offer to governments of Poland and Maroc

Perma culture association Keltaiset ry offer rent agreement of 1020 years ( periods of 30 years x 34 ) to kingdom of Maroc from this farm 43 ha and 4 german buildings.

In middle Europa between Wienna and Berlin. 3 km to railway station Domaszkow in walley. Train to Praha 140 km, to Wroclaw 130 km. On top of mountains of eagles 690 mtr high , majestetic wiews. One euro / year plus 44 % from montly nettoprofit to landowner william K sarnowiak in Finland. He is my son, 18 years old

If state of Poland accept such deal, Maroc rent to Poland 1020 years 43 hectar 4,3 km long sub tropical clean beach sidi Toile. , 30 km to south from Agadir international airport. One euro / year plus 44 % from montly nettoprofit to landowner kingdom of Maroc and commun sidi Bibi Takad.

What for we need such ? In Poland and in Marocco millions of people needs workplace 2000 e / month. Both of these lands are skillfull in architectura artesania wood carwing, visual arts …

wonderful climate of Agadir brings there million foreigners in year from all countries. They would sleep in 69 polish loghouses and buy such, or furnitures, artesan works carpets paintings to their own lands. Because turists want 100% security, we must build mur 3 mtr high around ´´ fort POLONIA ´´ style jugend art nouveau 1906, nature stones and beton.
This same we need in Poland, many foreigners are afraid of polish people. But this project is rising up their low international reputation. Also maroccians can make it now better, if his Majestet Muhamed VI takes this advice

By the mur , with 40 mtr distances, 69 houses, ground floor bottom 170 sq mtr , 7 douple rooms for travellers fixed standard price 20 e / day. ( same in Poland ) Upstairs wooden loghouses and their charming interiörs from polish producers. 170 sq mtr sala, 4 mtr high for concerts and exhibitions of visual arts . In III floor 7 sleep rooms 20 e / day with sea wiews. In Poland you will see mountains of eagles from your window

to Poland maroccian men build exhibition willage of 69 wooden loghouses and their interiörs from hungarian estonian karelian , maroccian and tsech producers. Furnitures art and artesan works carpets cheramica home electronica . We want create network from companies and home verstats everywhere in those countries . Finland is not interested because they have enough workplaces for all. Actually its not true, but finns are not able to co operation and honest plus sum game sampo. Pitäisi keksiä pyörä uudelleen ja huimasti nöyrtyä. Uskoa pelastusta tarjoavaan Hietikkoon.

Pine wood and stone for fireplaces ( TULIKIVI in google ) comes by trains from Russia endless amounts. They send to south Maroc every month 50 empty ships to take fish wegetables and fruits. They can start bring lot of pinewood and vuolukivi to habours of al hoceima tanger agadir sidi ifni Dakhla. They send it by trains to Poland Tsech republic Hungary Estonia Karelia where is railway or ship connection. In this project we use cars only to local delievery

European komissio –
1049 Bryssel, Belgia
Ursula von der Leyen

President of the
Republic of Poland
Prezydent Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej Andrzej DUDA

In finnish kalevala shamanism we know many secret methodes. If we put piece of south to north and piece of north to south, sampo machine , plus sum game starts run.. Dealing gold and diamonds in spiritual and material meaning –to everybody more as they have asked ´´. Such ´´gold time ´´ was long time ago in China and finnish forest. In forgotten Atlantis of south Maroc. In our times internet gives possibilities to do it

Perma culture association Keltaiset ry die Gelben rf wants start in Agadir TAKAD and in Poland Miedzylesie 2 new schools to take care of marketing advertising, plans of logistica and product development of large network. The companies shall save 50 % in costs of production. They pay us 7 % from their nettoprofit to cover salaries of teachers in 2 schools

Non profit association not demand any fiscal profit and this will be ciwilized leaded capitalism with no capitalist. Companies in yellow network can pay good salaries to workers and sell such attractive houses with very friendly prices. Home vestats , artists, artesanes everywhere in Karelia Inkeri estonia hungary tsech Poland and Marocco shall get regular incomes 2000-3000 e / month

Inside fort POLONIA ´´ by wonderful beach 4,3 km long polish artists and art schools can arrange 364 days per year large festivals .The best parts of polish culture , jazz blues country rasta rock and roll, high quality cinema and theathre performances. We sell lot of tickets and association pay 44 % to landowners Kingdom Marocco and sidi BIBI Takad communa .

3 km from the beach is big empty desert , far from all houses, no noise limits. In that area Keltaiset ry wants make big stadion for speedway and motocross bike , bicycle and running competitions, international , every week end friday -sunday. We need to co-operation all tsech german and polish russian speedway and motocross clubs . Contact office

Youssef Dassine 3/1- 3/2 Fondation Hassan II Avenue Mohammed V 80000 Agadir Maroc

telephone to me,  in finnish or simple english   00212 528 320 361

The stadion would be closed by stores of russian pinewood and the buildings where we start large production of loghouses furnitures home elecronica art and artesan works. The roofs of these buildings in form of ´´steps´´ sitting places for 100 000 people. fort POLONIA   arrange many kind of music festivals and cinema under dark Sahara evenings. Millions of people want keep their holiday in place where is not only beach, but lot of interesting happenings. International low reputation of polish people shall rise up like rocket

After fort POLONIA   in sidi tual beach is continuing lovely beach 1200 km long . Its today mostly empty and we could build it full of such homes. Ground floor bottom 170 sq mtr , 7 douple rooms for travellers fixed standard price 20 e / day. 140 e / day – tax to Marocco 14 %. In west sahara we should deal tax 7 % to Maroc 7 % to Algeria and finish all quarreling.  Upstairs  wooden loghouses 170 sq mtr sala, 4 mtr high for the maroccian or algerian emigrant family, place enough to open restaurants or shops.

In III floor 7 sleep rooms . With common marketing those gast house rooms would be always occupied. Road connection in that beach should be only with noiseles electric vechicles
Millions of maroccians are in very difficult situation in Europa because of  growing anger against islamic people )  Big al qaida war was  illegally started 2003 ( against orders of United Nations ) .  USA and Poland started it and D Trump has said how this was biggest mistake in historia of usa. More as 15 million killed, Libya broken and black Africa wants come to west europa and skandinavia. Marocco turist bisnes has been loosing lot of money because of this illegal war. We must FINISH it now between Poland   Algeria and Maroc. If we start this production of nice homes and offer them to 40 million maroccian AND algerian emigrants with attractive prices, they will come away from France Belgium Holland Skandinavia. They will earn 140 e – 14 % tax per day by taking care of 7 hostel rooms downstairs

In golden beach of 1200 km are few cities but 1000 km is totally free and empty. Perma culture  association Keltaiset ry die Gelben rf makes offer to respected Majestet Muhamed VI .

After Poland has noticed value of our offer and wants 4,3 km beach , your governments should offer next 4,3 km to Tsech repuplic for 1020 years. They should give to kingdom of Maroc 43 ha from area Rokytnice. Its 30 km to south from my Poland farm. Very beautiful mountain meadows. Me , my maroccian wife and her family would like to live there, because polish people wanted to KILL me

. Actually they were not polish, after war stalin was pushing to sudetia mountains lot of banditos from Kazakstan to help communistic police, to spy and terrorize polish farmers, what they think talk and eat . Such power constructions still exist in small mountain willage, in middle of european union, because Poland is too conservative. Nothing changes.

To beach of 1000 km we could situate exhibitions of 4,3 km from Hungary Slovenia Estonia Latwija Litwa Inkeri Karelia and those nations could build their ´´international imago´´ . With 1000 km we can make such offer to 232 countries / cities. We advice his Majestet to give such offer to next ones
13. Tarfaya ESPANJA  . Maroccian men build there centre of ITALIAN culture. 43 hectars outside city in peaceful beautiful place. And Tarfaya city shall get 4,3 km beach to build exhibition of their historia and culture today.

Before houses are ready, maroccian men should offer to travelers ready made tents 3 m x 3 m , good madras for 2, with own sleepingpacks 10 e / day / person. Ekological compost toilets 0, 5 e / visit. Finnish saunas 5 e. Rubbishing surrounding forbidden, mandate 50 e . With motorcycle or scooter you can see Spain Portugal Baskiland France bayer Tsech rp 2 Poland dancing and celebrating . We use this kings road many times every summer to purposes of different kind of groups , friends of irish folk or russian, jewish etc

14. Arahal , maroccian unempoyed men in europa could build centre of Grecian culture. 43 ha . Mur 3 mtr around
15. Carmona , maroccian men build there –centre of ALBANIA culture. Help albania people to get lot of workplaces 2000 e / month
16 . Cortegana centre of CROATIA culture
17. Villa Verde Ficalho . Portugal
outside city beautiful 43 ha , maroccian men shall build centre of culture in KENTUCKY USA.

18 . Villa Nova de São Bento.
.. Colorado
19. Mina de São Domingos — IDAHO-
20. Mertola –North Carolina
21. São João dos Caldeireios ARIZONA-

to 50 willages in Portugal we can situate 50 states of America , 43 hectar 69 houses. Mur around. Distance of them is only 20-40 km, suitable by bicycles, peaceful nice roads

22. Almodovar Geórgia-
23. Ameixial NEVADA-
24. Salir MONTANA
25. ALTE , MINNESOTA houses –
26. São Bartolomeu de
Messines /castelo Wisconsin-
27. SILVES Michican
28. Almarjao Alabama-
29. Odelouca Pensylvania
all these cities and willages would get 4,3 km beach in south maroc and west sahara, building permissions to 69 houses

30. Porto de Lacos FLORIDA –
31. New York near habour of Portimão .
32. CALIFORNIA, outside Alvor 43 hectar
33. Washington DC between praya VAU VAU beach and Bemposta 43 hectar.
34. PENINA / 69 houses from HAWAJI
35. Sr do Verde / MARYLAND-
37. Marmelete / NORTH DAKOTA-
38. Aliezur / MISSOURI –
39. Odeceixe / OREGON –
40. Sao Teotonio / INDIANA-
41. Villa Nova de Milfontes / MAINE–
42. Cercal / Utah-
43. Tanganheira / SUL Carolina
44. Santiago do Cacem / Washington SEATLE-
45. Grândola / Missisippi –
46. Alcácer do Sal / NEW MEXICO
47. São Cristóvão / Ohio-
48. Montemor o Novo / Wyoming
50. Montargil / KANSAS-
51. Ponte de Sor / CONNECTICUT –
52. Arez / LOUISIANA-
53. Nisa / NEW JERSEY –
54. Villa Velha de Ródão / SOUTH DAKOTA-
55. Castelo Branco— Delaware –
56. Alpedrinha Texas-
57. Covilha IOWA –
58. Guarda / ARKANSAS –
59. Freixedas / NEW HAMPSHIRE –
60. Pinhel / OKLAHOMA-
61. Figueira de Castelo Rodrigo / Vermont-
62. Barca de Alva / NEBRASKA-
63. Freixo de Espada à Cinta / TENNESSEE-
64. Lagoaça / MASSACHUSET-
65. Mogadouro / West Virginia –
66. Bemposta / ALASKA
67. Fermoselle – Bermillo de Sayago- Spain –
outside city beautiful 43 ha centre of ESTONIAn culture

68. Zamora- ( outside city in beautiful peaceful place 43 hectar 69 houses. Exhibition of German culture ) Zamora city shall get 4,3 km in world expo ATLANTIS

According the rules of Keltaiset ry , landowner gets 44 % from ticket incomes to festivals and 44 % from 483 hotelrooms , 10 % tax to local communa, 10 % to state of Spain. I that way we shall get 1000 years agreements from the most beautiful places
69. Valladolid –FRANCE
70 near Burgos- LUXEMBURG
71. near Pamplona-BELGIA
outside city beautiful 43 ha 69 houses, mur 3,3 mtr around .
Road N 135 – D 933 to Françe
72. ORTHEZ. Exhibition of latvian culture
Road D 656
75. MURAT — Tsech Republic
Massiac – Sauxillanges- Vic le Comte -Marinques – Randan-

With cheap prices ( 20 e ) rooms are always occupied. Millions of people from many lands shall see these FRENCH houses and interiörs , want buy to their own lands individual combination . We start mass production near railway stations in France Poland Portugal Karelia and Marocco . . In east Germany near railway stations. – Pine wood and vuolukivi come from Russia by trains and ships endless amounts.
76. AURILLAC Slovakia
77. VICHY Slovenia
78. Autun –UKRAINA
79. Besancon WHITE RUSSIA
80. Belfort Deutschland ISRAEL centre of jewish culture

81. LOERRACH centre of turkish culture

82. NEUSTADT centre of turkish culture
83. TUTTLINGEN –centre of ARMENIA culture
84. Augsburg centre of CHINESE culture

85. Sraubing – centre of culture in Azerbajzan
86. Ceske Budejovice –centre of Georgia culture
87. Rokytnice centre of CANADA culture. Me and my maroccian family want come to do it. We need wizums to 20 people
Nr 88.Gniewoszow POLAND CENTRE OF finn ugrian nations FUN

Nr 89 . Prudnik
How we deal these 300 willages to 300 countries, this is suggestion. Meaning of the project I AM ROAD
is to create culture tourism, and world parlament 144 000

Nr 90 . Wisla
Nr 90 . Zakopane
91. Uście Gorlicke
92. Tarnica bieszczady mountains
93. Przemysl outside city in beautiful 43 ha 69 houses, mur 3,3 mtr around

For evening festivals these willages should build large loudspeakers, ampliflier 50000 watt and offer music from cd originals. history of pop music in usa and in europa. Etta James, Johnny Lee Hooker , Charles Mingus, Joan Baez, Sarah Waughan, Jim Morrison, Kentucky head hunters , ten years after , Kauko kayhko, Woody Guthrie, king Crimson, Gratefull,death Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, Emmelou Harris, Bob Dylan, MA Numminen, John Mayal , who , Santana, Janis Joplin, Black Croves, Lionel Hampton, Taneli Makela, Billie Holiday, camel, Louis Armstrong, Glen Miller, Nancy Sinatra Allman Brothers etc.

94. Tomaszów LUB
95. Wlodawa
96. Hajnowka  border of BIALO RUSSIA sell  50 euros wizum
97. Mou cadz
98. Hlybokaje, common start to Finland 15.6.
99. Asvieja
100 Krasnaje
101 .Pytalovo
102. Pskov Common start to Finland SUMMER WAR with water pistols — every summer 19.6 in front of city hall
103. Gdov
104. Koskolovo
105. Terijoki government
106. Käkisalmi
107. Sortavala
Kulkue menee Itä Puolasta valko venäjälle ja karjalaan, He tutustuvat venäläisten yön susiin ja hyökkäävät Niiralan raja asemalta Suomeen juhannuksena kaameasti karjuen URAAAA. Rajaviranomaiset tarkistavat ettei ole vesipyssyjä vaarallisempia aseita

Tämä initiaatio matka amerikkalaisten ja kanadalaisten eurooppalaisiin juuriin olisi houkutteleva juttu , koska edullisten yöpymisten takia se maksaisi vain 550 e plus ruuat bensat ja saunomiset. Kuten Mr Putin ja venäläiset tietävät, amerikkalaisten itsetunnottomuus ja todellisen kulttuurin puute on iso ongelma ja vaara kaikille. Se saa jenkit käyttäytymään öykkärimäisinä maailman sheriffeinä
–koko ajan aloitetaan uusia sotia koska yksityisen aseteollisuuden intressit sitä vaatii.vittu perkele, sanoo elokuvamme Jeesus tästä asiasta

Such big culture festivals would increase trusting and positive attitudes between motorcycle people from Russia and USA Germany UK. This could make ironia about big expensive war exercises of NATO in Finland. Summer war with water guns against finns every year 24.6. in Niirala border. EU citizens americans and canadians can go there without wizum. Russians can ask wizum 7 days to Finland plus 7 days in Estonia. ( ship Turku Tallinna )

108. Wärtsilä
109. Mutalahti
110. Ilomantsi
111. Koitere Kivilahti
112. Juankoski
113 .Varpaisjarvi
114. Iisalmi Runninkyla , C.G.Mannerheimin talon läheltä halutaan 43 hehtaaria

According the rules of Keltaiset ry , landowner gets 44 % from ticket incomes to festivals and 44 % from 483 hotelrooms , 10 % tax to local communa, 10 % to state . I that way we shall get 1000 years agreements from the most beautiful places. Those willages and cities shall get 4,3 km beach in Maroc
115. Kiuruvesi
116. Viitasaari
117 .Multia,
118. Keuruun ekokylä

119. Vilppula KOLHO
120. Ruovesi
121. –KURU -.
122 -Kihnio, Seitsemisen kansallispuisto
123 . Kauhajoki Nummijarvi.
124. Säkylä
125. Turku
126 Tallinna
127. Parnu
128. beach JURMALA near Riga .
129. VILNA – outside city beautiful 43 ha 69 houses, mur 3,3 mtr around .
130. SENJY ( border of Poland – Litwa )
131. Tolkmicko Krajobrazowy wysoczyzny Elblaskiej
132. Karwia
133. Ustka

135. Usedom by the Baltic sea .-
136. – Wolgast–
137. —- Demmin
140. Zerbst—
141. Aken –
142.Kothen –
143- Eisleben —
144 -Lutherstadt
145 Finne
146 Apolda—
147 .Jena
149. Sonnenberg
150 . Bamberg
151. FURTH.
nr 152. Odense Danmark
Nr 153 Tonder
154 . KIEL
155  Butzow
156 Röbel
158 Brandenburg
160. Riesa
162. Görlitz .
163. Zielona Gora Poland

Nr 88 . Gniewoszow
CENTRE OF finn ugrian nations FUN
23.8. commonstart to Jerusalem for Christians and jews 23.8
24.8. for muslimanes to Mecca
25.8. to gaza pyramides ( for ateistic people )
164. Litomysl
165. Znojmo
166. Ernstbrunn
167. Illmitz

168. ACSAD
169. Murska Sobota
170. Bled

( from here to Athena must be planned alternative VIA BALKAN. To slovenia kroatia albania Hani kiasma Greece Athens raffinia habor. Ferries to israel Haifa to believers and Palestina Gaza for non believers ) Choosen route must go through most beautiful areas using peaceful network of local roads. Crossroads must be marked with yellow arrows . We use this every summer in same days and willages can earn good money, arrange their local exhibitions. )
Roman catholic pilgrims and lovers of ITALY choose route to –
171. Vittorio Venetton
172. Ravenna
173. Urbino
174 ROMA
commonstart anual in front of  Pedros cathedral 6.9. for Christians , 7.9 for muslimanes 8.9 for pacans
nr 175 . Brindisi. ferryconnection to Greece Igumenitsa
Nr 176 Klitoria
Nr 177 Meteora Meta Morfosa

178 Alepospita
Termópilas-Anavra- Reginio-Zelio-Exarhos-Kolaka-
.-Askrea-thespies-Lefktra-Eritreia Dafni-Pili-Fili-
nr 180 ATENA
nr 181 Jerusalem
from Raffinia habor ferries to Israel Haifa for christians and jews . For muslimanes and profanes to gaza Palestina
its written that when all nations come to Jerusalem
big light shall return
VALO palaa
if we want it happen, we should go there !
But if you are not religious, not believe to Jesus but only to Hietikko,
go this pilgrim road to Gaza Pyramides or to Mecca.

Jesus said how he is the road. In China it means tao ( the road and also nature ) If you travel this road by motorcycle bicycle or scooter , you know what is the nature and what is this choosen kings road ? Willage by willage . You find Europa and yourself. its enough
the rest of parlament houses shall be situated like this

nr 182 Palestina Betlehem ( also they will get 4,3 km beach in marocco
nr 183 Gaza Palestina
5 willages numbers 184 – 185 – 186- 187 43 hectar 69 houses mur around we want build to Saudi Arabia. Between Betlehem and Mecca 1000 km , 200 km / day.

Nr 188 outside MECCA 43 hectar 69 houses mur around . 483 rooms for travelers 20 e / day. Wooden houses with big sala 170 sq mtr and 7 bedrooms upstairs we offer to buy to rich families in Saudi Arabia Kuwait Emirates Dupai..

Nr 189 we want build to south east corner of EGYPT , 43 hectar outside HALAYEB . By the red sea, in opposite side of Mecca and JEDDAH habour. 5500 km to west to Guerquerat, by atlantis ocean. The most southern place in Maroccian West Sahara . In Nigeria we need side branch of 1100 km to Kamerum. To get enough water, the ´´TUBE´´ must be large —- beton room 3,5 mtr high, 16 mtr broad. On its roof road for walkers scate boards bicycles electric harleys and mopeds , light electric automatically steered cars to both direction

To III floor , on strong beton pillars , every half kilometer we make wooden 20 572, loghouses , big sala 170 sq meters , upstairs 7 rooms for 144 000
members of world parlament 20 e / day
Sä lupasit oi herra, et kerran erämaa , saa kevään kauniin ja kukkiin puhkeaa

French scientists say how there is enough water in Kamerum and in Atlas mountains to make ALL SAHARA green , to grow wegetables , fruits , bread and wood . To do this, is the only way to prevent large invasio of hungry people to Europa. This costs a lot , but roman catholic church and jehova witnesses have that money. In the bible is written how Jesus not can come, if we are not ready to finish all christian churches and religions. If they not agree this, they are responsible of BIG catastrof and HELL in wést europa and skandinavia. Islamic terrorists no more explose trains or airports, not kill innocent people. With intelligent leading of german natzies they concentrate to


In south Marocco is hiding lot of german new natzies, working together with maroccian al qaida networks in all European lands. They have developed new kind of weapons, look out as normal PEN or telephone. But it shoots with no noise very tiny sharp needle with superpoison. Victim think that it was a mosquito, but soon start pains of hell and hallusinations of apocalypta. After 2 weeks HELL comes mercyfull death.Consulat of finland in Rabat told to my wife Melika how they also have seen such ´´new weapons´´

I have heard from many sources how isis , new natzies and Al qaida are ready to kill all priests nuns and jehovawitnesses, if they not accept this plan ´´sahara green´´. They look like normal tourists but they have dangerous pens and telephones.

auroiksi miekat taotaan eikä rauha pääty milloinkaan.
Raamatussa sanotaan että kun Jeesus tulee takaisin, hän alkaa hallita maailmaa 144 000 käsittävän ryhmän toimesta ja heidät otetaan maan ihmisten joukosta , siis tavallisista ihmisistä .


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