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United Nations, New  York and Geneve  unitg@un.org

I m 64 years old citizen of Finland, no criminal historia in any lands, but im in big danger to become TERRORIST.  Im using only legal, but very dangerous methodes .  I was studying protestant theologia  in Helsinki  university , later  4 years in Helsinki art academia TAIK. I was one of the best advertising men in Finland, working to export companies as NOKIA and ENSTO with good succes .

Later president of Indian yoga doctors association dr. K.U.Sathuanath  in Kerala Cochin was teaching  me 3  years secrets of hindus, how to manipulate ´´collective , sub.conscious elements´´. He  was grown in roman  catholic family and 2 other  students were 2 roman  catholic nuns from Europa

With these 4 sort of abilites , ´´terrorist Hietikko´´ does not  have to carry any guns or bombs,   but I can  KILL  bigger  elements , as turist bisnes in Portugal , my previous employer www.ensto.com , real  estate Williams keller , Santander bank , german insurance company allianz  or roman catholic  priests  and nuns in Poland and Portugal , using only LEGAL methods . But also door  to negotiation of  peace   is  open  Dr David Leonardo   dml@algarvelaw.pt in Portugal  Portimao  has  promised  that  they have  big good team  to solve this  matter

My wife talk arab and french, and we have large network from Malesia to Marocco to start  really  big  operations . In front of GOD Allah we are responsible to talk only Truth, but its ENOUGH because this world , international politica and  bisnes etics of  companies  are based  mostly to lies and fooling. Specially 2 most roman catholic countries  in world, and 2 most  puor ones  in Europa   ( Poland and Portugal )  seem to be both  with  no kind of moral, no  law and order. Capital  of trusting  is missing totally

During 10 years i have been writing to court of Strasbourg   how they should help me and my 16 years old kidnapped son William Sarnowiak (  born  28.3.2001 ) 
to get back our home  and  agroturist  hostel  in polish sudetian mountains and in Helsinki. Advocate  Anna Schabikowska in Wroclaw analyzed  this  case and said  that BIG  compensations  would  belong  to me  and to my kidnapped  son . (  but not any lawyer has courage to help us )  affonseca@santander.pt  in bank  Santander Totta  Portugal  Portimao  said to me and my wife, how she ask  police to arrest me, and we  claim crime  investigation, what is actually question about ?

Office of Donald Tusk answered in november 2015 how this matter must go to international court, but we not know how to fill their aplication form. In Portugal Faro 1.12.2015 lawyer Ivo Belchior Dias took money , letter of Mr Tusk and papers from Helsinki highest court , promised to take all to Strasbourg. But after discussing with honour consulat Finland in Quarteira, they together put my case to rubbish. Finland has arrested me several times with no legal reason, they not respect kidnapping agreement of HAAG, not basic laws of finland , when they banish me from country where i was born . My father had to be 4 years in barbarossa war .

Police comisario sami.kalliomaa@poliisi.fi told me how boss of prokurators Jorma kalske has taken away from me all police prokurator and consulat services . Also they took away  my only child and my polish wife Violetta Sarnowiak. We were married 18 years and she did not want to divorce, took away the aplication from court of Helsinki.   But greedy  lawyers of info@valvontalautakunta.fi wanted make bisnes by dealing our properity in sudetian mountains ( south west Poland ) and they were forcing my weak wife to divorce , to say in court how her finnish husband is mentally ill

During 7 years I had no right to start new marriage with my maroccian home keeper Melika Ramouz . Ambassa of Finland in RABAT said how it  is not possible, because Hietikko is 100% ly skitsofrenic . Out of real realities. But i have been driving 30 years with heavy desert enduro BMW r 800 and i still use it every day. If i should not understand real realities, i should have been ded long time ago. Dr. K.U.Sathyanath  in India said  that Hietikko  is  unusually healthy  minded  man to be an european . Thats why he trusted  me and teached  everything what he knew

When  they  talk about  skitsofrenia in Finland , its question about opinions, what Finland not accept. But the lower and highest court of Helsinki refused to  handle such  mysterio, because  in extraoridinary Finland officially can  not  happen  any  crimes  of humanrights. Its inpossible. Finnish ladies in Strasbourg sanomat.ene@formin.fi prevent my case to come to court of strasbourg and i can never see my kidnapped son, all my properity is robbed in Finland Portugal and in Poland

 If I  decide to start behave in destructive  ways , if i  start  write what roman catholic priest and  nuns in Portugal and Poland are  teaching,  renewed al qaida  start  massive  operations. Also in Finland protestant priest  Matti Viitanen can feel  what is fire of hell. Those  people teach  openly how all 1,69  million  islamic  people  belong  to fire of hell . And  thats the basic reason what for americans and europeans  have been starting so many wars  in  islamic lands. Behind them are oil and minerals, but basic filosofia to such fascistic terrorism  come from  missunderstood words of Jesus. He is NEVER
on there side  where are the biggest weapons, thats for sure. Before we can  cónfes  the realities, there is no hope ending of fire and explosions inside Europa. Al qaida, german newa natzies and  isis are joining forces and start  operate in every european land. This  what  polish  and  portugalian people did to my home, can  happen  also  to many  other homes . If there is  no law and order

United  Nations,  commissio against torture  

Its  hard torture when court of Jyväskylä Finland judge erkki.marttila@oikeus.fi   and the association of finnish  advocates say to me  how  ´´hietikko is  dangerously sick ´´ ,  prevent father  and son  meet each others 10 years ,  but  not tell  in what way Im sick and what to do  to become healthy ?  This is  most  hard torture against CHILD , say 3 doctors in Spain, and not notice  any psychiaric ilness in me

Its  also hard torture  to keep someone in crime court 3,5 years without saying what illegal  one has done ?  This they did to me in Poland, but  the reason behind is the one, the same, says border1@wp.pl (  psychog of my  polish ex wife ) her roman catholic confession-priest Josef Siemasz and  lawyer Anna Schabikowska in Wroclaw. In Finland  the court says how this  one same reason is mental ilnes of Hietikko ( 100% skitsofrenia )  but in polish court ( Klodzko ) the court psychiatric comissio say how Hietikko  is  healthy and my ex wife not

My boy was living his first 4 years ín polish sudetian mountains and he was kidnapped to Finland against his own wish and wish of his  father. According kidnapping agreement of Haag ,  this case would  belong to polish court . But Finland does not respect this law , saying how its  not valid , when father suffer about 100% skitsofrenia . Consul of Finland in Warsawa vappu.pajala@formin.fi says how Hietikko  has bought with  black money such raport  from polish court psychiatric comissio.  Germany  must  decide  what is true in this  matter

Police, social office and hospital  of  Löerrach 

I´m  citizen of  Finland, Hannu Hietikko ,  born 1.11.51 in Kauhajoki . Doctor in hospital ,  Comisario Dirr and herr Horn in social office  may remember  my  case  from  year 2011,  when  polish  police Adam  Polanski,  procurator  Beata Jelinska ,  local jehova witnesses, finnish  ossi.viljakainen@gmail.com   and commun Miedzylesie ( soltys Agata Piaskus )   were  pushing  me away from  my farm  in polish  sudetian bergen , Miedzylesie Gniewoszow. ( previous  german  Mittelwald Seitendorf ) .  Its  very small mountain willage, with 12 houses,  4  km  from border of Tsech Republic , something similar as its told  in  famous  American screenplay ´´DEEP  RIVER´´.


They were robbing from  me  everything  with  team work , Viljakainen  and his  Ananda seva  yoga school  kannisto@kaapeli.fi  fooled me with 235 000 euros, brought part of robbing in his car to Helsinki. That’s why  police of Finland  has  no rights to say  how this not  belong to them. They  not want  handle this  matter, because its VERY complicated . But  they  must, because all  is   connected  to international politics, al qaida, isis and new natzies. 


Today finnish  newspapers  confess  the same what I warned many  years ago.  When  they beat down isis and all Syria, Libya, Iraq, its 100% sure  that  war continue inside Europa.  Britannia  was very active to bomb Libya, they self were causing  cases as  Manchester . And its not over, before we open court of Haag  for  war  criminals and  confess  finally  what  has  happened  . Isis was born  when they went  to  destroy sensitive balance  kept by  Saddam Hussein.   He surely wasn’t any angel ,  but  much more  better  man as  Georg Bush ,  say investigators  of FBI .  Colonel Gaddafi was good man who took  care also about puor people. When he was  killed, foreing  ministers Tuomioja  in Finland   and  Hillary Clinton  in usa were   laughing  ,  hah  hah  hah, we did it. But  they will  not  laugh very long …


They did  same crime as Adolf Hitler

Poland and usa  started  this  III world war , without respecting orders of united  nations. Weapon industry of Finland  ( patria )  got best client in  their  historia, when  they joined this crime. Foreign minister  Erkki Tuomioja was roaming  as Hitler , how its NECESSARY to bomb LIBYA down. Soon we will  see  what   Libyan fighters shall do in Finland, specially to busters  as Erkki Tuomioja and  his friend Tarja Halonen.


  When  I visited in Löerrach Germany  6 years ago, herr Horn  in social  office  said  with  very  serious  face,  how also Germany  has  joined this crime.  He told  me  how  Germany  gave  holy promise 1945  in court of Nurnberg ,  how  we never any more  send armed  people  outside  our borders.  Herr Horn  was worrying what it will  be, and year ago german  police made a book, telling how we have WAR inside Germany. France  and Britannia  have  similar  problems and  soon  they have world war III  also  inside  Finland, Poland, Sweden, Danmark , Spain , Portugal , Holland..


Historia  returns  because  people  not  learn anything about their  mistakes

 When red army  of Russia  in II  world war   came  to that  level  , german  people  got  2 hours  time  to pack 20 kg and GO. Stalin was pushing to Miedzylesie  the most  hard banditos from Kazakstan,  who got  the best  houses. They also got a role to assist  communistic police of Miedzylesie to SPY and terrorize  polish  farmers, what  they  talk, what they eat .  In daytime these people   were walking  in clothes of  jehova witnesses  with  Bibles in hand to get reason to put their  noses to other  houses. In night time  they were spreading terror with poisons, fire  and sharp knives. 


This was reality  still 1998-2008 ( in middle of European union ). All willage  must  be very afraid of family  Ilnicki, told me and to Piotr Piaskus 2009 doctor Henryk Lange ,  local polish farmers Jidek Zamoszh and Mietek Steinzek. Nobody is afraid of  finnish Hietikko, said  older people as  pani Baranowa and brother of Stefania Ilnicki. But my  polish ex wife Violetta Sarnowiak and her  friend  ossi.viljakainen@gmail.com  said in Finland ,  how  there were not any  other  reason to be afraid, only   mentally  ill  Hannu Hietikko. Viljakainen  talk such   to be able to hide  his own crimes . He is  homosexual man who was  ´´teaching yoga ´´  and  offering hassis to 14 years old boys in Gniewsozow. When  parents  became angry , Viljakainen  gave them for free  tractor, what he ´´bought´´ from me  2008,  but never  paid  any euro ( witness swedishsteel@gmx.de  )


 To  prevent  increasing of war inside Europa ,  its very  important to start  more honest  cultura  of  administration.  Its important   that  insurance  company Allianz  Wroclaw and  their  head office in Germany  take  responsibility  about  destruction  in  our farm 2009-2010.  After  Ossi Viljakainen did what he did , and  when  police and willage chef  Agata  Piaskus  still  did  not  let me be at  my house, I had  to give  it to holy albert association Wroclaw vyroby@gmail.com and my Wroclaw  home to Andrei Bogdanowitz  abau@onet.eu  . I  bought  expensive  full  value    insurance from   Allianz  Wroclaw


But  when  I reported to allianz  in  next  spring   what happened  there  during winter ,  their answer was ´´don’t  disturb us , you creisi man, go to psychiatry ´´  Psycholog border1@wp.pl  says  how Hietikko  is  not sick  and insurance company  has  no right to such talking.  Their sms  I gave  to police of Finland Keuruu Kimmo Rytkönen.  If  Allianz  is going to continue  such gangster style, you can  be sure  that your offices  in FINLAND, Portugal , Sweden  , danmark  and  Poland shall  be  very  dangerous  places  to your clients and  your  workers. Me or my  wife not do you anything for sure,  but  we have  lot  of  friends  in Islamic north Africa. Network  of maroccian  berber  blues  brothers  is large  in every European  land


  After they kidnapped my 4 years old son  William to Finland, to secret adres, and started  blackmail  money, family  of my  polish  ex wife  in Lodz  and  their local  supporters  were putting me to crime court of Klodzko. But those  jehova witnesses Ilnicki and police Polanski  could not say what crime Hietikko actually  has done. ( illegal  state terrorism )   They were  talking only about  my letter  to  polish  president and to primie minister Donald Tusk , where I was warning  them  what may  come when someone  not  respect  orders  of united  nations ?   Soon  later  al qaida  Europa  was  dropping  down  with  electronic  weapons  airplane of polish  pork  president  and 100  other criminals porks  !  Because  I was  warning  them  , it was a reason   push  me away from my house  in Poland.   Because of that ,  members  of al qaida  has  told us,  how they shall  help  us to  go back to that  empty standing farm in Miedzylesie and break  down  all  houses , burn all  cars there.  But  because  it  would  mean WAR, we prefer to come  to discuss with  united  nations  in Geneva, and police of Löerrach Germany


2005-2008  court psychiatric comissio of Klodzko made perfeckt  investigation and reported  this:  - Hietikko  is  not quilty to crimes  in any  lands,  not dangerous, no secret agressions, not mentally  ill. Exelent father to small  boy. William self said how father is his  best friend and he becomes sick if he cant  live with  father and come back to his childhood home  in sudetian  mountains.   But  because  in Finland all  is true what a woman says , social ladies of riitta.vanhanen@keuruu.fi , court of Jyväskylä judge erkki.marttila@oikeus.fi  and  lawyers association info@valvontalautakunta.fi  decided  that Hietikko  is mentally  ill  . ( not  any  of them  has  doctors education, such diagnosa was given with political  reasons  and from  my  ourlook ) .  I never  can see  my kidnapped son  and Riitta Vanhanen  was ordering  me to go away from land where I was born ( breaking  basic law of Finland )


   What for   my ex wife  was  talking  like   that , she did as her finnish 3 lawyers , her   mother Halina , lawyer cousin Izabela and sister  Wiesa  in Lodz  were ruling .  What  for  she takes  good father  and  childhood home away from  his  own son,  what for  she KILLED  our  first child  ?   The reasons were   coming from Germany   and  that’s why city  of Löerrach  is responsible  to help.


 German  ´´teachers ´´  in ghetto of Lodz  1940-44 were educating  polish  children with  hard  violence  to become  natzies . Father  of  my ex wife had to  go to such  ´´school  ´´ in age of 5  years, and  they were hitting  him  hard  to head  almost  every day .  When my ex wife was in age of 0  -16 , her  father  did  the same to her, almost  every day when he came from work.  Emotionally frozen  mother  Halina  Cieplucha  ul  Bratyslawska 13 m 24  LODZ  never  defended  her  child, thinking  in  old fashioned ways  ´´  how its  only good to  hit away  BAD  CHARACTER  in  early  age.   But  they  broke  in her  brains small part  name ( mantelitumalisäke )  almont  nucleus side dish.  Such  person  is totally  weak  in front  of people  who  has  character of psychopath ( as her  mother , sister, lawyer cousin, most  of finnish social system ss ladies and their lawyers )  Good psychoterapia  would  help,  but  it wasn’t  possible to get.  Me and my 2 children  had  to pay  with  our  lives  and ruined  homes  because  of  war crimes  of  natzies.  And germany  goes to next war  , before  older  wounds are not repaired  and  compensated . This we not accept, but we  not come to Germany with bombs or guns, we want  discuss  in ciwilized  ways. We  want  that  this  matter shall  be handled in public media and in court  of  Strasbourg , we want  give to all  potential  terrorists  an example, how painful  matters  are possible to handle  without killing  anybody


Violetta  Sarnowiak  has  been writing  about these  problems  long  letters . 53  pages  are  in  law office  Kuukka Tiainen  keuruu.  We  were asking  help already 1988  but the   national  insurance  viestinta@kela.fi    did  not  accept psychoterapia to my 26  years  old  wounded  polish ex wife , with  RASCISTIC  REASONS . Kela  not  pay  such expensive  treatments  to all  kind of RUSSIANS ,  they said . ( she was  young well  educated  dipl. engineer / architect )  That’s why she wasn’t  able to work , lived 18 years with MY money, killed  my first child with abortion.  And that’s why elli.aaltonen@kela.fi  ,marjo.miettinen@ensto.com  and arja.hoikka@kela.fi  are  in big danger to become  killed  as well ( if  they are not ready  to compensate  their  rascistic  crimes )


Historical  fact :   Finland  has  been  killing  own citizens more as Russians killed us in winter war. My father and mother  both  were loosing  their  fathers  in age of 5.  In same age  finnish  socal system SS  ladies took  away good father  of  my son William .  When  my father loosed his father, they were selling 5 years boy as a slave to big farm in kauhajoki. My  mother  had  to beg her  food from rich houses and they were very brutal to her, because of her  jewish origin.  ( In  Finland was same thinking as  in Germany , and  it did  not come from Hitler, antisemitism is made  by Martin Luther. ( Theorias  of race  hygienia  come from Sweden )


Because of such  family  historia, social  self  esteem  of  my parents  were  not  very high. We  have always  been  ´´second  class citizens ´´ , rubbish  people. But  my  labour  parents  were  educating with hard work  their 3 children and  they had  much  more  properity  as  in communistic closed Poland  had proud  ´´middle  class ´´  engineer  family  of my ex wife


Because  family of my  previous finnish   girl friend hantilajalonen@gmail.com  and her  engineer  brother  Olli Antila  in Isokyrö  were  thinking  how Hietikko  is  mentally  ill shit , I took  wife 1986  from Poland.  But I did  not  understand  that  this American styled holy roman catholic  family  were respecting me ONLY  because  I had  big house  in ´´free´´  Finland  and lot of money. Their  CLEAR  meaning was since beginning to ROB  me  and throw away as  old  damished  shoe. Reason  to kill  my first son and kidnap an other one is the one, same reason, said roman catholic priest Josef Siemasz in Miedzylesie.  2  marriages  and  2  divorces from same ´´mentally  ill  idiot ´´ were  necessary  to make true ´´great plan´´  of Halina Cieplucha and her  younger  daughter  Wiesa  ´´perfekt okei ´´ .  Lawyer Anna Schabikowska in Wroclaw  said 2011  how  this family  has  systematically  fooled Hietikko and BIG compensations  would  belong to me and my son William . Also  my  maroccian  wife have been suffering about this crime  8 years.  Because Melika  has  lot of  friends ,  she get full support  from maroccian  networks .  BUT we  prefer to  get  this  help from Germany Löerrach and from  finnish  consulate  in Berlin,  sanomat.ber@formin.fi


Because  abortion  in roman catholic Poland and in Maroc is same as murder, this crime never  becomes  old.  Also they killed in Miedzylesie  by gas  3 other  people , who were  trying to help  me to  keep  that farm. Police of Miedylesie  try to say how it was ´´accident´´  but  that’s not true


My  polish ex wife told  me  since beginning   , how ´´only  real  feeling what I have  to a  MAN, is hate  and  its  opposite side FEAR´´ .  But  she told  me  how she not  hate  me, because  angles  have  appeared  her  in Lodz 1986  , saying  how  in Finland  lives  man  name Hietikko. He  is  reborn Jesus Christ and Violas ded  grandmother  Janina Sarnowiak  has  sent  this Hietikko  to help her.   My  opinion to such  talking is this,  ´´all  of  us  are  carrying  inside  spirit of Jesus  Christ and if  holy GOD want  undress  ME ( or  anybody )   from all social  rubbish ,  ´´masks  of personare ´´ ,   surely  I can be Jesus. I should  like to . But this happen ONLY by  mercy, this is ONLY  matter where Martin Luther was  right. Not any  yoga, not any  holy books, not any Islamic exercises can  give us this  spiritual enlightment, its  best to forget them all. This is  theologia of Hannu Hietikko  and because of such  opinions  I was  flying  out  from Helsinki  university  ( my  meaning was to become priest ) .


After  living 18  years with a wounded   woman , who  felt  to me  only  hate  and  its  opposite side FEAR,  my  spiritual  force  and self esteem  was  becoming more and more LOW. Not any  light  of  Jesus Christ   was shining on me.   But  in  my  night dreams Jesus talks to me , saying how  their  meaning is  to tear  my social identity  to small  peaces, destroy all  my  homes and family connections. They need  ´´a stone , which  all  building men  are throwing away ´´. The last one will  be the first one, high ones shall fall down and such fucking  Hietikko  fly up as rocket. Melika Ramouz  is  only person in the world who  believes to Hietikko, how  some day  it will  happen.  Because  im  victim  of jehova witnesses ,  I have  started  new  religion, witnesses  of Hietikko, and  I have  exactly ONE supporter. In facebook  I got  them rapidly  several  thousands , but FB administration  executed all .  Because of such reasons , we need to talk in Germany also with priests,  not  only psychoterapists. 500  years has  gone, when Martin Luther  in east germany  started  fall down  Roman catholic church  . But  his work  is  not finished,  my meaning is to  destroy  it totally. In the Bible  jesus says  how he cant come back, before  all Christian  churches  are  finished , finlandiziert ! In Poland  I have one supporter , roman catholic priest Josef Siemasz. He said  how ONLY sick  people need church and priest. And  they try to keep  people sick , to be able to keep their power and money. Portugal and Poland are 2 examples  how all nation can be totally sick, puor, unhonest . But portugalian  doctor  of psychiatria  Rui Neves  and  Alexsandrina Tavares  not  believe  in Hietikko. Neves  writes  how  Hietikko  is   mentally  ill. German doctors  must  decide  how it is ?


Because  my  polish ex wife Violetta  Sarnowiak  comes  from proud middle class  and  my family  background is  lowest  possible, she did  not  respect me after  getting  marriage and finnish  passport .  During first  half year  she stopped believe  that Hietikko  would  be any  kind of Jesus, more or less as devil.  During first  10 years  in Finland Porvoo she wanted  get  to  our house  people as she  and  her  sister . These  proud  juppies from Porvoo and Helsinki made very clear how they  not like such  man as Hietikko at all. They liked Violetta  and  understood  how she has taken so stupid  husband ONLY because  of finnish  passport.  Very soon  they started all together talk  how its  better for all  that Hietikko  goes away from this  house ( what I builded with 5 years work with  my father )


They were using poisoned  musrooms  and many kind of  psychological  violence  to get  me  out  from  my house, and finally  I packed my motorcycle BMW r 800  paris Dakar. During 4 months I drove  alone to Jerusalem. From  there to Poland, 10 years later  to Marocco. All  my properity in Finland and in Poland was  fooled away. If I try to go to Finland, friends of my  ex wife  in  www.keuruunekokyla.fi  , leena lila marjamaki  say how  they ask  police of keuruu to arrest  me during rest of my  life to  mental  hospital. Because such arrestings  have been several, and  police  not want  investigate what for,  in level  of  practice  they really  have  banished  me from  land  where I was born . And where  I helped  that  wounded woman from  communistic  Poland


When  they started 2005  against  me crime trial  in Klodzko,  they wrote to  procurator  how Hietikko  is  mentally  ill  terrorist  who  hurt  their  honour . But  court psychiatric comitea in Klodzko did not find any % truth of such  talking, they were  hurting my honour seriously .  Wise doctors  in  that comitea Andrei Hanusz and Maria  Biedunkiewitz  heard  that same  what  im telling  in this  letter.  They felt big sympatia to me and  their raport 6 pages was ONLY  full  of very  positive matters. Not any  illness was  found.  In Finland  they did  not  believe this  , consul vappu.pajala@formin.fi  in warsawa said how Hietikko has  corrupted polish  court comitea. ( those proud  demonistic  consulat  women   are quilty to serious  honour  hurting )


In Finland 2006  they captured  me for 2,5  months  and tried to find 100%  skitsofrenia, as  engineers  of www.ensto.com  has said ..But  leading  psyciatr  Antero Lassila did  not find any skitsofrenia. He said  how Hietikko  is very fine man and  nobody  has  right to close me to  mental  hospital, not cut  connection  father  and son.  But still  they do so, because  evil  advocates  of  minna.tyvio@oikeus.fi  ,  extraordinary eko-lesbians  , and  social system SS  ladies  Riitta vanhanen and Marja Leena Kari  know everything  better  as  doctors


 In Poland  procurator  Jelinska  got that  raport  of Andrei Hanusz  in march 2008  and  said ( in hearing of witnesses )  that  Hietikko  is  too  ´´blue eyed ´´  good hearted honest finn , not can live in Poland.. Psychoterapist  of   my ex wife  border1@wp.pl  knows also  me  and says  how Hannu  is   not sick, but  family  of my ex wife has big need  try to  make other  people to believe so.  Mr  Border met  me personally last time 25.5.2012 and he is ready swear in court  ´´  until  that day  we haven’t  seen  any  symptoms  of  mental  ilnes  in Hietikko´´. Only  post  traumatic stress  reaction. But  in  my  new  homeland   portugalian  dr Neves could  not  believe  that  its true what I told . He  writes  2.4.2015  that Hietikko  is  paranoid, mad -   If he   is right ,   it  means  that  something serious started  happen during last 5 years ---And  its  because  nobody has  given me psychoterapia  and  lawyer help.  Ilagoson@ilagoson.com  in Spain  and asianajaja.kuukka@kuukka-tiainen.fi  in Finland  carry  big responsibility  if dr Neves is right. If he is wrong, state of Portugal must pay me 500 000 euros  plus costs of lawyers


If  such  teasing  is going  on  , my  mental  healthy CAN  collapsh  . Im in danger  to become terrorist but  because me and my maroccian wife basicly are supporters  of the legal  society ,  we  want  come to Löerrach with no bombs to ask  help.  We  wish  that  germany  make us common   psychoterapia 15.6.-15.9, three  times  per week ( in english )  . We also need  modest  furnished home in peaceful  place, 2 rooms, kitchen,bath .  States of Finland and Portugal  are responsible  to pay the  costs.  We wish  that   public  media tells everything  openly, as an  example .  What  makes  a  jewish  finnish   man  and my sunni  musliman wife  to think  possibility  of terrorism  and what german  experts  in Löerrach  did to  change such  kind of thinking ?   To  this  operation  we not accept any chemical pills. In   miserable  dark  Finland more as 50 %  of  people  eat such  materials , but  last  investigations  say how serotonin ( etc )  are  causing  very serious  wounds to  healthy. We  not accept  such at all


  Proud  family  of my ex wife  in Lodz  does  not want  confess  what they did when Violetta   was child.  They were hiding their own  crimes   saying how  Hietikko  is  ´´mentally  ill ´´ . But  court psychiatric comitea in Klodzko  reported that  its  not true. My ex wife and her  family are sick. They were  pushing  me to such  investigation  after dr Lange  had been giving  me several  kilo strong cannabis. But  doctors  in  that  comitea  did  not notice  anything.  Finnish  consul  in Warsawa vappu.pajala@formin.fi  said to me in telephone ´´  it cant  be true,  you have  paid  them black  money to get such paper ´´


Also in Sweden Södertälje and  in Spain  Torremolinos  doctors  agree  that  Hannu Hietikko  has  not  any  ´´mental  illness ´´  But  in  Finland  ´´everything  is true what a  woman says ´´  and  court of  Jyväskylä  judge erkki.marttila@oikeus.fi,  3 lawyers and general doctor Tuomo Reina in Keuruu  are  SURE  that Hietikko  is  mentally  ill  terrorists.  This  they said already in may 2010 , year  before  doctors  in Löerrach  said how  Hietikko  is  healthy.   Finland  was banishing  me  with several  illegal arrestings and stole my only child  ( born 28.3.2001 ) without respecting kidnapping agreement  of Haag. Social women of riitta.vanhanen@keuruu.fi  never let father and son  meet each others and frighten my boy saying  how his  father is mentally  ill terrorist


Me  and  my wife  worry about this,  if  social surrounding  is  blackpainting  someone  as  they  do , there is a danger  that  victim  of such torture start  behave  as others  have  been believing . Situation  has  been standing  like this  too  long, I  m  in danger to BECOME  mentally  ill  terrorist.  In  my night-dreams and also day time thinking is jumping such kind of material, that I  should  need  good lawyer and psychoterapia. This said already 2010 in Spain Fuengirola finnish doctor Jussi Pohjola, and in Poland  psychology Mariuz Border who  knows  my  case during 20 years. He is honest talking professional, speaks English . He has my  permission to tell to  police , doctors and media  all  about our family


In hospital of  Löerrach  6 years ago doctor  could  not  see  any  kind of mental   illnes  in me . In  your  social office they told me how Finland and Poland surely  have no rights to such,  but its very difficult to  put  your fingers to my case, if  I not live in Germany. Spain  must do it, because my registered address was in Torremolinos. But Spanish police said  that they  have too  much work. So  I went to  Marocco, where  they  gave  me  good wife and rights of citizen, shelter  of Islamic law.  It  says  how  destroying home  and stealing  only son, shall  be  punished  with death . All  involved . Al qaida  offer  help, because  my case is  part  of this war. They  want  use my  case as INDICATOR , that’s  my after  my footprints may come  death, if we not  can  solve this  in legal  ways


 Advocate Anna Schabikowska in Wroclaw and police of Klodzko said how family  of Hietikkos ex wife from LODZ  has fooled me in terrible ways during 20 years    with  2  marriages and 2  divorces  from the same ´´too  blue eyed  ´´man. 1996  before I went  to Poland , their lawyer made  credit agreements of 1,469   million euros,  but  later my polish ex wife  said , how it means NOTHING ! And  how all these 18 years  Hietikko  has  been  mentally  ill.  Because  in Finland everything is true what a woman says, court of Jyväskylä  judge erkki.marttila@oikeus.fi  confirmed, yes , Hietikko  is mentally  ill .  Finnish  court  did not  make any  question, how its  possible  to fool properity of such man, who is 100%  invalid ( according  their own  opinion ) Banish  me  away from  the land where I was born  and my father  had to be in war 4 years


Doctor in hospital  of  Sweden  Södertälje , in  Löerrach  and  in also in Spain Torremolinos did not see  any  mental  illness  in me , but in Portugal  dr Rui Neves  and dr Alexandrina Tavares believe  what  local finnish  people   and their  boss  maijakatila@netcabo.pt  say. Hietikko surely  is mentally  ill  and I have  no rights to consulat  services , not can belong to their association Algarve.suomi@sapo.pt


Because  such  long lasting   mental   terror  CAN  make me and my kidnapped son sick , Spanish dr Alex  Planas and in Poland border1@wp.pl have been  worrying . Demanding that this  matter  must  be  cleared.  To Lissabon  came year  ago  new finnish  consul  kaarina.kulin@formin.fi  . She said  that if  citizen  HIETIKKO 011151  187 P   self  ask CONSUL  to do it,  consul  must  demand from Finland  answers , WHAT  arguments  they have  to  talk  about  mental  illness  of Hietikko ?  Where  it has  came out, when, and in what ways ?  What to do to become  healthy  to be able to  see  only child ?   These  ones  are responsible  to answer ,   boss of  social system  SS  ladies   elli.aaltonen@kela.fi info@valvontalautakunta.fi , Juha Jalonen in Turku ,  general doctor Tuomo Reina  in keuruu, erkki.marttila@oikeus.fi  , engineer  olli antila  in isokyrö and marjo.miettinen@ensto.com  in Porvoo


Finnish  consulat  of Warsawa , vappu.pajala@formin.fi  must  show evidences, to  her  talking.  She said  : ´´  if   polish  court psychiatric comissio says  how Hietikko  is  healthy and  harmless creative  artist, nothing more dangerous ,  Hietikko  surely  has  paid  black  money to court of Klodzko.  ´´Such talking from consulat  is  quite  serious.  Needs  to be  investigated. WICE Consul Cristina  Bergenström said to me  how  THEY self  pay  all  the time  black  money  from finnish  consulat  , because  everything  in Poland is corrupted and if they  not  pay,  nothing  goes forwards.  ´


In  Maroc Agadir  several  finnish  policemen ( in pension )  as Birger Spets  told  us  how  consulat finland in Rabat  also  has paid  500 million euro to maroccian  administration.  They wanted  change  laws  of taxes with finnish  pensionists.  That’s why  I had  to come to Portugal  2 years ago ,  they offered 10 years tax agreement . But it was fooling, their  meaning was to sell their slums, rotten  mushroom  houses  to  foreigners  with  big prices and later said  how  taxfreedom  is  finished 1.1.2018 .  Promised  healthy  services  are same as xero.  Dr Neves  say how Hietikko  is sick  but not say  in what ways  im sick, what to do to became  healthy  ´´normal foot ball  idiot ´´  as  portugalian  men are ( more as 95 % )


   My  first son  killed was  with abortion, other one  kidnapped , hard  long  lasting mental  violence  and torture  was  happening  . But not any  lawyer or procurator  in Poland want  help, because im a foreigner. Anyhow polish   police and advocates CONFESS  that  serious crimes  has  happened and big compensations  would  belong to Hietikko, said  advocate Anna Schabikowska in Wroclaw .  Im legal citizen of European union and that  kind of situation  I not accept. Poland has sent 38  million  citizens to other lands, and if german  police  would say  them ´´ sorry we not help  polish  people ´´, that would be big skandal


This  polish  family  and their  5  finnish  costles  lawyers   have  destroyed  my homes  in Finland and in Poland, robbed all  my properity value 1,469 million euros. The main reason to these  all  crimes is ONE, the same,  says roman catholic priest Josef Siemasz, aiming to   greedy  mother and  sister  of my exwife  ( in Lodz ). Fold of  Hietikko  was using of cannabis, the priest said.  It started in Poland 1999 when our  neighbours, jehowa witness  family of Stefania Ilnicki came almost every week with axe in hand to say how  they kill  us and burn  our house, if we not  finish  our remonting and go back to Finland.  Other  neighbours knew  how mother  and sister  of my ex wife in Lodz  had promised how Ilnickies  can use for  free  our fields and forests , if they  take care  that NOBODY  can be in  that house. My  ex mother  in law  wanted  sell  our lands  34,5  ha  to german  investors  and  keep the money,  send  my  ex wife and son  to Finland  to live  with  money  of taxpayers . Ex mother  in law   and her younger daughter Wiesa  gave order to police to spark Hietikko  out from  my house, this confirmed  later  Robert Furtak and 2 other  policemen  from Miedzylesie. 


But  everybody  knew  that  all was done with my money and I had hire agreement of 30  years .  Police in EU  land has no rights to take such orders from anybody, state of Poland  must compensate me 1,469  million euros,  plus loosed eu supports from 12 years, 200 000 euros ,  plus  travelling costs  since 4.5.2005 , 80 euros  per day .


Family Ilnicki  was   using  to rascistic  blackpainting    network of  jehova witnesses  in Miedzylesie   and   public  media ´´gazeta Brama ´´. After  living 8 years  in Islamic north Africa, al qaida is offering  help. They are  re -organizing their operations  in 20  lands, together  with  german  neue natzies and  is is  sturm gruppen . Poland  is enemy  nr one,  because it was starting  with USA  this al qaida  war , when  united  nations  said NO, don´t do it.


 I  have  not  said  anything  to offers  of such help, but those  people  have  been  following  my home page ten years.  Also   in  my sub-conscious  mind is happening  something  what  makes  me and  my  new wife  worry . We  live in Portugal Portimao and  in  our wall  neighbour is  bitter woman Carla, who   not  like me and a young  man  in other  side  ( who also  has  long hair ) .  Sra Carla  keep  several  very noisy dogs   behind  our wall, trying  to push  us away from our home  by destroying  our home peace.  Because  in Poland 1998 -2005  also such  fine ladies  did  not  like  man with  long hair and  we had  to go away from  our home ….these  matters  start  get  mixed  in  my night  dreams


Last  night  I was trying to  sleep   listening at same time  roaming   of Carlas nervous dogs  . I had  a dream  that  more as 100   polish  jehova  witnesses  of Stefania Ilnicki    were  trying to hunt  me , in meaning  to KILL  me  by  hanging .  Atmosphere  in  that dream  was terrible, but  son  of BIN  LADEN and JESUS  CHRIST appeared and said  how we are  organizing  our  operations  in 20 lands. First  of all  in Poland Portugal and Finland. Those 3  shit  countries are  3 most  loyal  European  allies  of USA   and to them   must  happen  what is written  in holy Bible, apocalypta 18 .

 ´´Big  powerfull  country in other side  of  big ocean  and ITS  allies  shall  be  totally  destroyed ´´.  This is written  in the Christian  Bible  and its  now  most  important  advice  book  of   renewed al qaida,  said in  my dream son  of BIN  LADEN and JESUS  CHRIST .


In real  life   finnish  president  Urho  Kekkonen  said  honestly  how  Finland  is MORE  American  country   as USA. He was meaning  the negative, bad  sides  of  americans.  They have  also  very  good  valuable  sides,  but such matters are not possible  to copy / paste. (  If someone  try to carry water to empty dry well,  its  not  there very  long time.  )   Finns had been copying  only stupid, bad  sides of americans  and when  Bin Laden jr  with Jesus Christ  want  destroy such matters,  its  best  to destroy Finland.


 Al qaida  / isis  has  several  reasons  to hit to Finland ,  boss  of  prokurators  vksv@oikeus.fi  Albertinkatu 25  Helsinki  made  decision  how even  the most  harsh  and brutal  ironia  against  holy values  of islam  is in Finland totally  free  and legal. They were publishing pictures  of ´´sexual  life of  prophet  Muhamed,  old uckly man who is  fucking  with donkey ´´ etc etc


 In my  night   dreams  is coming   such material  that  it needs professional  psychoterapia , ( without any  chemia )  . This can  happen  only  in Germany. In Portugal  they not  have  healthy  services , only empty  promises.      We  have  been  asking  help   united  nations  GENEVE (  commission  against torture )   .But  because  they answer  nothing  , exist only for  themselves ,  and  we  wish  to get  help from Löerrach. If  we not get any, results  can  be serious .


When marjo.miettinen@ensto.com  in Finland Porvoo  wanted  my work  place, and  I had  lot of free time, I went to india Kerala Cochin.  During 1990-1993  president  of  indian  yoga doctors  association  K.U.Sathyanath   was teaching  me 2 hours / per day  secrets of hindus. How  to  use  and  handle  our  sub conscious  mind, emotions, night  dreams  .    Im  operating  at same  time    in ´´outside  and in  inside  worlds ´´   ---and  that’s  why  my dreams  are  not ´´only  dreams ´´.     When  germany  makes  this  needed  investigation,  I  will  tell  you all  what dr. K.U.Sathyanath  was teaching me .  You will  get  also objective  information  what is  influence  of cannabis  sativa  during 4 years, 3 gr / day  ?  What are rights  of legalized  german doctor to  operate in Poland ?


Doctor Henryk Lange  from Hamburg and  his friend architect Kaja Lewandowska in Miedzylesie Poland  knew  situation  in that small  rascistic mountain willage Gniewoszow. They started bring strong maroccian  cannabis to our  house, asking me to  EAT 3 gr per day. To be able to sleep and to stay calm. Dr  Lange  said  how he bring that cannabis also to police comendant, who  suffer about  depression, and he has  legal  right to do so. Later  I heard  that in Poland its not  legal, and even crime of using shall  be  punished  with 3 years  in prison. Mr Lange was smuggling it from Hamburg and it surely wasn’t legal. During 4 years he sold  it to  me several  kilo


During  some  periods when Dr  Lange  did  not come  in right time, we  were  buying  cannabis also   from Lucas Wegrzyn and  his  friend Wojtek Zamosch . ( That  man works as CUSTOM  officer and  obviously  get  it for free  from his workplace.)   Janusz  Raichel  may remember  how also farmer  in Domaszkow Pawel Kopiej  was selling  it to our house more as half kilo cannabis ( in form of marihuana )   probably growing  it  himself .  Thomek Zamosch , Janusz  Raichel , Jazek Palka   and children of Stefania  Ilnicki  , almost  all  youngsters  and  even old Gienek Bernadinski in  that willage did it . But  their self made  quality  wasn’t same as  Dr Langes  maroccian ´´zero zero ´´ from Hamburg


If someone  says  how these  matters  are juridically  ´´ OLD ´´, it  cant  be  so .    In  court  of olawa  2013   they were  handling  this  matter  (  without  hearing  me or  my lawyer M. Abresz )   and decided how they put  Hietikko to prison if I try to come to Poland .  10 gr  piece of that  Langes  zero zero cannabis was  found from my  Wroclaw  home, and Andrei Bogdanowich abau@onet.eu told it to the police. (  same man  was  robbing our empty standing  farm )   Because  of him ,   such ´´secrets ´´ started  come to daylight.  Me and  Violetta  Sarnowiak  would  never start  talk ,  but  when Andrei Bogdanowich try to use it as  weapon to  keep me away from Poland (  to be able to buy  our lands , wood machines, tractors, furnitures with ´´shit´´ money ) -it  became  necessary to expose  everything.   Many  people surely  shall become  angry in Hamburg and in Poland soon,  and right adres to discuss  is Andrei and  Violetta  Bogdanowich, ul Slonzcha 1  ,  Dlugopole Zrj  Miedzylesie.  Me and my  new wife live  on the road,   in  home wagon  and such  white  plastic boxes  are quite a lot  in Europa and Maroc. Nobody can find us


 Andrei Bogdanowich wanted  start  big trial  in Olawa 2013   because  of 10 gramma , but  when  police and priest knew 8  years  before, how  that same material was in  my farm one KILO, they did  not do anything. Police Adam Polanski came to say 4.5 .2005  that Hietikko  must go away  and give my house  to social  office  of Klodzko . ( in hearing  of german Dietmar Schuller , DHL  Nurnberg swedishsteel@gmx.de )  Priest J. Siemasz told to me and Alicia Panek, how reason was  cannabis  of dr Lange.  Later  2009   police of Miedzylesie   told  me and to Piotr Piaskus  how  such  order  came in  letter  from Halina  Cieplucha, ul Bratyslawska  13 m 24  Lodz  Retkinia .  ( she is  mother  of my ex wife )  Frau Halina says  how  police tells  lies , but this matter is smelling very badly. My exwife was trying to lie to finnish  court ,  how lands  of our farm  are  bought with  money  of her  mother.  When  I say that all  must be given to our common son, this  not suit to my ex wife. And  that’s the reason  what for  father  and son can not meet, not even talk  in  telephone. Laws  of  Strasbourg say how  both parents  must have  equal rights to common child


Because  roots of  our family  tragedia    are in Germany and in Maroco,  german  and maroccian  police  and  court must  handle it. Dr Lange  told me, how he has  been using this  same  maroccian  contact  in Hamburg  more  as 10 years.  This  case cant  be juridically   OLD  , because its  including  several  murders  and   possibility  of AL QAIDA  attact  .  Because managing director  of our  farm Kamila Michalowska  ( vyroby@gmail.com )   visited  3 years  ago Wroclaw  traugutta  police station 


Komisariat Policji Wrocław-Rakowiec     asp. Sebastian Tkaczyszyn

gen. Romualda Traugutta 94       50-420 Wrocław


Pani Michalowska left  to this  man    protocolla  written  by HER  in clear  polish .Lot of witnesses

 . This  happened  before  5 years  was passed by  from the last  time when dr Lange  and his  friend architect Kaja  Lewandowska  sold me  last  100 gr . Raport  of Michalowska  is  also  in internet www.unianova.eu/Polska.htm  and also finnish  consulat  in Warsawa has  got it.  If  they do nothing, it cant  be reason  to say  how  case  is ´´ juridically   OLD  ´´ .


  Because  police comendant  and many  other  ´´important´´  people  in Klodzko walley  were  clients  of Dr Lange, they were TRYING  to  make it   by force  juridically  OLD.  To  me and to  my new  maroccian  family  this  not suit, because  according  the priest  -- it was  reason to  spark me away from my house and from all Poland.  To finnish  social women  it was reason  to take away my  only child,  but  it was  wrong  because also  my  polish  ex wife, her  sister Wiesa and husband Pawel were  using  that  Langes  hassis. When using and even  self   growing  of  cannabis  is LEGAL  in Canada, Australia and most of states in America,  its  too  hard  punishment to  take away  home  and only child.  The real  reasons  are connected  to  my  political opinions  and  illegally started  al qaida  war  


 Police in Hamburg and Löerrach   may have  problems to believe  that  german doctor could do such. But you  understand  me  better , when  I tell  you  how  his MOTHER (  and ways  of thinking  )  were  polish . Mr Lange has  lived  all  his  life in germany, studied  there ,  but  he  could talk also  polish.  He visited  every  month in Poland , lot of  cannabis and cocaine in  his  big expensive  Mercedes. Nobody asked anything from such  fine doctor, when he showed  his  papers. To us he did  not sell cocaine, because me and my ex wife did  not accept such  dangerous  staff. We have  never been using any real  narcotics, not made  any  bisnes with such, as  workers of  gangster  boss Andrei  Bogdanowitz  has told to court of Olawa.  When  judge  in court of Agadir  got such  paper , he said to my wife. WE  NOT BELIEVE  THIS.  They  know me during 8 years and  I  have never had  any  problem  with police of Maroc. They are very  careful with bisnes of cocaine, amfetamine, extase


 Me and my new maroccian  family  demand  that  this  matter  must be  investigated  internationally  and german dr Lange and his assistants  in Poland  shall  be  settled to german crime court.  Other  sellers  in Poland  to the polish  crime court


 We  have been told  how  in Germany  are  security  systems  which  give  support   and  costless advocates in cases  if legalized german  doctor  make  serious  mistakes or even crimes.  We have found  out later  what  was  motivation  of dr  Lange  to ask me  to take  3 gr  / day  strong  cannabis  ?  Her  sales -assistant  architect  Kaja Lewandowska  was  old friend  of my ex wife, architect  Violetta Sarnowiak.  (  They were   studying at same time )


Mr  Lange  and  architect  Kaja Lewandowska  were  buying  lot   of lands  in Miedzylesie, waiting  that  german  investors  some day  pay  them  100 times  bigger  price  as they self  had  paid. Also Andrei Bogdanowitz and many  others were trying this, after  Poland  joined to European  union. Klodzko walley  was  most  beautiful  part  of loosen Germany, and it is sure  how germans want it back with force  of  money


Mr  Lange  and  K. Lewandowska     had  heard from  my ex wife    how  marjo.miettinen@ensto.com inter.helsinki@kela.fi  and their director elli.aaltonen@kela.fi  have  given to Hietikko   diagosa 100%  skitsofrenia. (  totally  out  of real  realities ) Several doctors  in Finland Sweden Poland Spain and Maroc say how  Hietikko  is  healthy  and they  have  given such diagnose  because  of my wrong  opinions and terrible  outlook.    But  doctor Lange  knew this :  ´´ If  someone has even SMALL %  skitsofrenia ( hidden ) such  man surely becomes  totally  mad for sure , if one  gets  3 gr strongest  cannabis in the word . Four  years, every day. ´´  They were trying   to ruin  my mental  healthy in clear meaning  to ROB me and my son William  ( born 28.3.2001 )


In such  ways  I went  out  of realities,  that  I was signing  under all  sales  agreements  from  my  3 apartments  in Helsinki and house in Porvoo. I was  believing  how in  centre of European union must be law and order sooner  or later, but  police  and  procurator  sparked  me out  before  it happened .  I  was    thinking  that I could  not live in Helsinki  because ,  police of Porvoo Jalo Jokinen  wrote to  kirjaamo.etela@avi.fi  how Hietikko  is  mrentally  ill, and  any  moment  they could  arrest me . I did not trust to Finland  after noticing  how  real estate gangsters  as  kalle.jokela@HUOM.fi    were brutal foolers. Renting  was very  problematic  and unsure, when I self could not  take care.


 My  polish  ex wife  wanted  remont  all  those  4  german  houses  in Miedzylesie  and start  there hostel. She said how  such place  in  middle  of Europa  will  be surely  more  valuable  as those  objects in dark Finland , and  how  our  credit agreements  599 000 e  plus  870 000 e  shall quaranty  my situation for  sure. That  agreement was  made  by lawyer , and its valid  , she said.  Later  in finnish  court  she said  how  Hietikko  has all 18 years  been mentally  ill , and  that credit paper means NOTHING. Finnish  court did  not  pay any attention, how  hell  its  possible  to fool  like that 100%  invalid ?


  I did  not get any  lawyer  help, because  decision  was made  in  advance , said  2010 advocate  asianajaja.kuukka@kuukka-tiainen.fi  to my witness  hantilajalonen@gmail.com . Such  trial  where decisions are made  in advance belong to lands  as previous DDR.  Finnish  court  system is at  lower level as it was in DDR,  during  its  last  days ,-  says  professor of juridica Aurejärvi in Helsinki university.  They  not repair it, before al qaida and german is is  sturm gruppen explose  court houses of  Porvoo, Jyväskylä and Helsinki


We  were  living together  10 years 1987 -1997  in Finland , but she wanted that we sell  all  my properity  and  invest  all to Poland. Because  foreigner could  not be owner  of farms  in Poland, she made  to me  2.9.1996   in Helsinki  law  office  credit  paper  870 000 euros  plus  in  book  keeping of  association Keltaiset ry  she confessed  to receive properity of  599 000 euros.  She did  not  get  such  money at  once, it  was  calculation  about value  of  3   big  Helsinki  apartments and  new  house 235  sq mtr  in Porvoo,  599 000 euros  was accepted  insurance  value  of their  interiors. ( belonging  mostly  to Keltaiset ry )   Originally  credit was  half million  finnish  markka ,  but  in year  2007  Violetta  Sarnowiak  with her  fresh  signature to advocate  kancelaria@plusnet.pl    agreed  how it means  870 000 euros 


When   I  was  hesitating  to go, my  polish  ex wife  and her  new  age  friends  riitta  kokko, riitta pakaslahti  ELÄMÄNTAPALIITTO RY  and paavokoivisto@jippii.fi  were  using   hard  ´´mental  violence ´´  to get  me  out from Finland .  In  beginning we did  not sell  anything, we took  from bank  30 000 euros  to  buy  34,5  hectar  land  and 4 german  buildings  in ruin  condition (  value  0 euro ).


But  when  police in Porvoo  Komisario Jalo Jokinen  and Ilmo Jantunen    were writing  to  higher  administration  kirjaamo.lansi@avi.fi    how  Hietikko  is ´´mentally  ill  ´´  frightening  me  with  arresting to closed  hospital, I was  ready  to leave  Finland . I hadn’t done anything what could cause such reactions from the police of Porvoo, but  I was writing  almost hundred articles to local newspaper UUSIMAA ( new land ) Main editor Antti Toiviainen  accepted them, but police did not. The real reason to  anger of comisario Jokinen  was  my boss , grounder of www.ensto.com. He stole wife  of  Jalo Jokinen but police  could  not go to spark  the biggest  employer of Porvoo and secondly  most rich  man  in Finland. They did it to me.  In such situation  they  gave me diagnose 100%  skitsofrenia, took  away all  police, procurator and consulat  services (  witness  police sami.kalliomaa@poliisi.fi in Helsinki, seppo.jokinen@poliisi.fi  in Jämsä


When  I had  no shelter  of law, real  estate  Talonki  oy and kalle.jokela@huom.fi  fooled us very  badly.  We never  got  real  value  of these  Helsinki  apartments  and  house in Porvoo, because  police  prevented  me to be  in Finland.  But  anyhow  my  ex wife , dipl engineer Violetta  Sarnowiak   made  correct  calculation,  value  of that  properity today  is  MORE  as 1,469  million euros. In  credit agreement is written  how 31.1.2017  is  ´´ded line´´  when she must give owning to Hietikko. Farm and its  interiors are quaranty from this  credit.


Me  and my  new  wife  want  give owning 96 %  ly to our common son William,  4 %  ly to association  Keltaiset ry , die Gelben rf . They  take care of  this  properity,  put it productive  and  pay  40 % from annual  netto  to my ex wife and to our son.   Because  this  not  seem to suit to Violetta Sarnowiak, its clear  how she is  involved  to crimes  of mafia. But what  might  be reason  that  finnish  court, police, lawyers  union and  social office  help polish  mafia ?  It wasn’t  any  paranoid  imagination, every time when  I have  been trying to come to land where I was born,  police  has  arrested  me. Witness  in finnish  tallinna  consulat  janne.pentti@formin.fi  said 2012  how  third  arresting  is waiting , if  I go to Finland .     But  consul  kaarina.kulin@formin.fi  in  Lissabon  or  boss  of social system SS  ladies  elli.aaltonen@kela.fi  in Helsinki  not  can show any medical scientific arguments  what  mental  ilnes  is so dangerous ? I have  no criminal  historia  in  any lands,  but  my  political  opinions  are  not  what  ´´typical finns ´´ are  thinking . 180 grades  opposite .


Because  my registered  adres  is in Portugal  and they  are  responsible  of my  healthy matters, finnish  consul  in Lissabon  kaarina.kulin@formin.fi  has  promised  to  make to KELA   question, where answer MUST come  before  24.5.2017 . This  answer must come also to finnish  consulat  in berlin, sanomat.ber@formin.fi  and  they  must  give it  to social  office  and police  of Löerrach .


We  shall  handle  this matter  there  and  make  investigation what  kind  of wounds  was causing  such  hard  state  terrorism ,  mental tortura  of  15 years   , or  4 years  daily used cannabis  of  german doctor H Lange ?  Doctor  of psychiatria  Rui Ruikku  Neves   here in Portugal  say  how  Hietikko  is  seriously  ill,  but  there is  no reason  to close me  to mental hospital. Not dangerous  to anybody.  Such  investigation in Löerrach  must  happen  by  intensive  pschoterapia, 2   or  3  times  per week , so long that  all  is clear   .  In English  lanquage and  my  maroccian wife  must  come with me. 


 When I  want give owning  of  my  properity  to our common son William ( born 28.3.2001 )  , and when  this  not suit to my ex wife , it  means  that  she  is under power  of her  hard mother and  younger  sister. She tried  to lie  to finnish  court  minna.tyvio@oikeus.fi  how farm 34,5  hectar  in sudetian  mountains  belongs to her  mother and sister  in Lodz. But those women have never invested  there any euro. All  money was  coming from Hannu Hietikko --  when I  sold MY 3 apartments  in centre  of Helsinki and  new house 235  sq mtr in Porvoo, 50 km to east from Helsinki. During our marriage 18  years  my  polish ex wife  was  living  with MY  money , she had good occupation,  but too weak to go to work. Her previous boss architect Arne Launos in Porvoo can  tell  more what happened


 How  to  start  make  peace, not war ?


After living 7 years with  Islamic people and travelling a lot with  our bmw r 800  basic desert endure  and  my arab talking wife Melika Ramouz , I  know  what  these  people think and want.


Reason nr 1.  to their anger  are  colonialistic  attitudes  of west Europa and USA. They  still  today  think  how  oil and minerals of Iran Iraq Syria Libya belong to  them , more as to local  people


Reason nr 2.  to their anger  is  connected  to sex,  pornografia and football  idiotism.  Older  Islamic  men  can  never accept this strong  american media  manipulation, which  makes young women  wear  and  behave  as  PROSTITUTIANS, harlots   ( KURVA  , in  polish ). Older women try to  ´´look  out  young ´´, follow  what is ´´fashion ´´  try to  keep  their  mouths widely  open  as Hillary Clinton,   wear  and  behave  as KURVA   )


Roman  catholic and also orthodox  churches  are  living in  terrible  crises,  because  priests  and nuns do sexual  violence  to  children , acting as  inkvisitio before. They  are ONLY  people, not so holy, as try to pretend .  When  they everyday  get   visual  sex- porno-  coloured  information from all  possible  levels and when  most  of  women look , wear and behave  as  PROSTITUTIANS,  priests  and nuns cant  keep  their ´´selibats´´.  They become  MAD . Protestant priest behave  better  because  they are allowed to be married an live normal  sex life. This church was started  exactly 500  years ago in Germany and I came rapidly to Skandinavia, Danmark, Sweden Finland


  People  from al qaida  say  how  Hietikko  is OUR  MAN . I said , no,  I belong only to  wolley  ball club of Al qaida in Mallorca  willage  of  Al qaida, near santanya . I believe in Allah  and his son Jesus  Christ.   In Palestina army captain said how  nobody talk so  much true as Hietikko. But  in  finnish  court  judge Erkki.marttila@oikeus.fi and 3 lawyers  say  how  Hietikko  never  can see my son, because Hietikko  is 100%  out of realities, living  in  unreal  illusions , HARHA psychosa.


  I think  that all  people in  our time  live in  illusions , what Gautama Budha  called ´´samsara´´ , hindus were  using name ´´MAAJA ´´.  Nobody  from us  understand  the real reality , as it is. Big wars and quarrelling between  Islamic and Christian  people  are  very dangerous  and  problematic  because  BOTH sides  believe how they ONLY are owning  priviliegio to absolute truth  of  Holy Spirit and  Jesus  Christ


Roman catholic , orthodox and also protestant priest  in Finland ( forexample  pastor Matti Viitanen ) are  teaching  how ALL  1,6 milliard  muslimanes  absolutely with  no mercy belong to forever lasting  fire  of HELL. Their  oil and minerals  belong to holy  Christians.   In Islamic side  they  believe  how duty of ALL  1,6 milliard  muslimanes   is  to kill  all  Christians , when  holy war  of harmakeddon  jihad  is  starting.  This  is the  real  point of problems.  Antisemitism  wasn’t  idea of Adolf Hitler, he took  it  from  books  of Martin  Luther.  After  II word war  its  forbidden  to say  how jews  belong to fire,  but  all  muslimans still should  be  killed.  Isis  and Al qaida  have  plans  to join  forces with  german  new  natzies  and they have a bit  different  kind of plans


I was studying  before  theologia in Helsinki  university , before I went to art academia TAIK  and  became advertising  man ( visual  planner ,  AD ) When  polish  prokurator in march 2008  said  that Hietikko  can  not be  any  more  in Poland,  she was ordering me to product manuscriptura and story board to fictive  screen  play .  These  sketches  are all  at  my  homepages  and more as 40 000 people  know  what it  is

Finland does not want investigate  this matter  and  i can never see my son. When i have asked  what for Finland , elli.aaltonen@kela.fi  has  given  me such diagnosa , its because Hietikko not respect finnish culture, says social system SS leader riitta.vanhanen@keuruu.fi . But in Finland such proud women call culture all  meaningles rubbish and noise, what need people who have  no courage and ability to be what they really are. Many foreingers and awaken, ciwilized  finns have such opinion,  not  only me.  If you ask this in Estonia, Tallinna, 99 % of people agree this, in Finland is not any kind of own culture.  Before  they were trying to ge german  natzies but when USA won  Hitler, and Russia Finland, finns  try to pretend how  they are same as americans. Previous finnish  president UK Kekkonen  said how Finland is ´´the most  american country  in Europa ´´ (  meaning  its NEGATIVE sides ) . Good positive intelligent sides of americans  is more  difficult to copy. Its like carrying water to empty, dry water well

 Consul of Finland in Lissabon ( kaarina.kulin@formin.fi ) was discussing 10.5.2017 in telephone with me, finnish citizen in Portugal, Hannu Oskari Hietikko ( born in Kauhajoki  1.11.1951 )  Mrs Kulin  said how they CAN  claim   finnish national insurance inter.helsinki@kela.fi , elli.aaltonen@kela.fi  and my  previous  employer www.ensto.com in Porvoo  to answer , what  they actually  mean with 100% skitsofrenia,-- but I must first self ask consulat to make such question to Finland.

I  do it  today 12.5.2017 , by  email to  sanomat.lis@formin.fi , and to um@formin.fi . Please Mrs Kulin , ask  them immediately what  is  real diagnosa and what evidences they have ?  I have 16  years old son  in Finland  and he  must  hear  the truth about his disappeared  father !

law and order not exist in EU-Poland

Lawyer Anna Schabikowska in Wroclaw made analyza from this all in year 2011. She said  the same as police in Koldzko and prokurator Beata Jelinska 2008   . polish family  of  my ex wife  has been fooling  Hietikko  in terrible ways,  killing  my first son, kidnapping other one, destroying  my  house in Finland,  later  they destroyed my home in Poland , asking  police  of Finland  and Poland  to  banish  me away from Finland and from Poland. But  because its not allowed to talk true in roman catholic Poland   or  in roman catholic Portugal,  not any  lawyer  have  courage to help  me and my son. Only  re united  international  al qaida  offer help. We  not  know what to say. We go first to united  nations Geneve and police of Germany Löerrach to ask  them . If  they not want help, we give free hands to al qaida  to use our  case  to their  meaning. They  know  that Hietikkos  problems started from letter  to president of Poland . I was warning  them when Poland  and USA started this al qaida war  without respecting orders of united  nations. Crime was same as Hitler did.

 level of human rights in extraordinary Finland is  lower as in Poland 

´´Ekological ´´ lesbian  women in  info@keuruunekokyla.fi  have illegally  kidnapped my son and  write in  public net how they ask police to arrest  skitsofrenic Hietikko, if i try come meet my son. Because this has happened several times and police not want  investigate what for , it  means  practically banishing me from  land where i was born. Crime against basic law of Finland. My father had to be in barbarossa war 4 years, Finland has no right to do such , said social  office in Germany Löerrach

Doctor Eija Thomasson in Loviisa, who wrote about 100 %  skitsofrenia  to KELA , warned me never to believe it  myself. She did it  because some  engineers  in Ensto  wanted finish my work agreement and director of ´´development ´´ Kari Metso arranged continuous, systematical  work place torture . Dr Thomasson said that  i not can go there, before situation  is clear. Such work surrounding could make anyone sick. She wanted protect me because of her doctor etica. But what for she could not write to police and prokurator,  why she wrote  to kela such matter what is not true ? Crime happened. My  agreement with  ENSTO is  not finished , reason what for i did  not come to my workplace, was coming from doctor. Also  Ensio Miettinen did not want even visit in his own factory. He was teaching me in his private house in  other side of city Porvoo

One reason to this was development  of computer technologia 1985-86. Esko Kahela, Kari Metso and  Marjo.miettinen@ensto.com   were  thinking that  they  not any  more NEED man who  had  so terrible  outlook .  But many  people  in ensto  did not  like this, they knew that computers never can  compensate  human creativity and  intelligentsia. Correct way would have been to teach me this  new  technologia,  but  young dipl. engineer Marjo.miettinen from owner family wanted  my  place.  They got big troubles because  2 weeks after me  were running  out  also all other workers from my department.  Ensio Miettinen got angry and sparked  next  out  director of ´´development ´´ Kari Metso

Because such diagnosa 100 %  skitsofrenia has  been  causing me  lot of problems, during these  years  i have been writing lot of letters and emails , paid to 14 advocates ,  but they do nothing ,  nobody  answer anything. Doctor Eija Thomasson was warning  me 1986,  if they must  investigate this case AFTERWARDS , it will  be VERY hard work to Kela and www.ensto.com . I was calling to KELA doctors  few times, saying  how im  not sick  and  its wasteing of capacity  to keep young well educated  man  in pension. Owners  of Ensto, Ensio Miettinen  and  his son TIMO had  same opinion. They said  how Hietikko  is very  important to company , and they knew that i was  not  ill at all. Grounder of  the company  Ensio Miettinen  self  personally  had educated  me  5 years , but   some people  did not  like our  close  friendship.

 When i met personal chef Eeva Jokinen-Miettinen  in post office, she said , Hannu dear , come back to workplace, Ensio  is terrible  angry, after investing to you  his personal  time thousands of hours . I said this  in telephone to KELA  inspector, but his answer was dry and short ( without never  meeting  me personally ) .  1. man  with 100 %  skitsofrenia not  understand it self . 2. about these matters we doctors  decide, not dipl. enginer Miettinen, not artists (  my  education was from Helsinki  art academia TAIK , advertising planner, art director AD )

Very dangerous occupation 

Before ENSTO  wanted  employ  me  , i had  been working to them almost 3 years  from advertising offices in Helsinki. They  wanted save  big money  by  empoying  me  directly, saying how they surely know who i am  .  Men as me  were very important with  our  knowledge and abilities . Owners of advertising  offices in Helsinki  also  offreded ´´extra training ´´  to us , and they kept BLACK LISTS  from  people who were jumping to side of clients.  They did  not want them  back anymore. When Ensto did what they did, all doors to Helsinki were closed.  Many of us had horrible experiences after going to side of clients where several  hundred ´´engineers  were tearing us to small  peaces ´´

American David Ogilvy was owner of advertising  office, who wrote many  books about  these  questions. He  was  teaching  bisnes managers,  ´´  its  very important try to stand  these strange people,  their unconventional  behaving , clothes, ways of thinking , because  these busters  ´´are  laying  out   GOLDEN EGGS ´´. ( in their  lay -outs )  Also owners of Ensto and some outsider  consults said how Hietikkos  work  has  direct influence to rising fiscal turnover. Ensio  self was very unconventional dipl.engineer who started 1957  from empty table and 1984  he was secondly  most rich man  in Finland. He wasn´t from Porvoo, but from west Russia  Viipuri. Swedish  talking  high class people in Porvoo were talking  how  he is mentally  ill, creisi man . ( the biggest employer in Porvoo with  200  techical  patens  and  iltelligentsia  ÄO  near 200  , couldnt be very badly sick, it was questions  of values, attitudes ,  ) unconventional ways of thinking

After learning  to know  me ,  Ensio Miettinen was introducing their advertising ad to other directors saying how Hannu Hietikko  is ´´his brother in spirit ´´ ,because hannu  understand existence of spiritual world ´´. Not only mechanical.  But in that concern was almost 500 engineers who did  not  like such talking at all. Daughter of Ensio Marjo Miettinen said soon  later directly to me, ´´my father is MAD and if you are his brother in spirit , you also are mad , ha ha .´´

Marjo was educated by her dry  mother Heljä Miettinen and Ensio said how his wife not understand him at all. They made divorce in those years , and like it usually happens in divorces , other people around  them were divided to 2 groups. When  that family was one of most rich and powerful  in all Finland, dividing to 2  was quite ´´noisy ´´proces. All Porvoo ( 30 000 people ) took part to this quarreling. Still in eastern 2014 aller media suomi24 porvoo was publishing parts of this fight

Our  case was dealing people to 2 groups , those who were believing only visible  materia  and  mechanical understanding  , - and to those who felt  also existing of spiritual world . Ensio Miettinen said  how education  of dipl engineer  is  making people  invalides ,(  puoli-mieli )  who  understand only  mechanical  matters. And  how  it takes at least 25  years to BECOME  HEALTHY  from education  of dipl engineer . Most of us NEVER  become  healthy, he said

..and   because his son TIMO is  younger as me, and dipl engineer , he want  teach to me what he has  found  out from bisnes, arts , filosofia, psychologia. Also he was sending me several times to training of PSYCHODRAMA ,  in  meaning to find MOKSHA, katashis ´´. He said  that  it comes time when Hannu Hietikko  must  teach this all  to his son Timo and directors of ensto concern. But when director of development engineer Kari Metso was trying to beat  me down with  hard mental torture  , and doctors said ´´  not go there ´´ ,  they wanted  finish  my work agreement. Saying  how Hietikko  has  became 100%  invalid  in  this training . And  when court of Jyväskylä  keski-suomi.ko@oikeus.fi  judge Erkki Marttila ( state of Finland ) , ambassador in Rabat and inter.helsinki@KELA.fi   was  confirming all ,  consul  of Finland in Lissabon Kaarina Kulin claim from  them all to give arguments.  Is Hietikko  really 100%  invalid or does he   know something what not suit to world of dipl  engineers ?

1985  - 1987  i wrote  lot  of letters with dipl engineer Violetta Sarnowiak  in Poland Lodz. She was daughter of dipl engineer Wieslaw Cieplucha . She wrote me how she totally  understood  what Hietikko and  my teacher  Miettinen  were meaning and told  how she feel and believe existing of spiritual world.  But after we were married 18 years, she said in finnish court how all this time 18 years Hietikko has been mentally  ill . Consul  Kaarina Kulin  must  ask  also  her arguments, what for she wanted 2 divorces and 2  marriages with so  wounded  invalid , and what for all Hietikkos  properity 1,469  million euros disappeared to Poland ?  What for she cant give it  to our common son ?  What for  in her home land  national  court psychiatric comitea  and  border1@wp.pl  have  such  opinion  that Hietikko  is  much more healthy as my  polish ex wife ? What for in finnish court all is true what a woman says ? And what for consul vappu.pajala@formin.fi in Warsawa try to say how Hietikko  has  corrupted  national  court psychiatric comitea of Poland to make  such  false  raport ? Lawyer ari kuukka  in Keuruu  has official  translation  in finnish  from those 6 pages , where is said 2008 , Hannu Hietikko  is NOT suffering about any mental ilness . If someone has different opinion, must show evidences !  This responsibility has also healthy centre of Portimao Portugal dr Rui neves  and alexsandrina tavares,--in Helsinki  info@valvontalautakunta.fi ossi.viljakainen@gmail.com  and in Maroc maurisemontonen@gmail.com and ambassa  of Finland  Rabat  in islamic crime court of Agadir

When Ensto 1981  wanted invite me to them  ONLY, they said  how we know  your ways of thinking and offered safe place  in rich company , until age of pension. But according laws  of Finland, it starts when im 65.  Now im  only 64 and  holiday of   31  years  has been  kept  me in good condition. Im not sick, not  fysically, not  mentally and i could work next 10 years very well. But i want back my house and salary in  class of directors ( as  it was 1986 ). Pension what i get  today 2017 is not enough anymore. Salaries and costs of living have been rising a lot , pensions only few %.

When doctors said that Hietikko cant go back to my workplace so long as there are sadistic engineers  as Kari Metso,  their lawyer wanted from me name to paper that Hietikko would  never put ensto to the court. If i not sign  under, i must pay them  my credit 9000 euros. Because i didnt have such  money , i signed under , but i told to that  lawyer how my signature  means same as  nothing, so long as you and kela say how im 100%  out of realities. Also my new family in Maroc says that all selling agreements from my properity 1,469 million euros  must be cancelled , so long as im officially 100 % invalid

Because of this serious diagnosa  has became  several  problems  in my new  country Portugal , where doctors are responsible  from  my healthy,  but  not  can decide  what is true and not true. Before Portugal  i lived 8 years in islamic Maroc, Agadir and  there my case went to crime court. . Ambassador of Finland in Rabat   met me first time 3 years ago , but he has information from elli.aaltonen@kela.fi . He said to me and my wife Melika.ramouz@hotmail.com  how Hietikko  is 100% skitsofrenic , but of course ( heh heh  heh )  not understand it   myself ( heh heh  heh ).

When i said  that could you  show arguments in crime court of Agadir ,  his assistant marja.kauppinen@formin.fi said how Hietikko  ( heh heh  heh ) has no rights to leave requests of crime investigations , no rights to get  married with my faitful  home keeper  Melika.ramouz@hotmail.com . Comisario sami.kalliomaa@poliisi.fi from Helsinki told me that boss  of prokurators jorma.kalske@oikeus.fi  has really  made such decision in all EU. Whatever crimes are possible to do to me, with no punishment,  this  noticed also ossi.viljakainen@gmail.com , lassila.anna@luukku.com   and 30  other  ´´eko hörhö people ´´ from   Frantsila  ananda seva  farm  and from  info@keuruunekokylä.fi .   But  Maroc is not EU land and prokurator in islamic crime court of Agadir is not sparking  us out , as they do in Portugal Faro and Portimao. Destroyng home and stealing a son is  very serious crime,  punished by death

We remind  also german  insurance  company Allianz  and  commissio  against  torture  about   laws of Strasbourg,  there is  not mentioned ANY  illness , what makes these  laws or  paid  insurances  NOT valid .  Shelter of law  should  be bigger as in case of ´´normal healthy people ´´ .  Allianz Wroclaw ul Ruska 8 sold me 2009 expensive full  value insurance  from  my farm in Miedzylesie, when finnish  ossi.viljakainen@gmail.com  , police Adam Polanski, soltys Agata  Piaskus and  prokurator Beata Jelinska  said  how Hietikko  must go away to road of exiler.  ( witness  swedishsteel@gmx.de )

 When workers of roman catholic church vyroby@gmail.com , Jacek Kolodzied , Adam Zaba   and jehova witnesses broke it to small  pieces, Allianz  answered ´´ we  not compensate anything because Hietikko  is mentally  ill´´ . Psycholog border1@wp.pl said that Hietikko  is not sick and  insurance  company  has  no rights to give such diagnosas anybody .  But Allianz has  got such  ´´sure information ´´  from finnish consul  vappu.pajala@formin.fi . Police  of Finland Keuruu Kimmo  Rytkönen  has  that SMS  from  Allianz

Laws of Strasbourg say how both parents  must  have  equal rights to common child  and preventing marriage 7 years is serious crime.  We  could  not make  us child , because its inpossibe in  islamic land , without  legal marriage. (  now we are already too old ) State  of Finland  did not give wizum  to Melika, in meaning to keep also Hietikko  out  from EU. Living together unmarried with european man is crime in islamic land, 3 times somebody came to say how they can KILL us. Because i had  to listen such  threatening 8 years already in Poland, this is  making me problems to sleep . Sometimes  im thinking seriously  possibility  if i really  become creisi and buy a kalasnikow ? During  these  hard  years  i have made to myself some kind of ´´self therapia ´´.  Writing  manusscriptura  to fictive  religious  political  horror comedia , odered to  produce in  poland prokurator Beata Jelinska ( 2008  , in hearing of witnesses ) ( Its based 50 % to my case and 50 % to the Bible ) This fictive story gives reason to 5 finnish advocates  to shout in court how Hietikko  is living in sick  illusions . But when  i try to talk truthfully about  my historia and the Bible is what it is , they are trying to put limits  to freedom  of artist . They also  break  laws about freedom of religion

Also it   was  illegal  torture and breaking of  international  laws to  keep  me in crime court 3,5  years  in Poland Klodzko , without  saying  what  illegal  i have done (  according  laws of EU, they must say such immediately  in first day ).   This  mysterio  has  same background , when they  say  how Hietikko  is 100%  invalid, but  not  can say in what way ill, how to become healthy ? When  they say  that writings in the Bible are  evidence  from mental  ilness,  my case  becomes very dangerous.

From  the same  base are rising the  reasons what for my first son was  killed, second one kidnapped,  and what for police of Finland  has  banished me from  land where i was born , never  let me see my child ?  These   matters  has  promised to  handle lawyer in Keuruu Finland asianajaja.kuukka@kuukka-tiainen.fi  . He sent me mail, saying how he cant do anything because police of Keuruu  prevents him. But all  police  in jämsä seppo.jokinen@poliisi.fi  knows what  has  happened and claim crime trial to start (  several  illegal arresting of legal citizen )

 All  your troubles  started when  you took polish wife, said  in last week  our family doctor Alexandrina Tavares in Portugal . But she is talking wrong .  All was  starting  from ensto and  that diagnosa 100 %  skitsofrenia. They have paid  me  31  years small  pension but  have taken away my  only child and all police prokurator and consulat services in all European union ( witnesses sami.kalliomaa@poliisi.fi  in Helsinki, police Mikko Keisala and Kimmo Rytkönen  in Keuruu  ,marja.kauppinen@formin.fi  in finnish  consulat Rabat )  Doctor Eija Thomasson said how  my case has never been  investigated, not any treatment was offered, they just sparked me  out of my  house and my homeland  with several  illegal  arrestings  and cutting  down  old forest around  my house Impivaarantie 87 Porvoo HAKSI.

Porvoo hospital told to my  polish wife Violetta  Sarnowiak  how kela  not  pay  any  treatment to such  ´´russian  women  ´´  and how  genetic background of her  finnish  husband is 100% ly wounded. Because of  that  she killed  our first son with abortion. Other boy was born 28.3.2001 and we  lived  in south west  Poland sudetian  mountains  8 years  .   4.5.2005  they  kidnapped my boy to Finland and social  system SS  ladies of riitta.vanhanen@keuruu.fi not  let us meet each others.

Vanhanen says how order to arresting and  banishing Hietikko  back to Sahara  in ´´mothers day ´´ , may 2010  was coming from Sampo Danske  bank Helsinki kaivokatu, from  my cousin  bank director Matti Koivumäki. Member of parlament Kirsti Elomaa  met me in ferry Turku Stockholm, and she know all  about  this crime against  basic  laws  of Finland (  banishing to Sahara a man who was born  in Finland and  my father  had  to be in barbarossa war 4 years ) He was  building with  me this red house . I had  good father who never hit me,  but  my son can never see  his father because  of this false Ensto diagnosa

Doctors in Spain say how they cant see such  mental  ilnes  in me , as  doctors in Portugal see, and how this all  is terrible torture against me and my son. Can  lead  to serious tragedia.

Our claims to communistic society  info@keuruunekokyla.fi  .

They  must give owning of previous  prison ( keuruun varavankila ) 50 hectares and all  buildings  96 %  ly   to  my  son William Sarnowiak (  born 28.3.2001 )   4 %  ly   to  culture  association Keltaiset ry  ( 33  years  old  manager, teacher  from Agadir   ) aitalimed15@gmail.com ,  his wife and 3 years old son  must get  wizum to Finland  and house in keuruunekokyla .  People who  live in that willage ( previous prison )  now,  can stay  and continue their  living , but with new rules. My father had to be in terrible war 4 years to prevent communism, we cant accept that his son son in Finland is manipulated to such ideologia . I have citizen rights of Marocco, in their law  teaching communism is serious crime. Stealing a son, breaking his home shall  be punished  by death according  law of islam , and inside Finland are Islamic people who are ready to do it. This will  not come in level of practice, if keuruunekokyla accept  our claims.


Keuruu  eko-colhosa  has been kidnapping  and hiding  my  only son during 10 years, manipulating  him to communistic  ideologia , telling  him  big lies  about  Hietikkos  dangerous  skitsofrenia,  training  my boy  to hate his own  father , preventing  us   never  meet each others.   All discussion in telephone or by  mails have been forbidden. Me and my new wife  were  not allowed to   visit that  place. These perverse lesbian eko  ladies  have been several times asking police to arrest  me if I try to enter land where I was born. ( police of Keuruu was breaking basic law of Finland ). Police of Tampere  has got evidences how  still  half year ago Leena LILA marjamäki wrote in public FB ,  how  they ask again  police of Keuruu  to close  skitsofrenic Hietikko  to prison  of mentally  ill  people for  rest  of my life, if I try to come to Finland. In consulat of Finland Tallin, janne.pentti@formin.fi  2012  was warning  me about such new arresting, but  could  not say WHAT IS THE REAL REASON ?  This  real  reason  they all  must  tell  now soonest to finnish consul  in Lissabon, kaarina.kulin@formin.fi

At  same time, when  info@keuruunekokyla.fi   was preventing  me and  my wife  to come  to Finland,  from their group lassila.anna@luukku  was  coming to our house in Maroc  for 2  months , did not pay any euro , spying in night with  lamp, what me and my wife do  in our bedroom. She was  offering me her  neurotic  ash  , trying to break trusting  between  me  and Melika . When it was not  possible , Lassila went to police station  of Agadir , RULING  how police must  arrest  mentally  ill Hietikko . But police did not act  as they do in Finland . They sparked Lassila out and next she asked  help from  local cocaine gangsters to make us ´´troubles ´´. But  they didn’t  because they respect  Melika and  her family .


When  mother  of  my  polish  ex wife  was asking  corrupted  police Adam  Polanski  to spark  me away from  our farm  in sudetian  mountains ,  2008 -2009  lassila.anna@luukku   and 20-30   other  eko hörhö  people from keuruu  and Frantsila Ananda seva  farm  were  living  in that  farm , using lot of fire wood  but  did  not want  make new  ones  for  next winter. They promised to take care of that  place next 30 years, OR pay  200 000 euro ( witness german Dietmar  Schuller from Nurnberg DHL , swedishsteel@gmx.de ) But when mafia of abau@onet.eu  and FB SAMUEL Ilnicki  form jehowa  witnesses went  there in night with guns and  motorsaws , robbing all  valuable,  and when police  and finnish  consul  vappu.pajala@formin.fi  did NOTHING  to help  them , nobody  had  courage to be in such place. Holy albert association vyroby@gmail.com and Jacek Kolodzied  had to go away  in next winter, because  there was no firewood


OUR   claims  from  Ananda  seva  mission  ossi.viljakainen@gmail.com, com  and  kannisto@kaapel.fi   is 235  000 euros, plus costs of lawyer. Contract  fault 200 000 euro  plus  35 000 e  . Ossi lended  money 9000 e  , bought  good tractor and car , gave them all  to his  friends and  never  paid nothing.


To be able to hide their responsibilities  ossi.viljakainen@gmail.com  and  other  30 eko-hörhö hasis  smokers  from keuruu  sekokylä   were writing  in  public Linked  in  networks how they  did  so  because of Hietikkos skitsofrenia . All  problems came because of  that , said also  my  polish ex wife Violetta  Sarnowiak


So dear consul Kaarina.kulin@formin.fi  , you  must  claim  answer also from  these  people , as Heidi.nystrom@elisanet.fi  ossi.viljakainen@gmail.com  Violetta  Sarnowiak  and leena lila marjamäki  , what kind  of scientific  evidences THEY have  about  Hietikkos  100% skitsofrenia  and  in what ways  it was  pushing all  people away from  that farm in Miedzylesie. Hietikko was  living  in Spain and  I did not have any motivation try to get  Viljakainen  out  from  there . And what for  my ex wife  Violetta  Sarnowiak  wrote 2011  to  court of Jyväskylä ( minna.tyvio@oikeus.fi ) how  lands 34,5  ha  of that  farm belong to her MOTHER  Halina Cieplucha  ul Bratyslawska  13  m 24  Lodz ?  3 policemen from Miedzylesie  told 2009   how  it was  that woman and her  younger  daughter Wiesa who asked police to push Hietikko away from Poland


state of  Finland   is  involved  to this crime  in  very  many ways .  OUR   claims   to state of  Finland  is  300 000 e to  my son,    100 000 e to his  mother, 100 000 e to  my new  wife, 10 000 e to  her  mother Fadma Rakibi ---one  million  euro for Hannu Hietikko ---  because of several  illegal arresting, banishing to sahara, preventing  our marriage  7 years ( witnesses  mother  of my wife  Fadma  Rakibi  and    new  consul  in rabat maija-liisa.vahakuopus@formin.fi   

state of  Finland  was paying 500  million euros black  money  to administration  of maroc , to change laws  of taxes  of  finnish  pensionist in Maroc . Witnes comisario birger Spets from Rovaniemi and other  finnish  policemen ( pensionists in Agadir ) We claim that state of  Finland   return  that law  as it was before 1.1.2013

 After  that  state crime  of Finland , Portugal wanted  here  lot  of pensionists, to bring valuta , to save  their falling  economia  . Honour consulat Finland, advocate  giselia.m.farias@gmail.com was  promising tax freedom 10 years  and  good  healthy services, but those promises they did  not  keep. Meaning was  to  sell to foreign  pensionists  their  old rotten  mushroom houses with  big price, and nobody  want to take  responsibility  after 7  months . Our neighbour house is builded without permission, told Paula C  from Williams  keller, AFTER  my name was in contract.  And when we have common wall   of 20  mtr full  of mushrooms , its big reason  to believe  how   missing control of city Portimao has  something  to do with  this  problem. We  have no nervs and  money  to stay  here to quarrel with anybody , we run away to legal Germany and claim action from procurator of Portimao and consulat Finland, from  Ana paula  Duarte , advocate of Williams  keller .

Also other reasons make inpossible to live here. Neighbours in  our right and left side do not  like each others at all. They do not want quarrel directly, but both of them keep several very noise  dogs , who  are shouting day and  night. Making inpossible to sleep. In other eu lands people  must respect  night  peace after 23.00  , but  in Portugal such noise keeping is ´´normal´´. These people are very nervous, smoke LOT of cigarettes  and become sick if they not can hear all  the time dogs shouting , foot ball screaming or  terrible American styled  rubbish  muzak.  Not any cultura, no blues, no jazz , no Vivaldi, only mechanical commercial  super market yelling everywhere, even  in dentist room or healthy centrum ALL people in Portugal  must suffer about such noise

 We understand  Williams keller , when they say  how real estate can  not know everything and take responsibility if seller is fooling  like this and  if  somebody  build houses without permission . But doctor of law  Ana Paula Duarte is lawyer  of Williams keller , and she must  help  their client  in such  case. If  they  not want, its evidence  that they were  more or less  involved  to this crime. Ruth Alexandra was  helping seller  to rise  the price  much higher as bank  said . She was blackmailing us saying  how  not give back  hand money 7500  e if we not  pay  what she ask .  According agreement they would  have had  responsibility to  give back 7500 e .

 Consulat of Finland in Lissabon said in telephone, how seller has responsibility 5 years, but later we heard   how its ONLY  THEORIA. In Portugal is no law  and order, specially  NOT for foreigners. Insurance companies take money, but they not do anything else.  MEO is selling  internet connections, what usually NOT work at all , and bills are 2 times bigger as they promised. 

 But when leading doctor of  psychiatria Rui Ruikku Neves says how  Hietikko  is MAD, out of realities  , this all  is  only  my sick  imagination. In real  life , in Portugal is no problem --- They  may be  right , because according  national  finnish  insurance  system  viestinta@kela.fi , Hietikko  is   100 %  invalid . BUT , in  my case they  must  respect  laws and rules  of European  union. Fooling of 100 %  invalid is forbidden  with  international  laws, which also Portugal  must respect

 This rotten house full  of  mushrooms  is  value   of very small  money. Perhaps  not even  price  of  earth  because  breaking down such mushroom house  becomes very expensive. This we know from Finland and in  that country seller ALWAYS  loose  in  the court

  Consulat of Finland said  that  we have  rights to  cancel this  deal  ( it happened in september 2016 )  . We  want back our money  and  buy  small healthy house with  half  hectar land from small  willage in south east Germany,  5-10  km  outside  BAUTZEN  ( Sachs ) . Near border of Poland .

 WE can  also return to  Portugal ,  with these 4   conditions

 1.---- city Portugal  break  down  constructions  with  musrooms  ,  make  new  better  ones and gives us  permission to build 2 floors wooden  loghouse upstairs

 2. ----- the  sellers    pay  us back 55 000 euros.  From this  piece  of ground 15  000 euros  is  enough

 3. ---State of Portugal  do what promised and give us  tax freedom of 10 years. When Finland taneli.lallukka@vero.fi  is stealing  from  my pension 580 e /  month , in one year I loose 6960 euros.  In 10  years  69´600 euros.  This  money  plus costs  of lawyer state of Portugal must  pay me, if  they accept  breaking of promised  agreement with me

 4------ State of Portugal  do what promised and take  care of  our  healthy services . My  neck  and  knee  also  my wife  got wounded  in car accident 15.1.2017 .   They  must  offer us  treatment , not  only pills .  We  had also private travellers  insurance Ocidental securos bought  from from Millennium  bank Portimao . They try to lie  how  traffic  insurance ergo hestia  is responsible, but its not true

 OUR   claims   to state  of  Portugal  is  500 000 e  plus  costs  of  lawyer, IF  RUI  Neves  can  not show evidences  that  border1@wp.pl  and national  psychiatric comissio  in Poland KLODZKO  has  made  bad  mistake,  when  they  raported  how  Hietikko HAS  NO  MENTAL  ilnesses  , no secret  agressions , not dangerous to anybody..no criminal  historia in any land ...

 Our  claims   to  lawyer  association  of Finland . (  info@valvontalautakunta.fi )  During 10 years  5 of their  members have been talking about ´´mental  illness ´´ of Hietikko. This hard torture  against  me and my kidnapped son  has  made  big pressure and need to express my ways of thinking , asking TELL  me  what is sick and what to do to become  healthy –to be able  to meet  my  boy ?

 No answer has  came,  THEY  must  pay  6  864   000  euros. Costs of answering to their stupid  untrue  talking, 7800  pages  during 10 years, with salary of lawyers 220 e / hour.  4  hours  per  page.  I have  higher education as jurists, and using my time costs so much

 our  claims   to  www.ensto.com   must  my  lawyer  think  and  the court decide.

--Ensto  is responsible to  compensate  all shit  what  happened when  polish  mafia and  keuruunekokylä  lesbians found  out  hietikkos  illegal status


our  claims   to  portugalian  insurance  company   OCIDENTAL  

----they  must soonest  give to me and my wife    permissio  of payment  to  private hospital  in Germany  Löerrach

 to repair  wounds what happend to us in january 2017  in Maroc. We  have 4  witnesses   from this  accident who saw  how  my wife  had difficulties to walk  and i wasnt  able to drive car  


 OUR   claims  from  jehova witnes  family  of Stefania Ilnicki  in Miedzylesie  Gniewoszow   8 hectar  land and farm  buildings to culture association Keltaiset ry , managing director  aitalimed15@gmail.com .   They were loosing properity  of 599 000 euros  because  those  people  were  terrorizing us 8 years , saying  how they KILL   us, members  of  association    and  our  hostel  clients , if  we  not  go away  from  our house  ...


 State  of Poland  and city KLODZKO  must  pay  back  my  investings  to poland  1998 -2007   1,469  million  euros  plus  loosed eu  supports from 34,5  hectar farm , ten years  , 20 000 e /  year  ----200 000 euros


when  POLICE  and prokurator  was  ruling  me to go away 4.5.2005  , state of poland  must carry ALL  responsibility  to repair  our  4 houses to  TOP condition  and pay  me  travelling  costs 80   euros  per day  from  4.5.2005   ...so long  that we can go back to our  farm  in Poland  Miedzylesie  without danger  to get  killed or  punishment  in prison  (  nearer   joel.rouvinen@om.fi )   12 years  exiler  life  comes full  4.5.2017  .  one year costs of travelling 362 x 80 e =  28  960  e  .   in 12 years  347  520 euros


These  money  are  quite BIG what we claim, but also crimes  have been big.  We shall  use  this  money  to create  lot of new  economical and cultural activities to Poland Finland and Marocco. Keltaiset ry  Les Jaunes  want produce  with this  money  international  screenplay  , what  polish  procurator  Beata Jelinska  was  ordering in march 2008  . Its  telling  what happens when wish   people  and ex pope John Paul II comes  true. 2004  before  polish pope died,  55 %   majoriy  of polish  people  were asking in massive common  praying invisible Jesus Christ to  come visible and start be president of Poland


Because all  network  of   jehova witnes   international  in Klodzko walley  was  used to spread  rascistic hate  against  us ,  this organization carry  big responsibility .

Our claim to jehovas  head  office in new YORK   is 2  million euros to costs of cinema , telling about  re coming of Jesus Christ. They will  get  also quite a lot power to  regulate final manussciptura, 50 %  of it  comes from the Bible, and jehowas  know  better as me ---whats written there. How all Christian  churches and religions  must  be FINISHED etc etc. Jehowa  witnesses  is ONLY group of jesus believers, who are ready to this, because they are  not any religion at all. Leaders  of vatican and protestant church love more  their power and money as spirit of truth and peace of 1000 years


Meaning  of this screenplay  is to open the road to one who said ´´ im a road ´´. We advertisemen know such secrets ,  IF  we tell with mass  media to people something  , what is not true, but  investor of campanja HOPES  to become true ----to them happens  what  they  have been  believing. Media reality and real reality change  places



 Dietmar Schuller  DHL Nurnberg ( swedishsteel@gmx.de )  , who has  seen this all  and knowing  me during 10 years , said in hearing of witnesses pawel boycoff  and kamila michalowitz vyroby@gmail.com , how  this all  wasn’t  coming from  any SKITSOFRENIA  , but JEWISH  ORIGIN of Hietikko .  This  point should be noticed in court of Strasbourg and in UN  commission against torture. You should  handle my case  in front of public media ,  because me Hannu Hietikko  is choosen to play role of Jesus in this screenplay, president of Poland. But i give my place immediately when real Jesus is here in form of man. My work is to be a stuntman


Prokurator wanted  me to  play this role, because my  jewish  nose, hair and face is quite a lot the same , as  pictures of Jesus.  I have never said that im HIM, im John the babtist, shouting voice from desert of Sahara. And I shall  make  big noise in Germany  soon. Connecting german  ´´sport clubs ´´ and  Islamic fighters  to attact to Poland  1.9.2017 .If  they  make ´´hände hoch ´´  in front of their new president------nothing bad happens to anybody.  Me and  my sunni musliman wife want to underline  how we have freedom of artist to plan a fictive screenplay , collect  lot of  actors from Germany  Finland  Sweden  Holland France Maroc and Poland  . If someone call  this skitsofrenia, we think that  its wrong using of psychatria , preventing  freedom of artists




Finland  needs  help ( pakkohoitoa )

I was born and raised in Finland but I have to say Finland is one of the strangest countries in the world. Yes, we have good education and government pays good salary, but we don’t have any culture besides the culture what we get from the marketing machine, internet and TV.

Finnish people only works and works, no time for their children. That’s why our children are watching TV and surfing on internet, getting too much information too young. Then they start drinking and smoking at very early age. Finnish people just works and pays taxes and on weekends they spend their money on drinking. Maybe sometimes, if they have any money, they go on vacation to drink some more and get over their stress. 

Finnish people thinks that Finland is the very best country in whole world and other countries are poor or something else. Finns is one of the most racist people I have ever seen. Not only on refugees but also on the tourists, about 90% of racist lives outside the capitol of Helsinki.

Finns are very shy and they are very embarrassed if they have to talk to strangers. That’s why finnish people must drink a couple drinks...at least…and then they will maybe talk to you.

Finland is a goodwill country but finns are rude people. The country is beautiful with lakes and nature, but this system and the people are not beautiful.

Everything is so controlled and there is cameras and guards everywhere in Finland.

Finland is "free county" as finns like to say but it is not.

Finland is one of the two countries in Europe where we have to go to the army for 8 or 11 months.

Finnsh guys thinks if you go to the army, you are a real man after that, if you don’t go you are a gay.

So I think that most finns are still “juntteja” (rednecks). 

Finland is not really Europe that’s also a very big problem, I mean this is more like Estonia or Russia. 

In other countries there are living many foreign people but if one black man walks the streets in Finland, everyone stares badly and talks shit about him…like he will steal our women and take our job and bullshit like that.

But you must know the history to understand finns and I know. The wars are the biggest reason why finns are what they are. But still I am so fucking tired listening to finns talking about their language and their culture. They don’t want to know about any other cultures and says that foreigner must learn about the finnish culture before they move to Finland...but I say what the fuck is finnish culture ??
Watching hockey and formula, drinking vodka and bier and swearing all the time.

The genuine finns are barbarian and in Finland there is very much violent and crimes. The fathers are beating their children and their wifes and people don’t even protest against this violent, because they think it’s part of the life. If some innocent guy gets his ass kicked in the town centre no one will even come to help. They just say don’t cry sissy, you are a man and this is the way the life should be. 

So here was some information about finns and Finland. If you like cold and rude people and ugly cities welcome to Finland and enjoy our great culture. 
PS. If I where a foreigner I would never want to go Finland not even on vacation.



No  email  to us. Our  advocates in Portugal anapauladuarte@apdadvogados.com and  dml@algarvelaw.pt

IN FINLAND  asianajaja.kuukka@kuukka-tiainen.fi ( speak  English )




Messages to us  please  send to   consulat  of Finland  sanomat.ber@formn.fi  , sanomat.var@formn.fi  , sanomat.lis@formn.fi  , sanomat.rab@formn.fi  ,  also copy  to  managing director of association die Gelben rf / keltaiset ry  aitalimed15@gmail.com   


continue in  english  to court of Strasbourg