Satan messa in Poland makes big problems in Finland Kauhajoki and Porvoo


we need international  help  to get human rights to Poland !

I was living there 8 years with  my  polish wife and our small boy  in  small mountain willage of 50 houses  Gniewosow ( Seitendorf in german time )140 km to east from Praha, sudetian mountains where II world war started ( because of ethnic quarreling ) . Roman catholic priest of Gniewoszow -Rozanka was inciting people in eastern messa to hope all bad to us. He said, ´´lets hope now all good to each others, and lets hope all together all bad to those there ( aiming with his hand to direction of our house ) Soon started dogs get poison and cars were burning. Also jehova witnesses were joining to this, they came with axe in hand in front of our house , shouting ´´go to Finland, we kill you ´´. They said so also to clients of our hostel ( )



In those CURSED 4  old german  buildings  was clubhouse  of perma culture association Keltaiset ry Sarkar Kollased   7 finn ugrian nations Hungary Finland Turkey Inkeri Mari Karelia and Estonia. These people  were arriving from India long time ago and  created first stabile home , original IMPIVAARA in  sudetian mountains MITTELWALD miedzylesie .

7 brothers  clubhouse IMPIVAARA was before in Finland Porvoo ,  full  of shamanistic art collections, spirits of finnish forest. When all those things were cursed by roman catholic priest and  jehova witnesses ,  they were flying back to Finland PORVOO old church . My wife took our 4 years old son to Finland secret adres. She is very afraid and never wants come back to her cursed house ( before  roman catholic  church clean and repair it ) . Police of Miedzylesie Adam Polanski sparked also me out from Poland 4.5.2005 and his friends robbed my properity. Police say how they not know who is breaking roofs of 4 houses  , but we can see from  satellite where  they are  re placed .  What for police in eu  poland accept crimes ? Law of islam  says how breaking of childhood of Hietikkos son shall  be  punished by death. All willage  know who did  it,  if they  not tell to prokurator, al Qaida and german new  natzies start  kill all  people  1.9.2019. But this will  not  happen if Trump gives his 1000  men to take care of cursed house


President of indian yoga doctors association K.U.Sathyanath in Kerala Cochin saw how also lot of black satanistic agressions from roman catholic church and jehowa witnesses were flying to church of Porvoo . They were  inviting satanists forces from all world to join  the last big war in land of the END FIN. If someone is  interested in satanism, go inside that church to feel common  badness from all world. Some of furnitures and art collections were from  my original home  in Kauhajoki, and dr K.U.Sathyanath saw where they were flying ( with large  amount of polish  demons )

Such bad hoping against only foreigners in willage is satanistic black magia . When jehova witnesses and roman catholic church do such, all vatican and jehova organization has got inside serious virus. One rotten apple can spoil big store of apples ( yksi mätä omena voi pilata ison omenavaraston )

In the Bible is written how peace of 1000 years is not  possible, before we finish all christian religions and churches. Because 55 % of polish  people were electing JESUS CHRIST to  their new president, this cleaning  proces,  holy war  harmakeddon  jihad  must be started from Poland. Donald Tusk promised long time ago to polish people to ´´clean away from poland all shit´´ if they choose him to power. He was meaning power of rotten roman catholic church , old bitter women  and  numerous mafias. But when Tusk  is boss  of EU, he do nothing

Finnish estonian hungarian karelian turkish men start get  agressive feelings, because  we  all are  connected to our collective culture background. Specially  men  in Kauhajoki and Porvoo  become VERY angry.  They can go to Poland to repair our club house  and say to priests nuns and jehowa witnesses , ´´ go to HELL singborg  Sweden social  office to say that  you shall  be  killed if we see you next week

hakkapeliitat  voivat  niinhalutessaan  panna puolalaiset  koko  maassa tuntemaan  helvetin  kauhut ja ulkomaalaisten  pelottelu. Emme  kehoita ketään tekemään mitään laitonta ,  mutta  puolalaisilla on  suuri vaara  tulla sinisiksi  hakatuiksi, elleivät he  tunnusta että ainoa herra on Jeesus ja  kaikki  papit joutavat  helvettiin ( hell sing borgin sosiaalitoimistoihin )

In our times is lot of unclear demonistic fear anger and too  much  chaotic  information. Its better that we all do as roman catholic priest in Poland was teaching,  all good positive feelings  and all  negative shit  to 2 different  places. In the Bible they talk about  the earthly digitalization  , deal to plus and  minus. Its necessary  before we can enter to cosmic consciousness ,  kingdom of heaven

Association Les Jaunes Keltaiset ry is suggesting to all polish jewish russian german people, all Hindus, sunnies , sufies and shiias common program to destroy our enemies INSIDE and OUTSIDE.

If you are ateistic profane person, learn simple yoga exercise PRANAYAMA. Its very good to your healthy

If you are religious , ask during your praying Allah , Jesus Christ , Jahve, to show your secret angers and ten most terrible sides in your character. Write them to paper and ask opinion of your friends

Confess them to yourself and say to those 10 demons, one by one , go SAATANAN PERKELEET to satan church of Porvoo, in the land of END , FIN . Never come backimage.png

This GEHENNA exists 50 km to east from HELL sinki. Its full  of satanistic demons from Poland and  jehowa witnesses  international

It is correct adress because our last intelligent president Urho Kekkonen said how Finland is more american country as USA. He was meaning its bad sides, good sides is not possible to copy ( sillä kannettu vesi ei pysy kaivossa )

Start breathing OUT from bottom of your lounghes and spit all those ten bad forces from your mind and body to this church.

Start breathing IN from bottom of your lounghes
and ask Allah Jesus, your real inner self ITTE to send to you
and to your country lot of

1. joy . ILO

2. peace .RAUHA

3. Energy ENERGIA

4. light. VALO

5. power. VOIMA

6. wisdom. VIISAUS

7. love , RAKKAUS

8. healthy , TERVEYS


10. foreverlasting life. IANKAIKKINEN ELAMA.

We should do this breathing exercise 10 minutes every day and we start feel better.  Sunnies and Shiias do not feel any more so big anger against each others and general anger against americans becomes smaller when we send all these negations to ONE place. ( yoga means concentrating )

Very important is to believe that it happens, because to us happen what we believe. It will be more effective if you study 10 words of FINNISH lanquage. Its very similar to Sanskrit because long time ago finnish people were living in India.

Doctor Sathyanath was grown in roman catholic family, but he knew very deeply old hindu mythologia and WHITE MAGIA. When satan church of PORVOO is full of satanistic bad vibrations from all world, it somehow shall explose. When it happens , this knows only GOD / Allah and in that day all dwelling demons and´´ dirty birds ´´ fly to ´´big powerfull country behind big ocean´´. It happens what Johannes was writing to last part of Holy Bible. American people fall to mass psychosas , kill themselves and their neighbours

Pastor John Yoder from usa pensylvania told me in Jerusalem how 5 million promisekeepers know painfully well what means apocalypta 18 . People in Libya Vietnam Laos Panama Corea Chile Berlin Hiroshima Nagasaki Iraq Syria Afganistan know who is global satan who swims in blood of millions innocent victims. To Vietnam USA was dropping more bombs and poisons as together was dropped in world war II. Usa wanted defend ´´freedom´´ but did not accept that vietnamese people could decide about their own matters.

But because Jesus and Allah is mercy and love, americans shall get possibility to avoid this punishment. Previous president of Finland Martti Ahtisaari and his friend Ilkka Kanerva promised some years ago to government of USA how Finland is ready to die, if it helps holy america.

Ahtisaari antoi tietämättään , juovuspäissään valtion päämiehen roolissa lupauksen jonka seuraamuksia tuskin  arvasi.  Sven duuva  idiootti myytin  kotikaupunki PORVOO ottaa JEESUKSEN, syntien sovittajan roolin. Se tapahtuu intialaisen opettajani mukaan myös siksi että porvoolaiset haukkuivat aikansa kylän viisainta miestä Ensio Miettistä hulluksi ja lopulta panivat sen ristin 33 vuotiaan Hietikon selkään.  Mutta he eivät tienneet  miten  vaarallista voikaan  olla väärälle  miehelle vittuilu.  Kun  ovat  itse minut leimanneet 100 %  mielisairaaksi,  eivät voi syyttää  oikeudessa  uhkauksista ,kunnianloukkauksista  eikä  fiktiivisen  elokuvan suunnittelustakaan

Previous primie minister of Finland Paavo Lipponen wrote in Helsingin sanomat how harmakeddon jihad starts from Finland in next years, and it will more hard as winter war , because the enemy is inside.

nyt he sitten saavat mitä Lipponen tilasi , koko mailman yhteinen vihollinen itse PERKELE on Suomen sisällä Porvoon Tuomiokirkossa ja Kauhajoen lämpöhuollossa

It happens to all, what they have been believing, said Jesus, but all negative is possible to turn to positive. HELL means hel vete, wholistic knowing. When we end all dualistic dealing to good and bad, we shall understand what is satvic harmonia . But before this is possible, we must see and feel fire of hell.  Karelia Estonia Hungary Mari  Turkey Finland have lot of strong shamans and engineers who MAYBE can neutralize those universal satanistic forces in Porvoo church and in Kauhajoki , develop from them new kind of energia .

satan church of Porvoo will not explose if government of USA confess their sins in court of Haag for war criminals. But time is short,  more and more people who hate america hope bad to church of Porvoo and it CAN explose . Usa fall to mass psychosa in  one day

Its better to give up,  because mr Trump self has done it

Al qaida war was started by Poland and USA in year 2003 , when united nations said NO, dont do it .The crime was same as Hitler did . More as 10 million ded , several millions came to west Europa to ask exiler status . 1,5 billion dollar wasted says president  Trump. Weapon industry of Finland , Tarja Halonen and minister of justice Anna Maja Henriksson broke laws of Finland when they got from Poland the best client in their historia. Germany forgot what they promised 1945, Germany would NEVER send armed groups outside their borders.

When president Trump self confess that it was the biggest mistake in historia of united states, it should be reason to open court of Haag for war criminals. portugalian  chef of UNITED  NATIONS  and new government of Finland PEKKA HAAVISTO must have courage  to do it .

Second condition  to USA to avoid bloody destruction  in  one day

USA must  go away from NATO and instead of it come Russian Federatio , Marocco , West  Sahara Palestina , White  Russia , UKRAINA , IRAN ,  Georgia,  Armenia Azerbajdjan,  Sweden and Finland.  Russian  swedish finnish  maroccian polish army together is closing borders  of  new  NATO and renewed european union  with  their navy and airforces.

Common   valuta  politica shall  be  leaded from Berlin using the best  knowledge . Germans shall  not  get weapons but  they are most intelligent people in the world to plan  traffic infrastuctura , healthy services and economia in  all  large european  union. Club 7 brothers suggest that we say good bye to euro problems and start use deutsche markka in renewed european  union

National  armies  shall  be  finished , as its said  in the  Bible.  Those who  get  salary from army, shall  get new work  to take care  of legality and peace  inside  Finland  inside  Poland   inside Sweden   inside Ukraina  and IRAN  and  Marocco  ,  inside  Germany  France  Portugal  etc.

Russia and  IRAN  are  the  most  rich  countries  in  the world and  if they  accept  Germany  Finland Holland France , we all should win a lot. Inside markets´´ in new union are so large  that we can  finish  ´´globalization ´´  with China and USA

Russia and  IRAN have  large  nature  resourches and if we  use them with the best intelligentsia, we can  offer to all  citizens   good  healthy services  and  very high standard of living in   all  lands of new European  union. Peace of 1000  years shall  save  large economical  capacity

50 states of america can join renewed NATO and European union if they are ready to become independent and FINISH ´´harlot of babylon´´, federatio USA , FBI, CIA, us army.

All power in new union shall be given to people , using digital direct democratia.

7. I agree this matter 100 % .
6. I agree this matter 80 %
5. I agree this matter 60 %
4. I agree this matter 50 %
3. I agree this matter 40 %
2. I agree this matter 20 %
1. I do not agree this matter at all .

King shall come ´´in cloud ´´ says the holy Bible. But before its possible, we must finish all christian churches and religions ( according the Bible )

Isis and Al Qaida are ready to peace of 1000 years when we finish wrongly understood christian religion , COLONIALISM and divide & impera politica

We  wish  to  get economical  support  to produce this cinema


Bic  OKOYFIHH     Iban   FI90 5521 0720 1069 95

Time is short because USA is planning to continue this illegal war against IRAN. It will be final catastroph , because Iran belongs to SHANGHAI union, and it is 100 x stronger as NATO. Norwegian Johan Galtung from UN has said this, but media not want people know what´s going on

Its time to confess the realities and wake up from this mass psychosa before its too late.

USA was winning german natzies and Japan , they had to create large weapon industry to be able to do it. But this industry is very productive to its owners and they not want finish it. Thats why USA has started lot of new wars and keep with their media power all word in ´´big sleep´´. They were adopting Hitlers megalomania to conquer and rule all world. Brexit of Britannia and ´´custom war ´´ are parts in this operation ´´america first
´´. They use traditional method , break and rule. USA not want strong united Europa but Germany does not accept such rules any more ! 100 000 german  new natzies in south Marocco have close connection with maroccian al qaida. They have networks in all  lands


Hannu Hietikko hope that Mr Putin gives us good lawyer because situation  is very  dangerous  . In Finland , Poland or Portugal not any advocate have courage to take this case.

Hannu Hietikko and my wife Melika Ramouz have  residencia and house in  Portugal E 1507795 Número fiscal 286014041 . They gave me  lawyer Andreia CINTRA  but she sent  us to Finland 16.5.2018. They sparked us to Africa . Consulat Finlândia must find us lawyer who  continue  discussion  with prokurator  office  Carminda  Costa   avenue  Miquel Bombarda palacio justicia   8501  960  Portimao 1279 / 19 .0 T 9 PTM   13.5.2019   1131 70005 .   Roman  catholic  priests  nuns and  jehova witnesses  in Portugal are in danger to become killed, if portugalian  chef of UNITED  NATIONS  not  open court of Haag for war criminals


  in Poland  previous pope John Paul II  was  leading 55 % of citizens to common  pray, they elected to Poland new president , who was known before as Jesus Christ.  In Portugal , Marocco   and Russian Karelia had been lot of similar activities.

Prokurator Beata Jelinska in court of Klodzko gave  to finnish polish culture association Keltaiset ry work to produce a cinema . When they spread it everywhere in the world with fiscal force of  FINISHED  Vatican, to people happens what they have  been believing.

 Mediareality and real reality change places and road is open to one who said ´´ i am road´´. In China such road means TAO   

When we wrote about these matters to Donand TUSK previous primieminister –president of EU , his short answer was very agressive. FUCK ISLAM fuck Hietikko. Very correct talking from man who is boss of european council. Because Poland and USA started 2003 big dangerous al qaida war , without respecting orders of united nations, this crime was same as Hitler did. And now IRAN  is  their next victim

We demand that war criminal TUSK shall go to prison and his place shall be given to TIMO KURONEN from Finland

Hän teki erittäin terveen ja viisaan analyysin Suomen ja Venäjän välisistä suhteista. KURONEN olisi kovin tervetullut tämän järjestön 7 jäseniseen hallitukseen Suomen edustajana. Ellet suostu, esitä meille joku itseäsi parempi—-joka kirjoittaisi tämän luonnoksen parempaan asuun ja möisi ajatuksen konsulaateille ja yrityksille seitsemässä maassa


—- finnish perma culture association <>
is inviting to co operation companies who product wooden loghouses , furnitures, artesan works, textiles, carpets , wooden music instruments , cheramics in Finland, Karelian republic , Mari, Inkeri, Estonia, Hungary and Turkey.

We invite to this group 7 also GAZA palestina and send there lot of pine wood and TULIKIVI from Russia. When we offer to people good healthy services and salaries 3000 e month, israel shall have no problems with GAZA. I have been there and know this for sure. Palestinian people love me and this idea, allthough im jewish from side of my mother, father finn

its said how problema of Israel Palestina is secondly most complicated matter in all world

on sanottu että tuota ongelmaa vaikeampi asia on vain suomen kielioppi

The most complicated matter is grammatic of finnish lanquge. Thats why we try to solve Palestina problem with 7 finn ugrian nations Hungary Finland Turkey Inkeri Mari Karelia and Estonia

Seven finn ugrian nations were arriving from India long time ago and in region of sudetian mountains MITTELWALD miedzylesie ( PL ) they created first stabile home , original IMPIVAARA . We could rebuild ´´karelia castle ´´ , make there common exhibition willage, 10 houses with charming interiörs from seven countries .

We start mass production ( near habours of GAZA Sidi ifni and PORTIMAO , in all willages where is railroad connection ) in those 7 lands

We start sell such safe castles with 69 houses to 40 million polish emigrants who want come back to their big beautifull country. 55 % of polish people has elected JESUS CHRIST to be their king and we produce cinema where it happens . And sell LOT of houses. But this kingdom of heaven will be not open for all.  ( Foreigners are not wellcome to Poland ) on siirtänyt teille ratkaistavaksi tässä kirjeessä kuvatun asian

Prezydent Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej

President of the
Republic of Poland ANDREJ DUDA wants start ´´camp TRUMP ´´ in Poland

We offer you best possible place

If you are not interested before end of july 2019, we offer this possibility to ´´seven brothers´´. Finland, Karelian republic , Mari, Inkeri, Estonia, Hungary and Turkey.

Or maybe we do all together ?

your answers from
consulat of USA in Finland : and from 7 finn ugrian lands please send to new government of Finland minister of culture and elinkeino, . Discussion in FB in group ´´ venäläiset eivät ole minun vihollisiani ´´  FB  TIMO KURONEN

Mr Trump want send to Poland 1000 men .

We offer them hire agreement of 30 years x 34 times, 1020 years from farm 43 hectar on top of the mountain 690 m high , with majestetic wiews
4 km from border of Tscech republic


My ex wife architect Sarnowiak is owner of that farm, she has made very good plan . Nature stones and beton mur 3,3 mtr high around that 43 hectar. Style jugend art nouveau 1906 as it was before in german time Seitendorf . Nearby the mur 69 houses, ground floor nature stones and beton. Bottom 170 sq mtr , 7 douple rooms for travellers. Upstairs wooden loghouses and their charming interiörs from 50 states of America. Style jugend art nouveau 1906. Big sala 4m high, exhibition of furnitures , home electronica, artesan works , visual arts , litteratura, poetry , high class cinema, folk jazz blues.

In III floor 7 sleep rooms

Inside this fort Trump 43 hectar we could organize big festivals 365 days in year, sell lot of tickets and employ the best artists of blues jazz country rock and roll from 50 states of America. Landowner gets 45 % from ticket incomes and from 483 hotelrooms in ground floors , 10 % tax to Miedzylesie, 10 % to state of Poland

Lot of people from many lands shall see these beautiful intelligent american products and want buy to their own lands individual combination from these 69 examples.

We start large mass production everywhere in GAZA palestina , in Karelia Mari Hungary Finland and Poland , near railway stations. Pine wood and stone vuolukivi ( TULIKIVI in google ) come by ships and trains from Russia endless amounts. We offer these houses in Poland to 40 million polish people who had to go away from their beautiful homeland, because there is still post communistic systems , very dangerous and  mad country, as anybody can see from these photos and from satellite

Our product is a safe WILLAGE 43 hectar, surrounded by mur. We offer them to groups of emigrants who accept common rules and tolerate each others. Our times are changing in more and more chaotic ways, and lot of people would like to live in safe FORT TRUMP

When lot of them start rise everywhere in Poland and many other countries, Mr Trump has fullfilled his promise to make america great and respected. Lot of workplaces 2000-3000 e / month come everywhere in Poland , and people do not go anymore to Germany or London. Emigrants come back with their money and knowledge how the matters are running in ´´normal´´ societes Germany USA canada NL Sweden Finland. They choose from them only good parts and create to Poland the most rich safe ciwilized land in Europa

If americans are not interested to sell their home products arts and culture, only WEAPONS, we give this project 1.8.2019 to Finland, Karelian republic , Mari, Inkeri, Estonia, Hungary and Turkey. They are also skillfull in wood carving artesan works architectura and they can start produce beautiful houses for 40 million polish home coming emigrants. Keltaiset Sarkar Kollased is NON PROFIT perma culture association, not make money to itself, but pay good salaries and offer with 7 % comissio plans of marketing, logistica, product development to big network in those 7 countries. They all save 50 % in costs of production and can offer 3000 e / month to their workers. Prices to house buyers will be very attractive.

5 % of this bisnes we pay to 50 states of America if they send first 69 examples for free to habour GDANSK. If they come from Finland, Karelian republic , Mari, Inkeri, Estonia, Hungary and Turkey, those 7 lands can lead this project commonly. You can take 7 places in government B of association die GELBEN Keltaiset Sarkar Kollased

consulat of USA in Finland : has time until 31.7.2019 to answer to if they want use this possibility. Send your answer to new government of Finland minister of culture and elinkeino,

In Poland is very illegal situation, as you see from photos . Stalin was pushing to sudetian mountains from Kazakstan 100 000 hard killers to assist communistic police of Miedzylesie to spy and terrorize polish farmers. Such old power constructions live still today in polish back side willage. 1000 american soldiers could change cultura in Miedylesie, ´´gminna of fair play´´. But also 25 building workers from Turkey Hungary Finland could quarantee security in our farm

My family had to run away from there and people broke our home and hostel bisnes to small pieces

Police says that they do not have any idea who did it, but they not want to know. From that satellite picture we can see how people break roofs from 4 buildings of hotel seitendorf. We can also see to what houses such roofs are appearing and in those houses police could find also my furnitures art collections and professional wood machines, 2 tractors etc.

Police of Miedzylesie not want do this because they are involved to this crime.
We need 1000 american soldiers to change such post communistic cultura and many polish emigrants could come back to Poland

If new culture minister of Finland not can get such agreement with americans and not with 7 brothers ,

31.8.2019 offer is going to german ´´sport clubs ´´. It could bring to Poland 1.9.2019 black september . Poland has been suffering too much, we not can give this possibility to german nationalist who co operate with al Q Europa. If USA not want hire this farm 43 ha on top of mountain seitendorf, FINLAND and 7 brothers must do it .

If usa really want defend Poland, not only sell weapons, you should make agreement with my ex wife and our son

Im born in Finland 1.11.1951 ( polish pesel 5111012659 ) and i was 18 years married with polish architect Violetta Izabela Sarnowiak. We have a son, William 18 years old. We such farm in south west Poland Miedzylesie sudetian mountains . 3 km to railway station Domaszkow in walley. Train to Praha 140 km, to Wroclaw 130 km. We had to go away when jehova witnesses came too many times with axe in hand ´´go to finland, we kill you´´. They did such also to our hostel clients as . When nobody could be there, they use our lands and break our house. But we can see everything from the sky. Our demand to jehova witnes family ilnicki is 8 , 5 hectar land because of terrorism of 8 years

Part II .

war of arts

Proposition to President Andrzej DUDA

How to make POLAND first, the most glorius and big ?

My second wife Melika Ramouz comes from small city Takad, 30 km south of Agadir. Her family or kingdom of Marocco could make HIRE agreement of 1000 years with Republic of Poland . You could get 43 hectar nearby lovely subtropical beach Sidi Tual. We get such agreement, if landowner gets 45 % from 483 hotelrooms and ticket incomes to festivals. 10 % tax to commun sidi BIBI, 10 % to state of Marocco. King in this land is ciwilized intelligent person and 95 % of people respect him. Here is not coming any revolution , us army is closing border to Algeria. This is most safe place in the world.

From Russia come every month 50 empty ships to take fish and wegetables. They can start bring to habours of Portimao Al Hocema Agadir Sidi Ifni Dakhla –lot of pine wood and stone vuolukivi ( TULIKIVI in google )

Poland has very rich traditions and abilities in artesan works visual arts wood carving architectura . Also people in Marocco Afganistan Irak Syria are skillfull in such matters and finland can train 70 000 islamic people
to this project in agadir takad. Sun shine everyday and friendly islamic people not hate their sisters and brothers from Afganistan Syria Irag Libya . With polish people they can make these 69 houses and their interiörs —better as 50 states of America. ( style jugend art nouveau 1906 ) They can do it if president DUDA notice great possibility to make POLAND first, usa second.

To Agadir international airport come every year millions of travellers because here is nice climat also in winter. Very safe country and its more easy to get here people as to Poland .

Poland would win this WAR OF ARTS, if foreign buyers choose their products more as american models. Culture ministeria of Poland and all art academias could arrange very interesting happenings in Takad ´´ fort POLONIA´´. Best of polish cinema in large screen 50 x 80 mtr in dark soft magical Sahara evening. Best of polish jazz blues rock and roll. Thema weeks of classical music, festivals to friends of bier and irish folk music, russian quipsys etc.

3 km far in desert international competetions of speedway motocross judo aikido paint ball ..

Poland could sell more houses as americans . But if usa not even try and exhibition in Poland is made by union of 7 brothers Finland, Karelian republic , Mari, Inkeri, Estonia, Hungary and Turkey, Poland would be perhaps second in war of arts.

all 69 houses shall have in ground floor 7 rooms for travellers. With computer connection to world parlament 144 000

7. I agree this matter 100 % .
6. I agree this matter 80 %
5. I agree this matter 60 %
4. I agree this matter 50 %
3. I agree this matter 40 %
2. I agree this matter 20 %
1. I do not agree this matter at all .

I am  road, what  it means  is told  here


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