos navios grandes para levar peixe e wegetables. Eles poderiam trazer para Portugal Portimão e Marrocos Agadir monte de madeira de pinho e pedra especial para lareiras, vuolukivi, olhe para google TULIKIVI. Começamos a produção de acordo com essas primeiras amostras de 50 estados de América e vender tais casas muito. Quando levar marketing, desenvolvimento de produtos e logistica de um lugar, os custos de produção caem mais de 50% e nós pode pagar bons salários, oferecem boas casas com preços atractivos.
Depois de 15 km exposição das melhores partes da cultura e 96 casas de

Colorado, perto


 de Villa Nova de São Bento

iniciar 10,5. Mina de São Domingos




Mertola Carolina norte


these houses we   offer  to american people who are afraid of nuclear war. Portugal is very neutral corner. If it  happens to usa what is written in Bible apocalypta 18, it would be good to save best parts of culture in 50 states of america to 50 willages in Portugal ?


São João dos Caldeireios ARIZONA-

Almodovar Geórgia-

enviar a partir daí esse tipo de homens para defender benefícios nacionais da América na Europa

iniciar 11,5. Ameixial NEVADA-



melhor deles também para a Polónia Miedzylesie Gniewoszow e 27,6 hectares na Finlândia

São Bartolomeu de


 Messines /

castelo 27,6  hectar de Wisconsin-

SILVES Michican

Almarjao Alabama-

Odelouca Pensylvania


Porto de Lacos FLORIDA -

 habour perto de Portimão

27,6 hectares de Nova York. 96 casas, primeira beton andar, 2 andares loghouses madeira Mur 3 mtr elevados. Dentro 27,6 exposição hectares da cultura no willage''greenwich''. Suas melhores peças. conexão navio de Portimão para a Madeira e para Agadir. Para Florida Daytona Beach, para Nova York

commonstart  to Poland 12.5. 2018 , later annually every spring at same time. To direction



(exemplo da cultura na Califórnia)

   Bembosta Washington DC-



Casas da Sr do


 Verde / MARYLAND-



 nas proximidades -

grandes Competiçoes internacionais de motos e carros

Marmelete / NORTH DAKOTA-


Aliezur / MISSOURI -


Odeceixe / OREGON -

Sao Teotonio / INDIANA-

iniciar 13,5. Villa Nova de Milfontes / MAINE--

Cercal / Utah-


in  name of Father Son and Holy Spirit, Jesus said, I am road




Tanganheira / SUL Carolina


Santiago do Cacem / Washigton SEATLE-


Grândola / Missisippi - seus represantives esta aparência


commonstart 14,5 Alcácer do Sal / NEW MEXICO

São Cristóvão / Ohio-

Montemor o Novo / Wyoming


commonstart 15,5 Montargil / KANSAS-


Ponte de Sor / CONNECTICUT -



Villa Velha de Ródão / SOUTH DAKOTA-


commonstart  to Poland 16.5. 2018 , later annually every spring at same time

 Castelo Branco Delaware -


Alpedrinha Texas-


Covilha IOWA -

commonstart 17,5 Guarda






Pinhel / OKLAHOMA-

Figueira de

 Castelo Rodrigo / Vermont-



Barca de Alva / NEBRASKA-


exposição dos melhores artes ARCHITECTURA e artesanato, mobiliário, electronica, casa de máquinas, música folk, blues, jazz, rock and roll. cinema de alta qualidade e música a partir de 50 estados de América


Freixo de Espada à Cinta / TENNESSEE-



Mogadouro / West Virginia -

commonstart 18,5 Bemposta / ALASKA

Devemos convidar para Portugal de férias 38 milhões de pessoas polonesas que vivem a bordo, nos EUA, Reino Unido, Alemanha. Nós vendê-los tais casas na Polônia situado nas proximidades da estrada festival rota UM POLSKA mencionado mais adiante nesta página.

Alguns anos atrás 55% do povo polaco e anterior Papa João Paulo II estavam
escolhendo para a Polônia novo presidente, que é até agora invisível. Quando começamos a manter o ruído sobre esta matéria, 38 milhões de emigrantes polonês quer voltar e comprar a casa nova. Na Bíblia está escrito, quando você viu-me ir, eu estava em nuvem. Quando você me vê recome, estarei em nuvem. Os religiosos dizem como tudo é verdade o que está escrito na Bíblia.

Mas não é óbvio que o rei de Gloria precisa Puou mans nirvana, porque Ele é 100% próprio nirvana. Mas outras pessoas que o viram ir e vir, eles podem precisar de cannabis (cloud) para ser mais sensível para entender o novo presidente da Polónia, para ser capaz de encontrá-lo

Depois de Portugal festival estrada volta para a Espanha -Fermoselle - Bermillo de Sayago-

19,5 início

Valladolid - 20,5 início Burgos-

21,5 início Pamplona-

estrada N 135 - D 933 para a França 22.5. iniciar

commonstart  to Poland 22.5. 2018 , later annually every spring at same time



Sina vuonna kun arkkienkeli Sarnowiak kulkee tämän reitin Espanjan Avilasta Puolan kotiinsa Miedzylesiaan, silloin koko roomalais katolinen maailma pidättää hengitystään ja kuuntelee kirkoissaan ja kotonaan tälläistä

23.5. iniciar


estrada D 656 para Cahors -road 653 MURAT --- Massiac - Sauxillanges- Vic le Comte -Marinques - Randan-

24,5 início
AURILLAC N 122, D 588, D 906,


25.5. iniciar VICHY D 480, D 973 para Lapalisse - -

26.5.start Autun -

estrada D 973 ---- D 673 Seurre - St Jean de Losne --Auxonne --D 12- Rioz- Rouge Mont- Hericourt- Sochaux-

27,5 início Besancon

D 683 - para Belfort ALEMANHA Altkirch D 419

28,5 início

estrada 317 NEUSTADT --29.5 começar TUTTLINGEN - ROAD 311- Sigmarinen -Scheer --- 311 estrada

30,5 início


O que sempre acontece nos EUA em novembro, quando eles elegem novo presidente e nova linha para a política mundial, esta questão deve tratar as pessoas muito fortemente, também após as eleições. Os Estados Unidos são dois dividido como era em tempos de guerra ciwil. Agora todo mundo pode seguramente participar a esta próxima guerra ciwil sem armas. Quem está interessado para ajudar Donald J.Trump para se tornar presidente do presidente América e Jesus Cristo da Polónia, - que querem a paz de 1000 anos com russos,

ir de Augsburg à direção Potmess --Pfaffenhofen - Moosburg - Landshut - Postau-

31.5. iniciar
Sraubing --

- Deggendorf - Innernzell - Grafenau - Philppsreut - Strážný - Lenora - Cesky Krumlov-

1,6 começar Ceske Budejovice -

Litomysl - -

2.6. iniciar -Rokytnice


NIEMOJOW POLÔNIA ... 3.6. iniciar





  what for in could not be at my original home?


My father was  building  me 1981 - 85  this  house in Porvoo. He was carrying secret depressio because crimes of finnish natzies and died too early, in age of 65. I am 64 old , also in real danger to die to sorrow. Finnish social system SS ladies never let me see my kidnapped son, not even call him in christmas ., Elina Koivisto , Jutta Lavonen ,social ladies of Porvoo and Malmi were fooling from me my house .

  My polish ex wife  Violetta  Sarnowiak was helping these evil banditos because she wanted that we start live in Poland. She was good honest woman but badly wounded because of german war crimes. Violetta came to this new house in Porvoo from  closed communistic Poland 1987. She wanted get  immediately married to get finnish passport. But she said  how making  a child, becoming mother is totally inpossible, before she  gets psychoterapia. Rascistic social ladies in Finland said that we not give such to all kind of ´´russians ´´ .  

 Is  this  true or paranoija dr Neves  ?

German natzies were killing her grandfather. Father of my exwife Wieslaw Cieplucha had to go in age of 5 years  to school of german  natzies in ghetto of Lodz. They were  hitting small child almost every day strongly to head, to become real natzi and to forget his father. Hard hitting to head with full forces was  breaking  in his head ´´almont  nucleous dish (  in finnish  mantelitumalisäke.) It means that puor Wieslaw was later totally with no force in front  of such people, who have characters of psychopath . Her emotionally cold , proud wife Halina Cieplucha was such sort of woman, also their younger daughter Wiesa is perfekt TYRAN, this told her previous husband Pawel to me and to . Her first husband Remek Talarek became almost mad during marriage of half year. My wife Violetta had  outlook and character from her fathers family, and  because of that her mother Halina Cieplucha in Bratyslawska 13 m 24 Lodz never loved her.

 Never defended her child  when furious  father  was  beating  innocent shy girl. This happened  in age on 0-16 years and  Violetta was hoping that father would die . She wished to get  power to push  father away from home, but when she couldn´t and no therapia was given, she wanted push ME away from all homes what i gave her. After i paid 18 years her therapias and all costs of living, this was my salary. She talks to my son how his father is ´´very bad and mentally ill man´´. Satanistic evil  finnish sosial ladies gave her chemical  pills to kill all feelings and teach to hate  her husband , asked  police  of Poland  and Finland to banish me to sahara .

 Violetta said to me  in telephone ( from secret adres ) ´´it would  be best  for all  that you Hannu DIE . This was not only wish. Her  lawyers and  were sending  polish  mafia men  to Torremolinos to  force me go to notariuz , to sign under how lands 34,5 hectar in poland  are bought with  money of MOTHER  of my exwife.  Violence group got  evidences and  witnesses, and they said, please Hietikko, go and sign under, or go away from Spain. We have so much work  that its inpossible  to quaranty your security. Because of that matter i went to Marocco in march 2009 and signed under nothing. Farm in Poland is not sold and lands they not can steal, but me and Melika are in danger to become killed also in Portugal. ( if lawyer of social office can not find legal situation to this question. )

After so  terrible childhood, hard mother Halina was teaching her daughter, ´´if you ever have  any problems with  your psyche, its better not to confess anything, just blame about all your husbands and his  family´´ . She did so and because in Finland all is true what a woman says, they never let me see my son and say in court of Jyväskylä how Hietikko is mentally ill. In that way im carrying sins of german natzies, allthough im born from JEWISH mother. Al qaida and german new natzies offer help to jewish man. Is this true or paranoija, dr Rui ruikkunenä Neves ?

  Extremely proud frau Halina was making creisi her husband  Wieslaw Cieplucha . Almost  every day when  Wieslaw came from work, he was beating small  innocent Violetta to head   with full forces  of strong man . He  was  breaking ´´almont  nucleous dish in her head. Also she is totally without any  force in front of such people, who have characters of psychopath. Elina Koivisto and Jutta Lavonen in Porvoo wanted our house and pushed us way, Violetta accepted all without any protest. From me they asked nothing,  police Ilmo Jantunen said how they put me to mental hospital if i not go away

Most  of finnish politicians , lawyers, social system SS  ladies  and ´´ekohörhö´ people  in are that  kind of sort. Its the most dangerous quality of all mentall  ilnesses, not  possible to notice outside. But we have terrible many victims of psychopathes among us. Me , my  son and Violetta  Sarnowiak are such


illegal  rascism in Finland

When me and Violetta  were  asking psychoterapia to her , to be able to get a child, we got  answer from Porvoo healthy  centre and  in Helsinki  psycholog Riitta Liisa Lahdelma, how not pay such expensive treatments to ALL KIND OF RUSSIANS . Advocat Aimo Lahdelma  in Helsinki christian  lawyers told us later in year  2000  how my sister has ALWAYS  been very rascistic. In swedish  talking  HYRRI Porvoo  they did  not give any  human  value  to people as me and my POLISH wife. When she did not get any help, she accepted that they  killed our first child by abortion in hospital  of  Porvoo. From me they did not ask anything, because in Finland women are ruling EVERYTHING and because and  had decided how Hannu Hietikko is 100%  ly mad, totally out of real realities. Nobody has never given any arguments to such talking, but state of Portugal MUST.

They are responsible about my healthy and because leading psychiatr RUI Neves wrote to registers, how Hietikko is out of real realities, paranoid, state of Portugal must find arguments or pay me 500 000 euros. What is the real reality, asked Pontius Pilatus , and not even Jesus Christ could answer that question. Gautama Budha said  what it is surely not. His filosofia was NIHILISM, nihil est . ( nothing  exists ) It means that everything what we  can give verbal names , how many kilo, how many meter,  thats  all  illusion, samsara, maaja, HARHA in finnish . The one who talk, does  not know, the one who  knows, does not talk. A finger can aim  the moon, but finger is not same as moon.

 My thinking is same as they had in China 3500 years  before  Christus, and the most modern science ( kwant fysics )  have came to same result . But  people  in our times  not yet want understand how we are near bigger CHANCE of attitudes and values, as happened in days of Kopernikus and Galileo. They say how Hietikko is mad, because I see the future. Better to kill his children, so we not get  more  lunatics--


Polish prokurator Beata Jelinska said in march 2008 after  3 years crime trial and  psychiatric  investigation, what is question about ?  Problem of Hietikko is too truthfull thinking and its not allowed in EU country Poland ( or in dark fascistic Finland  where everyone should  have same opinion from each matter.) Everybody MUST hate russians and islamic people, if you want belong to REAL true FINNS  as pastor Timo Sainio ! Man in next  photo is not him, but could be his brother

 Grounder of Ensio Miettinen  was secondly most rich man in Finland and he had money to invest to my education. But his 1000 engineers did not like ´this at all. They started hate be afraid of me.  Miettinen and his friend professor Pentti Malaska said how this world is swimming in very big lies and the global american media-money -weapon power  is leading this satanistic situation. Spirit of TRUTH and the values  of kingdom of heaven on the earth are in total , 180 grades oppositio to this what ´´ normal ´´ american, finnish, polish , portugalian people respect. In the bible is written how ´´this what was total  madness ( 100% skitsofrenia ) in front of people, is the most bright wisdom in front of GOD. I took such teachings seriously because my own, puor labour parents in Kauhajoki had said the same. They were  jewish and communists, the most LOW class of society. When i was in school  in Kauhajoki, all  the time i had to listen how people as my family should be KILLED. In that willage are lot of people as pastor and man in that photo

Later 1990-1993 i had teacher in Kerala, Cochin, the president of indian yoga doctors association dr K.U.Sathyanath said how Hietikko is unusually  healthy man to be from mad Europa. He was educated in roman catholic family and he promised to lead Hietikko to full  light, MOKSHA, samadhi. ( he leads me still today, because ´´the project ´´ is not yet ready  )  When state of Portugal /  dr Neves says that student of Ensio Miettinen and dr K.U.Sathyanath is  seriously sick in my head, all state of Portugal can get PUNISHMENT OF HELL. ( if they not rapidly correct their mistake. )  Its said in the Coran and the Bible, if someone says to his brother, you mad, you mentally ill, the one who says is pulling on himself PUNISHMENT OF HELL. Such kind of future is waiting Finland and Portugal, but because court comissio of Klodzko Poland had opposite opinion, their future shall be much better. Before such good times, Poland shall fall to very cruel ciwil war, real harmakeddon Jihad. Lot of people shall die before dirty gangsters of ´´LAW & ORDER ´´ are cleaned away from Poland

  Prokurator Jelinska knew my education from art academia Helsinki TAIK, I know how to produce a cinema. She said in hearing of witnesses how Hietikko must go away from poland and plan a  screenplay what happens when wish of 55 % polish citizens becomes true. With leading of previous polish pope John Paul II  they were praying that Jesus Christ comes to form of man and starts  be president of Poland. 38 million  polish emigrants  come back to Poland with their money and experiences from ´´normal´´ societies.

Prokurator Jelinska said how such dangerous work is not possible to do in Poland, Hietikko  must go away and leave my farm to social office Marta Ciemlowitz and jehova witnes family Stefania Ilnicki. (advocat has all  material from this case ) . When i had  to leave my farm and 11 years  investings to Holy Alberts association Wroclaw Kamila Michalowska, Jazek Kolodzied and 2 other  men, i made  expensive full value insurance to ALLIANZ Wroclaw. But when Holy Alberts association, organ player of roman catholic church ( adam zaba ) and gangster team andrei Bogdanowitz  2009-2010 destroyed everything, Allianz said how they compensate nothing. Because  consulat Finland has said how Hietikko is  mentally ill, 100 % skitsofrenic according . German Allianz took this information from Finland because consul Pajala said how Hietikko had bought with black money false diagnosa from the court psychiatric commissio of Klodzko .

Anyhow court of Strasbourg should claim from Allianz answer, is it really so  that if somebody is sick, its a reason to insurance company to run away from their responsibilities ?  Police of Finland Keuruu has SMS  message of Allianz . Also psycholog Border saw it and said how insurance  company has no rights to such talking. Specially when Hietikko is NOT sick. Allianz must compensate repairing of all 4  houses and  returning all stolen. If they not want, ALL allianz offices in all lands carry collective responsibility .

In Finland  family of my ex wife from LODZ and their 5 costless finnish lawyers have been building big fantasias  about Hietikkos  100% skitsofrenia and kept me in courts Jyväskylä and Helsinki 12 years, just because of dirty imagination  of  ´´ mafia lawyers ´´Aila Koulu, Tanja Heiskanen, Jukka Hokkanen, Tero Artimo, Minna Tyvio and Ilmari Niskanen. Decision of Helsinki highest court  drnr 2015 / 399 came to FARO in end of october 2015 . They not want handle case of Hietikko at all, it must happen in Strasbourg. 1.12.2015  i got also letter of the polish president  of European council  where they ask to put this case immediately to court of Strasbourg. At same day 1.12.2015 IVO BELCHIOR DIAS , Praca Alexandre Herculano 22-4 F  Faro took from me  this  letter from Donald Tusk office, MONEY and power of attorney to courts of Strasbourg and Faro. He got also my explanation 38 pages apostilled in october 2015  by  notar Isabel Loureiro and administration EVORA. After all  private  advocates in Portugal refused to help us, social office of Portimao said how their  responsibility is to help victims of crimes

 Ana Fonseca from Portimao  santader totta  bank said to my wife how she had read Hietikkos home pages and ask police to arrest me. Santader totta  bank must pay me big  money and explain in court what  for it´s not legal to plan in Portugal  cinema of coming of Jesus Christ ? Last words  of Jesus in Golgata were this ´´  you daughters of Jerusalem, do not cry because of ME, cry yourselves and your daughters  , because in that day when i come back, SPECIALLY women shall have terrible  problems´´. They will BOIL in their shit and empty proudnes. Finnish real estate juppi woman Anne Tikkanen from Williams  keller wrote us email saying how ´´we  make people sick ´´ . She must explain in crime court what this may mean and what for Williams keller use  illegal blackmailing to sell houses which are dangerous to healthy ?

Angry women in our neighbour in Bemposta also smell danger from me and my islamic wife. I have not said them any word more as ´´buenos dias ´´ but my other neighbour, young man with long hair said how such conservative arrogant women in Portugal not accept that a man has long hair. Only in Lissabon or Porto its possible, not in willages or small cities as Portimao. Such women have said me  even in DENTIST room ´´what for you are here Hietikko, why you and  your islamic wife not go away ?´´ 

MY HONEST ANSWER  IS THIS. Its because the consulat of Finland in Rabat was paying 500  million  euros  black money to maroccian administration  to change laws of taxes . ( this was told by finnish police comisario Birger  Spets , 65 years old pensionist in Agadir and his  finnish friends ) . Im in Portugal  because  honour consulat of Finland in Quarteira and  association was  collecting  big money from thousands of finnish  pensionists promising tax freedom of 10 years and good healthy services , IF we start live in Portugal. Buy houses or apartments.  Williams keller Ruth Alexandra was using illegal blackmailing, forcing us to buy house what is dangerous to healthy. In 6 months came out lot of black mushrooms. They were covered with spachel and white colour during selling, in clear meaning to fool. We were told how foreigners in Portugal has no shelter of law, not any lawyer want help us. Tax freedom is ending 1.1.2018 and here is no healthy services.  Doctor Rui Neves says how Hietikko  is seriously sick but during 2,5 years NOBODY can tell  in what ways im sick and what to do to become healthy. This is illegal teasing, mental  terrorism and also my 16 years old son is suffering about such

When we got badly  fooled  and ask  after our legal rights, William  keller says  how Hietikko  and my islamic wife make them sick and  fine  ladies  in Santander Totta bank ask police to arrest. Because such illegal arrestings  has happened too  many in fascistic  Finland, i suffer about post traumatic stress reaction and want run away  back to safe Africa so soon as possible.

tat twam asi !

 In Maroc santarm and police respect me and during 7 years not did anything shit to me.  Also we could  trust to existing of legal society in GERMANY Löerrach. Their police, doctors and social office  know my case, saying how Hietikko is NOT mentally ill, but there is something  very mad , dark and illegal in Finland and in Poland. Spanish and Swedish doctors had same opinion as germans. Finland has been killing OWN citizens MORE as russians killed us during winter war. Today when they cant use machine guns anymore, they  use  ´´POLITICAL PSYCHIATRIA ´´ , chemical lobotomia poisons  in closed ´´hospitals ´´ as . More as 1000 victims every years , says investigator Markku Salo. This matter is national  ashame of Finland , he said in TV and soon  loosed his workplace in .

 When old communistic soviet union did such crimes, newspapers in west europa kept big noise and they were able to  show evidences afterwards  how these people never in their life  had suffered any % skitsofrenia. Such investigation  must  be done now to me Hannu Hietikko. Its necessary  because of my 16 years old son William. Also because im talking and writing about coming of kindom of heaven and it can be dangerous to give bad psychiatric diagnosa to such matters. Historia of Portugal is VERY brutal and criminal, these arrogant terrorists have been killing MILLIONS of innocent  people in south america and in Africa. When the BOOKS  SHALL BE OPENED  in the last judgements, such national crimes come to daylight ( as if they would have happened yesterday.)  Only Germany has got their punishment and big ashame  from such mass killings. During 70 years all other word was blameing them , ´´ how terrible bad people are germans ´´. But american weapon industry was falling to small Vietnam MORE bombs as commonly was dropped during II world war. To laos was falling a bit more as to Vietnam. USA wanted defend freedom but did not accpet that vietnamese people could decide about their own matters. USA and Poland started this al qaida war , when united nations  said, NO, dont do it. Because media is ruled by americans, oridinary people say nothing. In Portugal all good roman catholic foot ball  idiots accept with no critics all crimes of USA. They do not want remember what portugal self has done

Mass murdering never comes juridically old and german is is sturm gruppen with renewed al gaida  of Bin Laden junior CAN  make proud portugalian people and their turists in beaches of Algarve to feel  the same . I not hope such bad to this country, i advice to do rapidly NATIONAL  SIN CONFESSION . I hope  that Portugal start this because it would have important meaning to  start  peace of 1000 years and to  FINISH ILLEGALLY STARTED AL QAIDA WAR AND ISIS .

European countries and USA have been the most terrible  terrorists in this world. And they STILL are , so long as we are ready to public national sin confessions. Before it happens, islamic freedom fighters shall act  everywhere. In the Bible apocalypta 18 is told how this terrible satan is swimming in blood of milliard innocent victims. So  long as  arrogant french spanish  british  and portugalian fascists do not start  understand WHAT THEY HAVE DONE to islamic countries , so long there will be ISIS and al qaida ! My  wife Melika says how 99 % of maroccian people agree this, they have given me name  Hanuman Habdullah Elwafi. It means ´´spirit of truth ´´.

When i was driving with my enduro in Palestina Gaza , soldiers arrested me and took to their captain. He made me hard questions, what hell does  here   jewish  looking  man with  2 finnish passports ? Different names Hietikko and Koivumäki ? I said honestly  that i need 2 passports to be able to drive between Israel and arab lands. Thats big crime and they could arrest me for long time. But when that captain made me more and more questions, he came in front of me and kissed me. He said that in his  life he has NEVER heard anybody to talk so bright truth as you Hietikko. He said  that this kind of jew is always friend of palestinian people and i could go in their area where i want and keep 5 passports . Later near Jerusalem on mountain  of Prophet Samuel american promise keeper priest John Yoder was babtishing me and my motorcycle with HOLY SPIRIT.  Later in south Thailand and in Malesia very many  people said that Hietikko is new spiritual leader if islamic freedom fighters, and  this hopes also my teacher in Kerala dr K.U.Sathyanath . We not yet know what it means, but it obviously starts from Portugal. I claim full national sin confession and next will be FRANCE on their knees. Renewed al qaida of Bin Laden junior shall  take care of this

31.3.2015 I visited doctor Rui Neves in Portugal Faro and he wrote to registers how finnish Hannu Hietikko is seriously sick, out of realities, paranoid. Talk only shit . This what i told has not happened  in real life, its only sick imagination. Finland  has  so extraordinary reputation, they surely not do such crimes, as i have told . But everything is possible to check, did they arrest me for 2,5 months in Finland and  is there in Pensylvania man named John Yoder ?  Did he see me and this bike in mountain of prophet Samuel ? Many soldiers in  Palestina in Gaza area surely remember this bike and what their captain said. I told all in finnish consulat Tel Aviv Katri Sidenberg. She surely remembers me

 If dr Neves  has  made wrong diagnosa, his insurance or employer state of Portugal  must  compensate me 500 000 euros, plus costs of  lawyer. Because of his opinion, finnish  consulat and social ladies  do not  let me see my son and police arrest me if i try to go to Finland ( where i was born )  If dr Neves has made 31.3.2015 CORRECT diagnosa, it  means that fear of and  finnish doctor Tapio Pohjola has became real . State of Portugal is responsible about my healthy  and according the existing agreements, ( state of FINLAND )  must pay the costs of psychoterapia to me and to my wife. It must  happen in Löerrach or in Agadir, because in Portugal we are not in safe and doctors of psychiatria are  RUIKKU quality, as Rui Neves . Any  lobotomia- chemia pills we are NOT ready to eat, english talking psychoterapist  must find out what has happened. Is Hietikko ´s picture of real reality more wounded as what Rui Ruikku Neves see ?

If Hietikkos  paranoija / or skitsofrenia  has  started after 25.5.2012 when  met me personally last time, it means  that lawyers in Finland , in Poland and IVO BELCHIOR DIAS  in Portugal  carry big responsibility. Also in Spain 5 years ago i  paid 1000 euros  to  international  lawyers . They promised to take  matter  of Poland / Finland / illegal  banishing and kidnapping to court  of Strasbourg. But Ilagoson did nothing, only stole  my  money and caused growing stress to me and my kidnapped son.  In july 2016  me and my  maroccian wife Melika Ramouz  visited  police of Marbella Spain. They  started crime  investigation  atestado 15332/16 but  we have  not  heard any word  about it . Consulat Finland in Spain  must ask spanish police  did  they bury this  investigation  as they did in Torremolinos ?

 English talking  in Poland Wroclaw  has been therapist of my wife Violetta  Sarnowiak more as ten years. She was victim of hard family violence during ages of 0 -16 . Lawyer  has  her own hand written  letter 53 pages where Violetta  tells this all. Also her father  Wieslaw Cieplucha in Lodz  has confessed all.  But my ex wife said in finnish court how her parents have never done her anything bad, all is fold of mentally  ill Hietikko. This she says also to my son trying to get him to hate his father. My lesbian ex wife has  large angers agaist herself, her family and against MEN generally. Thats why she killed  with abortion our first son and  kidnapped other one. Because of such also Hannu Hietikko had to be in psychoterapia of . He knows us both and our case and he must talk, IF court ask him to talk.

Mother and sister of my ex wife in Lodz are extremely proud ladies who do not want confess  what happened to Violetta Sarnowiak. They found good reason to explain in woman courts of Finland how these problems are because of Hietikkos mental ilness. When engineers of  Kari Metso, Reijo Kallio, Olli Antila and  were forcing swedish talking doctor of psychiatria Eija Thomasson to write to diagnosa 100%  skitsofrenia, Ensto company carry  responsibility. I never asked to get any job  there  , they were inviting me from Helsinki advertise office  promising workplace of art director ( advertising man ) until age of pension. (  65 )  I had been working to them before 3 years and they said how they KNOW me and my way of thinking. They wouldnt  employ me with big salary if there would be smallest fear that Hietikko is mentally ill !  What ever it was, its 100 % sure that all started in Porvoo Ensto

 If i really  became there 100% invalid during 5 years education of Ensio Miettinen ( the chairman of the board )  if portugalian dr RUI NEVES has made right diagnosa, ensto must pay me big money. To me it suits also that i take back my job there. Im not yet in age of pension and holiday of 33 years has kept me in good condition. Because german polish spanish swedish maroccian doctors and 3 psychiatres in Helsinki ( Keränen Kuokkanen Luoto ) agree  that Hietikko has never been ´´mentally  ill´´, and because state of Portugal  has no money to solve this difficult matter, state of Finland ( or  ENSTO )  must  pay the costs of private english talking psychiatr in Germany Löerrach or in Maroc Agadir who do it. My wife has been also suffering 8 years from this confusion , Melika Ramouz needs  full  psychoterapia too.

My polish ex wife Violetta Sarnowiak in Finland has never got real treatment to understand what for she killed our  first son and kidnapped other one ? The reason to these 2 matters is ONE, the same , says her psychoterapist  Mr Border and roman catholic priest Josef Siemasz . This one reason explain what for Violetta was trying to lie to court of Jyväskylä how lands of our farm 34,5 hectar are bought with money of her mother Halina Cieplucha ul Bratyslawska 13 m 24 Lodz. 3 police from Miedzylesie said to me and Mr Piaskus how it was frau Halina who gave order to police to  spark Hietikko  away from my farm. Husband of her younger daughter Pawel has self said that he belongs to mafia of Lodz. They try to pass  by with violence the marriage agreement in court of Helsinki 12.12.1997 and Violettas credit agreement 870 000 euros, which both show clearly  how all  investing to Poland was made  with Hietikkos money and 599 000 euros from culture association Keltaiset ry Los Amarillos. Because this  mafia has  been threatening  me and Melika with killing also in Torremolinos and in Portimao, spanish and portugalian police CAN NOT say  that this  not belong to us. International kidnapping and blackmailing money threatening with killing belongs to them for sure

 When court of Warsowa 2007 decided how owning of that farm must be given to Hietikko, Halina Cieplucha and her 2 daughters did not accpet it. Lawyer has all documents  from this case and  also in Finland remembers what happened. Because Violetta and me both have only one child, which is COMMON, i suggested that we give  this properity to him 96 %  ly, to association Keltaiset ry 4 %  ly ( who  makes it productive and pay 40 % from netto to William ). But this did not suit to my ex wife and thats the real reason, what for father and son can never meet. Not even talk in telephone. Roman catholic priest Siemasz  and psychoterapist Border say equally how the reason to cut our connection and  KILL older brother of my kidnapped son, is the same. Finnish social and court ladies are quilty to crimes which shall be punished with DEATH according laws of Coran. My ex wife and son shall  be saved from such punishments but many  lawyers and social system SS  ladies shall die , if we cant find any  better solution

In Finland they give to my wounded ex wife only strong chemical pills to kill all feelings, nothing else. Judge, social women of and their  lawyers  rule my ex wife to say how this ´´one same reason ´´ is 100 % skitsofrenia of Hietikko. ( because its written so in computers of ). Thats why my boy can never see his father. In age of 6 he said how father is his best friend and he becomes sick if he cant live with father and go back to his childhood farm in sudetian mountains. Now the boy is 16 old and its not right time to go back to totally broken house. But people from association Keltaiset ry,  must get rights and wizums to go there soonest with his wife, 3 years old son and 7 agri forest workers from Marocco.

According law of Poland landowner is responsible to take care of his forests. In october 2016 doctor of law Ana Paula Duarte in Portimao took money and promised to make agreement with Violetta Sarnowiak. In her credit agreement ( made in  law office 3.9.1996 ) is written how she must pay back 870 000 euros or give owning of farm to Hietikko. Such agreement must be done now,  i give owning 96 %  ly to our common son, to association Keltaiset ry 4 % ly. If this not suit, its question about mother and sister of my ex wife in Lodz

 The most acut question where we need help  from police of  Spain, Portimao and Poland Klodzko is question about car Mercedes 300 TD combi. It belongs to our  farm in Poland and its in polish register  DW 767 NV. It must be in Poland before 8.8.2017 when traffic insurance is ending. We were on a way to Germany Löerrach and our maroccian driver was ready to go to Poland to sell that car , but bensinstation  E.S.SALGADO Y Orta S.L H-122 P.K. 1. 21590 Villablanca (Ayamonte Aracena Huelva) ESPANJA sold  us 12.7.2017  very dirty mixed fuel, which broke our car. (witness auto Alexander LOYLE ) Motor was new  and in exelent condition. We had to take it back to Portimao and it stands in front of our house. I have no money to repair it .  We sent 2 weeks ago registered letter to Spain to E.S.SALGADO Y Orta reminding how they  carry  responsibility of this case, repair the car so that we have time to take it to Poland before 8.8.2017. But  they answer nothing, consulat of Finland,  in Warsawa  in Madrid and in  Lissabon answer nothing . Mentality of spanish and portugalian companies seem to be the same, all try to fool so much as possible


 volyntary help to victims of crimes 

William K. Sarnowiak  FI 5239390053168480      BIC - SBANFIHH 


To portugalian lawyers in english here 


letter  to  court of  Strasbourg   in english  here

8.8.2017  Hannu Hietikko  Melika  Ramouz 

suomeksi  asian taustoja

Omaisuuteni  tuhoaminen tuli  mahdolliseksi kun poliisi -syyttäjä ja  konsulaattipalvelut oli  poistettu . Miksi ne poistettiin, johtuu Ensto yhtiöistä sekä psykiatri Eija Thomassonin  tekemästä TIETOISESTA VIRKAVIRHEESTÄ . Hän  itse sanoi ettei enston insinöörien väitteissä  ole mitään  perää , mutta kuitenkin  kirjoitti kelaan sellaisia loruja ! Poliisin ja Kelan rikostarkastajien on kelattava koko  juttu auki ja valtiokonttorin korvattava minulle 870 000 euroa . Sen arvoiseksi katsottiin Suomesta Puolaan siirretty omaisuus , uusi 235 m2 omakotitalo  Porvoossa ja  kolme asuntoa Helsingin  keskustassa . Kultuuriyhdistys keltaiset ry n  puolaan viedyn  ja siellä ryöstetyn  omaisuuden arvo oli 599 000 euroa. Yhteensä 1,469  milj euroa

Saksalainen  naapuri Ditmar Schuller sekä Kamila Michalowitz  kävivät 1.8.2011 rikotussa  talossa  todeten  ettei  kyseessä  ole vain  varastelu  hyötymismielessä  vaan  silmitön  viha Hietikkoa  kohtaan. Schuller  sanoi tietävänsä sen  johtuvan Hietikon juutalaisesta alkuperästä. Todistaja Pawel Boycoff  ja vaimonsa Ludmila ovat  sanoneet Schullerille miten  taloa ryöstävä  on Andrei Bogdanowitz Dlugopolesta, mutta poliisi  ei tee  mitään  koska poliisi saa  osinkoja talomme ja  metsämme  ryöstämisestä

 Ditmar Schullerin  kuullen joulun aikaan 2008  Suomen  kansalaiset  Ossi Viljakainen ja Erkko Välimäki määräsivät Hannu Hietikon  poistumaan  maatilaltaan Puolassa Miedzylesie Gniewoszow 6  syystä  että pelättiin Hietikkoon kohdistuneen  vihan suuntautuvan  myös heihin. Ananda seva jooga järjestö lupasi  pitää maatilasta huolen seuraavat 30 vuotta,  muussa tapauksessa  korvata kaikki  vahingot  plus 200 000 euroa  sopimusrikkosakkoa , 35 000  jäi  velkaa  ostetusta traktorista ja autosta. Sopimusdokumentit lakimiehillä sekä Majiec Abresz Wroclaw. Jos ne on  hävitetty  herra Schuller  muistaa  kyllä  asian.  Aiemmin  syksyllä  2008 Viljakainen  kirjoitti näin

Tässä kirjelmässä on laadittu yhteenveto kaikista  Hannu Oskari  Hietikkoon Suomessa kohdistuneista rikoksista. Ne  ovat vaikuttaneet Hietikon  juridistyyppiseen  ilmaisukyyn  heikentävästi, eikä hän ole kyennyt selkeästi hahmottamaan asiakokonaisuuteen liittyviä tekijöitä ja  yksilöimään niitä oikeusjärjestelmän edellyttämällä tavalla. Vapaamuotoisesti sitäkin paremmin

 Asiantilasta johtuen Allekirjoittanut on  avustanut Hietikkoa haastattelemalla sekä kirjaamalla hänen kuvaamansa rikokset ja niihin  johtaneet tapahtumat tiivistetysti ja mahdollisuuksien mukaan kronologisessa järjestyksessä. Tässä kirjeessä yksilöidään tapahtuneet rikokset ja ilmaistaan asianomistajan vaatimukset.

 – Sopimuksenvastainen lapsen kaappaaminen

 – Perätön mielisairaaksi tuomitseminen 

– Hietikkoon kohdistuva syyttäjäviranomaisen tekemä rajoittamispäätös

 Tapahtumien taustaa lyhyesti:

 1. Puolasta 7.3.1987 muuttanut Violetta Izabela Sarnowiak  tuli Suomeen isänsä ja enonsa lehti-ilmoituksen perusteella Hietikon vaimoksi ja halusi päästä heti naimisiin hänen kanssaan saadakseen Suomen passin. Saapuessaan Sarnowiak oli erittäin aneemisessa ja  huonossa kunnossa. Lukuisissa yhteyksissä Sarnowiak sanoi parantuneensa anemiastaan  Hietikon laittaman mainion kasvisruuan avulla. Porvoon osuuspankin  varatuomari Mikko Vartiainen  teki 1987 avioehtosopimuksen  jonka mukaan avioerossa  perheen kaikki  omaisuus kuuluisi yksinomaan Hietikolle

 2. Pian Sarnowiak tuli raskaaksi, mutta halusi abortoida esikoisen todeten hänen  lapsuustaustansa olleen niin väkivaltainen ja hirvittävä, että hän joutuisi psykoosiin mikäli saisi lapsen. Sarnowiak kertoi olleensa ennen Suomeen tuloa kokonaisen vuoden  hoitolaitoksessa näiden syiden takia.

 3. Sarnowiak on kertonut omissa käsin kirjoitetuissa, Hietikolle, Hietikon sukulaisille ja tämän  monille ystäville osoitetuissa kirjeissä, että nämä psyykkiset ongelmat eivät ole lainkaan Hannun  syytä, vaan päin vastoin Hannu on yrittänyt kovasti niissä Violaa auttaa ja Hannu on  joutunut hirveästi kärsimään johtuen näistä Sarnowiakin psyykkisistä ongelmista. Nämä kirjeet on toimitettu Helsingin Hovioikeuteen.

 4. Hakiessaan apua ongelmiinsa, Sarnowiakia kieltäydyttiin auttamasta Porvoon  terveyskeskuksessa rasistisista syistä, ja ei suostuttu antamaan tälle terapiaa.

 5. Haettaessa Sarnowiakille apua Lääkäriasema Diacorista Helsingistä, sielläkin hoito evättiin  psykologi Riitta-Liisa Lahdelman sanoin: ”ei me täällä kaikenlaisia venäläisiä auteta”,  vaikka Sarnowiakilla oli silloin jo Suomen kansalaisuus.

 6. Sarnowiakin rippipappi Josef Siemasz ja perheen psykoterapeutti Mariusz Border ovat  yksimielisesti todenneet, että esikoisen tappamiseen ja toisen lapsen kidnappaamiseen on  yksi ja sama syy: Sarnowiakin lapsuudessaan kokema jatkuva perheväkivalta, joka ei  millään tavoin voi olla Hietikon syytä. Lapsuusaikaisen päähänhakkaamisen  avulla Violetan äiti,sisar ja lakimiesserkku  määräävät heikkotahtoista Violettaa rikoksiin  omaa perhettään ja kotiaan vastaan. Kyseessä on rankka perheväkivalta, jota Suomen sosiaali ja oikeustoimi edesauttavat, syystä ettei Hietikon mielipitestä pidetä 

 7. Vuonna 2007 Sarnowiak väitti Helsingin kärjäoikeudessa, että Hietikko ei osaa lainkaan  laittaa ruokaa, ei edes paistaa kananmunaa, vaikka Sarnowiak oli itse kertonut parantuneensa anemiastaan ja heikosta kunnostaan Hietikon laittamalla mainiolla kasvisruoalla saavuttuaan Suomeen ensimmäistä kertaa vuonna 1985.

 8. Myöhemmin Puolassa tapahtuneiden rikosten selvittämisen yhteydessä on alkanut paljastua Sarnowiakin juonittelevan äidin, eli Hietikon anopin Halina Ciepluchan kierot pyrkimykset varastaa Hietikon suuri omaisuus lahjomalla puolalaisia post-kommunistisen hallinnon korruptoituneita viranomaisia jättämään tutkimatta Hietikkoon kohdistuvat rikokset ja yllyttämällä Hietikon puolalaista naapuria, Illnickin perhettä terrorisoimaan Hietikkoa sekä levittelemällä Hietikon kotipaikkakunnalla Gniewosowissa   perättömiä juoruja väittämällä  Hietikkoa mielisairaaksi sekä yllyttämällä lukuisia ihmisiä rikoksiin, joiden avulla Cieplucha on pyrkinyt tekemään Hietikon elämän Puolassa sietämättömäksi ja pyrkinyt  ajamaan tämän pois tilaltaan. On selvää että Cieplucha ja Sarnowiak tarvitsivat Helsingin  käräjäoikeuden huoltajaoikeudenkäynnissä sellaista todistustaineistoa, että Hietikon pojan kotikylä Puolassa on lapsen kannalta mahdoton ja hirvittävän vaarallinen paikka elää.

Todellisuudessa Wroclaw, jossa perheen kaupunkiasunto sijaitsee, on Helsinkiä turvallisempi paikka elää. Gniewosowin   kylä on suomalaista kirkonkylää paljon turvallisempi. Hietikon mukaan Cieplucha on mitä ilmeisimmin tehnyt kaiken tämän saadakseen  myydä  Hietikon arvokkaan Sudeettien vuoristossa sijaitsevan kartanotilan saksalaisille investoijille . Tästä on olemassa lukuisia kirjallisia todisteita ja henkilö todistajia.  Tähän samaan juoneen on liittynyt Hietikon leimaaminen mielisairaaksi myös Suomessa.

 Seuraavat rikokset ovat tapahtuneet:

 1. On mahdollista että Hietikkoon kohdistunut rikosvyyhti ja erityisesti Hietikon  Kauhajoella tapahtunut vapaudenriisto ja vuonna 2005 tapahtunut laiton pakkohoito Seinäjoen mielisairaalassa pohjautuu vuonna 1985 Porvoossa pitkään jatkuneen työpaikkakiusaamisen ja sen  yhteydessä annetusta erikoislääkäri Eija Thomassonin laatimasta lääkärin lausunnosta, jossa Thomasson väittää Hietikon kärsivän skitsofreniasta. Hietikolle  Thomasson kertoi kirjoittavansa lausuntonsa lääkärin etiikkansa velvoittamana pelastaakseen Hietikon hengen ja saadakseen tämän eläkkeelle työpaikalta, jonka ilmapiirissä Hietikon mielenterveys lääkärin arvion mukaan olisi voinut järkkyä.

 2. Kyseisen työpaikkakiusaamisen järjestänyt Ensto-yhtiöiden kehitysjohtaja Kari Metso oli  passittanut Hietikon työterveyslääkäri Udo Prezlerin vastaanotolle, joka puolestaan oli väittänyt Hietikkoa hulluksi ja vaatinut tätä käyttämään vahvaa lääkitystä väittäen että  muuten Hietikko ei koskaan parantuisi. Hietikko kävi   myös terveyskeskuslääkäri Dick Jägerholmin vastaanotolla, jossa Jägerholm totesi Hietikolle, että ”kyllä siellä Enstolla varmasti joku hullu on, olen siitä ennenkin kuullut, mutta et se kyllä sinä ole”.

3. Seuraavaksi Hietikko meni psykiatrian erikoislääkäri Eija Thomassonin vastaanotolle.  Tavattuaan Thomassonia 2-3 kertaa ja kerrottuaan Thomassonille mitä työpaikalla oli  tapahtunut, Thomasson totesi, että Hietikko ei ole mielisairas. Kuitenkin saatuaan selville pitkään jatkuneen vakavan työpaikkakiusaamisen Thomasson totesi, että Hietikon on lähdettävä pois työpaikalta. Thomasson oli sanonut Hietikolle, että ”vaikka et olekaan  mielisairas, minun on nyt jotain sellaista kirjoitettava, koska systeemi toimii niin. Teen sen lääkärinetiikkani takia, mutta älä vain itse koskaan usko sitä mitä nyt kirjoitan”.

 4. Kun myöhemmin Enston henkilöstöpäällikkö yritti houkutella Hietikkoa takaisin sanoen että ”Tulehan nyt, me tiedämme ettei sinua mikään vaivaa” ja että ”Ensio on hirveän vihainen” viitaten yhtiön pääjohtajaan Ensio Miettiseen. Hietikko olisi palannut, koska hän piti  henkilökohtaisesti Ensio ja Timo Miettisestä, mutta erikoislääkäri Thomasson kielsi palaamasta.

 5. Tämä lääkärinlausunto on tehtailtu yhteistyössä Ensto-yhtiöiden silloisen johdon kanssa,  koska Hietikon kanssa oli laadittu aikaisemmin eläkeikään asti ulottuva työsopimus, joka nyt haluttiin purkaa, mutta Ensto-yhtiön silloinen johto ei halunnut maksaa Hietikolle  sovittua sopimuksen purkamisesta annettavaa kultaista kädenpuristusta, vaan halusivat vierittää kulut eläkevakuutusyhtiön maksettavaksi, ja siten sopivat lääkärin kanssa edellä mainitun lausunnon kirjoittamisesta. Kultaisen kädenpuristuksen maksaminen ei olisi tuottanut Hietikolle näitä moninaisia vaikeuksia ja kerrannaisvaikutuksia, kuin mitä tästä  lääkärinlausunnosta hänen elämäänsä on koitunut. Lähtiessään Enstolta yhtiön omistajaperheen Timo Miettinen sanoi Hietikolle, että ”Minä en hetkeäkään usko, että sinä olisit mielenvikainen, mutta tämä järjestelmä tekee sellaisia päätöksiä, joille en minä eikä isänikään (Ensio Miettinen) voi mitään”.Rikos: Lääkärin yllyttäminen rikokseen yhtiön toimivan johdon toimesta.

 6. Myöhemmin vuonna 1986 Hietikko soitti Kelan lääkärille ja kertoi että tässä on kyseessä  väärinkäsitys, ja että Ensto-yhtiöiden omistajat Ensio ja Timo Miettinen haluaisivat Hietikon takaisin yhtiöön töihin. Kelan lääkäri sanoi, että tällaisia asioita eivät päätä taiteilijat eikä diplomi-insinöörit, vaan me lääkärit. Lääkäri jatkoi, että ”sairastunut ei itse ymmärrä sairastuneensa”. Tämän jälkeen Hietikko ei ole yrittänyt kumota lääkärinlausuntoa, koska vaikutti siltä, että tätä jo tehtyä hulluksi leimaamista ei millään konstilla pysty papereista poistamaan, ja se näyttää olevan ikuinen.

 7. Seuraavana vuonna, 7.3.1987 Violetta Sarnowiak muutti Suomeen tullakseen Hietikon vaimoksi.

 8. Tasan 20 vuotta myöhemmin 7.3.2007 Aila Koulun pakotettua heikossa kunnossa olevan  asiakkaansa avioeroon ja valehtelemaan, Sarnowiak väitti Helsingin Käräjäoikeudessa, että hänen vanhempansa eivät ole koskaan hänelle mitään pahaa tehneet, vaan että kaikki on Hietikon syytä. Käräjäoikeudessa hän väitti olleensa ennen Suomeen tuloa hoitolaitoksessa vain kolme kuukautta, ja väitti hoitolaitoksen olleen kylpylä. Rikos: Rikokseen yllyttäminen, valehtelu oikeuden edessä ja väärä vala.

 9. Lääkäriasema Diacorissa Helsingissä psykologi Riitta-Liisa Lahdelma syyllistyi rasistiseen  rikokseen eikä suostunut antamaan Sarnowiakille terapiaa, koska Lahdelman mukaan Kela ei hyväksy kalliita terapiota ''kaikenmaailman venäläisille”. Hietikko katsoo, että tämä rikos on aiheuttanut sekä Hietikolle että hänen kahdelle lapselleen sietämättömiä kärsimyksiä.

Rikos: hoidon evääminen Suomen kansalaiselta, heitteille jättö, rasistinen loukkaus.

 10. Kun Hietikko Suomeen tultuaan pidätettiin johtuen Sarnowiakin levittämistä perättömistä huhuista ja suljettiin 2,5 kuukaudeksi mielisairaalaan pakkohoitoon, on selvää että rikos on tapahtunut. Rikos: Vakava vapauden riisto, hoitolaitoksessa tapahtunut seksuaalinen väkivalta, leikkausoperaatiolla uhkaaminen ja pelottelu, väkisin huumaaminen huumaavilla ja riippuvuutta aiheuttavilla lääkeaineilla, ihmisarvoon kohdistuvat loukkaukset, kotiuttaminen sairaalasta niin pahasti huumatussa tilassa, että Hietikon kaikki arvokkaat matkatavarat, mukaanlukien arvokas Asahi Pentax -ammattikamera varastettiin tämän kotimatkalla.

 11. Seuraavana talvena Hietikon tiedusteltua Seinäjoen psykiatrian yksikön ylilääkäri Lassilalta syytä näin pitkään pakkohoitoon  sähköpostitse , Lassila suuttui ja kirjoitti uhkaavaan sävyyn siten että ellei Hietikko lakkaa kirjoittelemasta ja ajamasta oikeuksiaan oli viestistä tulkittavissa että hänet voidaan pidätetään uudelleen ja sulkea pakkohoitoon. Rikos: Uhkaus vapaudenriistolla joka velvoitti Hietikon lähtemään maanpakoon. Tohtori Petri Luoma oli  Hietikon asunnolla kuin  tuollaisia sähköposteja Lassilalta saapui

 12. Violetta Sarnowiak oli yrittänyt taivutella lapsen kummia ja Hannun pitkäaikaista ystävää  Helena Antila-Jalosta puolelleen sanoen tälle, ettei Antila-Jalonen ole lainkaan realistinen Hietikon mielisairauden suhteen, josta Sarnowiak sanoo olevansa aivan varma. Pitkään perheen tilannetta seuranneena ja Hietikon ystävänä Antila-Jalonen tiesi, että Hietikko ei ole Sarnowiakin väitteiden mukaisesti mielisairas, vaan että Sarnowiakilla itsellään on vakavia psykologisia ongelmia. Saman käsityksen on perheen psykoterapeutti Marius Border valmis todistamaan oikeuden edessä. Border on sanonut Hietikolle, ja on valmis sanomaan sen oikeudessa, '' sinun vaimollasi on sinnikäs tarve todistaa sinua mielisairaaksi, vaikkei se ole totta. Samaan päätelmään on myös päätynyt Puolan virallinen oikeuspsykiatrinen komitea,jonka loppuraportista päätelmä on luettavissa

 13. Malmin Sosiaalitoimiston juristi Aila Koulu sanoi käräjäoikeudessa olevansa aivan varma, että Hietikko on vakavasti mielisairas ja valmis tappamaan oman lapsensa. Hietikon mielestä on erittäin törkeää että juristin koulutuksen saanut henkilö voi estää täysin isää tapaamasta omaa rakasta lastansa. Juristin rooliin eikä ammattitaitoon kuulu langettavien tuomioiden antaminen ihmisen mielenterveydestä.

 . 14. Kun Hietikko oli yrittänyt tätä asiaa ja ihmisoikeuksiaan selvittää kirjoittamalla eri viranomaisille, Etelä-Suomen lääninhallituksesta ilmoitettiin, että Porvoolainen komisario Jalo Jokinen oli kirjoittanut seuraavasti: ”Hietikko on hullu, ja hän on sen itsekin myöntänyt”. Komisario Jalo Jokisen väite ei ole totta, eikä Hietikko koskaan sellaista ole koskaan kellekään sanonut. Jokinen  oli  vihainen  koska Hietikon  esimies Enston  omistaja Ensio Miettinen  oli  houkutellut  itselleen Jokisen  vaimon

 15. Lapsen pelottelu ja kiduttaminen väittämällä että hänen isänsä on paha, joka tappaa oman poikansa. Tämä vahingoittaa isäänsä ihailevan pojan psyykkistä kehitystä. Se on perusteetonta, koska jopa mielisairaalan johtava lääkäri Antero Lassila toteaa, että Hietikko opittiin tuntemaan kohteliaana ja huomaavaisena miehenä, jolla ei ole aggressioita ja joka ei kertaakaan pakkohoidon aikana menettänyt malttiaan. Ei ole mitään syytä estää häntä olemasta normaalissa vuorovaikutussuhteessa poikansa kanssa, Lassila raportoi. Tämä raportti on aikaisemmin toimitettu oikeuden nähtäväksi. Tämä kauan jatkunut ajojahti ja lukuisat Hietikkoon ja tämän omaisuuteen kohdistuneet rikokset ovat ajaneet hänet surumieliseen tilaan , jossa hän etsii varsin erikoisia ratkaisuja


 1. Hietikko vaatii itseensä kohdistuvan, Helsingin syyttäjäviranomaisen, Kauhajoen syyttäjän  ja apulaisvaltakunnansyyttäjän Jorma Kalskeen tekemän, virheellisin perustein määrätyn rajoittamispäätöksen purkamista vedoten Puolan valtakunnallisen oikeuspsykiatrisen tutkimuskomission lausuntoon, sekä Helsinkiläisten psykiatrien Tapani Luodon  ja  Iiris Keräsen kliinisiin  tutkimuksiin  jotka ovat  asianajaja Ari Kuukalla , Puolalaisen Wroclawin kaupungissa toimivien psykologi Mariusz Borderin ja psykiatri Marchena Dolnan, sekä Hampurissa toimivan erikoislääkäri Henryk Langen ja helsinkiläisen neurobiologian tohtori Petri Luoman lausuntoihin, jotka kaikki todistavat, että Hietikko ei ole mielisairas.

 2. Hietikko vaatii vahingonkorvausta Helsingin Lääkäriasema Diacorin psykologilta Riitta-Liisa Lahdelmalta vaimonsa hoidon eväämisestä rasistisin perustein, syystä että siitä on tullut Hietikolle ja hänen lapselleen raskaita seuraamuksia .

 3. Hietikko vaatii rangaistusta Aila Koululle Sarnowiakin pakottamisesta avioeroon, perheen rikkomisesta, vääriin valoihin ja pakottamisesta valehteluun oikeuden edessä sekä kunnianloukkauksesta ja korvausta vastauskuluista sekä aiheutetusta henkisestä kärsimyksestä, yhteensä 6,9  milj. euroa (4 tuntia / sivu, lakimiehen tuntipalkalla 220 €/ tunti, yhteensä 7810  sivua, yht.6,9 .milj euroa).Hietikko lisää  tähän 23.3.2013 siten  että tuo  iso  korvaus tulee Strasbourgin  / Jyväskylän ja Klodzkon  oikeuden  päätösten  mukaan  jakaa  kolmen asianajajan  Aila Koulun , Tanja Heiskasen  ,  Jukka Hokkasen  , käräjätuomari sekä  Keuruun   terveyskeskuksen  johtajan Tuomo Reinan  kesken 

 4. Hietikko vaatii Helsingin käräjäoikeudessa vahvistetun lapsen tapaamisoikeuden välitöntä täytäntöönpanoa ja lapsen piilottelun välitöntä lopettamista.

 5. Hietikko vaatii Haagin kansainväliseen kidnappaussopimukseen ja poikansa William Sarnowiakin henkilökohtaiseen lausuntoon jossa hän selkeästi ilmaisee halunsa palata takaisin kotiinsa ja kokee sairastuvansa ellei hän saa elää isänsä kanssa eikä saa palata takaisin kotitilallensa Sileesiaan isänsä luokse.

 6. Hietikko vaatii  vahingonkorvausta Jalo Jokiselta kunnianloukkaasta ja perättömästä väitteestä 2000 euroa.

 7. Mikäli oikeus päättää pitäytyä väitteessä että Hietikko on mielisairas, häntä ei voida panna  juridis-taloudelliseen vastuuseen oikeuskuluista. Jos taas oikeus katsoo, että tapahtunut diagnoosi on ollut perusteeton ja väärä, sekä pidättäminen, pakkohoito ja maineen mustamaalaaminen on ollut virhe, vaatii Hietikko lapsen pois riistämisestä, perusteettomasta pidättämisestä, pakkomyrkyttämisestä, kunnianloukkauksesta, vapaudenriistosta ja maineensa mustamaalaamisesta korvausta Suomen valtiolta 1 milj. euroa, sekä Kauhajoen Kaupungilta aiheettomasta pidättämisestä, joukkorasismin sallimisesta, maineen mustamaalaamisesta korvausta 500.000 euroa.( viimeksimainitun  tapauksessa vaihtoehtoisesti kaupunginjohtajan virka )

 8. Hietikko vaatii oikeuden sopimaksi katsoman korvauksen Ensto-yhtiöiden vuonna 1985 toimineelta kehitysjohtaja Kari Metsolta sekä yhtiön työterveyslääkäri Udo Prezleriltä korvausta perättömästä mielisairaaksi leimaamisesta ja siitä koituneesta perheen hajoamisesta ja ihmisarvon ja henkilökohtaisen elämän tuhoamisesta.

 Hietikon kertoman mukaan asiat kirjanneena, oikeudellinen avustaja

NAISNÄKÖKULMA , todistajalausunto asiaa 30 vuotta seuranneen naisen silmin ja korvin . Mistä kaikki alkoi ?   Lausunto oikeuskanslerille Lansi Suomen laaninhallitukselle Poliisille ja Jyväskylän Käräjäoikeudelle   koskien Hannu Hietikkoa, Violetta ja William Sarnowiakia

Minä tekstiilisuunnittelija Helena Antila Jalonen Vuorityömiehenkatu 9 b 9   Turku   vakuutan kunnian ja omantunnon kautta seuraavaa . Olen kyseisen lapsen kummitäti , olen tutustunut Hannu Hietikkoon vuonna 1979, jolloin molemmat opiskelimme Helsingin taideteollisessa korkeakoulussa


Olimme parisuhteessa asuen vuoroin minun kotonani Oulunkylässä, vuoroin Hietikon kotona Pietarinkadulla . Hietikolla oli jo opiskeluaikana omistusasunto Eirassa, hän oli hyvin pärjäävä mies ja opintojen ohella toimi Pellervo- seuran mainostoimistossa art directorina. Aiemmin hän teki töitä NOKIA yhtiön kansainvälistämisessä

Vuonna 1981, jolloin Hietikko valmistui taideteollisesta, eräs hänen asiakkaansa, porvoolainen Ensto konserni pyysi hänet huomattavan suurella palkalla kokonaan itselleen.

Hietikko rakensi Porvooseen erittäin kauniin ison omakotitalon, jossa työssä minäkin olin usein auttamassa, samoin Hietikon isä ja äiti sekä useita porvoolaisia poliiseja, syystä että Hietikolla oli poliisiasemalla hyviä ystäviä


Hietikon talossa oli iso kaunis keittiö, ja hän oli hyvä ruuanlaittaja, kaikki huoneet sekä puutarha olivat aina siistissä kunnossa. Tapasin myös kerran Enston pääjohtajan Ensio Miettisen hänen kotonaan ja sain sellaisen kuvan, että Miettinen oli erittäin viisas ja sivistynyt mies ja että hän piti Hietikkoa suuressa arvossa, vaikkei tämä ollut ulkonaisesti sen paremmissa vaatteissa kuin nykyäänkään, vaan vaikutti enemmänkin boheemilta taiteilijalta.
Matkustelimme Hietikon kanssa noina vuosina moottoripyörillä  Puolassa, Unkarissa, Sveitsissä, Espanjassa, Englannissa, Norjassa ja Suomessa . Osallistuimme moottoripyöräilijöiden kokoontumisjuhliin monissa maissa, mutta en koskaan ole nähnyt että Hietikko olisi jonkun kanssa tapellut, riidellyt , käyttäytynyt sopimattomasti . Sellaisiakin henkilöitä näissä piireissä kyllä liikkui, eikä tappelukavereitten löytämisessä olisi ongelmia ollut.

Itse en ole 28 vuotta Hietikon tunnettuani voinut kuvitellakaan että tätä miestä pitäisi jonkun PELÄTÄ tai että hän voisi tappaa oman lapsensa ? Hänen isänsä oli mukava, väkivallaton mies , ja sitä on myös Hannu . Kun jotkut väittävät että Hietikko olisi mielisairas, ihmettelen tätä , koska en 28 vuoden aikana ole hänessä mitään sellaisia oireita havainnut. Epäilen, että kyse on tietynlaisesta taiteilijoille ominaisesta epäsovinnaisuudesta, mutta oman käsitykseni mukaan sivistyneiden ihmisten tulisi sallia se etteivät kaikki ole samanlaisia.

Violetta Sarnowiakiin tutustuin vuonna 1987, jolloin hän muutti Puolasta Porvooseen Hietikon valmiiseen taloon ja ryhtyi Hannun vaimoksi. Violetta Sarnowiakista saamani käsitys on se, että hän on erittäin mukava, kiltti, hyväkäytöksinen, nainen mutta muistan kyllä kuulleeni, että Violetalla oli Puolassa oleviin vanhempiinsa jollakin tapaa ongelmalliset välit. Hän kertoi mm. joutuneensa vanhempiensa pakottamana koviin urheilutreeneihin, vaikka oli heikko ja aneeminen, eikä lainkaan urheilusta kiinnostunut.

Muistan Violan kertoneen, että tultuaan Suomeen hän parani anemiastaan Hietikon ruokavalion avulla. En tiedä onko tämä totta, mutta jos nyt väitetään että Hietikko ei osaa paistaa lapselleen edes kananmunaa , tai että Violetan vanhemmat eivät ole mitään pahaa tehneet , vaan että Hietikko on koko ajan suunnannut vaimoonsa jo Suomessa 12 vuotta asuessaan henkistä ja fyysistä väkivaltaa, ja saattaisi lapsensakkin tappaa, epäilen että joku nyt valehtelee.

Ihmettelen myös sitä miksei Sarnowiak muuttanut muualle, jos kerran tällaisiä ongelmia oli . Miksei hän niistä kellekkään silloin puhunut, vaikka poliisi Ilmo Jantunen vieraili heidän kodissaan hyvin usein Hannun vanhana ystävänä?  Mitään merkkiä henkisestä tai fyysisestä väkivallasta en havainnut sinä aikana, kun he 12 vuotta Suomessa asuivat , vaikka vierailin heidän Porvoon talossaan usein .Päinvastoin, minä sekä myös Hietikon sisar saivat käsityksen että Viola ja Hannu olivat erittäin sopuisa pari . Vielä aivan äskettäin Viola sanoi minulle puhelimessa , että kyllä minä sitä Hannua vieläkin rakastan , mutta ongelma on se kun hän on niin hullu ja hengenvaarallinen. Samaa Sarnowiak oli sanonut äskettäin Hannun sisarelle

Noina vuosina olin heidän mukanaan myös Puolassa, jossa tapasin Violetan perheen. Näytti siltä että hänen isänsä ja tätinsä Bolesa pitivät Hietikosta kovasti , ja minulla on valokuvia miten he halailevat toisiaan. Sen sijaan taisi olla niin, että Violetan äiti ei Hietikosta pitänyt lainkaan
Kun Viola ei nyt suostu siirtämään Puolassa äitinsä nimissä olevaa omaisuutta lapselleen, eikä myöskään itselleen , ymmärrän Hietikon huolen siitä että Violetan omaiset, etenkin äiti ja lakimiesserkku ovat tämän kuvion etukäteen suunnitelleet. Violaa pidän rehellisenä ihmisenä, samaten Hietikkoa mutta pidän mahdollisena että Hietikon väite voi olla totta ; Heikossa kunnossa olevaa Violaa ohjaillaan äitinsä, Aila Koulun ja Malmin sosiaalivirkailijoiden toimesta. Jos on totta että sosiaaliviranomaiset yllyttävät varakkaita ulkomaalaisia rikoksiin , ihmettelen tohtori Luoman tavoin kenet siitä aiotaan panna syytteeseen ? Varmaankin Hietikko ?

Paheksun tapaa miten Aila Koulu sanoi 13.4.2006 pidetyssä oikeusistunnossa puhelinlausuntoni jälkeen, ’’miten kukaan joka harrastaa matkamoottoripyöräilyä, voi muka olla sivistynyt rauhanihminen’’.Se loukkasi myös minun kunniaani. Olen ollut Gniewosowissa montakin kertaa , enka ymmarra miten suomalaisessa oikeudessa voidaan ottaa niin vakavasti Violetta Sarnowiakin sukulaisten liikkellepanemat vaitteet

Paheksun tapaa jolla Hietikkoa väitettiin yhä 7.3.2007 pidetyssä istunnossa mielisairaaksi, eikä todelliset lääkärilausunnot saanut käräjätuomari keskeyttänyt moista herjaamista, kuten varmaan olisi tapahtunut jos Hannu olisi alkanut väittää Sarnowiakia, Aila Koulua tai käräjätuomari Sormusta mielenvikaiseksi .

Paheksun tapaa jolla kummipoikani William estetään olemasta isänsä kanssa, koska tiedän että Hietikko on mainio isä ja tiedän että poika rakastaa ja kaipaa isäänsä. Pidän 3 vuotta jatkunutta käytäntöä isän ja lapsen kiduttamisena, enkä Hietikon tuntien näe tähän mitään järkevää syytä.

Olen vieraillut Puolassa heidän Sleesian maatilallaan ja olen todennut itsekin pienen pojan kasvattaneena, että tuo ympäristö on lapsen kasvun kannalta aivan ihanteellinen, etenkin kun Violetta Sarnowiakin äiti lakkaa yrittämästä saada sitä itselleen .

Olen asiaan perehtyneen tohtori Luoman kanssa samaa mieltä siitä että pojan pitäisi päästä kotiinsa , jonne hän kaipaa, mutta ellei tämä ole mahdollista, toiseksi paras vaihtoehto on Hietikon talo Kauhajoella. Tällöin Williamilla olisi kunnollinen oma koti ja mahdollisuus olla isänsä sukulaisverkoston kanssa. En ymmärrä miksei tämä sovi Violetalle, koska se olisi nimenomaan lapsen edun mukaista . Hietikko toivoo että Violetta ottaisi ilmaiseksi tuon kauniin talon ja antaisi Williamille mahdollisuuden kunnolliseen kotiin ja turvalliseen ympäristöön . ( Sarnowiak ei tähän suostunut ja Hietikko möi 30.7.2008 Kauhajoen talonsa pois, koska hän itse ei voi sinne mennä mielisairaalauhan takia )

Olen itsekin asunut yli kymmenen vuotta Pohjois Helsingissä, ja pidän sitä ympäristöä lapsen kannalta huonona vaihtoehtona. Se että Viola itse on suurkaupungin tyttö, ei voi olla asian peruste, vaan vaadin että kummilapseni etua ajatellaan ja että hänelle kuuluvan omaisuuden ryöstäminen tulee voida estää. Jos tämä kauhunäytelmä saa pahimman mahdollisen lopun , pidän mahdollisena että Hietikko voisi ajautua epätoivoisiin tekoihin, tai että hänen terveytensä romahtaa. Näin sanovat myös saksalaiset ja puolalaiset lääkärit , mutta Suomen naispäättäjät sulkevat silmänsä ja korvansa , he tietävät kaiken paremmin ja ovat päätöksensä etukäteen tehneet

Minäkin olen pyrkinyt tämän asian tiimoilta ymmärtämään sitä naisena toista naista puolustaen , mutta asian saamien lisäkäänteiden vuoksi, en rehellisyyden nimissä voi läheskään kaikkea enää ymmärtää enkä hyväksyä. Mielestäni jokaisen pitäisi asua omassa kodissaan ja varsinkin kun tiedän Hietikon tarjonneen Sarnowiakille montakin kaunista kotia ja aivan riittävän toimeentulon, en ymmärrä miksi tälläistä pitää tehdä ? Pidän jo kyseenalaisena sitäkin, ovatko tällaiset elämänarvot oikeita siirrettäväksi kasvavalle pojalle ?

Olen alkanut nähdä ystävässäni Sarnowiakissa yhä enemmän outoja piirteitä. Kun hän kirjoitti minulle 15.4.2007 SMS viestin, että älä missään tapauksessa kerro Hietikolle että työvoimaviranomaiset ovat hänen perässään ja että Helsingin TURVAKOTI on kieltänyt sitä Hietikolle sanomasta, en voi välttyä vaikutelmalta että Viola pelkää että Hietikko kertoisi sen oikeudessa

Hänen kannanottonsa viittaa siihen, mitä Hietikko on jo pitkään väittänyt, että sosiaaliviranomaiset neuvovat ja auttavat häntä huijaamisessa ja rikosten peittelyssä . Ilmeisestikkään Hietikko ei ole ollut tietoinen niistä järjestelyistä joita hänen selkänsä takana on tehty, etenkin kun kaikki tämä on johdonmukaisesti tähdännyt hänen ja poikansa etujen loukkaamiseen. Pidän myös mahdollisena ettei Violakaan ole ollut ainakaan täysin selvillä siitä mitä hänen äitinsä ja lakimiesserkkunsa ovat suunnitelleet .Uutistietojen mukaan puolalaiset perheet hyvin usein lähettävät ’’pieniä lapsiaan ’’ varkaisiin varakkaampaan länsieurooppaan ja Skandinaviaan . Perheet ajavat autoillaan etelä Ruotsin markettien parkkipaikoille ja pikkulapset lähetetään varastamaan, koska heitä ei osata eikä kehdata epäillä .

Oman käsitykseni mukaan Suomen ja Puolan oikeudessa tulee tuoda esiin kaikki asiaan kuuluvat seikat , eikä vain sinnikkäästi väittää yhtä osapuolta mielisairaaksi ja neurobiologi Luoman havaintoja epäkuranteiksi syystä että hän on tuntenut Hietikon vasta puoli vuotta. Minä olen tuntenut hänet 28 vuotta, joten toivottavasti minun lausuntoani ei mitätöidä.

Olen samaa mieltä Luoman kanssa myös siitä, että tässä asiassa on koko ajan valehdeltu tavalla, joka loukkaa pahasti Hietikon, hänen äitinsä ja Williamin oikeuksia ja ihmisarvoa ja että takana piilee Violetan sukulaisten halu saada perheen omaisuus itselleen . Viime päivien sms lähetysten mukaan Viola ei salli sitäkään että Hietikko palaisi kotiinsa Sleesiaan maatilayrityksensä asioita järjestelemään. Koska se talo on 100% Hietikon varoin ostettu ja kunnostettu ja koska avioehdon mukaan se on HÄNEN talonsa, en ymmärrä miten ihmeessä Hietikon paluuta kotiinsa aiotaan estää ?

Turussa                                         Helena Antila- Jalonen





Melika  Ramouz  ja  Fadma  Rakibi Marokon  kansalaiset, jotka ovat tarkasti  perehtyneet   ko. asiaan 7 vuoden  ajan, allekirjoittavat  Suomen Agadirin kunniakonsulaatissa 5.5.2015  taman todistajalausuntonsa Jyvaskylan  ja  Puolan Klodzkon poliisille,  karajaoikeudelle   seka  Helsingin   Korkeimmalle oikeudelle  Diaari R 2015 /399  sanatarkasti  kaantanyt  Hannu  Hietikko, netissa  olevaa  versiota  olen  editoinut itse myohemmin

Diplomi  insinoori Wieslaw Cieplucha  ul Bratyslawska 13 m 24  90900 Lodz Puola  joutui sodan  aikaan 5  vuotiaana  Lodzin  ghetossa  saksalaiseen  kouluun.  Siella  hanta  hakattiin lahes paivittain   raakasti  paahan, syysta  etta  isansa  oli  tunnettu  vastarintajohtaja

Myohemmin  Wieslaw Cieplucha  teki taman saman   vanhimmalle   tyttarelleen Violetta  Sarnowiakille   0 - 16  vuoden  iassa,  joka   myohemmin  1986  ,  lahetettiin  24  vuotiaana  kommunistisesta  Puolasta  Suomeen Hietikon  vaimoksi tahan  taloon jonka  Hietikko oli isansa ja  vapaa ajalla  olevien  poliisen  kanssa Porvoon maalaiskuntaan rakentanut. Sen valmistuttua  ylikonstaapeli  Ilmo Jantunen   oli  sanonut,  tama  onnistui  hienosti,  mutta  varo  nyt  sitten Hannu  KATEELLISIA  IHMISIA.

Puolalaisilla  korkeakoulutetuilla  insinooreilla  lakimiehilla  arkkitehdeilla  oli  tuhatkertainen  palkkaero Suomeen    nahden ja    he  pyrkivat  Suomeen kaikin  mahdollisin  tavoin mm  avioliittotoimistojen    agenttien  avulla,  kuten Hietikon  tapauksessa tapahtui. He  olivat  saaneet  nimensa kun  han   matkusteli  kesalomilla Puolassa moottoripyoralla Helena Antila Jalosen kanssa. hantilajalonen  at

 Hannu  Karpon  4  minuutin reportaasi  vuodelta 1986 vodka  turistit    tulevat kertoo  tuon  ajan  tilanteesta.  

26  vuotias Violetta Sarnowiak  ei ollut  kateellinen, ei  kaupannut viinaa, eika  sita  koskaan  juonutkaan.  Eika  han  ollut  nimeaan vaimotoimistolle  antanut,  vaan   hanen  perheensa Lodzissa.  Kuulemamme mukaan Violetta   oli  niin  ihastuttava  ihminen, etta Helenakaan  ei  fiksuna  naisena  alannut  tappelemaan , vaan  he ystavystyivat.  Mutta  vaikka  hanella   oli jo vuonna 1989 Suomen passi,  Violetalle   kieltaydyttiin  antamasta   asiallista  psykoterapiaa,  rasistisiin  syihin  vedoten.  Psykologi Riitta  Liisa  Lahdelma sanoi  ettei KELA  hyvaksy   kalliita  terapioita  kaikenmaailman   venalaisille. Tasta  syysta  Violetta  tappoi  abortilla  esikoisensa   ja halusi Puolaan   jossa han   saisi  terapiaa   omalla   kielellaan  kohtuuhintaan,  border1  at

Vaadimme rikosoikeudenkayntia  psykologi  Riitta Liisa  Lahdelmasta, seka 500 000 e  plus  lakimiehen  kulut. Hanen oma  veljensa varatuomari Aimo Lahdelma helsingin  kristilliset  lakimiehet oy  sanoi asiasta  kuultuaan vuonna  2000  Hietikon todistajien kuullen nain,  olen  aina  tiennyt  etta  sisareni  on taysverinen  rasisti

Koska  asiallista  hoitoa ei  annettu,  vain  lapsen  tappamista, ennen Puolaan  muuttoa   Violetta  ajautui  Porvoossa ja  Helsingissa   Elamantapaliitto  ry n  epamaaraisten   new  age   puoskareitten  revittavaksi,  jotka   lopulta 10.7. 1997  vakivalloin   ajoivat  Hietikon Porvoon  talostaan  pitkalle moottoripyoramatkalle   Puolaan ,  Kreikkaan Kurdistaniin  ja   sielta  Israeliin. Tana  aikana   han  loi  ison  kansainvalisen  verkoston  Suomessa  aloittamansa  tiekomission   jatkoksi , mutta omaisuus Suomessa  anastettiin.  Todistaja hantilajalonen at, musiikinopettaja Tuula Katka  seka  Teijo Turja Helsingista. Asiasta   vastuussa  Paavo Koivisto,  Kalle Jokela ,  Riitta  Kokko  ja  Riitta Pakaslahti  .  Se  ei  ole  voinut  vanheta,  koska  Hietikko  on  asian selvittamisen   valttamattomyydesta  saannollisesti  muistuttanut. Ryhma  sosiodraamaa  johtaneen Riitta Kokon  aiti oli  2  paivaa aiemmin  kuollut   ja  han  oli  purkanut ison  viha agression  ryhman  ainoaan mieheen, Hietikkoon.  Hanen  vaimoltaan  Kokko  kaivoi   esiin  piilevan miesvihan,  halun  tappaa  isa  ja  karkoittaa  hanet  ryhmasta.  He  yhteisvoimin  ajoivat  ulos  illalla 22.00  Vahermanjarven korpeen  ukkossateeseen  transsitilaan  noituneensa  asiakkaan,  joka  silta seisomalta  pakkasi  moottoripyoransa  ja  lahti Jerusalemiin. Todistaja Tel Avivin silloinen  konsuli Katri  Sidenberg. 

Kokko  on  jalkeenpain   itse  myontanyt  tehneensa  pahan  virheen   ja  etta  hanella   on  sellaisia  varten  vakuutus.  Ellei  sita  vakuutusta  nyt  kayteta,  Elamantapaliiton  toimipisteeseen  tulevat   Yon  Sudet tai islamilaiset  karhuajat   jotka  ulosmittaavat 500 000  euroa  Hietikon  pojan ja  uuden  vaimon tilille  ja omat  kulunsa  44 %  paalle.  Sellaisia vieraita  voi  kayda  myos  lahdelma  consulting oy ssa  kaisaniemenkadulla. neuvotteluyhteys  Keuruulla   asianajaja  Ari Kuukka

Hannu  on  meille  kertonut  mitenka  tuollaisessa transsitilassa  sosiodraama tilanteessa   vastuussa  oleva  ohjaaja  AINA  purkaa  tilanteen ennen  homman  loppua. Mutta  kun  se nain   tehtiin  ja  han  oli  kokenut  naiden kymmenen  hysteerisen  helsinkilaisakan ja  oman  vaimonsa  edustavan  koko  suomalaista  yhteiskuntaa, hanen sosiaalinen  identtinsa   Suomen  suhteen  lakkasi  kokonaan  olemasta. Mutta  tuossa  yhteydessa  han  kertoo  myos  vapautuneensa kaikesta  siita  ,  mita  kutsutaan suomalaiseksi  perustyperyydeksi, eli   parantunut kansallisesta   hulluudesta.  Ja  tatahan  eivat sitten  muut  suomalaiset  hyvaksyneet  vaan  rankaisivat ottamalla  pois  pienelta  pojalta  hyvan  isan ja yrittamalla tuhota  hanta  perusteettomin   pidatyksin  ja  veromatkyin 

Olen   itse  kuvannut asian  nain,  iltapimealla  Vahermajarven  metsassa  ukkosateessa sosiaalinen  identiteettini,  jota jo  aiemmin  oma  perheeni  ja  Enston  insinoorit  olivat  vakavasti  vahingoittaneet,    kuoli  TYYSTIN  KOKONAAN     ja  ihmismuotoni  haltijaksi  tuli  se mita  teologian  tohtorit  Lindqwist ja Lennart K  Koskinen  Ruotsissa  sanovat  K  tasoksi   tai  transendentaaliseksi  identiteetiksi.  Sen keski-ajalla loytanyt mestari  Ekhardt  kaytti  pienista  pienimmasta  Sinuhe  egyptilaisen atonista  nimea Christus  in  nobis. Kreikassa tama Intian  atman  oli  atom. Hebrealaisilla  Jahve. Sana Jeesus  tulee  Kreikan Zeuksesta,  jonka   tajusin  Naxos  saarella  ajellessani. Mutta  koska tarkoitukseni  on  nousta best  seller  kirjailijaksi, ja  koska nuo jeesus-jutut on  kaikki  niin  loppuunsa  kaluttuja , suurelle  yleisolle  esiinnyn tassa vaiheessa  joko Johannes Kastajana  tai   ukkosenjumalan  poikana Rutja von Donnerwetter.

Arto Paasilinnalla  on  tekijanoikeus  vanhempaan  testamenttiinsa,  MTV  lle  olen  tarjonnut  uudempaa  testamenttia  ukkosenjumalan  pojan  mukaan.  Teen  nain  ennenmuuta  syysta  etta Puolan  kansan  valitseman  presidentin  roolin  ottaminen olisi  kovin  ylimielista ja  koska  kauhajokinen  Yrjo  Hahto on Antikristuksen, eli  saatanan roolin  itselleen  jo  varannut  nick  nimella  seppo myllis.   Han  vaittaa   olevansa Jumala  ja  vaatii  muita  kauhajokisia  palvomaan  itseaan,  tulemaan  hanen  perustamaansa  kirkkoon  juopottelemaan  ja homoilemaan.  Hanen  juttujaan  voitte  lukea  suomi24  palstalta  kauhajoki

Kun kirjoittelin vuonna 2003 Puolassa maanpakolaisena asuessani sen maan presidentille, miten Puolan ja USAN hyokkays Irakiin Syyriaan Libyaan tehtiin YK n kieltojen vastaisesti, ja miten rikos on sama mihin Hitler syyllistyi, minut pantiin rikosoikeuteen ja karkoitettiin maasta TAPPOUHKAUSTEN SAESTAMANA. Myos taloni vuokraamista yrittanyt anada seva joogaryhma ossi.viljakainen at ajettiin pois yollisilla hyokkayksilla 2009, pyssyt ja moottorisahat mukana. Poliisi ja Suomen konsuli vappu.pajala at eivat auttaneet sanoen ettei mitaan laitonta ole tapahtunut,koska Hietikko on mielisairas eika hanella Jorma Kalskeen paatoksesta johtuen ole poliisi-syyttaja eika konsulaattipalveluita missaan eu maassa.Myohemmin varsovan konsulaatista sanottiin taman asian kuuluvan oikeusministerille, mutta anna-maja henriksson ei vastannut yhteenkaan kirjeeseeni, joita meni myos maapostissa allekirjoitettuna

Koraanin ja Raamatun yhtapitavan lain mukaan se mita voidaan laillisesti tehda yhdelle naista vahaisimmista, voidaan laillisesti tehda suurista suurimmalle tai kelle vaan. Ellei tahan saada lakia ja oikeutta,saksalaiset uusnatsit ja isis europa hyokkaavat sudeetti vuorille ja hajottavat kaikki talot,huutavat ihmisille,GO TO FINLAND,WE KILL YOU

Poikani kidapattiin Suomeen ja kotimme revittiin kappaleiksi. Kun olen asunut islamilaisissa maissa 6 vuotta, sielta on tarjottu apua. Olen sanonut etten hyvaksy avuntarjousta, mikali Suomen uusi oikeusministeri, Haagin sotarikosoikeus,Klodzkon karajaoikeus ja Helsingin korkein oikeus dr 2015/399 toimivat.




Siviilioikeuden professori Aurejarvi on sanonut miten Suomen oikeuslaitoksen moraali ja oikeustaju ovat vastaavalla tasolla kuin edesmenneessa DDR ssa sen viimeisina aikoina. Tassa on oiva esimerkki, josta muiden asiaa vuosien varrella seuranneiden meilini saajien tulee toimia todistajina. Helsingin korkein oikeus dr no 15/24, email on saanut 5 kuukautta sitten pyynnon kasitella asiakokonaisuus, joka alkoi Helsingin karajaoikeuden paatoksesta 2947 , 6.2.2006 , 05/9750 , mutta korkein oikeus ei ole sanallakaan vastannut.

 lakitoimiston tekemassa dokumentissa on maininta etta viimeistaan 31.1.2017 on maksettava takaisin, tai annettava ko. omaisuus Hietikolle. Siina on myos maininta etta Hietikon on esitettava tasta VAATIMUS

Esitan taman vaatimuksen nyt 12.7.2015 Violetta Sarnowiakille , Portugalin konsulaatille, perheoikeudellisten asioiden valittamisesta vastuulliselle Tuula Cowenille, lapsemme kummille Helena Antila-Jaloselle , Keuruun poliisin tutkinnanjohtajalle, Helsingin korkeimmalle oikeudelle, asianajaja Ari Kuukalle, ja muille mainituille. Koska ex vaimoni puolalaisen aidin ja sisaren maarayksesta, todistajien nahden Miedzylesia POLIISI on ajanut minut maapakoon, lainan panttina olevaa omaisuutta on pahasti tuhottu, kaikki irtain varastettu, 4 korjattua saksalaisrakennusta revitty kappaleiksi , vaadin etta emme odota paivamaaraa 31.1.2017 , vaan Wroclawissa omaisuus on pantava heti myyntiin, maatilasta 27,6 hehtaaria vuokrataan 1000 vuodeksi amerikkalaisille uskovaisille,  keltaiset ry lle ja aloittavalle yhitolle



Suomen poliisille suomeksi  kiireellinen  RIKOSTUTKINTAPYYNTO  letters   in  finnish  to  the  POLICE  of  Finland   and  Poland