ylioppilaat, asettakaa tavoitteenne korkealle lausui J V Snellman.

ylioppilaat, asettakaa tavoitteenne korkealle lausui J V Snellman.   On  sanottu  ettei  meille  koskaan  anneta  mitään  unelmaa–ilman  että saisimme  voiman  tehdä  se  todeksi .Mutta  älä seuraa  vieraita   lippuja,  vain  omaasi ,  ota  siihen  värkkiä  isältäsi, suunnitelmista kuinka  panna  maa  omaisuuttasi  tuottamaan 

 EI ole viisasta eikä luonnon mukaista ruveta homoksi, mutta naiset ovat miehiä kavalampia saatanoita. Niiden kanssa on oltava tarkkana, sillä kuten isäsi tapauksesta nähdään, miehillä ei akka-fasistisessa Suomessa ole mitään ihmisoikeuksia. Ota islamilainen  vaimo,  ne ei  hypi  silmille mutta älä  mene naimisiin tai tee lapsia, ennenkö olet 30 v. Olet komea poika ja tytöt tykkää, ole hellä mutta käytä AINA kumia, kuten isäsikin teki kun painin ainakin sadan akan kanssa ( ennen äitisi Suomeen tuloa 1987 )   Minä olin hänelle 18 vuotta uskollinen, mutta äitisi alusta alkaen pelasi puolalaisen äitinsä, sisarensa ja kommunistisen ajan moraalin omaavan lakimiesserkunsa peliä.  Syystä että äitiparkaasi oli  lapsena kodissaan hakattu. ( pahasti ja usein ) Tuo äitisi serkku Lodzissa on niin raaka psykopaatti, että pani vanhan äitinsä oikeuteen voidakseen ryöstää hänen rahansa. Puolalaisten  naisten  tapaan  äitisi yrittää  pitää ikuista valtaa eikä anna edes soittaa  isällesi.  Älä suostu enää akka- vallanpitoon  vaan  itsenäisty
–lue  isäsi   peloton kirje kuninkaalle. Uskon  ettei moni muu  suomalainen  olisi islamilaiseen  maahan  koronan  takia  vangiksi jääneenä  noin roisiin  kielenkäyttöön  rohjennut. Se käännetään  kokonaisuudessaan arabiaksi Agadirin  käräjäoikeutta  varten. Ehkä  myös venäjäksi. Äitisi sanoi  että  Hannun  on  tämän vuoden  loppuun  mennessä  saatava 14  vuotta auki  ollut  perhe oikeudellinen  asia prosessiin. Sen  takia sinulta  otettiin  kokonaan  pois  oma  isä  ja  islamilaisen  lain  mukaan  se  on  paha  juttu. Mutta sua tai  äitiäsi ei  syytetä,  vaan  niitä  suomen  sosiaalirikollisia  kuten katja ekfors jotka rikkoivat  Haagin  kidnappaussopimusta ja pakottivat rehellisen  violan 18  vuoden  jälkeen   avioeroon  ja  valehtelemaan  oikeudessa  

Respected king Muhamed VI and government of Maroc.

Im citizen Finland 011151 187 P , residence in Maroc 11 years married with agronom Melika Ramouz in Agadir sidi Bibi Takad. 00212 615 700 148.

I need help from MAROCCAN ministery of healthy and family -juridica, consulat Finland says that YOU are responsible to solve this matter. ( because of korona lock ) But Finland Rabat consulat must PAY this investigation and make exact translation to arab from this letter finnish and english parts . It comes out how finnish ev lut priest, teacher of christian religion Arvo LUSA in Kauhajoki lyceum babtized jewish Hietikko to be a musliman. I was 12 years old, as my son in that photo 2012, when i saw him last time, one hour in social system SS office of teija.hollo@tetuko.fi Tampere.

Arvo LUSA gave me always best numbers in
religion, and i went to Helsinki university teological. But they did not accept me very long, when I honestly said that im jewish musliman. And i not believe that death of Jesus not save anybody from sins, because he did not die in that tortura. He is in area between ded and living people, its possible to be in that samahdi bardo lethe tuonela 2000 years , and come back with 144 000 saints. Ded people, as prophet Muhamed not come back, Allah Jahve is sending to world King of all Kings who start world government 144 000

Finland not like different thinking, they say that Hietikko is 100% ly mad and during 14 years father and son could not see each others, not even call. But psychiatres in Agadir Germany Poland Spain and Sweden not find any mental ilnes in me. Only finns see it, in Bible and CORAN is same law, if you say to your brother, you mad, you mentally ill, you pull on yourself punishment of hell. Because court of Jyväskylä judge Erkki Marttila and lawyers assocation info@VALVONTALAUTAKUNTA.fi talk such nonsense , not let me see my boy, punishment of hell comes to Finland in collective ways–If this matter not shall be soon corrected

Annika.Damstrom@yle.fi ( harlot of Babylon ) works in finnish televisio. She is responsible to make program what for in Finland , more as 1000 ( too healthy )men, proud american styled ´´ plastic ´´ natzi women capture and poisnon to large mental hospitals as t12@epshp.fi ( witness investigator Markku Salo ( toimisto@mtkl.f )

Marocco is responsible from my healthy, you must investigate these crimes of human rights , but Finland pays 70 e / hour to police detectives , 200 e / hour to lawyers and doctors.

Sanna Marin is pronauncing finnish lanquage with american akcent, trying to be modern. This plastic doll is in too big boots -She is very proud, when SDP mafia suddenly made her primie minister. There is no reason to empty proudness when they use same methods as Stalin, but everything has its END.

Good translation to arab from this homepage we also use in magazine Les Jaunes Jeunes and in book TUNTEMATON POTILAS , re come of son of GOD of thunder , Rutja von Donnerwetter, ukkosen jumalan pojan jälleenpaluu arabiaksi panee 1,8 miljardia rättäriä nauramaan ja ostamaan Pohjois Suomen 96 ssa kunnassa ( wäinölässä ) valmistettuja tuotteita. Korskea jenkkimallinen muovikummitus Annika Damström ja YLEN johtaja voisivat suuresti auttaa Pohjois Suomea mutta heidän typerä koppavuutensa tekee heistä tyhmiä ja huoran näköisiä

Suoraa puhetta Susanna Päivärinnasta SECOND MATTER–Finland needs 19.6- 16.9 professional farm workers ( every summer )15 000 . My wife is agronom who has worked 20 years in big plantaase in Biougra. She know good workers and tractor drivers from this korona free region sub tropical. They must get 3000 e plus free flight food and room ( or tent with good madras and sleep back )

Finns must create methods how to continue life , when EU is emperor without clothes , when all depends on communistic China. Here in Maroc such theoria is forbidden in law, allthough flag is purpura red, same as soviet unon. Maroc would be better partner , big enough to small Finland could send machines of  factories to Agadir,start manufacture bicycles shoes telephones computers furnitures electric cars and scooters , electric  installation material  to  all african  and  near  east  markets. We need young educated maroccians to run this bisnes and they can get 3800 e / month. In beginning 1000 e. BMW Munchen can send machines to RE start production of best motorbike in world, R 800 basic Paris Dakar. We put it run with ekological cannabis oil , its smoke cleans air

Level of education in Maroc is high, but most of them never get any job . Finland Poland Germany and Maroc could help each others and forget that fucking islam hate ! In Agadir is no korona and also Finland has managed quite well, because they always keep 5 mtr distance to other people

thats why rojal airlines is interested to RE start trafic with Finland ONLY
–if those idiots understand this possibility

Workers in agadir factories  can  get  in  beginning  700 e / month  plus 300  e  to  social  insurance.  Later  much  higher . According rules of UKTJ ( new system ) Marocco takes 20 % tax from salares ,

tax 20 % of nettoprofít from Agadir Sidi Ifni Takad factories , shall be paid to BMW Germany ( motorbikes ) home production to Finland in equal parts to 96 communs of north Finland. They develope more and more qenius projects , finns are very clever and highly educated. Its equally big land as Maroc, not try to be big proud colonialist. Together we could do big matters, but problem is general ISLAM HATE. Finland is very strongly under american media power, we need methods of culture ( media and Marrakech cinema institut ) to take away this hate. Maroccian people are very nice, there is no reason to hate them.

I was before 18 years married with polish architect Violetta Sarnowiak. She and our 19 old son William live in Finland Keuruu forest . Our 34,5 ha in south west Poland Miedzylesie  gniewoszow 6  is standing alone. Melikas family in south Maroc are farmers who have also 34,5 ha and we put them both to top
condition–Maroccian and polish family both have 40 % shares
–5 % we share with 7 million and give to russian forest owners. They have rights to control our bisnes and get , good price from wood and TULIKIVI ( see google ) We offer 3 % to lawyer in Maroc , 3 % to lawyer in Russia 3 % to lawyer in Poland 3 % to lawyer in Israel 3 % to OULU ROVANIEMI KOKKOLA keskuskauppakamari . These 5 shoud be government of Juha Tuotanto oy Jan Production

Rules of this company shall not accept any risks or credits. We have real properity , we have lot of clean water and capacity to food production, nice places for large festivals of JOY –when korona war is over

this belongs also to culture ministeria on GERMANY , because its question about culture historically valuable 4 buildings , family Gebhards in sudetian mountains ( II world war started there, and it can happen again something bad if ALLIANZ and panstwo Polska not feel any responsibility

We need help from ministeria Marocco and Poland to make such agreement

Violet house groundfloor 800 sq mtr owning shall be written 96 % ly to my ex wife and her family in Lodz. ( Keltaiset ry owns 4 % and prevents selling ) She will get also 1200 m land around statue of Holy Maria and 1400 m outside of her sleep room window

II floor in violet house to family of Melikas brother A. Azlak .
III and IV floor and 1/ 4 from northern house II floor
96 % owning to Melikas uncle from Marakech . Land 2500 m

Small green house 80 m and northern house groundfloor 96 % owning to Hannu Hietikko and my son William

Northern house upstairs 3 / 4 400 sq mtr to family of professor Ahmed Rakibi . Land 2500 m

Yellow house groundfloor 800 sq mtr to House Company jet sakan argana, home 170 m of Joe s family.

Yellow house II, III and IV floors 96 % owning to  family of seacaptain Bechir Rakibi. Land 2500 m . ( Perma culture association Keltaiset ry owns 4 % and prevents selling )

Rakibi family gives owning of old Rakibi house in Takad and 0,75 hectar land to Hannu Hietikko and my son William – I give to 3 Rakibi brothers 0,25 ha each north side of these houses

Fadma Rakibi gives me and my son William land 1,8 ha in takad haba , i give her 1,8 ha eastern corner ´´stara lipa ´´. We need there 4 building permissions to loghouses bottom 169 m and 3,3 mtr mur around. Sidi Bibi gives to haba 4 building permissions to loghouses bottom 169 m and 3,3 mtr mur around.

1,69 ha in north eastern side of the hill shall be owned 48 % ly Hannu Hietikko 48 % ly William Sarnowiak . We need there 7 building permissions to loghouses bottom 169 m and 3,3 mtr mur around. ( Keltaiset ry owns 4 % and prevents william and his children all selling next 1000 years ) First floors of 7 houses are made from beton, nature stones, bottom 169 sq mtr, model jugend art nouveau 1906, 3,8 m high rooms , 7 douple rooms for travellers 20 e / day with bath. Common sauna aitokiuas AK 57. Doors of 49 hotel rooms open only to outside from the castle and there are stages of orchestras. Inside castle William 1,69 hectar seven houses are for him and his children. One for Williams father and Melika.

Myös violetta ja puolisonsa saavat Williamin linnasta yhden talon, jahka lopettavat vihanpidon

We need wizums and work permissions to Poland to 55 people.
Poland shall get from Maroc 55 wizums and work permissions to their team ´´centre of polish culture ´´

Fadma Rakibi family needs 7 wizums to Poland, her daughters Melika and Sahra 3 children and Hietikko. 7 people from family of sea captain Bechir Rakibi are his son Mustafa, his wife , 2 children and parents of Mustafas wife. Team JOE 7 people are his wife, 4 children and brother Ibrahim, who is not married.

7 wizums to Melikas brother A. Azlak , his wife, 3 children  and 2 cousins. Young men are not married and find their wifes in Poland from Domaszkow Poremba Miedzylesie or from family of Wieslaw Cieplucha / Janina Sarnowiak in Lodz.
14 young men from families of professor Ahmed Rakibi and Marrakech uncle . They find polish wifes learn lanquage and get integrated to polish family in natural ways.
In this way we show very peacefull and ciwilized example from positive co operation between islamic and roman catholic land
we need lawyer to make such agreement, please call me
00212 615 700 148 .

we need  help from government of Maroc and our Majestet to invite estonian russian hungarian german jewish finnish and polish people to play new kind of korona game– sampo plussumgame. There is no loosers in this rulet

to get BUILDING PERMISSIONS, we make to Poland offer where is not possible to say no

Perma culture association keltaiset ry offer to Poland agreement of 1000 years , 10 e / year. Argan park 30 ha  in south Marocco 3 km from subtrobical beach sidi Tual. ( farm of Melikas family ) (Argan oil is very good to healthy and beauty) . Polish producers shall get  69 buildings permissions for houses and mur 3,3 mtr around. Exhibition willage  polish culture,  furnitures, art and artesan works , home electronica, cheramica textil arts, best of polish jazz blues country rock and roll . 30 km to south from Agadir international airport. 2 km far in desert wonderfull arena for motocross and speedway . Insuraces in maroc are 80 % smaller as in europa. We can rent safe garages 200 e / year.

Estonian karelian finnish and  polish loghouse producers ( JUHA TUOTANTO OY ) (jan production ) want  get also  69 buildings permissions for houses and mur 3,3 mtr around to farm of our family 34,5 ha in south west Poland sudetian mountains.

We have orders from our boss, king of Poland and karelian republic ( jewish Messiah ) to start in Poland exhibition willage of jewish culture,  furnitures, art and artesan works , home electronica, cheramica textil arts, best of jewish folk music , jazz blues country rock and roll  . 00212 615 700 148

We produce there screen play where ´´golden Jerusalem ´´ appears from sky . We arrange festivals for 5 million in this walley and sell tickets 10 e . Gminna Miedzylesie shall get 10 % of large incomes and they invest free geodet services to show real borders of our farm . They also must give owning of all horse roads inside New Jerusalem.

In saturdays we play in this walley jewish folk music and invite to New Jerusalem jewish people from Germany Russia and Maroc. We are going to find 10 basic roots, and we have special method to do it . In south maroc was before millions of  jews, still many. I know them and they me , because im a jew. Advertising planner of ALLAH-Jahve

my outlook is clearly jewish and i have been 11 years driving  with enduro everywhere in Maroc.  and i have never met any kind of antisemitism. In Finland i had big problems because they have same mentality as german natzies, they still have such, but Jussi Halla Aho try to look as bää bää lam. He is big lier, said only  honest man in Finland russian Ilja Janitskin. ( before they killed him )

When  i was driving some years ago  with by white bmw in palestina GAZA, soldiers arrested. What hell do jewish man here with 2 finnish passports, with different names ? They took  me to captain, who asked questions one hour . Then he came in front of me and kissed directly to mouth . He said that never in his life has heard anybody talk so much bright truth  in one hour —and this kind of jew would ALWAYS be friend of palestina,  i could do there what i want and keep 5 passports. They gave me name ELWAFI , SPIRIT of Truth

My wife speak arab and she is very diplomatic sympatic natural woman, farmer. I suggest to government of ISRAEL, that you send us to Gaza. We go to that same police station with same bike ( we must send it by ship to habour of Gaza and say that Hietikko comes soon with his arab talking wife. That white BMW is babtized with HOLY SPIRIT and its including to GAZA good offer of peace ( with alternative jews )

After palestinian captain kissed me and say, DO WHAT YOU WANT MAN; we support you, my angels asked me drive to  mountain of prophet Samuel , to grave of King Salomon. Holy spirit took there at same time promisekeepers priest John Yoder from USA Pensylvania . He babtized me and my white motor horse JG 546 with Holy Spirit, to be a white horse rider who has  offer of peace ,wreath and bow, But when i said this in finland, they gave diagnosa 100% skitsofrenia.

It means totally out of real realities, and now maroccian ministeriä of healthy must make to minister krista.kiuru@vnk.fi question of PONTIUS PILATUS

what is truth , real reality ? And how its possible to live 14 years only 100% lly in sick dreams, but same time drive around world with heavy bike ? No accidents –

German docotors in Loerrach hospital and komisario DIRR know my case. They say that skitsofrenic ( even 5 % ) sure kills himself with heavy bike . But antero.lassila@epshp.fi redneck in Seinäjoki has different theoria, what it is, he must explain to maroccian doctors


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