offer of peace to usa and poland

consulat of USA in Finland :

Mr TRUMP wants make USA great and respected , to send 1000 men to Poland to prevent terrorism and danger of Russia.
Association Keltaiset ry die Gelben rf suggest you new methods art and culture. We should open in middle of Europa ´´exhibition of the best parts of culture in 50 states of America´´, wooden loghouses, architectura, design , furnitures, visual arts, home electronica high quality music and cinema. Because americans are the best in such matters, people start respect you more as they do today

Me and my polish ex wife Violetta Sarnowiak offer for rent of 1000 years farm 43 ha 4 german houses – 3 km to railway station Domaszkow in walley. Train to Praha 140 km, to Wroclaw 130 km. On top of mountains of eagles , majestetic wiews. Mur 3,3 m high around All communal roads inside that 43 ha must be finished by ( nobody needs them )

If you start new wars, weapon industry is happy, but reputation of usa goes more and more down.
If you show to the world good positive sides of american people, we can make big money and get lot of workplaces with salaries 3000 e / month . We could start mass production using russian pine wood and tulikivi ( see google ) We offer such houses to 40 million polish emigrants who want come back to their beautiful country from usa canada uk skandinavia NL Germany

My polish ex wife Violetta Sarnowiak is a good architect who  made a plan . To build from nature stones and beton mur 3,3 mtr high around that 43 hectar. Style jugend art nouveau 1906 as it was before in german time Seitendorf .

Nearby the mur 69 houses, ground floor nature stones and beton. Bottom 170 sq mtr , 7 douple rooms for travellers. Upstairs wooden loghouses and their charming interiörs from 50 states of America.
In III floor 7 sleep rooms. We can send from Marocco 12 men who do that, if government of usa pay costs of material and 3000 e / month to 12 men. Poland must give wizums and work permissions to 12 men and their wifes / children

Inside fort Trump 43 hectar we organize big festivals 365 days in year, sell lot of tickets and employ the best artists of blues jazz country rock and roll from 50 states of America Poland Tsech rp Germany.
According the rules of Keltaiset ry , landowner gets 45 % from ticket incomes and 483 hotelrooms , 10 % tax to Miedzylesie, 10 % to state of Poland

Lot of people from many lands shall see these beautiful intelligent american products and want buy to their own lands individual combination from these 69 examples.

Perma culture  association Keltaiset ry die Gelben rf  not demand any fiscal profit and this will be ciwilized leaded capitalism with no capitalist. When costs of product development , marketing , advertising and plans of logistica come from Keltaiset ry to network of production with 7 % commission , costs of production shall be 50 % smaller . Companies can pay good salaries to workers and sell such attractive American houses with very friendly prices. We shall win world markets in sector of home production.

When we tell about this in media to all world , 40 million polish emigrants know that new free legal Poland is coming finally. When lot of safe willages of 69 houses start rise everywhere in Poland and many other countries, Mr Trump has fullfilled his promise to make america great and respected. Lot of workplaces 3000 e / month come everywhere in Poland , and polish people do not go anymore to London.

Emigrants come back with their money and knowledge how the matters are running in ´´normal´´ societes Germany USA canada NL Sweden Finland. They choose from them only good parts and create to Poland the most rich safe ciwilized land in Europa. All political parties and mafias meet end of the world and power shall be given to people by dircet democratia

7. I agree this matter 100 % .
6. I agree this matter 80 %
5. I agree this matter 60 %
4. I agree this matter 50 %
3. I agree this matter 40 %
2. I agree this matter 20 %
1. I do not agree this matter at all .

President of the
Republic of Poland
Prezydent Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej

war of arts
Proposition to President Andrzej DUDA

How to make POLAND first, the most glorius and big ?

My second wife Melika Ramouz comes from small city Takad, 30 km south of Agadir. Her family , willage association Takad and kingdom of Marocco could make HIRE agreement of 1000 years with Republic of Poland .

You could get 43 hectar nearby lovely subtropical beach Sidi Tual. We get such agreement if landowner gets 45 % from 483 hotelrooms and ticket incomes to festivals. 10 % tax to commun sidi BIBI, 10 % to state of Marocco.

In this country is ciwilized intelligent king and 95 % of people support him. To Maroc is not coming any revolution, they have good contacts to america, us army is closing east border of west sahara.

From Russia come every month 50 empty ships to take fish and wegetables. They can start bring –lot of pine wood and stone vuolukivi ( TULIKIVI in google ) to habours of GAZA Palestina , Portimao Al Hocema Agadir Sidi Ifni Dakhla.

Poland has very rich traditions and abilities in artesan works visual arts wood carving architectura . Also people in Marocco Afganistan Irak Syria are skillfull in such matters and government of Finland could start educate their 70 000 islamic people to this project

Afganistan Irak Syria exilers  in cold dark Finland could get possibility to fly to sunny Agadir and join to fort POLONIA in Takad. There is nice climate and friendly muslimanes . Salary 3000 e / month minus social security . They could do with polish and maroccian people these houses and their interiörs —better as 50 states of America. ( style jugend art nouveau 1906 )

They can do it if president DUDA  wake up to notice that the watch tower ( oak of Kalevala is falling ) This gives great possibility to make POLAND first, usa second. TERAZ POLSKA. poland now

To Agadir international airport come every year millions of travellers because here is nice climat also in winter. This is much more safe country as Poland and its more easy to get here travellers .

Poland would win this WAR OF ARTS, if foreign buyers choose their products more as american models. Culture ministeria of Poland and all art academias start arrange interesting  happenings in Takad ´´ fort POLONIA´´. Best of polish cinema in large screen 50 x 80 mtr in dark  soft magical Sahara evening. Best of polish jazz blues rock and roll. Thema weeks of classical music and friends of irish turkish russian jewish folk music etc

3 km far in desert international competetions of speedway motocross judo aikido paint ball.

all 69 houses shall have in ground floor 7 rooms for travellers. There is computer connection to world parlament 144 000

7. I agree this matter 100 % .
6. I agree this matter 80 %
5. I agree this matter 60 %
4. I agree this matter 50 %
3. I agree this matter 40 %
2. I agree this matter 20 %
1. I do not agree this matter at all .

Raamatussa sanotaan että Jeesuksen tultua maailmaa alkaa ohjata 144 000 käsittävä joukko  ja että heidät ´´otetaan maan ihmisistä ´´. Perma kulttuuri yhdistys Keltaiset ry on tekemässä tästä aiheesta puolalaisen syyttäjän Beata Jelinskan tilaamaa elokuvaa. 55 % puolalaisista oli valinnut paavin johdolla Jeesuksen presidentiksi , ja elokuvassamme kerrotaan miten siinä käytiin.

We hope that film institutes of LOZD and Marrakech should co operate

55 % of polish people were electing Jesus Christ to be their president . Prokurator Beata Jelinska in court of Klodzko gave to finnish polish perma culture association Keltaiset ry work to produce a cinema, what this could mean in level of practice . When we spread it everywhere in the world with fiscal force of Vatican, to people happens what they have been believing. President Andrzej DUDA must be ready to leave his place with no fight

Mediareality and real reality change places and road is open to one who said ´´ i am road´´. In China such road means TAO

After such giant appears from the sky, he will take form of normal man . In our screenplay he is not interested in power or religions. He is playing in jazz rock band and travel with 12 musicians with motorcycles. Thats why he has given order to make him ROAD, easy to go 7000 km from alfa point atlantis DAKHLA to OMEGA art town Mänttä in land of FIN ito .

All who hope to see Jesus and 12 apostols in concert alive, must buy motor cycle or scooter and travel this road through most beautiful europa Gibraltar Portugal France Bayer Tsech rp Poland White Russia karelia middle finland. Ready made tents with good madras 10 e / day. Finnish saunas 5 e / visit. Rooms in jugend houses of 500 trump castles 20 e / day

I am road

300 willages with 69 houses shall be situated nearby the road 7000 km long , from alfa ( atlantis to omega, land of FIN art town Mänttä Vilppula . Road is choosen trough most beautiful areas , cross roads marked by yellow arrows ) Peacefull drive with motorcycles scooters and veteran cars model 1969 or older . 130-160 km per day

1. DAKHLA West Sahara ( habour and airport )
2. Boujdour beach
3. Tarfaya beach
4. Tan Tan beach
5. Quelmim , gate of Sahara
6. Sidi Ifni ( habour for big ships )
7. Massa
8. Takad sidi tual beach 30 km south of AGADIR

9. Imi- n-Tanoute in high Atlas 100 km from Marrakech

According the rules of Keltaiset ry , landowner gets 45 % from ticket incomes to festivals and 45 % from 483 hotelrooms , 10 % tax to local communa, 10 % to state of Marocco. I that way we shall get 1000 years agreements from the most beautiful places

10. Skhour Rehamna
11. Mansouria, 30 km north of Casablanca, by the beach .
12. Asilah, by the beach. 30 km to south from Tanger
13. Tarfaya ESPANJA  30 km from habour Gibraltar Algeciras
14. Arahal
15. Carmona

16 . Cortegana

17. Villa Verde Ficalho . Portugal
outside city beautiful 43 ha

Before house production is starting , landowners offer to travelers ready made tents 3 m x 3 m , good madras for 2, with own sleepingpacks 10 e / day / person. Ekological compost toilets 0, 5 e / visit. Finnish saunas 5 e. Rubbishing surrounding forbidden, mandate 50 e . With motorcycle you can drive 220 km / day and see all Europa dancing and celebrating during one month. Costs 300 euros plus food and bensin.

18 . Villa Nova de São Bento.
.. Colorado
19. Mina de São Domingos — IDAHO-
20. Mertola –North Carolina
21. São João dos Caldeireios ARIZONA-
to 50 willages in Portugal we can situate 50 states of America , 43 hectar 69 houses. Mur around
22. Almodovar Geórgia-
23. Ameixial NEVADA-
24. Salir MONTANA
25. ALTE , MINNESOTA houses –
26. São Bartolomeu de
Messines /castelo Wisconsin-
27. SILVES Michican
28. Almarjao Alabama-
29. Odelouca Pensylvania
30. Porto de Lacos FLORIDA –
31. New York near habour of Portimão .
32. CALIFORNIA, outside Alvor 43 hectar
33. Washington DC between praya VAU VAU beach and Bemposta 43 hectar.
34. PENINA / 69 houses from HAWAJI
35. Sr do Verde / MARYLAND-
37. Marmelete / NORTH DAKOTA-
38. Aliezur / MISSOURI –
39. Odeceixe / OREGON –
40. Sao Teotonio / INDIANA-
41. Villa Nova de Milfontes / MAINE–
42. Cercal / Utah-
43. Tanganheira / SUL Carolina
44. Santiago do Cacem / Washington SEATLE-
45. Grândola / Missisippi –
46. Alcácer do Sal / NEW MEXICO
47. São Cristóvão / Ohio-
48. Montemor o Novo / Wyoming
50. Montargil / KANSAS-
51. Ponte de Sor / CONNECTICUT –
52. Arez / LOUISIANA-
53. Nisa / NEW JERSEY –
54. Villa Velha de Ródão / SOUTH DAKOTA-
55. Castelo Branco— Delaware –
56. Alpedrinha Texas-
57. Covilha IOWA –
58. Guarda / ARKANSAS –
59. Freixedas / NEW HAMPSHIRE –
60. Pinhel / OKLAHOMA-
61. Figueira de Castelo Rodrigo / Vermont-
62. Barca de Alva / NEBRASKA-
63. Freixo de Espada à Cinta / TENNESSEE-
64. Lagoaça / MASSACHUSET-
65. Mogadouro / West Virginia –
66. Bemposta / ALASKA
67. Fermoselle – Bermillo de Sayago- Spain –
68. Zamora- ( outside city in beautiful peaceful place 43 hectar 69 houses. Exhibition of Spanish culture
According the rules of Keltaiset ry , landowner gets 45 % from ticket incomes to festivals and 45 % from 483 hotelrooms , 10 % tax to local communa, 10 % to state of Marocco. I that way we shall get 1000 years agreements from the most beautiful places

69. Valladolid –
70 near Burgos-
71. near Pamplona-
outside city beautiful 43 ha 69 houses, mur 3,3 mtr around .
Road N 135 – D 933 to Françe

72. ORTHEZ. Exhibition of French culture
73. AGEN
Road D 656
74.Cahors –
75. MURAT — Massiac – Sauxillanges- Vic le Comte -Marinques – Randan-

With cheap prices ( 20 e ) rooms are always occupied. Millions of people from many lands shall see these FRENCH houses and interiörs , want buy to their own lands individual combination . We start mass production near railway stations in France Poland Portugal Karelia and Marocco . In Finland Mänttä Vilppula art town . In east Germany near railway stations. Pine wood and vuolukivi come from Russia by trains and ships endless amounts.



78. Autun –

79. Besancon

80. Belfort Deutschland

84. Augsburg
85. Sraubing –
86. Ceske Budejovice –
87. Rokytnice

Nr 89 . Prudnik
Nr 90 . Wisla
Nr 90 . Zakopane
91. Uście Gorlicke
92. Tarnica bieszczady mountains
93. Przemysl outside city in beautiful 43 ha 69 houses, mur 3,3 mtr around
94. Tomaszów LUB
95. Wlodawa
96. Hajnowka  border of BIALO RUSSIA sell  50 euros wizum
97. Mou cadz
98. Hlybokaje, common start to Finland 15.6.
99. Asvieja
100 Krasnaje
101 .Pytalovo
102. Pskov Common start to Finland SUMMER WAR with water pistols — every summer 19.6 in front of city hall
103. Gdov
104. Koskolovo
105. Terijoki government
106. Käkisalmi
107. Sortavala
108. Niirala
109. Mutalahti
110. Ilomantsi
111. Koitere Kivilahti
112. Juankoski
113 .Varpaisjarvi
114. Iisalmi Runninkyla , C.G.Mannerheimin talon läheltä halutaan 43 hehtaaria

According the rules of Keltaiset ry , landowner gets 45 % from ticket incomes to festivals and 45 % from 483 hotelrooms , 10 % tax to local communa, 10 % to state of Marocco. I that way we shall get 1000 years agreements from the most beautiful places

115. Kiuruvesi
116. Viitasaari
117 .Multia,
118. Keuruun ekokylä
119. Vilppula KOLHO
120. Ruovesi
121. –KURU -.
122 -Kihnio, Seitsemisen kansallispuisto
123 . Kauhajoki Nummijarvi.
124. Säkylä
125. Turku
126 Tallinna
127. Parnu
128. beach JURMALA near Riga .
129. VILNA – outside city beautiful 43 ha 69 houses, mur 3,3 mtr around .
130. SENJY ( border of Poland – Litwa )
131. Tolkmicko Krajobrazowy wysoczyzny Elblaskiej
132. Karwia
133. Ustka
135. GERMANY Usedom by the Baltic sea .-
136. – Wolgast–
137. —- Demmin
140. Zerbst—
141. Aken –
142.Kothen –
143- Eisleben —
144 -Lutherstadt
145 Finne
146 Apolda—
147 .Jena
149. Sonnenberg
150 . Bamberg
151. FURTH.

nr 152. Odense Danmark

Nr 153 Tonder

154 . KIEL
155  Butzow
156 Röbel
158 Brandenburg


160. Riesa
162. Görlitz .
( leading centre of large building project keltaiset ry die Gelben Europa- Russia – )

163. Zielona Gora Poland
Nr 88 . Gniewoszow

23.8. commonstart to Jerusalem for Christians and jews 23.8
24.8. for muslimanes to Mecca
25.8. to gaza pyramides ( for ateistic people )

164. Litomysl
165. Znojmo

166. Ernstbrunn

167. Illmitz
168. ACSAD

169. Murska Sobota

170. Bled

( from here to Athena must be planned alternative VIA BALKAN. To slovenia kroatia albania Hani kiasma Greece Athens raffinia habor. Ferries to israel Haifa to believers and Palestina Gaza for non believers ) Choosen route must go through most beautiful areas using peaceful network of local roads. Crossroads must be marked with yellow arrows . We use this every summer in same days and willages can earn good money, arrange their local exhibitions. )

Roman catholic pilgrims and lovers of ITALY choose route to –

171. Vittorio Venetton

172. Ravenna

173. Urbino

174 ROMA
commonstart anual in front of  Pedros cathedral 6.9. for Christians , 7.9 for muslimanes 8.9 for pacans

nr 175 . Brindisi. ferryconnection to Greece Igumenitsa
Nr 176 Klitoria

Nr 177 Meteora Meta Morfosa

178 Alepospita
Termópilas-Anavra- Reginio-Zelio-Exarhos-Kolaka-
.-Askrea-thespies-Lefktra-Eritreia Dafni-Pili-Fili-
nr 180 ATENA

nr 181 Jerusalem

from Raffinia habor ferries to Israel Haifa for christians and jews . For muslimanes and profanes to gaza Palestina

its written that when all nations come to Jerusalem
big light shall return
VALO palaa

if we want it happen, we should go there !

But if you are not religious, not believe to Jesus but only to Hietikko, go this pilgrim road to Gaza Pyramides or to Mecca.

It will save you alive to new union of europa. All who have done this trip , shall not be killed in starting harmakeddon jihad !
You can go back to USA and Canada because you have ´´inside force´´ to prevent mass psychosa

Jesus said how he is the road. In China it means tao ( the road and also nature ) If you travel this 4000 km by motorcycle bicycle or scooter , you know what is the nature and what is this choosen kings road ? Willage by willage . You find Europa and yourself. its enough

When we are many together who understand the real reality after driving 7 000 km with motorbike or scooter, we start see whats going on

Al qaida war was started by Poland and USA in year 2003 , when united nations said NO, dont do it .The crime was same as Hitler did . More as 10 million ded , several millions came to west Europa to ask exiler status . 1,5 billion dollar wasted says president  Trump. Weapon industry of Finland , Tarja Halonen and minister of justice Anna Maja Henriksson broke laws of Finland when they got from Poland the best client in their historia. Germany forgot what they promised 1945, Germany would NEVER send armed groups outside their borders.

Germany can get forgiving to this crime, if they take leadership in this project and if

Ursula von der Leyen

open court of Haag for war criminals.

Portugalian chef of UNITED NATIONS  and new government of Finland PEKKA HAAVISTO must have courage  to join this demand .

the rest of parlament houses shall be situated like this
nr 182 Palestina Betlehem
nr 183 Gaza Palestina

5 willages numbers 184 – 185 – 186- 187 43 hectar 69 houses mur around we want build to Saudi Arabia. Between Betlehem and Mecca 1000 km , 200 km / day.

Nr 188 outside MECCA 43 hectar 69 houses mur around . 483 rooms for travelers 20 e / day. Wooden houses with big sala 170 sq mtr and 7 bedrooms upstairs we offer to buy to rich families in Saudi Arabia Kuwait Emirates Dupai..

Nr 189 we want build to south east corner of EGYPT , 43 hectar outside HALAYEB . By the red sea, in opposite side of Mecca and JEDDAH habour. 5500 km to west to Guerquerat, by atlantis ocean. The most southern place in Maroccian West Sahara . In Nigeria we need side branch of 1100 km to Kamerum. To get enough water, the ´´TUBE´´ must be large —- beton room 3,5 mtr high, 16 mtr broad. On its roof road for walkers scate boards bicycles electric harleys and mopeds , light electric automatically steered cars to both direction

To III floor , on strong beton pillars we make wooden 20 572, loghouses , big sala 170 sq meters , upstairs 7 rooms for 144 000
members of world parlament 20 e / day

Sä lupasit oi herra, et kerran erämaa , saa kevään kauniin ja kukkiin puhkeaa

French scientists say how there is enough water in Kamerum and in Atlas mountains to make ALL SAHARA green , to grow wegetables , fruits , bread and wood . To do this, is the only way to prevent large invasio of hungry people to Europa. This costs a lot , but roman catholic church and jehova witnesses have that money. In the bible is written how Jesus not can come, if we are not ready to finish all christian churches and religions.. auroiksi miekat taotaan eikä rauha pääty milloinkaan.

Raamatussa sanotaan että kun Jeesus tulee takaisin, hän alkaa hallita maailmaa 144 000 käsittävän ryhmän toimesta ja heidät otetaan maan ihmisten joukosta , siis tavallisista ihmisistä .


Our meaning is to start building and turist bisnes WORLD PARLAMENT ( wp ) . At the ´´day of Lord´´ all those 144 000 turists shall get immediately 100 % bright lights ´´inside´´. They will lead matters of all world according wish of Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit of Truth. Before that day is not real, we could practice ourselves to take care of matters in the world according spirit of Truth. Seven travellers from many countries every day meet in such 20 572 houses, discuss about the open questions and vote in their private rooms

7. I agree this matter 100 % .
6. I agree this matter 80 %
5. I agree this matter 60 %
4. I agree this matter 50 %
3. I agree this matter 40 %
2. I agree this matter 20 %
1. I do not agree this matter at all .

The day of Lord can be very near. In Poland 55 % people were electing Jesus as their king. In Finland 28 % . In Russian Karelia 53 %, Portugal 58 %.

Prokurator Beata Jelinska in Poland was ordering me to produce cinema, what it would mean when spirit of Truth appears to the most dirty and corrupted country of European union. In the Bible is written how lot of people shall be killed

Because 55 % of polish people were electing JESUS CHRIST to their new president, the cleaning proces, holy war harmakeddon jihad must be started from Poland. If jehova witnesses are not ready to do what they teach , al qaida and new natzies kill them also. Islamic freedom fighters shall no more explose trains or airports, they concentrate to


In south Marocco is hiding lot of german new natzies, working together with maroccian al qaida networks in all European lands. They have developed new kind of weapons, look out as normal PEN or telephone. But it shoots with no noise very tiny sharp needle with superpoison. Victim think that it was a mosquito, but soon start pains of hell and hallusinations of apocalypta. After 2 weeks HELL comes mercyfull death.

In our screenplay we lend music from ´´magic slim´´ and mix it to stunt man of Jesus Christ, his band 12 apostoles

Who shall play role of Jesus Christ, its still open matter. You can suggest yourself if you have similar outlook and if you like travel with motorbikes. You must have sense of SWENG and dramatica, not have to be able to play, just pretend that you are ´´magic slim´´.  Tälläisiä virsiä uudessa maailmassa siis veisataan ja hauskoja kirkonmenoja järjestetään. Kun kaikki kirkot on lopetettu ja papit ajettu Ruotsiin HELL singborgiin

Polish prokurator Beata Jelinska gave order to finnish polish perma culture association Keltaiset ry to produce screen play . Big miracle happens in this walley of Klodzko

To purposes of this screen play we should build exhibition willage of 69 most beautiful american houses and their interiors.

50 states of America should send wooden houses and their interiors by ship to habour of Gdansk, by train to Domaszkow .

12 maroccian men with help of Jehova witnesses international build them up in one day and we make screen play how GOLDEN TOWN is coming from the sky after appearing of Jesus Christ. Lot of people from all world want come to Poland and buy such house to their own lands. We pay commission of 5 % to usa who sent first 69 models for free

Perma culture association Keltaiset ry is  looking for 12 maroccian young men, 7 strong farm forest and building workers . One building engineer , as manager a lawyer who speak english, , one architect . We can discuss in AGADIR, tel 00212 528 320 361

This is possible to do, only preventing problems are in levels of rotten fixed attitudes. God Allah has always given to people free wish to save or destroy themselves. There will be no Jesus who save us if we are not ready to do it ourselves

Problem of Sudetian FINNS
must be solved !

in the Bible is written how SATAN shall be exposed in last days. How people start ´´earthly digitalization´´ dealing all to plus and minus —

satanism in roman catholic church
In sudetian mountains near Görlitz is small polish willage Gniewoszow Miedzylesie ( in german time name was Seitendorf Mittelwald ) . Im born in Finland from jewish mother and finnish father, but I was living in that willage 8 years with my polish architect wife Violetta Sarnowiak and our small boy

Roman catholic priest of Gniewoszow -Rozanka became jealous from remonting of our house. Priest was inciting people in eastern messa to satanism . He said, ´´lets hope now all good to each others, and lets hope all together all bad to those there ( aiming with his hand to direction of our house.) There is standing also 350 years old statue of HOLY MARIA
Also jehova witnesses were joining to this cursing , they came with axe in hand in front of our house , shouting ´´go to Finland, we kill you ´´. They said so also to clients of our hostel ( ) He is Ditmar Schuller from Nurnberg who could tell about this willage to german media

Soon started dogs get poison and cars were burning. My wife got nerv break down, she took our 4 years old son and ran away to Finland social office . 2 weeks later 4.5.2005 police Adam Polanski from Miedzylesie came to say how also Hietikko must go away. When i rented it to finnish yoga school, armed gangsters of Andrei Bogdanowitz came in to house in night. Police did nothing. Consulat Finland in Warsawa said that this is our private problem

Also i got wounded during this proces and im suffering about post traumatic stress reaction. I need psychoterapia by telephone , 2 x per week 45 min. tel 00212 528 320 361
These discussions must be recordered and given to international al qaida police. I have been driving with motorcycle and my arab talking wife 10 years in islamic north Africa and I know what they want to make peace with christian Europa. This information must ge given to public media.

Jehova witnesses and roman catholic church must answer about this brutal mass rascism in court of Strasbourg and in islamic comissio of truth Agadir. But we can forgive everything , if they start this project.
Jehova witnesses know the Bible better as we, and they have fiscal capacity to produce cinema. 50 % from manusscripture come from the Bible, 50 % from real happenings of today–concentrating to this house in Poland, cursed by roman catholic church and jehova witnesses. Its cursed also by germans, in year 1945 they got 2 hours time to pack 20 kg and march to railway station. They did so, but asked german god of war VOTAN to give punishment to this willage and all polish people.

In our screen play, Jesus Christ says that polish people has got enough punishments. Only members of political parties and mafias , all roman catholic priests and nuns must go to HELL singborg Sweden social offices. They give new home and pocket money 3000 e / month. Education to new work in swedish industry, floor level. ( ylhäiset alennetaan, nääs )

eu president Tusk has promised  to clean away from Poland ´´all shit´´, if he gets the power. He was meaning power of dirty roman catholic church and thousands of mafias. When he was EU president, he did not even try. When i wrote him asking help, his aswer was fuck you Hietikko, fuck islam . Al qaida europa shall answer him soon

Polish people and USA started big al qaida war 2003 , when united nations said, no. This crime was same as Hitler did. Polish people not take any war exilers, they are cleaning common shit and agressions to faces of foreigners

Keltaiset ry  clubhouse IMPIVAARA was before in Finland Porvoo , full of shamanistic art collections, spirits of finnish forest. When all those things were cursed by roman catholic priest and jehova witnesses , they were flying back to Finland . PORVOO old church .

President of indian yoga doctors association K.U.Sathyanath in Kerala Cochin is chairman of board in Keltaiset ry loosh D . He saw how lot of black satanistic agressions from roman catholic church and jehowa witnesses were flying to church of Porvoo . Agressive forces of german VOTAN ( god of war ) were flying to that church

They were inviting satanists forces from all world to join the last big war in land of the END FIN. If someone is interested in satanism, go inside that church to feel common badness from all world.

Such bad hoping against only foreigners in willage is satanistic black magia . When jehova witnesses and roman catholic church do such, all vatican and jehova organization has got inside serious virus. One rotten apple can spoil big store of apples ( yksi mätä omena voi pilata ison omenavaraston )

Doctor Sathyanath was grown in roman catholic family, but he knew very deeply old hindu mythologia and WHITE MAGIA. When satan church of PORVOO is full of satanistic bad vibrations from all world, it somehow shall explose

When it happens , this knows only GOD / Allah and in that day all dwelling demons and´´ dirty birds ´´ fly to ´´big powerfull country behind big ocean´´. It happens what Johannes was writing to last part of Holy Bible. American people fall to mass psychosas , kill themselves and their neighbours

Pastor John Yoder from usa pensylvania told me in Jerusalem how 5 million promisekeepers know painfully well what means apocalypta 18 . People in Libya Vietnam Laos Panama Corea Chile Berlin Hiroshima Nagasaki Iraq Syria Afganistan know who is global satan who swims in blood of millions innocent victims. To Vietnam USA was dropping more bombs and poisons as together was dropped in world war II. Usa wanted defend ´´freedom´´ but did not accept that vietnamese people could decide about their own matters.

But because Jesus and Allah is mercy and love, americans shall get possibility to avoid this punishment. Previous president of Finland Martti Ahtisaari and his friend Ilkka Kanerva promised some years ago to government of USA how Finland is ready to die, if it helps holy america.

Ahtisaari antoi tietämättään , juovuspäissään valtion päämiehen roolissa lupauksen jonka seuraamuksia tuskin arvasi. Sven duuva idiootti myytin kotikaupunki PORVOO ottaa JEESUKSEN, syntien sovittajan roolin. Se tapahtuu intialaisen opettajani mukaan myös siksi että porvoolaiset haukkuivat kylän viisainta miestä Ensio Miettistä hulluksi ja lopulta panivat sen ristin 33 vuotiaan Hietikon selkään.

Previous primie minister of Finland Paavo Lipponen wrote in Helsingin sanomat how harmakeddon jihad starts from Finland in next years, and it will more hard as winter war , because the enemy is inside.

nyt he sitten saavat mitä Lipponen tilasi , koko mailman yhteinen vihollinen itse PERKELE on Suomen sisällä Porvoon Tuomiokirkossa ja Kauhajoen lämpöhuollossa

It happens to all, what they have been believing, said Jesus, but all negative is possible to turn to positive. HELL means hel vete, wholistic knowing. When we end all dualistic dealing to good and bad, we shall understand what is satvic harmonia . But before this is possible, we must see and feel fire of hell. FINN UGRIAN union of 7 brothers Karelia Estonia Hungary Mari Turkey Finland have lot of strong shamans and engineers who MAYBE can neutralize those universal satanistic forces in Porvoo church and in Kauhajoki , develop from them new kind of energia .

satan church of Porvoo will not explose if government of USA confess their sins in court of Haag for war criminals and go away from NATO. But time is short, more and more people who hate america hope bad to church of Porvoo and it CAN explose . Usa fall to mass psychosa in one day

In Poland 55 % people were electing Jesus as their king. In Finland 28 % . In Russian Karelia 53 %, Portugal 58 %.
Prokurator Beata Jelinska in Poland was ordering me to produce cinema, what it would mean when spirit of Truth appears to the most dirty and corrupted country of European union.

you can give economical support to this project.
Järjestön tilille voi antaa avustusta jos haluatte tukea Jeesuksen mainoskampanjaa

Art Academia Agadir A 3 ( keltaiset ry association )
iban: FI 3447304720017228 BIC: HELSFIHH.

Who started the yellow movement ?

Yellow is colour of fusio, light , egyptian RA. Jumala in Finland. We can find the highest light , when we find REAL ourselves, ATON. This said Sokrates and system wanted kill him . Im the road ( tao ) said Jesus, and they killed him too.

In China was living 5000 years ago THE YELLOW EMPEROR. The book TAO te king of the road –tells how such TAO is dealing gold and diamonds in spiritual and economical meaning ( if we ´´build the aparat´´ in right ways , we can return to gold age , paradise as it was long time ago.) TAO means road to this kingdom of heaven inside us . TAO means also NATURE, so the yellow movement was born by force of nature.

YOGA means originally ´´ re uniting , re-ligere , religio and ´´concentrating´´. To know real self, separating negative and positive to 2 different adress

I have been driving with this white bwm all these roads from Marocco to Finland, from Finland to Palestina Egypt . I have been talking with thousands of people . I know what is opinion of majority

USA must go away from NATO and instead of it come Russian Federatio , Marocco , West Sahara Palestina , White Russia , UKRAINA , IRAN , Georgia, Armenia Azerbajdjan, Sweden and Finland.

Russian swedish finnish maroccian polish army together is closing borders of new NATO and renewed european union with their navy and airforces.

Common  valuta politica shall be leaded from Berlin using the best knowledge . Germans should not get weapons but they are most intelligent people in the world to plan traffic infrastuctura , healthy services and economia in all large european union. We should start use deutsche markka in renewed european union. The have not burned their money as stupid Finland did Tyhmä Suomi poltti rahansa ja antoi vallan ulkomaalaisille . Ja kun oma typeryys pelottaa, pitää ostaa lainrahalla paljon uusia aseita

Members of new europan union can use their own money, zloty, dirham ,markka, rubel, but its value is same as DM . National armies shall be finished , as its said in the Bible. Those who get salary from army, shall get new work to take care of legality and peace inside Finland  inside Poland  inside Sweden  inside Ukraina and IRAN and Marocco , inside Germany France Portugal  etc.

Russia and IRAN are the most rich countries in the world and if they accept Germany Finland Holland France , we all should win a lot. Inside markets´´ in new union are so large that we can finish ´´globalization ´´ with China and USA

Russia and IRAN have large nature resourches and if we use them with the best intelligentsia, we can offer to all citizens  good healthy services and  very high standard of living in  all lands of new European union. Peace of 1000 years shall save large economical capacity
50 states of america can join renewed NATO and European union if they are ready to become independent and FINISH ´´harlot of babylon´´, federatio USA , FBI, CIA, us army. All power in new union shall be given to people , using digital direct democratia.

7. I agree this matter 100 % .
6. I agree this matter 80 %
5. I agree this matter 60 %
4. I agree this matter 50 %
3. I agree this matter 40 %
2. I agree this matter 20 %
1. I do not agree this matter at all .

King shall come ´´in cloud ´´ says the holy Bible. But before its possible, we must finish all christian churches and religions ( according the Bible )
Isis and Al Qaida are ready to peace of 1000 years when we finish wrongly understood christian religion , COLONIALISM and divide & impera politica. More as 95 % of population in our world is in this kind of role. Its time to cut those ropes and let the ship flow freely to right direction of TAO

Time is short because USA is planning to continue this illegal war against IRAN. It will be final catastroph , because Iran belongs to SHANGHAI union, and it is 100 x stronger as NATO. Norwegian Johan Galtung from UN has said this, but media not want people know what´s going on
Its time to confess the realities and wake up from this mass psychosa before its too late.

USA was winning german natzies and Japan , they had to create large weapon industry to be able to do it. But this industry is very productive to its owners and they not want finish it. Thats why USA has started lot of new wars and keep with their media power all word in ´´big sleep´´. They were adopting Hitlers megalomania to conquer and rule all world. Brexit of Britannia and ´´custom war ´´ are parts in this operation ´´america first
´´. They use traditional method , break and rule. USA not want strong united Europa but Germany does not accept such rules any more ! 100 000 german new natzies in south Marocco have close connection with maroccian al qaida. They have networks in all lands. Finnish patriotic persumen start co operate

Hannu Hietikko hope that Mr Putin gives us good lawyer because situation is very dangerous . In Finland , Poland or Portugal not any advocate have courage to take this case. But Pirkanmaa oikeusaputoimisto is responsible to find one , who do what did not do

Hannu Hietikko and my wife Melika Ramouz have residencia and house in Portugal E 1507795 Número fiscal 286014041 . They gave me lawyer Andreia CINTRA but she sent us to Finland 16.5.2018. They sparked us to Africa . Consulat Finlândia must find us lawyer who continue discussion with prokurator office Carminda Costa avenue Miquel Bombarda palacio justicia  8501 960 Portimao 1279 / 19 .0 T 9 PTM 13.5.2019 1131 70005 .  Roman catholic priests nuns and jehova witnesses in Portugal and Poland are in danger to become killed, if portugalian chef of UNITED NATIONS not open court of Haag for war criminals in Poland must take care of this matter
Donald Trump wants break european union and send to Poland 1000 men. Before such ´´special groups´´ started revolution in Ukraina. In this letter to Mr Trump we suggest him different method. Not break but re unite

To find out what is tao yoga in level of practice, concentrating to one choosen road 7000 through most beautiful Europa, send vechiles with yellow flags, quitars banjos balalaikas by ships to Algeciras before 7.5 and fly to Malaga. Start 7.5. Gibraltar / Algeciras . Hitch hiking is possible by paying part of fuel. Youngsters from Finland fly to Malaga 6.5 and hitch hike back to Finland ( Turku 16.6 ) . Learn to know european cultures and american people. You can start also 24.4. . Fly to west Sahara Dakhla
. Send your vechicles to habour of Dakhla 24.4.

150- 180 km / day and big party .Ready made tents with good madras 10 e / person. 3 week holiday in europa 210 e plus food and bensin. 6 weeks to Finland 420 e. ( 7000 km in 42 days means 170 km per day )

For evening festivals these willages should build large loudspeakers, ampliflier 50000 watt and offer music from cd originals. history of pop music in usa and in europa. Etta James, Johnny Lee Hooker , Charles Mingus, Joan Baez, Sarah Waughan, Jim Morrison, Kentucky head hunters , ten years after , Kauko kayhko, Woody Guthrie, king Crimson, Gratefull,death Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, Emmelou Harris, Bob Dylan, MA Numminen, John Mayal , who , Santana, Janis Joplin, Black Croves, Lionel Hampton, Taneli Makela, Billie Holiday, camel, Louis Armstrong, Glen Miller, Nancy Sinatra Allman Brothers etc.

Görlitzer Kulturservicegesellschaft mbH

. My education is from Helsinki art academia TAIK. Work experience from finnish export companies NOKIA and  .

Poland is quite dangerous illegal country and our product is a WILLAGE 43 hectar, surrounded by mur.

69 houses we offer to groups of emigrants who accept common rules and tolerate each others. Our times are changing in more and more chaotic ways, and lot of people would like to live in safe FORT TRUMP

Ehkäpä Suomessakin olisi ryhmiä jotka haluaisivat tuollaisen turvallisen linnoituksen perustaa ? Uskonnollisia ryhmiä haluamme lähestyä tällä tarjouksella. Suljettu kylä säästäisi harmakeddonin kauhuilta. Vaikkei olisi lainkaan uskovainen, ei voi olla huomaamatta miten yleinen hulluus ja kaaos lisääntyy kaikkialla. Ei vähiten Suomessa. Ihmisiä on 50 vuotta manipuloitu raaistavalla mediaväkivallalla ja sitten ihmetellään miksi massa murhaamiset ovat niin yleisiä , jopa Japanin kaltaisessa maassa

In these 2 photos you can see the reason what for 40 million polish emigrants and my ex wife Violetta Sarnowiak in Keuruu not want come back to Poland. Law and order is only theoria. Poland is full of terrorists and they go to clean islamic lands from terrorism. When Trump wants send 1000 men to Poland, we really need them. There are big tensions now, i have been told how international new natzies and al qaida europa are coming to Klodzko walley Miedzylesie. They have wooden equipments of finnish baseball, and they hit polish people BLUE.

We need such material to our religious screenplay, pains of HELL, before Poland gets new president Jesus Christ

Tarvitsemme sellaista materiaalia uskonnollis poliittiseen elokuvaan ´´kaikkialta on kuuluva ai ai ai oi oi oi .

Amerikkalaisia jugend taloja voidaan tarjota häkellyttävän edulliseen hintaan myöskin kaikille niille jotka ostavat Mänttä Vilppulasta Kirsti. euron hintaisen tontin ennen syyskuun loppua. Hirsitalo, pohja 170 m , vuolukivitakkalämmitys . Tyyli jugend art nouveau 1906  kuten Puolassa ja Marokossa olevissa näyttelykylissä. Vintillä 7 makuuhuonetta.

all 69 houses shall have in ground floor 7 rooms for travellers. There is computer connection to world parlament 144 000

In the Bible is written how those 144 000 shall be taken from the earth ( ordinary people ) .

Tässä elokuvassa 144 000 maailman hallitus tulee ´´herran päivänä´´ silmänräpäyksessä perustetuksi kaikista niistä maailman eri maista tulleista TURISTEISTA –jotka sattuvat olemaan vieraina Puolassa Portugalissa Länsi Saharassa ja Marokossa olevissa kehäkylissä. Teemme niitä yhteensä 300 kappaletta , kussakin kehäkylässä 69 taloa, niiden pohjakerroksessa 7 huonetta maailmanparlamentin osanottajille.

Puolalaiset ovat hyvin uskonnollisia ja romanttisia luonteeltaan ja heitä asuu muissa maissa 40 miljoonaa ´´toisen luokan kansalaisina, siirtotyöläisinä´´. Oikein suunnatulla mainonnalla saamme kyllä riittävän määrän puolalaisia talonostajia. He saavat valita itse naapurinsa 69 taloa ja 3 m muuri ympäri 43 hehtaarin

Ennenkö tämä luvattu ´´herran päivä´´ on reaalisesti tapahtunut , käytämme näitä huoneita maailman parlamentin harjoittelemiseen, leikkimielisesti. Silloin kun kalevan tammi kaatuu ja iso valo ilmestyy, nämä 144 000 turistia kokevat äkillisen valaistumisen, satorin riemun. Ja he tosiaankin ovat ainoat oikeat johtamaan maailman asioita kunnian kuninkaan tahdon mukaan

Police of Miedzylesie says how its not their work to watch after private properity. But in this case state of Poland carry all responsibility because POLICE Adam Polanski was ruling 4.5.2005 Hietikko away.,+57-522+Gniewosz%C3%B3w,+Poland/@50.2025329,16.6108634,502m/data=!3m2!1e3!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x470e06509a4ef66f:0x78e4c016e6dbbac1!8m2!3d50.2025329!4d16.6127369

President Trum has promised 1000 american men to take care of security in Poland .
1945 german people got 2 hours to pack 20 kg and go to railway station. To me they did this in middle of european union.
CRIME court in KLODZKO must be opened immediately in Wroclaw must take care of this matter  Jehova witness family stefania ilnicki started 2005 crime trial against me and its not finished ! They wanted to KILL us, if we not go to HELL sinki ! Now they are using our forests and fields 34,5 ha without paying during 14 years any euro rent to account of my son WILLIAM SARNOWIAK IBAN FI5239390053168480   Bic SBANFIHH My boy in Finland needs support from Świadkowie Jehowy w Polsce and from private people.

Stefania ilnicki, his husband stanislaw and 4 children shall be killed if they not go to Sweden HELL singborg social office. They give new home, good healthy services and pocket money 3000 e / month. Family ilnicki must compensate their terrorism of 8 years and give owning of 8,5 hectar and all buildings to association die Gelben rf Keltaiset ry

Vaimoni Melika pyysi kirjoittamaan tämän

Ranskalaiset tiedemiehet ovat todistaneet että Atlas vuoriston ylängöillä ja Kamerumissa on riittävästi vettä jolla KOKO SAHARA voidaan panna vihreäksi, tuottamaan puuta, viljaa, hedelmiä ja vihanneksia. Kun ev. lut kirkon , vatikaanin ja jehovantodistajien rahoilla perustetaan maanpäällinen paratiisi ja pelastetaan Eurooppa eurooppalaisille , tämä kaikki on täysin mahdollista.

Mieheni opettaja intian joogalääkäreitten liiton presidentti K U Sathyanath opetti Hannua menemään samadhiin, eli tuonelaan. Se alue on elämän ja kuoleman välimaastossa ja siellä voidaan olla pari tuntia tai pari tuhatta vuotta. Aikaa ei ole olemassa ja elintoiminnot ovat lakanneet. Siellä ovat myös Pyhä Maria , Jeesus ja 144 000 pyhää ihmistä eri kulttuureista. He kaikki ovat tulossa takaisin ihmismuotoon lähiaikoina ja pyysivät mainonnansuunnittelija Hietikkoa järjestämään heille tupia ja panemaan tien tasaiseksi halki Saharan lännestä itään. Kun kristityt luulevat että Jeesuksen kuolema ja hänen verensä juominen vapauttaa heidät pahojen tekojensa seuraamuksista, tämä on erittäin vakava erehdys  ja islamilaisiin kohdistetun fasistisen vihan peruste. Jeesuksen kuolema ei pelasta ketään koska hän ei edes ole kuollut . ” Hän nukkuu, sanoo Koraani´´

Jeesuksen mainonnansuunnittelija Hietikko sanoo että tulevassa tietoisuus yhteiskunnassa sinne kelpaavien on ymmärrettävä että Jeesus on meidän jokaisen todellinen itsemme, atman aton itte joka on identtinen RA n Allahin ja juutalaisten Jumalan kanssa. Ja että meidän pitää ITSE itsemme pelastaa . Ruotsalainen piispa Lennart K Koskinen selittää tämän suomennetussa kirjassaan usko tulevaisuuteen ja valveutuneiden ihmisten kykyyn tehdä siitä maanpäällinen paratiisi. Hän sanoo että tuleva K linja merkitsee kotia kauneutta kulttuuria kommunikaatiota ja kyrpää , merkityksessä miehisen voiman ja viisauden jälleen paluu. K tarkoittaa ennenmuuta KÄYTÄNNÖN ELÄMÄÄ ja samanaikaisesti kosmista tietoisuutta

Uskonnolliset ryhmät voisivat ostaa valitsemistaan paikoista eri maissa 69 taloa käsittäviä kehäkyliä ja ottaa alakerran hotellihuoneisiin kokelaita, noviiseja saadakseen selville voidaanko hänet hyväksyä vakiojäseneksi . Eri linnakkeet kilpailevat siitä keiden alueelle taivaallinen majestetti suvaitsee ensin tulla. Missä asuvat puhtaimmat ja valaistuneimmat ihmiset. Ovatko he kristittyjä, ateisteja vaiko muslimaaneja ? Helluntailaisia vai jehovia ? Sitä ei tiedetä.

Mutta se tiedetään että Herran päivän koittaessa totuuden pyhä henki alkaa valaista kuin tuhat aurinkoa. Sitä ei pääse sängyn alle piiloon. Se johtaa yleiseen kaaokseen , harmakeddoniin jossa voi sattua paljon kuolemantapauksia ja hulluksitulemisia. Sellaisten myrskyjen varalta on parempi asua suljetuissa yhteisöissä joissa pienempi sakki tuntee toisensa, eikä kellään ole pyssyjä. Ympärillä kivimuuri. Valmistautuminen uuden ajan alkuun ( joka tapahtuu äkillisesti ) suositellaan erityyppisiä ryhmäterapioita , psykodraamaa. Niillä joilla on turvallinen koti ja yhteys omaan sisimpään itseen, ei ole hätää harmakeddonin myrskyssä


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