finnish -jewish man wants come to IRAN, ask asyluum residence  


  it  would be  marvellous  if  you  tell your opinion  about  this   to readers  in  iran  —  to   minister of foreign matters  in  finland  ,   and to finnish  media , answers to my lawyer in english to Poland>

To consult in Teheran  VAT No.: CY10257914O
Registration No.: HE 257914
CySEC ASP Licence No.: 119/196
Managing Director: Stefan Nolte

we  want open  account in Teheran  bank  to  international culture  association Keltaiset  ry,   program accepted 1906 by indian yoga doctors  association  Kerala Cochin, 1994 by  government finland 

We can  get  90 % eu – financing  to  good projects,  director of Attijariwafa bank Mirleft   in  marocco 
They shall  get  back tax freedom  what alexander  stubb  took  away 2012 by  500  million euros  illegal  corruptio, witnes  finnish  comisario  birger  spets and  king  of  marocco, who  did  not like  that  crime, told  mr  spets 

We  should start  produce homes in  MIRLEFT and  in  for  2,5  million  people from  palestina  gaza, they shall  get  own country in subtropical  peacefull DAKHLA. 2  times  more  land as  they have  in Gaza
 No enemies,  friendly  sunni muslimanes  only,  im  only jewish  .  To maroccian Gaza  our  majestet  send berbers  with no  weapons ,  who can  be  friends  with  jews. We commonly  collect  away all  weapons from  Gaza  and  take  there young educated  unenployed  people  from  Marocco and  IRAN to be  managers . 
Workers we take   from   jewish  people outside  gaza region  and  pay  them  better salaries as  Israel. This  kind of war  Allah and  Jesus Christ  want  us  to continue  there. If  this  not  suit,  all  Israel and Palestina shall be  destroyded in nuclear war. Iran  not  have  such,  but  their friends  have. Shanghai  union  is  100 times  stronger  as  nato and israel, says  norwegian investigator Johan Galtung. In  atlas  mountains  and  in  Kamerun  is  enough water to make  all  sahara grow  forest wegetables  cannabis fruits,  and  vatican has  enough  money  to make  earthly  paradise. But  they not  want     

 I was  in Palestina Gaza   with my  white  motorbike  some  years ago. Police arrested me, what  hell do such jew  here with blue eyes and  2  finnish passports  with different  names ? After investigation  captain  kissed  me  and  said  that this  kind of  jew  is  always friend of palestina,  our  brother. And  i  can do what i  want in  palestina.  So  i  want  now that all  2, 5 million  people from GAZA  region  send  their things  by ships  to  dakhla habour.  Fly  there when  homes  are  ready. Jehova  witnesses  international  can do  it  in   2  weeks

Maroc must  get  in  this  deal   Mellila  and Ceuta  and Gaza. They  belong to Marocco  surely,  as  gorno Karabagh to Azerbajzan. But  young  well  educated maroccians  are  nice, not  quarreling  with  anyone, jews  can relax  and  get  good  salaries. We  make to Gaza  good habour , lot  of  workplaces and superfast  bullet train to Teheran,    to BAKU    RUSSIA  CHINA. Sunni shiia  war  shall  be  finished  when  colonialistic terrorists from france spain usa uk  finally  leave  us  to enjoy  peace  of 1001  years.

All  arabs  should understand  that this has  not  been war  between  arabs and  jews,  we  are  originally  from  same  family. Devil of  west europa and their arrogant child usa  ( harlot of babylon , apocalypta 18 ) wants  divide  & impera,  break  and  rule.  Sunni shiia  häsling  is made  by  that  devil  and  marocco / iran  opens now  soon  diplomatic contacts. Find nice  apartment  from  peaceful  street  in Teheran  for hannu  hietikko.  Downstairs  advertising  office  oglilvy & miettinen OM of  IRAN

upstairs offices and  home    ambassador of  Marocco  or  new  independent west saharian  palestina . I wish  that  his  majestet Muhamed VI give  me  this  job next  5  years.   Maybe  they  shall  put  me  to prison  or  kill   as  to saddam hussein ?

We want   put  nearby   noiseless  electric   banas   from TIZNIT  airport –mirleft –sidi ifni –dakhla   1001  km   coast of  west  sahara  144 000  houses  III  floors , all  individual  different versions  from  art  nouveau–jugend 1906 –Traffic only by light noiseles el- vechicles, sailing or  el- boats. no prr  prrr  machines  allowed  in  kingdom  of  heaven

 groundfloors  beton/ nature stones, 7 hotelrooms  with  bath and  mini  kitchen , 20 e  from  couple commonly.  Common sauna 5  euros ,aitokiuas ak 57. Upstairs 170 sq mtr wooden loghouses  for families from gaza palestine, gorno karabagh  and 700 000 finnish pensionists,  144  000  best  of them   arrange  administration  of palestina  kingdom . Finns  know  how  to  do  it  after making  self  terrible  mistakes- 

If  you want  join  this  team ,  after reading  our home page  ,  tell  about  yourself  one    a 4    12  point text  and send photos of actors  and  actrises for  cinema,  government  of 144 000 and  to  role of hietikkos  wife  to  

  We put to register in Marocco and  teheran  international company JUHA  TUOTANTO  OY  enstoivo , with new  name  SALALIITTO LTD .

 15  % ownership  we  offer  to  15  lands  of  new  eastern union RCEP, japan, china, australia. The  rest to IRAN  INDIA  Poland Lituania, estonia bialo Russia Latvija  north-Finland and Germany.  redland  finland and  METSÄLIITTO  are  invited to join   this team  ´´  K ´´, answers  to  my lawyer in Wroclaw (english or polish 

        did  not  want  me  buy  house  in  sidi  ifni  —bankdirector    in  marocco  has  100 %  sure  quaranty  to  credit  100 000  e   But  they  hesitate  BECAUSE  OF  POLITICAL  REASONS ,  because  of  such  police  of  poland  was sparking  me  to Marocco  and  Finland  closed  2,5  months to  mental hospital, forced  to eat  poison.Never let me meet my only child, not even call

i  want  find  wife  from IRAN   who makes me a child,
who understand  metafysica   arts  and  UNITIO  between  sunnies  shiiaas  sufies christians pacans and  jews  —
free  and  anarchistic   artistic character  who  like  motorbike  trips and  good music blues jazz  rock  and roll
–not  smoke,  no  alcohol,  no cocaine,  cannabis  tea and  cakes OK. 
not  older  as  25,  who perhaps  wants  start  use  name  farah diba ? 

good  visual  artist  or  architect  with  creisi  sense  of  humor,  basic  simple  english  talking  or better  as me—. Persia India and China  are  oldest ciwilization  , people  very  beautiful  very  intelligent. 

 Her  family  gets  as  wedding  present   in sudetian mountans  one  hectar  land from my  farm  google  map gniewoszow 6   miedzylesie poland. Most  beautiful  place  of  europa,  northern  house II   floor   15 m  x 35 m —  farm  is  34,5  hectar , good  place  to  grow  cannabis.  Also Finland starts this  large  bisnes  now  when  AUSTRALIA  USA  CANADA  HOLLAND and  who  UN  says  that  its best medicine  in  world ,    less  harmful  as  alcohole  and  cigarettes, 

In marocco are the best qualities, and large production makes more as 200 milliard euros / year. Puor women in ketama get 0,000001 % of that money. The rest goes to mafias and spanish custom officers . Those people not accept legal cannabis in land where its very old traditio. They not want put that 200 milliard e / year to healthy services. They self live as majestets , 85 % of people in this land have nothing. And when i write this, me and my adopted daughter must disappear from maroc rapidly before they put us to ocean with ´´cement shoes´´

I want come to teheran , melika goes to portugal

 family  of  my  new  persian wife  can  send  to  Poland   12  young  men  , lot  of  wood and  100% clean  mineralwater.  40 %  of  nettobisnes to my son 19  old  william sarnowiak  in Finland, owner  of  the  farm  , commonly with   my  new  children  with  new  wife  Melikas  role  in  our  family is  my  adopted  daughter ,  who  shall  be  employed to  finland  5000  e  /  month  as  cannabis  consult ,  shes  agronom  and  knows  best  seeds and  xero xero  qualities.  If  Finland  not  employ  her,  poland should do  it-       In  our  home  shall  be indian  assistant who   take  care   of  children  and  make  good lakto wegetarian ( indian )  food. My  wife shall  be  free  to  other  projects–one  boy  is  enough, younger  brother  to  william   , sisters  so  many  as  allah  wants. All of  them get  equal  income  from  family company
  i  decided  to  come  to  live  in iran
when  attijari wafa  bank  Maroc is silent 11 years and 
  finnish iltalehti main media writes how people in iran are animals –killing of such shit is not crime ! 

Some years ago such redneck  finnish PERSU men wrote so about jewish polish and russian people ! This should be told  in polish  russian and  TEHERAN media ´´ Jessika  Arolle ja  suomen  jenkkifasisteille sodanjulistus ja sangoollinen kylymää  vettä  niskahan´´. Myrkkypiikkejä  tulossa  pian.  Picture typical  finnish persu  man   of  professor  hullu  aho 

 such pork eating alcoholists in finland say how beautiful population of PERSIA are animals..Minister of  justice in Finland  Ana Maja Henriksson and pekka haavisto accept such, support  and hide brutal FASCISM  in Finland and  SATANISM of polish  roman catholic church