Respected King of Marocco, Muhamed VI.

Legal registered culture association Keltaiset ry Les Jaunes from Finland Poland and Portugal makes you offer.

Government in your country keeps more as million men prison because of cannabis, in Poland and in Finland such people are several hundred thousand .World healthy organization WHO says how it is good medicine, not so harmful as alcohol and cigarettes . Thats why Usa Canada Tsech rp Holland Germany makes cannabis legal.  This  same  offer we send to city of Mänttä  in middle  Finland , to   in south west  Poland, to city of Portimao in Portugal

Police in Finland says how they have new problem. From China is coming lot of syntetic material which looks out and smell  the same as maroccian. But  there is dangerous  material  inside. Millions of people are in big danger

Because Maroc is the best in all world to produce this old homeophatic herb , you should ´´mark´´ your original  product  with stamp ´´K ´´  ( kings quality  ) and sell it  legally to all world 5 e / gram

This  would make rto Marocco large annual incomes and you could offer  good healthy services also to puor maroccians .

Cannabis is good also to cars and growing lot of it would help in climate problems. Setting million men free from prisons would mean big save of money, Mr King. Many happy children would get father back home .

according our offer , all annual cannabis production should be sended by ships from Al Hoceima Tanger Agadir Dakhla

to habour of Portimao in south Portugal.

Keltaiset ry deal it to all other world and sell 5 e / gram

0.5 e / gram tax to city of Portimao who arrange big safe store to habour

0.5 e / gram tax to Kingdom of Marocco

0.5 e / gram tax to land of exporting ( Finland, Poland, Spain, Germany , Russia..)

0.5 e / gram to shop who sell it ( legally ) in beginning these 3 Mänttä Finland , Miedzylesie Poland, Portimao Bemposta Praya VAU beach in Portugal

0,5 e / gram to healthy services of puor people in Maroc

1,5 e / gram to farmer families and mafias in Maroc , who product and pack cannabis. Send it legally by ships to Portimao habour international store. Nobody goes to prison because of this

1 e / gram to keltaiset ry to arrange international logistica, quality control , product development and culture happenings to Mänttä Kolho, to Miedzylesie Gniewoszow and Portimao praya vau beach. To Maroc Takad sidi Tual beach and to agadir

. Large maroccian cannabis money should be situated to Finland to account of culture association Keltaiset ry . Police of Finland , and inspectors from ketama chechaouen and his Majestet Muhamed VI have right to control that dealing money goes correctly

Keltaiset ry    account  will  be in  Finland MÄNTTÄ

( hän  on toistaiseksi kieltäytynyt avaamasta järjestölle tiliä  väittäen  että aikeemme eivät  ole  kunniallisia .  ) Mutta  jos Marokko  hyväksyy tämän  hankkeen, asia on  kunniallinen  ja laillinen. Ei sitä muutoin  voida  tehdä. ) Kyseessä olisi usean biljoonan euron  vuosittainen  liikevaihto Mäntän osuuspankkiin. Heidän  kannattaisi  lobata tätä hanketta  . Jos joku  muu  pankki Suomessa on  kiinnostunut,  ottakaa  yhteyttä

In the world are milliards of people who respect the best qualities of cannabis , made in Maroc. We get lot of travellers to Portimao, Mänttä Finland and Miedzylesie Poland also in wintertime, if there is the world market of maroccian hasis. And the best of American polish finnish german french maroccian blues folk
jazz country rock and roll

Between beach praya VAU and Rua Pedro Alvares cabral Bemposta is large empty area, park with sea wiews more as 50 hectar. We could open there meetings of filosophes and folk parlament of European union and ISA ( 50 independent states of America )

. Helsinki -Agadir – Helsinki 250 e by Norwegian airlines. Hotels 10 e / day

to Agadir centre square to roof of restaurant UNIPRIX we install big loudspeakers, what people in beach can hear. We arrange there international competition of folk songs , thema weeks for classical music, friends of jazz blues rock and roll. Between music we give possibility to 5 minutes spech . Make question to 100 000 people in Agadir beach . What is true, what is real reality in europa and in america ? . People vote with telephones

1. I agree this matter 100 %
2. I agree this matter 80 %
3. I agree this matter 60 %
4. I agree this matter 50 %
5. I agree this matter 40 %
6. I agree this matter 20 %
7. I do not agree this matter at all

At homes in all world people see this in TV and vote
When we observ the same matter from all sides, 360 grades, we start find out what is true , das Ding an sich. The spirit of the TRUTH

If his majestet Muhamed VI accept this plan, also government of Agadir , Portimao , Miedzylesie and Mänttä will do it

the yellow vests who come to Agadir must respect King and police of Maroc. We not start fight against them

During april we have thema weeks for lovers of irish and russian folk music , jazz blues rock and roll

29.4-5.5. we celebrate in Agadir the international yellow revolution

28 km to south from agadir airport is long beautiful free beach sidi Tual. There is place enough for million . People from Takad can build there confortable beduin tents and beds for so many as we get reservation in advance , 10 e / person

The rest of our letter to his Majestet Muhamed VI is written in finnish language. Consulat of Finland is responsible to translate it officially


Tekijä: hannu

im jewish man born in finland 1.11.1951 but they banished me to west sahara ten years ago because of my ´´wrong opinions ´´ saying how hietikko is mad 100 % out of realities and never can see my only child in Doctors in marocco portugal germany not see any mental sickness in me but serious crimes of human rights in finland


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