Open letter to leaders of Russia, Iran, India, Germany, Finland ,Poland and Marocco

Finnish polish maroccian culture association Keltaiset ry
wish to get your support to open court of Haag for war criminals. We hope that Mr Putin gives us good lawyer because in Finland , Poland or Portugal not any advocate have courage to take this case.

Al qaida war was started by Poland and USA in year 2003 , when united nations said NO, dont do it .The crime was same as Hitler did . More as 10 million ded , several millions came to west Europa to ask exiler status . 1,5 billion dollar wasted says president Trump. Weapon industry of Finland , Tarja Halonen and minister of justice Anna Maja Henriksson broke laws of Finland when they got from Poland the best client in their historia. Germany forgot what they promised 1945, Germany would NEVER send armed groups outside their borders.

When president Trump self confess that it was the biggest mistake in historia of united states, it should be reason to open court of Haag for war criminals. Germany and new government of Finland PEKKA HAAVISTO must have courage to do it . Because of such opinions, they banished me and my wife to Sahara for 3 years. I have met here lot of german new natzies and members of al qaida
. I know what they want

Time is short because USA is planning to continue this illegal war against IRAN. It will be final catastroph , because Iran belongs to SHANGHAI union, and it is 100 x stronger as NATO. Norwegian Johan Galtung from UN has said this, but media not want people know what´s going on

Its time to confess the realities and wake up from this mass psychosa before its too late.

USA was winning german natzies and Japan , they had to create large weapon industry to be able to do it. But this industry is very productive to its owners and they not want finish it. Thats why USA has started lot of new wars and keep with their media power all word in ´´big sleep´´. They were adopting Hitlers megalomania to conquer and rule all world. Brexit of Britannia and ´´custom war ´´ are parts in this operation ´´america first
´´. They use traditional method , break and rule. USA not want strong united Europa but Germany does not accept such rules any more !

India belongs to SHANGHAI union and war against IRAN , is war against INDIA. They have secret weapons

President of indian yoga doctors association K.U Sathyanath was my teacher 3 years in Kerala Cochin. He told how yoga means concentration and knowing our real self, ITTE, iishvara , aton, atman , ALLAH , christus in nobis..

Before its possible, we must meet also our dark satanistic sides. All pacans and believers have them a lot

Association Les Jaunes Keltaiset ry is suggesting to all polish russian german people, all Hindus, sunnies , sufies and shiias common program to destroy our enemies INSIDE and OUTSIDE.

If you are ateistic profane person, learn simple yoga exercise PRANAYAMA. Its very good to your healthy

If you are religious , ask during your praying Allah , Jesus Christ , Jahve, to show your secret angers and ten most terrible sides in your character. Write them to paper and ask opinion of your friends

Confess them to yourself and say to those 10 demons, one by one , go SAATANAN PERKELEET to satan church of Porvoo, in the land of END , FIN . Never come back

This GEHENNA exists 50 km to east from HELL sinki.

This is correct adress because our last intelligent president Urho Kekkonen said how Finland is more american country as USA. He was meaning its bad sides, good sides is not possible to copy ( sillä kannettu vesi ei pysy kaivossa )

Start breathing OUT from bottom of your lounghes and spit all those ten bad forces from your mind and body to this church. International satanists can go there to feel what is common badness from all world

Start breathing IN from bottom of your lounghes
and ask Allah Jesus, your real inner self ITTE to send to you
and to your country lot of

1. joy . ILO

2. peace .RAUHA

3. Energy ENERGIA

4. light. VALO

5. power. VOIMA

6. wisdom. VIISAUS

7. love , RAKKAUS

8. healthy , TERVEYS


10. foreverlasting life. IANKAIKKINEN ELAMA.

We should do this breathing exercise 10 minutes every day and we start feel better. Sunnies and Shiias do not feel any more so big anger against each others and general anger against americans becomes smaller when we send all these negations to ONE place. ( yoga means concentrating )

Very important is to believe that it happens, because to us happen what we believe. It will be more effective if you study 10 words of FINNISH lanquage. Its very similar to Sanskrit because long time ago finnish people were living in India.

Doctor Sathyanath was grown in roman catholic family, but he knew very deeply old hindu mythologia and WHITE MAGIA. When satan church of PORVOO is full of satanistic bad vibrations from all world, it somehow shall explose.

When it happens , this knows only GOD / Allah and in that day all dwelling demons and´´ dirty birds ´´ fly to ´´big powerfull country behind big ocean´´. It happens what Johannes was writing in Patmos island to last part of Holy Bible. American people fall to mass psychosas , kill themselves and their neighbours

Pastor John Yoder from usa pensylvania told me in Jerusalem how 5 million promisekeepers know painfully well what means apocalypta 18 . People in Libya Vietnam Laos Panama Corea Chile Berlin Hiroshima Nagasaki Iraq Syria Afganistan know who is global satan who swims in blood of millions innocent victims. To Vietnam USA was dropping more bombs and poisons as together was dropped in world war II.

Usa wanted defend ´´freedom´´ but did not accept that vietnamese people could decide about their own matters.

But because Jesus and Allah is mercy and love, americans shall get possibility to avoid this punishment. Previous president of Finland Martti Ahtisaari and his friend Ilkka Kanerva promised some years ago to government of USA how Finland is ready to die, if it helps holy america. Previous primie minister of Finland Paavo Lipponen wrote in Helsingin sanomat how harmakeddon jihad starts from Finland in next years, and it will more hard as winter war , because the enemy is inside.

It happens to all, what they have been believing, said Jesus, but all negative is possible to turn to positive. HELL means hel vete, wholistic knowing

Finland has lot of strong shamans and engineers who MAYBE can neutralize those universal satanistic forces in Porvoo church, develop from them new kind of energia . At least to keep them captured in satan church of Porvoo.

It will never explose if government of USA confess their sins in court of Haag for war criminals.

USA must also go away from NATO and instead of it come Russian Federatio , Marocco , Palestina , White  Russia , Sweden and Finland.

Common  money in renewed  european union  is deutsche markka and  valuta  politica shall  be  leaded from Berlin using the best  knowledge .  Russian  army is closing borders  of  new  union  with  their navy and airforces.  National  armies  shall  be  finished , as its said  in the  Bible.  They get new work  to take care  of legality and peace  inside  Finland  inside  Poland   inside Sweden   inside Marocco  inside  insideGermany  France  Portugal  etc

50 states of america can join renewed NATO and European union if they are ready to become independent and FINISH ´´harlot of babylon´´, federatio USA , FBI, CIA, us army.

All power in new union shall be given to people , using digital direct democratia.

7. I agree this matter 100 % .
6. I agree this matter 80 %
5. I agree this matter 60 %
4. I agree this matter 50 %
3. I agree this matter 40 %
2. I agree this matter 20 %
1. I do not agree this matter at all .

King shall come ´´in cloud ´´ says the holy Bible. But before its possible, we must finish all christian churches and religions ( according the Bible )
Isis and Al Qaida are ready to peace of 1000 years when we finish wrongly understood christian religion , COLONIALISM and divide & impera politica

We  wish  to  get economical  support  to produce this cinema


Bic  OKOYFIHH     Iban   FI90 5521 0720 1069 95


  in Poland  previous pope John Paul II  was  leading 55 % of citizens to common  pray, they elected to Poland new president , who was known before as Jesus Christ.  In Portugal , Catalonia,  North Finland and Russian Karelia had been lot of similar activities.

Prokurator Beata Jelinska in court of Klodzko gave  to finnish polish culture association Keltaiset ry work to produce a cinema . When they spread it everywhere in the world with fiscal force of  FINISHED  Vatican, to people happens what they have  been believing.

 Mediareality and real reality change places and road is open to one who said ´´ i am road´´. In China such road means TAO   

letter to international court of Jehova witnesses
in english


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