Donald Tusk was eu president, when sent me FB message –FUCK YOU HIETIKKO FUCK ISLAM


Strange hate speech from highest boss of EU because im a jew, babtzed to be protestant in Kauhajoki Finland 1.11.1951. Ursula von Leyen say nothing to such, she is as cold ded fish. Such ´´mumio´´ leads big ship. If im wrong, she should CORRECT and order Donald Tusk to be more polite . He should call me or to my lawyer in Wroclaw

Polish building companies , please contact to Mr Abresz . I offer them to rent 120 years 277 e / month 32 hectar in Miedzylesie walley of arts–and to buy 50 pieces of ground in south Marocco by subtropical sea, start productive bisnes with germans FINNS , americans and Marocco.
— we have system to change seawater to plants, this peninsula 50-70 ha will be green park

You see these 2 places from google map Bookerdish Mirleft Marocco. Gniewoszow 6 Miedzylesie Poland

In this climat everything grow rapidly, when plants get water . 200 houses in Mirleft lives with turism, they have learned european manners to keep surroundings clean, almost all speak english. Very safe, no korona because this region is far from big roads .
46 000 euros costs one plot and place is super beautiful, MIRLEFT, near spanish canaria islands. Trump dynastia could get them all if you are rapid.

This letter is written by 68 old citizen of Finland , who has been here 11 years and know the situation, my wife speak arab and with bike BMW enduro we have been everywhere . East and south borders of west Sahara are guaranteed by american and maroccian army, it would be VERY safe place also for finnish building companies to buy one of plots with 46 000 euros and make houses 7 floor, show to global markets what kind of products loghouses furniture producers and artists 94 communas in Finland have. This i have been suggesting during 3 months but KUNTALITTO all are quiet in Finland, banish different thinkers to Sahara.
I came here 2009 with white motorhorse and they gave me a wreath and a bow
, best puojousi in the world

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im jewish man born in finland 1.11.1951 but they banished me to west sahara ten years ago because of my ´´wrong opinions ´´ saying how hietikko is mad 100 % out of realities and never can see my only child in Doctors in marocco portugal germany not see any mental sickness in me but serious crimes of human rights in finland


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