HARMAKEDDON JIHAD STARTS IN FINLAND, new president of Poland is 19 old


 If Mr Trump accept offer to PRESIDENT job, he mails to law office radca.dzikowska@onet.eu in Lodz before 11.11.midday. If not, finnish/polish talking william k. sarnowiak 19 old from info@keuruunekokyla.fi shall be president. His mother is polish architect and childhood home in this walley 650 mtr high mountains of eagles. Son of Rautahannu ( zelasny jan )

Finnish people are biggest killers in the world ( procentually ). Sanna.marin@vnk.fi is emotionally cold psychopath, plastic VOGUE mannequin, nothing more. She is in power by force of sdp . With no own intellectual capasity. Just a doll
who has very hard mentality. Wants destroy all who are not so stupid as she is

1918 they KILLED all  who  had  harmfull  dangerous  ideologias, shooted with machineguns also lot of polish and russian people, who had no weapons, arrested people. Own  citizens  finns has killed more  as russians killed  us  inn winter  war–:
Population is only 5 million but they kill more as 9000 babies per year and break families, take fathers away from small boys and educate them to be homosexuals. Take people from Somalia to make new people to Finland.

more as 50 % are sure that this is work of satan. Social  system SS ladies in Mänttä-Vilppula  eeva.ylonen@taidekaupunki.fi stole our furnitures 2018 and banished my to Sahara .

GERMAN  MEDIA  achtung <info@dw.com>FINLAND was helping Hitler to kill  20 millon russians and 3  million  polish  people,  never  said any word of sorry ´´. Germany has said thousand times, please forgive us, Finland never. A bit earlier  finnish  terrorists  killed  70 % of population of  tseck republic..And same mentality is still there–rulers  are green  devils and fascists of Jämsä Keuruu Porvoo Kauhajoki-,  lawyers ari kuukka markku toukkari hannu polvinen Aila Koulu  Tanja Heiskanen  Kari Toiviainen  Markku  Lindblad  Tuula.Mansikka@oikeus.fi . Such people shoud be killed or banished to Sweden, before Finland is free

2 lawyers  english/polish talking abresz@poczta.onet.pl, and  a.schabikowska@lexel.com.pl know all about this case, have all material and my power of attorney. We need foreign help to bring  mad finland  to understand  realities—respect word of BIBLE. Come to meet green fascists in  keuruu—after korona  war is  ending–please come a lot also from PRAHA  poland and russia
Come to meet mad finnish killers who plan next war against ´´bad east ´´

1939-40 winter  war–It was totally  meaningless  ,  1945  russia  was  able  to  take all  finland,  but  they  did  not  want . They  have  enough  lakes and forests
, and such free   active  small  brother  is  for  them  much  more  usefull.  Thats  why  Russia gave  1918  independence to finland –with  no war

But enemy is   inside finland, as Paavo Lipponen wrote in HS newspaper in christmas 2008 .

200 000 psycopaths , evil  social  system  ss  ladies break  families–
to be able to  keep  power  – BIG  GREEN  shit real satan keeps power in Finland. Women and few men who has psyche of women as <pekka@pekkasauri.fi>     stupid  proud  alcoholist , teacher of  minister marja Ohisalo , W Putin knows what idiots are Heidi Hautala ,  lawyer Satu Hassi,   satans  in  form  of  woman  ,  Perverse pekka Haavisto is foreign minister.In our fictive screenplay    all  they  shall  be  killed  by  poisons ,  or burned with  bensin

kaikki vihreiden johtohenkilöt aiotaan tappaa, kuten 1918 tehtiin yhteiskunnalle vahingolliselle ainekselle. Pyydän että hankitte minulle lakimiehen joka soittaa. Älkää meilatko, olen saharassa ja ranskan armeija jahtaa al qaidaa , hakkeroijat voivat sekoittaa asiaa , mutta skype lankapuhelin on marokon viranomaisten hallussa

also  germany   must  explain  in LAST  JUDGEMENTS this

After killing 3 million polish people, 1945 Germany swore how they NEVER again send armed peope outside their borders. But you forgot this promise Ursula@vonderleyen

You must explain this matter to advocat of my son in Lodz ,  radca.dzikowska@onet.eu  Loerrach social office Herr Horn told me that it was serious mistake, results shall be horrible to Germany, police made book telling how we have war inside Germany.

Mr Trump has confessed how it was biggest mistake in historia of usa to explose world trade center and start such big war al qaida war 2003, when UN said NO. Large asylym problems are its result, more as 15 million deaths and many billion dollars wasted to crime same as HITLER, when weapon industry ´´made markets ´´.

Court of haag for war criminals usa and poland must be opened but ´´emperor has no clothes ! Such dry ´´kuikelo ´´women as Sanna Marin , Tytti Typpurainen and Ursula@vonderleyen does not understand their responsibilities, but PREVENT ALL NEW AND FRESH . Not respect kidnapping agreement of HAAG and kill children a lot also with weapons . Rascal state of Finland forgot their own laws , when Patria got biggest client of historia of their weapon industry ,- from Poland, who was running illegal war against orders of united nations. Thats why
´´al qaida war´´ is not over, it continues in german, finnish, danish, dutch, american,swedish streets. Advocat radca.dzikowska@onet.eu in Lodz can loose her head if she not take care law matters of my son and his farm in Poland


Tekijä: hannu

im jewish man born in finland 1.11.1951 but they banished me to west sahara ten years ago because of my ´´wrong opinions ´´ saying how hietikko is mad 100 % out of realities and never can see my only child in www.keuruunekokyla.fi Doctors in marocco portugal germany not see any mental sickness in me but serious crimes of human rights in finland


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