USA and Poland started 2003 big al qaida war, when UN said, dont do it. Crime was the same as Hitler did.

As compensation of illegal war USA must send to habour of Gdansk Poland and to habour of Portimao in Portugal 50 wooden loghouses with good interiörs from 50 states of America . Keltaiset ry opens exhibition willage in Portimao 43 hectar between beach Praya VAU and Rua Pedro Alvares Cabral Bemposta .

Second one in middle of Europa in sudetian mountains Gniewoszow ( german seitendorf ) 140 km to east from Praha. We show in these 2 places 365 days in year the best of american blues jazz country rock and roll, electronica, architecture , furnitures , artesan works , buildingmaterials , high class cinema literature theathre.

When lot of people visit these festivals and sleep in beautifull American houses, they choose from 50 models individual combination to their own lands. When such homes start rise up everywhere , as mushrooms after rain, America will be great and respected. Lot of good workplaces shall appear.

As compensation of illegal war , USA must design and pay costs of mur and those groundfloor 50 beton made hostels with 7 douple rooms, beds for 700 people in Poland Seitendorf ( Gniewoszow ) and in Portugal Portimao
State of Poland / commun Miedzylesie and Portimao camara give all permissions and owning of communal roads inside this 43 hectar

According these 50 samples, Association Keltaiset ry start massproduction of wooden loghouses furnitures electronica building materials and visual arts in Poland Domaskow railway station, in Marocco al Hocima and Agadir ( Takkad ) and in Portugal Portimao Bemposta
using Russian pine wood and TULIKIVI ( see google that name ) . We pay commission of 5 % to usa who sent first models for free

When culture association Keltaiset ry not demand any fiscal profit , this will be ciwilized leaded capitalism with no capitalist. When costs of product development , marketing , advertising and plans of logistica come to yellow network with 7 % commission , costs of production shall be 50 % smaller . Companies can pay good salaries to workers and sell such attractive American houses with very friendly prices.

With this method we can start rebuild ruinded Syria , Libya, Afganistan Irag and invite million exilers away from Germany and Skandinavia. Germany and Finland must invest money to this project to get forgiving to their crime

In Portugal owner of this 43 hectar is city of Portimao and it shall get 45 % from ticket incomes to great festivals.

In Poland landowners are private

On top of mountain 690 mtr high, farms of Stefania ilnicki 8,5 hectar and William / Viola Sarnowiak 34,5 hectar shall be joined and surrounded by mur 3,3 mtr high beton / nature stones, model jugend art nouveau 1906 . It was original style in old Seitendorf ( Gniewoszow ) . Nearby the mur 50 houses ( stone and beton ) bottom 169 sq meter 7 douple rooms jugend with bath for travellers 20 euros / day . 3 of these house shall come to lands of ilnicki , 47 to lands of William Sarnowiak and his mother

This farm 34,5 hectar is bought with money of Hannu Hietikko. Me and my new wife Melika want give owning of that farm to my son William Sarnowiak 96 % ly , 4 % ly to registered culture association Keltaiset ry ( Los Amarillos ) .

They take care of farm and pay 10 % tax to gminna Miedzylesie, 10 % to state of Poland. 5 % to producers in USA who has sent first models for free . 45 % from annual NETTO profit to our 17 years old son William Kasper Sarnowiak. He deal it 15 % to himself , 15 % to his mother , 15 % to his father. To 10 maroccian workers 5 % to each of them , 5 % to general costs of association. State of Poland must give wizums and work permissions to these 10 maroccians . We educate them how to start production in Marocco and in Palestine Gaza

To get second and III floor to these 50 hostels in Poland and in Portimao , USA must send to both of them for free 50 wooden loghouses from 50 states of America. Big sala 4 mtr high, bottom 169 sq meters . Exhibition of the best parts of American culture. In upstairs floor 7 douplerooms with bath. 20 euros / per day

Inside these 2 closed castles Keltaiset ry arrange great culture happenings. We can sell 10 000 tickets per day with 10 euros. We pay 10 % tax to commun Miedzylesie and 10 % to state of Poland. 10 % to state of Portugal , landowner city of Portimao shall get from ticket incomes 45 %

In these 2 places we can arrange thema-weeks for friends of classical music. For friends of JAZZ, Russian quipsy music, irish folk music, American country & western ,

1.5.-4.5. in Poland Miedzylesie and 9.-12.5 Portimao we want arrange WOODSTOCK 69 using cd originals and actors actrisses who not must be able to play or sing, but have sense of sweng and dramatica. They shall offer VISUAL SHOW with no electricity in microphones and instruments. This show we shall sell to tv companies in all world
Make yourself a big star , if you have similar outlook as VAN Morrison , ETTA JAMES , Canned heat , Johnny lee Hooker, Beatles, Charles mingus, Alex Harvey, Joan Baez, Sarah Waughan , Steve Windwood, Jim Morrison, Kentucky head hunters, CREAM, Ten years after , Kauko kayhko, Rolling stones, Woody Guthrie , King Crimson, Gratefull death , Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash , Emmelou Harris, Bob Dylan, M.A. Numminen, John mayal , WHO, Veera Telenius , KINKS, Santana, Janis Joplin, Black Croves, Lionel Hampton, Taneli Makela , Billie Holiday, CAMEL , Louis Armstrong , Glen Miller, Rory Callagher , Nancy Sinatra YES Allman Brothers etc. We pay honestly to holders of copyrights and sell a lot their original cd .

Some thema weeks in Miedzylesie Gniewoszow and in Portugal Portimao we shall dedicate to different kind of religious movements, to roman catholics, to orthodoxes and to protestants separately, own weeks to jehova witness, to Mormons etc. Rooms in American houses will be occupied in winter and in summer . Lot of people from all world see them and want buy to their own lands some furnitures, visual arts, home machines or all house. Low reputation of USA shall rise and lot of workplaces appear to 50 states of America, everywhere in Poland and in Portugal

Association Keltaiset ry has plan to produce a screen play what it means when previous polish pope John Paul II was leading 55 % polish citizens and 58 % portugalian citizens to pray, how Jesus Christ would come and start be common king in these 2 lands. In our fictive cinema this happens in Miedzylesie . When we spread this cinema to all world , lot of people want come to holiday to such place

who would like to see this film and this building project come true ,

please send fiscal help . Our account number

minister of economia HIETIKKO HANNU    Iban   FI90 5521 0720 1069 95


Before kingdom of heaven on the earth is possible
We must finish all christian churches and religions ( this
is written in the holy Bible ) We need general sin confession and the ´´last judgements´´

Prokuratura Rejonowa ul. Sempolowskiej 4, – 57-500 Bystrzyca Kłodzko Poland

In the night 28.3.2009 armed gangsters attacted to my farm in Miedzylesie Gniewoszow Poland and frighted away tenants and Robbed all valuable. Police of Miedzylesie did not come to make crime investigation, because they wanted everybody away from that farm. Police has got such order from Halina Cieplucha ul Bratyslawska 13 m 24 Lodz and her younger daughter Wiesa Cjazinska Lodz.

After team Viljakainen had to go away, holy Albert association from Wroclaw and were destroying 4 remonted buildings, stole everything . Police said how its not their responsibility to watch after anybodys private properity . But in this case state of Poland is responsible, because police Adam Polanski came to say 4.5.2005 how Hannu Hietikko NOT can be at my home. Without decision of court, police did not have right to spark me out from my house with order of Halina Cieplucha

This needs crime investigation

In august 2010 Dietmar Schuller from Nurnberg ( ), his friend bisnesman Pawel Boycoff and Kamila Michalowska from Wroclaw ( ) visited shortly my destroyed farm . Boycoff had said how all this destruction happened because Hietikko did not pay salaries to his workers. Network of jehowa witnesses Stefania ilnicki and Newspaper GAZETA BRAMA Miroslaw Awizen , ul Spadzista ½ 57 300 Klodzko were spreading from me terrible rascistic lies and insurance company ALLIANZ Wroclaw ul Ruska 8 refused to take responsibility , saying how Hietikko is ´´mentally ill ´´.

They had got such information from consulat of Finland in Warsawa , that Hietikko is 100% ly skitsofrenic, totally out of realities, but court psychiatric comitea of Klodzko said 2008 how its not true. Hietikko has no mental ilnes. But finnish consul said how Hietikko has paid to those court doctors to get such paper. This needs crime investigation because also doctors in Germany Löerrach , Spain Torremolinos and Sweden Södertälje say how Hietikko is not sick.

But still today in Finland, mad doctor of psychiatria and are sure that Hietikko has skitsofrenia. I haven’t done anything mad or illegal, its question about my political and religious opinions about Islamic people and this III world war. Poland and USA started it 2003, when united nations said NO, nie volno. Crime was same as Hitler did and more as million Islamic people are killed so far. The war is coming inside Europa and all houses in Miedzylesie shall be destroyed if police and procurator not investigate this matter

crime investigation is necessary

What comes to unpaid salaries, I never paid anything to our workers. Its true what mr Boycoff says. My polish talking wife, architect engineer Violetta Sarnowiak ( adres today Kivijärventie 300, 42700 Keuruu Finland ) made all agreements and paid all salaries during that 8 years 1998 -2005 . She did not fool anybody, but many people were fooling her. But if someone not has got, what was promised, he must write to architect Sarnowiak. She is 100% ly owner of that farm and if somebody not like Hietikko, there is no logical reason to break house of Violetta Sarnowiak.

She took from me divorce already 2006 and also she not like me, never want see me, our kidnapped son William never can see his father. Before we came to Poland, Violetta Sarnowiak made with me credit agreement in Helsinki law office 2.9.1996 , 870 000 euros. She was buying and repairing that old german farm with lended money . Farm and everything inside there, were quaranty of that credit. If she has not paid salaries to someone, Violetta Sarnowiak is responsible, not me.

She has no right to sell any part of land 34,5 hectar, nothing what belongs to that farm. As owner and credit taker Violetta Sarnowiak and her lawyer cousin Izabela Dzikowska ( in Finland ) are responsible to write in good polish to Prokuratura Rejonowa ul. Sempolowskiej 4, – 57-500 Bystrzyca Kłodzko Poland and demand crime trial about this all. If they not want do it and all crimes become juridically old, they carry responsibility

Me and my new wife Melika want give owning of that farm to my son William Sarnowiak 96 % ly , 4 % ly to registered culture association Keltaiset ry ( Los Amarillos ) . They take care of farm and pay 45 % from annual profit to our 17 years old son William Kasper Sarnowiak. He deal it 15 % to himself , 15 % to his mother , 15 % to his father. to 10 maroccian workers 5 % to each of them , 5 % to general costs of association.

Because there is danger of al qaida war in Miedzylesie, I wrote letter to Burmistr of and to
Doland Tusk, president of European council

Because boss of prokurators in Finland has made decision that ´´different thinker ´´ Hannu Hietikko has no police procurator healthy and consulat services in any lands of European union, procurators in 3 EU countries Finland, Poland and Portugal refuse to do their works.

Not any lawyer want help wictim of crimes who is ´´outlaw´´. If I not can get help, some problems can appear to , to german insurance company ALLIANZ and to courthouse of Jyväskylä Vapaudenkatu 54. When you read all this letter, you understand how and what for ?

This letter is sent by married couple , Malika Ramouz passport of Marocco VY 6045136 , Portugal wizum 122060 and citizen of Finland 011151-187 P Hannu Hietikko, ( born from jewish mother ) residence in Portugal E 1507795 Tax number 286014041 . ( Before Portugal, I was living 10 years in Poland and I still have there farm of 34,5 hectares in Miedzylesie. My polish pesel nr is 51110121659 ) I want go back to my home in Poland with my maroccian wife

Prokurator Finland Jyväskylä Sisä-Suomen syyttäjänvirasto Vapaudenkatu 54, 40100 JYVÄSKYLÄ
Finnish citizen Hannu Hietikko 011151 -187 P invited polish citizen architect / dipl. engineer Violetta Sarnowiak 28.03.62-252 L to my new house in Finland Porvoo in year 1987 . Violetta said how she not run away communistic society , but her parents in Lodz ul Bratyslawska 13 m 24 , who had been beating her brutally, when she was a child, until age of 16. German natzies were killing her grandfather and her father Wieslaw Cieplucha had to go to german school in age of 5 years.

German teachers were hitting hard to head polish boys to make them good natzies. They broke by hitting nucleous amount dish ( mantelitumalisäke ) and such people were all their live very humble in front of authorative ruling. When Wieslaw got his first child , ( my ex wife ) he did the same to her, almost every day. Emotionally cold mother never defended her child . That’s why Violetta was not able to go to work in Porvoo . She was very afraid of her boss , architect Arne Launos. Later Violetta started be afraid of me , believing how I am mentally ill and try to kill her


Finland did not want give to my wounded wife psychoterapia to win this problem. Riitta-Liisa Lahdelma said directly how ´´Kela not pay such expensive treatments to all kind of russians´´. Brother of this psychology Lahdelma, varatuomari Aimo Lahdelma said later how my sister has always been rascist. Because of this rascism , Violetta was killing by abortion our first child. She promised to make new one if we start live in Poland, where she could get better healthy services as child killing. When we invested all my properity to Poland 870 000 euros, and when our boy was 4 years old, Halina Cieplucha was ´´bulvan owner ´´ of our farm, because state of Finland had taken away Violettas polish passport. When she got it back 2002, her greedy , unhonest mother Halina Cieplucha did not want give owning of farm to her daughter.

She started blackmail how Violetta must kidnap my 4 years old son to Finland , to hidden address, start live with money of finnish taxpayers and say in finnish court how her parents had never done anything bad to her, all is fold of ´´mentally ill Hannu Hietikko ´´. And how our lands in Poland are bought with money of her mother. Because in Finland all is true what a woman says , in courthouse of Jyväskylä Vapaudenkatu 54, judge Erkki Marttila said 2010 without any investigation how Hannu Hietikko surely is mad ( just because of my outlook )

I could never any more see my kidnapped son . But in polish court of Klodzko 2005 -2008 they made serious court psychiatric investigation nr VI K 93 / 07 , reporting how Hietikko has no kind of mental illness, no criminal historia in any lands, no hidden agressions. Consul of Finland in Warsawa said how Hietikko has bought this paper with black money , but also doctors in Spain Torremolinos , Germany Loerrach and Sweden Södertälje said how Hietikko is not sick. Doctors of psychiatria Iiris Keränen and Tapani Luoto in Helsinki 2006 wrote how Hietikko has no mental ilnes , so did I pay corruption money to ALL of them ? This must state of Finland judge Erkki Marttila and doctor Antero Lassila explain in court of Portimao Portugal ( my new hometown ) and in court of Jyväskylä

( letter of Violetta Sarnowiak in year 2004 to police of Finland Arto Koivumäki in Jämsä explain everything ) ( Arto is son of my older brother Pentti Koivumäki )

Olin lapsuudessani kovan perheväkivallan uhri ja nyt kun on oma lapsi , nämä ongelmat vaativat työstämistä. Hannu on minua yrittänyt kovasti auttaa ja hän on tästä kaikesta joutunut hirveästi kärsimään . Ilmoitan kaikille teille kaikille Hannun perheessä, ettei meillä ole pienintäkään aikomusta tehdä avioeroa . Ja jos näin kävisi , totean että en aio vaatia häneltä yhtään mitään , koska tämä maatila on ostettu ja remontoitu Hannun varoilla, samaten kaupunkiasuntomme Helsingissä ja Wroclawissa.
Minä , Hannu tai William emme halua osallistua mihinkään minun perheeni tai Hannun perheen sisäiseen riitaan tai valtataisteluun, haluamme olla rauhassa. En aio osallistua suomalaisten enkä puolalaisten valtanaisten unioneihin jotka on suunnattu miestäni Hannua vastaan. ´´Kun isäsi Pentti vieraili Puolan talollamme jouduin olemaan 3 viikkoa terapiassa ja jatkan sitä yhä . Tämä johtuu siitä että olin lapsena pahoinpidelty ja nyt kun on oma pieni lapsi , nämä vanhat lapsuuden traumat tulevat esiin ja vaativat työstämistä. Tämä asia ei ole ollenkaan Hannun syytä, hän joutui kärsimään tästä paljon ja yritti auttaa monin eri tavoin. Äitini oli aika paljon syyllinen tässä pelissä , mutta hän aina syytti kaikesta vain isää ja hänen sukulaisiaan . Minä olin omalla pahuudellani aiheuttanut ankaran päähän hakkaamisen

This letter and also 105 pages in polish lanquage are in Finland Mänttä law office of . It must be translated to finnish and portugalian language . My son was living his first 4 years in Poland, according kidnapping agreement of Haag his matters must be handled in court of Klodzko. I demanded this already 2006 but they said in Finland how law of Haag is not valid , when father of child is mentally ill terrorist . Because this is not true, and because this teasing and mental terror of 12 years CAN make me mentally ill, consulat of Finland in Warsawa and Jyväskylä procurator must prevent it .

You must start process and demand it also from Poland
Prokuratura Rejonowa ul. Sempolowskiej 4, – 57-500 Bystrzyca Kłodzko Poland They must also investigate who was robbing and breaking childhood home of my son ? Few of them Kari Juhani Kekarainen, Erkko Välimäki, Anna Lassila and live in Finland . They were bringing to Finland what they stole from our house

Jyväskylä procurator wrote to me one week ago how NOTHING illegal has happened in extraordinary Finland . They think , that its not criminal when consulat of Finland in Rabat was preventing 6 years my new marriage with Melika Ramouz ? Not illegal when comisario Ismo Yijala and arrest me because of ´´wrong ´´ opinions and later refuse investigate their own crimes. ( waiting 8 years that all becomes juridically old ) . Nothing illegal has happened when lesbians of and take away good father from small boy. Its not illegal when socialboss breaks basic laws of Finland and banish finnish born man to Marocco. Its not illegal to kill almost 100 unborn children EVERY DAY .

Its not illegal to break kidnapping agreement of Haag , because Finland is ´´so much better ´´country as Poland. But its not true, finnish people are most miserable and sad in all Europa. They hate deeply themselves and each others , drink lot of alcohols and even in small willages as MÄNTTÄ, they have amfetamines, cocanine and heroin.

It comes from Germany in vacuum-packed letters. Dogs not smell. In Finland they call ´´culture ´´ and art all such meaningless stupid noise and rubbish what need people who have no courage or ability to be what they really are. To be able to enjoy such nonsense, must be strong narcotics. When I write like this, they gave me diagnose 100 % skitsofrenia. Never let me see my illegally kidnapped son. But all ciwilized people in Estonia and Russia know that Hietikko talk true in this matter.

Polish court psychiatric comitea in Klodzko says how Hietikko is NOT mentally ill, no skitsofrenia. Judge Erkki Marttila in Jyväskylä courthouse Vapaudenkatu 54 said how Hietikko surely is mad. Doctor Antero Lassila in Seinäjoki said 2 months ago in telephone ( without seeing me how Hietikko surely is mad ) Prokurator of Jyväskylä says how this is not illegal. Because I have not done anything mad or illegal, its question about my political and religious opinions . Because of them people in Mänttä said to me and my maroccian wife 25.8.2018 , how they KILL us , if we not go away. Also polish procurator said how my neighbours have rights to threaten me with killing

Prokuratura Rejonowa ul. Sempolowskiej 4, – 57-500 Bystrzyca Kłodzko Poland

They did not start any crime trial when POLICE Adam Polanski was sparking me 4.5.2005 away from my home where I had invested big money and 8 years work. Mother and sister of my polish ex wife in LODZ gave such order to police Polanski. They wanted to send my ex wife and my son to live with money of finnish tax payers and steal my investings in Poland to themselves. They promised to neighbour jehowa witnesses how they can use our lands and take wood from my forest , if those ilnickies take care that nobody can be in our house. What they did, you can see from those 40 photos attached. It was not illegal, says the procurator

It was not illegal when armed men attact in the night and rob my house when I was renting it . Their last attact happened 28.3.2009 ( witnesses, . ) Before 10 years pass by, procurator must act. Otherwise we ask help from al qaida Europa and new natzies. They can break and burn all 50 houses in that willage

When roman catholic church use satanistic methods, it’s a crime what NEVER becomes old. I have been writing about this already year 2000 2002 2005 many times to Vatican, to president of Poland and to primie minister Donald Tusk. Nobody has answered . In eastern mess, in year 1999, the priest of Gniewoszow – Rozanka was leading people like this, ” lets pray now all good to each others who are in this room , and later lets all together pray all BAD to those there who are not like us, aiming with his hand to direction of our house . Soon started cars burn and dogs get poison. Jehova witness family Illnicki came to say to us and to our agroturist clients how they kill us and burn this house if we not go away. Witness, many others.

Hoping bad together in bigger group against only foreigners in small mountain willage is serious ethnic crime and its also SATANISM . When roman catholic church do such , all this large organization is involved to satanism. It´s said how ´´ONE rotten apple can spoil big store of apples´´ . Also organization jehova witnesses international is involved to satanism . Police of Klodzko Marian Misiazek got photos, sound files and 4 witnesses from nightly attacts of Stanislaw and Samuel ilnicki 13.5.2007 , but police did nothing. Its fold of police if you not do your work and crimes become old , !

These people were not polish , after II world war Stalin was pushing to sudetian mountains lot of such folk from Kazakstan . They got the best german houses and a task to help communistic police of Miedzylesie to spy polish farmers, what they talk and what they eat. Allthough Poland was already eu country , such old power constructions were still existing in small mountain willage 4 km near border of Tsech Republic. State of Poland is responsible about this ! During years 1998 -2005 Stefania ilnicki made to police of Miedzylesie almost 50 requests of crime investigations from me and my polish ex wife Violetta Sarnowiak. We had to travel almost every week to police station to Miedzylesie, sit there many hours. Every time police noticed how we hadn´t done anything illegal but still in next week police took new raport from Stefania ilnicki. This was teasing and terror of the police . Ilnickies wanted us away from our home to be able steal wood in our forest. Police got some % from stolen wood

Prokurator office PORTIMAO Portugal Fernando Bruno Pinto, Palacio da Justica – Av Miquel Bombarda , 8500 960 Portimao , email

They had broken and robbed my house in Poland but they not can steal lands 34,5 hectar , if they not get my name. Because of this, polish gangsters attacted to our home in Portimao 7.7.2017. We told this to police and wrote in November 2017 to procurator how we are going to be 2 months in Morocco Agadir. If you want send us letters during December 2017 or January 2018 , please send them to Lissabon to consulat of Finland or to social office of Portimao. ( they promised to give us lawyer )

Prokurator office Bruno Pinto got this information from us in registered letter , in portugalian and in English. But sr Pinto sent to our house 9.1.2018 letter where was written how we must answer inside 2 weeks. Otherwise procurator do nothing and put our case to rubbish. They did this by meaning. Foreigners in Portugal have no human rights. Real estate Williams keller Ruth Alexandra was blackmailing and stealing from us 25 000 euros , but police said how blackmailing is not crime in Portugal. When noisy dogs not let us sleep in night , its not legal says the police. But they do nothing to finish it because such noise keeping belongs to culture in Portugal. When I was talking in local bar ´´sabores´´ , how it would be best of all to keep dogs silent, owner of that bar said that Hietikko is not welcome here, and how they have reported to police because of me. This happened 6.9.2017 , but police has not contacted me

When Portugal was inviting here foreign pensionists promising tax freedom of 10 years , it was fooling. Honour consulat of Finland in Quarteira and her unhonest secretar made big private bisnes with this matter , but they must have known that state of Finland would not accept it. When they said 13.6.2018 how this agreement ends 1.1.2019 , we were trying to sell our house in Portugal . But because Williams keller Ruth Alexandra was forcing illegally us to pay 25 000 euros extra , nobody want pay me the price what we self paid . Generally prices have been rising more as 10% during this time.

When people in Portugal and in Poland build their national identity to roman catholic church , Jesus said how we know the tree from its fruits ! These 2 lands are the most puor and most unhonest in Europa. Capital of trusting is missing totally, all are afraid and that’s why every house must have several big angry dogs . Pastor Josef Siemasz in Miedzylesie Poland said how only sick people need church and church try to keep people sick to be able to keep their money and power. People in Portugal are in bad condition, almost all smoke cigarettes and general moral is very low. They behave in traffic as satans , with no common responsibility . More as 90 % of real estate and insurance companies are banditos . In holy roman catholic land newspapers are full of pictures from naked ashes of prostitutians , OR foot ball heroes.

More terrible matter as noisy dogs , is radio and tv production in Portugal. Its made for total idiots and when people look and listen such shit , they become MORE stupid as they would be without such mental pollution. In every VEM or EVA bus, in every shop, in every restaurant, even in healthy centre or dentist everybody MUST listen such loud terrible MUZAK . Its not any FADO, its American styled monotonic screaming and shouting , industrially made SHIT for people who not understand real art , no real music. Portugalian people ( specially women ) have no inside peace, their identity is connected to clothes , hair and ash . Women in Portugal are nervous, even small moment of silentio makes them feel bad . They MUST listen such shit every moment and they not concentrate their work.

To person as me, who love real music , this is terrible. To sit 15 minut in Portimao bus makes me feel very bad. My family doctor Elena Tsyba promised arrange me time to doctor of psychiatria. I shall go to him tomorrow 14.11.2018 . When I descripe these problems, im sure that its not question only about me. These matters are problem to EVERYBODY. If people NOT can sleep, they start feel bad . Not only me. Nobody else has courage to say it aloud !

Police of Poland Adam Polanski and local mafia has said that Hietikko not can be in Poland ( never ) . Prokurator Beata Jelinska said 2008 that it is so because Hietikko talks too much truth . Police of Finland has said 20.7.2018 that my wife not can be in Finland during next 5 years. They kept me 3,5 years in crime court in Klodzko Poland , police of Finland has arrested me 2 times, banished my wife and I never can see my only child , but nobody has said what illegal we have done? Its question about our common political and religious opinions.

I have been writing how Poland and USA made same crime as Hitler did , when they started big al qaida war in year 2003 , without respecting united nations, who said ´´ no, don´t do it ´´. Also Spain is involved to this huge crime and if court of HAAG for war criminals NOT shall be opened soon, something very serious can happen to turist bisnes of Costa de sol .

About religions, I have been writing how roman catholic priests are dirty perverse porks , who eat pork, smell pork and wrape children and teach how all 1,6 milliard muslimanes belong to fire of hell. This is the reason what for Europeans and americans have been starting so many brutal wars against Islamic people. They want oil and minerals, of course , but they find reason to such crimes from wrongly understood words of Jesus Nasaretian. ( pirut lukevat raamattua omalla tavallaan )

1,6 milliard Islamic people all belong to fire, because they not believe such nonsense that KILLING somebody and drinking his blood can make people free from their sins ( negative karma ) Also I have said how Jesus is not ded , only tortured , they did not break his bones in Golgata. He is in SAMADHI , TUONELA, Bardo , Lethe, its area between living and ded people. Its possible to be there many thousand years and come back to living people. If somebody is really ded, as prophet Muhamed, he never comes back. But Jesus is ´´sleeping ´´, this is written in Coran. He will come and start peace of 1000 years. He has promised to come back when people are ready to finish all Christian churches and religions. But those busters are not ready to loose their money and power , before al qaida international really KILL them all. ( endlösung musta surma )

I have not done anything mad or illegal, no traffic accidents, but because of my opinions lawyer Aila KOULU, religious police Markus Korhonen and mad doctor of psychiatria were capturing me 2,5 months in closed hospital and forced me to eat lobotomia chemia , made sexual violence during narcosa. Because doctors in Poland , Sweden, Germany , Spain and Marocco say how Hietikko has no psychiatric illness, I asked mr Lassila to give arguments. He must explain what is sick in my thinking ?

Ministeria of social and healthy matters says how dr Lassila and his supervisor are responsible answer ! But they not want do it , because they cant ! Those 2 break the laws and not let me never see my son . But they break kidnapping agreement of HAAG. My son was living his 4 first years in Poland Miedzylesie. His matters not belong to finnish court at all. Psychiatric court comissio of Klodzko and has reported how Hietikko has NO kind of mental illness , but in Finland they say how Hietikko has 100% skitsofrenia ! ( 24 hours outside of real realities )

Anyhow I have been driving with heavy bike around world, without accidents. Doctors in Poland Klodzko , Germany Löerrach and Sweden Södertälje say how it would not be possible if someone suffer about even 1 % skitsofrenia ! Motorcycle man can not drop out of real realities , not even in time of half second . We have evidences how Finland is quilty to serious crimes of human rights and investigator Markku Salo said in TV 2007 how such cases happen in Finland more as 1000 ! When I have residence in Portugal, our russian family doctor Elena TSYBA must arrange investigation. State of Finland must pay the costs
This psychotherapia / analyza must happen 2 times per week , 1.12. – 31.5 in Marocco , Agadir by English talking doctor

1.6. – 30.11 . In Portugal, Madeira . It may take several years, because we talk about very deep and complicated matters. The results must be handled in court of Portimao, in front of international media. Its time to confess that there is something very sick and mad in ways of thinking in Europa and America. What happened during last 100 years in Europa, its really horrible. And they have not learn anything,

something is basicly wrong and mad in people, all of them would need therapia said Yrjö Kallinen . Government of Finland gave him punishment of death because of such talking. Finland has been killing own citizens more as Russians killed us in winter war. When they not any more can use machine guns , they use false psychiatria and lobotomia chemia of . This is our national ashame , says investigator Salo

Prokurator Finland Jyväskylä Sisä-Suomen syyttäjänvirasto Vapaudenkatu 54, 40100 JYVÄSKYLÄ

When me and my wife were last summer 2 months in Finland and when we were talking about such matters to people in Mänttä they became extremely angry. Doctor of psychiatria and asked policecomisario to make me silent. When Mr Aaltio did not want do anymore such mistake, people in Mänttä said to me and my wife how they want KILL us and all Islamic people in Mänttä. Comisario started crime investigation nr 5680/R/87662/what for people in Mänttä want kill or banish away all Islamic people and different thinker Hietikko ? is responsible to give us lawyer and this question must be investigated in court of Finland in wholistic, total ways. If they not want, to Jyväskylä courthouse start happen something what told social worker ULLA SINIKKA at her home Suvantotie 7 Jyväskylä . My Islamic supporters can start some activities also in Portimao if procurator office Bruno Pinto , Williams keller and insurance LIBERTY praya rocha not start confess human rights of different thinkers . Ana Fonseca from Santander Totta bank and finnish people and have been asking police of Portimao to arrest me. What for, this needs to be investgated , because of similar reasons they have arrested me in Finland several times.

Im telling about this more in finnish lanquage in my letter to procurator . You will find it from Under title ´´ syyttää ja raa-vituttaa ´´

Chef of police Jose Marques and our family doctor Elena Tsyba in Portimao know where we live now, but finnish magistrat Hyvinkää Marjo Valkonen has made decision 789- 2014 -165 /Tu-1 how our adres must be TOP SECRET.

Family of my polish ex wife in LODZ has motivation
of 1,53 million euros to KILL me and Melika ,- or to frighten us to sign under that we have no demands from that farm in Miedzylesie. I have papers made in law office in Helsinki 2.9.1996 how all investing to Poland was 100% ly Hietikkos money. I have marriage agreement in Finland Porvoo Osuuspankki, made by lawyer Mikko Vartiainen in march 1987 how NOTHING belongs in divorce to my polish wife Violetta Cieplucha – Sarnowiak.

We both have only one child , which is common, born 28.3.2001. Me and Melika want give owning of that farm in Poland to my son

But mother and sister of my polish ex wife Violetta Sarnowiak has been asking police Adam Polanski to spark me away from my home. They have been sending armed gangsters to frighten me with killing several times in Poland , also in Spain Torremolinos 10.11.2010 , police investigation Instructor 77189 , secretario 100216 , Atestado nr 14.883 .

In Portugal Portimao 7.7.2017 . Chef of police Portimao Jose Marques started crime investigation NPP 398933/2017 NUIPC 001298 / 17.0 PAPTM.

Social office of Portimao opened case ´´Proteccao Juridica ´´ and ordem dos advocados ( lawyers association ) gave us advocate Doctor of law Andreia Cintra, Rua do comercio 72 – 2 andar,- 8500- 633 Portimao. She was reading us letter from procurator office 3176/ 174 T 9 PTM where they say how procurator is not going to do anything , because we not KNOW, who were those 2 polish gangsters.

We not know personally all members of polish international mafia , but we know who was sending them . Who had motivation to such ?

Roman catholic pastor Josef Siemasz, advocate in Wroclaw and all willage of Gniewsozow know how planners of this crime are these 3 women

1) cousin of my ex wife, advocate Izabella Dzikowska Pomorska 40 91408 Lodz
2 ) Mother of my exwife , Halina Cieplucha ul Bratyslawska 13 m 24 90900 Lodz
3 )Sister of my exwife , Wiesa Czjazinska Language school ´´perfekt okei ´´ ul Mickiewicza 15 a Lodz Her husband Pawel Czjazinski has self told how he belongs to mafia of Lodz

Robert Furtak and 2 other policemen from Miedzylesie told to me and to Piort Piaskus in august 2009 how Halina Cieplucha and Wiesa Czjazinska has given order to police to spark Hietikko away from my farm and all Poland. They told how police has got such letter. But when mr Piaskus asked police to send xerocopy from that letter , their legal responsibility would have been to give it during 2 week. Police did not have any letter from Halina Cieplucha. Order was given in telephone, and there are no evidences. Halina Cieplucha says that police tells big lies and they belong self to mafia of Borisko in Miedzylesie. This same confirm organ player of roman catholic church , Adam Zaba. His talking is in C cassette what I left to advocate Tuula Mansikka in Finland. Also I gave it to head police of Silesia in Wroclaw ul Podwala 9 years ago. But they do nothing

Whatever is true about stories of Halina Cieplucha and 3 policemen, it´s sure that without any decision from the COURT, police in EU country has no rights to come to say to legal EU citizen, ´´go away from your house and give all to banditos of Borisko – Bogdanowitz ´´. Employer of police ( state of Poland ) must pay me all damages and losses in that farm , repairing of 4 buildings )

I had rent agreement of 30 years and credit paper where was said how it was all MY investing . My ex wife Violetta Sarnowiak was responsible to give it to me , when I had permission to be owner. Advocat Jaroslaw Krotlinski got such paper from court of Warsawa 2007 , but Halina Cieplucha did not want give it to me. Not to my son William. Because of this contract fault , credit saldo 870 000 euros has been growing 7 % ( 60 900 e ) per year . 1.1.2019 it is 1,53 million euros and that’s reason to polish mafia to kill me and Melika

Violetta Sarnowiak was trying to lie to court of Finland 2011 how lands of that farm 34,5 hectar are bought with money of her mother Halina Cieplucha. This is clearly telling who is behind these crimes ? Who was sending 28.3.2009 two armed gangsters in night to frighten away 2 finnish tenants and Police of Miedzylesie did not want to come to make crime investigation and wice consul Christina Bergenström said how their responsibility is to make notification NOOTTI to administration of Poland. But consul did not want to take so terrible work . That’s why state of Finland carry responsibility losses of 2,18 million euros.

Consulat of Finland in Warsawa must demand Prokuratura Rejonowa ul. Sempolowskiej 4, – 57-500 Bystrzyca Kłodzko Poland to start crime trial before march 2019 , when this matter becomes juridically old

When gangster team, organ player of roman catholic church and holy Albert association were destroying our farm in winter 2009-2010 , I had expensive full value insurance in ALLIANZ ul Ruska 8 Wroclaw. But when I informed them 2010 about damages, pani Anja sent me sms´´ do not try to fool us, you creisi man, go to psychiatry´´ ( Police of Finland Keuruu Kimmo Rytkönen has got this sms. ) Allianz has got such information from consulat of Finland in Warsawa

But psychology Mariuz Border in Wroclaw said how Hietikko is NOT any creisi man, and insurance company has no rights to such talking. And even if someone would be sick, its not any reason to cancel home insurance. I have nothing to do with those damages,

I was living in Marocco 2009-2010 when it happened. All willage and priest know who did it and if they not tell it to procurator, they are all involved to bad crimes
in Poland abortion is a murder , never becomes juridically old. It happened in Finland hospital of Porvoo but ORDER to do it was given from Poland , Lodz. Mother of my ex wife did not want that we make child in Finland and stabilize our living there. We had to come to Poland and sell all Hietikkos properity in Finland . After that Halina Cieplucha was ruling my weak ex wife to steal our second boy to Finland to secret adres. To lie in court that Hannu Hietikko is mentally ill and all our lands in Poland are bought with money of Halina Cieplucha.

Stealing a son shall be punished by death according law of islam . Also in my bank in Mänttä said how people who steal children , should be killed. This crime is all the time actual, during summer 2018 and did not let me see my kidnapped son any moment. Those evil women shall be killed if state of Finland not pay compensations. My demand to state of Finland is one million euro to Hannu Hietikko, 200 000 e to my ex wife Violetta, 200 000 e to my new wife Melika, 560 000 e to my son William. Alltogether 1,96 million euros plus costs of lawyers

I have also some other claims

In Spain 2010 police of Torremolinos said to me how they not have capacity to quarantee my security if I not do what Halina Cieplucha and her finnish lawyers and want. I had to run away to Marocco and I paid big money to law office Tel 0034 952 771213 fax 0034 952 826 861 Eduard Gonzales adva Playas Andaluzas 38 29600 Marbella Malaga. They took my power of attorney and promised to put all to court of Strasbourg, because court of Finland and Poland both refuse to act. But sr Gonzales did nothing, just stole my last money. In summer 2016 me and Melika visited Marbella police station and they promised to start crime investigation, what for sr Gonzales behaves like a bandito ? But during 2 years we have not heard anything from Marbella police. Spain is also strongly roman catholic land where is no kind of moral, no justice. Very brutal historia and too proud noisy people

15.3.2015 I started to live in Portugal and made tax agreement of 10 years. State of Portugal promised to carry responsibility about our healthy matters and juridical shelter. I got letter to Portugal Faro from office of Donald Tusk 1.12.2015 . They said that matters in Poland, Spain and Finland must go immediately to court of Strasbourg.
Advocat Ivo Belchior Dias ( ) in Portugal Faro took 1.12.2015 decision of Helsinki highest court october 399/2015 and letter form office of Donald Tusk in Bryssel . Sr Dias promised to put cases Poland and Finland to court of Strasbourg, He took also money, power of attorney and 32 pages apostilled in Evora october 2015 . But after honour consulat of Finland and advocate were discussing with Sr Dias , they decided put my case to rubbish. He did not give back money and material.

When his assistant started say how sr Dias carry responsibility from this matter , he loosed immediately his workplace.We claim Giselia Farias ( state of Finland ) and Ivo Belchior Dias to responsibility , to get this all to Strasbourg court. Ordem dos advocados gave us to this problem lawyer Padhilo Brito in Portimao , tel 282 401 419. Sr Brito promised to put advocate Ivo Belchior Dias to responsibility . But we haven´t heard anything from him

Holy Albert association in Wroclaw ( ) Jazek Kolodzied and his friends ( in photos attached ) said in august 2009 , how maroccian AL QAIDA can come and KILL the priest and nun , if that association not take good care of our farm during next 30 years. What they did, you can see from those pictures. Me or my wife not give orders to kill anybody or to do anything else illegal. We have legal right to tell what has happened

Police Adam Polanski came to say me 4.5.2005 how Hietikko must go away from my house where I had been investing all my money from Finland , 870 000 euros. Price of 3 apartments in middle of Helsinki and new house 235 sq meters in Porvoo. I have credit agreement made in law office in Helsinki 2.9.1996 where is written how family of my polish ex wife must give me owning of this farm, immediately when I have permission from court to be an owner.

Advocat Jaroslaw Krotlinski got such paper from court of Warsawa 2007 , but my exwife and her family did not give it to me, not to our common son . Only armed banditos came to frighten everybody away from that house. When nobody cant be there, jehova witness family ilnicki use our fields and forests

My ex wife was killing our first son, stole an other one and robbed properity of her child to her greedy mother and ´´kxrva´´ sister. Their assistants family ilnicki started against me big crime trial. Prokurator kept me , victim of crimes in court 3,5 years but could not say what illegal Hietikko had done . ( crime trial nr VI K 93 / 07 . I had to come there from aboard 4 times and nobody paid to me costs of my journeys and advocate .Mr Abresz got from me big money and he is responsible to start new trial against family of Stefania ilnicki. She wrote to procurator of Bystrzyca Kłodzko in may 2005 how Hietikko is mentally ill terrorist who hurts honour of Stefania ilnicki .

I had to be in court psychiatric investigation during next 3 years and they reported in march 2008 how Hannu Hietikko is NOT mentally ill person. Hietikko has not hurted honour of Stefania ilnicki. My claim is 400 000 euros or 8,5 hectar land with farm buildings, plus costs of lawyer

Stealing a son and destroying his childhood home shall be punished by death according law of islam According kidnapping agreement of HAAG, not even own mother has right to do such . Roman catholic priest Josef Siemasz can tell how there is one, the same reason what for my polish ex wife Violetta Sarnowiak killed my first son with abortion and what for she stole an other boy. Because of this same reason she was asking several times police of Finland to arrest and banish away Hietikko ( who helped her 1987 to Finland from communistic closed Poland. ) Because of this same reason, she was trying to lie to finnish court ( how our lands 34,5 hectar are bought with money of her mother Halina Cieplucha. Abort is same as murder according law of Poland and Marocco. Never comes juridically old. Its specially big crime, when there are such reasons behind. If procurator not want start process about these matters, you make yourselves quilty to very bad matters

Dr Cintra was reading to us letter from Portimao procurator and told that we must go to Finland and ask shelter place of political exiler. We went there 16.5.2018 and our last address was Sarakatu 6 A 8 , 35800 Mänttä Finland. But after 2 months decided to banish Malika Ramouz away from Finland during next 5 years.
( Decision nr 2793770 , Diaari nr 1622/210/2018 ) .

I had to go also because I not want live without my wife . ( we have been together 10 years ) They gave to Melika Ramouz English talking LAWYER and all our official mail should go to her , Tuula Mansikka , post box 69 , 35800 Mänttä Finland

Because Finland is sure that Hietikko is 100% invalid , I left them power of attorney that my wife and her lawyer can take care also my juridical matters . is responsible to take care of my case in Poland. He has my power of attorney, he speak English. Doctor of law Andreia Cintra got paper from social office 2018 and promised take care of this case in Portugal .

her adres is Dr Cintra , Rua do comercio 72 – 2 andar,- 8500- 633 Portimao Tel 00351 282 482 350 . She also speak English

I was in India Kerala 1990-1993 . President of Indian yoga doctors association K.U.Sathyanath was teaching me old hindu traditions, white magia,  yogic psycho analyza  and ´´prakash yoga´´ ( prakash means light ) .  If you want study these matters,  send your real  name , day of birth and email  to  and  pay 10 euros to

HIETIKKO HANNU    Iban   FI90 5521 0720 1069 95


This doctor was talking lot of same matters as Jesus Nasaretian, saying how we should be free from all emotions  and find our real existence ´´christus in nobis, atman , aton, das Ding an sich. We should turn all upside down , love our enemies and try to do to them so much good as they had done bad. It will create such forces, that nobody can win us.

Last 10 years I have been living in Islamic north Africa and I have been trying to teach this filosofia to maroccian al qaida and to Bin Laden junior, who is planning to destroy USA and its allies.

Before we can start hope good to our enemies , wrong matters must be confessed. We need to open court of Haag for war criminals.

´´al qaida ´´ war was started in year 2003 by Poland and USA, when united nations said NO, don´t do it. This crime is same as Hitler did and weapon industry of Finland got from Poland the biggest client in their historia. They forgot law of Finland, its forbidden to sell weapons to land who is running illegal war.

Crime is very serious , more as million people are ded , several million loosed their homes and come to ask help in west Europa and Skandinavia. Many of them want start Islamic revolution in Finland Poland Sweden Germany France. Al qaida war comes inside Europa if we not finnish it now. Germany forgot what they swore in Nurnberg 1945 .They would NEVER again send armed people outside their borders.

Confession in America has began, Poland Finland and Germany should do the same . 2 months ago president Trump said how starting of this war was biggest mistake in historia of USA. ( bigger as Vietnam ) 1,5 million dollars has been wasted and million people ded. Court of war criminals must be opened in HAAG.



14.11.2018 in Portimao Melika Ramouz Hannu Hietikko

Tekijä: hannu

im jewish man born in finland 1.11.1951 but they banished me to west sahara ten years ago because of my ´´wrong opinions ´´ saying how hietikko is mad 100 % out of realities and never can see my only child in Doctors in marocco portugal germany not see any mental sickness in me but serious crimes of human rights in finland


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