Marocco can give 4400 sq km land to armenians of gorno Karabagh.

East comes , says president of Kazakstan.
Could you please inform about this invitation governments and media in your country ? –Marocco can give 4400 sq km land to armenians of gorno Karabagh. Please   come to peacefull  sunny country,  no war , you get golden beach 125 km long from Sidi Ifni to Tan Tan beach

To plan new  houses , we invite to Maroc Mirleft  international university of bisnes and arts 84 most talented youngsters. 7 girls from Poland , 7 boys from Lituania or Bialo Russia, 7 girls Kingdom of Karabagh ( armenians ) 7 boys from Russian republic of Mari and Estonia, 7 boys from Finland, 7 girls from Kingdom of Palestine ,7 girls from Britannia , 7 boys from Kazakstan, 7 girls from Karelian republic of Russia, 7 boys from Germany , 7 girls from Hungary  . I have  time to answer questions in  telephone,  but read this first

 building companies  from  lands  mentioned  , please investigate this project  and contact to Poland Wroclaw  advocat .  We  offer  to rent 120 years 277 e / month 32 hectar in Miedzylesie 650  mtr  high hill 
–we offer to buy 50 pieces of ground in south Marocco by subtropical sea, start productive bisnes with germans FINNS , americans and Marocco.— we have system to chang e seawater to plants, this peninsula 50-70 ha will be green park

in google map Bookerdish Mirleft Marocco. This  place is 50 km to north  from start  of  kingdom Karabagh,-10.0473902,682m/data=!3m2!1e3!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0xdb48f4acb520e1b:0x2cdea8c2f4fc47cb!8m2!3d29.5798558!4d-10.0452015?hl=fi

Please inform in  your  lands   music &   theathre groups , architects designers  and companies who produce  furnitures wooden  loghouses art textiles cheramica, Send your offers to lawyer   in Wroclaw   in english  or  polish  
He  has  my power  of  attorney and KEY to ´´box of  pandora ´´  . He  makes 120 years rent agreement from 32 ha in Miedzylesie 277 e / month plus 21 % from netto profit  7 % to , ,  7 % to ,and to me  7 % 

consulates not discuss with private people or associations about such matters, but please send this to your government and media  

costs  of  studies   5 years,  200 e / month . Puor families can get their talented youngsters 18- 20 old with no payment. Before  new 12  schoolhouses are builded, we can offer modern furnished homes from Mirleft 100 turist houses to 84 students and their teachers from 14 lands mentioned. 50 – 60 sq mtr nice apartment costs 200 e / month. 2 students pay 100, to food is 100 e / month enough here  
General studies of arts and ENGLISH lanquage for all, lines for architects artesanes , bisnes ethics , advertising office works AD, copywriters, illustrators, managing directors, logistica planners railroads and ship. We teach cheramica , photographia, woodcarving , creative writing , psychodrama, folk music blues jazz rock and roll, hatha yoga , surfing , also speedway and motocross 5 km far from city ( insurances 80 % cheaper as in Finland and we invite here also all sport clubs from that sector, always summer, but not too hot. Fresh big ocean keeps also virus problems away and some day it will be won also in other lands.  We not  talk in this school  any word  about ANY   religions  , China rules

When people start  travel again , we invite them every week end 2 days and nights festivals inside bigger wheel of 94 finnish communas. That 15 hectar is owned by mirleft town, owner shall get 80 % of ticket incomes netto, when we sell there 20 euros tickets to 100 000 europeans , 52 times per year, 104 million euros. 10 % tax we offer to kingdom of Maroc 10 % to artists whom we buy

84 boys and 84 girls from 12 lands shall plan these festivals and houses, with their teachers. After 5 years study they all shall get workplace 3700 e /month or more from advertising office Ogilvy & Miettinen OM Finland Runni iisalmi and its 12 side offices
108 houses all different but follow general style jugend art nouveau jugend 1906 . ( see example from google Helsinki Luotsikatu. We make here new better bigger skatta´´ ( Katajanokka ) always sunshine, no winter, big ocean keeps summers fresh, nobody has korona here

Bottom one castle 230 m 14 m x 16,4 m , construction beton, earth shake quaranteed finnish german technologia. Walls wooden logs briggs qips whatever. Floors pinewood desk 3 cm from Russia. Rooms inside 3,69 m high

TRUMP Mur 3 mtr high between houses 9,6 mtr,— line is 96 x 26 m long 2496 meter ´´rivitalo´´. In form of circle. Closed safe garden inside. IF Jyri Häkämies not want sell these 94 plots to 94 finnish communas before 1.11.2020 –we offer them to 50 states of America , or personally to  Donald Trump. He  is rapid as HERMES ,   same character as me and my previous boss Ensio Miettinen.Because finns are slow and stupid, 94 cities willages or 94 building companies in germany or in POLAND should be rapid. If we must wait Finland pay that 50 million euro, maybe 94 german companies commonly find such money ?

usa  Consulat  in
— We suggest that US consulat in Helsinki check how flexilbe are attitudes in 50 states of america,
please send them this offer. Send it also Mr TRUMP / BIDEN both . In Poland is no president, but Donald Tusk must take care of this. Make communa houses of 94 cities of Poland. Take all workplaces there. 
When Tusk was EU president, he sent me fb message, FUCK YOU HIETIKKO FUCK ISLAM  Strange hate speech from highest boss of EU because im a jew, babtzed to be protestant in Kauhajoki Finland 1.11.1951. Ursula von Leyen say nothing to such, she is as cold ded fish. Such ´´mumio´´ leads big ship. If im wrong, she should CORRECT and order Donald Tusk to be more polite . He should call me or to my lawyer in Wroclaw
it would be  good  idea to Poland  to  buy 94  plots  in  mirleft  beach,  make  94  polish  houses  7  floors. Surrounding will  be  flowering, sunshine everyday
In this climat everything grow rapidly, when plants get water . 200 houses in Mirleft lives with turism, they have learned european manners to keep surroundings clean, almost all speak english. Very safe, no korona because this region is far from big roads .
. 46 000 euros costs one plot and place is super beautiful, MIRLEFT, near spanish canaria islands. Trump dynastia ,  polish  german  or  russian building  companies could get them , the most  rapid  ones.  We could make new city for such ´´lunatics ´´ and give name TRUMP TOWN. If he loose elections, this would make all world laugh. Houses will be 108 , one of them must be given for free to polish mainarchitect , mother of this idea , one house for ME, father of this plan

Friends of Donald Trump in Poland and Germany should join this sampowheel . If Jyri Häkämies do his work, he can wake up in Finland all Trump fans , this could prevent Finland and family  of Jyri Häkämies to die. Maroccians  in Finland do nothing. German finnish new  natzies of Julma Jussi Korhonen  use clothes  of  juppies and  telephones. They shoot  with  no  noise  tiny Harmakeddon  needles with superpoison. Killing all  who prevent  development  in Finland  and have  something against  coming  of Kingdom Heaven  on the  earth

´´nysse tuloo´´-saint comes´´ from east, say finnish kalevala traditio, EAST COMES says president of Kazakstan, wheel of india shall lead—and Marocco can offer 4400 sq land to armenians of gorno karabagh, subtropical beach 125 km between sidi ifni habour and tan tan beach, its ´´nobodys land ” belongs to Allah. There is nobody today, but lot of minerals also gold.
 Kingdom Karabagh (kk ) is including also beautiful mountains with sea wiews to spain EU canaria islands–tell to people about this possibility RAPIDLY ! UNIANOVA is new union between people and nysse  ( called Allah by muslimanes , Jahve by jews ) JUMALA in Finland, BOGA in Poland. Lovely child has many names, in india its OM or aum word amen comes also from east. Nearest place where we can find Allah is our real deeper trancendental self

 jehova witneses INTERNATONAL  could get 94  houses ,the big wheel  of Mirleft,  inside  small wheel  of  12  houses  art & bisnes  academia, advertising office school Ogilvy & Miettinen . These 2 wheels  are giving  pulses  to RUNNIN prunni, and to  12  OM  offices around  it. If Mr Trump  family  call  me  before  jehova witnesses  ,  it will rule  who leads the world. Personally  i  hope  that  it  will  be  TRUMP friends  from  94  finnish  communas Religious people  must confess  that yellow revolution  follows the Bible. All  christian religions  and churches shall  be  finished, Jesus Christ shall accept only jehova witnesses  because  its not religion . But Jesus not  like  them  because  they  talk too  much. The one who knows ,  not talk. Im  John the Babtist and have shamanistic connection to him. Jesus accept only one  christian  church, where he self wants  make  his  home , after landing  down  and  taken  form  of  normal  man. Apostolic church of Armenia  in west Sahara must  get all  money  of finished Vatican. After POPE said  how homosexualismus is OK, bells of death  started make klang  klang Marocco is islamic land but tolerant such, 75 % of laws are from France . King is ciwiliced intelligent man, more as 95 % support him and young Hasan III. Here will be no revolution . Glad people and wonderfull climate, they not hate americans or russians and to Israel we soon open diplomatia ( im jew myself, its possible to see from nose , airs, hair but they accept jews in Marocco, here was before millions of us. Still 12 basic roots can be found …

Finnish indian maroccian polish 114 years old culture association Keltaiset ry wants open in south Maroc , in Poland and north Finland advertising office Ogilvy & Miettinen OM Finland

We need permission from usa helsinki consulat , can we use such name ? I worked before in helsinki ad office, where David Ogilvy was partner–i have got his education know all his books–
ENSTOIVO Juha Tuotanto oy and obviously soon also Jyri Häkämies want make big wheel of SAMPO.
It means forgotten ´´plussumgame´´of old China and India, bisnes with no loosers. Finn-ugrian nations FUN all come from India

kysymys on juurille paluusta ja pyörän, nöyryyden , pienuuden ja  suuruuden välisten  rattaiden uudelleen keksimisestä. Maataideteos ennenmuuta tarvitsee maata

im very DISAPOINTED and angry, when in my land everyone sleep, they drink alcoholes too much, eat mainly PORK and never keep ramada

1. Vaasa 2. Alavieska 3. Alavus 4. Enontekiö 5 . Evijärvi 6. Haapavesi 7. Haapajärvi 8. Hailuoto 9. Halsua 10. Oulu 11. Paltamo 12 Posio 13 Pieksämäki 14 Juankoski 15 Suomussalmi 16 Kuusamo 17 Salla 18 Ii 19 Iisalmi 20 Pudasjärvi 21 Ilmajoki 22 Ilomantsi 23 Inari 24 Rovaniemi 25 Isokyrö 26 Saarijärvi 27 Joensuu 28 Kemijärvi
29 Pietarsaari 30 Juuka 31 Juupajoki 32 Juva 33. NURMES 34 Kaavi 35 Kajaani 36 Kalajoki 37 Kyyjärvi 38 Kannonkoski 39 Kannus 40 Polvijärvi 41 Karstula 42 Pihtipudas 43 Kaskinen 44 Kauhajoki 80 Lapinlahti 81 Petäjävesi 82 Polvijärvi 74 Ylitornio 45 Kauhava 46 Kaustinen 78 Kemiönsaari 79 Reisjärvi 74 Tornio 75 Kärsämäki 76 Seinäjoki 49 Keminmaa 50 Kempele 51 Keuruu 52 Outokumpu 53 Laihia 54 Kitee 55 Kittilä 56 Kiuruvesi
57 Kivijärvi 58 Kokkola 59 Kolari 60 Konnevesi
61 Kontiolahti 62 Simo- talon 69 omistaja 96 % sti hankkeen pääarkkitehti 4 % keltaiset ry estää myymästä- 64 Lapua 65 Kuhmo 66 Lappajärvi 67 Kuopio 68 Kuortane 63 Kurikka 70 Kitee 71 Kittilä 72 Oulainen 73 Puolanka
47 Keitele 48 Kemi 83 Lestijärvi 84 Lieksa 85 Liminka 86 Liperi 87 Padasjoki 88 Pelkosenniemi 89 Raahe 90 Muhos 91 Multia 92 Muonio 93 Nivala 96 omistaja Hannu Hietikko, armoton kelloseppä jumalan armosta.

In this big circle north Finland finds the ´´lost chord´´ COMMON TOLKKU sense of co operation and real democratia

94 suomalaista puolalaista tai saksalaista kunnantaloa ja 2 yksityistä  muodostaisivat netissä toimivan pohjois suomen ( tai puolan ) kansanparlamentin , tapaamiset lomilla Mirleftissä. Yhteen 7 kerroksiseen taloon saatte monta mukavaa 44 -69 m apartmenttia , konserttisalia taidenäyttelyä. Luodaan pohjois suomeen suorademokratia ja ihan oma identiteetti. Se perustuu todellisen ITSEN iishvaran atmanin atonin löytämiseen joka on sama kuin Christus in Nobis

7. I agree this matter 100 % .
6. I agree this matter 80 %
5. I agree this matter 60 %
4. I agree this matter 50 %
3. I agree this matter 40 %
2. I agree this matter 20 %
1. I do not agree this matter at all

Cirle means also a CLOCK— In that video they show many CLOCKS telling how the time ends, candles of life not burn very long. But we shouldnt worry, because time is only illusio of samsara. There is no such matter as time, becoming older or death. The biggest totalchange in historia is near, we have no time to meaningle ss wars. We must renew ourselves, become  humble as woman in photo

Fin ugrian nations FUN all are from India and the EAST shall come, says president of Kazakstan. NYSSE tuloo
 THIRD WHEEL   ´´KELLORATAS´´ shall  go over this walley  of  arts  in south west Poland Finnish advertising/marketing planner in south Maroc wants employ assistant in Jerevan Poland Germany Russia and Lituania, who understand my simply basic english. call me 00212 650 623 732 after you read this page –We make exhibition willage of 69 POLISH bialo russian lituanian and armenian wooden loghouses / interiörs / visual arts to MIRLEFT Maroc  and 69 to my farm 34,5 hectar in middle europa sudetian mountains . Companies artists artesanes architects could join this operation , contact to burmistr and    

Me and my polish ex wife are legal owners, she lives in Finland, me in south maroc 11 years. Farm in Poland is bought and remonted with my money but i deal all with viola and william. IISALMEN YLÄSAVON YRITTÄJÄT – tai Lituanian white-russian armenian polish maroccian companies artists artesanes music and theathre assocations should commonly ( OR ONE OF THEM ) rent 32 ha on green hill 650 mtr high 120 years, 277 e / month. ( without buildings ). Later when bisnes is productive, we demand 21 % provisio from netto profit- 7 % to my ex wife 7 % to our son 7 % to me

offers to    

You can buy yellow house on right side 25 m x 15 m- 3 floors , 288 000 euros, plus costs of notariuz. ( prices are low but fixed )
Northern house II and III floors 25 m x 15 m 219 000 e. We get there 7 nice apartments with mountainwiews, 31 285 euros each, costs of repairing allianz is responsible to compensate
1/ 3 ( 169 000 e ) to Violetta , to our son William 169 000 e to me 169 000 e . To my consult from us commonly 3 % Loghouse / furniture producers in Armenia Poland Karelia Lituania and maroc can start office in east bohemia mountains of eagles. In meaning to open COMMON WINGS and learn to ´´fly ´´ and win economical and cultural ´´jackpot´´

-sales exhibition willages on roofs of MIRLEFt maroc and in middle of europa, 140 km from Praha to east. Train to Miedzylesie DOMASZKOW. Rent agreement from land 4 x periods of 30 years. 277 euros month. Price 400 000 euros from 120 years in advance. 200 000 e to Finland ex wife and her private son, 200 000 e to me to buy good house from iisalmi Runninkylä. William is my only child, it will be his house
Communa gives to international team of artesanes loghouse/furniture  producers 69 building permissions, bottom 170 m. Mur 3 mtr around 34,5 ha and between houses 35-50 m. II floor 170 m wooden loghouse, concert sala, visual arts, high rooms 3,7 m . Upstairs 7 bedrooms 20 e / day. General style art nouveau Jugend 1906, as it was in Seitendorf Gniewoszow in german time.

Poland shall accept this deal if Kingdom Maroc / Sidi IFNI Mirleft allow polish companies and artists build exhibition willage in Mirleft on roofs of private houses, 2- 4 floors, beton, new, strong fundaments. To their roofs wooden loghouses all different. Finnish russian german danish pensionist come to buy

This is OFFER OF MAROCCIAN FINNISH POLISH CULTURE MAFIA , where its not easy TO SAY NO –kuva on lainattu iltalehdestä,
 Poland Marocco  Poland Lituania Russia Caucasus have strong abilities in architectura, artesan works, wood carving, using of colours and fantasia, cinema arts AND music. We can commonly make great matters. High quality cinema festivals in Mirleft every day after sunset. We have here more as 50 big white beton walls 12 m x 30 m

Runnin PRUNNI house of HULTTIO marshal Mannerheim in iisalmi puts finnish economia to run. Finnish companies shall get from Mirleft university works of the best directors , writers illustrators , textile & furniture designers . David Ogilvy was the best advertising man in usa, ensio miettinen most briljant bisnes leader in Finland ( my employer and close friend 6 years ) . Both of those men and art academia Helsinki TAIK were teaching me, later doctor K U Sathyanath in Kerala India Cochin. Im one of the teachers and we get here also other professionals from Germany and Finland, who have pension as i do and can work with no salary in interesting project. Who  was  national  hero of Finland , c g Mannerheim, docent Teemu Keskisarja tells  it honestly  in  his  book HULTTIO . Its means a  kind of  bandito, naughty  boy. Finland  banished also  him  and national hero got his education  in Russia

OM Finland advertising office is for building material industry , who have some good product what one house needs . Students and teachers plan build and decorate 12 houses to Mirleft beach, bigger wheel 96 houses shall plan those 96 communas self. If kuntaliitto and media not can wake them up, this offer goes 1.11.2020 to 96 cities of GERMANIA

THEY MAKE HERE GOETHE PARK CENTRE OF GERMAN CULTURE. Also offer goes to Poland, they are creisi enough to do 96 polish cityhouses to Mirleft in form of holy circle ? Who calls me first, shall get it . If 50 states of America wants such house, please call me. In Maroc we not hate americans not russians, with China our king already 10 years ago opened all gates, wizum freedom

From prunni of RUNNI ( axel ) 3.00 oclock Pajukoski 4.00 Kontiolahti 5.00 Imatra 6.00 Tartto 7.00 Keuruu -Gniewoszow 6 Miedzylesie Poland – Salzburg -Mirleft university and kingdom of Karabagh 50 km from us to south-

From Runnin prunnikello pointer 8.00 ends to Närpiö Norra Kaldnäsvägen 69 9.00 Pietarsaari 10.00 Raahe 11.00 Kemi .

Because Mirleft gets large incomes, its your duty to make park green grass growing 50 ha. Take there new system to change sea water for plants, and all Mirtleft has big park , food production independent

Governments of 12 lands should pay costs of materials and flight tickets Agadir to 84 students, 200 e / month stipend to puor ones

12 houses of art bisnes academia shall be situated to form of circle, as numbers of clock. Mur 10 mtr long 3 mtr high between houses 17 m x 14 m, nature stones, decorated with ornaments of kalevala, or gold time of arts 1906 from Lituania Poland Armenia Kazakstan Germany Karelia London Petersburg Petroskoi . Painters and textil artists become famous,  after korona is over and million turists see this willage every year. They want buy such houses furnitures carpets to their own lands and networks of production in 96 NORTH finland communas and in other 14 lands DO IT. If Poland do agreement, all work places go to POLAND and to Marocco

Germans are intelligent fyhrers and kapelmeisters, not so good and creisi artists as polnische albo karelian variatki kobiety moze bytz, but 7 german boys shall be educated to be managers. They shall learn how to co operate with creative ´´so called ´´mad people ´´ as me, how to use their potential energia in fair honest bisnes ? Ensio Miettinen knew it because he was self MORE ´´mad ´´( read creative ) as me. Secondly most rich and most mad man in Finland had done 200 technical patents with shamanistic intuitio and honest ethichal values

If our holy cirlce is inside one hectar, we not keep parties to outsiders. When korona let europeans come, we offer them big show  inside bigger wheel OF 96 polish german or finnish houses
— visitors buy every week 100 000 tickets 20 e and we pay to kingdom Marocco 10 % tax, to Mirleft 80 %.
How to get elected to study there?Make translations  from  this  pageand spread them  in FB  twitter instaDEMAND  with  mass  force  EU  start  thiswrite  letters  to eu  parlament via teacher  Polish people write in  polish  to mr TUSKamericans to Eric Trump Read first few books, and write to us what you think ? What kind of feelings woke up from Richard Bach ILLUSIO, Robert BLY Iron John , in finnish Rautahannu, in polish Zelasny Jan. Chinese TAO TE KING ? Sama veda poetry from India or finnish KALEVALA we not can logically understand, but if you listen them with origal sanskrit and finnish , they open your mind to higher 5 th 6 th 7 th branches of ´´shaman tree ´´ . In east they call it moksha satori or nirvana. Yrjö Kallinen has written book ´´tässä ja nyt ´´ and it is translated to russia ´´sanoma idän valaistuksesta ´´ . Satori, opening can also happen rapidly, spontaniusly, if you look that video, something MAY happen

We all know that ´´the candles of life´´can finish burning but with methods of arts and white magia we can do a lot. Please look at this video. If your inspiration wakes up, send to our headmaster in english a 4 long FREE story about yourself, photos and few examples of your painting / drawings , economical ideas who they not understand in your land…

. We are christian-hindu organization who confess the common brotherhood and justice. China would like to make world revolution with their ONE BELT program. India has white magia and they want make BIG WHEEL OF DHARMA to land of the end finito Finland. ( in flag of India we see such wheel )

Its AXLE ( virtually spiritually ) is standing in GERMANY MAINZ , where first Bible was printed– They will be centre of world, if Finland not say yes before 1.11.2020- If they do, axel will be in water well PRUNNI of house general Mannerheim in iisalmi RUNNI willage. This man was originally from Holland but he was officer in Russian army, came from China and Siberia by horse to Finland, get serious problems from POLISH women. For such reasons PRUNNI of his house in Runninkylä is connected to Mirleft university middle point

general Mannerheim  had  terrible  childhood  and  he was more  mentally wounded as me. He is very sorry after wasteing his life to meaningless wars. He knows east and west , gave such order. Gorne Karabagh must be given to islamic azerbajzan families, who where pushed away by war. It was not legal action.

oi suomi katso ja ihmettele mitäs ittua juurikin tämä Mannerheimin prunni nyt muka on tota tota öö tota juurikin tota öö ?

We all see from map how that 4400 sq km is INSIDE Azerbajzan. It surely belongs to azers , but armenian folk need own independent land and kingdom. For this purpose we invite 7 most talented armenian girls from gorno Karabagh. Azerbajzan is much more rich land because of oil. They should buy 230 sq mtr land 46 000 e to kingdom of Karabagh. They shall give it to azers , we can offer to karabagh armenians wonderfull 4400 sq km , subtropical korona free BIANCA beach 129 km long from sidi ifni international habour to beach TAN TAN. Its north border is 50 km to south from Mirleft university
Totally empty region, no houses ( yet ) Oil, minerals even GOLD and great turism potential.

Today in costa blanca lives nobody, no roads , its a desert and super beautiful clean beach . But we get there huge watertube 3 m x 12 m and e highway on the tube , for noiseless E harleys, E scooters , bicycles and automatically steered cars , max 1000 kg .
New land starts 5 km to south from sidi ifni habour. 74 km from airport TIFNIT
road goes to ecole allal fassi in mountains , to gite kasbah Tifnit gate David to airport of Tifnit.
Watertube 3 m x 12 m and e highway is planned to go to Tardoudant airport , later to Quazzaragate and high Atlas mountains large water sourches. We make green fields and forests both sides of noiseles highway. Before is done by international co operation up to Mediterranea habour NADOR, we use other metod. Marocco has developed smart systems to change seawater for trees wegetables. In west Sahara DAKHLA already massive food production and big parks. In this climate everything grows rapidly and solar energia is endless

Kingdom of Karabagh 4400 sq km could enjoy peace and mild winters. There are also mountains if someone want snow and ice . Region is very safe , borders to Mauretania and Algeria are closed by american – maroccian men and weapons. Nobody shall come from there and Marocco has friendly contacts to Europa .

Wonderfull climate, possible to swim and surf in january, summers pleasantly cool because of Atlantis ocean. More as 95 % maroccians support Muhamed VI and his son Hasan III,-we shall not see any revolution or domestic war here. King, president and parlament agree this proposition – if united nations give all other parts of west sahara officially to Marocco. Also Ceuta and Mellila we demand to Maroc, they also are taken by illegal war. Ceuta and Mellila not belong to spanish people who are quilty to war crimes in our times. Before in dark historia of christian church they killed more as 60 million  innocent people. Portugalian banditos sold 5 millions black life matters to farms of colonialists in usa ( who killed original owners ) .

Christians have no privilegio in front of this man . They have not very many reasons to be so proud . Anyhow their Messiah wants get home to apostolic armenian gorno Karabagh, independent kingdom inside safe sunny sunni musliman Marocco, West Sahara. ( offically it belongs to nobody )
4400 sq km is surrouded by beach 129 km and mur 3 mtr starting from ocean 1 km from sidi ifni habour –following south side of road N 12 to Quelmim, 3 km far from willages and road , 200 km to Tan TAN TAO beach. Inside Kingdom Karabagh only noiseless electric traffic.


Majestet Muhamed VI give land 4400 sq km to armenians if Spain give BACK Ceuta and Mellila. With this force we create new university and lot of good workplaces to 14 countries — Armenia go away from gorno Karabagh. Their king Jesus Christ will come when we have builded new temple and town Jerusalem, by subtropical beach. 173 km noiseless e highway from Tifnit airport . USA is responsible to pay flights and new homes to all armenians who want come to promised land .

United nations russia china iran said NO, dont do it , when USA and Poland 2003 attacted Iraq in meaning to conquer Iran Libya Afganistan ( oil and minerals ) –Also spanish colonialist  went there and more as 15 million islamic people are killed , large asylyym problem in west europa. This cant be without punishments, jewish american finnish weapon industry ( PERKELE LTD ) must pay homes to armenians in Maroc. We start big industry in sidi ifni habour , in Russian Kalingrad and everywhere in Bialo russia near railway statons , in Litwa Alytus and Seirijai , in Poland MITTELWALD and in Palestina Gaza.  After starting illegal wars germany and finland had to give lot of land and pay big war compensations. Mellila and Ceuta are small price and in this way we get million workplaces 1200-3300 e / month and own nice land to syria libya kurdistan libanon palestine iran irag . First we make homes to karabagh folk in Maroc and invite all nations to buy such to their own lands ( after korona war is over ). Direct flights to Agadir Tifnit or Dakhla ,wizum freedom for armenian and CHINESE people .

We are reflecting to 35 big white murs in Mirleft high  quality  cinemas  and also works of our students , who design  houses  furnitures,or visual arts as you see in this next video ?
 Mirleft town and EU should commonly start international university of arts and bisnes. All 100 turist houses 300 apartments are all empty and we could take there teachers and youngsters from mentioned lands to study architectura, artesan works, wood carving , cheramica , filosofia of TAO , economical realities, historia , english language , visual arts, creative writing , graphics, cinemaworks and folk music

Korona problem shall be won and here we not have it at all. Right place to take healthy youngsters to safe to start big operation. When people start again travel, we must be ready to act –Canaria islands Spain are only 100-130 km far from Mirleft and lot of people come to holiday to Las Palmas. But its very booring place, lot of noisy stupid pam pam extasy discotecas alcohol cocaine and over grouded beach
They could come to fort Polonia Mirleft with bigger ships and sailing boats to enjoy the best of polish high quality cinema , jazz blues country rock and roll. Classical music , psychodrama ( original form of theathre in Greece ) Finn ugrian nations FUN with Armenia and Poland can make lot of FUN and money and finish all bitter hate islam-christian sunni shiia armenia azerbajzan. Near habour sidi ifni to desert arena for motocross and speedway , international competetions every weekend, when korona war is over. There we can look ´´who is the best ´´

17.10.2020 Melika Ramouz left this offer to administration of small town Mirleft and  everyone said YES . This we  do.  We also  offer for rent in  middle europa  120 years 23 hectar to maroccian polish  american  finnish  or russian loghouse furniture carpet producers , visual artists in MOST beautifull place of old loosen Germany, ´´deutsche karelia´´ 277 e / month. 21 % from annual nettoprofit offers to headmaster

69 build  permissons  come  if His Majestet Muhamed VI and Mirleft allow polish producers make houses upon roofs of mirleft
 TUKU TUKU  LAMPAITANI   listen this song of ´´Piirpauke´´ Sakari Kukko  , Cinta Hermoyou  know whats question about LISTEN also  ´´läksin  minä  kesäyönä  käymään ´´  by spanish  cinta  hermo,  you can  taste ´´honey´´   white  blue  magia  of finland and  israel
Finland , India, Poland ,Lituania, Bialo Russia, Karabagh armenians , Estonia, Kazakstan, Karelian republic of Russia, russian republic MARI and Hungary can also get their houses to roofs, we have 150 suitable places
where finnish pensionists 500 000 are ready to make home ´´ in heaven´´
 There will be  no  politica  no  parties   but direct democratia and government 144 000

94 kunnantaloa muodostaisivat netissä toimivan pohjois suomen kansanparlamentin , tapaamiset lomilla Mirleftissä. Yhteen 7 kerroksiseen taloon saatte monta mukavaa 44 -69 m apartmenttia , konserttisalia taidenäyttelyä. Luodaan pohjois suomeen suorademokratia ja ihan oma identiteetti. Se perustuu todellisen ITSEN iishvaran atmanin atonin löytämiseen joka on sama kuin Christus in Nobis. Ellei passaa, olkaa valmiit kuolemaan

7. I agree this matter 100 % .
6. I agree this matter 80 %
5. I agree this matter 60 %
4. I agree this matter 50 %
3. I agree this matter 40 %
2. I agree this matter 20 %
1. I do not agree this matter at all

 Finnish  jehova witnesses  or Jyri Häkämies EK has fiscal power TODAY pay to our association 50 million euros, at least call me and make reservation. But they will not do it , all finns are sleeping and push angrily different  thinkers  to  east  ukraina  or  west  sahara- We have asked this 50  million  e as compensation of hard crime against different thinkers, but not want confess human rights and it needs court proces

–Germany Poland USA could commonly act NOW  contacts to  advocat    

Mirleft town / communa Sidi Ifni  Maroc sell us land 230 sq meter plots 108 st 46000 e each, 4,96 million euros. Nearby subtropical sea, permissio to make house 7 floors. Maroc produce cement good quality, skilfull workers ask 1200 e / month -490 e / month to insurance/pension.

With 50 million euros we get them all ready, if not 94 communas finish their castles self

Jyri Häkämies should discuss with ambassador of Finland in Rabat . They should offer 94 of these houses to communas in North Finland. To their companies who have some good product to these 108 jugend castles . They shall get large possibilities to sell to all world, because later after korona war million foreigners / year will see these houses and their art works intelligent products

Suomen valtio on syyllistynyt rikoksiin joista seuraa kuolemantuomioita. Useista pyynnöistä huolimatta valtiokonttori ei ole halunnut käsitellä tätä asiaa, mutta nyt siihen tulee kova kansainvälinen paine. Pyydämme että VM tutkisi tämän ennakkoluulottomasti ja ripeästi koska 1.11.2020 jälkeen tarjous Suomelle EI ole voimassa ja kansa voi suuttua ja pieksää sinisiksi kuntaliiton ja muutaman ministeriön henkilökunnan , tappamisestakin on varoitettu marja ohisaloa ja
Mutta Jyri Häkämiehellä on runsas viikko estää sisällisota suomessa. ellei tee mitään, hänet ja perheensä murhataan. Teloituksia eivät  tee  marokkolaiset,  vaan saksalaisten  uusnatsien  johtamat Suomen  kansallismieliset  K  miehet  ja K naiset. He kulkevat jupin  vaatteissa a käyttävät  tavallisen  kynän  tai  puhelimen  näköisiä laitteita ,  joista sinkoaa ääneti  hienon  hienoja  HARMAKEDDON neuloja

This picture  is public advertising  of music  group, 5  men  not belong to this story, just examples how  men look  out in land of  END ( fin finito ) jumalauta,  uskokaa tai  äläkää uskovaisten  ja ateistien  yhteinen   ylöstempaus alakaa  Poland Miedzylesie -Lituania Seirijaj, Armenia Artshakt all 7 brothers of  Finland wake up. Watchtower  is fallingThis letter is written by 68 old citizen of Finland , who has been here 11 years and know the situation, my wife speak arab and with bike BMW enduro we have been everywhere . East and south borders of west Sahara are guaranteed by american and maroccian army, it would be VERY safe place also for finnish building companies to buy one of plots with 46 000 euros and make houses 7 floor,  show to global markets what kind of products loghouses furniture producers and artists 94 communas in Finland have. This i have been suggesting during 3 months but KUNTALITTO all are quiet in Finland, banish different thinkers to Sahara.
I came here 2009 with white motorhorse and BMW munchen gave me a wreath and a bow
, best puojousi in the world
–ÖHLINGS WHITE POWER  .EAST IS  COMING Nysse tulooMaroccian consulat in Moscow   Polish german  maroccian finnish  culture association die Gelben rf wants start marketing and developing russian pinewood and TULIKIVI in south Maroc. Russian ships  bring wood and take  fruits wegetables fish.    Karabagh and   maroccian  habours get  millions  workplaces 1200 -3000 e/ month, plus social security  and pension. Many finnish companies as  send their machines to Karabagh  or  to sidi ifni habour  speedway stadion . ( betonirakeintenen iso katsomo jonka alla varjossa 12 km pitkä tehdas on tekeillä. Suomalaiset duunarit palkataan työnohjaajiksi 3000 e / kk  ja maksavat  veronsa Suomeen, kuten myös tehtaiden omistajat. Silloin kaikki osapuolet voittavat . Pohjois Suomen asukkaat saavat ruveta vapaaherroiksi 3000 e / kk  kansalaispalkalla ja  asuttaa  uudelleen  haja asutusalueiden peräkylät . Kun  ihmiset  saavat  vapahduksen aineellisen ansainnan tarpeesta, heidän luovuutensa  räjähtää  kukkimaan  kuin van  goghin  mantelipuun  oksat. Pohjois suomen 96  kuntaa pannaan ´´hautomaan ´´. Mutakuonot  tekevät työt 1200  e / kk afrikan  puolella  valkoiset  hampaat ilosta  välkkyen eivätkä  yritä  kärkkyä kylmään  tylyyn Eurooppaan. 1200 e / kk  on  marokossa  iso  palkka,  mutta se otetaan tylysti  pois jos alkaa  8  tunnin työaikana  laiskottaa . Suomalaisten  firmojen  työntekijät  palkataan  kaikki  ´´kympeiksi ´´3300 e /  kk. vero suomeen että  saavat  maksaa  valtiovelkansa . Tarjous on voimassa  jos  hourailut   taistelulaivojen   ja  super hävittäjien  hankkimiseksi lopetetaan tyystn  tykkänään . Niiden takia venäjä  on  lakannut  puuntuonnin vihamieliseen jees  sika Karon  ja  sota tohtori  saara  juntusen  jenkki suomeen From those 12  lands we  want  to  MIRLEFT teachers of woodwork architectura economia logistica marketing advertising visual arts  cinema  works historia english lanquage  folk  music blues  jazz  rock and roll  . Sales exhibition willages 69   to roofs  of 100 beton houses in MIRLEFT town. Extrenal  3 person  elevators   up to roof,  stairs inside house only for emercy cases.    wooden houses in ´´second floor´´ upon Mirleft  WE offer  to maroccian finnish  russian  azerbajzan  tsech or armenian designers and producers.   International  buyers  several  million per  year  come to  choose  most beautiful houses and interiörs . House is symbol  of  soul and this  beauty competition find out who  has  most nice  ´´national soul´´? What is name of  company ?( in  picture ´´typical finnish PERSU man ) Such guys  have been killing finnish  people MORE as  russians  killed us in winter war ) this is  historical fact  what finnish  KOKOOMUS and PERSU  NATSIES  NOT WANT CONFES. Thats why  most of  finns are ´´secretly depressed ´´ and try to cover their national wounds by alcohole  cocaine amfetamines and  very  ugly architectura , stupid  music culture   1500 km south from  Fuengirola also winters are pleasant. Fresh sea wind keep  korona away . Mirleft  is  far from big roads,  nobody has  korona here. 100 turist houses  are all empty,  nice well made apartments 50 – 80 m. We could change   those 2000 furnished homes  with  finnish pensionists,  teachers  nurses  doctors engineers , who give furnished home same sq mtr in Finland to young maroccian couple. To finns we  offer also bigger new wooden  loghouse in second floor and  start big production in  sidi ifni habour, new Jerusalem capitol  of  Karabagh – In Finland , near railway stations  niirala joensuu Haapamäki Aroonkylä Teuva Kaskinen habour. (  aluepoliittisista systä  vain radan pohjoispuolella ) OI  pohjois SUOMI  KATSO  miten  poikas  valveil  on , talousongelmista  mamuista mummuista  ja kaikista  murheista  päästään eroon (  mutta  kun ei haluta saksalaiset  tai polakit kyllä  ymmärtävät  paremmin. Tuo mainostoimisto tulee saksaan Meinz  kaupunkiin , ei suomeen –armoaika päättyy  lokakuun viimeinen  päivä, tarjoukset  englanniksi  to headmaster  )Ogilvy & Miettinen  advertising  office OM of  Finland has 12  departments of  ´´seven  brothers ´´ situated around RUNNI n  Prunni  accoring  pointers  of clock,  to  12  dimensionswho have home  or  company  on  left or  right side  0 , 5  km   can  vote  in  worldparlament  144 000 of general Mannerheim  Dhrarma  kellon  viisari   10 osoittaa Raaheen, sen elinkeinoasiamiehen ei saa pelätä vaan tutkia asiaa , soitella kolleegoillenne ja antaa tarjouksia, kaikkien 12 kunnan , sekä myös niiden kuntien joiden läpi 12 viisasten viisaria viisaavat . Heidän yrityksensa saavat mainostoimisto palvelut ilmaiseksi, mutta tehdystä new bisnes netosta rokotetaan 7 %.Vasta kun on näyttöä to understand   better this project, please listen finnish  magia  music at  same  time when  you  read this page. Song  is  telling  about finnish  woman  who  turned  against the SUN  RA  and  did  not  anymore  look  at  the  shadows. This  music is  extremely spiritual and  it  must  be  translated to armenia  azer arab  persia bialo russia germany  berberkuva on lainattu iltalehdestä, pyydämme ao henkilön ja lehden lupaa käyttää tätä kuvaa vientiteollisuuden mainonnassa,teemanavapaus johtaa kansaa, kun yksi käläkkä  lensi  yli  kananpesän ja  älysi lähteä yle hs il maikkari nimisen amerikkalaisen valhe median luomasta Kirsi- pimiästä kulkemaanei  enää  persettä  vaan valoa päin
Hänen tulisi arabian persian kiinan kielisesti tekstitetyssä MIXATUSSA musiikkivideossa teeskennellä karaokemaisesti  laulavansa Katri Helenan äänellä tämä tunnusmusiikki Kuntaliiton  johtaman Pohjois suomen 94 n  yhteis kunnan  vientirynnäkölle kaikkiin  niihin maihin joiden kanssa amerikkalaisten tai  bryssien  mielestä …….ei saisi  olla  missään  tekemisissä  Rakennusmiehiä päteviä saatavana 1200 e / kk plus 490 e / kk vakuutuksiin eläkkeisiin. Materiaalit 70 % halvempia kuin Suomessa , hyvänlaatuista sementtiä marokko tuottaa ja vie maailmalle paljon . Alue on tasainen 20 mtr merenpinnasta kalliolla, tie alas hiekkarantaan ja venesatamaan Hay Aftas. Kanarian saarille EU n puolelle lyhyt venematka. Vapaana oleva rakentamaton niemenkärki on ISO yli 50 hehtaaria. Marokko tarvii rahaa, he myyvät sen eikä rakennusluvissa tule ongelmia.  
22.10.2020  hannu  hietikko 
  contacts to  me has my  power of  attorney, he speaks english and  polish 
when you  listen  that sound file where i sing in  moonlight  with  islamic priest–you understand that Marocco is  very  tolerated land. Nobody has  killed jewish  man who sings like  that . And someone says  how Habdullah Hanuman Koivumäki works to ALLAH.
 Jehova witnesses  in Poland wrote to  prokurator that im devil.All we have both sides, devil and Allah . It  that way  they  are  right .
  in Wroclaw   took  from  me big money but did not want finish trial  started  by  jehovawitnesses in  our neighbour stefania ilnicki 2005 . He must do it  now or  be  ready to die–( threatening with  killing is not  crime in Poland,  they did such 12  years  against  my  family  and  hostel  clients  as  –Mister  Abresz  said  that  he cant  help  me  , because he knows also VIOLA,  my  polish ex wife  ( married with me 18 year s, we have   common  son )
but   we  are  not in any  kind of  war  or oppositio with Viola , my  new wife Melika demands  nothing,  only  peace law  and  justice ! Other  children I did  not want  make, to get  this dirty game  sometimes  clear  Mister  Abresz  not  like  his  finnish client,  not any  lawyer  like mebut  it  cant  prevent  him  help Viola and  my  son  to  get incomes  from  that farm WHERE  nobody  is  allowed to beafter  POLISH  POLICE ADAM  POLANSKI,   and  jehova witnesses  did  not want  me to be. 
Holy  alberts association  and sparked  me out  from  farm and also Wroclaw, frightened  with  killing ,later sold  my  last home with shit price–when  i  was  not allowed  to come  to poland

but i did expensive  full  value  insurance  2009  to that  farm   , allianz wroclaw…They not want  discuss  with  me,  but  i send there other  men from  russia, better  to contact to  lawyer Abresz —  before  they come
farm  and wroclaw  home   was  100%  ly   my  investing, documents  show this. But all what i have, i deal 1 / 3  to viola and to william and me. So  what for   lawyer M Abresz in Wroclaw    not  can  finish  his work ?  From  nonsense trial  3,5  years and terror of 12  years,  ilnickies must give 8,8  ha  land  and  all  buildings-  german  natzies has  promised kill  them,  if  not  go back to their home in Kazakstan…They are not polish  people, after war stalin  pushed such banditos  100 000  to sudetian  mountains to  terrorize and spy   polish  farmers–helping  communistic police  of miedzylesie-   but  poland  is  so conservative  land  that such  old  power constructions were  living  in  such  back side  willages  , even poland was part  of eu
Thats  why  this  matter  is  so  painfull  to  handle  , for    lawyer M Abresz in Wroclaw  .  But  his  family  is  also  in danger, if he not start  be  lawyer to  my ex wife  in finland. They  are  good friends and  have common  lanquage
Viola  has  said  that  if  hannu  not can  find lawyer to this  problem before  end  of 2020she MUST sell  our  lands to  those  same  jehova witnesses–who  said  us  8  years  every week–with  age  in  hand´´go to Finland  , we  kill  you ´´
they wrote  to prokurator  that hietikko  is  reborn  devil who  try  to  kill  themand prokurator beata jelinska 2008  banished  me  to sahara–to  plan  a  cinema ´´    
But state  of poland  or  allianz  must  compensate  repairing  of  4  buildingsbring  back  stolen  thingsor similarwhen POLICE state poland  rule  legal eu  citizen  out  from  house     knows tragedia of our broken family, reasons behind.he  must  be  also  my  lawyer  when  government Finland starts  get angry

 Kun valtioneuvostoon , on tullut  meilejä  joissa puhutaan nimeltä mainiten eräiden   ministereiden  tappamisestaja kun  tekstin sanamuodosta  havaitaan  sen  olevan  täysin  järjissään  olevan  vanhemman  henkilön ( ei koulupojan)  kirjottamaase epäilemättä  herättää  kummastusta ? Aikana  jolloin Suomessa  pidetään  pitkiä  käräjiä  siitä että joku  on  katsonut  tai  mulkaissut  vihaisesti valtaeliittiin  lukeutuvaa Jessika Aroa
Kun  luette tämän  kirjeen  puolalaiselle  asianajajalleni  ja  yhdysvaltain  konsulaattiinalatte aavistaa  mistä sellainen  tappo  uhkailu  on saanut alkunsa,   ja  miten se  saadaan  lakkaamaan

Poliisi Risto Solmula Keuruulla  jo 2010  totesi että tätä  miestä on  peloteltu tappamisella  vähän  liikaa,  mutta  kukaan ei  kymmenessä vuodessa  tehnyt mitään asian korjaamiseksi.  Minut karkoitettiin  12.5.2010  keuruulta marokkoon,  perustuslaista  piittaamatta. Olen  ollut kauan Länsi Saharan  erämaassa shamanistisessa  yhteydessä sodassa olleeseen isääni, edesmenneeseen työnantajaani viipurilaiseen evakkoon Ensio Miettiseen  ( )  CG Mannerheimiin, Marokon  kuninkaan ISÄÄN  ja muutamiin  muihin, HE kehoittavat  panemaan  suomi  polvilleen. 
–pakottaa  heitä  tappamisella  uhaten  ostamaan  108  tonttia    a  46 000 e. Muuten  myyn ne  puolalaisille  ja kun  kansa  kuulee  tästäHE  tappavat  kuntaiiton  koko  henkilökunnan ja Jyri Häkämiehen  perheen. Heillä   on 1.11.2020  asti aikaa  hoitaa tämä  homma suomeen. Ellei  hoida,  joutavat      ja kuntaliitto  kuolla. Jolla on  valta  ja isot  rahat takana, kantaa  myös vastuun

continue in  finnish

Tekijä: hannu

im jewish man born in finland 1.11.1951 but they banished me to west sahara ten years ago because of my ´´wrong opinions ´´ saying how hietikko is mad 100 % out of realities and never can see my only child in Doctors in marocco portugal germany not see any mental sickness in me but serious crimes of human rights in finland


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