Fort TRUMP in Poland !

consulat  of USA  in Finland :

Mr Trump want send to Poland 1000 men . We wonder if they could help in this project how to make America great and respected. ( tarvittais kökkäväkiä)

President of the
Republic of Poland
Prezydent Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej
Flag of the President of Poland.svg

Im born in Finland 1.11.1951 ( polish pesel  5111012659 )  and i was 18  years married with polish architect Violetta Izabela Sarnowiak. Our son William  is 18 years old. ( He lives in Finland )

We  have  land 34,5 hectar in sudetia south west Poland Miedzylesie , on top of green hill Gniewoszow  690 mtr high, majestetic wiews to mountains of eagles.  3 km to railway station Domaszkow  in walley. Train to Praha 140 km, to Wroclaw 130 km

We  offer for rent  of 1000  years to united states of America our  34,5 hectar  plus 8,5  hectar from  neighbour .

It would be  the best  possible place to FORT TRUMP.

Architect  Sarnowiak has made very good  plan . We build from nature stones and beton mur 3,3 mtr  high  around that 43 hectar. Style  jugend art nouveau  1906  as it was  before in german time Seitendorf .

Nearby the  mur we situate 69  houses, ground floor nature stones and beton. Bottom  170 sq mtr , 7  douple rooms for travellers.  Upstairs wooden  loghouses and their charming  interiörs  from 50 states  of America.  Style  jugend art nouveau  1906.

Exhibition  of furnitures  , home electronica, artesan works , visual  arts ,  litteratura, poetry , high class cinema. In III floor 7 sleep rooms

Inside this fort Trump 43 hectar we organize big  festivals 365  days  in year, sell  lot of tickets and  employ  the best artists of blues jazz country rock and roll from 50 states  of America. Landowner gets 45 % from ticket incomes and  483 hotelrooms , 10 % tax to Miedzylesie, 10 % to state of Poland

Lot of people from many  lands shall see  these beautiful  intelligent american  products  and want buy to  their own  lands individual combination  from  these 69  examples.

We start large  mass production everywhere in Poland , near  railway stations. Pine wood and stone vuolukivi ( TULIKIVI  in google ) come  by trains from Russia endless amounts.  We  offer these houses in Poland to 40 million  polish  people who  had to go away from   their  beautiful homeland

Our product is  a WILLAGE  43 hectar, surrounded by  mur.

69 houses we offer to groups  of  emigrants  who  accept  common rules and tolerate  each others.  Our times are  changing in more and more chaotic ways, and lot of people would  like to  live in safe FORT TRUMP

When  lot of them start rise everywhere in Poland and  many  other countries, Mr Trump  has fullfilled  his promise to  make america  great and respected. Lot of workplaces 2000-3000 e / month come everywhere in Poland , and people do not go anymore to Germany or London. Emigrants come back with their money  and knowledge  how the matters  are running  in ´´normal´´ societes Germany USA  canada NL  Sweden Finland. They choose from  them only good parts and create to Poland  the  most rich safe ciwilized  land  in Europa

Part II    .

war  of arts

Proposition to President Andrzej  DUDA

How to make POLAND  first,  the  most  glorius and big ?

My second wife Melika Ramouz comes from small city Takad, 30 km south of Agadir. Her family or  kingdom  of Marocco  could  make HIRE agreement of 1000  years  with Republic of Poland . You could  get  43 hectar  nearby  lovely  subtropical beach Sidi Tual.

Landowner gets 45 % from 483 hotelrooms  and  ticket incomes to festivals. 10 % tax to commun sidi BIBI, 10 % to state of Marocco.

From Russia come every month 50 empty ships to take fish and wegetables.  They can start bring to habours  of Portimao  Al Hocema Agadir  Sidi Ifni Dakhla  –lot  of pine wood and stone vuolukivi ( TULIKIVI  in google )

Poland has very rich traditions and abilities in  artesan works visual arts  wood carving architectura . Also people in Marocco  Afganistan Irak Syria are skillfull  in such matters .  With  polish  people they can  make these 69 houses and their  interiörs  —better as 50 states  of America. ( style  jugend art nouveau  1906 )  They  can do it if president DUDA   notice  great  possibility  to make POLAND first, usa second.

To Agadir  international airport come every year  millions  of travellers  because here is nice  climat also  in winter.  Very safe country and its more easy to get  here people as to Poland .

Poland would win this WAR OF  ARTS,  if foreign  buyers choose their products more as  american models. Culture  ministeria of  Poland  arrange very interesting   happenings  in Takad  ´´ fort POLONIA´´.  Best  of  polish  cinema  in large screen 50 x 80  mtr  in dark   soft  magical Sahara evening. Best of polish  jazz  blues rock and roll. Thema weeks  of  classical  music

3  km  far  in desert  international competetions of speedway  motocross  judo  aikido  paint  ball  ..

all 69  houses  shall  have in ground floor  7  rooms for travellers. There is  computer connection  to world parlament 144 000

7. I agree this matter 100 % .
6. I agree this matter 80 %
5. I agree this matter 60 %
4. I agree this matter 50 %
3. I agree this matter 40 %
2. I agree this matter 20 %
1. I do not agree this matter at all .



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