ratkaisu karabagh ongelmaan , peace artsakt

autuaita ovat rauhantekijät ja etenkin puupäät jotka eivät huku

Finnish indian polish 114 years old culture association Keltaiset ry offer land to Karabagh. We are basicly christian organization but confess the brotherhood and justice. Gorne Karabagh must be given to azerbajzan families, who where pushed away in 1992 war. It was not legal action.

Karabagh 4400 sq km is INSIDE Azerbajzan but its armenian folk need own independent land. We can offer very wonderfull 4400 sq km , subtropical korona free golden beach 100 km long, park 44 km x 100 km . There are also oil and minerals, officially belongs to nobody. From end of DAKHLA town until border of Mauretania. It was desert before but now Marocco has developed smart systems to change seawater for trees wegetables. Dakhla Massa Tifnite Sidi Tual starts massive food production, big parks

Kingdom of Artshak 4400 sq km could sell food and many products to world markets. Region is very safe , borders to Mauretania and Algeria are closed by american – maroccian men and weapons. Nobody shall come from there and Marocco has friendly contacts to Europa .

Dakhla has good habour and airport, wonderfull climate, summers pleasant ,not hot because of ocean. More as 95 % maroccians support His majestet Muhamed VI and we shall not see any revolution or domestic war here. King, president and parlament agree this proposition of association keltaiset ry die Gelben rf if united nations give all other parts of west sahara officially to Marocco. Also Ceuta and Mellila to Maroc, they not belong to spanish people who are quilty to war crimes.

United nations russia china iran said NO, dont do it , when USA and Poland 2003 attacted Iraq in meaning to conquer Iran Libya Afganistan ( oil and minerals ) –Also spanish colonialist went there and more as 15 million islamic people are killed , large asylyym problem in west europa. After starting illegal wars germany and finland had to give lot of land. Mellila and Ceuta are small price and in this way we get own nice land to karabagh folk. Direct flights Jerevan Dakhla ,wizum freedom .
Finnish  advertising/marketing planner in south Maroc wants employ assistant, who understand my simply basic english. call me 0650 623 732 after you read this page  .

We make exhibition willage of 69 POLISH and armenian wooden loghouses / interiörs / visual arts to MIRLEFT Maroc and maroccian houses 69 to my farm 34,5 hectar in middle europa sudetian mountains . Companies artists artesanes architects could join this operation , contact to burmistr urzad@miedzylesie.pl

Me and my polish ex wife are legal owners, she lives in Finland, me in south maroc 11 years. Farm in Poland is bought and remonted with my money but i deal all with viola and william. Lituanian white-russian armenian polish maroccian companies artists artesanes music and theathre assocations should commonly rent 32 ha on green hill 650 mtr high 120 years, 277 e / month. ( without buildings )

You can buy yellow house on right side 25 m x 15 m- 3 floors , 288 000 euros, plus costs of notariuz. ( prices are low but fixed )
Northern house II and III floors 25 m x 15 m 219 000 e. We get there 7 nice apartments with mountainwiews, 31 285 euros each, costs of repairing allianz is responsible to compensate

1/ 3 ( 169 000 e ) to Violetta , to our son William 169 000 e to me 169 000 e . To my consult from us commonly 3 % He/she finds loghouse / furniture producers in Armenia Poland Karelia Keuruu and maroc who wants open such office in east bohemia mountains of eagles. In meaning to open COMMON WINGS and learn to ´´fly ´´ and win economical and cultural ´´jackpot´´

we can do it by sales exhibition willages on roofs of MIRLEFt maroc and in middle of europa, 140 km from Praha to east. Train to Miedzylesie DOMASZKOW.

rent agreement from land 4 x periods of 30 years. 277 euros month. Price 400 000 euros from 120 years in advance. 200 000 e to Finland Violetta and my son, 200 000 e to me to buy good house from Lituania Seirijaj. William is my only child, it will be his house

Communa urzad@miedzylesie.pl gives to maroccian- armenian artesanes loghouse/furniture producers 69 building permissions, bottom 170 m. Mur 3 mtr around 34,5 ha . Mur 3 m between houses 35-50 m. II floor 170 m wooden loghouse, concert sala, visual arts, high rooms 3,7 m . Upstairs 7 bedrooms 20 e / day. General style art nouveau Jugend 1906, as it was in Seitendorf Gniewoszow in german time.

Poland shall accept this deal if Kingdom Maroc / Sidi IFNI Mirleft allow polish companies and artists build exhibition willage in Mirleft on roofs of 69 private houses. Wooden loghouses 69 st, all different. Finnish russian german danish pensionist come to buy

This is OFFER OF MAROCCIAN FINNISH POLISH CULTURE MAFIA , where its not easy TO SAY NO –Poland Marocco Poland Lituania Russia Caucasus have strong abilities in architectura, artesan works, wood carving, using of colours and fantasia, cinema arts AND music. We can commonly make great matters. High quality cinema festivals in Mirleft every day after sunset. In Mirlef we have 50 big white beton walls 12 m x 30 m

culture association die Gelben rf suggest to Maroc Russia and european union international university of arts and bisnes. In Mirleft all turist houses 2000 apartments are all empty 9 months / year and we could take there teachers and youngsters from Lituania estonia mari karelia finland white russia tsech polonia Armenia and germany to study architectura, artesan works, wood carving , cheramica , filosofia of TAO , economical realities, historia , english language , visual arts, creative writing , graphics, cinemaworks and folk music

Korona problem shall be won and here we not have it at all. Right place to take healthy youngsters to safe to start big operation. When people start again travel, we must be ready to act –Canaria islands Spain are only 100-130 km far from Mirleft and lot of people come to holiday to Las Palmas. But its very booring place, lot of noisy stupid pam pam extasy discotecas alcohol cocaine and over grouded beach

They could come to fort Polonia Mirleft with bigger ships and sailing boats to enjoy the  best of polish high quality cinema , jazz blues country rock and roll. Classical music , psychodrama ( original form of theathre in Greece ) Finn ugrian nations FUN with Armenia and Poland can make lot of FUN and money and finish all bitter hate islam-christian sunni shiia armenia azerbajzan. Near habour sidi ifni to desert arena for motocross and speedway , international competetions every weekend, when korona war is over. There we can look ´´who is the best ´´



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